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Flyoming 🙌
Winter has finally returned to Alaska. 🥳
I met @michaelebecker literally via #yurtlife on @instagram while @mollieofthenorth and I were living in the round back down in Montana. This is his yurt in Homer, Alaska. Mollie and I later went and visited Mike in Alaska. Long story short - we moved to Alaska. Thanks @michaelebecker for doing us a solid in multiple ways ❤️👍
That magic moment when you have just purchased your first long board, all 12 foot of it.......and you drive around the corner to the nearest beach just to soak up the euphoria of it all in the correct ambience. A beach blue skies and the smell of a salty sea breeze. He’s in love.
Knew we’d be friends when you suggested a 38-mile hike 24 hours before departure. _ Thanks for sharing your water-purifier and filling my adventure bucket, @katesavvy ! _ HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🥳 _______ Alaska #tbt :: day 61/365
New video mashup up on IGTV of the last 6 months of off grid life in Alaska.
Really missing 🏞️ right now Sadly I won't be going back out west anytime soon (actually with me you never know), but I'm looking forward to hitting the trails here on Long Island again
Holiday lights - 💯% off grid. #aurora #auroraborealis #northernlights
I love living in this underground hidden ski town. To the outside we are just a pretty Alaskan fishing town but to the people who live here we are an active tight knit winter loving community. No roads lead to our mountains here thus we use a plane or boat to access the goods across KBay. 🚤🗺⛷🏂
January 12th, 2018 Last night after going out dancing and getting tacos at 2am I walked by my old mechanic and almost immediately started sobbing because parked outside was my old car that I sold to him 4 months ago. I might have just been really fucked up and feeling extra sentimental but that sucker has been with me all over the western part of the US on these stupid road trips I'd take and at one point I even had to live in my car. I'm about to take my first road trip without him and it really really sucks. Anyway here's a picture from one of those trips where I drove to the lowest elevation point in all of North America. Expect a sappy post about my old car within the next week or so.
Alaska always seems to go full send. The last 24 hours we have had giant earthquakes, hundreds of aftershocks, tsunami warnings, and some of the wildest weather. Tonight as I write this our cabin shakes from the blasting winds while snow, rain, and hail fly sideways. This beam of sun poked through though right before the end of the day and shined a beautiful 🔥 glow into the cabin which instantly caught my attention. To top it off - a cow moose was walking up to the cabin as I took this photo. 🌅 🙌 Alaska Living
reeeeeally wanted to ditch work every day last week to go someplace like this. 21 November 2018
My favorite part of the entire hike must be the extra 4 miles (out and back) to Mooney Falls. Other than the fact that I didn't have to bring my 70L backpack, this section made me cross a wiggly footbridge, go through small tunnels, and scale down a cliff while hanging on to chains and pegs, and of course be rewarded by the cool waters of Mooney falls. #Havasupai #MooneyFalls #ChrisGoesToArizona #ChristianLiving_Arizona #Arizona #OptOutside #WanderTheWest #BPmag #TakeMeBackpacking #Thanksgiving
Old farts in caravans making like gypsies down the highway checking out the scenery with some friends. Welcome to an Aussie Summer !!
I’m not into pictures with me in them......but set this one up for a friend to take. The setting is awe inspiring and took me back to a photo of me here, back in 1979. The rugged beauty of Western Australia’s coastline is unspoilt in it’s isolation. I love this place of freedom in a mad world.
Relaxing on a hammock after a long hike while reading something interesting under a tree that just turned; and once in a while getting distracted by a symphony of the soft cool breeze, the leaves and branches rustling against each other, and the steady flow of the stream... ...I think I had a wonderful dream just like this. This one however, and I'm quite sure, is 100% real! #Havasupai #ChrisGoesToArizona #ChristianLiving_Arizona #Arizona #OptOutside #WanderTheWest #BPmag #TakeMeBackpacking #Thanksgiving #SonyAlpha
Summer surfing days.....Where would you rather be. West Coast Australia is the real deal with scenery wine women and song. So many women in the surf nowadays they have their own version of wine and song.....now that’s great. Such a big coastline so many off road beaches !! Why sit in front of TV ???
Approaching December and the wait for winter endures on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula. Looks like it will be cooling off later this week. Hopefully winter will be here to stay in Alaska ❄️🤞.
One of the most striking things to me about being in a redwood forest is the distinct smell. Visually, the lush green and larger-than-life scale of everything is plenty to leave you awestruck. But adding in the musty yet sweet scent to every breath just makes the whole experience permeate the senses in a soul-invigorating way. At least that’s how I’d describe it. #redwoodsnationalpark #wildernessculture #phototag_it #wanderthewest #rainforest #naturephotography #wanderout #northerncalifornia #earthfocus #neverstopexploring #landscapephotography #mysticforest #wow #keepitwild #utah #california #phototag_it #utahphotographer #neverstopexploring #wanderthewest #wow_planet #ourplanetdaily #pictureline #earthfocus #awesomeearth #natgeography #earthescoper #besttravelphoto #redwoodforest #redwood #pacificnorthwest #californiaoutdoor #traveldestinations_ig #pnw
Because man cannot live by snow alone. #fieldtrip #sanfrancisco #latenight
#Repost @thehikinghusbands with @download_repost ・・・ "Keep close to Nature's heart and break clear away once in awhile; and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean." - John Muir . We love this quote, because hiking and being out in nature helps us to put things back in perspective, and it allows us to get away from the worries and stresses of everyday life. It is our absolute favorite form of therapy. What's yours? . . . . . . #thehikinghusbands #hiking #husbands #gay #gaycouple #gaykiss #creativetravelcouples #relationshipgoals #naturephotography #explorenature #getoutside #westbysouthwest #erosion #desert #desertphotography #desertlandscape #wanderthewest #arizona #hikearizona #photooftheday #potd . @thehikinghusbands
Morning fire over the icefield from our cabin.
Black Friday 2017- I had my first gout flare up. It was the most physically painful experience I've ever felt in my life. I was bedridden for a full week and it was a long 7-8 days and I thought my life would never be the same again. My biggest fears included saying goodbye to my favorites: meat, seafood, beer, and hiking. Flash forward to today, I'm glad to say I'm back to my normal self. All I needed to do was change my lifestyle a bit (I still eat meat but in moderation, and still drink beer but surprisingly, I don't like it as much as I used to). I seriously thought I wouldn't be able to hike as much, let alone go backpacking (I tried hiking again a little after Christmas and had another flare up during the trip!). But just a couple of days ago, I successfully reached 2 amazing waterfalls deep into the Grand Canyon on my gout anniversary with a backpack that felt like it was more than half of my weight. Haha. This entire series of events just gives savoring every moment of life so much more sense.  #Havasupai #HavasupaiFalls #ChrisGoesToArizona #ChristianLiving_Arizona #Arizona #OptOutside #WanderTheWest #BPmag #TakeMeBackpacking #Thanksgiving
since thanksgiving is over, it’s basically Christmas time now, right? 🌲
"Keep close to Nature's heart and break clear away once in awhile; and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean." - John Muir . We love this quote, because hiking and being out in nature helps us to put things back in perspective, and it allows us to get away from the worries and stresses of everyday life. It is our absolute favorite form of therapy. What's yours? . . . . . . #thehikinghusbands #hiking #husbands #gay #gaycouple #gaykiss #creativetravelcouples #relationshipgoals #naturephotography #explorenature #getoutside #westbysouthwest #erosion #desert #desertphotography #desertlandscape #wanderthewest #arizona #hikearizona #photooftheday #potd . @thehikinghusbands
I stand.tall and proud at the top of the stairs basking in the glory of the big open Australian sky. The sun and salt upon my body, the sense of being at one with the ocean. The sensation only surfers really know after a great session with the waves.i am blessed....
Wild and wonderful, rugged beauty and danger to awe inspire the adventure in your soul. Western Australia has a coastline like no other so open to the might of the Indian Ocean sweeping in from the roaring cape of South Africa with no landmass to hinder its raw power. We are but mere men !!! Know our place. Respect....
✨Bee You✨ This, my friends, is me. (And Powder with the photobomb.) I’m an extrovert to anyone who knows me, but fun fact: I crave alone time. In fact, I need it. Time to go inward keeps me focused and grounded. With work days that are filled with decisions I have to make (on top of more decisions I have to make), I counter that high-speed side of my life with slower paced after-hours hobbies like exploring AK with @seanbusby and the dogs, reading (I LOVE books), meditation and journaling, and making malas 📿. Slowly adding cooking back on that list, although I’ll admit it’s hard to get stoked about dirtying more than one pot/pan because off grid dishes are probably my LEAST favorite activity in the world 😜Sean snapped this photo in Hatcher Pass back in August ✨... It’s taken me a few days to finish up @yogahivemontana ’s #YHBeeYou , but today is my final day! 🙌
Does this mean I have to stop wearing flip flops?
I had a conversation with a friend of mine about how we both love the color green. I looked through my photos from when I went to the Redwoods. I want to go back.
Two states divided by one river connected by a bridge. Two summers separated by 25 years connected by one place. - The Astor Column, Astoria, Oregon. Throwback #3 : Our summer in Oregon wouldn’t have been complete without a visit to Astoria. The first time we came here was with our family friends, and their dad grew up in Astoria. He took us everywhere and we got to explore mountains, forests, and beaches. One of my clearest memories of the trip was climbing the stairs to the top of the Astor Column, but I don’t remember this view at all. And yes, I will call I the Astor Column forever, even if everyone else calls it by the new name... #throwback #oregon #portlandoregon #astoria #astoriaoregon #astorcolumn #mountains #boat #water #ocean #nature #naturegram #cliffs #green #sky #rei1440project #thewesterncollective #theoutbound #neverstopexploring #theamericancollective #wanderthewest #igers #igdaily
“Goonies never say ‘die’!”. - Cannon Beach, Oregon. Throwback #2 : As kids we were obsessed with The Goonies, because of our summer in Astoria, Oregon as kids. While we were there we visited several filming locations from the movie and even met one of the police officers in the movie. One morning we woke up bright and early to explore the tide pools at Cannon Beach and look for sand dollars at low tide. I got lost and was terrified looking for my mom. A woman stayed with me til we found my mom and she gave me a perfect sand dollar. Lots of great memories of this place. This time we talked my nephew into eating a live fish that he caught. #throwback #oregon #portland #portlandoregon #cannonbeach #cannonbeachoregon #mountains #water #ocean #nature #reflection #sea #naturegram #cliffs #green #sky #rei1440project #thewesterncollective #theoutbound #neverstopexploring #theamericancollective #wanderthewest #igers #igdaily
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