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Who else has spring break on the brain? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️
Are you glypher? Have you gone glyphing? It's the spine-tingling sensation of stumbling across petroglyphs in the remote desert, a testament to time. Better yet, gylphing is the activity of setting out to explore canyons, crevices and cliff faces searching for them. Swipe to see some glyphs! 📸: Kelly Crandall
Tahoe - thanks for the feet of powder and the 7 hours of car traffic. Now it’s time to enjoy crawling around on glaciers and exploring my backyard of Alaska’s remote and empty spaces. So happy to be home. Thanks for the snap 📷: @the__drop #northtothefuture
project Baja is coming along, loaded up ranger onto Blanca and took her for a test drive. And it didn't fall off!!! #fourwheelcampers #wanderthewest #expeditionportal #fourwheelcampersranger
Can compassion be learned or is it something we have buried inside of us, in need of excavation? Who taught you empathy for others? Was it your mom or dad, your best friend, the trees? 📸: Charis Nichols
If I were to place insurmountable joy in pictures this sequence always come to mind #smilesfordays #backcountrygoals #exploretocreate #hikeutah
Above the cabin sunsets into the Cook Inlet 👌 Alaska living.
Researching and staring at maps tonight and planning more boat accessed ⛷& 🏂. Looking for mid winter Prince William Sound ideas if anyone has any......🤷‍♂️ Alaska living.
Winter staples of the north. Bunny boots and frozen beer.
When you come out from a slightly darker place and stride into a brighter you. Your “smile “ lights up all of those people in your life.... love conquers all !!
The vast expanse of emptiness was difficult to absorb and further more difficult to capture in word or photograph. In those Washington wastelands can be found the rarest of silences and a peace to match if you seek it out
"I don’t remember exactly when it happened, but I remember that before we started out I knew one thing: I don’t do water. But as our raft made it around the bend and particularly angry-looking rapids started drifting into view, it became pretty obvious that it was no longer up for argument – I was doing it." 🤣👊
Big Luggie/Big Cloud/Glacier ... so many names. She loves being in the snow so much and her coat 🧥 has exploded this year to what seems to be twice the size of her typical winter coat. It’s going to be a big spring blow out!
Sometimes it’s the simplest of things like an outdoor shower to wash off the salt and sand from a beach swim. Man that sunshine and the smell of a jasmine vine flower whilst refreshing cool water splashes off your body is just enough to think.... how good is that!!
It was a long climb of hoofing it, then post holing, then skinning to this point. Then members of our group set off a remote trigger avalanche on shallow terrain. The constant woomphing and collapsing in the snowpack raised every hair on the back of our necks. We turned around and went through the same process in reverse - only this time under head lamp and slipping and falling on frozen ice and mud along the way. I think I must have taken close to 10 hard falls with my splitboard strapped to my backpack from my boots slipping on the frozen ground on the way down. Type 2 fun seems to always be the theme in these remote mountains of Alaska but we wouldn’t have it any other way as a crew. 👍 to taking our skis and snowboards on a long walk and making the right decision to stay alive and ride another day. In the zone where we live there is no avalanche forecasting. It comes down to education and experience and an open line of discussion with the group as a unit. This aids in successful and safe trips. Alaska living. #g3gear #knowbeforeyougo
"When I first came to the American West I saw this beautiful thing outside my car window. I called it scenery and sometimes I stopped to take a photograph of it. Then I started walking out into it, scared at first to be in such a big, wild place. Slowly I became more comfortable and started going out there for days and sometimes weeks at a time. I slept under the stars and bathed in the rivers and paid very close attention to the animals and birds and plants. This wasn't scenery but a living breathing place, full of mystery and wonder. I still cant get it out of my system"
I ❤️ frost heaves. Alaska in a nutshell 🥜.
Taking a break from my 2 bigger screens. Life can be overwhelming sometimes but I just stare at this photo and listen to a random waterfall playlist on @spotify and I'm good again. #Havasupai #HavasupaiFalls #ChrisGoesToArizona #ChristianLiving_Arizona #Arizona #OptOutside #WanderTheWest #WaterfallWednesday #SonyAlpha
If I was working on lyrics when I was here, do I get to deduct my lift ticket from my taxes this year?
Have you ever seen colors this magical?! ✨ 📸: Cathy Cowles
Front yard vibes. Alaska Living
So many images and inferences of my surfing and ocean lifestyle.....so I have a photo of me as my sons would say: the old boy carving up. I’m on a 6 foot 3 inch Yahoo designed surfboard called the Kelvinator. That’s due to its 22.5 inch width and 2.8 thickness with a 20 inch or so square tail and quad fins. It’s given an older fellow like me a lease of life in the surf and I laugh when I see my sons pinch it for a wave session with a gleaming smile on their faces. Surfing is good for life !!
Caribou among the great land. Delta Junction - Alaska living.
Three amigos 😎 big, bigger, beast! A little fun with a customers rig and @violetthevanagon and #moby the newest van to the tribe! #vanlife #vanagon #vanagonlife #vanagonlove #syncro #threeamigos
🙏 Thanks to John and the crew @europeanautotechinc in Tucson, AZ for the excellent service and generous help with everything. 🙏 And thanks to @houstonphotog for the VanAlert app I used to find the shop. #adventuremobile #campervan #exploremore #southwest #tucson #vanagon #vanagonlife #vanagontribe #vanalert #vanlife #vwcamper #vwt3 #vwvan #wanderthewest
Winter view of Denali all the way from Nenana Ridge in the Tanana Valley outside of Fairbanks. Temperature was a typical -40 Fahrenheit/ -40 Celsius. Alaska living.
"To understand one's world, one must sometimes turn away from it! To serve better, one must briefly hold it at a distance. Where can the necessary solitude be found, the long breathing space in which mind gathers its strength and takes stock of its courage."— Albert Camus | Photo by: Charis Nichols
Then the heart in my chest jumped..... I was viewing nature perform a wave dance with the light of the setting sun on the stage in front of me!! Quick set up and take a photo you have a life moment happening. And I smiled. 😬
Silky sunset🌅🌇
There is no qualification or certification that you must earn to call yourself a writer. You don't have to be published or be working on the next great American novel. You only have to find joy and satisfaction in the process of finding the perfect combination of words to describe the world around you. #writingbywriters #keepitwild #takeyourcraftoutside #wildernessculture #montanamoment #idahome #writeyourheartout #wanderthewest
Flinders Bay in the beautiful SouthWest of Western Australia. We are blessed with a coastline of so much natural magnificence. So for the photographers of this world the natural light and clear unpolluted skies is heaven !!
Just sitting on the rocks of the bay....the serenity, the crystal clear ocean pool at my feet and the sweet smell of the early morning sun mixed with the fresh sea air. I pinch myself, this is yes to inner peace !
Benjamin in ze pit #zeturn #zedrop #zeswell
Leeuwin Lighthouse in Western Australia sits at the crossroads of the Indian and Southern Oceans and It’s weathered landscape is awesome. The salt air is nature’s spirit lifter for those who take time out to enjoy its gifts of life...
Big pow 🏄‍♀️ 🏄 above the clouds with @mollieofthenorth. Alaska Living
For anyone who liked the last post, but felt it was insufficiently caffeinated.
Bunbury and the magic golden light glow from one of it’s beautiful sunsets shines on the photographer..... love going out taking photos with “Wanderinghough” So very lucky to share a creative interest with all my children !!
Can’t think of a snarky caption for this so I’ma crowdsource it. Thoughts?
Not summer.
Happy New Year!! Loved all these moments. Looking forward to making some more memories outside in 2019!
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