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Starting their life from a tiny seed to become magnificent immortal giants...🌲🌲🌲 Reminder - within the smallest of us lies the potential for greatness!! LD x .. .. #iphonephotography #nz #beautifulnz #travelnewzealand #purenewzealand #wonderlustnewzealand #nzmustdo #airnzshareme #destinationnz #roadtripnz #southisland #aotearoa #rotorua #waiotapu #nature #naturelovers #naturephotography #wandernz #visitnz #purenz #gianttrees #earthpixnz
2019 January is all about new beginnings and I , for one have decided to take a few weeks off and enjoy the summer holidays . Nothing says summer time like the quiet lazy days to relax and cherish my time with my family before the busy school year officially begins. How are you spending your days friends?
🇳🇿 Wellington, New Zealand: I’ve posted way more about our outdoor adventures on the South Island but we loved our 6 days in the North Island too! We started it out with 2 days in Wellington, New Zealand’s capital city. It reminded me a lot of Portland: funky murals, lots of breweries and beer bars, trendy people, and hidden gem restaurants. Definitely a nice physical break after all of the hiking and outdoor activities we had been doing! We spent two nights here then headed up to Rotorua, home of geothermal activity and Maori culture. [Taken November 20, 2018] #hungerlustNZ #wellington #northisland
didn’t wanna leave this beach, didn’t wanna walk up those stairs 😂
the exact moment heaven meets earth.
Twas an amazing night 🌅
🇳🇿 Fiordland, New Zealand: If I had to pick one highlight of the whole trip, which would be very difficult, I think it would have to be our overnight cruise on Doubtful Sound. The small nature of the cruise meant that it was very relaxed, and we spent time talking to the crew and the other guests. Not sure if it’s just us, but the larger the group we’re in, the less likely we are to talk to others! 🛳 On the cruise we saw seals sunbathing on a huge rock, small penguins jumping in the wake of our boat, colorful fish being caught for dinner, and dolphins swimming in front of the hull as we pulled into dock in the morning, completely visible in the clear water. Despite the half moon, I don’t think I’ve ever seen more stars than we did standing on the top deck after a delicious dinner and dessert. We traveled with Fiordland Expeditions (at full price, no media deal) and I would highly recommend them. [Taken Nov 13, 2018] #hungerlustNZ #doubtfulsound #fiordlandexpeditions
I cannot complain
This is literally my favourite street in Nelson, the view no matter what time of day always makes me smile 😍
🇳🇿 Cambridge, NZ: Cambridge, New Zealand: We chose to stay in a pretty random town overnight between seeing Hobbiton and visiting the Waitomo caves the next morning. All we’d really be doing was arriving, eating dinner, and sleeping, so I decide to look for a good restaurant rather than a particular town. 🍻 I’m so glad I stumbled upon Good George’s restaurant, Good Union. If you can’t tell, it was housed in an old church! The stained glass windows and vaulted ceiling remained, and it was a beautiful spot for dinner. It was decorated for Christmas, and felt very homey. Good George is one of the best breweries in the country, and we were proud we had been here as we saw stickers all over Auckland and Wellington indicating it was served at the various restaurants and bars. [Taken November 2018] #hungerlustNZ #goodgeorge #goodunion
Queenstown, NZ: One of the most memorable experiences of our two weeks in New Zealand was flying in this gorgeous vintage airplane on our “Milford and Big 5 Glaciers Flight” with @AirMilford. All of Air Milford flights leave from Queenstown airport, which is only a fifteen minute drive from downtown Queenstown. There’s an assortment of morning and midday tours, so they’re easy to fit in with the rest of your schedule, whether you’re hiking, wine tasting, or jumping off of something! 🛩 Some of the most popular offerings from Air Milford are flights that land in Milford Sound, and connect you with a cruise of the sound. For people who don’t want to spend time driving on vacation, this is perfect and saves a long 4-5 hour drive from Queenstown. (Longer if you’re taking the bus.) Or, perhaps the best of both worlds, the bus-cruise-fly option. Here you will drive out to Milford on a tour bus, allowing you to see the stunning scenery, and then do your cruise. Then, when the last thing you want is to get back on a bus, you can return via plane, making the journey 30 minutes instead of 5 hours! 🛩 The Big 5 Glaciers is the first of the day, leaving at 8am. It is a one hour aerial tour without a landing. Since we wanted to do the Key Summit hike, we chose to drive to Milford and do the cruise on our own, so this was the perfect flight option to allow us to explore the park on our own pace, but still have the incredible view of it from above. #hungerlustNZ #airmilford #queenstownairport
Beautiful sunset... chirping of birds... mooing of cows...neighing of horses...cooking in the open...beer...conversations... and the best part, no mobile network...nothing can beat it!! #kaimarama #coromandel #eveningskies #evening #dusk #eveningnz #nz #newzealand #nztravel #newzealandtrip #newzealandpics #nzcamping #camping #lifeinacar #livingintents #wandernz
Fiordland National Park, New Zealand: One of the questions I googled the most before our trip was “Milford Sound vs. Doubtful Sound.” The only answer I really got was that Doubtful was more remote, since it’s more difficult to reach, and Milford receives the most visitors every year. I am not one of those people who hates touristy activities – I believe they are touristy because they are beautiful and amazing most of the time! So I felt – how could I come to New Zealand and not see the top attraction even if quieter Doubtful Sound seemed appealing? 🏔 During our trip, we saw both. We took a 1.5 hour cruise with @SouthernDiscoveries on Milford Sound, and an overnight cruise on Doubtful Sound. Milford is much smaller, but the height between the ocean and the top of the surrounding mountains is much larger, so it’s truly spectacular. Doubtful Sound didn’t have as high of peaks, but it’s much larger and you feel like you were exploring by going into various inlets of the sound. Milford doesn’t have as many side tributaries, so at least on a short tour, you took a loop along the south bank, out to the ocean, and back along the north bank. 🏔 If you have the time to do an overnight, I would recommend Doubtful, and a shorter day trip on Milford as well. If you have another hour and are interested in the wildlife and conservation around the sounds, you can add a stop at the underwater Nature Conservatory through your Southern Discoveries tour. #hungerlustNZ #milfordvsdoubtful #southerndiscoveries
Waiheke Island, New Zealand: One of the things I loved about our Waivino Wine tour with Grant (@waivino_tours_waiheke ) was that he mixed in a lot of the history of the island and the people into our day with him. When we were first picked up around 10:45, we drove to the far side of the island, where many tours don’t bother taking people, since there are plenty of wineries close to the port. This allowed us to see some of the different scenery, and the less populated areas. 🌳 This tree was one of my favorite things we saw, it’s called the New Zealand Christmas tree, or Pohutukawa. These red blooms appear only for one week every year, almost always in December. We were there on November 24th, and were lucky that one of these trees’ calendars was a little off, and we got to see it in bloom! The contrast of the red flowers against the blue water was stunning. #hungerlustNZ #waihekeisland #waivino
Mt. Cook National Park, New Zealand: One of the biggest surprises of our trip was that it snowed on our last day on the South Island!! We knew the seasons were flip-flopped, but didn’t do much actual research into the average temp other than: “November is cold in Chicago, so it’s gotta be warm in the Southern Hemisphere.” The average temperature on the South Island was probably about 65, but obviously this day was the exception. ❄️ The Hooker Valley Trek was the hike I was most excited for in Mt Cook National Park, because of the suspension bridges and the incredible view of the mountains you can see behind me. For that reason, we left our last night on the South Island unbooked, in case we needed to stay overnight at the park due to weather issues preventing us from doing the hike the day we arrived. That’s exactly what happened, as it was foggy and rainy when we arrived, and the mountains were nowhere in sight. We were able to snag a last minute room in the park, and relaxed for most of the day which was a nice break. It started snowing around dinner time, and we prayed we wouldn’t get stuck in the park since I don’t think our little Toyota could’ve handled putting chains on it’s tires! ❄️ We were rewarded the next morning with the most picturesque snow, coating every little branch. To make it better, the forecasted rain didn’t start until after our 3 hour hike. Waking up at 6am to do the hike before the rain melted the snow away was absolutely worth it, and ended up being one of our favorite memories of the trip! #hungerlustNZ #hookervalleytrack #mtcooknationalpark
Fiordland National Park, New Zealand: If you’re someone who doesn’t always love the ascent but loves the peak of a hike, Key Summit is made for you. There is a small nature reserve at the summit that is a ~30 minute round trip loop, so you have an excuse to revel in the beautiful 360 views for as long as you want! I couldn’t decide which way to turn when we first broke out above the tree line. 🏔 This hike starts off of the road to Milford, so if you’re doing a drive-cruise fly tour, you won’t be able to make it here. That’s why we chose to drive our rental car to Milford and back, and do the separate scenic flight over the fiord without the driving portion. If you have any questions about planning a trip yourself, never hesitate to ask! #hungerlustNZ #keysummit #fiordland
Wanaka, New Zealand: I started this hike with the most negative attitude - I thought there was no way I could do it. We saw it was supposed to start raining around noon, so we got up much earlier than we normally would to start. I was complaining that no one should have to wake up early on vacation, even though it was of course a joint decision! 😂 Joe told me to at least try the first 20 minutes, saying that was always the worst part, and if I still wanted to turn back we would. 🏃🏻‍♀️ I begrudgingly agreed, and huffed and puffed my way up, wanting to be back in our cozy Airbnb that we’d arrived to only 10 hours earlier after a late night of driving, and thinking how out of shape I was. Eventually I got distracted, and by the time we thought to check the clock, it was 30 minutes in! It was a three hour hike to the summit, and even thought it felt like we had just started, suddenly we were a sixth of the way there. 🏃🏻‍♀️ Once I realized I’d accomplished 1/6 of the hike, I was encouraged, and we finished the rest no problem. The view all the way up was stunning, and I’m so glad we didn’t turn back. #hungerlustNZ #royspeak #wanaka
Manapouri, New Zealand: Can’t stop thinking about this delicious lamb salad Brad made us during our night at Cabot Lodge. The mint leaves and sweet spicy pepper sauce gave it a Vietnamese flair that reminded us of our Thanksgiving trip last year! 🥗 Brad & Breidi started Cabot Lodge this year on Breidi’s parents sheep farm. You can walk all around and explore the property; they have 4,500 female sheep who each have 1-2 lambs per year. The females are kept for breeding, and the males? Well.. you’re looking at it 🤭 🥗 My favorite part of their new business is that they were living in Auckland working their corporate jobs, woke up one morning and decided to leave Auckland to pursue this dream. Anyone ever consider this? What would you do? 💭 #hungerlustNZ #cabotlodge #manapouri
Queenstown, New Zealand: A lot of people go to Queenstown for the adrenaline experienced like skydiving and bungee jumping but I preferred to stay safely inside the plane! We took the “Milford Sound and Big 5 Glaciers” one hour flight with @AirMilford over the surrounding mountains and it was such a cool way to see the area after we had driven it in the days before. 🛩 More coming soon on why we chose this flight and Air Milford’s other options! #hungerlustNZ #AirMilford #Queenstown
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Queenstown, New Zealand: My first full day in the Southern Hemisphere could not have been better thanks to @AlpineWineTours ! They run an assortment of wine tours around the Central Otago region, mostly in Gibbston Valley which is very close to Queenstown. My favorite feature was that they offered evening tours. Most wineries are only open ~10-4 or 5, so we were excited to see Alpine offered a tour from 3:00-6:30. 🍷 This allowed us to do a hike in the morning and get the most out of the day! The timing was perfect; after the strenuous Ben Lomond hike, this was exactly what we needed to relax. We met this adorable winery dog Baz you see here at our second winery stop, Mt. Rosa. Baz’s owner Guy made Mt. Rosa our favorite winery of the tour with his personality, jokes, and delicious wine 🍷 The epic cheese plane you see was courtesy of Kinross, an amalgamator of a few small wineries that don’t have their own tasting rooms. Here they call them “cellar doors” - isn’t that so much better? 🍷 If you scroll to the right, you’ll see our guide Steve. He was an excellent coach for the day, giving us lots of history of the valley and great company! Do you see what his shirt says? Imbibe at 45 degrees south? If you think you know the significance, let me know in the comments, otherwise I’ll let you know in a future post 🍇 If you’re not a wine lover, make sure to check out their craft brewery tour! #hungerlusttravel #alpinewinetours #qtwinetime #imbibeat45degreessouth
Glenorchy, New Zealand: I loved this quaint town situated at the top of lightning-bolt shaped Lake Wakatipu. The drive from Queenstown seems to take you back in time. Starting with a commercial town thriving on tourism, a full-sized ad plastered on every van, the commercial buildings start to thin out as the road gets windier. Large lakeside hotels are replaced with campgrounds, restaurants are replaced with small roadside cafes, and the landscape gets hillier and brighter. We didn’t spend too much time here but heard it was a great starting point for hiking in the area, and could be a slower paced substitute for Queenstown. #hungerlustNZ #glenorchy #lakewakatipu
Crossing between North Island and South Island of NZ, from Wellington to Picton ! Many many beautiful bays ! 🙏🏼 #discovernz #travelnz #amazingdiscovery #natgeonz #roadtripnz #southislandnz #keepclicking #wandernz #southislandnzroadtrip #showusnewzealand #igersnz
Fiordland National Park, New Zealand: As we were planning our trip, we kept being faced with the question of Milford or Doubtful Sound. Even though we spent more time in Doubtful with our overnight cruise, I’m SO glad we saw them both as they’re beautiful in different ways! We took a short cruise with @SouthernDiscoveries to see Milford during our day road trip of Fiordland. This picture is taken from the shore where the cruises load, and they offer cruises between 1.5 and 2.5 hours depending how much commentary you’re interested in about the nature and landscape around the Sound. #hungerlusttravel #southerndiscoveries #milfordsound
Te Anau, New Zealand: Tonight we got home to Chicago after an unreal two weeks in New Zealand! I’m so excited to share more about my trip with you in the coming weeks in my posts, and you can find all my Instastory highlights on my page. This was the longest vacation we’ve ever taken and the beginning of it feels like FOREVER ago! • It is nice to be home safe, but has me thinking about the ten spots we called home during the trip. Pictured here is Cabot Lodge, a brand new accommodation this month that is a perfect base for you to explore Fiordland National Park and Doubtful/Milford Sound. The location is ideal and it allows you a glimpse into the life of a sheep farmer in New Zealand, a country where sheep outnumber people about 4 to 1! #hungerlustNZ #cabotlodge #manapouri
Fiordland, New Zealand: There’s just something about a walkway that makes a hike more fun (and it’s nice to feel like you’re not destroying anything by walking on it!) The Key Summit hike is about a 3 hour round trip hike off the road to Milford Sound. The middle 30 minutes is the best, as there’s a little nature park at the summit, with 360 views of mountains, alpine lakes, and fiords. Highly recommend driving Milford on your own so you can do this hike (none of the bus tours will give you time) and doing a round trip flight from Queenstown separately with @airmilford to see the aerial views on a different day! #hungerlustNZ #keysummit #fiordland
Queenstown, New Zealand: This is the view we woke up to our first two days in NZ! We chose to stay at Brown’s because of the small size (only 10 rooms) and great location close to the gondola for the Ben Lomond hike. It ended up being a perfect 3 minute walk to town as well. But, this view was a total surprise, and ended up being our favorite part! I think the view is one of the top things I look for in a hotel - what are yours? #hungerlustNZ #boutiquehotelqueenstown #queenstownNZ
Soul Good to finally meet you @maximusprime_ and listen to your awesome #travel / #life stories 🙏🏻 ✈️🌎 #thankyou @glenparrish #wishyouwereheretoo 💙 ~~~~ “Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road “ #jackkerouac -~~~~~~ #travellers #purposedrivenlife #purposefulliving #travel #wanderoften #becurious #wandernz #vanlife #wanderlust #livethelifeyoulove #travelislife #wanderlustnz
Queenstown, New Zealand: We started our first full day with the stunning Ben Lomond trek! (Trek = hike in New Zealand.) It starts directly in town; you can see Queenstown to the left in the photo. You have two options, a 7-8 hour hike, or start with the @skylinequeenstown gondola and make it a 5 hour hike. We opted for the latter, and were still very exhausted and sore after so I’m glad we did! The weather was questionable in the morning, and our flight your if Milford sound was actually cancelled because of the clouds. We had some drizzle on the way up, but it cleared by the time we got to the saddle, where this picture was taken. Unfortunately the peak was in the clouds, but it was still completely worth it for these stunning views as well as the mountain views off the other side. More coming to stories soon! #hungerlustNZ #benlomond #skylinequeenstown
Queenstown, New Zealand: I tried to plan the most relaxing activity of the trip for day 1 and I think I succeeded! We had a very smooth travel day: a 4 hour flight from Chicago to San Francisco, a 13 hour night from SF to Auckland, and we landed early and were able to switch onto an earlier flight from Auckland to Queenstown! We wanted to get as most flying as possible out of the way up front, now we’ll work ourselves South to North for our return flight out of Auckland throughout our 2 weeks here. We landed in Queenstown at 12:30pm on Sunday, and had a perfect half day of lunch, exploring the town, the hot pools and a massage, and dinner, followed by an early 9:30pm bedtime. Can’t wait to share more of this trip with you! If you sometimes don’t see my posts in your feed, try following #hungerlustNZ to be more likely to see post from this trip specifically! #queenstown #onsenhotpools #thanksgivingholiday
Because no trip would be complete, without making a few new friends along the way! #glenorchy #farmlife #nz #nzrocks #livestock
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