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Very happy I made it to this wedding, and not just for the photos 😏🌟 @jovana_ljubica @nikola_rora #35mm #newyorkphotographer
-,' додатки для обробки фото, про які ви могли не чути ',- 2 частина ⠀ коментар+збереження = зроблю продовження ⭐ #березкапрообробку ⠀ ♡ shapical — бачили колись пікчі з квітами, листям, під якими виглядає трикутник або "квітка життя"? в цьому редакторі можна зробити таке ж фото, тут безліч геометричних фігур і дуже зручний інтерфейс. давайте волю уяві. ⠀ ♡ hypocam — додаток, створений для поціновувачів чб. можете просто загрузити фото і програма автоматично підбере ефект для нього, а можете вручну вибрати фільтр. все дуже стильно і практично. ⠀ ♡ рoly — я обожнюю фото в стилі полароід, а ви? ⠀ ♡ overlay — взагалі-то це повноцінний редактор фотографій, але на мою думку, головна його фішка — це стікери-надписи в стилі doodle, тревел та ін. такі штучки цікаво доповнюють фото.
I always wanted to have a #boat , maybe someday 🤔
I’m already planning my next trip back down to the moody PNW. I’m starting to realize I can never stay in one place for too long without having some sort of adventure planned ✈️ • Also, side note, my fly was down the entire time we were out taking photos 😂✌🏻 #fashun • 📷: @coastalkells w/ my edits
Exploring both the culture and nature in Dublin 🌺
Silence. The most understated luxury of our time. However not the kind of luxury that loses its value with commodity, but increases. It’s the richly energetic space that most fear because of the fear of having to get to know ourselves better or deal with the nagging pain. . Blaise Pascal said in the early 1600’s that “all of humanity’s problems stem from our inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” Which Erling Kagge then aptly points out, “discomfort being alone, holding one’s tongue, and simply being did not start with the advent of tv or smartphones. It’s always been a problem.” There have been studies that show people are willing to shock themselves and experience sensations of pain, instead of sit idly in silence for too long. . However silence is the living space where we can actually here the voice of nature speaking to us. She speaks softer than our screaming internal voice of anxieties, doubts, haunting memories, and fears, however if we actually hold space for them within the silence, they will eventually get tired and shut up, allowing for all of the magic and wonder to reveal itself. #nvrtmrw #bramflife
So excited to get back to City Museum. The kids had fun, but the visit was cut short due to many attractions being closed for cleaning, which turned the boys off. We came back to the RV and the boys seemed happy to just play here. With things so calm, I told Damon to go back and have a blast at the museum. Now he can go explore all the areas he couldn't go through with the boys. . #family #fun #travel #adventure #beautiful #amazing #awesome #happy #familytravelblog #travelholic #wanderlusters #travelwithkids #nomadfamily #exploreeverywhere #wanderfolk #kidstravel #worldschooling #roadschooling #childhoodunplugged #wonderfulplaces #bestdestinations #adventuretravel #adventurecouple #familyfun #fun #travel #rv #roadtrip #citymuseum #stlouis
Little farmer Billy 👨🏼‍🌾 He could spend all day out there with the animals. When we were in North Dakota we spent some time on a family friends working farm. It was so much fun! I know it’s a lot of work, working a farm and all, but I would LOVE it and love to do that with my family and boys. Maybe someday... ❤️
Sunshine peeping through the trees☀️ Looking forward to more gcc golden hours!
Never gets old.
Scotland's deep green summer helping me get through a wet autumn so far.
Congrats to these two beautiful souls ♥️💍 Wishing you all the happiness and love in your next chapter together 🗺
If you suffer from weather changes (like I do) don't come to Iowa.
Breakfast on the beach with the love of my life?? Yes please!
Oceanside sunsets 🌅
The last of the bunch and not a more fitting time to upload a photo of a pleasant day in Paris! Today’s torrential, dreary weather has been god awful and all I’ve wanted to do all day is curl up in a duvet next to a roaring fire 😩 I’m not quite ready to let go of my vacay pics and I’m definitely not ready to let go of summer!
morning dip •
I’ve been up all night, rolling around in my bed, having the flu the first time since my childhood is really not very exciting. Nonetheless, the thought of adventures with my babes Kate and Soph keeps my spirits up. These 2 humans are so very special to me, 3 years ago, when I moved to Queenstown, I was quite certain, that I will never have friends lol. I just didn’t wanted to get attached to be honest. Can anyone relate? It’s been great opening up to strangers that I now call my best friends and life without them seems like unimaginable. Here’s looking forward to the next girls trip! 😏💛✨
All I want to do is be more like me and be less like you.
. SMOKESHOW. 😍 📸 @janallaphoto + @martymcfly123
#tbt ⛺️ it’s soooo refreshing to wake up to the sounds of bird chirping on a silent morning, with a clear lake and beautiful landscape as a backdrop 😍 #bliss
You dont know REAL Anxiety till you’ve wandered around NYC for a night shooting on a @reddigitalcinema ———————————————————————— 🎥Promo Reel Coming Soon🤙🏼 In Frame : @robert_leonepp ———————————————————————— ———————————————————————— #framesbylight #newyork #nikon #nikonphotography #d850 #minusthesun #cityscapes #cityscape #lensbible #loadedlenses #justgoshoot #depthobsessed #portraitmood #gramslayers #wanderfolk #Way2Ill #moodytones #gameoftones #fatalframes #murderdotcom #nightshooters #newyork_bestshots #nikonglobal #nycprimeshot #visualcreative @what_i_saw_in_nyc | #what_i_saw_in_nyc @bokeh_shotz | #bokeh_shotz @urbanromantix | #urbanromantix @night.owlz | #night_owlz
I love to spend my morning watching seagulls having fun at the beach 🏖
back to simpler times — when life was all about the grab and go, with no schedules or days at the office. when my hair was purple and the waters were glacier cold. where exploration was limitless and adventure was close. i miss those days very much.
📷💎🔥you will find out through my captures, you will be shown through my lens & barrels of circular glasses; they will explore all your depths, your vast landscape made of heavenly stardusts & galactic beauty. you will see yourself rightly who you truly & divinely are. 🔭because i aim with my soul’s mind, i focus with my soul’s will, & i shoot from within my soul’s heart what my soul’l heart’s eyes see; all things whole & golden, the makes of my essentials, which you too, possess so vastly & equally. it is an honor to be in your presence & one of this lifetime’s greatest achievements. a photographer; a word that barely starts to define or represent what i can be. 🖋L.Nguyen © 2018. 🎞“Assembling the Pieces”, from the TF collection. 2018. Lanvi Nguyen. Limited Edition. #LTNphotography #photographer #photography #fineartphotography #liveauthentic #neverstopexploring #chasinglight #lifeofadventure #wanderlust #wanderfolk #modern #visualarchitects #abstractart #artofvisuals #emergingart #contemporaryartist #artcollectors #artgallery #visualart #createcommune #way2ill #acreativevisual #visualambassadors #peoplescreatives #exploretocreate #createexplore #visualsoflife #agameoftones #visualsofearth #justgoshoot
Желанье - это множество возможностей, а нежеланье - множество причин
Yesterday and today has just been so amazing and wonderful! Everyone that is interested in CBD is blowing my mind 40+ people. Ahhhhh! Just so damn happy!! Drop an emoji if you are interested babes!
Fall = colours, right? #Thx4TheBdayWishes
Decent 12 days travel of 5 cities across 4 countries. Now for 11 days straight of work before the next trip! 👀🇫🇷⚽️🔴⚪️
En(raíz)ar // En(root)ment 🌱🌼 Many of us become numb to this digital hyper stimulation. The same excessive link-clicking-content-devouring obsession that drives us into patterns of anxiety, bodily discomfort and lack of focus. All the while thinking we’re being “active”, “woke”, “well-read”. So I’m taking some time off from my virtual presence to re-root. This is just a public declaration of my will to simplify. To cleanse. Think less. Arrullarme. Usar más el cuerpo. Descomplicarse un poco. Reconectar. Aterrizar. . Vuelan abrazos 🌬✨
Walk up up up to the fortress. Those millions of stairs were worth it at the top!
Love these two!
Sofia at 6 is fascinated by religion and checking out the churches and lighting the candles. But that means I’m having to answer all the difficult questions. “Well, some guys who work for the magic guy in the sky made this building” 😬😬 I try my best to explain what I don’t even understand. Parenting is hard! 🙈
This lifestyle has its challenges (like being with our daughter 24-7 😬😬😬) but one thing that is truly amazing is to have the time and the patience to spend teaching her and learning with her. She’s quite good at sewing now and loves to fix things. We’re also working daily at reading and her progress is blowing me away! #worldschooling
The architectural marvel that is King's Cross station in London.
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