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Getting pictures with her is so difficult. Photo creds: @allie_deck14
Rien de plus beau que la simplicité du moment, quelques arbres le long du chemin et un cheval sous ma selle ... 💭♥️ Le bonheur se retrouve dans des choses simples ✨✨ #picture #picoftheday #instapict #horsetraining #outside #rhonealpes #ardeche #france #french #instagram #instaday #horse #lovemyjob #workout #workwithhorses #landscape #outsideisfree #freedom #bonheur #happiness #feelinggood #goodvibes #magicmoment #walkinghorse
Welcome, California Springfest Horse Show! Event highlights include a welcome party, a cocktail party at The Murieta Inn and Spa, an Easter egg hunt and of course lots of horses! https://californiaspringfest.com/index.html #MurietaEquestrianCenter #Equine #CaliforniaSpringfest #RanchoMurieta #NorthernCa #VenueForAll #FootingForAll #WalkingHorse
Love this little girl! .... well, she ain't that little.😂😂😂 #foal #foals #horses #babyhorse #Mavis #cuteness #horse #walkinghorse
Happy birthday to my dad, who is also my best horse helper! I would never be able to do even half of the things that I love, including horse back riding, without his love and support! No one can ever say it enough, but I love ya, daddy-o! . #bestdad #happybirthday #horsehelper #graze #fatherdaughter #bestfriends #birthdaypost #horse #groom #rescuehorse #familyfirst #family #aqha #twh #walkinghorse
Seriously missing the pon... I haven’t been out in about 3-4 days and it honestly sucks. I’ll hopefully go out today and possibly Saturday since it’s my birthday, big old 17! I hope I’ll get more pictures, hopefully better quality pictures too lol! Tags: #horse #horses #pony #ponies #horsebackriding #horseriding #riding #rides #spottedsaddlehorse #ssh #walkinghorse #gaitedhorse #nature #cute
I feel fairly productive! I deep cleaned both water troughs with apple cider vinegar and water then refilled with fresh, cold water. Bryson and I had a great training session where we worked on being rewarded for touching the cone on command of “touch.” It was a huge problem for him with stationary targets that he just kept touching even while he was chewing to get more treats, so he’s now learning that he only gets rewarded when he’s asked to specifically touch the cone. He caught on very quickly. He and the goats spend the aftermath of the sessions searching for lost hay pellets😂 I also discovered that he LOVES his withers scratched tonight, so the clip at the end is him scratching me back as I’m scratching his withers. He cracks me up. I’m also so proud of the advances he’s made with his fear of water. He didn’t move away from me while I cleaned the troughs today even when I dumped the water and it ran on his feet. He even will drink while the hose is filling the trough up. These things were impossible only a few months ago💙 we’re reworking on fly spray and he’s slowly remembering it’s not scary! I’m so proud of this boy
The#Buddha had many lessons in #nonpermance 😂 ladies and gentlemen I give you “clean to #dirty ” in .05 seconds. Oh #mud season #wetried #goodday regardless #lovehim #tenneseewalker #ilovemyhorse #5ktraining (we 5 min faster today! #walkinghorse #tobiano #palominopaint
Buddy seemed to have springs in his feet today! He was great for not being ridden in so long 💕⭐️
Today was a rough ride for my mounted practical. I had a lovely mare who I had never ridden before, and she had a much different gait than the horses I had been riding for class. Overall, the mistakes in the practical were mine. As a rider, I should be more clear in what I’m asking and how I’m asking. I’ll admit when I dismounted after failing to back four steps at the end of the test I was beyond flustered. I blamed Splash entirely. I know that is not true after cooling down. Yes, she could have been more willing to back when she is asked as it’s a toss up as to if she wants to respond, but it is my job as a rider to ensure she knows exactly what I’m asking and give her the confidence to execute it properly. I hope it didn’t count off too much especially as I know my nerves were going hay wire and that certainly didn’t help Splash or me.
Kova on selittäminen 😂 D oli tämän päivän valmennuksessa oikein hyvä, ja paletti pysyi hyvin kasassa koko tunnin ajan, vaikka laukassa kovin kuumeneekin. On kiva nähdä videoilta, kuinka joka kerralla se kehittyy ja rauhoittuu ja myös laukan jälkeen malttaa välissä kävelläkin. Mulla oli perseen alla testissä Childeric ja se tuntuu vastaavan meidän tarpeita parhaiten ja näyttää menevän ostoslistalle 💰 Kiitos videoinnista @lillaasd ❤️ #dressagehorse #walkinghorse
Going to ride on Thursday and I think I’m going on a hack with @skyleighx which I’m excited for it’ll be fun xxxx❤️❤️ This was my first time riding the new horse Sailor and I did half a lap of walking and then cantered straight away lol can’t wait for Friday aswell because I’m having my first lesson on Sailor in the school ❤️❤️🌍🌍🥰🥰 • • #equestrian #horsebackriding #horsesofinstagram #horseback #equestrianlife #equestrianrider #equestrianblogger #canter #trot #walkinghorses #walkinghorse #gallop #pony #horse #horses #hackingout
This is how I mount Stormy . I set him up by a tree stump and get on and he stands perfectly still. He used to walk off or turn his butt away from me so we definitely made progress. I can mount from the ground but it's just harder so why do that when I can make it easier on both of us? If we're out on the trail or on the road, I look for tree stumps or put him in a ditch or downhill from me. • • • #walkon #walkinghorse #gelding #horsetraining #runningwalk #horse #horses #rackinghorse #rackon #horsesofinstagram #horsebackriding #equestrian #equine #westernriding #gaitedhorse #rack #rockymountainhorse #quarterhorse #horsestagram #trailride #libertytraining #kentuckymountainhorse #mountainpleasurehorse
Things are looking greener! I was supposed to train tonight and instead I fixed the fence and then was lazy🤦🏽‍♀️ it’s almost finals, so Ive lost all motivation. Going to try for more mounting block work on Wednesday. Really need to get a tripod for my phone so I can record my sessions. I was using a @the_horse_holster but I left it up on the post and Bryson tried to take it off and completely ripped my strap off of the holster itself🤦🏽‍♀️ it was an original too, so I’d have to sew the strap back on. I’m still waiting for my @orbitlessbridle to arrive, so poppy and I can get back into riding with a better bridle situation. Tomorrow is my mounted practical at school, so here’s to hoping everything I’ve learned doesn’t just immediately leave my mind and my assigned horse takes care of me😂
It’s literally 35 degrees out... what happened to spring?? It actually snowed in towns around me, I think it’s because I said I was excited for Christmas lol! I’m so so excited because I actually applied for a job Friday! I applied to a pet grooming salon and I’ve been so anxious waiting to hear back. I will say that it’s extremely frustrating trying to go out to the barn to have a solid schedule with Fire so I can actually start riding regularly. Why I can’t go out without an adult is honestly so stupid, at least I’ve only got maybe one more year of this and then I’ll have my own barn and all will be well. Tags: #horse #horses #pony #ponies #horsebackriding #horseriding #riding #rides #trailriding #ssh #spottedsaddlehorse #gaitedhorse #ssh #walkinghorse #nature #fun #beautiful
We’re having lots of spring storms lately. The only upside is that everything has been nice and green. It’s starting to look like the summer pasture. Of course, all of the kids are soaked, and I don’t train in the pouring rain. Luckily, they have their MASSIVE hay piles to enjoy inside their dry barn. The goats haven’t really left the barn other than for grain all day 😂 Bryson comes out to graze when it stops raining but makes his way back inside as soon as he feels water. I hope it dries up soon. I really want to ride
First horse show and no one died #hesfullycharged #TWHBEA #WalkingHorse #CountryPleasure
Bryson proves over and over again just how loving rescues can be. Tonight we had a surprise birthday party for my mom, and the little kids wanted to see Bryson. He took having several little kids trying to scratch him, feed him handfuls of grass, and kiss him in stride. He was so gentle and seemed to really enjoy himself. I thank my lucky stars for this beautiful boy every day. I’m thankful for the mountains of hay because it’s supposed to storm all tonight and tomorrow so the kids have a comfy place to lay where it’s dry and eat their snacks!
Went for a nice long hack today! I’m the one in front . Sorry the cameras a bit shaky lols. I’ll be riding quite a lot this week I think and on Monday I’m leading some children on leeroy and showing them how to ride and groom ❤️❤️🥰🥰 • • #equestrian #horsebackriding #horsesofinstagram #horseback #equestrianlife #equestrianrider #equestrianblogger #canter #trot #walkinghorses #walkinghorse #gallop #pony #horse #horses #hackingout
I don’t even want to talk about this massive hay pile they’ve created out of a round bale. I’ve been raking it back into the barn as they push it out to lay in and eat🙃 it’s supposed to rain a good bit tomorrow morning but I’m hoping to get out and do some training with Bryson! I think we’ll work on our “calm” and maybe some stationary to help him stand more still while I brush him. He tends to like to turn to me to get neck scratches instead of letting me brush his whole body because he prefers to have his head touching me at all times. We’re working on it though! His targeting is impeccable, so next up is helping him realize when it’s time to stand still and get our transitions and turns on cue!
Fire was so cute today! I FINALLY got to hop on her for the first time in weeks! She was so good about it though! I definitely think she needs a new bit, I just don’t know what to get her. Turns out, cats playing with her reins spooks her a bit 😂. She made suck a tiny bronc and then just stood there and was just a freakin rockstar. Tags: #horse #horses #horsebackriding #horseriding #riding #rides #pony #ponies #ssh #spottedsaddlehorse #gaitedhorse #walkinghorse #western #trails #trailriding #nature
Bryson grazed some nice, green graze today while we waited for the farrier! He was so, so good. He willingly offered his feet with no fuss except for the back feet which didn’t have too much fuss he just stiffened a bit. He’s always been like that though and we work on it! He very excitedly wanted to show that he can put his feet on the stand himself, but he’s much better with his right front so he offered that one to be trimmed twice🤦🏽‍♀️ he, in true Bryson fashion, licked my farriers neck and ear as he does to everyone he loves. The goats yelled the entire time thinking I was taking their brother away forever. It’s set to rain all tomorrow, so I likely won’t get to see Poppy. I had to deal with the hay mess that is the barn right now and try to move everything so it won’t get wet. As I raked it in, they pushed it out🤦🏽‍♀️
They're starting to shed out! Its officially spring 🌻 . . #spring #horses #horsesofthedayy #horsesofinstagram #tennesseewalkinghorse #walkinghorse #ruben #addie #dinnertime
Rosebud (registered TWHBEA Miss Fighting Irish) is for sale. 2007 mare, 16 hands, strawberry roan sabino. She has a scar on her face that causes her no issues, just a blemish. She's been with me for a few months and she is very sweet with other horses, submissive and lowest in the pecking order. Never mareish, I can't even tell when or if she's in heat. Being 16hh she has huge movement, a powerful walk and with me being a little over 5 feet tall, I can't go with her movement very well, this being why she is for sale. She stands for mounting, has done some training with positive reinforcement and been to a professional trainer prior to me getting her. She has a smooth 4 beat rack under saddle, no pace. I believe she could easily do a running walk if encouraged. I have not ridden her canter but in the roundpen she has a nice rocking horse TWH canter. She wore kegs in the past but has done well barefoot during her time with me. She would do best with a bigger rider, intermediate and up, someone firm and gentle. She has a big motor! She has a lot of stamina and go for hours. Little to no spook at all, the other day a blue heron flew out in front of us and she didn't give it a second thought. She would be happiest on the trail. She is not buddy or barn sour by any means. Ties, stands for farrier or trimming, trailers, loads and unloads very well. Picks up feet and halters well. She can be hard to catch. Stalls well, but I've been keeping her in 24/7 turnout. Papers, coggins and health certificate in hand. $1800 Greenup, KY. Shipping can be arranged • • • #horseforsale #tennesseewalker #tennesseewalkinghorse #tennesseewalkinghorsesofinstagram #walkon #walkinghorse #strawberryroan #sabino #mare #gelding #horsetraining #runningwalk #horse #horses #horsesofinstagram #horsebackriding #equestrian #equine #westernriding #gaitedhorse #rockymountainhorse #quarterhorse #horsestagram #trailride #libertytraining #kentuckymountainhorse #mountainpleasurehorse #treelesssaddle #barefootsaddle #positivereinforcementtraining
I get many questions about why I don’t ride Bryson. I adopted him as a beginner broke horse as assessed by a trainer who is no longer with the rescue. Once I got him home, I realized that wasn’t quite the case. Any ride that wasn’t him being led was a disaster. Any pressure would lead him to rear or buck. I was more than frustrated. I already had a “project” horse, and I’m still a beginner. I didn’t need another, but I knew he was mine. There was never a question about it. We do lots of groundwork now. We are completely restarting for his sake and mine. He’s been evaluated, and he has no issues. His reactions to pressure stemmed from a training standpoint. I also learned that he shuts down when any type of pressure is applied including pressure on the ground. I found R+, and I can’t imagine trying to train him without it. I no longer have a horse who shuts down when it’s time to work. I have a horse who wants to play. You can ride with R+, and we will someday if it makes him happy. Right now, we aren’t there. We’re exploring on the ground. I couldn’t be happier. Thanks to @jetequitheory for making me feel less ridiculous about not riding and being comfortable putting in work on the ground
Going up to see him on Saturday! Really miss him but he’s enjoying himself with Sailor as they’re getting used to each other and he’s settling in . Going on a hack with them both Saturday for the first time so I’m excited for that ! ❤️🤩🌍🐎 • • #equestrian #horsebackriding #horsesofinstagram #horseback #equestrianlife #equestrianrider #equestrianblogger #canter #trot #walkinghorses #walkinghorse #gallop #pony #horse #horses #hackingout
Here’s a little winter throwback for y’all! I’m honestly using this post as a platform to hopefully get my thoughts across on the gaited world. If you don’t know what gaited horses are, they’re horses that replaced the trot with up to three other gaits. For example, Fire has a walk, flat walk, running walk, rack, and canter. I feel so awkward being in the gaited community because I get so much backlash from my peers for treating my horse as a trotting horse. I lunge, I use non-shanked bits, I ride bitless, I will own tack that isn’t synthetic because synthetic tack is ugly as fuck. I feel like gaited owners tend to use the smoothness of the gaits as an excuse for TERRIBLE EQ! I swear, 89.79% of owners are hunch backed, high handed, with their legs sticking out in front of them. JUST BECAUSE THEY DON’T TROT DOESN’T MEAN YOU FORGET ABOUT EQ! It’s disgusting to look at, it’s hard for the horse, and it’s always the people who don’t want to take the steps to learn to ride properly. Not to mention, 96% of owners have giant shanks on their bits because “it makes them gait better” no, all they’re doing is leaning into the pressure. Yes, some horses will prefer those bits, but like Fire she likes bits closer to a snaffle like my kimberwicke and hackamores. Gaited horses are not any different from trotting horses other than the lack of the trot and the way they use their shoulders. Deadass y’all can fight me, unfollow, I don’t care. I know what’s best for my horse, and I know what good horsemanship looks like. I know I’m not perfect, but I’ll be damned if I don’t work to make myself the best rider I can be. I don’t understand why so many people are against gaited horses, so they can’t trot, why does that make them any less of a horse than a quarter horse? Oof. I could go on about this all day, it honestly pisses me off to see the horrible riding, horsemanship, and lack of information in the gaited community. Not to mention the lack of respect from riders who have trotting horses. That’s my word vomit for the day, hopefully it made some sense!
Bryson...honey....what is this?? Ugh🤦🏽‍♀️ today I had the best lesson I’ve had all year. I rode a wonderful little quarter horse mare, and she was so responsive. I won the competition to see who could stay in standing position the longest (and in an english while others were in western) including when I had to use one hand on the reins and spin the other around and when I couldn’t use my stirrups! I’ve come so far from the beginning and I have wonderful instructors and encouraging friends to thank for that. I also actually was able to properly post the trot for more than a few strides! By the end, I was very comfortable in my seat! It’s been a long road, and I still have a long way to go; however, these little victories mean the world to me!
Fire’s finally almost done shedding!! She’s extremely patchy but it should all clear up in the next couple weeks! I’m so so excited for her summer coat, I’ve been pretty busy “studying” for my SAT.. (definitely didn’t study at all....) I should hopefully be going out to the barn more often, it’s just been hectic! Tags: #horse #horses #sat #pony #ponies #horsebackriding #horseriding #riding #ssh #spottedsaddlehorse #gaitedhorse #walkinghorse #summer #nature #shedding #messy #hairy #stressed
We got a new horse! There’s a pic of him on the second slide his name is Sailor and he’s such a calm boy. Him and Leeroy are getting on so well they won’t leave each other alone ! So glad he’s setting in well we’ll have so many good times with him ahead ❤️❤️🌍🌍 • •Do you want to see more of Sailor on this account?❤️🐎 • • #equestrian #horsebackriding #horsesofinstagram #horseback #equestrianlife #equestrianrider #equestrianblogger #canter #trot #walkinghorses #walkinghorse #gallop #pony #horse #horses #hackingout
My cute little pony was serving all sorts of drama in our sunset lunge tonight! She is shedding up a storm, and also manages to mat her belly hair every day. . #equestrian #baymares #maresofinstagram #horsegirl #baysbeforebaes #lunging #lungeline #trotters #horse #lovehorses #tennesseewalkers #walkinghorse #gaitedhorse #shedding
Hard to believe that a year ago I was gifted the rest of the money to adopt Bryson by my parents. All weekend has been a wonderful celebration as I enter my 20s. Thank you to everyone who has wished me a happy birthday💙 I’m beyond thankful for all of you
When Life Challenges come Horse ♠️ Hustler’s Don’t Fold, We Ride! Let’s Ride Horse ♠️ Hustler www.horsehustlerenterprises.com #buckingbulls #walkinghorse #cowboylife #cowgirl #wrangler #cowboylifestylenetwork #country #sunshine98 #stallion #painthorse #longlivecowgirls #westernfashion #bosschixatl #gapeach #goodlife #babeandboots #horsehustler
He was so cute today, I went up there and gave him some apples today to see him for a while and our bond is getting so strong I love him so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️🌍🌍 • • #equestrian #horsebackriding #horsesofinstagram #horseback #equestrianlife #equestrianrider #equestrianblogger #canter #trot #walkinghorses #walkinghorse #gallop #pony #horse #horses #hackingout
Today was work, rain, and birthday dinner with family. I was so blessed to be able to be surrounded by those who love me yet again. Tomorrow is my actual birthday, and Bryson has a farrier appointment under the carport because it’s supposed to storm all day long! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend💙
Finally got to try our new @k_and_t_creations bosal and 6 strand reins, in orange and charcoal grey. I think it looks pretty good on my black and white boy. We were both learning how to use a bosal and for our first lesson it wasnt terrible. #kandtcreations #paracord #paracordcreations #bosal #horsesofinstagram #painthorse #indianhorse #gelding #shylo #twh #tennesseewalkinghorse #walkinghorse #blackandwhite #horses #horsetraining #horsemanship #paracordtack #horsebackriding #happy #love
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