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My souvenir from Hawaii, courtesy of @desmond_tattoos at @sacred_ties_tattoo. I loved everything about my experience there. The staff was inviting and courteous. Desmond is the man with a needle. Great work, great conversation. What more could you ask? Thanks, everyone at @sacred_ties_tattoo ! #tattoo #mauitattoo #vintagemic #vintagemicrophone #elvismic #hawaii #maui
Congratulations to Vintage King Audio Consultant Scotty Iulianelli on his "Mic Rushmore" illustration making the cover of the upcoming Feb/March issue of @tapeopmag ! We love Tape Op and we love Scotty, so it doesn't get any better than this. Check out more of Scotty's prints and order one for your studio by heading to his IG profile, @scotty_from_vk. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ⁣ #theanalogprints #tapeopmag #tapeop #tubemicrophone #vintagemicrophone #condesermicrophone #studiomicrophone #recording #recordingengineer #mixengineer #recordingstudio #soundengineering #studio #studiogear #studiogoals #studiolife #vintageking
Alex Papp is back today with a few more tracks to cut before mixing. We’ve had such a wonderful time, and Henley really seems to like him.
An awesome session this morning with acoustic guitarist Paul Coyle. His @hussanddalton sounds ridiculous. @acousticmusicdotorg
A short jam built around a Baldwin Fun Machine percussion loop. I added bass over the loop, followed by a simple drum and Fender Rhodes part. The whole thing was really an excuse to test out a beautiful Fender Tweed Deluxe amp, which the Strat is run directly into. Hammond organ and Crumar Orchestrator added for kicks. I do suppose the main riff is “Chest Fever”ish...
Coodercaster through a Tweed Deluxe kind of Sunday.
The new Phil Adams record ‘Silent Notes Society’ is the second we’ve made together, and his brutal talent is on full display here. He wasn’t going to compromise, and he knew we wouldn’t either. Thanks for your loyalty brother. I mean, check out these Earth Wind & Fire harmonies we layed down. The album is now available everywhere🔥
And now for my best Sneaky Pete impression🌵💫
2019 is going to be a very good year🔥
Alex Newbury Testimonial- “At a certain price point all recording studios in Connecticut will deliver you a fantastic mix/master of the music you’ve worked so hard on crafting. The difference Dirt Floor makes—and ultimately the reason it’s so highly regarded—is the personal touch added by Eric and company—something totally unrivaled in virtually any other studio. It’s the difference between music and art. It’s the reason someone like George Martin is so widely praised. Eric himself is a people-person, and as such is highly skilled in knowing what an artist is going for sonically—often before the artists themselves may know. In this way, the music for my album became very expansive while sticking to its original intentions; the perfect balance between what the songs are and what they could be. On top of that, he plays every damn instrument you can name—and a lot better than many folks I know. Because of this, we were able to create a very unique sounding record remarkably efficiently and in a realistic timeframe. I also had the pleasure of working with Mike from start to finish, with both guys giving invaluable input into how we should approach a certain song. The mixing process was smooth-sailing and I had a say in every decision made on the board before being sent to Steve for an excellent and timely mastering job. The entire process was super rewarding and unforgettable; I would highly recommend anyone have a sit down with Eric to discuss your project—there’s nothing they can’t do!”
We’re deep into mixing Alex Newbury’s new album ‘One and the Other’ and it’s simply stunning. This entire process could not have been more fun and efficient. He trusted me to experiment and take the songs out of their comfort zone. Alex, thanks for letting me do that, and for bringing such fantastic songs! This album is a must for fans of the Fleet Foxes, The War on Drugs, Tallest Man on Earth, The Who, etc. One more day of mixing, then over to DF chief engineer Steve Wytas for mastering.
I don’t get to see this guy as much as I would like to. We need to change that Jeff Belcher!
Thanks for letting me shred in the record @faux_croc
An early wrap on a perfect day.
“The Wolff Sisters holed themselves up at Eric M Lichter’s Dirt Floor and emerged with a bonafide gem of an album(Cahoon Hollow)”-Chip McCabe “There's a baby grand in the kitchen, need I say more? He's got the aesthetic, he's got the sound, and most importantly, he's got the devotion. Dirt Floor is the real deal.” @plant__vibes @wolffsisters
Putting Cooder through some paces this morning.
“Should we get the plugin to keep the real thing company?”-Dirt Floor Chief Engineer @audio911
It’s going to be a busy day on the mountain, adding finishing touches to a pair of great forthcoming Dirt Floor albums from Jeff Burnham and James Paternostro.
@cu_soundwaves it’s totally #flattopfriday and here’s my trusty old Martin D41, which also looks great against the log cabin. Seriously, this is my baby, and one of the finest Martins you’ll ever hear🔥
It’s that time of year!
Steve mixing @audiojaneband today.
A little snippet from this mornings impromptu FB Live thing.
Final Keith Carini mixing day.
@lawnboy11 seems pretty stoked with his new record so far. I know I am🔥
@lawnboy11 listening to the playback this morning.
Making this record with Jim Paradis has been one of the great joys of my musical life. I’ve known him for a very long time, and have always looked up to him, for many reasons. Jim, thanks for trusting me with these incredible songs. The album is called ‘Not Finished Yet’, and we should be done very soon! ‘Not Finished Yet’ title track excerpt- Jim-Vocals, Bass Eric-Drums, Pedal Steel, Electric Guitar, Guild 12 String, Grand Piano, Hammond Organ, Castanets.
Thanks Kenny Ward!
2018 has been one hell of a year for Dirt Floor, with no less than 11 albums released to great reviews, and many more to come before year’s end. The new Phil Adams record ‘Silent Notes Society’ is the second we’ve made together, and his brutal talent is on full display here. He wasn’t going to compromise, and he knew we wouldn’t either. Thanks for your loyalty brother. I mean, check out these Earth Wind & Fire harmonies we layed down🔥
In the great tradition of the Band, Harry Nilsson and the Kinks, we were able to incorporate tuba into ‘Just a Dream’(rough mix)from the forthcoming Keith Carini album which we will mix next week. It’s become one of my very favorite projects to bare the Dirt Floor name. Tell us what you think!
Loving this little musical bridge from yesterday, and how things you might do on the fly can stick. #ilovemyjob
A fabulous weekend spent with the Babes NYC, and now we’re sending them back to the city with rough mixes until they return in a few weeks for mixing and mastering.
🔥Even if you can’t make your record here at DF, we are happy to mix it! Contact us anytime🔥 “What you get when you record on a Neve desk is this really big, warm representation of whatever comes into it. What's going to come out the other end is this bigger, better version of you. And so it makes you sound real, but it makes you sound really good”-D Grohl
Thanks Jake! "I recorded my new album at Dirt Floor and the experience was incredible. Eric and Steve really understood what I was going for and worked with me to achieve the perfect sound for my record. Eric is not only an incredible producer but also a phenomenal musician, multi-instrumentalist and all around good dude. His enthusiasm, energy and great attitude gave each recording session a relaxed feel. He really understands how to motivate you to give your best performance. Each song we worked on felt like it had its own unique presence and there were always opportunities to experiment and explore creative possibilities. The studio itself is awesome! It’s a combination of high tech and vintage recording equipment, in a log cabin on top of a mountain, and makes you feel separated from the rest of the world. It’s the perfect setting to let your creativity flow. The number of guitars, keyboards, amps, etc. to choose from is mind-boggling. Steve is an absolute technical wizard and did an incredible job capturing every detail of every performance. I had an awesome experience recording my album here.
Jeff’s fallen under the spell😍
My favorite Strat, with some incredible stories to tell🔥🔥
The Keith Carini sessions resume today🔥
My vintage 620/12🔥🔥 at some point the tailpiece was swapped out, but I’m going to put the original, less flashy one, back on.
We’ve rounded the bend with the Keith Carini record, and it’s sounding spectacular.
Another great day with Jim Paradis. @themikemicg has been a fantastic assistant engineer.
Dear Santa, I know it’s wicked early to write you, but I think I could do some damage with this here Coodercaster
@jeffburnhammusic laying down acoustic tracks for his new album ‘Lost and Found’.
Making sweet music with @paradisjim
The Optigan was a peculiar instrument manufactured for the consumer market in the early 1970’s, and made by Mattel. The name stems from the instrument's reliance on pre-recorded optical soundtracks on a floppy disc to reproduce sound. The samples were grainy, and many of these are long gone due to overall poor build quality. Tom Waits among others have utilized it’s LoFi samples, and i’ve been into them for a long while. I’ve owned five, because they constantly break and are unreliable. The new @octavius_ogden album features the Optigan’s samba percussion on the song ‘Empty Talkers’. Here is a small sample of that. Eric M Lichter-Optigan, Drums, Bass, Wurlitzer electric piano. Matt Collom-guitar
My old Strat
@henryamplification this is a company and a dude i can endorse.
@johnfaraone Playing my D41.
Working on my own LP today.
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