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In light of transformation Tuesday, I thought I would share a little something with you all... I’m struggling today- I had my husband hide my scale AGAIN this morning. I’m to the point where I weigh myself almost every hour. After I eat, sleep, drink, go to the bathroom, workout, shower, etc. I’ll even weigh myself at 3 am when I’m up with our baby... I’ve become obsessed with the number and It’s becoming a huge problem for me mentally. I look at these pictures side by side and I am sooo proud. Left side>> my baby is four months old and I’m still in maternity pants because that’s all that fits. Right side >> just a couple months later and I’m in SHORTS. But then when I step on the scale, all the pride from my progress slips away. 70% of my brain knows this is obnoxious and knows I am doing an amazing job and that these things don’t happen over night. But then the other 30% chimes in and reminds me that I’m still not in my favorite pair of jeans and That I’m still 30 lbs away from my goal. I felt AMAZING after my workout this morning. Like a total bad ass. But then I wasted an hour of my life searching for that stupid scale because my mind has convinced itself that the number on the scale is what determines my worth. I am super thankful that my husband was so good at hiding the scale lol but I’m also so thankful for my team who is constantly reminding me that I am so much more than that number.. someday I WILL get to the point where I no longer feel the need to weigh myself. I WILL get to the point where a number will not define me or determine my worth... but until then I will continue to seek strength from my team and dive into personal development.. because my health journey is just as much a mental and emotional transformation as it is a physical one. #struggle #transformation #victimofthescale #myfitnessjourney #healthier #happier #goals #mentalgains #progress #worthy #personaldevelopment #watchmegrow #hatethescale #loveyourself