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💜🖤🔮 🔥♾🕯️👻👁️🎨🍯🔥🎶💀✊🏿💪🏿 Learn how to move around them and keep going this may be known to you as "Staying out the way" Accepting new clients Dm email call or text for readings sessions and spellwork Or hit the link in my bio #warriorandapoet #olodumare #alafia #indigoflow #remindher #blackmagick #africanspirituality #protecther #letterstomytwinflame #onlyyou #nakedsoulsplease #blacklove #africanunification #artbyusblacklove #smile #smilemore #lovemore #lovelife #vibratehigher #naturalhigh #healer #peacefulwarrior #flex #atpeaceandonfire #lifeisaboutprogression #divineintuitives
Come Check out Ms CanArt a content creator with a loving spirit.Sauced with Photography/Dance/rapping/singing/songwriting skills imbedded in my genes.Knowledgeable philosopher....the sister Soulja of our time. Seasoned with beauty and brains. .. . God sent! . I know what I know and still I know nothing. . I seek to find . Resourceful woman with intellectual capabilities. . I can sit amongst any crowd and know enough yet still learn something when I leave the room. . I am an observer and a speaker when needed. . My presence is a privilege because my worth has no price. . Ms CanArt Londyn Blu Chanel Taylor . Creator✨/Photographer📸songwriter🎶/dancer💃🏽/philosopher 👩🏾‍🏫 . . Come check out the page!!!! . . . #houstonphotographer #nikonlife #vibratehigher #godiskey #mindsetiseverything #houstontx #cameragirl #loveisfree #blackmagic #donthatemelanate #houstongirls #nawfside #nawfganistan #instagood #followme #hdr_art #houston_insta #houstoncontentcreators
we can control exactly one thing and one thing only, our own minds. living on this planet in 2019, most every result that ever happens in your life; from the government, to your job, your partners mood in the morning; is a carefully orchestrated mindfuck of events and circumstances, luck, and a million split second decisions by a billion number of people that are completely and utterly outside of our own control. there is this amazing quote by navil rankivant, that 99% of all human effort is pointless and ultimately wasted. What does that make you feel? . How about your physical body? We like to think we control that. But even the most carefully sculpted & crafted physiques will one day, maybe sooner than we think, most certainly break down and fail us. Every human body mastered, is eventually taken. Control of the mind, awareness and eventually connection to the space beyond it, where the Spirit lives, is the only thing that can never be taken from you. An endeavor to master this space is the most worthy pursuit in the universe. Probably the only worthy pursuit tbh. Is it too late to be a monk?? Hah. It's a scary thought, but also freeing. All else is a crap shoot. Choosing to exist, at least in society now, is a sense just throwing up your hands and saying Fuck it, what's for lunch today? It's a mystery man, just abide . . . . #freethemind #meditation #awareness #stillness #be #knowyourself #whatsforlunch #notthiscrudematter #mystery #ascension #acceptance #vibratehigher #youaregod #2019 #dudeabides #thinkdeep #dontthink #meditationquotes #yogawisdom #mindfulness #wisewordswednesday #matrix #wednesdaywisdom #surrender
Lifesize skulls stimulate some part of my brain that isn't activated by anything else. There is something about the sensation of holding a lifesize skull that makes me ponder consciousness just a little bit deeper. °°° This gorgeous skull is made of one solid piece of Jet! It is incredibly light weight and absolutely mystifying. Payment plan available at check out. °°° #jet #jetskull #jetstone #blackskull #deadstuff #conciousness #spiritualpath #higherconciousness #vibratehigher #highvibe #positivevibes #crystalsforsale #healingcrystals #chakrahealing #tarotcommunity #tarot #empath #intuitive #lignite
Are you an entrepreneur ready to become a soulfully aligned entrepreneur? - Are you an entrepreneur who is loving being self guided? - Did you take the plunge into your business full time recently? - Are you riding the waves of having your own business? - Are you ready to develop your spiritual practice? - Do you desire to connect with your intuition even more and use your internal compass to direct your business? - Do you have some personal work to do and desire support for this? - Would you like to shift your limiting beliefs and roadblocks with ease and grace? - Do you love what you do but you desire to get even more into alignment? - Do you desire more soulmates clients? —Those clients who not only pay you but show up fully, ask great questions, are super invested, and can't wait to show up for your session / jump on your call / or binge your content? . -When you think of your BIG goals do you hear a little voice at the end say things like: —who are you to do that? — isn't that greedy to want that much? —that's not possible for you? —who is going to pay you that much for your services? —imposter syndrom bullshit —don't I need a certificate or certification to do that? —is it even possible to get paid to be myself? ✨If you answered YES to any of these, then @ourandare 's Signature 90 Day Coaching Program is for YOU! Join me, @lkschroeder. *I hold space & coach woman so they can live their best lives. I help you gain confidence, love yourself more fully, and step into your power.
You don’t see things in life as they are , you see things in life as YOU are❗️ - It’s said if you change your thoughts by just 9%, you can alter your life drastically. We must unlearn and rewire our brains from all the false information and bs we grew up being taught by those brainwashed into thinking was the “norm” - Change your thoughts , Change your words , Change your life 💭
#vibratehigher Quoted by one of the great teachers... “If you study high, you get high scores”🤙🏾
[ Troublesome ‘93 ] Muse: @mileslowmusic
You don’t need a reason to remind someone that you love them. In fact, you should do It as often as possible for no reason at all! Challenge: Tonight, remind 3 people how much they mean to you. It can be in person, on the phone, through email, however you need to. Just do it. ✨💕
Choices. ... Life is all about choices. ... As we focus on maintaining inner peace because it is the path the overall wellness and holistic health, we can see how much freedom of choice we really have. ... I am in total control of my actions at all time. ... I am all powerful in that as I control my actions, I feel better, as I feel better, I think better, as I think better I feel better and act better and so on. ... Stop worrying about things outside of your control and place all your focus on your own personal power: your thoughts, your actions. ... And watch the world around you shift. ... This is happily ever after. ... • • • • • • #happilyeverafter #controlyourself #mindset #mindmastery #iamthatiam #wearegods #breathe #feelyourway #youareworthy #youareenough #energyiseverything #aimhigh #vibratehigher #femmeunfiltered
Part of an illustration of a rose I'm working on for a musician friend of mine (: ~~ “Everyone now and again wonders about those questions that have no ready answers: first cause, God’s existence, what happens when the curtain goes down and nothing stops it, not kissing, not going to the mall, not the Super Bowl. • “Wild roses,” I said to them one morning. “Do you have the answers? And if you do, would you tell me?” • The roses laughed softly. “Forgive us,” they said. “But as you can see, we are just now entirely busy being roses.” –Mary Oliver 💕 ~~ Been reading a bit more Mary Oliver recently. She's got a keen grasp on the English language, and a keen grasp on the concept of living fully, and she states it simply in just a couple short paragraphs and through a fantastic analogy. ~ After asking all these difficult questions and wondering about all of the things that no one really has an answer to, she simply asks the roses for answers. They simply answer, we are just now entirely busy being [us]. I LOVE that! They are not wondering what may (or may not) happen, they are not questioning their past. They are simply living. Fully. Freely. In the moment. Here and now. ~ I'm aiming to be more like the roses.🌹
💜THURSDAY💜 💗6:30am Sunrise Yoga @k8munson 💗9:00am Vinyasa -all levels @darnellep 💗12:00pm Slow Strong Flow @byfelice_wellness 💗1:15pm Reiki Meditation 💗4:00pm Gentle Yoga Anna Maria 💗6:00pm Vinyasa @wanderingheartist 💗7:30pm Satsang @atpavima
The love and light is within me! True beauty is within and oozes out. I took some selfies over the course of a few days between not feeling well the past few days!#1goal1passion   #Thickthighsmatter365 #fitnessjourney #gym  #fitness #queen #weightlossjourney  #vibes #wearblueforautism   #weightlossmotivation   #soul #vibratehigher #gymaddict #blackgirlsdoworkout #goals #workouts  #higherconsciousness #weights   #weightloss #thicknfit   #ascend #igfitness #dreads #spirituality #inspire #growthmindset
In regards to breaking free from the 3D Time Matrix and shifting into the 5D Field of unity consciousness, Meg Benedicte suggests reorienting focus away from left brain/thinking mind and holding attention in the heart brain. . The method to manifest physical form requires a spinning momentum. According to standard physics, Inertia is the resistance of any physical object to any change in its state of motion including changes to its speed and direction or the state of rest. . “You need to spin your atoms faster to increase your energy frequency. If you spin your energy clockwise, it gets denser, slower and locked in the Time Matrix. The 3D Field exists in Duality – dual opposing spins. If you are being encouraged by spiritual teachers, healers, or gurus to do the dual spin, they are teaching you to remain in Duality. . The 5D Field exists in Singularity – the single counterclockwise spin, which is an expanding spin. We can unlock the stuck, resistant inertia of the clockwise gravitational field. This is the path to FREEDOM!” Taken from https://newearthcentral.com/ascend-into-the-5d-field/ . . . #ascension #evolution #Glactivation #sovereign #positivity #CollectiveConsciousness #NoFear #fearless #RaiseYourVibration #VibrateHigher #clairty #HealingVibrations #grateful #eternalself #spirituality #NeoVida #soul #free #5D #5thDimension #GodParticle #quantumshift #divine #MegBenedicte #rightbrain #5DField #UnityConsciousness #heartbrain #daffodil
Semangat pagiiih Selamat beraktivitas #AkuOriflame #pencintatanaman #keepvibehigh #vibratehigher
Frequency is the medicine of the future🙏. Here is a Fluorite Orgonite Dome 🤗. The large Fluorite Crystal connects you to higher self and awareness and also protects from negative energy💕. The crystal is wrapped in 12 gauge 2 directional copper wire and is cured in clear resin. The base of the dome has gold sand and copper filings. ❤️❤️Orgonite❤️❤️ #orgone #orgoneenergy #orgonite #orgonitepyramid #orgonependant #orgones #chakrahealing #chakraalignment #higherfrequency #frequencyvibrations #emfprotection #emf #emfradiation #energyhealing #energy #energyiseverything #energyworker #crystals #chakrabalancing #higherconsciousness #reiki #reikipractitioner #reikienergy #vibratehigher #vibes #crystalhealing #crystallove #zeropointenergy
Lava Bead Rock essential oil Diffuser Bracelet with Purple Sugilite Crystal Healing Bracelets . ⭐️”Purple Sugilite is one of the very best crystals for those who are highly sensitive and take on whatever energies are around them. Wear or carry Sugilite to create a warm, protective “shield of Light” Wearing or carrying Sugilite encourages a wonderful sense of freedom, with love vibrating in all aspects of one’s being. It creates an awareness of everything as perfect, and in line with one’s chosen soul path. Its energy infuses one with inspiration, creativity and confidence, and enkindles the desire to release the past and move forward in peace and great joy. Sugilite helps one let go of the past and move forward in a positive way, releasing unwanted thoughts, memories or life experiences that run over and over, keeping the mind from peace.” . . . #crystalenergy #jewelrygram #mindfulness #meditation #artofinstagram #zenjewelry #goodvibes #peace #madewithlove #healing #crystalbracelets #divine #awakening #energy #crystalhealing #loveyoursoul #gemstones #loveandlight #healingcrystals #namaste #thirdeye #higherconsciousness #spirituality #handmadejewelry #instajewelry #vibratehigher #spiritualvibes #loveyoursoulart #spiritualawakening #loveyoursouljewelry
Have you grabbed your free bag yet? Make sure to stop by the front desk today and see how you can claim yours! #whyvictoryfit
// choose your card..💫 ✨ ✨✨ Close your eyes..:: ..take a deep breath; ::ground your energy🙏🏼 & choose your weekly energetic message✨🌙✨ ✨✨ ✨ Happy Aquarius season Stargazers!!⭐️ ♒️ Our weekly messages are BACK this week & the energy has shifted yet again!💫 This weekend we had our full moon lunar eclipse in Leo as well as our sun transit into airy Aquarius! 🌞✨♒️ While we are still very much in the 3 energy all year there will definitely be shifts here and there caused by other astro events! Because there was so much happening in the skies this week you may have felt a bit drained, totally normal for such a busy time for the cosmos! Eclipses can stir up anything lingering from the past that hasn’t fully resolved from 2018 and prior! While yes we did some major soul cleaning last year, we still have remnants of old situations that have not been completely closed out surfacing again this year; mostly during eclipse and retrograde cycles. However this will be far less intense than our 2018 cycles! BUT these situations WILL keep arising until they have been rectified. We must allow ourselves to move through them so we CAN move forward completely 🙏🏼🌟 ✨ For this weeks energy forecast we will receive insight from the Aromatherapy cards! After a major astrological event like a full moon eclipse + moving into a new sign, the energy can feel a bit limbo. It is not that we have lost our drive, but we are adjusting to an overwhelming surge of new energies! We are far more sensitive to these energies than even we can imagine. Can’t wait to see what messages the cards have for navigating these energies this week! 💫 ✨ As always starshines don’t forget to 💛 this post + comment with your card this week!! {the algorithm seems to be switching things up again so please like & comment to keep the cards on your feed! OR you can turn on post notifications so you never miss a reading! No spammy stuff, just good vibes I promise! 😉} 🌈 🌙 ✨🔮✨ ✨ Which card is vibing with your soul this week?!✨🌚✨🕯✨♒️
Channeled message from my spirit guide Zalo: You’ve been living too much in your head these days. You can’t succeed or achieve goals by over thinking and second guessing yourself every step of the way.ease up on trying to control every detail. There will be some things coming your way that will have you feeling “what the hell am I going to do now?” Instead of panic, learn to trust. Divine timing is your friend not your enemy, so what if things didn’t go as planned, you got to get out of expecting everything to be a certain way in order to be happy. Your life theme for now and the next month is about “self discovery ”. the universe will be challenging you to trust yourself more. You can’t rely on logic and knowledge solely, you must learn to rely on your feelings and intuition as well, to create a better balance for yourself. Your third eye has been opening up so don’t be surprised if you start having vivid dreams or visitations from spirit. All that glitters isn’t Gold, be weary of the personas people wear around you. As your intuition increases, you will see the truth within certain people and their true intentions over this next month as well, it is up to you to have the courage to speak up for yourself and remember you must get rid of the old to have space for the new. _______________________________________________________🔮book a reading or online class with me at: www.thegoldhippie.com🔮 _______________________________________________________ 🌺I offer: email/phone readings, past life readings, online Psychic development classes, monthly spiritual mentorship🌺
Awaken • Envision • En-R-Gee⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I am so in love with this blend of oils at the moment. I diffuse and apply these oils topically everyday. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I love using Awaken during the day and in my diffuser at night. It helps me wake up refreshed and feeling invigorated. I also apply this oil to the temples, chest and heart. It smells amazing so it can also be used as a perfume. Awaken has been beneficial for spiritual and emotional enhancement for me. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ En-R-Gee has become one of my most daily used oils. I love blending it with Awaken to feel fully energized. I put a drop on my big toes every morning as I start my day. I also diffuse it with many oils such as orange, awaken, and peppermint for mental clarity and an energy boost during my days. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Envision was one of the first oils I was drawn to outside of the kit besides Valor and White Angelica. It smells absolutely amazing. It is a blend of Spruce, Lavender, Orange, Geranium, Sage && Rose. For those that don’t know, Rose is one of the highest frequency oils and is made with 22 pounds of rose petals! 😍 Anytime I am feeling low or have any sort of tension in my body, I rub Rose on and feel like a new woman. It’s that powerful. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Each and every day I find myself falling in love with another oil that has been so beneficial and helpful to my well being. I haven’t taken as much as an Ibuprofen since getting clean and sober and I can thank the use and power of these oils for that. 🌱✌🏼💜✨
Why so many people are “out for each other” instead of uplifting and empowering each other.. I will never know. Do better. Be better. Be. 🐝
DREAMING OF JOSHUA TREE || DESERT DAZE . I’ve been dreaming of @joshuatreenps it’s another place I call home. When I told a friend this, I found out because of the shutdown people were going into the park and hacking up the gorgeous and sacred Trees and cacti there. . Joshua Trees can’t grow anywhere else most of them are older than anyone alive on the planet and take centuries to grow to maturity. . Please check yourself before removing items or “getting the best IG shot” in the parks, and if you can donating to the @nationalparkservice to keep it running while this shutdown continues will ensure we preserve these magnificent trees for generations to come. 🌵 . NOTABLE PRODUCTS: @mehronmakeup Aqua Paradise Paints @sugarpill Pro Palette @ciatelondon Glitter Flip In Iconic @jeffreestarcosmetics Velvet Liquid Lipstick in Druglord @stilacosmetics Glitter in Diamond Dust . #mehronmakeup #mehron #mehronparadise #joshuatreenationalpark #joshuatree #stilacosmetics #jeffreestarcosmetics #jeffreestar #bodypaint #colortherapy #vibratehigher #nationalparkservices #sugarpillcosmetics #blazin_beauties #avantgardemakeup #landscapepainting #motherearth #wildlifeconservation #seattlemakeupartist #ciatelondon #ciateglitterflip #consciousness #goodvibes #savetheplanet #spirituality
Today’s #affirmation : My thoughts are filled with positivity & joy, and my life is abundant with prosperity - Got a #waybackwednesday of the kiddo going for one more turn on the Sit & Spin in 2011 💜 I love this picture so much
This post can get you $200 (and that’s not even the best part)! — I just want to tell you how EXCITED I am. — For all the people about to step into a season of more confidence than they’ve ever had. — For the people about to start getting on discovery calls with their DREAM clients, having conversations with a level of soulmate client that they only sort of hoped existed, where they don’t have to discount their prices, cover up the most unique part of their business, or pretend they’re anything they’re not to close sales. — For the people who are going to wake up overflowing with ideas for their social media, whereas before they had to sit staring at a blinking cursor for half an hour before they could think of anything to force into an Instagram caption. — For the people about to stop comparing themselves to everyone else in their field. Who will never again scroll through that one business owner’s sales page, telling themselves “maybe if I copy her prices, her process, or her posts I’ll have what she has”. — For the people about to step into Lead With Your Magic. — I would love for you to be one of those people, so here’s what I’m doing. — Early Bird Pricing for the course ends tonight, but I want you to have time to ask questions, do your research, and make sure that this is right for you. — So I will be honoring the Early Bird enrollment price for anyone who reaches out to have a chat or schedule a call before Wednesday (the 23rd) at 11:59pm central. No matter when you end up enrolling. — I promise to never push you into something I don’t 100% believe is the exact right fit for you, so you don’t have to be sure. You just have to not sit still when there’s an opportunity in front of you. — That Early Bird price will save you $200, but like I said, that’s not even close to being the best part. — The best part is the lifetime of ease and success, the new energy, and the tried and true results that this course can bring. — I so want you to have them. So drop me a comment or shoot me a message. Take the first step into your incredibly abundant future. — I am so, so excited.
📸 sent from my Divine Flame from the #EthiopianKundalini page on Facebook 😍 he be looking out for me lol • Chakra tuning. InnerG. Let your voice sing these notes and feel the vibration in your chakras! You can also put these tones on YouTube or another music app or play your instrument to align 👑💫💫🌌🌌 Have you booked your #ChakraTuning #Reiki or #GuidedMeditation yet? • #WithLoveByReese #HealingForMyPeople #HealingTips #EnergyTips #InnerG #Healing #KnowThyself #VibrateHigher #Frequencies #Chakras #ChakraTuning #EnergyReading #Solfeggio #ThetaWaves #BinauralBeats #EarthTones #Spirituality #Consciousness #Awakening #Ancestors
shoutout to anyone who hate texting first i fucking feel you but do it text first you know deep down you want to if its meant to be then what the fuck? rofl.. ego thats it someone LITERALLY has to text first theres two options
Is one of your goals this year to try something new or even yoga? Do you already practice yoga, but want to enhance your FUNdamentals? This creative space is for beginners to practice yoga and mediation. It will leave you feeling uplifted, inspired, and eager to fearlessly continue your personal practice. Learn more about this three week workshop and reserve your spot today. link in bio!
We tried this out the other night. We added it to tacos and it was pretty delicious. We had meat in the tacos too, but I think this can be used in place of the meat. We did ours 1/2 & 1/2. It took us a minute to figure out what the texture reminded us of, but we eventually concluded it is much like jarred artichoke hearts which I happen to really like. I'll eat it again, but I think a different flavor. The chili lime was good for tacos, but would overpower much anything else I think. #jackfruit #uptons #paleoish #plantbased #relatablexennial #xennialisms #blog #greenislife #greenjuice #greenveggies #superfoods #paleo #cleaneating #eatclean #paleoish #60poundsdown #weightlossjourney #weightloss #gothealthy #gotfit #healthymind 🧘🏽‍♀️ #healthybody 🏋🏽‍♀️ #positivibes #vibratehigher #higherconsciousness #spiritualawakening
⠀ Fresh. Clean. Clear. ⠀ ⠀ This one is good. Very very good. ⠀ ⠀ And if you’re joining us for The Kind Cleanse get started early by popping this in your diffuser to bring in fresh + clear energy in to your home ✌🏻⠀ ⠀ Mmmmmm. We truly love this blend 🌿
Feeling stuck in an emotional loop? Whether is anxiety, stress, heartbreak, fear, we must remember that we CAN transform our current state in a single second. ⠀ We don’t have to stay stuck where we currently are! Specially if we’ve been stuck in the mud for a bit too long! ⠀ If we’re open to it, we can transform our emotional state with ONE SINGLE CHOICE: sometimes all it takes is our openness to change how we are vibing through one song, one conversation, one deep breath, one smile, one meditation, one hug, one sunrise walk like in this picture.... let’s remember...ONE choice is all it takes ✨ ⠀ Happy Thursday ya’ll 🙌🏼❤️
I'm so covered I thank the higher up...one blank of an eye your life can change instantly. I don't know if that was an wake up call saying HEY stop waiting and procrastinating and live life without no regrets, but with that being said FUCK IT! No more doubts, no more second guessing, get focus and do you, no matter what anybody has to say or think . Do what makes you HAPPY ! #workout #gymrat #bodygoals #getfit #mevsme #focus #levelup #mindset #positvity #vibratehigher #goodvibes #asabovesobelow #allismental #blessed #protection
R e a d y ? ↑ @_avadavid
Your presence will create the space needed for Intimacy. When someone can be so comfortable being vulnerable in an authentic way that’s when you know you have created a safe space.. You have the power of listening and feeling even listening to what they are not saying.. Words get to be aligned with the energy of your BEing ☺️ #intimacy #trueself #vulnerability #authenticity #energy #alignment #elevation #grateful #love #wellness4thesoul #conscioustalks #awareness #vibratehigher #breath
🎯It Saved Mine... . . #Repost @curlynikki ・・・ Drop a ❤️ if you agree! . #protip : Stop struggling to love yourself. And start knowing, and living from the place inside that IS Love. 🥰 . The person, your ego, is incapable of unconditional love, even for itself. That’s why you’ve been trying so hard, with little to show for it.🔑 . Ego = self doubt Soul= Self Love . So it’s really a quick, moment-to-moment shift in identification. Throughout the day, continuously check-in with yourself to see which you’re being— you can tell by the way you feel. Ego feels like anxiety, contraction, tense shoulders, baited breath, and racing thoughts. While Soul feels like Go(o)d vibes, security, clarity, peace, and Love... periodt. Not in Love with anything or anyone in particular, just radiating IT, effortlessly, always. Be the Soul to #BeHerNow . 👑 . . 📸: @r.h.sin . . . . #selflove #unconditionallove #selfdoubt #saveyourself #soul #goodvibes #peace #love #vibratehigher #livelaughlove
Smoky quartz enhydro, this and a few museum quality pieces will be available at this Saturday live sale at 4pm PST... See you all then. Last one before heading by out to Tucson . . #the7directions #vibrationalhealing #energyhealing #enhydro #smokyquartz #protectioncrystal #groundingcrystals
Sock malfunction:⠀ If this is happening while I am talking to you,⠀ I apologise in advance because I am distracted and disappointed in my sock choice of the day.⠀ ... - - - Quick note: I’m disappointed in my sock CHOICE because of the fact my sock won’t stay up or in place (problem) - NOT myself and I have gained the knowledge this sock needs to be thrown out or repurposed (lesson). Winning ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #mindsetiseverything #mindset #selflove #vibratehigher #bossbabe #theprocess #femaleentrepreneur #entrepreneur #affirmation #goddess #trauma #womensupportingwomen #goaldigger #womenwhohustle #bosslady #girlboss #affirmationmindset #baddassafirmation #fixyourself #stoprunning #timetowork
I just heard this song today. 💕 Still up so I decided to try to learn it and sharing the process. (Insooni - Gooses Dream) 인순이 #인순이 #거위의꿈 #goodvibes #meditate #발라드 #띵곡 #energy #music #beyou #musica #dharma #instamusic #beyou #goodenergy #kdrama #kdramalover #thanks #happy #kpop #musiclover #song #goosesdream   #음악 #goodvibes #김종현 #박재상 #드라마 #행복 As I listen to this and other renditions, I love this song more & more. #thankful #케이팝 #goodvibes #vibratehigher #empower
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