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Inspiration. A word used by many creative artists, musicians, photographers, and designers. We’re all inspired by something. Inspiration gives us that push to keep going when our businesses are not doing so well. Inspiration opens our minds to discover new likes, styles, and just grows our creativity. Inspiration is one thing I’ve been lacking recently (hence why I don’t post as much.) As a small business owner who is barely starting out, I’ve come across quite a few bumps in the road. Bumps that have set me back creatively and the inspiration is just not there. I want to love the photos I take, I want to love the way I edit and I did, at one point, but it didn’t last. I love every single one of my clients. The past, future and present ones. I’m writing this as a wake up call for myself and probably many others who are small business owners. Everything can’t always be going perfectly. You will have set backs and bumps in the road. You will have haters, and people who try to put you down, but that’s okay, because they should make us stronger. The bumps should make us work harder, but none of it will work without inspiration, creativity, and love for your business. I spend a lot of time trying to please my clients. I want them to love my work, my style, and me! So the next few months or how ever long this will take, I am focusing on discovering my true self, my true business and my style. I will be focusing on discovering a style that I love and hopefully my future clients will love as well. Photography is something I’ve dreamed about doing for the longest time, but I wasn’t prepared for how difficult it was going to be. Nothing in life comes easily. You have to work hard for everything, so here’s to more awesome photoshoots like this one! I am currently booking for the fall and year of 2019! So book fast because a lot of my fall dates are booking up quick! 🌿
Starfish Island is named as such because of the numberless existence of small and big starfishes in the clear blue waters of the island. This Island has one of the whitest beaches in the area and can match other white sand beaches in the Philippines! 🏖 . . #BrucciiVentures
A new Virginia county was formed in 1845 called Appomattox County. Samuel Daniel McDearmon, who had grown up in the area, purchased most of the land in and around the Clover Hill Tavern, which was located in this newly formed county. In 1846 McDearmon sectioned off 30 acres to be used for the village of Clover Hill including 2 acres for a courthouse. During this time he built and resided in what is now known as The Peers House, which was only a short distance from the village center and courthouse. McDearmon played a critical role in the development of the village through investments and real estate development. . The village he created was later renamed the Village of Appomattox County Courthouse. In 1855 McDearmon built another home in the town of Nebraska, now Appomattox, Virginia. He lived in Nebraska House until his death in 1871. His home in Clover Hill passed through several owners before it was purchased by George Peers. . George Peers lived in the Peers House at the time General Robert E. Lee surrendered to General Ulysses S. Grant. Peers was the Appomattox County Court Clerk for forty years, the longest standing court clerk. Historians describe the village McDearmon had created as one big happy family, which included George Peers who was a key community member. . The Peers House is where the Confederate soldiers stacked their arms on April 12, 1865 after the surrender, and where one of the last artillery shots was fired only a few days before. . #southernreverie
There is always a reason to laugh, smile and be grateful! If you are having a hard time finding your reason think about those who love and care for you...see you're smiling! #vaphoto #engagmentphotos #fortworth #love #grateful #marriage
You’re so pretty, Virginia.
"Let us have peace." #ulyssessgrant #southernreverie
Happy Friday, folks! How do you plan to spend the weekend? This breathing photo is courtesy of @brad.deel
The Bocock-Isbell House was built in 1849-50 in Appomattox, Virginia. It is now part of the Appomattox Court House National Historical Park and is near the McLean House where General Robert E. Lee surrendered to General Ulysses S. Grant ending the Civil War. . The home was built by brothers, Thomas S. Bocock and Henry F. Bocock. Thomas was a member of the United States Congress and Speaker of the Confederate House of Representatives. Henry was Clerk of the Court for Appomattox County. Their father was a farmer, lawyer, and friend to Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Bocock later had a plantation nearby called Wildway, which is no longer standing. He was not living at the Bocock-Isbell House at the time of the surrender. But, he had fled from Richmond to Wildway when the war was coming to an end, so it is believed he was in the vicinity when the surrender took place. . At the end of the Civil War, Thomas owned more than twenty slaves and refused to pay them as workers, instead telling them he would provide them with food and shelter, as he had under slavery. He also unsuccessfully tried to purchase other formerly enslaved people from his neighbors. Thomas was one of the architects of Jim Crow Laws and opposed the Virginia Readjuster Party which was inclusive of white farmers, African Americans, and working men. . The home Thomas built with his brother remains in the beautiful rolling hills of Virginia and is now the headquarters of a park which commemorates the introduction of peace restored. . #southernreverie
The Island I call home. National Geographic Traveler magazine rated Palawan the best island destination in East and Southeast Asia region, having "incredibly beautiful natural seascapes and landscapes. One of the most biodiverse (terrestrial and marine) islands in the Philippines. The island has had a Biosphere Reserve status since early 1990s, showing local interest for conservation and sustainable development.” 🏝 . . #BrucciiVentures
Those Utah mountains 😍 plus this beautiful couple 🙌🏻
A breathtaking sunset captured by @menace703. Those colors are just mesmerizing!
These two are going to be incredible parents ♥️ They are already incredible BFFs - & Coulson and I are going to be the worlds best Babysitters and spoil this boy 💁🏼‍♀️😘
This kid. That’s my heart right there, climbing on those rocks. I didn’t know what it felt like to watch my literal and actual love walk around this earth outside of my body until he came into our lives. Every day he’s growing, learning and exploring, and inspiring his daddy and me in so many ways. I love how he gets that tiny little smirk on his face when he’s proud of himself, as he should be. Don’t ever stop exploring, little man! . . . #letthembelittle #runwildmychild #rockclimbingkids #shenandoahnationalpark #shenandoah #bigmeadows #rockclimbingguy #unraveledacademy #novaphotographer #vaphoto #vaphotographer
So ready for the fall wedding season to begin in Charlottesville! Although, this spring and summer have been so beautiful! ✨ @themrsbox
One of my favorites from this gorgeous session 🌿 . . . Shoot me a message if you’d like to schedule your next family session🌿
Just had to share another shot from this session 🌾 Nelya is such a sweetheart and so beautiful inside and out 😍
When you look into your mother’s eyes, you know that is the purest love you can find on this earth 🌾
Hampton is just the cutest little town. Walking around Queens Street down the cobblestone road. I can’t wait to go back this weekend and explore in the museums and the NASA exhibit. . Also I am finally on summer vacation for the next three weeks until classes start back in August. But I have 3 more classes then I will be graduated! . : : : #beautifuldestinations #wonderful_places #globalcapture #ig_travel #travel #travelpics #travelgram #travelblogger #travelphotography #traveller #travelguide #lesbianswhotravel #lesbiancouple #lgbtqtravelers #civilwar #civilwarhistory #loveva #virginiaisforlovers #onlyinvirginia #virginia #visitva #exploreva #vaisforlovers #vaphoto #vaphotography #virginiaisbeautiful #visitvirginia #virginiahistory #igers_virginia #ig_virginia
We spy the 🌝 in this beautiful photo by @alysa.joy !
Still in awe over this beautiful park 😍 I have openings this summer! DM me to schedule 🌿
The Alexander Black House in Blacksburg, Virginia was built in 1897 by Alexander Black. He was the great-great-grandson of Samuel Black, who had purchased the land where Blacksburg is now located and passed it on to his sons who formed the town of Blacksburg. The Queen Anne Victorian home features elements such as steep cross-gabled roofs, gingerbread trim, towers, and a wraparound porch. The family lived there until 1935 and then became a funeral home until 2002. The city of Blacksburg purchased the home in 2002 and in 2014 a thorough restoration of the home was completed. The home is now The Blacksburg Museum and Cultural Foundation with art galleries, exhibits featuring historic artifacts, and history on Alexander Black and his family. #southernreverie
Camiguin island on my mind ⛰ 12:45pm . . . #BrucciiVentures
God’s timing is perfect 🌿
🌳Emancipation Oak🌳 Over the weekend, Stephanie and I got to go out and explore some more Civil War Sites in Hampton, VA. The Emancipation Oak was the top on my list. This tree is on Top Ten Great Trees of the World. If trees could talk this would have many amazing stories. During the Civil War, Mary Peake, the first African American Teacher taught her classes underneath this tree. The classes were filled with newly freed slaves. Later on, Lincoln would read the Emancipation Proclamation here to the freed African Americans. This act would go on to be the building block for Civil Rights and education. 🎩 Not only is this tree historical, but it is also enormous. At over 100 feet in diameter, this tree not only touches the sky but also sweeps along beautiful on the ground. If you ever find yourself in Hampton, I seriously encourage you to stop by and see this site. : : : #beautifuldestinations #wonderful_places #globalcapture #ig_travel #travel #travelpics #travelgram #travelblogger #travelphotography #traveller #travelguide #lesbianswhotravel #lesbiancouple #lgbtqtravelers #civilwar #civilwarhistory #loveva #virginiaisforlovers #onlyinvirginia #virginia #visitva #exploreva #vaisforlovers #vaphoto #vaphotography #virginiaisbeautiful #visitvirginia #virginiahistory #igers_virginia #ig_virginia
A beautiful bluebird day in Shenandoah National Park! Can anyone name this overlook? Photo credit: @youngfireknight
The Trapezium House in Petersburg, Virginia was built in 1817. The home was built by Irish bachelor Charles O'Hara in the form of a trapezium, with no parallel lines. It is believed that O'Hara was convinced that evil spirits hide in right angles, so he built the entire house (inside and out) without them. No wall is parallel, doors and windows were framed crooked, and the stairs and floorboards were cut on a slant. It is also said Mr. O'Hara burned candles all night to ward off evil spirits. The city of Petersburg bought the house in 1972 and completely restored it, opening it in 1981 as a museum. Sadly, the home was sold again and is now privately owned and not open to the public. If in Petersburg, it's still worth a stop at 244 N. Market Street to see the outside of this interesting home. #southernreverie
Blandford Church in Petersburg, Virginia was built in 1736. During the American Revolution the Battle of Blandford was fought nearby in 1781. The oldest gravestone in the Blandford Cemetery reads 1702. There are fifteen exquisite stained-glass windows in the brick church which were designed and installed between 1904 and 1912 under the direction of Louis Comfort Tiffany and financed by contributions from each of the Confederate states to honor the dead buried in the Blandford Church Cemetery. There are 30,000 Confederate soldiers buried here and only 3,700 names on record. In 1866, there was a Decoration Day ceremony held at Blandford Cemetery. While visiting the cemetery, the wife of Union General John A. Logan noticed a teacher and her students decorating the graves with tiny flags. Soon after, General Logan issued a proclamtion for the observance of Memorial Day annually and nationwide. It is said that this is the inspiration for the federal Memorial Day. Decoration Day was an annual family and community tradition throughout the South as early as 1861, including decorating soldier's graves and also those of family, often in a family graveyard as an extended family reunion. #southernreverie
This girl’s smile is so contagious 😍🌿
The countdown to Baby AJ is in full swing. In just a couple weeks Jessica & Bud hope to be welcoming their bundle of joy home. I've got my fingers crossed for poor Jessica that she doesn't go too far past her due date 🤞🤞🤞 Doesnt she just look radiant though!
The McIlwaine House in Petersburg, Virginia was built in 1794 by Erasmus Gill, who fought in the Revolutinary War. The Federal-style frame home was also home to George H. Jones, Mayor of Petersburg, and is named for Archibald Graham McIlwaine, a Petersburg industrialist and financier who lived there from 1837-78. The McIlwaine family continued to live in the home until 1971 when it was moved several blocks to its present location to avoid demolition. The home sat empty for 37 years and was then carefully restored and repaired as part of Old Towne Petersburg. A unique feature of the home is that the interior is made entirely of wood, with no plaster ornamentation used in the detailed designs. The Smithsonian credits the parlor, called the Petersburg Room, as one of the most outstanding rooms of woodwork in America. The home is also famous for being feautured in the movie, "Lincoln," and AMC's Revolutionary War series, "Turn." #southernreverie
The South Side Depot in Petersburg, Virginia served the South Side Railroad line. This was the last railroad left operating during the Siege of Petersburg during the Civil War. Union troops eventually severed the rail line which led to the end of the war through the surrender of Petersburg and Richmond. Following the war, the Depot became a center for politial development in Viriginia. The Readjuster Party was founded in 1879 as a biracial coalition party to address the incredible amount of debt Virginia had accrued. William Mahone, an American civil engineer, railroad executive, and Confederate General is credited with forming and leading the Readjuster Party. His office was in the South Side Depot. Though it was short-lived, the Readjuster Party was one of the most radical reforming political parties in Virginia's history winning many of the statewide offices and majorities in both houses. The party sought to "readjust" the state debt, repeal the poll tax which suppressed voting by blacks and poor whites, and increase spending for schools and other public facilities. To accomplish this they formed a coalition based on fairness and economic progress that included white farmers, African Americans, working men, Democrats, and Republicans. Accomplishments of the Readjuster Party include the establishment of the Virginia Normal and Collegiate Institute (now Virigina State University), Virginia's first public college for African-Americans. #southernreverie
The morning view at Mountain View College is just breath taking ⛰ 5:32am . . . #BrucciiVentures
C L O S E D 🌿 . . . Hey guys! So I decided to do something a little bit different and I wanted to do a giveaway! I’ve received so much love and support ever since I started this page and I want to give back to you guys! So I’ve decided to giveaway TWO, 1 hour long sessions! It can be an engagement session, family session, or any other session of your choice! Giveaway winners will be chosen on 7/25/18!! 🌿 local only! . . . Rules to enter: Follow this page Tag 3 friends, followed by the hashtag #estherkirilyukphotography Bonus entry: Repost to your story and tag @esther.kirilyuk.photography ** Disclaimer, this giveaway is not affiliated with Instagram in anyway.
// It is well with my soul //
“Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals & happiness.” #thomasjefferson #southernreverie
Hidden Valley Lake looks positively enchanting in this photo by @brad.deel
Westover Parish origniated in 1613 by Jamestown, Virginia colonists. The present Westover Church in Charles City, Viriginia was completed in 1730, it's predecessor dating to 1637. Following the American Revolution, the church suffered a period of decline, was abandoned in 1803, and was even used as a barn for a period of time. In 1833, services were revived and the church building was repaired and restored. During the Civil War Federal troops used the church as a stable. They also removed most of the gravestones to use them as tent floors, which is why the church’s graveyard has no pre-Civil War gravestones today. Confederates heavily shelled the church from nearby since it was being used as a Union base. According to records, only the 135-year-old brick walls and roof remained at the end of the war. The church was once again restored and has been carefully preserved and protected ever since. Five U.S. Presidents have worshiped there including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, and Theodore Roosevelt. Services are still held every Sunday morning. Visiting the peaceful location today, tucked at the end of a farming lane, you can't help but feel gratitude that this small church survived so much and still stands. #southernreverie
Shirley Plantation is the oldest active farm in Virginia and is the oldest family-owned business in North America. Founded in 1613, farming operations began in 1638 by Edward Hill I. Completed in 1738, the "Great House," has mostly been kept in its original state. The house and farm have been continuously owned and occupied by the descendants of Edward Hill I for twelve generations and over 380 years. They still reside year-round in the home today, on the second and third floors, and manage the farm and the Shirley Plantation Foundation. The three story home was designed in the Georgian style and the first floor is open for tours where you can see the famous "flying staircase" which has no visible supports. Ann Hill Carter was born at Shirley Plantation in 1773. Her father was the fifth generation owner of the plantation. On June 18, 1793 she married Henry "Light Horse Harry" Lee III, Revolutionary War hero and ninth governor of Virginia, in the parlor at Shirley Plantation. The couple were later parents to Confederate General Robert E. Lee. During the Civil War, the plantation was protected by a Federal Order of Safeguard issued by General McClellan after learning that the women at Shirley provided food and medical care to many wounded Union soldiers. #southernreverie
Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia is known for its rolling hills and gothic style landscape overlooking the James River. Two U.S. Presidents, James Monroe and John Tyler, are buried here. James Monroe, who was born in Virginia in 1758, was moved from his grave in New York City to the "President's Circle" section of Hollywood cemetery on July 4, 1858. There are also 28 Civil War Confederate generals buried here, more than any other cemetery in the country. In the late 1840s the cemetery was designed in a rural garden style. The name "Hollywood" came from the holly trees that grew throughout the property. Hollywood Cemetery is a beautiful part of Richmond today with abundant history and many local legends surrounding certain tombs and graves. #southernreverie
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