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. . 来たばっかりの頃。今より太ってたなぁ🤣爆 . . . #Vancouver #Vancouverlife #海外生活 #Canada #カナダ #景色 #niceview #空 #海 #山 #晴天 #青 #sunnyday #最高 #天気 #sunnydays ☀️ #太陽
Werther's Old Fashioned . 2 oz. brown butter fat-washed Maker's Mark (@makersmark ) 1/4 oz. Banane du Bresil (@giffardcanada ) 2 dashes Angostura bitters (@angosturahouse ) . Keeping the recipe simple to highlight the fat-washed bourbon. This is my first time fat-washing with butter, and I chose to brown the butter prior to combining it with the base spirit. For the choice of bourbon, I decided to use some of my Maker's Mark, in hopes that the result would still posses the polished sweetness of Maker's, but with additional dimensions of flavour provided by the brown butter. As soon as I started to brown the butter, I knew this fat-wash was going in a good direction; my kitchen filled with the rich scent of hazelnuts and freshly-baked shortbread cookies. . After combining the brown butter and bourbon in a jar, giving it a good shake, and letting it sit in the refrigerator overnight, I separated the bourbon from the now-solid fat, and gave it a taste. On the nose, the original aromas of caramel and vanilla were now joined by notes of dark chocolate. Save for a distinctly silkier mouthfeel, the palate remained largely unchanged. At first, the changes were somewhat underwhelming. However, the most prominent development was in the finish. . After the spirit went down, marked notes of butterscotch and caramel appeared. It was the same sensation as savouring a Werther's Original caramel, albeit not as sweet. The resemblance was so uncanny that I decided to name the cocktail after it. Fat-washing is a technique that I definitely need to explore more, and I'm keen to hear about other fat-washed spirits that others have encountered. This is also my first entry for the #homebarawards , which for the month of December, asks for drinks which feature a prominent bitter component, in the template of an Old Fashioned, a Negroni, or a Manhattan. @homebarawards
Rise n Shine 🌞❤️
Greece style statement earrings collection, now up on the website! 🐙 🏝 Link in bio- Free shipping available! turquoiseseaco.etsy.com
- 우리의 20대 마지막이였던... 미치도록 그립따🙏🏻 See you soon my love,JK❤️ . . #canada #vancouverlife #missyousobad
But who prayed for Satan? Who had the common humanity in eighteen centuries to pray for the sinner who needed it most? - Mark Twain. The quote that made me question everything
손톱깎이만 사려고 들어갔는데 목적을 잃고 또 먹을 걸 사버렸다 :D 끝없이 들어가는 카라멜,,,, 다이어트는 개뿔 ㅠ
VanDusen was the perfect place to get into the Christmas spirit! Can't believe it's only a week away! 🎄✨
these are wicked cool
“I wonder what you look like when you’re taking a selfie?” Feat my buttloads of semi precious gem jewellery I wore as a kid that I dug out from the depths of my drawers.
the mood when dudes who used to make fun of you for being artsy and gothic in school want a goth gf now :((((
Welcome to my lair. Bed rest got nothing on me and my cozy room
people think I’m joking when I say I hate colour and I’m actually a closeted goth introvert. I literally have a mini fountain in my room 😂
First video is me when I like someone and then they like me back reenacted by my good friend charcoal. (Not my dog.) Second is the lamp cat Mom wants to bring home.
beeee my babeee this christmasss eveeeee. BE MY HOLIDAY BRING CHEEESE. laaaay ur head on me I gotchu babeeeee
Went out tonight to get some presents for kids who could use them this Xmas. Gonna try going out again soon without being sick so I can get more. Definitely don’t have the Christmas spirit this year but giving people things always makes me feel better. We got summm hot wheels, magic colouring sheets, bead art machine, GIANT squishiessss & more! It’s me. Ants in her eyes Brianna. That largest gift buyer in the galaxy.
Who needs a filter when you have multicoloured Christmas lights? Wearing only glossier! Eyebrow gel, tinted moisturizer, mascara and concealer for a dot under my eye. Literally obsessed with their stuff because I’m so lazy and not into makeup as often.
Although Im beyond happy for Matty Healy’s newfound happiness I will still be bumping their sad records on rainy days while reading my romance poetry books and then getting distracted and whipping my ponytail in a circle while simultaneously trying to film it.
Brianna, banana, won’t post for weeks and the she’ll spam ya
🌧 Going out today & just thinking about my growth and how the people you surround yourself with effect that. Surround yourself with love and people who want you to succeed. Don’t be afraid to start over !!! Popularity is nothing in this world. Just be a good person.
Stopped wearing lots of makeup and started letting my face be natural, caring less about filters and image and I feel better than everrrr
I can finally live my dream of reposting whenever I want without the majority of my followers caring because they’re just ghost followers I’ve accumulated throughout middle school and high school.
Took a promo shot I did for someone and turned it into me controlling the weather lool ⚡️⚡️ if I made music this would be my album art
The soul, fortunately, has an interpreter -often an unconscious but still a faithful interpreter- in the eye. . . BEAUTIFUL DREAM🌙☄ Angelic face😇 Pencil drawing 🎨✏ Fragrant flower🌸🥀 😌😌😌 . . . . #freundin #duundich #betruetoyourself #knowwhoyouare #fürimmer #overthinker #newwestminster #richmondbc #explorevancouver #vancouverlife #vancityvibe #lippen #sulphursprings #chilliwack #comoxvalley #saskatoon #provincialpark #bowlake #lakemoraine #sulphurmountain #læber #joffrelakes #bergwelt #montafon #hohetauern #osttirol #southtirol #lepper #lupos
I just want scalloped potatoes and green juice
I’ve got neighbours but they’re more like strangers, we could be friends. I just need a way out... of my head. 🌎🕊 @macmiller
Cancun the day after a hurricane and a few days before my hotel neighbours (from toronto) were murdered by our hotel security guard 😞💕🕊(2006) by me at the age of 7 / @macmiller
Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka (2017) by me 4 fun
Emily Carr University of Art & Design (2016) by me 4 fun / @dr_stink
Please don’t be surprised if I don’t talk to anyone from here again when I’m gone one day 🏙
No more Mr. Nightclub 👽
These boots are my life. Sorry I’m slowly destroying you babies 😬😥
Shinjuku or Shibuya Barbie, not a Harajuku barbie 🖤🇯🇵
sassy pirate w/ quick and bad photo editing skills
grad 2017
100% natural, no makeup, natural lighting, no editing, no bra hahahaha
do u like tame impala ? because that's my night tonight
Just want a thriving business, an apartment in van with huge windows, a big bed with white sheets, cuddles on rainy days and the 1975 in the background.
paint me like one of your French girls ?
sick dayz
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