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Wednesdays are my favorite. 🙌🏻 . Why?! I accomplish 3 big goals before 6:30 am...all with some of my favorite people! 💗 1. I prioritize my physical health. 2. I prioritize my mental health. 3. I work my business in community. . Do you think I am crazy for waking up so early on hump day in the dead of winter?! That’s cool. I own my crazy. But take a scroll through my morning + tell me this doesn’t look + sound like fun. I plug in with friends in NJ, PA, Connecticut, Wisconsin, + even Texas! We work out “together.” We strategize “together.” We make ourselves healthier + better...”together.” 👯‍♀️ . Women sometimes tell me they could never stay consistent with working out from home because they wouldn’t be motivated to show up each day. This is what those women are missing: a virtual community. I’m so grateful I’ve found supportive fit friends near + far to keep me on my game when my bed is oh so cozy + the sky is oh so dark. Sure beats driving to a gym in freezing cold weather! We come to slay without even leaving our houses. 😉
Kellen is series #wintergoals : snuggled up, jammies on (shocker!), feet up, stuffing his face. I mean, this is what the cold months are all about...right?! ❄️ ⛄️ . Wrong. 😉 . The winter is the most important time to stay active + stay healthy. When the sun is out for fewer hours, our bodies + minds naturally get lazier due to a lack of vitamin D, which reduces our production of endorphins, decreases our ability to get restful sleep, + slows our metabolism. In other words, this negatively impacts everything: our mood, our energy, our health, our waistline. 😳 Then, January 1 rolls around + we all have that #ahamoment like “Gym time! Summer is coming!”. I’m here to tell you to snuggle up like Kellen. Enjoy yourself this lazy winter. But take 20 minutes a day—just 20 minutes a day!—to improve your overall wellness. Oh, + do it right along with me. 😘💪🏻 . Let’s commit before 2019 so that we can dive right in when the ball drops! Follow the link in my bio to request a customized action plan, then get back to living Kellen’s best life...for now. 😉👊🏻
I have always been unapologetically me on the outside. I have not always been truly me on the inside. 😳 . It was almost like I couldn’t help being me—being geeky + excited about everything, almost to a fault in the eyes of the kids + teens I grew up with. I’d be myself in class or at cheer or at basketball practice, I’d sign up for band or yearbook club or student council, then I’d get home + regret it as a result of the side eyes + snickers from some of my peers. This continued into adulthood. It took me years of internalizing these opinions of others until it dawned on me: it’s me. I am too sensitive to the opinions of others. The second I stopped caring, the minute I stopped feeling judged, I stopped being hurt by it. That’s when my inside matched my outside. That’s when I realized my uniqueness is my magic. ✨ . So is yours. Live for you, by your rules. And do it out loud. 👊🏻
What is stopping you? 🚦 . From what—trying something new, reaching your goals, walking away from what isn’t working—well, that doesn’t really matter. What matters when we feel stuck or hesitant or doubtful is one simple realization: those burdens are just red lights. And those red lights are temporary moments of pause, stories we tell ourselves to protect us from hurt or disappointment or failure. Key word: stories. Fiction. False beliefs that root us to the spot. When we realize this, confront this internal bias, + turn the lights green, well...nothing stops you. 😉 . For the first 2 years of my business, I saw too many red lights. I had too many reasons to stop before I started, be it a conversation, a new connection, an invitation. I doubted my ability to succeed regardless of the goal. I told myself this won’t work, she won’t care, I could never...but these stories were false. This DOES work, she WILL care, I SURE CAN. These are truths. These are the green lights that drive me forward. I changed the narrative. I chose belief. As a result, my team is began to thrive impacting more families in 2 months than we did in my entire first year. We welcomed more coaches who also saw green light opportunities. We understood the empowering responsibility before us. We accepted the challenge.✌🏻 . And now, 5 months later, we are making this same commitment again. I just got off our weekly team call + heard coach after coach articulate her goals with compassion, conviction, + confidence. I do not see any red in our future.🚦 . So let me ask you that question: what is stopping you? Red lights don’t last forever. Time to turn them green. 💚 . Join Tribe Redefine as we blaze our way, one green light at a time. Apply via link in my bio + I’ll set up an interview ASAP. Next year, when my team + I return to Indy for #roadtosummit2019 , you’ll be with us. 💎
Isn’t there magic in firsts?! ✨ . I’ve always loved the 1st day of school more than the last, even as a kid. School is typically my safe space, my me space. I feel at home inside of a classroom. That’s probably why I’ve wanted to be a teacher my whole life. That’s also why the last few months have been strange for me. 😬 . I mentored a student teacher, which means I gave up the role at the front of the class for all 3 of my honors English I sections. Since September! 😳 It was wonderful getting to work with another English-minded girl. It was exciting helping her craft lessons, then watching her fly. It was also anxiety-ridden for me. I realized just how much of a #controlfreak I am. I realized how much I truly value building connections with my students. I realized how simultaneously fast + slow 2 1/2 months can move. 💛 . Today feels like the first day of school again. Today feels like magic. ✨
No, I am not staring in @wicked_musical on Broadway. I’m just here to share my fave things this holiday season to make your last minute gift giving easy + affordable! 🙌🏻🎄 . Each day this week, I’ll be hosting an #instagramlive at 6am eastern time to bring you #holidaygiftideas from a budget-friendly mama perfect for all of your family + friends! Can’t catch it live?! Don’t worry! I’ll be sure to curate the recordings on my #igtvchannel ✌🏻 . Am I an expert in anything? Nope! But I am only going to share products I love, successful gifts from the past, + last minute shopping ideas to keep you low stress or to spice up your usual holiday routine! 🎁👍🏻 . In the mean time, I’m going to enjoy my #maskofmagnaminty while I set my schedule for the week in my Blue Sky planner—aka giving you a preview of 2 hot list items!! 😘
Don’t run from what challenges you. Lean into it. 👊🏻 . That’s how you grow + that’s how you see just what you are capable of achieving. And sometimes, that’s how you learn what isn’t really that hard after all. ☺️ . One of my biggest struggles in life is confronting potential conflicts in my relationships. I tend to shy away from hard conversations when I perceive the person on the other end will disagree with me or see my points as a criticism. I have felt this way my entire life. What does this do? It causes me to avoid the hard stuff, to ignore solving any real problem, or to act as if there isn’t a problem—then I explode. I grow resentful or more + more aggravated that the other person—be it my mom, a friend, my husband, a colleague—can’t interpret what the heck is making me crazy. But you know what’s crazy?! Me assuming that the absence of a productive conversation is anything close to productive. 😳 . It is ironic to me: anyone who knows me knows I do not shy away from sharing my opinion, from taking the lead, from solving problems. When I feel like I am the problem, though, or when I am a part of the conflict, I am the direct opposite. At the end of my intense 45-minute glute-focused workout this morning, my virtual trainer gave this advice: lean into your hard. I guess that’s what I am doing. I recently made the decision to go to therapy to work on my communication issues. It hasn’t even been a week since my first session, but I already feel lighter. I feel more honest + more open. I feel more patient. I feel like leaning into the hard is what I should have been doing all along. 😊
“Can I wear your hat, your coach hat?” 🧢 . Kayden was heading off for a sleepover tonight—then that was her request. It’s in these moments that I know the extra hours I’m putting in aren’t just impacting the lives of the women I’m coaching. They impact the life of a little lady right in my own home. 💗 . Here are the obvious facts: 👎🏻 I’m busy! I am a full time high school English teacher + a mom of 3 high-energy kiddos. My day-to-day often feels insane. 👎🏻 Life is expensive! From bills to the kids’ activities to the holidays + everything in between, it always feels like we make money just to have it leave. 👎🏻 I’m not a fitness professional nor am I a saleswoman. I don’t have the skills or the experience to run a business. . Here are the not-so-obvious facts: 👍🏻Coaching is my sanity. It represents the pockets of my day in which I am in complete control + in which the outcomes are always good! 👍🏻 I contribute to my family in a way I only could as a teacher if I advised multiple clubs + tutored countless hours—by taking even more hours away from my family. Plus, I make $$ by helping people find their path. I don’t have a garage of product I’ve paid for upfront that I’m trying to recoup. 👍🏻 The only experience I need is my experience in making my health a priority. I simply live my life out loud + invite others to join me on their own adventure to health. . And then here is the most important truth of all: my daughter sees all of this. 😘 . Who else wants to try on my coach hat? Kayden proves it looks pretty cute. 😉 Follow the link in my bio to request a no-pressure chat. You could be rocking your own hat before you know it. 🧢
Know when it’s okay to rest. 💗 . That’s what this morning reminded me—not only because I slept in after a full rest day yesterday, but also because my yoga instructor said this at the end of our practice, right in my living room. I woke up feeling just that: rested. I’m still a little off + know my autoimmune disease is flaring up so I know not to push myself. Gentle yoga + extra sleep allow me to do just that. 💗 . I love to go go GO. I also love to feel my best. Knowing when to rest + giving myself both permission + space to do so supports my goals. It doesn’t compete with them. I feel lean + strong + still on track today. Listen to your bodies, ladies. They know just what you need! 💗
Here are my top grocery shopping tips to keep you on track all week! 🛒 . 👉🏻 Go with a plan! There are plenty of list apps you can use— @wunderlist is my fave—or you can go with a full meal plan. Either way, go knowing what you need + stick to it. 👉🏻 Do not go hungry! Mike (who often does our grocery shopping) always eats before heading to the store. If it is my job for the week, I bring my shake with me. This keeps us from unwanted purchases. 👉🏻 Stick to the perimeter as this is where the fresh, whole foods are found. 👉🏻 Look for organic options. Most chains carry good organic brands that aren’t that expensive. 👉🏻 If you’ve got to do shopping with the kids, the car cart always wins! . What works for you?! 🛒
To me, an arrow is a sign that I am always moving forward. ➳ . It is a reminder to stop + breathe, then to propel myself through this journey with a target in mind. Sometimes, I’ll miss the mark. Sometimes, I’ll fall short. Sometimes, I’ll land exactly where I intend. No matter what, though, as long as I’ve moved forward or grown or taken a chance, I’m moving along life’s beautiful ride. ➳ . So aim for the things you want in life—the goals, the people, the moods. Yes, so much of life is out of our control. So much happens along the ride that stops us or detours us or gets us a little lost. Just #controlthenarrative + #controlthecontrollables . ➳ . You have the power to set your intentions + to set your resolve. I can wake up each day with my goals in mind. I can put in the work—like scheduling time for my business + keeping my health as a priority. I can redefine my plans as I see fit. I can share my journey to hold myself accountable. And I can accept any roadblock as the learning experience it is. ➳ . What are you doing today to move along life’s beautiful ride? Aim your arrow + go. ➳
On the Wednesday morning accountability call I host with my team, we discuss our efforts + outputs from the previous week, but we also set both a business + personal goal that we document + hold one another to working towards. This week, there was an overwhelming theme in our personal goals: SLEEP. 🛏 💤 😴 . Most of us are moms, many of us work outside our homes, + all of us hold our health + fitness sacred. This time of year, with the added push of the holidays, we all found ourselves sacrificing sleep to hit all the other expectations we’ve set for ourselves. That can’t be the way. Sleep deprivation has nasty side effects. It negatively impacts brain function, it leaves you open to viruses, it can cause brain damage, + it slows or stops progress you would make with fitness. 😳 . We are challenging ourselves to get to bed earlier + to just be more intentional with all the other minutes in our days. Who is with us?? 💗
Christmas trees give me all the good vibes. 🎄✌🏻 . Don’t you agree? No matter how the ornaments are placed—though, if you have OPD, ornament placement disorder, that is “just so”!—or if the lights are white or colored or if the tree is tall or thin, Christmas trees are just #gorg . They instantly improve my mood because they send out this positive energy. They shine. They sparkle. They are imperfectly themselves. 🎄🙌🏻 . Today, be a Christmas tree. Embrace your uniqueness + your charm. Stand tall + own who you are! That’s why I’m share a human-Speed workout vid. 🤪 I am owning who I am! Everything looks better in fast-motion. Here you can see me sweat + struggle + slave through. But you also see me stand tall regardless. 🎄💪🏻 . Be a Christmas tree today, + always. 🎄✌🏻
If I could give my daughter anything this Christmas, I’d give her these lessons it took me far too long to learn: . 💝Your beauty exists in your happiness, in your heart, + in your head. The outside has very little to do with it. 💝Patience is your greatest attribute, both with yourself + with others. 💝Listen more than you speak—but when you speak, be a voice, not an echo. 💝You can do anything, but you cannot do everything. 💝Your goals + dreams are yours to create, yours to pursue, + yours to understand. 💝You are never alone when you know yourself well enough. 💝No one is as good at being you as you are. Keep it up! . Tag a #girlmom + add a lesson to the list! 💝
Current mood ➵ lifetime goal. . Can we all agree to take perfect + shove it? I am crumpling “perfect” up into ball + tossing it away for good. Here’s why: . ➵ Done is better than perfect. Micromanaging my life is hard enough. Why do I need to micromanage everyone else’s?! When my husband make the kids’ lunch, I do not need to tell him how to cut the bread. I do not have to rearrange the ornaments after my kids decorate the tree. I don’t have to “do it myself” if I want it done right. I just need to accept done. That’s the goal. ✌🏻 . ➵ Perfection is temporary. Change is constant. Striving to be perfect may as well be striving to stay the same. I am constantly challenging my fitness + constantly growing my mind through podcasts, books + professional development. Why, then, would I ever think I myself should be perfect at anything?! 😬 . ➵ Perfect for someone else doesn’t mean perfect for me. Do you ever find yourself in a comparison trap?! I do. I’ll see another Mom’s perfectly (there’s that word again!) curated Insta or their polished, punctual arrival at a school function or their mild-mannered children + start critiquing my own feed or #hotmessstatus or maniac 3-year old. Who the hell am I to see perfection anywhere? No offense, but none of us are perfect. We’ve all got our shortcomings or mistakes or laundry in the washer from last night. We’ve all got too much on our plates + not enough sleep. We’ve all got goals + plans + life that gets in the way. When we hold ourselves to an external view of perfection, we hold ourselves back. When we redefine that word, when we take back it’s unattainable power, we find little moments of perfection in the work in progress we all are. . You, my friend, are a masterpiece. You. With dry shampoo in your hair or bags under your eyes or baby weight you may (or may not!) want to lose. You, mama, are a masterpiece. You. With your sometimes quick temper + often slow ability to ask for help. And you, girlfriend, are a masterpiece on the days you feel the most vulnerable or broken or imperfect. Because no one else is more perfect at being you than you. 💗 . What illusion of perfect holds you back? Share + we’ll let it go together!
The couple that does 103738 push-ups together, curses at their virtual trainers together. 🤪 . That was the vibe this morning! Mike + I joined forces—pun intended—this morning for a killer #coredeforce workout. I’m not in love with the Tuesday scheduled workout in my current program, + my virtual fitness library gives me sooool many options. Now that Mike is following the calendar for one of my fave programs, we are going to push ourselves alongside one another every Tuesday. I just wish I noticed the first Tuesday was THIS particular workout before I agreed. 😳💪🏻 . Push yourself today. And if you’re lucky enough, find a friend to punch alongside of you. Can’t think of someone?! I’m available! 😉
Commit. Climb. Conquer. 💗⛰💪🏻 . This is more than the way Kellen lives his life. This trio will be my theme of 2019. Little Man + I have goals. We have dreams. We have hopes. . And now we have a plan. 💗⛰💪🏻 . I’ll be diving into a 6-week #transformationchallenge in January + I’m putting it into motion when I wake up. Some of you may be wondering... . Why is this chick always on a quest for transformation?? 👉🏻 If you’re not growing, what’s the point? . If this happens in January, why is she getting ready now? 👉🏻 Fail to plan? Plan to fail. . Will this new program even “work”? 👉🏻 Will you put in the work? Then yes, yes it will. . Ok, so what are the basics of this challenge? 👉🏻 6 weeks. Over 36 unique 20 minute no-nonsense workouts. The nutrition plan that fits you best. Shaun T. A kick ass coach (yeah, that’s me! 🙋🏻‍♀️). A supportive tribe to transform with me. Guaranteed results for those who follow the program. These details are all music to my #hotmessmomma ears. . If you plan to wake up January 1 with a new gym membership + motivation, put that plan into action with me, now. Commit today. Climb in January. Conquer for the rest of your life. I see Kellen do this every day, + he is #livinghisbestlife ✌🏻 . Request info via link in my bio or DM me your questions! 💗⛰💪🏻
‘‘Tis the season. 🎄🎅🏼 . I know we are a few days early for a #throwback but this is one of my faves from Kellen’s newborn shoot 3 years ago. It was the one + only time we’ve done professional family photos. 😳 This is just another way I am the opposite of a #pinterestmom . Maybe one day, but today I’m just trying to keep my head above water + to remember to order the #Shutterfly calendar we love to gift our families most years. 😉 It is such a perfect gift for grandparents + aunts + uncles + godparents! It is also a great way to keep collectibles from year to year to look back on. What’s one of your fave gifts to give this time of year? 🎁 💝 . Hope your Monday is merry + bright! ❤️✨ . . . . #christmasgiftideas #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #inked #mombalance #momlifebelike #momswithmuscles #onlinecoach #fableticsleggings #busymoms #forrealtho #selflovespo #momswithtattoos #fitnessformoms #momanxiety #teachermom #iganephropathy #autoimmunewarrior #targetstyle #bargainshopper #familyof5
I have a short fuse. 💥 . I can blame it on my anxiety. I can blame it on the full plate I keep for myself (though I prefer to call it my whole #pielife ala @samanthaettus ). I can blame it on lack of sleep or a missed workout or the time of the month. I can blame it on so many factors beyond my control. Here is the truth, though: I simply have a short fuse. 💥 . It baffles me how much it baffles me when my daughter loses her ish. She is me. She is a better me, though. She’s smarter + wittier + prettier. That means she’s also shorter tempered than me. I can work out to help increase my patience. I can practice mindfulness. I can focus on controlling the controllable. And I’m good...but when she loses herself so completely over something, anything, I find myself struggling to keep it together. We are fire + fire. 🔥💥 . So here is this little girl who emulates everything I do. She tries to document her kitchen escapades for her “followers.” She works out + plays school + bosses around everyone. 😉 She picks up all of my habits. I don’t want her to pick up more of my impatience. I’m working on my patience. I’m working on the way I receive her when she has lost her patience. I’m working on methods of modeling calm + reflection + mindfulness rather than yelling + anger + criticism. I’m working on it for both of us. 💗 . Mamas, if you have any techniques for handling kids with impatience, or if you’re willing to be honest + share how you deal with your own, I’m here for all of it. XO 😘
Sundays are for setting the tone for the week. 💗 . We meal prep + clean + do laundry...and work on finishing Christmas puzzle number 1! We’ve got 23 days to finish 4 500-piece puzzles as our #elfontheshelf Acorn Carrot left us this challenge. We are not ones to back away from some competition. It’s game on for the Bus Family! 🧩🎄 . We love working on it together. It’s also made mornings a bit calmer as the kids clamor to work on the puzzle as soon as they are dressed. I like that they get a chance to do something creative + constructive before school! . What’s an activity your family likes to do together, especially in the cold of winter? And has your elf left any fun? ❄️🎅🏼 . . . #adventuresofacorncarrot #winterfamilyfun #busfamilybusiness #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #thisis30 #inked #mombalance #momlifebelike
My least favorite workouts are: 👉🏻 cardio focused. 👉🏻 done in the afternoon. My favorite workouts are: 👉🏻 any workout I finish 👉🏻 any workout I follow with this deliciousness. 😍 . A wedding away + a morning of basketball meant a later-than-I-prefer sweat sesh...a cardio sweat sesh nonetheless. I was sleepy from such a fun night. My calves hated me from dancing in high heels for hours. My sweat smelled like hairspray. The cardio was just as challenging as ever. Finished, though, feels soooo much better than giving up before I gave it a chance. Within 5 minutes—once the sweat started really pouring + the endorphins kicked in—I was focused + fighting to finish. I had my post-workout brownie batter on my brain + the innate desire to sweat to the finish. 👊🏻 . Find your motivation. It’s there. Acknowledge it. Own it. Work towards it. ✌🏻
December 1st is here!!! New month, new goals. Now is the perfect time to commit to something that you have been thinking about doing for a while now. Whether it's quitting soda, eating cleaner, starting a workout program or joining a gym. I have the perfect gift for you!! Access to over 700 workout that you complete from the comfort of your own home, online coaching, yummy shakes to tame those sweet tooth cravings and a Mom boost pre-workout that will leave you feeling energized! My next boot camp starts on Monday December 3rd! Message me today so I can get you enrolled 😊 #beachbody #challengegroup #bootcamp #triberedefine #holidayhustle #goals #weightloss #resolutions #fitness #fitmaschallenge #holidaythemed #inspire #support #teamchallenge #cardio
With the hustle and bustle of December coming up, we forget to carve out a little piece of our day to work on our self care. I have the perfect solution for you!! 30 minutes a day is all it takes to get an incredible workout which will leave you feeling exhilerated and refreshed. You can do the workouts at any time during your day when it works for you!! Amazing right?! My next boot camp starts Monday December 3rd so shoot me a message so I can you enrolled today! Don't wait until the New Year to get started. Start today!! 💪#beachbody #challenge group #bootcamp #goals #triberedefine #slay #cardio #weightloss #transform #getleanin2019 #inspire
Good things don’t always come to those who wait—but they do come to those who seek out the right tools + willing put forth effort. 👊🏻 . On Thanksgiving day, we drove almost 2 hours to Baltimore to spend the day in my sister-in-law’s tiny, not kid-conducive apartment. I feared what would happen...but it was magic. They played like this for most of the day. They hardly even asked for snacks! 😱 . Why? They had the right tools for success + they put in work. My mother-in-law stocked a kiddie table with slime kits + play doh + cars (for guess who! 🏎 ) + it looked like this for hours. This worked because they opened the package. They made each their own. The dove in, had fun, + found a new zone. 🙌🏻 . This is how I’ve felt—as corny as it seems—since I opened my first fitness package 3 years ago. It had everything I needed to have the best experience: the right fitness, proven nutritional plans, accountability through a coach, support in a community, + so much more. But those things are the tools. It was up to me to put them to use. I did, + I have for almost 3 years running. ✌🏻 . I have the tools you need as well. And I also have the belief in YOU that you, too, will make the most of them. Say “game on!” to take advantage of our lowest price of the year, plus my #noexcusenovember bonus offer. DM me, like, now + you’ll be in the zone before you know it. 👊🏻
4 more days until my next boot camp starts. Come and join me and my tribe as we support eachother through this fun holiday challenge!! You pick a workout, there are literally 100's to choose from and the best part?? You can do the workouts from your home!! The challenge group is all about having fun with it PLUS you get a great workout in! Your progress is posted in the challenge tracker app which is so inspiring, funny and informational. You get daily motivational tips from challenge participants AND coaches, recipes ideas and shakeology ideas from other team members. Shoot me a message if you would like to hop on board and try something fun and new! Don't overthink it, just do it! 😊😊😊 #beachbody #challengegroup #bootcamp #fun #inspire #goals #cardio #fitness #weightlifting #triberedefine #coaching #decemberchallenge
This picture gives me 2 thoughts: 1. I need a cut + color. 💇🏻‍♀️ 2. Abs are made in the kitchen. 🍎 . Good thing, then, I’ve got a hair appointment this weekend + I’ve given up dieting. ✌🏻 Yup. I consume around 2300 calories every day to sustain the results of my current fitness program. I eat all day long. But there are a few principles I’ve adopted that allow me to stay lean + make strength gains, simple tenets that I let slip a little over Turkey Day, but since dialing back in this week have already led to changes. . 👉🏻 I eat veggies + protein with every meal. I rely on a variety of vegetables + lean, clean sources of protein. 👉🏻 I limit my dairy. This is a personal preference, but I find my digestive tract + my waistline thank me. 👉🏻 I do eat carbs, + I’m not #grain free, as my body seems to handle whole grains well enough. I love sweet potatoes + edamame + eat I eat least every day, but Ezekiel breads make my life! 👉🏻 I limit processed white sugar. And when I am really disciplined, I eliminate it all together. Some people can have their treat + keep results. I can’t. My tummy gets soft—mostly from water retention—plus I just crave more. Personally, when I want results in my core, I know sugar has got to go. . Here is what it comes down to: there is no one perfect plan, but you need to know what works best for you. And to me, the perfect “plan” is the one you will stick to, the one that isn’t a limiting diet but a lifestyle that you can sustain, that fuels your daily activities, + that makes you feel healthy. 💗 . I didn’t figure this out on my own. I learned through experience + with the guidance of trusted research. Need help in this department?! I’ve got you. 😘
Jammies. Hot chocolate. Christmas lights. 🌙🍫🎄 My fave winter nights. . At least once a week after Thanksgiving, the kids + I head out on a weeknight adventure to new neighborhoods scoping out the best of the best holiday lights. We blast Christmas music, drink hot cocoa, + pretend we have nothing else in the world today. These are the times I think to myself, “when my kids grow up, I hope they remember this. I hope they remember me like this in these moments.” ☺️ . What’s a winter tradition you most enjoy? ❄️ . . . #releaseyouranchors #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #realmombod #thisis34 #redefinebalance #momlifebelike #parentsof3 #autoimmunewarriors #targetshopper #bargainshopper #motherhoodunfiltered #selflovespo #scarymommy #fableticsleggings #anxietyrelief #christmaslights 🎄 #hotchocolate #inked #inkedmom #wintertraditions
This rings so true today. Yesterday I jumped back into a busy work week after being away from work for 5 days. I came home yesterday, made some toast and ramen noodles (oh the good old college days), put my cozies on, pressed play on Netflix and fell asleep at 8 p.m. Today, I woke up feeling even more tired and grumpy as hell!! Half way to work I thought "if you don't change your mindset right now, you are going to struggle all day so fix it" and so I did just that. My day went so smooth, I enjoyed laughing with my work peeps and my patients were delightful. The point of this is that we all have shitty days. If you have a bad day, have it and then move on. Don't stay stuck in that mindset. Leave work at work and then come home and do your thing whether it be working out, spending time with family or sitting down to a nice, quiet dinner sipping on a glass of wine. #goals #inspire #workit #mindset #strong #badassladyboss #triberedefine #girlpower #motivate #dedicate
Redefine your impossible. ➳ . I am not a morning person. I don’t like veggies. I don’t have time to workout. I could never be successful. I am not as outgoing as you. I have always been this way. . These are a few of the limiting beliefs I’ve been hearing in the last 24 hours, limiting beliefs that fly in the face of one’s goal. This is the #negativeselftalk that stops us before we even start. 🛑 These are the red lights. Time to make green lights, sister. 💚 I’ll say it again: Redefine your impossible. ➳ . Have you heard the saying, “nothing is impossible. The word itself says ‘I’m possible.’” It’s true. The only thing that is impossible is the thing you give no energy, attention, or effort to. That’s what is impossible. 😉 . ➡️ See this pic from after my workout? That’s pretty much how close to me Kellen stood during the last 20 min of my 40 minute workout. But I made it possible. . ➡️ See this pic of 5 women from 2 time zones business building together before the sun comes up? We are all moms + most of us have jobs to get to outside of our home. We don’t have time to sit + chat at 6 am (or 5 am!). Our businesses, our community, + the health of others matter to us. So we made it possible. . Redefine your impossible. That was my fave line from my workout today. @autumncalabrese was speaking to me directly, obviously. I mean, I have that word tattooed on my arm. We all have the potential to see the limit or to see the vision. Be the girl who sees what’s possible. And then #greenlightgo . ➳
Take a minute to find your life. ✌🏻 . Raise your hand if you have anxiety. 🙋🏻‍♀️ Raise your hand if you lose your patience. 🙋🏻‍♀️ Raise your hand if you often place unrealistic expectations on yourself or on others. 🙋🏻‍♀️ . Guilty times 3. 😳 Anxiety is a real part of my adult life. It causes me to snap at the people I love most when the world doesn’t go according to my plan. I know this, so I take steps every day to counterbalance my short fuse. Moving my body is one of the most significant choices I make. So when I decided this morning to push my workout to the evening, I knew sleeping in would help my exhaustion, but I also knew I’d need to be extra vigilant in taking those moments to find my life: pausing to breathe, to collect my thoughts, to respond accordingly. This worked right up until 4:44 pm, ironically (my mom will get the reference)—when I was mid @shaunt sweat fest + Kellen hit me with a pillow for the 135th time. I was over it. 🤪 And at that precise moment, Shaun T came through the screen with the perfect words of encouragement. . I paused the workout. Settled Kellen with his cars after explaining kind behavior, made a third frozen waffle for Kayden, cut out a Harry Potter paper dementor Paxton just had to make at that moment, pushed play again, + found my life. 😉 . So mamas, do what you can to find your breath. To find your center. To find your life. And tomorrow, remember to do it all again. 😘
I don’t always look like a walking advertisement for the shake that’s totally changed my health, but when I do, I make no apologies. 🌱✌🏻 . You see, my health is nothing to be sorry about. I had my annual check up last night, + for the 3rd year in a row, I got to say, “no medications. No surgeries. No changes to my medical history.” No. No. No. 🙌🏻 For a woman who spent her entire 20s dealing with IBS, chronic migraines, + the symptoms of an undiagnosed kidney disease, this is a victory. 💗 . So, yeah. When I say—repeatedly, I know—that this simple shake, the easiest + most brainless meal of my day is an integral part of my health, that I’ve pushed my autoimmune disease into remission + have nearly rid myself of migraines + digestive issues, it’s because I am grateful. I’d be selfish if I kept this key to wellness a secret. 😘
This picture gives me #allthefeels (are people still saying that?!) 💗😭 . Every Monday night, I host a call for my amazing team, Tribe Redefine. I provide a little training, we often do some sort of brainstorm or mindset exercise, then we close with a call to action. It allows us to stay connected, to stay motivated, + to stay on top of our business. ➵ . We usually have a party crasher in the form of a spider-man jammies clad toddler who refuses to sleep on nights Mommy has a commitment. Tonight, though, we were joined by a Christmas jammies-wearing 8 year old. She saddled up beside me with a notebook in hand + took notes for the entire 1/2 hour. 😭💗 . One of the points I made for my team—a point Kayden missed 😉—is that being on Tribe Rededine means we have committed to being a #coachofone . Many days, our commitment is to our own selves, motivating from within to be better + healthier. Some days, we are lucky in that others invite us to play a role in their journey. But more often than not, our influence extends beyond just one. Our actions inspires others to be a coach of one as well. And that, mama, is limitless. ☺️ . So do this for you. Or do this for one other. Better yet, do this for all the ones out there you don’t even know you can reach. This influence? It’s contagious. ➵💗
Nothing else to say...✨🙌🏻 . Well, I lied. I always have something else to say. You, sister, are the captain of your own ship. Direct that sail with a positive mind. Do not sell yourself short. Too often, we let limiting beliefs stop us dead in our tracks. Flip the damn script + dream big. You deserve it. You can do it. You believe it into being. 😘👊🏻 . . . . . . #releaseyouranchors #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #realmombod #thisis34 #redefinebalance #momlifebelike #parentsof3 #autoimmunewarriors #targetshopper #bargainshopper #motherhoodunfiltered #selflovespo #scarymommy #fableticsleggings #anxietyrelief #fitfluential #onlinecoach #inked #inkedmom #realasamother
Monday mornings are never easy. They are especially tough after a holiday weekend. 😳 . There are 3 personal development books that I’ve read that help me get my butt in gear first thing, even on a Monday morning. ⏰ The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins taught me to change my mindset by simply counting down. Good bye, snooze button! 🐸 Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy taught me the importance of getting the big stuff out of the way early. Feel accomplished rather than feel it looming. ✨ The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod taught me how to structure my morning for success. It is a true life saver—#punintended . . One day I didn’t just decide to start a more effective + efficient morning routine. This took intention + education. It is possible, though, to have a morning that fuels your day! 👊🏻 . Have you read any of these? Is there a different book you’d recommend that worked for you? 📖
Because I am still growing... ➶ . ...I have something to share. I have my decisions to keep showing up, to keep digging deep, to keep working on me to show you just how imperfect I am. If that inspires you to grow, too? Well, that’s just a bonus. 😊 . ...I have nothing to prove. Being a work in progress—as I am + as I believe we all are—means that my happiness + my health are the only measures of “success” I need. 💗 . ...I trust in this journey. I know I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I know that every hardship or conflict or detour led me here. And I know that there are more #bumpsintheroad to come—and I’m capable of getting through or over or passed those, too. ✌🏻 . ...I know that growth + change are totally different. Growth means I have ownership over this process, over this life I am living. Change is forced. Change is external. I am growing internally + allowing it to shine on the outside. ✨ . Because I am still growing, I look forward to what’s ahead. Want to grow with me? ☺️ ➶
My biggest meal prep tips: 👉🏻 shop in your kitchen first! 👉🏻 overlap ingredients! 👉🏻 don’t forget snacks! . When I sit down on Saturday + plan our meals for the week, the first thing I do is check our perishable items—produce + proteins that must be used. I see what meals or snacks I can create out of them: salsa chicken in the crockpot, sautéed peppers for fajitas, portioned baggies of baby carrots for snacks on the go, etc. 👍🏻 This allows us to minimize waste + to be more budget-conscious. . Next, I plan meals—namely dinners + lunches—that use some of the same ingredients. Buying produce in bulk is often cheaper, plus some recipes call for a 1/4 cup chopped onion or a handful of kale. I make sure we stick with similar ingredients to keep waste down. Some people think our family would get tired of peppers or spinach or chicken or whatever if they eat it many days, but preparing veggies or meats differently creates an entirely new experience each time. 🤗 This week I’m prepping fajita peppers + sloppy joes using the same 3 varieties of bell peppers + 1/2 a sweet onion each. It’s perfect! . Finally, we organize healthy, clean snacks that we keep in the lowest crisper drawer in our fridge. Bags of grapes or carrots or celery sticks, jars of berries or apples + peanut butter, + even shelf-stable homemade bags of trail mix keep our boxed goods to a minimum (though with 3 kids + 2 working parents we aren’t entirely free from the box). ✌🏻 . What do you do to make #mealpreppinglikeaboss easy for you + the fam?
You are beautiful, just as you are. 💗 ➳ . . I used to see other girls everywhere who I found beautiful. I would sit in class + admire one’s hair. I’d stand at cheer practice + admire another’s flat stomach. I’d be at a sorority event + admire another’s makeup skill or wardrobe or flawless skin. Then, subconsciously, I’d beat myself up for my lack of beauty in that area. I found myself to be awkward: gawky with braces for years, then spaced out teeth forever. I have done my makeup the exact same way since I was 18. My tummy has always had substance, my torso is short, + my ribs are wide (I’ve discussed that before). 💗 ➳ . . And now, as a 34 years old mom of 3, I am still many of these things. And I still admire other women all the time. What has changed, though, is that I don’t bully myself anymore. I am myself + that is beautiful. That “beauty” has nothing to do with looks. It has to do with finally feeling like myself + being with myself every single day. 💗 ➳ . I see you, mama. I see you just being you. And you, my friend, truly are beautiful. Let’s spread the love. Tag someone who see is herself. Someone you see as beautiful. 💗 ➳
If you’re not having fun, what are you doing?! 😎✌🏻 . This morning, you could #findmeplanking in @traderjoes with a jammies-wearing toddler whose future is so bright, he has to wear shades. That’s just how we roll. No judgements—or, at least none we let phase us. No reservations—though I was pretty quick with this pose. No hesitations—just love your life for you! ☺️👊🏻💗 . Want more details on our #plankchallenge ? Check out my #instagramstories ! Then share your own crazy plank, tag me, + use the hashtag for a chance to win out #smallbusinesssaturday #giveaway ! 😉 . . . . #releaseyouranchors #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #hotminute #holidayhacks #thisis34 #redefinebalance #attackyourmomcracks #autoimmunewarriors #traderjoes #bargainshopper #scarymommy #fitfluential #onlinecoach #realasamother
Your thoughts are your thoughts—and then there’s truth. 🙌🏻 . Thank you, @chalenejohnson , for that #truthbomb you shared during #thechaleneshow podcast from Monday that I played before my workout this morning. How true is this?! When we let the stories in our mind—the stories that are false, limiting, + often hurtful—dictate our actions, we either do not act or we act in a way disingenuous to our true selves. Chalene was focusing on #socialanxiety but I can relate this to nearly every area of my life. . So here is what I suggest when your mind tells you no or you’re not good enough or this is not going to go well: fix your ponytail + put in work. Put in work to change the story. Put in work to prove yourself wrong. Put in work with a heart open to failing + open to success. Your beliefs dictate your outcome—but you have to put in the work to make this a habit. ✌🏻 . So today, even though I was exhausted from the holiday + stressed about the day to come + my mind started to shift into “you will never handle this day!”, I jumped out of bed + got ish done. That’s the attitude I’m going to carry the rest of today: I’ve got this. Because you know what? I do. 💗 . When it isn’t easy to change your own mindset, it’s great to have support to lead you the right way. @myfitgreenvibe + @fitfabyou were that for me this morning: logged in + ready to work out. I couldn’t let them down. I couldn’t let me down. Ponytail fixed + asses kicked. 😉👊🏻
3 times the craziness. 🤪 3 times the personality. 🌪 3 times the gratitude. 💗 . Happy Thanksgiving Eve from my little turkeys to you! 🦃🦃🦃 . . . . . #dreamyourdreams #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #realmombod #bringthejoy #momtruth #workingmom #mombalance #momlifebelike #throwback #takeusback #disneyvacay2018 #workingmama #newjerseymoms
When your day starts with a workout this freaking good...😆🙌🏻🔥 . Leg day is the best day. Call me crazy if you want. You wouldn’t be the first. 🤪 But I love the burn of heavy lifting + am always amazed at how sweaty I get, how much cardiovascular work it requires. Today was no exception! And when the trainer throws in not 1, not 2, but 3 bonus moves—2 of which are plyometric—the #gains Obsessed girl in me smiles even bigger. 💪🏻 . This workout brought all the fire to my glutes, quads, hammies, + pretty much everything else in my body. If I can crush this 38 min shred, I know the rest of the day’s got nothing I can’t handle. 👊🏻 . Mood = elevated. Heart rate = still racing. Strength = unleashed. Pam = smiling. . Happy #thanksgivingeve everyone! Hope yours is off to as kick butt of a start! 🦃✌🏻
Moms, this is #truth —and sometimes, #thetruthhurts . 🙌🏻😵 . You are 1 person—1 capable, kickass, take-on-the-world person—but 1 nonetheless. There are no limits to your goals + dreams + plans. There are, however, limits to your sanity, your time, + your capacity to take on that world while still being the best YOU possible. 🌎💗 . This is a constant struggle for me. I am a natural (wannabe) leader, a compulsive go-getter, a people-pleaser, a solution-oriented person. My instincts are to do for everyone + to do it all. This sends the unrealistic message that I do not need help myself. It sets the unrealistic expectation that I am #superwoman , or at least #supermom . I am none of the above. I am so average + so full of flaws + so bad at some things (like organizing the kids’ paperwork + getting anywhere on time!). I also stink at asking for help + can still take on too much. But I try to no longer be too hard on myself for it. I try to no longer waste mental energy berating myself for these short-comings—because they aren’t short comings. They just prove I’m human. . Fun fact: so are you. So here is what we do: We Attack the little #momcracks of time that sneak into our day. This allows us to have more intentional time with our families as we become more productive in other small slices of time. All you need is a #hotminute of focus + you’ll realize you can do anything + will no longer want to do everything. ✌🏻 . If this feels relatable, you must—like, right now!—join me for a free 3-day quick kick in the pants. We will focus on hacks to survive the holidays, quick mini fitness + nutrition changes to boost your mood, + on ways to give more good will + less of your time. Simply like this post + I’ll be in touch to get you going...for FREE!! 🔥💪🏻
Stressed? 🙋🏻‍♀️ Overwhelmed? 🙅🏻‍♀️ In a rut? 🙍🏻‍♀️ Feeling alone? 🤷🏻‍♀️ . Good news! You’re normal! 😱 This time of year—with cold weather + holidays + added expenses—the pressure is on. Trust me. I feel it, too. But if you are worried you missed my Project Positivity Fitness, nutrition, + mindset challenge or you fear you’ve waited too long to take advantage of the biggest sale of the year on enrollment?! Stop that nonsense! 🛑 I’ve got you! . @forever_fit_mom + I are opening up a few spaces for the second 1/2 of the challenge because we know that support, movement, + positive vibes are THAT important this time of year. And this group is just the beginning! Your enrollment gets you a FULL YEAR of my coaching for motivation, of accountability groups for peer support, + the best fitness programs for results—all for one enrollment fee that is less than my gym membership used to cost. 💰💰 . Message me this weekend for a BONUS on top of the the big sale. This is your holiday gift to yourself: a year of health + positivity + community. 👯‍♀️ . PS: how can you say no to Paxton’s baby blues?! 💙 . . . . . #releaseyouranchors #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #realmombod #thisis34 #redefinebalance #blackfridaydeal #momlifebelike #gettingbackontrack #parentsof3 #autoimmunewarriors #targetshopper #bargainshopper #sweaterweather #selflovespo #scarymommy #fableticsleggings #anxietyrelief #fitfluential #onlinecoach #inked #inkedmom #realasamother
Sundays are for self care. 🙌🏻 . Mind: I started my day with a podcast + some reading. I feel happy + smarter + motivated. 🧠 . Body: I joined 2 bffs for a virtual workout, but opted for #activerecovery today. Cardio yoga + foam rolling. Yes!!! 💪🏻 . Spirit: Taking the family on a road trip today for a brunch with some of my college friends + to visit my dad as he recovers. 💗 . Making your wellness a priority is more than just sweating + eating well. True health comes from the inside out, the outside in. How will you sooth your mind, body, + spirit today? 🧠💪🏻💗
We measure strength too often by what we can physically do. ➵💗💪🏻 💪🏻 I can lift heavy weights. 💪🏻 I can carry my kids. 💪🏻 I can move furniture + carry groceries + handle my life without dropping anything or needing your help. . Strength, though, is more than that. Strength is holding up your life. Strength is holding it together. Strength is also asking for help when you cannot do it alone, physically or otherwise. 💗 . It is too often that we women are taught or led to believe that strength is the ability to be everything to everyone at every second. That is unrealistic. It is also unhealthy. But we were shown that weakness is needing help. That being vulnerable is the opposite of strength. Women empowerment isn’t just women taking over the world with balls + loud voices + power. True women empowerment is being all things—hard + soft + capable + vulnerable—all at the same time, but owing none of it to anybody else. And it is also most surely women coming together to support one another. When we let ourselves ask for help, we are not showing weakness. When we lean on others for support or advice or motivation or love, we are showing just how strong we really are. 👊🏻 . I am blessed to have the most inspiring community of women surrounding me. I am capable of handling the emotional heaviness of life on my own, but I know I don’t need to do a damn thing that way. I know that one text or one message or one call away another #kickassmama is there for me, as I am for her. Make that dozens. ➵ . I think of them when I struggle through the toughest sequence of my workout (video proof!). I lean on them when I’ve had a bad day. I hustle with them to work my business. I grow with them as women + moms. And we are stronger together as a result. 👯‍♀️ . If you think you are the only woman you know who struggles with this type of strength, you are not alone. My tribe is here to support you, too! Show this post some love or drop an emoji below + I’ll show you what I mean. XO 💪🏻💗 ➵
You know I love this pic if you read my post from yesterday. ☺️ And you know I love this pic because they are immersed in books. 📚 . Paxton is using interactive books to practice his sight words. Kellen is obsessed with First #lookandfind books. And I’m obsessed with the fact they aren’t asking to watch YouTube or a show or to play a video game. And as much as I love their cars + magnet-tiles infatuation, books are cleaner. And quieter. And cause me much less anxiety than Kayden’s slime addiction. 🤪😉☺️ . What’s your favorite of your kids’ pastimes or hobbies? Anything beats slime, #amiright mamas?!
Hey, Mercury—or whatever conspired to royally f up my day. I’ve got a message for you. 💫 . Take that. I’m in control. Not you. 👊🏻 . It’s been a day. The snow is just the universe’s tasteless icing on a 💩 cake. Sick kiddo. Mental worries. Late start. Monthly visitor. Technology fails. Etcetera. It’s just been. a. day. 🤪 . Some days are long, but the years are short, right?! I may have let my emotions spill out a bit #extra today. That happens. And I may have let external influences weight too heavily on me. That also happens. That doesn’t mean I can’t regain control + find my center. A little evening yoga (with a sleeping sickie on the couch) did the trick. My mat time was my me time. I’m back. 💪🏻 . And even better: I got to be a #purplewarrior + support my girl @myfitgreenvibe ’s mission to honor #pancan + #pancreaticcancerawareness 💜So I have 3 awesome (+ 2 not sick kiddos), I got to move my body, + I was able to show support to one of my BFFs + a cause that’s important to her?! Well, then. I’d say this day is a win. 🙌🏻
While I physically disagree—not at all a snow bunny like Paxton—I do believe this piece of advice, metaphorically. ❄️ . You are exactly where you are supposed to be. Your journey is unique, just like a snowflake. And you are, too! To me, this also means that no struggle or storm happens that isn’t meant to happen. ❄️ . So bundle up. Go scrape off the car. Shovel your path. Drive safely. Or bundle up + stay inside. Better yet, throw snowballs at whatever’s got you down, then make some snow angels. Your snow is means to be. 😉❄️
A little over 2 years ago, I snapped this pic of my dad carrying Kayden + my mom holding Paxton’s hand as I pushed Kellen’s stroller behind them. We were leaving a fall festival on an unseasonably hot September day + Kayden just could not walk another inch. 💗 . My favorite photos are always these: people from behind, especially my kids, lost in a moment or an activity or an experience + unaware a photo is being taken. I love the way you can practically assume what shape their faces are taking, what emotions they are having, what thoughts they are having, without really knowing. 💗 . When I snapped this picture, I doubt my dad thought he’d be unable to pick up one my kids just 2 years later. That undiagnosed scoliosis + a lifetime of athletics + physical labor would create spinal stenosis in need of serious repair. I bet he was just in the moment—though probably also thinking how much Kayden reminds him of me (one of his favorite conversation topics). 💗 . I’ve inherited many traits of my dad’s. His stubbornness. His competitiveness. His outgoing nature. His athleticism. His spine. 💗 . I know that next fall, my dad will be toting around one of my kids at another fall festival. I know that I’ll have continued seeing a chiropractor for my own neck + spine issues as preventative measures. I know that today is a restart for him + a reminder of overall self care advocacy for me. 💗 . . . . . #throwbackthursday #spinalstenosis #spinalcare #preventativehealth #iphonephotos #fambamtime #greenlightgo #releaseyouranchors #triberedefine #scoliosisawareness #chiropracticadjustment
So as to not confuse you, I’m still here sweating in my living room. In contrast to my earlier post, my other #ootdstyle is pure #athleisure 💪🏻💦 . Usually, though, I’m out of that + into my #sweaterweather clothes by 6:30 am. Some days...well, my schedule gets turned upside down by a volume-less alarm + the workout happens amongst the post-dinner craziness. No excuses here. My workout was later than usual, constant kid-terruptions added 12 minutes to the run time, + it got darker instead of lighter out. I put in every ounce of me (that my kids weren’t taking) regardless + finally feel like I’ve accomplished my daily goal: me time! 👊🏻✌🏻 . Here’s the thing, Mama. It is entirely possible. You can work a full time job. You can feed your kids. You can do the dishes—or not. And you can still make time for your fitness. You can fit in what is important to you. I just hope YOU are important to you. 😘 . If any of this is a struggle—finding the time, believing you’re worth it, letting go of excuses (+ some chores 😉), then we need to chat. Like NOW! This time of year, we mamas do do DO for everyone, even more so than usual. Allow me to give you the gift of YOU. 💗😊 . Drop an emoji below if the time is now. Or, if you’re hesitant, simply like this post + I’ll talk you through your fears. I had them all 3 years ago. And look at me now. 😉💪🏻
It’s full on east coast cold these days, so I am back to my go-to #ootdfashion : sweater, colored skinny jeans, boots, + a necklace. I’ll have this on repeat—with differing pieces, of course—through Easter! ☺️ . Today, my outfit is full-on @kohls as well. I am a #bargainshopper for sure. Target, Kohl’s, + Old Navy are my go-tos with the occasional Express or Banana Republic outlet find. Oh, + my fave jeans are from Charlotte Russe. 🤣 . What’s your cold-weather look? And where do you find most of your threads?
You are your greatest advocate. Stand for your health + well-being every single day. ✌🏻💗 . Six years ago, I had an appendectomy. It was brutal only because a rather routine procedure quickly became a 6-day hospital stay when I showed signs of kidney stones. Suddenly, I was wheeled from the pre-op room to the ICU for more tests, monitoring, + an IV-only diet. My 11-month old daughter couldn’t visit me. My milk supply dried up. I was urinating blood. I was in a bad way—emotionally, mentally, + physically. Little did I know then this was the first flair up of my autoimmune disease. 😕 . In the years that followed—2 until I would have a diagnosis, 4 until I would find wellness—I realized that my greatest hope for a better life, a life in which I wasn’t underweight + undereating + under the stress of so many unknowns as in the second picture, was me. I began tracking every single odd symptom, namely dark + discolored urine whenever I was even remotely sick coupled with minor illnesses—from mastitis to strep to a stomach bug—lasting twice as long as normal. I began seeking specialists in almost every medical area. I changed my diet. Then I changed it again. I didn’t rest until I found a name for this, #iganephropathy , + I found a nephrologist I was comfortable treating me. 🙌🏻 . But that wasn’t enough for me. I was certain I could manage this without constant medication. My doctor agreed. He praised me for being diagnosed at such a young age since I didn’t take any of my body’s signs for granted. I connected every dot that other medical professional dismissed as coincidences. And then just yesterday, as I sat in a holistic medicine + chiropractic office for the first time for a stiff neck that’s been plaguing me on + off for months, I learned of the trapezoid’s connection to kidney issues. 😱 . Listen, mama: everything is connected. Your body is constantly trying to tell you what it needs. Really listen. Nourish it with healthy, whole fuel. Make it stronger with regular exercise. Don’t settle for quick answers + quicker fixes. Look at the whole picture, your whole self, + vow to hold your well-being sacred. 😘
It’s #worldkindnessday2018 , so here are some kindness tips from the kindest kid I know, Paxton. His goal in life is to strive to brighten the days of others with acts of kindness, big or small. His fave tips: 👉🏻 If your donut is bigger than your sister’s, share some of yours. 👉🏻 When it’s bedtime, always let your brother steal your comfiest blanket if he asks you for it. 👉🏻 Always thank someone for a job well done, like thanking your karate instructor after a fun class. 👉🏻 Smile + introduce yourself to everyone. Then, tell them all about your loose tooth or scrapped knee or whatever fun fact of your day strikes your fancy. 👉🏻 Be confident in yourself—even enough to pick out your own clothes—so that others take your kindness lead. 👉🏻 Never leave out anyone. You never know who is good at soccer + you only know if you let them play at recess. . Be like Paxton, today + always. Be kind. 💙
Hi, I’m Pam. ✌🏻 . My mission is to lead other women in overall wellness by teaching them the connection between mind + body, inspiring them to break old habits while fostering a healthy relationship with nutrition, + creating for them a community full of positive vibes that allows us to continuously redefine it all! 💗 . The positive impact it has on me + my family? Just a bonus. Don’t you want in?! 😉 . . . . #dreamyourdreams #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momsover30 #momsunited #realmombod #bringthejoy #momtruth #workingmomstyle #mombalance #momlifebelike #mymissionis #workingmama #newjerseymoms #busymamas #mommyhoodsimplified #lifeofrealmoms #coffeefuelsme #raisingboys #tiredasamother #teachermom #inkedmamas #momneedsabreak #hotmessmomsunite #ootddenim #latergramming
Hello happiness! 👋🏻😃 . That’s how I felt this morning as I pushed play on my workout. It may seem silly to you that this gives me a smile, but how inauthentic would I be if it did + I kept that secret?! What makes me happy—just like what makes YOU happy—is for me + me alone. Yes, visiting my parents yesterday + spending time with my brother made me happy. Hanging with my kiddos for a long weekend made me happy. Watching #dancingwiththestarsjuniors last night made me happy (don’t knock it till you try it! 😉). And working out this morning, feeling almost 💯 + pushing play on a somewhat modified version of my scheduled workout? That also made me happy! The endorphins. The challenge. The weights. These all add up to smiles for me. ✌🏻 . In my online accountability group that I run with @forever_fit_mom , we are focusing on Project Positivity. This morning, I challenged each woman in our group to create a happiness list. Your happiness is on you (right, @msrachelhollis ?!). Just like anything else you want in life—success, health, love—happiness takes work + that work only works when you have a direction to move in. ☺️ . What makes you happy? Say “hello, happiness!” today by putting your own happiness list to paper. Share at least one thing below! 😘
Your journey is for you. ➵ . On the flip side, though, there will always be people who understand your journey: ➵ maybe they are journeying with you, like be beautiful team bound together as we redefine every day. ➵ maybe they inspired you to act in the first place, like my very own Spider-man. ➵ maybe still they understand your journey because they crave your journey. Living yours gives them permission to eventually do the same. . But those naysayers?! Negative Nancies?! Trust me when I say that the people around you have nothing to do with how you should live your life. Trust me also when I admit this is a tough mountain to overcome. 🏔 I am no stranger to judgment. I’m sure some people even tonight will read this post + roll their eyes. What used to happen was that I’d internalize all that. I’d still be me, but only 90%. I’d hold back in some way or feel wounded somehow. It was a vicious cycle: put myself out there, help a few people, feel like a weirdo in the eyes of others, second guess my path. 🙄 Then it dawned on me. The attitudes + opinions of those in our circle will always project themselves on us. That we can’t change. What we can change, though, is what we do with that. If we damper ourselves or change our course to be more in alignment with the status quo or to not ruffle any feathers, we do our own selves a disservice. When I stopped living in fear of the opinions of others + truly lived my journey for me, well, those external voices got a lot quieter. ➵ . Keep redefining you, girl. You’re doing a great job! ✌🏻
Everything you deal with is only one thing and nothing else. - Paolo Coehlo, The Alchemist 👍🏻 . This line hits home. Summer 2015 was my hardest season. Personally, I was in the most disconnected-from-the-present state of my entire life. It felt like all was in flux, with my mental + emotional state hinging upon outcomes out of my control. The biggest factor in all of this was Kellen’s #ccam , a mass of lesions in his right lung there the ultrasound tech noticed at our #20weekultrasound . From that June moment on, I was a mess. Physically, I was where I needed to be: teaching my classes, mommying my 2 big kids, cooking + cleaning + eating + breathing. None of it, though, I did without this little, growing baby’s health completing owning every ounce of my emotional energy. I was “phoning it in,” so they say. 💗 . One night, I had a conversation on the phone with my brother that refocused me a bit. He was also experiencing a hardship + significant change in his life. He said, “I know, compared to what you are going through, this is no big deal.” I stopped him right there. His pain had nothing to do with mine. My fear had nothing to do with his. Every struggle is relative, + every experience with struggle is relative. There is no grief comparison or sadness meter or emotional scale. Sad is sad. Feel it. Be okay with feeling it. 💗 . But, we should also keep this in mind: every one of those hardships is it’s own entity. Don’t let a rough morning ruin your day. Don’t let a spilled coffee change your mood. Don’t let a breakup or a health scare or a job loss bleed into every ounce of your emotion. Be sad, but still be present in your life, remembering that everything you deal with is only one thing + nothing else. 💯 . And if you don’t believe me, look at the message Kellen sent me via sonogram in early July, when the uncertainty of his diagnoses + the distance I was fostering between me + the world were peaking. He just wanted me to know this was just one thing—and he could handle it. 👍🏻
This girl 😍💗 She’s more than a colleague: she a friend, both as a woman, as a wife, + now as a mom. So when she invites me to join her for a weighted yoga class this morning?! Yes, please! I’d join her for just about anything—so you know I’d say yes to time with her + time for fitness. 😉✌🏻 . It was a fast + furious 45-min #hotyoga class, new to both of us, + it brought the challenge. We pushed through to the end, though! After class, the instructor introduced herself to us. She thanked us for joining the class + acknowledged we were new faces. “Pam has her own routine,” @nattiejean1 said. When I told the adorable little yogi I am a Beachbody coach, she responded with, “today was good for you, then. That can get monotonous.” 🙄 . Oh, sister, it is anything but “monotonous.” I have over 600 hours of fitness at my fingertips—from weight training to cardio to yoga to dance, + everything in between. I have access to tried + true nutrition plans focused on the fitness. I have the accountability of a community both within my own groups + in the bigger network. I have reached + exceeded fitness + health goals that seemed out of reach. And I kicked butt in that class even though I haven’t taken a yoga class in a studio in almost 3 years. 🤫 . Nothing monotonous about it...😘
Whet if I told you it was possible? And what if I were right?! 😉💗 . Here is what I told myself before saying yes to coaching, the thoughts that held me back: 👎🏻 I have 3 kids—one, a high risk newborn, so working out is all the “extra” time I have. 👎🏻 I work a demanding, full time job—a job that I love, actually—so I don’t “need” anything else. 👎🏻 I do not have a fitness professional background + I am not yet at my “goal”, physically speaking. 👎🏻 I do not have any money to “invest” in a business. . Then something incredible happened. I said yes anyway. Sure, I realized that extra time is a myth. We find time for what we want to use our time for. Yes, I loved my #highschoolteacherlife , but that didn’t mean I shouldn’t endeavor for more. And no, I didn’t magically become a fitness professional. I was still me: #newmom of 3, #maternityleave broke, + eating the leftovers off my kids’ dinner plates. But I realized something: so what? I felt called to this. If it didn’t work, oh well. But what if it did??😬😬 . It turns out, a fresh start, a new opportunity, the right risk was exactly what I didn’t know I needed. When I dove all in, investing in me so I could invest in others, I changed my health, reshaped my body, improved my confidence, + found a new side of me. I continue to contribute more to my family’s finances than I ever expected—in fact I’ve covered our 8-day trip to Disney this coming summer in 3 months of #sidegig hustle—and I continue to help other families as well. It is possible. I am right. But there is only one way you can see that for yourself. Tell me you’re ready. Today is the day your life changes. 💗✨ . #mindsetmission #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #realmombod #34yearsstrong #myfittribe #redefinebalance #momswithmuscles #workingmama #fableticsleggings #busymomof3 #bodyafterbaby #teachermom #iganephropathy #autoimmunewarrior #targetstyle #bargainshopper #philadelphiaphotographer #forever21
“To realize one’s destiny is a person’s only obligation.” - Paolo Coelho, The Alchemist ✨ . I have a freshman student this year who was reading this book in September. I remarked that it’s always been on my #toreadlist . A few weeks later, this appeared on my desk. He said he had an extra + wanted me to have it. I finally picked up The Alchemist today + like life sometimes goes, I immediately felt as if this book in this day was meant to be. The first week of November has been a turning point for me. (I know: here she goes again. When does she NOT have turning points??) 😉😉 . That’s what is so powerful about this book. The whole point is that our entire lives are full of turning points, full of seasons of growth + struggle + confusion + clarity. Our lives are journeys with one purpose: to know your purpose. ☺️☺️ . The turning point this week was just a reminder that this “purpose” is always in flux. I redefine myself every single day. Why, then, did I think I couldn’t redefine my mission? 😘😘 . So I Mom + I teach + I workout + I coach + I eat well. Each of these identities shape me. And I shape each of these roles. And each plays a part in that destiny—the destiny I’m continuously redefining as well. ✨
Make me this promise: if you start something, don’t end up back where you started. ➳ . Your journey is entirely up to you. Your commitment is entirely up to you. You are entirely up to you. . But that requires growth. That requires being open to change. That requires accepting advice or constructive criticism. That also requires quieting the noise + quitting all comparisons. ✌🏻 . I am a natural go-getter, but for years I was also a self-sabotager. I’d be so close to true success, but then #impostersyndrome or outsider opinions or fear of true, real, massive success would creep in + stop me dead in my tracks. I’d give up entirely—like when I panicked + refused to join my sorority’s national executive board—or I’d retreat from my daily positive habits—like, more recently, when I let my coaching business flounder a bit this summer. I’ve been so prone to success that when it felt out of my reach, I’d bail rather than dig deeper. But that was the old me. When my business began to slip this summer, I realized my pattern was returning. So I took action. 👊🏻 I accessed more trainings, I reached out to more support. I made changes in my own personal life that provide more opportunities for focus + confidence. Why?! I refuse—I mean, REFUSE—to end up back where I started. I never want to be a shadow of myself again. 💪🏻 . I don’t want that for you, either. Will you stumble? I do. Will you slip off course? Won’t we all? Will the journey be undoubtedly longer than you expect or hope or plan for? Sometimes. But forward movement, growth, progress: these are the goals—not one of which brings you back to square 1. It’s winning or learning, not winning or losing. 💗 . Can you make that promise?! I will make that commitment to myself every single day. ➳
Two Little Leaders + 1 wannabe = a lot of gratitude + even more smiles 😉🥋 . Paxton’s karate school @kaizenmartialarts runs an orange stripe challenge each semester. Students used to earn 🧡 by going above + beyond in class. Recently, though, it’s shifted to challenges that engage the students in bettering themselves—like reading each night!—to bettering their environments—like keeping a tidy room all week—to bettering the day for others. That brings me to this week’s challenge: to write a letter or make a phone call extending appreciation for someone. Paxton chose his karate bud Natalia (or “the girl in class with the blonde hair”, as he said 😳🤣). Why? “She has good kicks + is a good friend.” 😭😭 So before we left for class, he wrote her a thank you card + drew a karate pic on the the envelope then presented her with it when we arrived. She beamed, + I know it made Paxton’s day as well to see her so excited. 🙌🏻 . Gratitude is often the “theme” this month. As we lead into Thanksgiving, we tend to lean on activities that put our appreciate on full display. I challenge you to keep that going all year. Send a sweet text to someone just because you were reminded of how awesome he or she is. Hold the door for someone. Surprise a colleague with coffee. Pay a stranger a compliment. Help out a mom who looks lost or like her kid is about to dash out of the karate school (not that I would know that mom...🙄). Just be kind + grateful all year. Those types of actions are contagious + good for the soul, no matter how old you are + if you won’t get 1 stripe closer to your next belt. 🧡🥋 . #kaizenorangestripe #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #gratitudechallenge #bringthejoy #momtruth #workingmom #mombalance #momlifebelike #kindnessquotes #workingmama #newjerseymoms #busymoms #mommyhood #kindergarteners #minime #litteleaders #healthykids #teachermom #raisingkidsright #lifewithkids #hotmessmoms #karatemom #karatekids
Cliche, am I right?! 😉 That doesn’t mean it’s not true. ➳ . You, my friend, matter. Who you are in this world, how you feel inside, + what you do with your life matter. That doesn’t mean you have to BE something, FEEL something, or DO something in particular. No title or accomplishment or success truly has anything to do with it. But you being you, working on being better at being you, + working on being happy at being you?! Yup. That’s what counts. ✌🏻💗 . Here’s another cliche: self-love isn’t selfish. Nope. Not even a little bit. One of my fave women in motivation, mindset, + all things personal development, @drlauraberman , always says on her #uncoveredradio podcast: “If you don’t stand for you, no one else will.” This may feel dramatic, but it’s true. If you don’t love you, what you experience will mirror that. The chick in these pics—taken 3 years apart—may not look all that different...because she’s not all that different. She just stands for herself now. 💗✌🏻 . So work on you. Work on being your best. Sometimes, this means making healthier choices. Sometimes, this means seeking out education or advice. Often, though, it’s as simple as thinking more positively, being more open-minded, open-hearted, + optimistic—first, with yourself, then with the world around you. When you are able to do that, everything just feels better. Most of all, you. 😊☺️ . Girlfriend, smile. Look in the mirror + really smile. Pay yourself a compliment. Then go pay it forward. 💗 ➳ . #releaseyouranchors #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #realmombod #thisis34 #redefinebalance #bodyacceptance #momlifebelike #gettingbackontrack #parentsof3 #autoimmunewarriors #beyourselfie #bargainshopper #motherhoodunfiltered #selflovespo #scarymommy #fableticsleggings #anxietyrelief #fitfluential #onlinecoach #inked #inkedmom #projectpositivity
Are you strong enough to reach high enough? 💗💪🏻 . That’s what the opening music 🎶 kept asking during my active recovery Pilates, yoga, + cardio workout. If you read my post yesterday morning, then you know the answer is YES! for both me + you. 💗💪🏻 . If you don’t believe me, then we need to chat. In fact, we need more than that. We need to work together. 😉 Tomorrow, @forever_fit_mom + I kick off our next virtual accountability group: Project Positivity. ✌🏻 We are focusing on building small, daily habits—along with fitness + nutrition changes—that will improve our outlooks + our moods. We know be holiday season is full of intended stresses. We know that as women, + especially as moms, we take on the emotional labor of planning gifts + gatherings + good cheer. That’s a heavy burden to bear, especially in the age of #pinterestworthy expectations + #socialmediainfluencers . 😳 Nicole + I know. We are just as stress-prone as all of you. We have figured out ways to better manage it by diving into personal development + wellness practices. We are not perfect, but we are knowledgeable + are sharing all the best practices we can find during this 4-week challenge! 💗💪🏻 . Let’s get stronger inside + out this month. Let’s build stronger bodies + stronger minds, just in time to truly enjoy the holidays. Who is with us?! 💗💪🏻 . #releaseyouranchors #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #realmombod #thisis34 #redefinebalance #bodyacceptance #momlifebelike #gettingbackontrack #autoimmunewarriors #targetshopper #bargainshopper #selflovespo #scarymommy #fableticsleggings #anxietyrelief #fitfluential #onlinecoach #inked #inkedmom #realasamother
To the mom in the Whole Foods food court last night: . Thank you for your stance of solidarity as I juggled 4 kids through the dinner rush, 2 in 1 direction + 2 in the other. Thank you for not looking at me sideways when my daughter sent her loaded salad careening off the counter + onto the floor while reaching way too high for the to go lids since she didn’t want to wait for my assistance. Thank you for not judging me as I did my best to pick up every little piece of organic bacon bit off of the floor in a mix of embarrassment + annoyance while trying to conceal both + while my daughter bounded off to assemble a new salad. Thank you most of all for what you said: . “You’re doing good, Mom. I did everything for my kids, never let them have this independence. Now they are in college + rely on me for everything. This is a good thing.” ☺️☺️ . I guess you’re right. I give my kids plenty of space to make their own mistakes—sometimes, in order to teach them independence; sometimes, because I am too overwhelmed to do it all—yet I’ll be there to help clean up the possible mess. ☺️☺️ . Sincerely, This Grateful Mama . . . . . #releaseyouranchors #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #realmombod #thisis34 #bodygoals #motherhoodaf #mombalance #momlifebelike #njmoms #healthykiddos #forrealtho #selflovespo #mom2mom #scarymommy #momanxiety #realasamother #motherhoodunfiltered #wholefoods #openletter #lifewithfixed #inked #momswithtattoos
You are born with all the strength you need. 👊🏻 . This little warrior—our Spider-man obsessed, full of energy, almost #3yearold —is proof. I remember being in a small consultation room at @childrensphila when I was 32 weeks pregnant. Our godsend of a surgeon, Dr. Adzick, was going over Kellen’s final scans + confirming a lobectomy in our baby’s right lung around 6-8 weeks postpartum. He said, “Of the 4 of us in this room, only 1 of us can regenerate a lung. Luckily, he’s the one who needs part of his removed.” I sat there in awe, for the first time feeling like everything—particularly Kellen—would be okay. Dr. Adzick continued to use words like “resilient” + “typical” + “healthy” + I knew it meant one thing: this baby would be strong. 💪🏻 . And we are all born that way: strong. What we lose is our ability to tap into that strength without reservation or worry or fear. When Kellen went to surgery at 8 weeks old to have a lobe + a half removed from his right lung, he didn’t even cry. Dr. Adzick himself carried him out of the prep room, waving Kellen’s little arm to us. And after surgery when recovery was harder than I expected, Kellen was the strongest. It was clear he was in pain, but he never fought against it. He powered through it. He used his strength + came out the other side. 💙 . You may not understand how or why this relates to my wellness journey, particularly to a hard workout. That’s okay. But it is Kellen that I think of when it—a workout, eating well, life in general—gets hard or overwhelming or seemingly impossible. It is his fearless strength at 8 weeks old that reminds me that this 34 year old can handle anything, big or small, significant or insignificant. And you, my friend, can, too. You are strong. You’ve been all along. 👊🏻
Do you get enough vitamin D? ☀️ . Vitamin D is important for the absorption of calcium to support healthy bones + muscles. It also helps regulate our moods + lessens the side effects of #seasonalaffectivedisorder , or seasonal depression—something I am genetically prone to experience. Low vitamin D levels in the blood can also intensify the seriousness of cardiac emergencies. ☀️ . We can get solid levels of vitamin D by taking a daily #vitamindbreak . As the weather clouds up + cools down, though, I’m grateful for the increased amount of vitamin D in my superfoods shake. ☀️ . Who needs a multivitamin when the sun + my lunch provide all that I need?! ☀️ . #releaseyouranchors #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #realmombod #thisis30 #bodygoals #inked #mombalance #momswithmuscles #onlinecoach #fableticsleggings #busymoms #forrealtho #selflovespo #momswithtattoos #fitnessformoms #momanxiety #teachermom #iganephropathy #autoimmunewarrior #targetstyle #bargainshopper #loveyourself #wellnessfacts #fashionfinds
Never in a million years did I ever expect that ‘my people’ would be a group a health & fitness coaches. . It’s amazing what one YES can do to change the entire course of your life! ❤️ . . . . . #coachlife #healthandfitness #mypeople #mytribe #unexpectedfriendship #neverinamillionyears #youneverknow #support #teamwork #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #teamfitdynasty #triberedefine #oneyescanchangeyourlife
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