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Find your smile. ☺️ . This right here was my favorite moment from our 8-day Disney vacation this summer. This: a random bench in an unexpected corner of Magic Kingdom, unexpectedly catching the amazing fireworks + light show with my favorite people. Kellen, naturally, in pajamas. Kayden, of course, led the snack + seating selection. Paxton was simply in awe. And I had found my smile. ☺️ . I shared the story of that night: after my phone kicked the bucket during the last few days of our trip, after Mike + I navigated differing Disney perspectives, after Kellen peed through his clothes when I’d given his spares away to another mom in need some 30 minutes prior, after a day of over-exhausted tantrums + 100 degree weather...after all that, this. ☺️☺️ None of the chaos or disagreements or mishaps mattered. We opened ourselves up to a moment of joy by letting go of every expectation + of every perfection. We allowed ourselves to give all that came before a little grace, to just enjoy each other + to simply smile. ☺️☺️ . That is true of every day, is possible after every hardship. You’re still here, right?! Throw yourself some grace, some stillness, + a smile. ☺️
Are you drinking enough water?! 💦 . Here is a general rule: the average adult should consume half of his or her body weight in ounces of water every day. If you workout strenuously or have a more labor-intensive job, that number increases. But here are ways I can tell if I’m dehydrated: 💧 I wake up in the morning with wrinkles on my skin from my sheets. Time to make up for yesterday! 💧 My lips + hands dry out quickly. I don’t wear lip color + usually my moisturizer in the morning is enough. If I’m reaching for chapstick or lotion during the day, time to chug! 💧I’m hungrier than usual. We often confuse thirst + hunger. I’ll drink 8 oz or so + re-evaluate. 💧I’m sleepy even though I’ve slept well, worked out, + had coffee. Water is a natural energy-booster. Drink it down! . I always have a water bottle with me to minimize my chance of getting dehydrated! But life happens. We get busy + forget, we don’t have easy access to a bathroom, or we just rely on caffein + not on H20. Try to be more mindful, keep a water bottle with you, + check in with your intake a few times each day. 💦 . . . . . #dreamyourdreams #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #realmombod #thisis34 #redefinebalance #bodyacceptance #momlifebelike #gettingbackontrack #parentsof3 #dateyourspouse #targetshopper #bargainshopper #motherhoodunfiltered #selflovespo #scarymommy #fableticsleggings #youngertv #fitfluential #onlinecoach #inked #inkedmom #wellnesstips #wellnessfacts #kidneydisease #iganephropathy
Those truly closest to me know that I’m struggling. Struggling with personal drama, with consistently working out, with depression and the normal life issues. . Is it easy? No. I have been suffering from depression for a while now and it’s all caused by the choices I have made and my own inner demons. It’s not easy to write this. Exposing myself to the world and letting everyone know I’m suffering is hard. . With that being said I feel a huge weight off my shoulders. I am tough. Tougher than some but not most. Mentally not much at all so I put up this tough guy exterior. I’m not. I’m me and I’m learning to better myself to become better. . With all that being said I’m doing whatever it takes to become a better version of myself. Life will knock me down but never knock me out. I have learned this lesson always the hard way and even this time is no exception. . This is why I turn to the weights. They will teach you what you ARE capable through hard work and perseverance. Last night was no exception particularly on the chest presses I did. . This was my last set of presses and the weight was heavy at the beginning of the set and getting heavier. But I didn’t give in and put them down. I gripped the weights tighter and literally pressed through it. I was so glad when it was done and I was over it. Lesson well received. I’m going to apply this lesson today and hopefully get over this hurdle in my life and continue to press forward! . Rant over but need to be taken off my chest! Time to work. . #teamfitdynasty #triberedefine #FireWifeLivingaFITLife #FireFighterFit #workhardplayharder #firefighter #firefighterfitness #fitchick #LIIFT4 #noexcuses #allgains #nodadbod #obeastnotobese #obeast #everydamnday #nofilterever #complacentcykills #irontherapy
If you pour into your own cup, stand tall + confidently in the process, all that goodness will spill onto others. 👊🏻 . We often bend, though. He tip ourselves over to pour into everyone around us. Tip too much, though, + you break. You shatter under the weight of it all. Then what good are you?! In January of 2016, I began rebuilding a shattered cup. I began the process of learning to fully fulfill my own my needs. I put my health first. I put my goals first. I focused on me. I made myself better. And now I have so much more to give, as a mom, as a teacher, as a wife, as a coach. 💗 . It’s time for you to do the same. I will personally mentor you on a full wellness journey, on a path that will take you from overextended + overwhelmed to overly enthusiastic + overjoyed. My team of coaches has one simple mission: to be the coach of one. That means we seek to make ourselves better, healthier, stronger. The ripple effect, the #impact that has on others...well, that’s just a bonus. 💗 . So refill your own cup. You do you + naturally those around you will be made better. Request info to get started today by following the coaching link in my bio. But don’t wait. Your cup is ready to be rebuilt. 😘
My mom has always had the most wise advice. She was most on-point when she told me “men are not mind readers.” 🤯 How true is that?! But honestly, no one in our lives can read our minds. . Silence is not strong when it’s withholding one key truth: that you need help. How many reformed #peoplepleasers , #codependents , + #successfulwomen can relate to this, that we often default to silence—or worse, passive-aggressiveness—when we wish others would step up to the plate, read our minds, + offer a helping hand?! 🙋🏻‍♀️ How can they when we send a very clear message that we do it best + that we can do it on our own?! I know. This is a tough pill to swallow. That’s because you know exactly what mental struggle I’m speaking to. 😳 . Stop it. You are not Wonder Woman. You are not made to nor are you capable of doing everything. Ask for help. . I did so last week when I told my husband we needed to hire a cleaning service. My anxiety has been through the roof as I look around at all the “things” not done or dirty in my home. Exhibits A + B, kids + dogs, destroy one space while I organize + disinfect another. Our busy schedules also don’t allow much time for cleaning, hanging with the family, cooking, self care, 2 jobs, + sleep. Something had to give. That something was cleaning. But not anymore. To my surprise my money-conscious hubby said “I agree!” And so, today, we have a cleaning service in our home. Never have I been more excited. ☺️ . This may seem like a silly choice to call “brave,” but you’re not me. It’s taken work to admit what I am unable to achieve + to not see it as a personal failure. So Mama, take it from me. Ask for help because you are capable + strong—not because you’re not. 😉
Do you have plans tomorrow morning?! Do you do now! You’re joining me for a FREE 5-min challenge all week! I’ll be giving ab moves to do at home for a more toned midsection, right in your living room! You’ll be able to squeeze this in before the hecticness of your day kicks in! 💗💪🏻 And if you join me all week, you can earn really cool prizes! Here’s how: 👉🏻 Catch my #facebooklivestream at 6 am on my personal page (DM for the link!) OR 👉🏻 Catchmy #igtvchannel around 6:10 am for the recording! 👉🏻 Either way, comment that you joined in for 1 point! It’s that easy!! . Who will be there? You can get a jumpstart right now by tagging friends to join in! 1 bonus point per tag! See you in the morning! 💗✌🏻 . . . . . #dreamyourdreams #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #realmombod #thisis34 #redefinebalance #bodyacceptance #momlifebelike #gettingbackontrack #parentsof3 #targetshopper #motherhoodunfiltered #selflovespo #scarymommy #fableticsleggings #10yearsmarried #youngertv #fitfluential #onlinecoach #inked #inkedmom #realasamother
You are enough. 💗 . If you don’t believe so, here are a few #selfcarepractice ideas you can include in your day today to shift your mindset. 😘 . 👉🏻 Start a gratitude journal! You can do this a few different ways. I suggest you dig deep, live in the present, + list 3 things to be grateful for each day! 👉🏻Start an affirmation practice. I do this 2 different ways. First, I begin each day with an affirmation series I found on YouTube (happy to share the link!) but I also look to the future! I write out my goals as if I’m already living them, like @msrachelhollis recommends! 👉🏻 Start a meditation practice! This doesn’t have to be hard! There are many podcasts + guided meditations to get you started. I suggest finding a loving-kindness meditation to help improve your mindfulness. 👉🏻 Start with shorter to-do lists! @chalenejohnson was the first to suggest this to me! Prioritize your day with 3 to-do items. Any more is too overwhelming + you will set yourself up for failure! Also, be sure what ends up on your to-do list actually serves you, not others. . These are simple practices that bring you into closer connection with yourself. I participate in each of these almost every day. When I’m feeling low, impatient, overwhelmed, or like I’m failing, these bring me back. 💗 . Which one feels meant for you? 💗
Every single day, I strive to redefine balance as a working mom, as a people-pleaser, as a go-getter. 💁🏻‍♀️💗👊🏻 . I strive to improve myself in all of these areas, channeling the best from each identity, pushing to silence the worst. The working mom in me has a busy schedule + busier life for my kiddos. The people-pleaser in me wants to make others’ lives better + easier. The go-getter in me has big goals + bigger opinions. But these aspects of my personality all desire one thing most, one thing I know to be toxic: perfection. 👎🏻 . Perfection is an illusion. It sets us up for unrealistic expectations. It makes working mom life feel perpetually imbalanced. It makes being a people-pleaser innately impossible. It makes being a go-getter almost insurmountable. Perfection is 💩 . Once I let go of the “ideal” + opened myself to the realistic, everything changed. Suddenly, a kid interrupting my workout wasn’t that big of a deal (see video evidence 👉🏻😹) + healthy leftovers beat the drive thru + a clean house wasn’t what I used to be. I harness the best of my identities to redefine the word balance—a fluid definition free from perfection. ✌🏻 . Redefine your balance. Change your game. 👊🏻❤️
Give it all you’ve got today. You are entirely up to you. 👊🏻 . I put this mantra to the test this morning. My boys woke up before me, which meant my morning was dictated by them before I got my normal #metime in. That always leads to me losing my patience more easily, so when you couple it with a bit of #pmsproblems , well...#grumpymom alert! 🚨 . I had pushed play, pause, + restart on my workout 3 times, lost my cool more than that, + took away all the new favors they got at a birthday party yesterday before I looked at my reflection in our French door (aka my workout mirror 🤪) + asked my self this question: . Do you give in to them, do you give up on you, or do you give it all you’ve got? . So I pivoted. I threw on warmer leggings + a hat then told the family I was hitting the pavement. It had been well over a year since my last run—but today, the silence + alone time + brisk air couldn’t be topped. 🏃🏻‍♀️ . When I returned home just 25 min later, I felt more centered + more patient. I dialed up one of my fave on-demand yoga stretches, then let Paxton lead me in a magnet-tile infused stretch series of his own. I reclaimed my day + my mood because I gave it all I had. Giving in to them + giving up my workout completely would have caused resentment, more stress, + even less patience. I dove in + made it happen for the good of the whole family. ✌🏻 . So now I’ll meal prep + do laundry + listen to podcasts in between art projects + snack-getting + refereeing arguments, because that’s what I do as a mom on Sunday. But I’ll do it all knowing I did for me, first. 😉
The most consistent thing about parenting is that there is nothing consistent about it. 🤪 . For one thing, how I handle—well, best handle—each of my 3 kiddos is not how I handle the other 2. They are unique in every way, so my approach needs to be individualized as well. Take Paxton, for instance. 💙 . This kid has a heart as gold as this straw—but he also is so easily wounded as a result. He is athletic + energetic, yet knows he needs sleep + often heads to bed on his own while the other 2 argue + stall. He’s funny + silly + outgoing, but he’s also intense + doesn’t always know when enough is enough. So I am gentler with his feelings, but firmer with boundaries; I snuggle him often, + try to emulate respect. He’s not his big sister or baby brother. I’m not the same mom to him either. ☺️ . #dreamyourdreams #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #realmombod #thisis34 #redefinebalance #bodyacceptance #momlifebelike #gettingbackontrack #parentsof3 #mommyhood #targetshopper #bargainshopper #motherhoodunfiltered #selflovespo #scarymommy #fableticsleggings #realmomlife #youngertv #fitfluential #onlinecoach #inked #inkedmom #realasamother #kindergartener
Day 286 of 2018 + counting. ✌🏻 . If you told me 3 years ago I’d be able to free myself from the symptoms of my autoimmune disease without medication, I would call you crazy. If you told me 3 years ago I’d be able to minimize my experience with IBS, I would call you nuts. If you told me 3 years ago I’d be able to rid myself of almost all migraines, I would call you insane. 🤪🤪🤪 . Good news: you’re not any of those things! If you knew 3 years ago what I knew now, you just knew something about the power of proper nutrition that I didn’t know. You just understood the balance of pre- + probiotics, the role of antioxidants + adaptogens, the benefits of phytonutrients + digestive enzymes. You were definitely feeling more well than I was! 😳 . But I’ve caught up to you! I’ve reinvented my nutrition + integrated a patented blend of superfoods, vitamins, + all I listed above that have totally allowed me to reinvent my health + my quality of life. 💗 . If you think I’m the crazy one, it’s time for us to chat. You have nothing to lose except a pattern of discomfort, poor digestion, + spotty health. I’ve got you, mama! 👊🏻 . . . . . #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #wellnessadvocates #realmombod #thisis30something #overallwellness #inked #mombalance #momlifebelike #momswithmuscles #onlinecoach #fableticsleggings #busymoms #forrealtho #selflovespo #momswithtattoos #fitnessformoms #momanxiety #teachermom #iganephropathy #autoimmunewarrior #targetstyle #ibsdiet #migrainesupport #loveyourself #wellnessfacts #365er
Never miss a Friday. ✌🏻 . I almost did. I forgot to plug my phone into the charger at bedtime + by the time morning came, it was dead. This led to waking up 1 hour + 45 minutes late. 😳 Have you ever been 105 minutes behind schedule?! Let’s just say it’s not fine. My daily pick me up #affirmations couldn’t stop me from 🤬🤬 my way through the morning + doing my makeup in the school bathroom. 😯😯 My coteacher is the best + had the room ready when I came flying in—on time, but not early—which started me on a path to zen. 👌🏻 The rest of the day went well. Good classes. Productive prep periods. Cooler temps. I felt like myself by school day’s end. I resigned to an unexpected rest day + had my sights on my #mommydutiesfirst fpr when I got home. . As I sat in my classroom after hours to check in with my online challenge group + to delay the inevitable, I came across a post by one of my most consistent + committed challengers. She shared that her daughter had sleeping troubles + that she was so tired today, she almost skipped her workout. Almost. 😉 Then she remembered what we often say: #nevermissafriday . When I miss a Friday, I’m more likely to miss Saturday as well. I’m more like to make poor nutritional choices. I’m more likely to be more impatient with my kids. I know what I had to do. 💪🏻 . I picked up the kids, who immediately joined a neighbor for a play date, set up Kellen with snacks + his cars, + got my yoga on. I’m centered. I’m stretched. I’m ready for the weekend. ✌🏻
Be that girl. ➵ . Today, Kayden is that girl. She is seeing through something she set into action a few weeks ago. She’s had purpose + intent. She’s refused to give up. She’s worked for it. . She’s founded The Squishie Club. 🤪 . Yep, she’s created a club at her school during which everyone sits around + makes squishies out of recycled paper. She thought it would be fun, figured out how to make them, + went to her art teacher about it. The art teacher thought it was a fun idea + went to the principal. Kayden + her co-founder, Brynn, were told to find at least 12 interested students + the club would be theirs. 16 names later, + a few weeks for approval + scheduling, + this 2nd graded has made an impact on her school. The irony? She didn’t tell me about this endeavor until it was in principal review. She did this with the guidance of a teacher + the encouragement of a friend. And with tears in her eyes, she came home telling me how lucky she is to “have this opportunity.” 💗😭 . She gets it. Not always. Many time in a week she + I come to serious blows (we are the same person, after all). But more times than not, she appreciates life, works her little butt off through it, + seizes the opportunities that either come her way or she creates for herself. What was so cool is that she saw in her art teacher a woman who would understand + feel equally excited by this! ➵ . So be that girl. See what you want in life + work for it. Don’t wait around for it to appear. 👊🏻
Proving other people wrong can be pretty motivating. 💁🏻‍♀️ Do you know what’s more motivating, though?! Proving yourself right. 😉 . That is my biggest motivator. 👊🏻 . I wake up early to prove to myself that I am dedicated to my overall wellness. . I teach full time, mom nonstop, + coach in all the pockets in my day to prove to myself that I can impact the lives of those around me. . I devote time to self care, to dinner with friends, + to date nights with Hubs to prove to myself that I am still Pam, regardless of all the other roles I embody. . I am doing this for me because I believe in me. I am showing up to make myself proud + to inspire other women to prove themselves right, too. 💗 . Girlfriend, change your story. Turn the “that’s just the way I’ve always been!” + the “there’s no way I ever could...” to one simple statement: I am. Because Mama, you ARE. Then, go prove yourself right. ✌🏻
Do you love sweets as much as Kellen loves his Spider-Man pajamas?! Or, as much as Kellen loves sweets? 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️ Me, too. . My sweet tooth is my biggest struggle. I am not a “have a treat here or there” person because once my sweet tooth is triggered, I go all in. I mean ALL IN. For the last few years, I’ve really worked to minimize my cravings for sweets my eliminating almost all refined sugar + processed foods, by changing up the way I make my coffee, + rethinking my dessert-after-dinner addiction. This hasn’t been an easy trade off + some days I do indulge. For the most part, though, those indulgences end with me putting down the treat part way through as it’s all become too sweet. 😝 . Case in point, when I snapped this pic of Kellen loving on his cake pop, I had stopped by Starbucks to get a one-and-done #pumpkinspicelatte . One-and-done for sure! I couldn’t even finish it, it was so sweet. And this was something I’d had multiples of a week in the past. 😳 . It can be done! My advice? Make a simple change. Then make another. Have a soda addiction? Go without it for a week or two. Then, try reducing the sugar you put in your coffee for a few weeks. Then try baking with fruit instead of sugar for a few weeks more. Over time, simple changes add up to big shifts in your tastebuds + cravings. ✌🏻 . You can do this! 😘 . And for the record, my kids follow my nutrition 80% of the time. They are still kids, though, + an occasional cake pop isn’t a big deal. It’s all about balance, after all. 😉 . . . . #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #realmombod #thisis34 #redefinebalance #bodyacceptance #momlifebelike #momswithmuscles #parentsof3 #targetshopper #bargainshopper #motherhoodunfiltered #selflovespo #scarymommy #fableticsleggings #youngertv #fitfluential #onlinecoach #inked #inkedmom #realasamother #sweettooth @starbucks
“Confident” is still a new identity for me. ❤️ . Maybe you’ve been following my #confidencejourney for 2 1/2 years, but what you haven’t seen is the 31 1/2 years leading up to it. I played the #confidentgirl game: I was outgoing. I was a cheerleader. I was a teacher’s pet. I was always smiling. I was a good friend with a good head on my shoulders. But for as long as I could remember, I was also crazily insecure. I volunteered frequently in class not confident I had the right answer, but rather desperately needing the teacher’s validation. I signed up for so many clubs + activities simply to have more chances to find success + to prove I was capable. I smiled all the time to mask my low self esteem. I was ashamed of my teeth + delayed puberty + was mentally stuck in a constant #comparisontrap . This dance—looking bright + with it on the outside, doubting myself on the inside—did lessen as I got older, but it still transpired in my teaching career + relationships. And it drained so much of my energy. Finally, 6 months shy of my 32nd birthday, I stepped into a new headspace, one that is still a true #workinprogess but that truly matches the smile I wear. ✌🏻 . Here’s a fun fact: this confidence has nothing to do with “losing the baby weight,” the superficial albeit motivating reason I began this journey. You see, my confidence kicked in on day 1, on the day I looked in the mirror knowing I was doing something I cared about, that mattered to my health, + that was divorced from anyone else’s expectations of me. I don’t know a time before that day in January 2016 in which I made a decision that was entirely mine, entirely devoid of perceived outside influence + without caring what others would think of me. That was the most liberating day of my life. And it’s been a real #compoundeffect as this one choice to do something for ME has grown into countless hard conversations, risk taking, + manifesting that my insecure self would have never attempted. ☺️ . Many women I talk to or work with say they could never do what I do—coach others—since they are just starting their journey + have 0 confidence. I say that is exactly WHY they could not only do it, but do it well. 😘
Be a candle today. 🕯 . Light up yourself. Truly. Do something that will make the rest of your day or your mindset better. I started my day with a 35-minute cardio + core workout that challenged me, made me sweat, + set me up for success. When I workout, I feel more confident + more in-tune with me. That light translates to every part of my day from that moment on. ➶ . Light up others. Lean into those in your life who need you, + let others do the same for you. I followed my workout with my fave of my many team powwows: our accountability call. All who join share our week’s wins + learnings + worries. We epitomize #tribe + keep the convo going through a message thread long after our call ends. ➶ . Light up your health. Your decisions compound. Making one healthy choice often influences you to make other healthy choices. My daily shake keeps me full + conquers my midday sweet tooth—plus today’s recipe tastes like a #reesespeanutbuttercup . ➶ . Be a candle today. Spread light +, as my grandma says, save a little for yourself. 🕯
I think mugs are wicked good. ☕️ . Truly. I use mugs for everything: my #preworkoutdrink , heating + eating leftovers, coffee (obvi), + of course, my daily hot honey lemon water. 💦 . If you are not on the #hothoneylemon bandwagon, let me persuade you! Did you know: 🍯 raw local honey provides allergy protection + aids in digestion! 🍋 fresh lemon supports hydration + promotes clear skin! 🍯🍋 Together, lemon + honey do all of the above plus they detoxify my body, promote kidney health, help burn fat, + satisfy my sweet tooth! . It takes me 60 seconds to whip this up—I simple squeeze the juice of one lemon into a mug, add a spoon topped with a tsp of raw local honey, then top with a cup of boiling water. I stir the spoon, add a shot of room temp water, + drink it down! 😊 . Hot honey lemon water is the perfect cozy way to start your day while rehydrating your system, or as a wind down treat if you are prone to dessert-desires (like me! 🙋🏻‍♀️) + lone this is a healthier mug filler than ice cream. 😉 . So, here’s the lesson. A. If you ever need a gift idea for me, a fun mug will do the trick since #mugsaremyjam ✌🏻 B. Drink hot honey lemon water...like, now!
Being a mom is about many things. Often, it’s about holding on to your kiddos + holding them up when they need extra support. Sometimes, though, it’s holding them while they pretend to sleep in a picture. 🤪 Mostly, it’s about finding the balance between showing up however you can + in whatever way they need you. . Good luck with that, right?! 🤣 . Moms, cut yourself some slack. You are doing your best, even when you feel like your not-done list is longer than your shopping list, even when the laundry in your dryer made its way there days ago, even when your kids throw tantrums + your work commitments outweigh family time. You are doing your best. You are enough. 😘
They are always watching, even when they are not watching. ☺️ . That’s one of the biggest realizations I’ve come to in the last 3 years. My pregnancy with Kellen was an ugly one. I wasn’t me, especially not after his #ccam diagnosis. And my kids + family responded accordingly. I can’t even say I stopped taking care of myself since I really wasn’t fully committed to myself in the first place. I was at a standstill. I wasn’t growing. I wasn’t doing. I was just stagnant. And so was everyone around me. 😕 . Statistics show that when a woman changes for the better, there is a larger ripple effect than when a man makes a change. Her family, her friends, her colleagues, her community, even the world changes for the better, too. I look around + see examples of this every day, especially in our current climate. I can also say this is true in my own home. Once Kellen was born + I stopped letting life happen to me + started taking control of my life, my family followed suit. When I found my voice, theirs grew stronger. When I made my health a priority, they made better choices, too. When I pushed for more, they sought better. 😉 . So every morning, when I cue up my workout + my kiddos wander downstairs intent on either making a mess or making me crazy, I know that something important is happening: they see me, even when they are immersed in a game or destroying the playroom. They see their mom believes in + loves herself enough to wake up early + carve out time for her well-being. They see that I am confident in my body + #controllingthecontrollables in my own health. They see that my choice to prioritize myself is my way of prioritizing them, too—even when they aren’t looking. ☺️
Just focus + keep aiming. ➳ . If you’re anything like me + have a real life with real responsibilities + influences (ahem, that’s all of you!), then your life probably gets hairy again just as you smooth the last rough edge. That pull backwards feels daunting. At times, it even feels debilitating. It is the exact opposite, though; it’s momentum. It’s force. It’s intention. It’s life getting you ready for launch. ➶ . So keep focus. Keep aiming. That’s what today has been for me. I made up for lost time with the perfectly balanced cardio + yoga routine. I meal prepped my little heart out. I played games with the kiddos. I did every last load of laundry. I ensured that I am ready for my arrow to launch tomorrow. 🎯
What are you meal prepping today? 🍴 . Here’s a quick rundown of my menu this week, + what I’ve got cooking: 👉🏻 Preworkout meal: I’m grilling organic chicken sausage, sauté if spinach, + halving my sprouted grain English muffins. 👉🏻 Postworkout meal: I’m baking sweet potato “fries” + making #fixaterecipe sloppy joes. 👉🏻 Meal option 1: my shake! To prep, I’m portioning frozen bags with a serving of spinach + a half banana. 👉🏻 Meal option 2: I’m making + grilling chicken burgers. I’ll assemble them on a @ozerybakery one bun with hummus + tomato. 👉🏻 Meal option 3, dinners! Im getting ahead here, too! I’m going to sauté peppers for steak fajitas, grill chicken, steam broccoli, cook up brown rice + whole grain pasta, + assemble our fave broccoli kale slaw. . The kids will help me also clean + portion fruit + veggies for easy snacks, plus we will make our own “trail mix” with pistachios, #dairyfree dark chocolate chips, + @traderjoes vanilla almond granola. 😊 . It takes effort, but it is more than worth it! If you want recipes for any of these things, just ask! 😘
A few lessons for your evening scrolling: 👉🏻 It’s never too late to get it done. Never—hence a 9 pm #legday workout. 👉🏻 It’s always a good idea to stretch. Never skip this step of your workout...or make an evening stretch your only workout! (PS: yes, I’m stretching my forearms, which may have done just as much work as my legs!) 👉🏻 It’s always possible to get just a little smarter or stronger. That’s why I listened to an amazing podcast before my workout + lifted heavier than last week during my workout. 👉🏻 It’s never a bad idea to share a little positivity in the world. Here’s mine. What’s yours?! 😉 . #dreamyourdreams #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #realmombod #thisis30 #bodygoals #inked #mombalance #momlifebelike #momswithmuscles #onlinecoach #fableticsleggings #busymoms #forrealtho #selflovespo #momswithtattoos #fitnessformoms #momanxiety #teachermom #iganephropathy #autoimmunewarrior #targetstyle
It’s days like today—when her sass is greater than her smile + her voice is stronger than her patience—that I think back to this little lady, before she was Sissy, when she was just Kayden. Just mine. 💗 . It’s days like today when I reminisce. We took on the world for 2 years. We loved + danced + sang + snacked + read + cuddled, just the two of us. ☺️ I know her strong willed personality + big emotions are a combo of #naturevsnurture but I still wonder how much of her changed, morphed into a more protective + fierce + vocal leader, when she became the oldest instead of the only. 💗 . It’s days like today when I take deeper breaths. When I bite my tongue. When I smile + hug + console + mediate. When I remember she is built to take on the world...alone. She won’t need me. She often doesn’t need me, as she demonstrates every single day. 💗 . It’s days like today I love her most. 💗 . #dreamyourdreams #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #realmombod #bringthejoy #momtruth #workingmom #mombalance #momlifebelike #expecttheunexpected #workingmama #newjerseymoms #busymoms #mommyhood #minime #postpartum #healthykids #teachermom #raisinggirls #lifewithkids #hotmessmoms #karatemom #karategirl #throwback
To say yesterday was not my day, that I felt off, would be an understatement. I had a wicked Back to School Night “hangover,” I didn’t get a workout in, I broke my nose...you know, not a #top10day , as my mom + Pop would call it. 😝 . But not today! Today is my day. I woke up early, as usual, + got my ish done. I iced my face, ate well, + drank my #mommagic . I did laundry + made my to-do list. I worked out (yay for no restrictions + breathing through 1 nostril 🤪). I’ve done everything I can to make today my kind of day. Your mood + your attitude hinge on 1 factor: you! Sure, life throws curve balls or unexpected accidentally backhands. Show up for it all, smile as big as ever, + do what you can to own your day. I don’t know what today will have in store for me, but I am confident I’m ready for it all now. 😉 . Friday, I’ve got you! ✌🏻 . . . . . #slaytheday #owntheday #dreamyourdreams #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #realmombod #bringthejoy #preschoolmom #redefinebalance #mombalance #momlifebelike #newmama #workingmama #funnystory #tgif #fridayfeels #pma #positivevibes #attitudeiskey #smilemore #obsessed #80dayobsession #momswholift #forearmtattoo #redefine
If you caught my #instagramstories today, you know I ended up at the doctor’s this afternoon (yup...fractured nose...again! 🤪). When they asked my height + weight, I almost lied, though totally inadvertently. It’s been a year since I was the “weight” I almost shared, months since the scale started trending up rather than down, weeks since I realized my “healthy weight” was not at all what I always imagined it should be. 😊 . True, they say muscle weighs more than fat (it’s really just more dense than fat 😉). If you swipe to the pic from my final day of work before my final maternity leave, you’ll see I’ve made major #gains in that area. But it’s more than my body that’s changed. . My mindset has changed. 💗 . If you’ve ever lied about your weight on a medical form, I’ve been there. If you’ve ever lied about your weight to a friend, I’ve been there. If you’ve ever lied about your weight to your partner—or hidden it from him or her altogether—I’ve been there. If you’ve ever measured your worth or your success or or your beauty by your weight, I’ve been there. But I am NOT there any more. ✌🏻 . And it’s not because I’m at my #goalweight . I don’t have one. It’s because I’m at my #goalmindset , something that matters so much more + that is so worth measuring. 💪🏻 . Getting to this place has been my greatest journey yet. Staying in this #positiveheadspace will be even more work. It’s work, though, that matters for my overall health + well-being. Are you ready to put in the same work? If you want to but don’t know how or where to start, I’ll be your tour guide on your #selflovequest . I’ll help you own what matters + to #blessandrelease what doesn’t. DM me for details on #selflovequest2018 ☺️
Can we talk about sweat?! 💦 💦 . Did you know women have more sweat glands than men, but men produce more sweat? . Did you know that the more fit you are, the faster you will begin sweating during exercise as your body immediately jumps into “cooling” mode? . Did you know that how much you sweat, though, has little correlation with how hard you work while exercising?! 😳 . It’s true! Your calorie burn does not hinge upon your sweat. Your muscle exertion + cardio endurance do not lead to more sweat. So if you’re like me + feel like a less-sweaty workout is a less effective workout, we are both wrong! 💪🏻 . Regardless, I sweat more than ever this morning...so, all facts aside, I am walking away thinking I worked harder than ever, no matter what I know to be true. 🤪 . So sweat. Or don’t. Either way, get moving. Raise your heart rate. Destress + decompress. It’s all good for you, sweat not withstanding. 😉
Twilight Run family fun! 🏃‍♀️ 🏃 . The big kids’ school hosts an awesome evening run a few times a year for the recess runners. Tonight was the first + we had a blast! Paxton logged 2 1/2 miles + Kayden logged 3 1/2 miles, while Kellen + I repeatedly knocked down every cone marking the course just as incentive to keep going. 🤪 We followed it up with pizza, a magic show, + the book fair! This is my kind of night! ✌🏻 . #alwaysmoving #healthyfamily #wellnessforlife #fitfam #elementaryschool #recessrunners #fitkids #kidswhorun #familyfunnight #greenlightgo #triberedefine #pamelabusfit
A few observations as I showed up for my team call tonight: 👉🏻 I don’t have an office, but I have an iced coffee. 🤩 👉🏻 Superman is becoming my own #whereswaldo 🤪 👉🏻 I can do this job in my jammies. And I am. 💁🏻‍♀️ 👉🏻 When are these no longer “baby hairs” + just fly-aways?! I mean, he’s almost 3. 😝 . The most significant observation of all: I show up. ✌🏻 . I show up for my business, for my team, + for my challengers. I show up for health. I show up for balance. I show up for me. 💗 . And I choose to show up. Every day. No matter what—even when I’m busy, when I’m tired, when my goals feel too big. 💪🏻 . Time for you to show up, too. 👊🏻
As we close the door on one month, I can’t help but feel like I’ve got my grove back. Are you looking for yours?🌻 . Summer was tough for me. I’ve shared before that the flexibility + lack of consistent schedule doesn’t serve me. My anxiety peaks, my self doubt resurfaces, + my patience wears thin. These downward spirals encompassed me for most of the last few months. September, though, was a reboot. I fell back into my school routine with ease. I’ve managed my business hours with clearer boundaries, I’ve refocused my meal planning + prep, plus my kids + I are thriving with more predictability in our days. The structure allows me to stay more committed to my fitness as well, which means I’m committed to my health in the process. 💗 . I am going to finish the year stronger than ever, + I invite you to do so, too. I’m here to help you find consistency + focus as we close out the year. I’m here guide you through meeting healthy goals—whatever they are!—and to holding you accountable every step of the way. Let me be your September. Let me give you your focus back. 💪🏻 . Let’s connect via the link in my bio so we can decide the best path to 2019 for you! XO 🌻 . ##dreamyourdreams #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #realmombod #thisis30 #bodygoals #seeyaseptember #mombalance #momlifebelike #momswithmuscles #onlinecoach #fableticsleggings #busymoms #forrealtho #selflovespo #bodyafterbaby #fitnessformoms #momanxiety #teachermom #kohlsclearance #fallflowers #sunflowers
Like destroy an entire 657 piece LEGO set, eat a sleeve of Starbursts, + bring in a bin of “to be donated” toys from the garage—all while I threw in a load of laundry. 😳 . But he’s not the only busy bee in this household. Daddy’s in #fantasyfootballleague coma, Kayden is inventing games + working on a school project, Paxton is rebuilding said LEGO set, + I am meal prepping like a mother. 😉 . Here’s to toddler-level productivity + a sunny, centered Sunday! 😘
Pax + I put in work today! 💪🏻👊🏻 . We’ve earned a fun afternoon at the fall festival, for sure. 😉 First, I capped off my first week of round 2 with a 30-min cardio workout right in our playroom, surrounded by magnet tiles + chaos. 😉 Paxton competed in his first in-house karate tournament. He participated in 2 events + took first in the Little Leaders form competition. It was so cool seeing his confidence shine, his creativity take over, + his chuck skills dominate his on-the-fly routine. 😊 . Health + fitness are family affairs. Loved sharing a kick butt morning with this guy. 😘 . . . #dreamyourdreams #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #realmombod #bringthejoy #momtruth #workingmom #mombalance #momlifebelike #fambam #workingmama #newjerseymoms #busymoms #mommyhood #kindergartener #mamabears #postpartum #healthykids #boymama #raisingboys #lifewithkids #hotmessmoms #karatemom #karateboy
💗 Health 😊 Sanity ✌🏻 Tribe . That’s what this business means for me. . 💗 It’s my commitment to my own wellness + to that of my family. 😊 It’s my ability to #controlthecontrollables to find peace, calm, + structure in my day. ✌🏻 It’s a community of women from across the country who’ve got my back, who inspire me, + who let me journey along side them. . I wouldn’t be me, all #greenlightgo + banishing negative talk, if this business, this opportunity didn’t come into my life. I’d still be a perpetual #yesgirl , giving into everyone else’s vision of my life. I’d still be taking on more than I could handle (even more than I do now 🤪), afraid to disappoint. I’d still put my health on the back burner. I’d still be searching for my voice, my confidence, + my self-worth. I’d still be outgoing + full of smiles, but now I know what’s behind that smile: . 💗 Health 😊 Sanity ✌🏻 Tribe . If you’re ready to find these gifts in your own life, join me for an insider look at coaching + into the culture of my team, Tribe Redefine. We will be live tomorrow night at 9 to share our passions + to invite you to start living yours, too. DM for details or follow the #linkinbio to apply! . #dreamyourdreams #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #realmombod #thisis30 #myfittribe #redefinebalance #mombalance #momlifebelike #iteachenglish #booklovers #targetshopper #targetforthewin #legitmomstyle #candidmotherhood #styleonabudget #thisis3 #scarymommy #kohlsshopper #njmoms #teachermamas #youngertv #healthadvocate
Even in the imbalance, you find balance. ⚖️ . One leg is strong, one is wobbly. One minute I’m alone, the next I’m bombarded with kids. I’m mom + teacher. I’m calm + crazy. I’m always seeking balance in the imbalance, just doing it on my terms. Balance doesn’t mean perfect or equal or even fair. Balance simply means owning your priorities, aligning your efforts, being flexible, + remembering to laugh when life-or a kid or two—tries to tip you over. 😉 . Find your balance today. It’s there, in the craziness. If you redefine what I means, you’ll find it. ✌🏻 . . . . #dreamyourdreams #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #realmombod #thisis30 #bodygoals #mommingsohard #mombalance #momlifebelike #momswithmuscles #onlinecoach #fableticsleggings #busymoms #forrealtho #selflovespo #bodyafterbaby #fitnessformoms #momanxiety #teachermom #iganephropathy #autoimmunewarrior #targetstyle #bargainshopper #familyof5
I may look like I’m taking life super seriously. I’m not. But my heath?! I don’t mess around with that. 💗 . I’m busy. I don’t say that as a badge of honor. It’s just the reality of #workingmomlife or even just #21stcenturyliving 🤪 We are all busy + we all have more on our metaphorical plates than we can handle. That’s why what we put on our literal plates shouldn’t be complicated. Keep your nutrition clean + accessible. 💗 . My daily shake is one way I simplify things. I know that in 60 seconds, I can whip up a complete meal that replaces my multivitamin, that aids in my digestion (see ya later, #ibs 👋🏻), that boosts my immune system, + that fills in the nutritional gaps that have seeped into the American diet. I am no longer plagued by chronic bouts of my autoimmune disease + my waist line stays pretty lean as well. That’s all the serious I need. 💗 . If you’re looking to up your nutrition + to feel well, let’s chat about giving this simple solution a try. 💗 . . . . . . #dreamyourdreams #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #easymeals #cleaneatingideas #thisis34 #healthgoals #mombalance #momlifebelike #momswithmuscles #onlinecoach #busymoms #forrealtho #selflovespo #bodyafterbaby #fitnessformoms #momanxiety #teachermom #iganephropathy #autoimmunewarrior #targetstyle #bargainshopper
Really can’t say I’m surprised. Complacency is the leading cause of being obese. You get comfortable in your routine and relish in the fact that your “auto pilot” mode keeps you going each and everyday. . . I AM GUILTY! I am guilty of this as well. Trust me it is so much easier to coast through life than taking the hard road. Complacency in my mind is another word for LAZY!!!! 🤯🤯 . . Complacent/laziness is killing me and it is taking my life for a hard turn down a road I never thought I would be in. But guess what this dumbass is at that tollbooth about to deposit his tokens to that road. Unless I do something. . . I choose now and forever to be uncomfortable! Being called weird or whatever useless word or descriptive adjective any one can come up with because I CHOOSE to now live my life outside that comfort zone and take my life off “auto pilot” take take FULL CONTROL and RESPONSIBILITY for my life and decisions! . . I am going to be O’BEAST rather than OBESE! Long winded hell yeah but needs to be said but if you’re feeling this way and want to make a change let’s do it together! . . Who wants to keep me accountable? . . . #teamfitdynasty #triberedefine #FireWifeLivingaFITLife #FireFighterFit #workhardplayharder #firefighter #firefighterfitness #fitchick #LIIFT4 #noexcuses #allgains #nodadbod #obeastnotobese #obeast #everydamnday #nofilterever #complacentcykills
I don’t know who Amy is, but I think we could be best friends. 💁🏻‍♀️ . Anyone else living a #busymomlife who still has time for a leisurely walk through Target, #starbuckscoffee in hand? Sometimes, it is just he bliss we need to recharge! ✌🏻 . Often, though, we don’t. We do do do for everyone else. We over schedule, over commit, + wonder why we get overly stressed. We all have the same 24 hours in the day (#clichealert 🤪), but we make time for what we need to do. Make time for what you want to do, too. Today, look at what you squeeze into your day. Can any of that be delegated? I don’t mean by osmosis. Can you more directly ask your spouse or mom or neighbor for help? And can any of it wait until tomorrow? Make your happiness + your sanity show up on your to-do list every day. My early morning workouts + maybe a solo Target run or 10 min sit in Starbucks in the afternoon do that for me. They prep me for a day of teaching + rejuvenate me before the chaos of #mommyhood kicks back in. These moments of pause that are totally for me are necessary. So “run errands” Amy style today. You’ll be happy you did. 😉 . #momhumor #funnymoms #scarymommy #motivatedaily #metimeisthebesttime #mommyneedsabreak #workingmom #greenlightgo #triberedefine #balanceseeker #redefinebalance #mommyliferocks #njmoms #southjerseymoms #targetmoms #targetislife #clichemompost @target @targetstyle #targetobsessed
👉🏻 What you see: two blue plates?! 😬 What I see: torture devices. . I’m just kidding. Kind of. 🤪 Phase 1 of this program means Wednesdays are devoted to 2 things: cardio + core. If you’ve followed me for a while, you know my 2 biggest fitness nemeses: cardio + core. We don’t need weights (damn! 😠). We don’t do crunches (shucks! 😕). We just HIIT it, slide it (that’s what these things are for!), try not to quit, + then we are done. My scoliosis thanks me for staying off the mat for ab work, but my shoulders hate me. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, though, right?! This workout totally ups my #mentalstrength game, that’s for sure!✌🏻 . Want to give these sliders a try for effective core work without laying down? Check out my stories for a peek at some simple moves you can try with paper plates! 😉 . #instagramstories #coremoves #moveoftheday #morningcardiodone #cardiocore #obsessed #80do #day3of80 #round2 #dreamyourdreams #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #realmombod #thisis30 #bodygoals #scoliosisexercise #mombalance #momlifebelike #momswithmuscles #onlinecoach #fableticsleggings #busymoms #forrealtho #selflovespo
Will you jump all in with us?? 💗✌🏻 . Because we are jumping towards better. Better health. Better mindsets. Better futures. But we are jumping together. 💗🙌🏻 . When you see me + “all I do” + you think you could NEVER do this? You can because you won’t do any of it alone. We interact every day in our private fitness support groups, in our team page, in our group chats (+ it’s a #grouptext you won’t want to mute 😉). We brainstorm ways to help more people. We motivate one another when #selfdoubt or #overwhelm creep in. We work together to reach goals. We support each other in our personal lives. We love each other when we are jumping, when we are standing still, + when we are fighting against the under tow. We do it all together. 💗💪🏻 . We’ll be sharing more of how this business has become a passion, how this hobby has become a lifestyle, + how this team has become a Tribe in our exclusive Coaching Insider event on Saturday evening. Leave your email below for the details, or DM to jump in sooner! 💗✌🏻 . #dreamyourdreams #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #realmombod #bringthejoy #fitfriends #redefinebalance #healthyteachers #athomeworkouts #fituential #onlinecoach #highschoolteachers #girlpower #strongmoms #strongwomen #strongissexy #leanmuscle #philadephiaphotographer #southjerseyphotographer #inthistogether #imthewolfintheback
Change is inevitable. Growth is a decision. Grow with curiosity, grace, + confidence. You’ve got this. 👊🏻 . . . . . #slaytheday #owntheday #dreamyourdreams #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #growthmindset #growthminded #motivatedaily #youvegotthis #momtribe
If I stay the same while these 3 continue to grow, I won’t be the mom they need. ☺️ . For one thing, no parenting book prepared me for raising these kiddos. What works with one often doesn’t work with the others. So I adapt + learn from our experiences. 👍🏻 . Secondly, if I’m not working to improve who I am by exploring personal development, reflecting on my choices, getting educated on health + wellness, I’m not leading by example. I want my kids to see my #workinprogress lifestyle. I want them to know that it is totally okay to never be perfect + that, in fact, perfection is an unrealistic goal. I want them to see Mom always tried her best, + when her best wasn’t what worked, she dug in to find ways to improve on that best—within reason, of course. 💗 . Be open to growth. If not for you, do it for them. 😉 . #dreamyourdreams #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #realmombod #thisis30 #bodygoals #growthmindset #mombalance #momlifebelike #momswithmuscles #onlinecoach #fableticsleggings #busymoms #forrealtho #selflovespo #bodyafterbaby #fitnessformoms #momanxiety #teachermom #iganephropathy #autoimmunewarrior #targetstyle #bargainshopper #familyof5
Where my #coffeelovers at?! 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️☕️☕️ . What’s your brew of choice? I’m an iced coffee with soy or almond milk kinda gal, but if I’m drinking it hot, I prefer it with ghee or cinnamon + honey. It hasn’t always been this way! . I was a MAJOR “sugar in my coffee” kinda lady. And I loved ALL the fancy lattes + macchiatos + flavors. And dairy allllll day. Slowly subbing in #dairyfree alternatives + reducing my sugar additives over time was totally doable. I enjoy coffee too much to have it wreck my nutrition for the day. Going #sugarfree + eliminating dairy has made a difference in my waistline + kicked that post-coffee crash, which often stems from all the sugar, not the caffeine. 👍🏻 . Do you think you could make a change for healthier coffee cravings? 🤷🏻‍♀️☕️ . . . . #starbucksallday #icedcoffee #hotcoffee #soylatte #coldbrews #coffeeaddictmama #dreamyourdreams #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #realmombod #thisis30 #bodygoals #inked #fallfashiontrends #momlifebelike #momswithmuscles #onlinecoach #bootieseason #busymoms #forrealtho #selflovespo #bodyafterbaby #fitnessformoms #momanxiety
Day 1 is done, + we are pumped! 💪🏻 . You may be wondering, “how many day 1s does this chick have?!” As many as I want. 😉 . See, that’s the thing. Our lives, if we let them, comprise of a series of day 1s. We can choose to begin or begin again at any time + for any reason. Treat your life like a journey. ✌🏻 . So I am at Day 1 again. And I’ll be at Day 1 when I finish this program, + again after that. I’m never finished. I’ll never be finished. I’m a #workinprogress , just like you. 😘 . . . . #dreamyourdreams #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #realmombod #thisis30 #bodygoals # #mombalance #momlifebelike #momswithmuscles #onlinecoach #fableticsleggings #busymoms #forrealtho #selflovespo #bodyafterbaby #fitnessformoms #momanxiety #teachermom #iganephropathy #autoimmunewarrior #targetstyle #bargainshopper #familyof5
If you’re setting your intentions for the week ahead, just remember...👊🏻✌🏻 . . . . . #goalcast #visioncast #affirmationsdaily #motivatedaily #youcanyouwill #weeklygoals #youvegotthis #greenlightgo #dreamyourdreams #triberedefine
Sunday influences the tone for the week. That often means making to-do lists, meal prep, + setting intentions. I’m getting my week on the right track with family + fitness. 💗 . A few hours being the daughter + 21 minutes of sweating with my fitness #soulsister got me like 😁😁 . Take time to get your mind right so your week ahead goes smoother. I’ll be sure to finish all my meal prepping + will definitely consult my calendar before the night ends, but for now, I love the choices I made to put my priorities where I did. What will make you smile on this Sunday? 😁😁 . PS: A Broncos win will also help. 😉🏈 . . . . . #dreamyourdreams #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #realmombod #thisis30 #bodygoals # #mombalance #momlifebelike #momswithmuscles #onlinecoach #fableticsleggings #busymoms #forrealtho #selflovespo #bodyafterbaby #fitnessformoms #momanxiety #teachermom #iganephropathy #autoimmunewarrior #targetstyle #bargainshopper #familyof5 #husbandandwife #10yearsmarried
I have scoliosis. 😊 . It hasn’t caused me much pain, though it makes certain mat/floor exercises almost impossible as I cannot push my lower back to the ground + it lead to pretty intense back labor. I thought I was a family anomaly until my dad was recently diagnosed with it, along with surgery-requiring spinal stenosis. 😬 Though these conditions do not have to be mutually exclusive, scoliosis can increase one’s risk of lumbar #spinalstenosis , something I will do all I can to fight against. Keeping my back strong + limber is part of that plan. This morning’s cardio yoga routine fits right into that. 🙌🏻 . Take your health into your own hands. So much is out of our control, yet we all have the ability to #controlthecontrollables in various ways as well. Regular exercise, healthy diets, minimizing stress, all help you #ownyourhealth 😘 . #wellnessadvocate #scoliosisawareness #healthadvocate #exerciseforlife #fitforlife #livehealthfully #dreamyourdreams #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #realmombod #thisis30 #bodygoals # #mombalance #momlifebelike #momswithmuscles #onlinecoach #fableticsleggings #busymoms #forrealtho #selflovespo
Fueling my body with a well-balanced lunch is such a habit for me now. It wasn’t for a long time, though. I used to pack a 100-calorie something, a Light N Fit yogurt, + a piece of fruit, then call it a day...until I binged on something from a vending machine before leaving school. Then stuffed my face with Craisins + bowls of cereal when I got home. I had such a warped sense of the relationship between my eating + my weight, my nutrition + my health. I saw eating less as the best plan. I saw “low fat” or “reduced fat” as the best options. I saw grazing as the best method. None of this was or is true. 😳 . I walked around lethargic, I was either under weight or “skinny fat,” I had poor digestion, + I was often pale + always hungry. Once I educated myself on macronutrients + clean eating, everything shifted. Now, I eat more than ever, + am fitter than ever. I make sure veggies + protein take the stage, with fruit, healthy fat, + complex carbs rounding out some meals. I snack way less (though still on occasion) + I never, ever hit the vending machine. My energy, my ability to create lean muscle, + my digestion all benefit! 💗 . I wouldn’t have known this without my coach. My first group as a challenger didn’t just introduce me to fitness. It opened my eyes to better eating habits. I do not diet. I haven’t dieted in years. Instead, I listen to my body + fuel it according to what I need from it. It’s not all that complicated, but it is all that important. ☺️ . If you don’t know where or how to begin, maybe you need a coach. Maybe you need me to get you back on track in the kitchen so you can feel better + be better. Let me help you redefine your understanding of health + nutrition. Exercise is simply extra credit. 😉
It is all up to you... 💗 . I had a “slow” summer. I was all over the place in my business, lost in a race for goals that felt off + in a non-existent schedule. Today, I talked openly about this with my close coach friends. They shared similar mental road blocks. In our shared cathartic conversation that lasted most of the day, we each realized something: we are here, we are doing this, in spite of the “slumps” + in the face of those who misunderstand it + in conjunction with our hectic lives because we live it. We feel drawn to it: The ability to help someone get healthy. Most days, that someone is simply ourselves—and that is perfectly okay. 💗 . This calling brought us all together in the first place. We are each on a mission to create the things we wish existed, both for us + for the women we work with or inspire: 💗 health 💗 confidence 💗 opportunity 💗 community Not one of us is perfect. Not one of us feels like we’ve got this business down. Not one of us feels like this is easy. It’s work! What we all feel, though, is that we are committed to the importance of it all. 💗 . Are you looking to create more for yourself? Are you looking for women also seeking this in their own lives? Look no further. Tribe Redefine welcomes you to create right among side of us. Perfection not required. 💗 . Follow the “coaching” link in my bio + we will set up a call. 💗 . . . . . #dreamyourdreams #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #realmombod #thisis30 #bodygoals #honesty #mombalance #momlifebelike #momswithmuscles #onlinecoach #fableticsleggings #busymoms #forrealtho #selflovespo #bodyafterbaby #fitnessformoms #momanxiety #teachermom #girlgang #autoimmunewarrior #targetstyle #bargainshopper #familyof5
I’ve given the “big kids” a day of yes, (mostly) agreeing to all their requests. We dropped the little guy at his usual sitter, grabbed a coffee for Mom, + began our adventure. 🙋🏻‍♀️👧🏻👦🏼 . Aquarium. Gift shop treats. Burgers. Stairwell dance parties. Lots of photo shoots. Gum. You know...all the good stuff. It’s been one of my favorite days in a long time. Maybe one of my favorite days ever. 💗 . At the risk of jinxing it all, there’s been no fighting, everyone’s been polite, all no’s (I said mostly a day of yes!) have been handled maturely. It’s been the best bonus day together I could imagine. 🙌🏻 . Relenting control + giving in to their breed of fun isn’t always easy for me. Either I’m chasing a toddler or I’m too rigid or I’m too distracted. None of that applied today. 😁 . These are the moments I hope they’ll always remember. I hope this is the Mom they remember, too. ☺️
What a difference... 👉🏻 24 hours 👉🏻 the right mindset 👉🏻 better nutrition 👉🏻 support from your Tribe ...can make. 😉 . Pamela Bus was full on #strugglebus yesterday. As I shared, my nutrition has been off for a few weeks, steadily shifting from flexible to #forgetaboutit . I dialed it back in yesterday—save for one last #halotopicecream pumpkin pie last night. 😉 I selected my favorite workout for today, which had me wake up with excitement. I also knew I’d follow my workout with an accountability call with the best ladies (@fitfabyou was there, too, but I forgot to snap a complete pic!), so I was extra motivated to have a productive morning. Basically, Pamela got her groove back. ✌🏻 . If you are feeling off, embrace it—but don’t sit with it. #dosomething about it. Eat a healthier snack. Call a friend. Go for a walk. Blast some 90s gangsta rap. Promise yourself your pity party won’t bleed into the next day. Whatever you’ve got to do, do it for you. Find your groove + ride that wave as far as it will take you. 👊🏻 . . . . #greenlightgo #triberedefine #mombalance #momlifebelike #momswithmuscles #onlinecoach #fableticsleggings #busymoms #forrealtho #selflovespo #bodyafterbaby #fitnessformoms #momanxiety #inked #momswithtattoos #fiercefemales #wcw @carldaikeler
This is me: totally toast after my cardio workout this morning. This is me, working out in real time, no fast speed + fun edits. This is the real slow-paced, gassed-out struggle of my final round of my morning’s workout. 😬💪🏻💦 . This morning almost broke me. That sounds dramatic, but it’s the truth. My eating has been total crap lately—literally. I let the flexibility of my recent program re-trigger my sugar cravings. Last night, I had a cup cake...and a half...and all the icing my daughter scraped off her’s. 😳 And I felt it in every rep + ever jump this morning. I was bloated + sluggish + sore almost from the first minute of work. It dawned on me at the half-way mark that I’m not suddenly out of shape, but I am suddenly under-nourished + low on “fuel.” My body functions on the good stuff: veggies + lean protein + complex carbs + healthy fats. Processed foods quite immediately kick my butt. 😶 . As my girl @myfitgreenvibe reminded us all today, I am here to #ownit + change it + take back control of it. Game on. 👊🏻 . #healthyeating #sugaraddict #carbloaded #foodisfuel #veggiesmost #leanprotein #healthyfat #dairyfree #nutritionisthekey #absaremadeinthekitchen #dreamyourdreams #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #realmombod #thisis30 #bodygoals # #mombalance #momlifebelike #momswithmuscles #onlinecoach #fableticsleggings #busymoms #forrealtho #selflovespo
A. I’m the luckiest #successpartner in the world. 💗 @forever_fit_mom is the best! She won an advanced box of our new #vegan #pumpkinspice shakes + sent me 2 to try! B. Believe the hype. It is THAT good. 😍🎃 C. The formula is still the proprietary blend of #superfoods I’ve trusted for over 2 1/2 years to naturally manage my IBS, migraines, + kidney autoimmune disease. 🙌🏻 . Wanna try it?! No latte can compare! Message me now to get your hands on some before this #limitededition flavor sells out! XO . . . . . #dreamyourdreams #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #realmombod #thisis30 #redefinebalance #bodyacceptance #momlifebelike #gettingbackontrack #parentsof3 #dateyourspouse #targetshopper #bargainshopper #couplestyle #oldnavyactive #scarymommy #10yearsmarried #youngertv
Actually, you can. 👊🏻 . There is nothing remarkable about me. I may be a bit more peppy or clumsy than others. I’m definitely a bit more chatty or stubborn than some. Nothing about me, though, makes it any more possible for me to consistently do what I do for my health—work out, eat well, take others on this journey with me. What it takes is something we all have but pretend we don’t have—time—coupled with something we all have but often ignore—self love. ⏰💗 . I haven’t always been this way. It took a #rockbottom moment after my #thirdbaby was born. I was out of shape, overwhelmed with motherhood + my career + my self loathing, while navigating through Kellen’s #ccam diagnosis. I needed a way to be me again so that I could be mom + teacher + wife. The community I found myself in + the workouts I discovered changed my life. I haven’t looked back. ☺️ . When you realize YOU are important + that your health influences everyone around you, you find the time. Maybe, like me, it’s carving out a half hour before the sun + your fam wake up. Or maybe, it’s using your lunch hour more productively so you can fit in fitness after work. Maybe still, it’s promising your self that 4 days a week, YOU will let go of your excuses + simply make it happen, kids climbing on you every second. Because mama, actually, you can. You can do what I do, even though you don’t think you could. You can feel healthy + confident + consistent. You can feel like your best you. 👊🏻 . Fall back into a positive mindset + healthy habits with me. For the next 30 days, I’ll lead this challenge with my main girl @forever_fit_mom so you can see what you are actually capable of achieving. 💪🏻 Who is ready? Actually, you are. 😘
Food prep Sunday! My apologies for the lack of posting, however no excuses, life does get in the way and I allowed it to affect my decision of taking a while off. Hey I’m only a human not a god. I took time off for my mental health and well being but now I’m getting back into it and I want every to follow me and watch my ascension to my goals!!! . . #teamfitdynasty #triberedefine #FireWifeLivingaFITLife #FireFighterFit #workhardplayharder #firefighter #firefighterfitness #fitchick #LIIFT4 #noexcuses #allgains
Pretty simple recipe for a Sunday morning. 😉 . My “sleep” my not seem like much since I like to wake up early on Sundays, too. I am following #themiraclemorning every day of the week. I am starting it an hour later than I do during the work week, but I’m still up + at it. Beginning my day with such positivity + productivity feels right. It influences my mood, my mindset, + my motivation level for the rest of the day. It’s the “happy” in this basic morning equation. 😉 I’ve finished my silence, my affirmations, my visualizations, my reading, + my scribing. Now it’s time to exercise to complete the 6-step morning. 💪🏻 . Sleep. Happy. Sunday. ✌🏻 . Have you tried the miracle morning? It’s not nearly as complicated as this all may seem. I’d love to help walk you through it! ☀️
What my personal yoga instructor told me from the #chromebook in my play room this evening: “As in life, take up as much space as you can on the mat. No one deserves to be small.” @elisejoanfitness 👌🏻 . What my boys heard: “Take up as much of the play room + Mom’s sanity as possible. No one deserves to play small.” 🤪 . They’re happy in magnet-tile + couch gymnastics heaven. I’m happy with a 30 minute slice of core + stretching—and no one got hurt, not even the acrobatic toddler. #winwinwin if you ask me. 😉 . You may think I’m crazy, but this totally beats all the time this would take loading them in the car + dropping them at the gym daycare, only to be interrupted mid class since #toddlerstunts are frowned upon in public places. 😬 I can pause, rewind, include the kids, or pick something shorter from my #Netflix of fitness. 👊🏻 #biggestwinyet . I’d love to help you see for yourself! Join me for #FallIntoFitness 30 day #fitnesschallenge to #dosomething for your health while cutting out all the hassle. DM today, or request info via the #linkinmybio 😘
Another karate semester under his belt 🥋😉 #punintended . Paxton turns 6 in 2 days, + though he is often the typical boy, the typical kid, he is also rather genuine, focused, disciplined, + strong—traits that I can attribute to his 2 years of karate training. I may be biased, but I think he’s a pretty awesome dude. Karate at @kaizenmartialarts has allowed him to dial in even more to his sense of self, to his confidence, + to his respect for others. Every 12 weeks, he beams when he receives his new belt. He knows he’s earned it. He knows he’ll have to work even harder for the next one. Thanks to wonderful role models like Dr. LoPinto, @hughs_hue , + @tommcgoldrick , + all the KIT students for leading the way! KIA! 👊🏻 . . . . . #dreamyourdreams #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #fitkidsofinstagram #bringthejoy #momtruth #workingmom #healthykiddos #momlifebelike #activekids #workingmama #newjerseymoms #busymoms #mommyhood #kindergartener #5yearsold #raisingboys #healthykids #teachermom #karatekid #lifewithkids #hotmessmoms #karatemom
What are you reading? 📚 . I’m finally diving into #allthelightwecannotsee after hearing so much praise! It was also one of our summer reading options. So far, it has the feel of The Nightengale, the detail of Atonement, + the interweaving of characters of Anna Karenina—some of my favorites. ☺️ . At my kiddos’ Back to School Night last night, I noticed such a strong emphasis on reading. My heart just swells at that concept. This English teacher loves knowing my kids are given guidance to read well, space to read often, + encouragement to read for pleasure. We will sure continue this at home! 💗 . Leave your #mustreads for me + for my kids (2nd grade with advanced reading level + kindergartener learning to read) in the comments. TIA + TGIF ✌🏻
I see you, girl. 😉 . I see you smiling in car line through clenched teeth because the arguments in the backseat have started before you even leave the parking lot. 🙄 I see you swinging through the drive-thru because “but I’m staaaaaaarving now!” can only be handled for so long. 🙄 I see you handling sports schedules + dance lessons + fundraisers, but having little time for yourself—and rarely thinking about yourself, for that matter. 🙄 . I see you, because I am you. Or was you, to a certain extent. I was “comfortable” being overwhelmed by mommyhood + wife life + teacher thing + house needs. I’ve regained (some) control in my life, in my day, + of my mind. But how?? 👉🏻 Fitness. 👉🏻 Health. 👉🏻 Community. Don’t believe me? Join me for my next challenge to experience the transformation for yourself—a transformation from #momanxiety , #momguilt , + #mommywho syndrome. 😘 Put you back on your priority list. Message me to request info, completely risk-free. . I see you. You’re ready. 😉
If you are a work in progress, raise your hand. 🙋🏻‍♀️ . Me, too. Keep learning. Keep growing. Keep trying your best. Do remember, though, even when you try to “improve”, it doesn’t mean you aren’t already enough. You are, just as you are. ✌🏻 . . . . . #slaytheday #owntheday #dreamyourdreams #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #realmombod #bringthejoy #preschoolmom #redefinebalance #mombalance #momlifebelike #newmama #workingmama #postpartumdepression #busymoms #mommyhood #youareenough #instamommys #motherhoodbelike #womenempowermentquotes #beyou
Love yourself first, then go take on the world. 🌎 . The two women with me in this picture remind me of this fact every single day, even when they think I have to remind them of it. 😘 That’s the beauty of friendship. Of sisterhood. Of this Tribe. We are women inspiring each other + others to be healthy, confident, + balanced—and it all starts with loving ourselves first. We then give other women, especially other moms, the permission to do the same. 💗 . One of these strong women came into my life via college. The other, via chance. Both share in my mission + passion + my #hotmessmama status—and both make me better just by being themselves, by loving themselves, + by loving me. 😘
Sunshine + iced coffee + school day commiserating ☀️ . This is just what we need before picking up the craziest kiddo of the lot. We share our favorite moment of the day, our least favorite moment of the day, + the name of someone new we’ve talked to. We celebrate the wins, talk through the rough patches, + seek opportunities to have “inclusive spirits” (that’s a phrase I picked up from one of my ninth graders + #imobsessed ). This is how we ground ourselves before the chaos of a toddler, homework, + housework. 💗 . I have to remind myself to take these moments, to stop the go go go + to be present in my life. I figured you could use that reminder, too. ☺️
Starting my morning with my mom’s favorite workout with my mom right beside me. ☺️😊😁 Yep. #allthefeels . My mom is my number one source of support + when I began coaching in February 2016, she was my first challenger. Her transformation physically + mentally is still my favorite one of them all. 💗💗💗 . So Pilates in pajamas (for her!) it was. Happy Tuesday, y’all.
“I refuse to live as half of myself because other people can’t handle all of me.” - @msrachelhollis 🙌🏻 . I’ve been pretty “out” about my love for coaching from the day I signed up. You see, I’m not the type to merely participate in something. I go all in, no matter what. That doesn’t mean, though, that I wasn’t often censoring myself—minimizing my approach or my passion or my beliefs—to suit the world around me. I was. And I was doing this often. 😬 . This past spring, I had an #ahamoment , to harken back the Oprah Winfrey Show days of yore. I was in Philadelphia with some of my top coaches + with the woman who introduced me to the business. We were celebrating: our growth, our success, our confidence. That’s when it dawned on me. This is me. This is ALL of me. My role as mom + wife + teacher + woman + everything else, those titles make me the coach I am. The coach I am makes me all of those other things. If I am only coach 1/2 the time, I’m only me 1/2 the time, too. 💗 . So I live this + breathe this every single day. I stand by my decision to “add another thing to my plate” because that thing has changed my life. It’s given me a voice that’s genuine + proud, a role in ending the trend of obesity, a position to mentor other women to their own full selves. It’s given me back to me, 💯! . Are you ready to refuse living as half of you, too? Let Tribe Redefine be the vehicle to take you there, + I’ll be the driver. 😉 DM me or follow the coaching #linkinbio to apply. . . . . . #dreamyourdreams #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #realmombod #thisis30 #bodygoals #thisisme #mombalance #momlifebelike #momswithmuscles #onlinecoach #fableticsleggings #busymoms #forrealtho #selflovespo #bodyafterbaby #fitnessformoms #momanxiety #teachermom #iganephropathy #autoimmunewarrior #targetstyle #bargainshopper #familyof5 #dosomething @carldaikeler
Lovingly kissing the last 8 weeks goodbye 👋🏻 + looking forward to my next adventure. And I want you with me! 👊🏻 . I am getting FIT FOR CHRISTMAS. Yep, I’m thinking long term. I don’t want a New Years Resolution to dictate my “goals.” I don’t want the stress of the holiday season to let me lose sight of my health. And personally, I don’t want this last 8 weeks to have been for nothing. 💪🏻 I am committing to the fittest #countdowntochristmas I can. I’ll be focused on my nutrition, on following workouts I can do right in my living room, + on holding anyone accountable who wants to commit with me. I’ll be #obsessed for this journey, but if that doesn’t feel like the perfect fit for you, that’s what I’m here for as your coach: to help match you with the program or series of programs that align with your goals, time, + interest. 😘 . Moms, #dosomething for you in the next few months. Summer travel + BBQs are behind us. The kids have more of a routine. It is your turn to fit you into your day—even as you prep to spoil them rotten every holiday. You CAN be fit by Christmas. There is time. I’m here to help! 💗 . You can RSVP in my #instagramstory or fill out the fitness #linkinmybio if you’d prefer. Either way, I look forward to hearing from you today so we can finally get you started! 🙌🏻 . PS: leave your fave holiday below, + you’ll receive a bonus at signup. 🎄🐰✡️🦃🎃
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