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When I took a course on how to hike the AT at REI last year, the presenter recommended going to Marshalls and Homegoods to find cheap food options that can easily be prepared in the back country. I don’t plan on sending myself too many care packages because I don’t want to be forced to go into town and find the nearest post office. I also tend to have really bad timing and most likely will always miss their open hours 😣 But I was very excited to find some interesting food options at Marshall’s today including $4 caviar. I’m still learning how to pack food appropriately and I have a lot to learn about light weight backpacking but a small glass jar here or there can’t be too bad right? 🤷🏼‍♀️ #attraining #thetrek #trektheat
Here’s a funny tale from The Trail! Just off the Appalachian Trail, in the town of Great Barrington MA, there is a pavilion with a small wooded area behind it that allows Thru Hikers to camp at. I came to the pavilion after getting dinner around 9 pm and was surprised to see over a dozen people awake and partying. This wasn’t typical thru hiker behavior. Liquor bottles and cheap beer was everywhere, and everyone had a European accent. Turns out, it was a bunch of camp counselors from Europe, who came to this pavilion on weekend nights to party. This was their last weekend at camp, and they were going particularly hard. Playing truth or dare, getting raunchy and rowdy. It felt like stepping into the twilight zone. I found their presence highly abrasive and intrusive to the community, but more so, I was delighted by the chaos and hilarity of their presence there 🤷‍♀️ So I stayed up and drank their booze all night, watching the insanity and debauchery, until a rightfully disgruntled Thru Hiker emerged from the woods to tell them to fuck off (shout out @sun_nugget ✨🙏) They scattered quick, and left a handful of Smirnoff ICE bottles, which I obviously used to ice @summer_melonhead later on the trail🤘 #hikertrash #trektheat
. Hike 4/52 Mile 23.1/300 It would have been easy to say no to this hike. Temps in the teens, spitting snow, wind 20+mph, but we went and it was magical! Six miles on the Appalachian Trail plus a ½ mile road walk = 6.5 total miles through a winter wonderland. ——— 📸 cred: @lailarachel_ who is also the badass that motivated me to get out today because of, not in spite of, the weather. . . . . . #hiking #52hikechallenge #sweatydirtyhappy #52hikechallenge2019 #gooutsideandplay #optoutside #getoutthere #outtherepodcast #mybodycan #getoutmoretour #forceofnature #girlswhohike #womenwhohike #womaninthewild #hikelikeagirl #adventurelikeagirl #fatgirlshiking #unlikelyhikers #fatandoutdoorsy #outdoorsforeveryBODY #appalachiantrail #trektheAT #thetrek #wandernorthga #georgiahikers
Thru hiking is SEXY.
Fontana to Hot Springs - This section taught me a lot about wet feet and ice cleats. #trektheat #at2019
So many things were against me, I imagined standing on Katahdin almost every day, but had self doubts if I could make it there, but I never gave up. I would have died on that trail before giving up, that's just how much it meant to me. As I neared the end I was so proud of myself but mostly filled with fear, the fear of what's next? I didn't want to leave, these mountains that became my home, surrounded by people who became my family. I was just as scared to leave the trail as I was to start it. Never let fear stop you. Anything is possible if you put your heart into it. #hiking #walk #outdoors #woods #optoutside #narure #salomon #nature #happy #healthy #active #fun #like #AT2018 #appalachiantrail #thetrek #trektheat #thruhikesyndicate #thruhike #takeahike #wanderlust #traillife #keepitwild #wildernessculture
That's Flossy. #ThruHike at your own risk.
SO EXCITED to announce that we will be thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail! The Trail is 2,200 miles long and requires 6 -7 months to hike. We have officially quit our jobs and are selling Ryan's house 😱. We'll be taking only what we can carry in our packs. We've been dying to tell you and are so excited to share this adventure with you - stay tuned!! This adventure has been a dream of ours for years and we've put in the hard work to make it happen. This is the idea behind "The Next Ridge": we are determined to live intentionally, to decide what we truly want to do and then do whatever it takes to chase it down. The tinyhouse was a dream that we made a reality, and now we are making this thru-hike a reality by quitting our jobs, totally changing our lifestyle, further minimizing what we own, and diligently saving for our trip. (Any one dream is possible if you are willing to say no to many other things.) Onward to the next ridge!! What is "the next ridge" for you? What dream would you like to make a reality?
I’m convinced we won’t end up getting any snow accumulation this year. While it’s snowing in the high elevations, we are only seeing tiny dusting this year. I absolutely love snow and I hate living where I can’t get to it. Do you like snow? How much accumulation did this big storm system bring you? . . . #REIAdventures #OptOutside #forceofnature #sweatydirtyhappy #AppalachianTrail #AppalachianTrials #thetrek #trektheAT #whiteblaze #greatsmokymountains #GSMNP #Smokies #hiking #backpacking #hikingguidelife #snow #winter #throwback #latergram #mtcammerer
Who knew there were unicorns in AZ? Or Snow? 🦄🏜🌵🏔 • • We had a totally different hike planned today but my lip is blistered from the sun. We decided to try and avoid a shadeless desert hike and head up high in the mountain. As we drove up higher, the landscape was every changing. The cactus followed us up for a few thousand feet but we began to see mountain grass and less sand/dirt. Then the cactus changed to evergreen trees and even Aspens. We could see snow on the mountain tops but it was cool to finally be out hiking in it. The temp dropped more than 20 degrees from when we started but the sun was powerful at the elevation. I had a makeshift buff over my lips to try and not do more damage but after being in a car on the drive up, we needed to get out and hike up to the top! Mt Lemon Summit Complete @k.oolvibes
Il est aussi ninja à ses heures perdues.
Melvin doing his morning thing - loves to watch me brush my teeth!
Obie relaxing with his friends - he is 17 and his favorite hobbies are sleeping and eating -sounds like most normal teenagers!
Prepping for the #appalachiantrail has led to some really cool experiences in the process. Climbed a fire tower with @c_hr_istine today on our 8 mile loop before the snow moves in!
Bugsy took good care of Me and Gina. Thanks to all my buds for the support of my first tattoo. #appalachiantrail #sattat #trektheat #goodfriends
Chicken Picatta - with butter, olive oil, lemon juice, capers, butter, parsley, a touch of fresh lime, sea salt and fresh ground pepper. Did I mention butter. Served over rice and garnished with the parsley and seared capers - yum 😊 Enjoy with favorite white wine or in my case Radius Red Blend from Washington State!
The finished product #appalachiantrail #tatsat #trektheat
Bugsy etch a sketch #appalachiantrail #sattat #trektheat
It’s gettin real all up in here. Ouch #appalachiantrail #sattat #trektheat
We found snow in Tucson! Most of our friends in family back east and in the Midwest are getting some fresh powder.. so we hiked up to 9100’ to enjoy some views and snow. Even though it’s winter, doesn’t mean the adventure stop! Get outside and enjoy the beauty around you! While you’re doing it, tag @backwardshatforwardthinking @bebold_seekadventure @jennythetrailhead and @statusdesigns1 in your pic for a chance to win some sick prize packs! Details in my last post and story...
The before shot. Twinkle toes #sattat #attattoo #appalachiantrail #trektheat
Embaucher de bons architectes paysagistes.
The Appalachian Trail looks incredibly beautiful yet very cold this time of year
You bet your ass we ate it all.... I was routinely consuming over 4,000 calories a day on my thru-hike. That must have been the sweet spot because my weight remained constant for most of the hike. When else in life can you eat a large pizza and not feel bad about it?
Short hike on the AT last Saturday in northern Virginia. . . . #appalachiantrail #whiteblaze #takeahike #optoutside #hikeva #trektheat
For the record, today’s run conditions were *almost* as bad as my R3 experience... 😬😅🥶 Cold temps, sleet, unyielding rain, and flooded trails from Jake/Bull Mountain to Amicalola Falls aka point-to-point of the last 18ish miles of GDR (minus a small service road section to avoid trespassing)... and you better believe we included the stairs at the end! 💀💀💀 @quadracool #georgiadeathrace
Crisp morning on the trail - even made some new friends! And prayer flags are an awesome addition to a privy. 😁🐄 #trailrunning #optoutside #trektheat
Reached a personal goal today - 60 non stop minutes on the stepper and 217 floors! I’m 67 and have never been super athletic but 5 years ago I started section hiking the Appalachian Trail and quickly found out I needed to visit the gym on a regular basis if I wanted to enjoy the experience. I pretty much just do aerobic interval training even though my daughter insists I need to add strength and flexibility but in order to stay motivated long term I focus on stamina only. Something must be working because I visit the gym 200 plus times a year and have completed almost 800 trail miles. 18 months ago, I added the stepper to my routine and could barely do 10 minutes. It’s a difficult and brutal work out for me even now. But slowly I added minutes, very slowly. To my amazement, 18 months later I reached my goal of doing 200 plus floors in 60 non-stop minutes. That’s similar to climbing a 2000 foot mountain in an hour! Perfect training for the trail. So, just wanted to share this story for those of you who feel like I did walking into the gym as an old dude with little history of accomplishing anything athletically and feeling very awkward and out of place. It confirms what I have always believed - the real key to success is PERSISTANCE!😊
I keep trying to find a place Where I won’t find your ghost But I keep running out of road
42 days left!! Shopping for my first 5 days of food. NOTHING on this list is usually on our shopping list!!😂😂😂😂 #at2019 #at2019thruhike #appalachiantrail #appalachiantrail2019 #trektheAT #hyperlitemountaingear #zpacks #hiking #backpacking #hikerfood
HAPPY STICKER SATURDAY! I am sooo excited about this announcement.... On May 4th I will start my #pct2019 thru-hike in partnership with @hikeformentalhealth in efforts to raise $5,000 for their non-profit! On April 14th at @stacksco.work I’ll be hosting a fundraising event. In the meantime, CHECK OUT THESE STICKERS! My incredible sister @carlyanneeverett , a lover of the outdoors, designed these beauties. You can buy these stickers for $5 and slap them all over your water bottles, helmets, best friends, you name it! Send me a message or go to my website to purchase- www.devineverettyoga.com/take-action/ (the link is also in my bio!!) Please help spread the word- share this post and tag all your friends.... Let’s support those in need and get people outside :) . . . #hikehappy #hikeformentalhealth #pct #thruhike #getoutside #optoutside #metalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #at2018 #mountainlove #exploretocreate #matador #travel #hike #georgiatomaine #adventure #trektheat #findyourtrail #sunset #fundraiser #liteaf #sawyerproducts #honeystinger #sheexplores #womenwhohike
I love meeting other thruhikers on my summer treks. It’s therapeutic to trade stories with the people who are living it at that moment. These are the shared experiences that simply don’t translate to weekend adventures. • While each person’s thru hike is entirely unique, there’s this unspoken bond that ties us all together. • We were the few willing to stop our lives in their tracks. We chose to move at walking pace. To minimize our possessions, our impact and to see the world one step at a time. . . . . . . . #hike #hikertrash #appalachiantrail #thruhiker #adventure #explore #wildernessculture #wmnf #trektheat #backpacking #ultralightbackpacking #hiking #hikenh #nh48
"Trail No. 7396- Add that to the list..." . With every layer on, channeling my inner @wilderbound with my bandanna-ed left knee, I amused myself pondering where in Oregon Nature would choose to consume me (Under a window maker in all those burn areas; maybe a boulder tumbling down from Thielsen? Frankly I was hoping to go out with a stabbing challenge on the cougar/panther/puma/mountain lion that was tracking us for 2 days.) Sugarcoating the crap out of this statement: nothing happens on the Piece of Cake Trail! The clouds don't just open up at the perfect time, reflecting a rainbow bridge to Wizard Island; youth camps don't cater to the dirty homeless nearly year-round; Trail Angels aren't gonna give you your first tattoo just cuz your crazy enough for one. It's just a dirt path that seems to lead nowhere, right? . . Like. Comment. Share. Follow. Enjoy!!
Celebrate the accomplishments of others, especially when they’re doing things you want to do. ✨ Missing this A-team with my whole heart. Remember that time we camped in a parking lot and Shred got a new job? @_teddyb27 and we snuggled all night long?! . . . #tramily #thruhike #appalachiantrail #tbt #at2018 #mountainlove #exploretocreate #matador #travel #hike #georgiatomaine #adventure #trektheat #findyourtrail #sunset
AT TN. Damascus to Hampton. #atsobo2018 #trektheat #hikingwithdogs
How the turn tables have... Had enough blow outs and dental floss stitches with the la sportivas. Time for something new. . . . . #JohnMuir #JohnMuirTrail #JohnMuirTrail2019 #LongTrail #LongTrail2018 #AppalachianTrail #AppalachianTrail2018 #TrekTheAT #TheTrek #NOBO #HikerTrash #MindsetIsEverything #NaturePorn #ChooseMountains #ATThruHike #NeverStopExploring
GIVE AWAY TIME... I’ve teamed up with some rad folks who all agree, just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors. To help inspire you to get outside, we are selecting 5 Winners to receive outdoor products, gear and swag. Contest ends Sunday. Rules are simple- 1. Like this post 2. Must follow @bebold_seekadventure @jennythetrailhead @statusdesigns1 3. Tag friends you’d like to share a winter adventure with! Every tag and an entry. Prizes include @sawyerproducts T-shirt’s, bug repellents, sunscreen @honeystinger products, AT Stickers, hats, shirts from @statusdesigns1 swag from @jennythetrailhead shirts and hats @bebold_seekadventure and decals from @backwardshatforwardthinking 5 winners. Ends Sunday. Stay tuned and good luck! 5 BONUS ENTRIES share this post in your story and DM me. Or Take a pic this weekend and tag us 4!
New blog post about my final, ass-kicking hike on the AT. Link in bio. #appalachiantrail #thruhike #atclassof2017 #trektheat #mtkatahdin #maine #baxterstatepark #blogger #wordpress
43 days to go!! Snow is moving in this weekend, can't wait for the weather to clear so I can get back out on this trail!! #at2019 #at2019thruhike #appalachiantrail #appalachiantrail2019 #trektheAT #hyperlitemountaingear #zpacks #hiking #backpacking
This is me at Lonesome Lake in the White Mountains. I'd been here one time before, on a day trip to bag some peaks 3 years earlier. I was home on break from college at the time; I drove to the mountains, hiked, and returned home in a day. I went back to campus the next day. Back to the real world... this time, I'd been hiking for 1800 miles to be at the lake. Same spot. Two completely different situations.
Cloud 9, is that somewhere down there??? . Where we at then? . . Like. Comment. Share. Follow. Enjoy!!
AT High Point parking lot into the park on AT then a loop on the Monument trail/SRT then back out on AT. 7.2 miles. Part 3. #nynjtc #trektheat #at2019
Fontana Dam. Great place. Miss these waters.
“Why do you hike alone?” “Doesn’t it get lonely?” I feel alone when I’m amongst a crowd of people, not a crowd of 4000 footers. . .#hikertrash #AT2018 #atthruhike #trektheat #appalachiantrail #thetrek #nobo #natureporn #choosemountains #zerofucksgiven #neverstopexploring #backpackerradio #IBTAT #hyperlitemountaingear
My first gear video is up on YouTube. Going over my Big 3 for my upcoming Appalachian Trail Thru-hike starting March 2nd. My lighting sucks and I'm hoarse from being sick for 2 weeks but, oh well! Link to channel is in my bio. #at2019 #at2019thruhike #appalachiantrail #appalachiantrail2019 #trektheAT #hyperlitemountaingear #zpacks #hiking #backpacking
AT High Point parking lot into the park on AT then a loop on the Monument trail/SRT then back out on AT. 7.2 miles. Part 2 #nynjtc #trektheat #at2019
AT High Point parking lot into the park on AT then a loop on the Monument trail/SRT then back out on AT. 7.2 miles. #nynjtc #trektheat #at2019
It's hard to explain the past year living in Ellisville, MS. I often reminisce of times such as these. My journals I usually post along with these windows in time provide me a sense of solace when I start to grow restless. However, another journey quickly approaches.
Perfect winter hike Saturday starting in NC and crossing over into TN joining the AT to visit this beautiful lady. She’s stunning every season but I literally cried when I saw her dressed in her winter wardrobe. • • • • • • #godscreation #godsartwork #hikingculture #teamcanon #waterfallsfordays #longexposure #tnwaterfalls #instagramtennessee #naturaltennessee #waterfallsfordays #onlytennisee #trektheAT #scenicnc #smokymountains #blueridgemountains #appalachiantrail #appalachia #hikingadventures #hiking #getoutside #explore #nature #hiketn #blueridgemoments #ashevilletrails #trails #naturephotography #artofvisuals #blueridgemountains
🌲Reminiscing about living without clocks, sleeping under the stars, drinking from natural water fountains and foraging mushrooms🌲 #trektheat #hikertrash
#appalachiantrail #appalachiantrailvirginia #appalachiantrailquarterway The #quarterwayinn was great even without WiFi. I’m some happy, only 1641 yards and I’m done with this #trektheat .
Anybody who hiked with me knows how much I treasured my spoon. I hiked with it dangling from my backpack strap, prominently displayed right next to my heart. Ive lost it more times then I can count, even hiked back miles for it on multiple occasions. I remember thinking to myself when it was missing one morning “That’s it, if I don’t find my spoon, im going home”. I used it to consume countless oat meal breakfasts and mac and cheese dinners. I used it to stir honey into my morning tea and licked it clean after every meal. Huge shout out to @jim_tabor the mythical trail angel who carved this spoon and hid it for me to stumble upon in PA 🙏🙏🙏 #trektheat #hikertrash
Today was easily one of the greatest days of my life. I am shaken to my core. I am humbled. I am grateful. I am proud. I am heartbroken. I am over flowing with emotions. This one is going to take a long, long time time to fully process. Many thoughts, reflections and pictures on the way. I wore this shirt for every single mile of the hike, taring it to shreds on top of Mt Katahdin felt better then you could ever imagine. #trektheat #hikertrash
Red wine protein shake. Hiker trash breakfast. You’re not hardcore unless you live hardcore 🤘 #trektheat #hikertrash
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