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Check out today’s #TrainerTip from Body Architect @andycalore ! 🔸 The Lats, or latissimus dorsi, are one of the largest muscles in your upper body. Your Lats are key for exercises such as the pull-up or row. If they become too tight they can disrupt your posture and create chronic problems such as shoulder impingement, increase “rounded” shoulders, and even creating low back pains. 🔸 Stretching your lats is easy and requires minimal equipment. Concentrate on correct form along with proper breathing in each stretch! This will help you increase shoulder and spine mobility in no time! 🔸 - Using a TRX cable, sit into a seated position holding onto the the TRX cable with your thumb pointing up. - Take a deep breath in through your nose for about 5-6 seconds - Exhale, through your mouth, for about 8 seconds as you sit into a deeper seated position - Repeat this one each side for 5 sets during your warm up, cool down, or on your mobility focused days! 🔸 For a more intense stretch, look underneath your arm as you sit and exhale!!! . . . #thefutureoffitness #anatomyfitness #miamibeach #fitfam #fitness #southbeach #anatomyfam #sweat #recover #workout #miami #fitlife #midtown #midtownmiami #fitnessaddict #gymlife #gymgoals #fitnessmotivation #fitnessgoals #trainhard #noexcuses #cultureiseverything #anatomy
• Trainer Tip Tuesday • Swipe ➡️ Check out this hip release and mobilisation technique tip from our trainer Nicole. Comment if you have any questions regarding this or if you would like a tip on something in particular💪🏼 . . . . . . #fitacademyaustralia #fitacademy #myzone #thomastown #melbourne #traintogether #hardwork #myzonemoves #trainertip #fitfriends #strength #weights #grouptraining #foamrolling #mobility #mobilisation #trainertiptuesday #Fitness #Fitspo #hiprelease #FitLifestyle #FitJourney #FitGoals #WorkoutTime #funfitness #FitFun #ExerciseTime #workout   #FitnessBody #goals
Today’s leg workout!! 🏋️‍♀️ One of my BEST training strategies to build muscle, get stronger and be lean is to lift weight in multiple rep ranges. By that I mean (first video) I do some heavy, heavy squats (2 reps) and then I back off on weight and do more squats (5 reps) and then I do another exercise (third video- Nordic Hamstring Curls) for 8 reps and then I do another exercise (fourth video- Band Leg Press) for 10 reps and another exercise (Seated Leg Curl) for 12 reps. 💪 Also, most of these exercises work more than one muscle at a time (compound movements 🔑). So even if you use a dumbbell or kettlebell to squat, try doing 3 sets of heavy squats first and then 3 sets of lighter squats after 🙌Do you incorporate something like this into your routine already?? Let me know in the comments!
💥Fix Your Deadlift: Use Your Lats!💥 . TAG or SHARE with someone that needs help with their deadlift! 🤳📨 . The deadlift is generally a hip dominant movement that is one of the most common compound lifts found in the majority of strength training programs. Unfortunately, it is also a lift that many struggle to perfect. . One of the most common mistakes is the barbell being too far away from you at different points during the exercise. This can come from several different issues, one of which is poor engagement of the latissimus dorsi muscle -- aka "lats" -- to keep the bar CLOSE TO YOUR SHINS throughout the movement. These videos will demonstrate corrective techniques you can try that will help teach you how to engage your lats during the deadlift or other hip hinge focused exercises. . Each exercise is demonstrated using the Romanian Deadlift variation for the sake of consistency. Each corrective movement may be better suited for specific variations than others, HOWEVER, practicing using the Romanian Deadlift variation will provide carry over into other techniques. . Practice these in the order they are listed! As one gets easy, progress yourself! . 1️⃣ Squat Rack Cue 2️⃣ Band Cue 3️⃣ Target Cue . Each of these corrective exercises utilizes an ➡️EXTERNAL CUE⬅️. This means you are incorporating some type of resistance or target that your body is having to respond to in order to achieve a specific goal, which in this case is activation of the lats. . Try warming up with 2 to 3 sets of these prior to your normal deadlift session and check out the difference! . Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!👇👇 . Give me a follow for more posts on health, exercise, and rehab related content! 💯
How to perform the front loaded hinge by Coach @press_on_fitness ... keep your eye out for this move this week! 🔥 . . . . . . . . . . . . #hinge #trainertip #coach #f45coach #personaltrainer #sandbagworkout #sandbagtraining #goodmorning #movement #mobility #f45 #jacksonville #jacksonvillefitness #jaxfit #jaxfitness #904fitness #904 #fitfam #jax
TRAINER TIP TUESDAY 🏋🏻‍♂️🏋🏼‍♀️ Steph and Jayden run you through the tricep extension/skull crusher ☠️ remember to keep those elbows in tight and squeeze at the top! #f45geelong #trainertip #f45training
Chest & Triceps routine: Round 1: Dumbbell Chest Press- 10 reps Skullcrushers- 10 reps Forearm Side Punch- 30 sec. ⏰ 3 rounds with 30 sec. break between Round 2: Dumbbell Chest Fly- 10 reps One-Arm Tricep Kickback- 10 reps per arm Commandos- 10 reps per arm ⏰ 3 rounds with 30 sec. break between Round 3: Close Grip Press- 10 reps Overhead Tricep Extension- 10 reps Plank Punches- 30 sec. ⏰ 3 rounds with 30 sec. break between Round 4: Pushups- 15 reps Chair Dips- 15 reps ⏰ 3 rounds with 30 sec. break between Need more exercise or diet tips? DM me or send me an email at julsr02@comcast.net for my one on one coaching advice and training regiment. #bestself #bodybuildingcom #beachbody #fitspo #reaalmuscle #betterforit #fitfam #digdeep #fitnessaddict #mondaymotivation #activeeveryday #teampfx #personaltrainer #lftdlifestyle #womanwholift #workoutathome #womanwithmuscles #nevermissamonday #buildyourbody #trustandbelieve #transformforlife #dymatize #conditioning #iamanathlete #internationalchestday #wod #evlsports #mansports #manathlete #trainertip
Check out this tip for working through a plateau! Thanks @lyrisdavis !! #strength #weights #anytimefitness #AFfam #trainertip #bicepcurl #strongAF
Want to shed those measly five to ten pounds? All you need to do is incorporate two new changes to your lifestyle...one in fitness and the other in diet. In doing this, you can easily lose fat and slim down. . So then what is the solution? Interval training combined with strength training. Short and intense bouts of cardio, mixed with strength exercises, can increase metabolism and stimulate fat burning hormones. Mixing up your cardio and strength workouts will keep shocking the body, therefore preventing it from hitting a plateau. . Try to incorporate 45 minutes to 1 hour of interval training 2-3 days a week for maximum results. . #exercise ##sweat #snowcreekathleticclub #snowcreekac #fitness #workout #stayhealthy #healthylifestyle #fit #fitnessmotivation #motivation #fitstagram #wellness #fitspiration #strengthtraining #weightlifting #trainertip
Our campers LOVED this stretch this morning after our workout, so we thought we’d share it with you. - Reminder: You HAVE to stretch after every workout! - This stretch feels great, especially if you’re at a desk or drive the kids around all day long. It’s an amazing release & bonus: it also decreases your risk of injury in the back area. - And one more motivator to MOVE today?! We hurt when we don’t move, but we don’t move because we hurt. It’s a vicious cycle. MOVE. YO. BODY— TODAY! - A new two-week trial session of Boot Camp Challenge®️starts January 7th. It was so popular last year, we’ve brought it back! Hope you’ll take the time for you & find a camp near you at link in bio @bootcampchallenge
Move of the day 😇 #Halos Hold a medicine ball or dumbbell at the sides and perform full circle rotations around your head both directions forming a "halo" pattern 😉 GREAT for #shoulderday & #mobility 😁 Try 12-20 reps 3X Pair with overhead presses , Shoulder Taps & Pushups for same reps & sets for a complete #shoulderdayworkout 👌 #earniteveryday 😘💪
So fresh and so green 🍃🥑 We love adding kale into our smoothies, salads, or even just sautéing it. This superfood has some really dope benefits like: . ✨helps with digestion ✨high in iron (aka helps your muscles work better, recover faster, and keep you from feeling fatigue) ✨anti-inflammatory ✨filled with antioxidants ✨loaded with fiber + sulfur (aka detoxes the body) So basically this superfood gives us superpowers 😜🦸‍♀️ What are some of your fave superfoods you like to add into your meals? 💙
Progressive Overload = GAINS 💪 . Tag or share with your gym partner!🤳📨 . One of the MOST important components of a strength training or rehab program is proper consideration of progressive overload. This is a core concept that has been established as essential to continuously making progress in strength, muscle hypertrophy, and tissue/bodily durability. . The body is incredibly efficient at adapting to the stress that we place on it via exercise, daily activities, and athletic performances. With this in mind, we can use this affinity for adaptation to our advantage both in the weight room and during rehab. . What is progressive overload? This principle can take shape in MANY different ways, however, the overarching concept is to understand this... . 🔥Planned, periodic increases in the difficulty of an exercise program forces the body to continually adapt to the increased demands of the exercise program via physiologic and neuromuscular changes. . How do I incorporate progressive overload into my gym/rehab program?🤔 . The most common basic implementation of progressive overload is to increase the amount of weight you are lifting during an exercise. Though this is a very effective way of continually increasing the difficulty of an exercise program, focusing on manipulating other variables within your gym program can also yield very effective results. . 🔑🔑Other Variables to Consider🔑🔑 📌Increasing TOTAL sets performed PER MUSCLE GROUP 📌Increasing reps performed PER SET 📌Increasing TOTAL exercises performed PER MUSCLE GROUP 📌Increasing the difficulty in exercise selection . ⚠️Important⚠️ These variables shouldn't ALL be changed each week. Developing a workout program that emphasizes manipulation of ONE or TWO of these variables is usually recommended. . For basic examples of this, see the last graphic in this post!👀 . Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!👇👇 . Give me a follow for continued content regarding exercise, rehab, and fitness posts!💯
Coach Austin has some great advice for some of the exercises you’ll see this week! 💪🏼Make sure to check out his page, he’s full of knowledge! @trainingtall #orangetheoryfitnessnatomas #trainertip #stayeducated
Fitmas Day 9: Hi friends! Mak here👋🏻 It's easy to fall off track during the holiday season with the multiple Christmas parties, the holiday treats and the Christmas feast (just don't let the Grinch steal the roast beast😂💚). To stay on track with your goals, try adding a few extra cardio sessions each week to balance out the extra yummies😊 • • • • • #MAKGOTYOURBACK #trainertip #instafit #gymlife #fitnessmotivation #fitnessaddict #cardio #exercise #weightloss #shredded #strong #gains #fitlife #nutrition #aesthetics #fitspiration #physique #getfit #dedication #muscles #nopainnogain #strength #lol #anytimefitness #anytimefitnessbristolri #g2hp #bleedpurple #strongaf #fitmas
Everyone is doin them, so today, why not find out from our trainer Ben, the proper way to do them!! Watch and listen for some really awesome tips for this trendy move 👂🏼🤔 . . . . . . . . . #igfitness #anytimefitness #fitnessjourney #fitfam #igfitfam #glute #glutes #legday #glutebridge #squats #humpday #bootyfordays #bootyday #legdayworkout #gluteworkout #thrusts #hipthrust #trainertip #personaltrainer #properform #community #kelowna #ylw #ktown #okanagan
Our trainer Anthony, performing the perfect squat! Key notes: keep your chest up in order to keep your back straight, your back should be parallel to your shins, your feet should be shoulder width, and your knees should be tracking over your big toe. #Squat #SRC #SaugatuckRowingClub #WestportCT #06880 #Fitness #TrainerTip
‘Tis the Season of being BUSY! The holiday season is one of the easiest times for you to overlook fitting in your workouts. Just remember that any exercise is better than none. Don’t have time to fit in a full workout...no problem. Fit in what you can even if it is only a few minutes. . . . #fac #myfac #workout #trainertip #youcandoit #holidayseason #fayettevilleathleticclub
Beginner's Tip: if you can't do it yet, try doing a NEGATIVE (long slow reverse movement) works great with pushups and pull-ups. P.S. why are my shoulders so weak 😩😩😩 #grinding #puttinginwork #fitchick #fitmama #fitness #trainertip #powerlifter #ocr #athlete #strongaf #grow #gains
This is still a secret, but we’ve got some massive things in store for you next year 😏 So massive that we need your help! Tell us the diets you like and the meals you struggle to cook. That’s it💯 We’re building a new product to help you with the most annoying parts of healthy eating, and in just 60 seconds you can help us direct our focus to help YOU. Just click the link in our bio 😎🙏 Thanks for everything and love you always💙🧞‍♂️
#TrainerTip - A simple way to grow your personal training business and build a sense of community. Like if these trainer tips are helpful! _________________ #JustFitnessMarketing
💥Rear Deltoid Activation💥 _ The Rear Deltoids are one of the most neglected muscles when it comes to people’s training programs. This muscle is critically important in stabilizing the shoulder joint and preventing shoulder injury/issues. A great way to activate/train this muscle is Banded Face Pulls. Focusing on the isometric contraction will help build up strength & stability in this muscle. As well as lead into Hypertrophy for those 3-D Deltoids💪🏼. _ If you have any questions feel free to comment below or DM me👍🏼 _ _ _ _ #ShoulderHealth #ShoulderStability #RearDelts #pumpkindelts #TrainerTip
#Repost @aladygoeswest ・・・ Hi, I’m Ashley, and I’m a former over-exerciser, and I now feel like it’s my mission to tell other people not to make that same mistake! How much is too much? More than 2-3 high-intensity workouts a week for the average person (performance athletes not included) is PLENTY. And if you go to something like Barry’s or Orangetheory and are obsessed and like to go everyday — just don’t. It’s not good for you, your body, your stress levels or your mental state. It’s good to take 1-2 total rest days a week, and also have 1-3 lighter days of workouts, like yoga, walking, barre, etc. I am positive that we will see more recovery-type classes, less intense workouts and shorter workouts becoming more popular as people are starting to understand that you can’t go hard everyday and expect to last in the long run. So my question — are you too hardcore? Should you scale back a bit? Think about it! And have a good night! #aladygoeswest • • • • • • • #postpartumjourney #postpartumbody #mindbodygram #iamwellandgood #momswholift #moveyourbody #fitnessblogger #sfblogger #fitnessmotivation #strongnotskinny #fitlife #barre #barrebabes #sweatsf #sffitness #bodypositivity #fitmama #momswithmuscle #livebeautifully #yogapants #yogalife #thefutureisfemale #womensupportingwomen #sweatinstyle #iamstrong #trainertip #fitgirlsinspire #femalefitness
Strict Pull-Ups: one of the toughest movements for SO many people(myself included)! another trainer tip for ya on this #flexfriday When you do a pull-up, a huge focus is squeezing your shoulder blades/lags together at the top of the pull. this will really help you get the most out of your exercise. Also a big mistake i see is that many people don’t fully extend their arms out to the bottom of the pull-up. there are many variations that target different spots in the shoulders and arms, but for a strict pull-up make sure you get that full benefit with that full range of motion! #pullup #strictpullups #posteriorchain #flexinwhilemyhandsup #flex #muscle #menshealth #iworkout #workhardplayhard #trainertip #prettyricardo #hiitworkout
Test your limits with this full body metcon to start your weekend off right! Pull-ups x 5 Push-ups x 10 Curl to Press x 10 Kettlebell Swings x 15 High Knee Run x 60 sec. ⏰ 5 rounds for time Finish off the workout with a 10 Minute cooldown stretch. Need more exercise or diet tips? DM me or send me an email at julsr02@comcast.net for my one on one coaching advice and training regiment. #bestself #teampfx #reaalmuscle #womanwholift #fitfam #buildyourbody #workoutathome #fitspo #max30 #trustandbelieve #transformforlife #digdeep #whstrong #beachbody #activeeveryday #wod #dymatize #instagramfit #conditioning #evlsports #bodybuildingcom #trainertip #mansports #manathlete #fitnessfriday #iamanathlete #personaltrainer
Happy Friday Summit family! It’s #FlexFriday and JoJo is going to show you a class you HAVE to try. It’s called COMBAT, a mixed martial arts exercise class that will have your arms and core burning! Join JoJo and get fighter fit in 55 minutes! Friday’s at 9:30 am Sunset, Saturday’s at 9:35 am River Road 🥊🥋
Combine the techniques of mixed martial arts and the energy of our great instructor Jolene Young and you’re in for a great workout at COMBAT. You’ll learn exercises through kickboxing, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, and more as you strengthen your core and develop lean toned arms without having to lift a single weight! Join her at Summit on Sunset every Friday (today!) at 9:30 am or Saturdays at 9:35 on River Road. #FlexFriday #Combat
Hey hey, there STRONG Friends! I've got 4 Push - Up variations for you today! Push-ups are one of the most basic effective exercises to build strength and muscle.💪🏾🔥 There are so many variations of push-ups that you will never get bored. So, check these 4 variations out that I've shared in the video: - Decline Push-ups - Shoulder Touch Push-ups - Spiderwomen Push-ups - Diamond Push-ups Give em a try and let me know how it goes! P.S. Head to the link in my bio and have a look at my Blog on getting more Push-ups under your belt! ••••••• #TryItThursday #LiftTheThings #EatTrainThrive #DiamondPushups #pushups #PushupVariations #UpperBody #LadiesWhoLift #hypertrophy #WomenWhoLift #BeautyofStrengthwithCandace #BodyweightTraining #PersonalTrainer #TrainerTip #Core #Chest #BodyBuilding #strengthcoach #StrengthTraining #PushupProgressions #Fitness #StrongAF
This is your Thursday evening reminder that social media is mostly a highlight reel! It probably seems like everyone is “kale-ing it” at life, but you. But here’s the thing — they may be doing their best, but nobody’s situation is perfect and without struggle, and yours may be better than you think. We all have some things we can be proud of and grateful for, but we forget that so easily when thinking of what we don’t have. But you are awesome, even if you don’t always have it all together! Remember that! And have a great night! #aladygoeswest • • • • • • #postpartumjourney #WHStrong #ShapeSquad #mindbodygram #iamwellandgood #momswholift #moveyourbody #fitnessblogger #sfblogger #fitnessaddict #fitnessmotivation #sffitness #bodypositive #bodypositivity #girlswithmuscle #healthymom #fitmama #livebeautifully #yogapants #yogaeverydamnday #thefutureisfemale #womensupportingwomen #sweatinstyle #iamstrong #trainertip #mondaymotivation #fitgirlsinspire #femalefitness #womenempoweringwomen
Why should you do single leg work?⠀ .⠀ Unilateral work is great for many reasons including the ones below:⠀ .⠀ 🌟 Helps to correct imbalances - we often don't even know we are weak or tight one side until we test it out!⠀ 🌟 Improves balance and coordination - forces the core to fire up to keep us balanced and moving smoothly⠀ 🌟 Turns on all the stabilizer muscles in the hips (hellooooooo booty!) which ensure our knees will track properly for health and longevity⠀ 🌟Many can be done without any equipment and are great for travel!⠀ 🌟Allow athletes to keep the load light and work around injuries while still being challenged⠀ 🌟 Keeps training fun and interesting - I love throwing in a single leg movement into each of my training sessions!⠀ .⠀ Some of my favorite single-leg exercises include:⠀ Reverse lunges, curtsy lunges, skaters, single-leg bridge (shown in photo), cha chas, RDLs and pistols.⠀ .⠀ Curious to try? Throw 2-3 sets of 10 reps of your favorite unilateral exercise into your next warmup. 💪⠀ .⠀ Do you enjoy single-leg exercises? What's your favorite? 👇⠀ #coachchinaFIT
💥Fix Your Stiff Ankles💥 . 🤳📨SHARE or TAG with someone who needs mobility help! . One of the most common dysfunctions found in the body is the lack of ankle dorsiflexion. This is problematic as ankle dorsiflexion is one of the most important motions required to properly run, jump, squat, and even navigating stairs. Poor dorsiflexion range of motion is also a major contributor to hip pain, knee pain, and plantar fasciitis! 😮 . What causes lack of dorsiflexion? 🤔 . This motion is frequently inhibited by the sensation of stiffness/tightness in the calves and poor joint mobility. . ⚠️Important⚠️ The stretches and foam rolling exercises only provide ➡️temporary relief⬅️ of the sensation of calf stiffness/tightness. They are used only as tools to make the other exercises 🔥MORE EFFECTIVE🔥. The REAL BENEFIT in performing these exercises frequently during the week is to temporarily alleviate stiffness and then EXERCISING within the newly obtained range of motion (neuromuscular reeducation). 🧠 . 👇Perform in the order listed👇 1️⃣ Foam Roll Calf (30-45 seconds) 2️⃣ Gastroc Stretch (2 x 45 seconds each) 3️⃣ Soleus Stretch (2 x 45 seconds each) 4️⃣ Band Talocrural Joint Mobilization (2 x 20 each) . 🔑Focus On This🔑 ▪️Keep your toes pointing straight forward! Your knee should drive right over your toe. If your foot is flared out to the side, you will not see any benefit! ▪️Maintain the arch of your foot during this exercise, if your arch is collapsing as your drive your knee forward put a towel underneath your arch to support it! . 5️⃣ Eccentric Heel Raise (3 x 10-15 reps each) 6️⃣ Split Squat with Forefoot Elevated (3 x 10-15 reps each) . As with any workout program, addressing mobility and seeing meaningful change takes TIME. Performing these exercises frequently throughout the week over the course of 6 to 8 weeks will yield the most significant results! . Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!
Another great tip for our Trainer Tip Thursday comes from TSA coach John! His advice is to always exercise to match your goals. Consider what you want to accomplish and build your workout to maximize your potential. Come sign up to train with one of our coaches and see how they can help build your perfect workout! #tampasportsacademy #tsa #trainertip #youthsports #personaltraining #tampagym #tampafit #tampa #tampabay #fitness #workout
Leg Circuit: Goblet Squat- 10 reps Plyo Lunges- 20 reps Kettlebell Swings- 20 reps Wall Sit- 30 sec. ⏰ 4 rounds with 30 sec. break between Need more exercise or diet tips? DM me or send me an email at julsr02@comcast.net for my one on one coaching advice and training regiment. #bestself #bodybuildingcom #beachbody #wod #personaltrainer #betterforit #fitfam #digdeep #fitnessaddict #instafit #activeeveryday #legday #legroutine #lftdlifestyle #womanwholift #workoutathome #womanwithmuscles #betterforit #buildyourbody #trustandbelieve #transformforlife #dymatize #insanity #iamanathlete #manpersonalbest #neverskiplegday #evlsports #mansports #manathlete #trainertip
One of the only exercises that hits your chest and lats: dumbbell pullover. Developing your mind/muscle connection can help you to control which you want to hit more, I love using it for back day!
Something to focus on when doing a lot of overhead movements. Sometimes I see people arching their low back and that could be detrimental to a low back injury! Instead you want to pull your pelvis under and engage your core. When you extend overhead think about ‘diving into a pool’ type of form. Pull your belly button to your spine. This will, in turn STRENGTHEN your core and really allow you to get the most out of the overhead strength! If you find that you start arching your low back, go a tad lighter in weight and work up to it! #fitness #fitfam #strength #trainertip #hiitworkout #F45 #F45Training #F45WeAre #prettyricardo #flexinwithmyhandsup
Here’s a quick #trainertip for all of you wonderful souls on this Friday eve! . . When you are doing ball slams, the goal is to get that HR 👆🏼! So to make it happen, try and catch the ball on the bounce. Once you catch it immediately move right into your next slam. . . Don’t take your sweet time on these slams, make it an explosive movement and slam that ball like you’re releasing all anger you’ve built up this week! . . Make sure to get after it today! . . . #noexcuses #deadball #slams #tipsandtricks #personaltrainer #exercise #nox #brand #shredded #cardio #core #shoulders #quadzilla #results
Don’t skip leg day? What about don’t skip BACK DAY. 💪🏼 Oftentimes, the back is overlooked as being part of the “core” but really... it is just as important as your abdominals and maybe even MORE so. Think about it ... if you’re not strong all the way around, how can your core truly support you well? So... the lesson here is simple: train your posterior chain! #liftwithlaura #liftsomeweightsliftyourspiritliftyourlife #mystrongmoment #girlsgonestrong #trainertip #workouttips #workouttip #personaltrainer #nasmcertified #nasmcpt #nasm #theorythursday #workouttheory #fittheory #posteriorchain
Need some advice on getting yourself ready to tackle leg day? Here’s @fitfam_samnyc with some tips on how to warm up! #trainertip #tampasportsacademy #tsa #tips #workout #legday #workouttips #glutes #exercise #gym #gymtips #fitness #fitnesstips #tampabay #tampa #tampafitness
🎁 The holidays are coming.... 🎄 . 💪🏻 It’s easy to abandon your healthy lifestyle, especially when it comes to food. . Remember - you’re only as good as your next meal! 🥦🍌🍎 . 👇🏻 Tag someone who needs to hear this!
This week we wanted to promote the impact that exercise has on the brain. Through exercise we can improve not only the function of the brain, but helps build a strong memory and supports brain cell repair. Exercise not only can make you healthier, but makes your brain much stronger and functional at a much higher level than before. Something as simple as 20 minutes of walking has been show to increase function in the brain. Next time you feel a little stumped, brain dead or need help making a difficult decision, a quick run or walk can make you feel much better and get that brain firing to help you out when you need it most! #optimalfitness #fitness #gym #nova #restonva #ashburnva #herndonva #sterlingva #dc #dmv #loudouncounty #fairfaxcounty #trainertip #brain #brainfunction #exercisemakesyousmarter #brainisgoodbutbicepsgooder
Hi, I’m Ashley, and I’m a former over-exerciser, and I now feel like it’s my mission to tell other people not to make that same mistake! How much is too much? More than 2-3 high-intensity workouts a week for the average person (performance athletes not included) is PLENTY. And if you go to something like Barry’s or Orangetheory and are obsessed and like to go everyday — just don’t. It’s not good for you, your body, your stress levels or your mental state. It’s good to take 1-2 total rest days a week, and also have 1-3 lighter days of workouts, like yoga, walking, barre, etc. I am positive that we will see more recovery-type classes, less intense workouts and shorter workouts becoming more popular as people are starting to understand that you can’t go hard everyday and expect to last in the long run. So my question — are you too hardcore? Should you scale back a bit? Think about it! And have a good night! #aladygoeswest • • • • • • • #postpartumjourney #postpartumbody #mindbodygram #iamwellandgood #momswholift #moveyourbody #fitnessblogger #sfblogger #fitnessmotivation #strongnotskinny #fitlife #barre #barrebabes #sweatsf #sffitness #bodypositivity #fitmama #momswithmuscle #livebeautifully #yogapants #yogalife #thefutureisfemale #womensupportingwomen #sweatinstyle #iamstrong #trainertip #fitgirlsinspire #femalefitness #womenempoweringwomen
What do you do to stay fit while traveling for the Holidays?⠀🤶⛄️🎅 ⠀ .⠀ What works for me is to stay active by walking wherever I can and scheduling fun activities. ⠀ .⠀ Here's a few ideas of how to plan ahead and be successful:⠀ .⠀ 🌟Track your steps using a watch or your phone. Aim for at least 10K per day, and try challenging yourself by adding more each day.⠀ .⠀ 🌟Check out the @strava App to see what running or hiking routes are in the area. (I recommend pre-downloading the map on your phone in case you don't have reception in the area 😉)⠀ .⠀ 🌟Look up studios, gyms or classes where you're traveling to, or even hire a personal trainer for a day! #treatyoself ⠀ .⠀ 🌟Bodyweight workouts can be great too! If you need some ideas for workouts make sure to search through the tag #coachchinaFIT and bookmark them so they're easy to find when you need them!⠀ .⠀ 🌟If you're vacationing you can also look up activities using Trip Advisor.⠀ .⠀ 🌟Recruit family or friend(s) to join you and schedule it in first thing so you can enjoy the rest of your day. ⠀ .⠀ 🌟If you need accountability and support feel free to tag me in your stories or posts @coachchinajones - it always brightens my day!⠀ .⠀ Lastly, over the Holidays it's important to remember that you probably will be more in "maintenance mode," and to give yourself credit for just moving!⠀ .⠀ .⠀ Cheers to health and movement my friends! 🎄🌟⠀
MY FAVORITE CHEST MOVEMENTS🍈1. Landmine Inclose Chest Press: Grab a close grip that you would use for Lat pull downs. Create a slight arch in your back.. press up, lock out your elbows & squeeze your chest for 2-4 seconds per rep. 2. STATIC INLINE PRESS: I LOVE STATIC MOVEMENTS. Hold one arm out & contract your chest & press out 8 reps per arm & switch. 3. INCLINE CHEST PRESS: Always a crowd favorite. Don’t be afraid of going heavy & converge your hands by rotating them and bringing them close to contract. 4. INCLOSE CHEST PRESS: My mind set with this movement is act like you have a pea between your chest your trying to crush it.. press your hands together like a pancake & contract at the top for 2-4 seconds.
My personal trainer tip of the week... (for more trainer tips, scope out @rivalfitness 12 days of fitmas trainer tips!) 👆🏼 . . #stabilityvsmobiltyjoints #trainertip #movewell #injuryprevention #glutebridge #bandwork #anklemobility #coreengagement #yourewelcome #personaltraining
Ab Work: 1️⃣ Ab Rollout- 15 reps 2️⃣ Russian Twists- 25 each side 3️⃣ Hanging Knee Raise- 15 reps 4️⃣ Forearm Plank Series- 45 sec. each way (standard and side plank each side) ⏰ 4 rounds with 60 sec. break between Need more exercise or diet tips? DM me or send me an email at julsr02@comcast.net for my one on one coaching advice and training regiment. #bestself #personaltrainer #reaalmuscle #womanwholift #fitfam #buildyourbody #workoutathome #teampfx #max30 #trustandbelieve #transformforlife #lftdlifestyle #digdeep #whstrong #beachbody #activeeveryday #abworkout #dymatize #betterforit #evlsports #bodybuildingcom #trainertip #mansports #manathlete #iamanathlete #workoutwednesday #conditioning
Good morning ☕️ This #workoutwednesday is all about one of my favorite ways to wake up the body in the morning with this arm series on the reformer. I'm using one blue spring and this video is sped up, so make sure to slow this one down + take your time. Starting with smaller movements to wake up our rotators and delts then getting into some yummy extension to promote healthy posture throughout the day. • • • After teaching Pilates for more than 7 years, I see that all clients respond to cues differently. It's important to pick language that is concise, to the point, and makes sense for your client to apply. A favorite cue for upper body work, and especially for the single arm extensions in this series, is to open your collarbone. Present the chest. It doesn't have to be a deep scientific cue every time + sometimes simple is best before diving into the details of a cue. Start a conversation with your clients so they feel empowered to ask questions and confident to apply the answers. There's nothing worse than walking away from a workout having unanswered questions, right?! • • • • • #wednesdaywisdom #workout #pilates #pilateslovers #pilatesinstructor #trainer #fitnessgirl #sttengthandconditioning #girlswhoworkout #trainertip #fitspo #armworkout #core #pilatesreformer
Knee pain is ANNOYING and when it flares, it can really kill your desire to workout or move or do anything. Good news=it can be easily treated! Sometimes the culprit of a sore knee actually turns out to be tight quadriceps or hamstrings sometimes even your glutes can pull your knee into wonky positions causing pain and discomfort. Check out this video with a few ways to help with pain if tight quads are to blame..Make sure that when you're foam rolling or using a tiger tail on your sore muscles that you go at a slow and controlled pace, pausing any time you feel extra pressure. Same can be said with the banded stretch, breathe deep and slow and while you release that breath, try pushing a little deeper into the soreness. #kneepain #functionalfitness #sorenomore #trainertip #tightquads #tightmuscles #foamrolling
It's not uncommon for people to opt to skip a workout because they're either extra sore or they feel like their soreness might be something worse... Few things the exercises in this video can help with! -/-/- 1. more often than not, that "tenderness" that makes people worry they've injured themselves is just a little extra soreness these stretches and light exercises can really help relieve that feeling a bit by getting blood pumping to the muscles and repairing those torn up fibers :) 2. Doing these moves daily can help keep your shoulders healthy by helping you maintain proper range of motion which can become difficult if you're doing an imbalanced workout that's too chest or back dominant. spend about a minute on each exercise and remember this isnt a workout so take your time, explore the pains and focus in where theres the most tension. 3. Control your breathing through these moves, especially the foam rolling! If you hit an extra sore spot, breath in through your nose, imaging that oxygen going into that sore spot and release it slowly from your mouth while pushing a little deeper into that sore spot or stretching it a little further. #functionlfitness #fixit #sorenomore #trainertip #soreshoulders #shouldermobility #shoulderstretches #quickfixes #movemore #movebetter
Making our way to greatness, one healthy meal at a time 😎😏 . Just curious to hear👂 What’s a pantry staple of yours that you can’t do without??
✨TIPS TUESDAY ✨ . . Foam rollers are the latest trending gym equipment. Every gym has multiple foam roller in all shapes and sizes. But, are they really that effective? Let’s examine. . . 1. Foam rolling after a workout reduces delayed onset muscle soreness. ✅ 2. Foam rolling promotes short term increase in range of motion. When you do it long term, it can increase muscle flexibility.✅ 3. After you foam roll, it takes less effort for a muscle to produce a given amount of force. ✅ . . Further research is needed to fully understand the effects of form rolling. However, theories suggest that foam rolling helps in warming up your muscle. This helps loosen up tissue and joints. It also increases the range of motion. All this contributes to better performance. . . Considering this information, it would be ideal to introduce foam rolling to your workout regimen for better results. . . . If you don’t know how to foam roll and would like to learn, comment 💪🏼below so I can start a series on teaching how to foam roll correctly. . Picture: google/foamroller . 💪🏼🌱
🚨Trainer Tip🚨 It's Tuesday so it's time for another Trainer Tip to help you take your workouts to the next level. Today I want to talk about Super Sets This is when you pair two movements back to back before resting. Generally you will pair opposing muscle groups. Quads and hamstrings, chest and back or upper and lower body for example. The benefits to setting your workout up like this is it saves time but also allows for better performance in each muscle group as well as more physiological adaptaions. Here is an example of a biceps and triceps super set. Perform the moves back to back before resting or for added intensity alternate between the movements without resting. Enjoy and remember to be awesome today! #superset #bisandtris #tiptuesdsy #trainertip #worksmart #smarternotharder
- 👋🏼 TRAINER TIP TUESDAY 👋🏼 LET GO!!! - When you are on the treadmill..... let go of the handrails, especially if your at an incline. - The benefits of an Incline walk/jog/run whatever trips your trigger.... Anyhoo... an incline is to increase leg muscle activation as well as core activation. It also uses more energy to walk at an incline vs a flat surface. Which means you’ll burn more calories. More energy used = more energy (calories) burned. - Incline training also increases the cardiovascular workout without having to increase speed. - When you hold onto the rails, you defeat the purpose of the incline. - To get the most out of the incline, do it right! - According to the American College of Sports Medicine, holding onto the railings results in an inconsistent walking pace, your form is more “unnatural” and can cause strain and discomfort. - Holding onto the handrails makes it easier to walk at an incline and transfers muscle activation from the legs to the upper body, which then in turns reduces the amount of energy used to walk at an incline. When you hold onto the top of the treadmill, this will force your body to lean back, which then also cancels out the benefits of the incline. - Challenge your legs and your core and let go of the handrails! - Side note: if you have issues with coordination or balance, start with a lower incline until your balance and coordination improves and you get use to it! Never put yourself at risk for injury! Safety should always come first! If you have other questions let me know! - - - - - - #TrainerTip #LetGo #Treadmill #Cardio #TakeAWalk #TipTuesday #FitLife #Fitness #Doitright
Everyone's favorite...the SPEED BAG! Clee's here to remind you about proper form on this #TrainerTip Tuesday!
Trainer Tip Tuesday: When working back remember to keep your chest up, head straight, shoulders back, and focus on really squeezing every rep to get the most out of your lift. Controlled movements are key to engaging every muscle and keeping good form! 👍🏽 - @oopsiethecoach
Today’s #tuesdayhowto is a variation on an inchworm. This exercise targets shoulders and abdominal muscles, and the little hop at the end adds some plyometric challenge as well. Make sure your elbows are below your shoulders, and keep your hip points and low ribs knitting together to protect your low back. Let us know what you think! #ballardhealthclub #verkoutballard #trainertip #trainerhowto #askatrainer #workouttips #plank #plyo #comboexercise #fitness
#trainertip Goblet Squats are an intense full body workout for men and women. Using a dumbbell or kettlebell you’ll work your quads, glutes, calves, core and arms! Practice squatting lower and lower while increasing your weight for best results 💪🦵2-3 sets 15 x —————————— #darinthedamntrainer #getthiswork #realpeoplerealresults #letmeshowyou DM me to schedule your first session! —————————— #decatur #atlanta #realpeoplerealresults #weightloss #personaltraining #atlantapersonaltrainer #strengthtraining #abworkouts #coretraining #glutes #quads #fullbody #drinkwaterdaily
HOW TO: Write a workout! . I write a lot of workouts for you. And as you know, I can do all of this for you six days a week in the #TLMethod — but just in case you feel like writing one for yourself sometime soon, here are some tips to write your next workout. 1 - Keep it SIMPLE. I love showing you all cool moves on the ‘gram. They are creative and challenging for me, but yours do NOT have to be like this. Don’t just try to do something on the IG because it looks cool. You may hurt yourself for no reason at all. Seriously, don’t try that jumping skater pistol squat I do. I only do it for the ‘gram #realtalk — it would never be in my workouts. 2 - PUSH & PULL. Let’s say you want to work your beautiful upper body today. If you are doing bench press and pushups, you want to add something with a pull motion, pull-ups or dumbbell rows. Work complimentary muscle groups (chest and back, biceps and triceps, etc) 3 - Move on every PLANE. We move forward a lot, but we need to also move more laterally and rotationally. These often get lost in the forward (sagittal) movements, but it is important to not forget frontal (like a side lateral raise) and transverse (like a Russian twist). 4 - Balance/Stabilization. If you are working big muscle groups, like the chest and back, make sure you hit up the other smaller muscle groups around those big ones. For an upper body day, shoulders always need a little bit more love: rear deltoids, rhomboids, rotator cuff. 5 - Don’t forget the WARM-UP & Cool Down. I can’t stress this enough. Actually it should have been step one. Please warm-up, it’s not for me. It’s for you. Don’t know how to warmup? I have a full follow along video on my #IGTV and #youtube channel. You can hear my voice and do the whole 8 minute warmup with me. . Do you write your own workouts or like for someone else to do that for you? . I wish I had someone to write mine for me in the beginning of my fitness journey. Just know I’m here for you if you need it, support and writer of workouts! #workout #workoutoftheday #fitnessinstructor #trainertip #tarastiptuesday #workouts #movement #trainer
Now back to your regular fitness programming. 😁🤣 . This fitness journey is as much a transformation of the mind as it is a transformation of the body. It's learning to love your body at all stages, even when you want to make changes. It's learning that going at a high intensity all the time and not giving yourself the proper recovery can be just as hard on the body as not doing anything at all. It's learning that it is a process and there will be ups and downs, that if you want to progress you have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. And it's in learning that progress doesn't always have to be measured by the number you see on the scale, by the size of the clothes that you wear or even by what you see in the mirror, but that progress can be measured in the way you carry yourself, the way you talk to yourself and the way you feel about yourself. . . . . . . . #transformationtuesday #transform #Trainer #TrainerTip #TrainerTipTuesday #progressnotperfection #progress #mindset #mindovermatter #healthymindhealthybody #strong #strongmind #motivation #change #strength #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #health #healthy #healthylifestyle #loveyourself #selflove #selfconfidence #confidence
We love us some OPTIONS. And, there’s no shame in taking them. - In fact, we encourage it because taking options doesn’t make you weak, it actually makes you strong & here’s why. - So many people want results faster, STOP 🛑 that kind of thinking! The only results you’re gonna get that way is an injury or you’re gonna exasperate the problem you already have. - You can take options and still have results. Yes, yes you can. - So, when your body’s got something to tell you, listen to it! Honor it. Take the options! - AND BONUS - SWIPE RIGHT NOW! - WE’VE GOT THREE SQUAT THRUST OPTIONS FOR YOU, but we think @bcchica got a little excited and actually gave you a little bonus to make FOUR 😉 - You’re welcome 😉❤️
Warning! Trainer tip Tuesday!!! Fresh off the Orange Voyage we’re going to devote the next few weeks to the rower. Check our this tip from coach @abigaelmanzoni and coach @jhobrien_118 on setting up correctly. #trainertip #boston #cambridge #otfma #rowing
Trainer Tip Tuesday: Fireside Chat with Heidi. Full video on our FB page #nbanytimefitness #letsmakehealthyhappen #trainertip
“HIRE A TRAINER, THEY WILL MAKE YOU DROP WEIGHT” First off, when I hear this, being a trainer myself, I cringe. Don’t just hire “a trainer” because no trainer is created equal. If you need help with weight loss, muscle building, your workout regimen, just being healthy, or athletic goals..whatever you aspire to do, MAKE SURE you hire someone that... #1 . Educates you. First and foremost. If that trainer isn’t busting their ass and explaining the reason for doing the things they make you do, well ask...but then make sure you understand and they explain it to you.... #2 YOU GET ALONG WITH. Odds are you aren’t going to listen to someone that annoys you. #3 THAT ISN’T THE CHEAPEST THING OUT THERE. Remember value your health. When I hear people complaining about prices, either they don’t value the price of their health, or they expect it to be a cheap haircut, One time thing. Funny how changing your entire lifestyle costs more that $10. #4 the trainer is genuinely interested IN YOU. If you see that the trainer doesn’t even care about your life..no brainer—-leave. Don’t put up with that shit... #5 You are their TOP PRIORITY during the session you are in or time scheduled. If the trainers on their phone —->💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽 REMEMBER, it is not just the trainers job to make you drop weight, IT IS A TEAM EFFORT. If you aren’t even listening to their plan, don’t expect weight to magically drop off of you! Remember, this is YOUR GOAL, but they will give you the tools, and YOU have to make an effort to pick them up and CONTINUOUSLY USE THEM. CONSISTENCY. Every. Damn. Day. #trainertip #weightloss #transformation #lovewhatyoudo #helpothers #1stphorm
Leg Day Finisher: Grab one Dumbbell and prepare to dig deep! Do each move for 30 seconds and immediately move to the next without breaking. This set really maximizes the time under tension and trust me your entire lower body will be on 🔥 very quickly. Pace yourself and take breaks if you feel your form being sacrificed. There’s no shame in taking a break, but always get right back in as soon as possible. The pain is temporary but the results are long lasting! If you’re a beginner, then simply do the sequence without a dumbbell. Sequence: - Narrow Squat Pulses - Wide Squat Pulses - Sumo Squat Pulses - Right Leg Lunge Pulses - Sumo Squat Pulses - Left Leg Lunge Pulses - Sumo Squat Pulses - Wide Squat Pulses - Narrow Squat Pulses Need more exercise or diet tips? DM me or send me an email at julsr02@comcast.net for my one on one coaching advice and training regiment. #bestself #bodybuildingcom #beachbody #personaltrainer #beastmode #betterforit #fitfam #digdeep #conditioning #activeeveryday #legworkout #teampfx #lftdlifestyle #womanwholift #workoutathome #whstrong #instafit #buildyourbody #trustandbelieve #transformforlife #dymatize #insanity #iamanathlete #fitspo #neverskiplegday #evlsports #mansports #manathlete #trainertip
T R A I N E R T I P 🤓 • • How to do a chin... 1. Active Hang Go from a passive hang to an active hang. Perform this exercise slow and controlled. This scapular retraction will help you get the full postural and strength benefits of the active hang. • • 2. Banded Chins Put a resistance band on the rig. Hook the band under your foot or knee and start performing the exercise. The band will help you up and take away some of your body weight. Give it a try 👍🏽 • • 3. Full Chins Once you feel strong & confident to move onto a full chin, grip the bar, brace your core and pull yourself up by pulling your elbows down to the floor. Go all the way up until your chin passes the bar. Now slowly lower yourself until your arms are straight💪🏽 • • #trainertip #functionaltraining #chinup #pullups #bodyweighttraining #bodyweight #progress #bristol #personaltrainer #calisthenics #workout #exercise #technique #starksfitness #core #transformationtuesday #strength #gripstrength #skins #conditioning #practice
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