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-REVIEW- #TrueGrit (2010) from #JoelCoen and #EthanCoen starring #HaileeSteinfeld #JeffBridges #MattDamon #JoshBrolin #DomhallGleeson & #BarryPepper After her father is murdered by a man on the run, a young 14 year old girl goes on her way to find and kill the man that did. Mattie Ross (Steinfeld) hires a loud and alcoholic gunman (Bridges) to go with her along the hostile America. Along the way the pair join with another man, La Beouf (Damon) who is also after the same man. For the most part I had insanely high hopes for this, I was expecting strong performances in an intense and gripping western drama that could also be witty and funny. While the performances were decent, Steinfeld stood out and gives a performance that just could rival fully fledged actors today. Even at 14 she managed to work brilliantly around Bridges, Brolin and Damon despite none of these 3 standing out particularly. For some reason I was looking for a good bit of humour, maybe the film was a bit too serious and just needed to lightened up a bit, there was some though, either I just didn't get it or it wasn't that good. It moved nicely though, could've been a little bit quicker at some parts. This was probably down to the transitions in the editing, a lot of fades into the next shot. They were definitely overused, maybe because they looked good (they did) but got boring after time, most of the time you don't really pick up on things like this and this time I did. It is a good film overall, maybe my expectations were just too high but then again I wasn't sure what to expect though working my way through all the Corn films I am looking forward to No Country For Old Men and Fargo the most.. - - RATING: 7.6/10
IT'S ALL FUN AND GAMES TIL BATTLE ROYALE KICKS IN! GIFT MUG FOR THE MOVIE BUFFS!.. THOUGH I THINK IT HAS A REFERENCE TO A GAME ASWELL, JUST NOT SURE IF THE GAME RELATES IN SOME WAY TO THE MOVIE, IF SO, THEN I GUESS IT'S A GAMERS GIFT TOO! AH I JUST LOOKED IT UP, YES, IT DOES HAVE REFERENCE TO THE MOVIE, THE GAMING GENRES CONCEPT WAS TAKEN FROM THE MOVIE BATTLE ROYALE... WELL OK THEN...IT'S A GAMERS GIFT TOO! 🙂 #battleroyale #battleroyalemovie #battleroyaleclips #battleroyale 😺 #filmfan #movie #filmlover #filmgift #movies #moviegift #totalfilm #empiremagazine #giftsforfilmlovers #giftformovielover #mom #mum #filmgifts #onlinegiftshopping #fortnite
Please take a look at my blog (https://thenobleplatypus.blog) for a spoiler free review of @lifeitselfmovie 🙂 The film isn't out in the UK until January and was seen at @britishfilminstitute London film festival 2018 🎥🎞️ Share/comment if you like it and keep an eye out for more reviews to come! 👍🏻 Please and thank you 😊🎬 Ps. Also take a look at my review of newly released @widowsmovie ! 📽️
This year has been crazy busy. I’ve had the good fortune to work on some amazing projects which I’m going to share over the next week or so. Here’s part 3. Below is the list of titles and clients. Swipe to see full images. I raise a glass to 2018 and I look forward to 2019! - 1. Darth Vader - @empiremagazine 2. Akira - @galleries1988 3. The Leftovers - @galleries1988 4. The Muppets - @totalfilm 5. The Meg - @warnerbrosentertainment 6. Predator - @totalfilm - #darthvader #starwars #sith #empiremagazine #akira #manga #anime #leftovers #hbo #muppets #kermit #misspiggy #themeg #warnerbros #predator #totalfilm #illustration #illustrator #posterart #editorialart #alternativemovieposter #filmart #movieart #filmposter #movieposter #posterpossepro #17thandoak
-REVIEW- #Krampus (2015) directed by #MichaelDougherty with #AdamScott #AllisonTolman #DavidKoechner & #ToniCollette So apparently it was Krampus night last night but I didn't realise until this morning and I had no chance to watch this, plus I've been putting it off for a year now sooo I feel it's about time. Coming off Trick R Treat many years later, Dougherty brings us an new slasher with a Christmassy twist, following and dysfunctional family that hate eachother and a young child hero who makes a bad choice and wishes away his Christmas spirit, just like his Nan did all those years ago. Christmas themed monsters in the forms of Toys, Gingerbread men, Santa himself and more creepy forms surround the packed family home, keeping all the people locked inside and fearing what terrors await on the outside. Being the Dumb American family they venture outside and pretty much let these creatures in, people die stupid and gruesome deaths and as always you want this to happen. From the start you want this to happen for all but 3. Scott, Collette and their sweet son are all you're able to connect with and things go pretty good for these 3 despite all the messed upness that's going on around them. I didn't find it highly enjoyable though, the Christmas family message I found cringey, the atmosphere was horrible (good or bad) between everyone and I felt I couldn't watch it. Though it picked up when the terror began to creep in on the screen then fell badly back with the family drama. This has caused concern for me, I see that Doughertys next film is gonna be centred around a dysfunctioning family, surrounded by monsters, none the less I cannot wait. - - RATING: 6.9/10
-REWATCH- 8.1/10 ⬇ I saw Antman and the Wasp twice in the cinemas, it was the last one time a went for a good couple of months too. I feel following the critical success of Black Panther and the overwhelming popularity of Infinty War this film would be more overlooked. While it doesn't have the political and cultural tones or complex characters that Black Panther has or the epic scale which Infinty War brought it is still brilliant but maybe not as good as I once thought. It's certainly cool and funny with brilliant, clever visuals but the majority is fairly boring, the middle act is very boring where not much happens. All that keeps the plot moving is Paul Rudd as Antman, who I love because of his charisma, humour and presence. Along with his co-star Lily, gosh I love these two. Best parts aside we can talk spoilers. Ghost was an interesting character, she had a strong arc but had a fairly weak performance, some dialogue was delivered poorly and seemed cringey but this is a character I'm glad they around, there's a lot which could be explored with her in the future, plus Scott is already helping her out. Plus the Quantum Realm, this has a really big future apparently, Plus it has connections to Avengers 4?? I can't wait to see this explored in upcoming movies because of its gorgeous colours and the mystery it has. Ah yes, the credit scenes,  does much need to be said? They were some serious stuff, showing the widespread effects of the snap and that the whole world was effected, not just the heroes who fought Thanos, would've been worse/better to see ordinary people dusting however.
-REVIEW- #DarkestHour (2017) from #JoeWright starring #GaryOldman #LilyJames #KristenScottThomas #StephenDillana #RonaldPickup & #BenMendelsohn Darkest Hour won a hell of a lot of awards for best actor, Oldman playing Churchill is truly astonishing in the film. He is unrecognizable! and this also goes hand in hand with make-up and styling, so you're going into a film with great performances and period fitting clothes and style. The rest of it isn't really my taste but it caused a buzz early this year so we'll give it a go. We all know the story, Churchill is sworn in as the UK Prime Minister after the previous resigned in the wake of WW2 and left Churchill with a lot of drama to sort out. This has focus on the Nazi invasion which is steadily closing in on the UK. It sounds and feels it should be interesting and very engaging watch that will connect with some audiences or fly under the radar for many. For me, it didn't do either. I had no connection to the film, it was such a boring 2 hours in which Goldman trundled about the screen shouting at everyone. It had some great moments scattered around, my favourite were his speaches and the sequence on the train, it was so light and funny. Despite straying away from the major tone I'm happy they kept moments like this in. They were able to stay consistent here, with a strong use of dark colours from blues, black and greys along with some powerful music too. It dragged but really picked up at the end, I see why people were raving about it but just wasn't for me. - - RATING: 7.1/10
Some of this month’s reading entertainment! I’m loving the subscriber cover for Glass, one of the most anticipated releases, certainly from the first half of 2019. Also, the director’s tribute made by Empire is a really nice effort. Plus tons of other lists, yet another top superhero movies (I wonder how many more times we’ll get a ranking of this sort) and a poster. So not bad, overall! 👍 #film #filmbuff #filmreviewer #filmmagazine #filmphotography #cinema #cinephile #cinephilecommunity #thecomiccoalition #movie #poster #superhero #glass #captainmarvel #marvel #director #empire #totalfilm
The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (2018), Dir. Ethan Coen & Joel Coen - 8/10 🎬
-REVIEW- #HowItEnds (2018) directed by #DavidRosenthal starring #TheoJames #KatGraham #GraceDove #KerryBishé #MarkOBrian & #ForestWhitaker This wasn't bad!! but also not great.. How it ends begins with the world ending, a cataclysmic event plunges the world into chaos, a young man Will is stranded the other side of America with his partners parents, she's also pregnant and needs to get back to her. Will along with Tom escape LA in there car all hoping to stay safe whilst the world is falling apart around them. I like films like these, the apocalyptic scenarios amaze me and they always have done so of course I enjoyed this film despite its clear faults, let's think about them now. It has such a weak story, going from A to B with problems along the way (like every story) that doesn't have a strong a amount of causality and the problems are the same each and every time. Then you go to the special effects, where I haven't made my mind up about them, some were gorgeous, they looked epic and rumbled across the screen but then some didn't look finished and highly unfitting, the opening titles are a great example of this, I was worried when I saw them and the final thing would be the editing, you'd think that on an empty road from a birds eye view perspective that you'd edit out the lights from other cars or maybe have a steadier shot/camera? The rest I found okay. The acting, okay. I think the apocalyptic colours were amazing however, The greens, oranges and yellows weren't a choice I was expecting yet they worked well together. Even with a mixed range of special effects it was the best part of the film. It felt like it was leading up to something a bit too big, we've had a close up family drama and a man to risk it all for his family to end with 2 of them running away from a pyroclastic flow and it ends there, just ends. - - RATING: 6.7/10
-REVIEW- #HotelArtemis (2018) directed by #DrewPearce starring #JodieFoster #JeffGoldblum #SterlingKBrown #SofiaBoutella #DaveBautista #JennySlate & #CharlieDay Despite knowing about this film for a while I don't think I watched any trailers or read anything about it. All I knew was the futurism and the cast. 10 years from now in a wrecked part of down town LA is in full riots and has people looking for a place to stay safe. A few men stumble across the Hotel Artemis which is no hotel, but a mental asylum in the form of a tower block but there only seemed to be 4 people within the accommodation..? The hotel is lead by an aging nurse with a question that's played on her mind for years, who killed her son? The answer comes straight to her following the first men who needed help, and in return they help her. The large building also has the beefy assistant (we can all guess who he is) and 2 people with bad TVs who both have problems, one being an energetically eccentric Charlie Day and the other Ass Kicking Sofia Boutella. Apart from these characters, everyone else is boring, in a sense that they are too interesting but you just don't know enough about them. The best example of this in the film is Goldblums character, his appearance was teased and hyped up from the start as a menacing character, then his pretty happy face shows up for a short time, then he's gone. More people descend on the Hotel, it's elevators begin fill up with people full of rage. Que fight scenes. These were brilliant and filmed in such small spaces just looked a lot cooler. It looked cool as well, the lighting and colours were great, the music as well was a perfect fit that added to the futuristic feel. This film was good but flawed, it needed to be more invested in characters which could've been more interesting that they already were, and to not to use the same shot two or three times.. - - RATING: 7.5/10
📚For English👇 В октябре 2018 года украинский журнал @air_magazine_lviv на волне выхода фильма «Человек на Луне» подготовил интервью с Райаном Гослингом. Я перевела статью с украинского языка и делюсь с вами отрывками из неё. 👇👇👇 Air Magazine: В основе сюжета фильма лежит прекрасная история. Почему, на ваш взгляд, она все еще актуальна в наше время? Райан Гослинг: Когда Нила спросили, что он может сказать про будущее космических исследований, то он ответил: «Думаю, это открывает нам глаза и позволяет увидеть вещи, которые, возможно, мы должны были увидеть и знать с самого начала, но по каким-то причинам до сих пор не смогли». Считаю, что это так же актуально сегодня, как и тогда. Air Magazine: Вы были в детстве фанатом космоса? Хотели ли стать космонавтом, как многие в то время? Райан Гослинг: Не совсем. Как и всех тогда, меня очень вдохновляла таинственность, которая окружала эту тему. Но еще когда мне было шесть лет, случилась катастрофа с «Челленджером». Хотя я уже не вспомню всех подробностей, но точно помню ощущение общей печали, с которой стала ассоциироваться сама идея полета человека в космос. Air Magazine: Сложно ли играть человека другого поколения? Райан Гослинг: Нил – безусловно, человек своей эпохи. Он был сдержанной, глубоко интроспективной и закрытой личностью. Самым сложным для меня было оставить все это как есть, но при этом найти способ погрузить аудиторию в эмоциональное состояние и переживания моего героя на протяжении всего фильма. Продолжение по-русски в комментариях👇👇👇 For English👇👇👇 ⠀ 👌За сканы из журнала спасибо аккаунту @ryangoslingup 👌 Теги по сообществу  #firstman_rgfes   #interview_rgfes   #publicappearances_rgfes
OnCamera: Interview with Creed II Director Steve Caple Jr. in UK cinemas 30 Nov 2018 Creed II dives deeper into how Adonis, seeking to confront the legacy of the father he never knew, comes face-to-face with the man responsible for #Apollo ’s death … and with #Rocky ’s own trauma more than three decades afterward. As #Adonis achieves the heavyweight championship title, just as his father, and his mentor Rocky, did before, he struggles inside himself with the meaning of that success. Is he fighting for himself, or for the father he never knew? Meanwhile, deep inside Ukraine, there’s a man who will force #Adonis to confront history: Ivan Drago, the man who killed Apollo #Creed in the ring before losing to #Rocky in a dramatic U.S.-Soviet super-match. When Ivan lost that fight, he lost everything, and his son, Viktor, was forced to grow up in a hard life as he learned to hate while training to box. When Adonis wins the heavyweight belt, Ivan and Viktor Drago see their chance, and become determined to defeat him for their family’s #redemption . Credits: Steven Caple Jr Director: Starring Michael B. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone, Tessa Thompson, Dolph Lundgren, Florian Munteanu, #PhyliciaRashad , #BrigitteNielsen #WoodHarris , #RussellHornsby , Andre Ward, Milo Ventimiglia. UK Release Date: 30th November 2018. We recommend the @imax experience!! #boxing#Creed2#film #news#London #goingout#Newfilm  #Rocky#SlyvesterStallone #SteveCapleJr  @warnerbrosentertainment #warnerbros #featurefilm #film #ukcinena #blacklove #filmdirector #directorscut #redcarpet #movies #totalfilm
-REVIEW- #Triple9 (2016) directed by #JohnHillcoat starring #ChiwetelEjiofor #CaseyAffleck #WoodyHarrelson #KateWinslet #GalGadot and #AnthonyMackie 999 is a brutal, full force crime thriller with a great cast, from leads to supporting characters. So why for most of the film did I find it a tad boring? Hillcoat has directed a film that I love, "The Road" and going into this I couldn't stop thinking about it, this film is a stark contrast. We know how the story goes, this time they strike the possessions of a Russian Mob Boss when a well established team bring on a rookie.. The rest of the film goes through a range of consequences of the men getting in and out of drugs, gangs, violence and their own private affairs. Strangely they land another case which has even higher stakes and leads to the best action sequence I've seen in a while, in a downtown estate the crime gang raid families living in the complex. It was powerful, silent but deadly and risky. Apart from the violent and dramatic scenes, there are a lot of closer and intimate moments set in cars or small rooms; here, the lighting is perfect and a small range of other factors along with some unique camera angles create something strangely beautifully. This is about where we stray away from everything, a cast included in this you would hope to deliver, but the performances were so dull, even with more great names too no-one really felt special. Apart from Mackie, he was sensational and Affleck too, he carried more emotion. The rest felt a bit messy but all worked up to a fairly interesting ending, it had a lot of depth to it, very twisty and I'm glad it worked out this way, even the last shot of Harrelson is pretty horrifying and it's the last thing you see. - - RATING: 7.6/10
Ready Stock Hasbro Star Wars Black Series Darth Vader Helmet 1:1 Life Size!! . Bisa dipake dengan efek suara . Available now at www.tokopedia.com/garasifilm . . . . . . . #bluray #jualbluray #gilafilm #nonton #jualfilm #jualblurayoriginal #jualblurayori #jajan #koleksifilm #koleksi #nobar #xxi #blitzmegaplex #jajanrock #jualdvd #jualfilm #totalfilm #cinema #criterioncollection #wesanderson #jualfigure #jualstarwars #jualhelmdarthvader #jualdarthvader
"LUCKILY JOHN DOE DOESN'T SEND CHRISTMAS PRESENTS" IMPORTANT NB: THE TAG ON THE MUG IS FOR THE SE7EN HOODIE OF THE SAME DESIGN, THE TAG FOR THE MUG IS NOT LINKING, BUT THE MUG CAN BE FOUND IN 'TEA AND COFFEE MUGS' COLLECTION IN STORE. THE PERFECT CULT FILM FAN MUG! #davidfincher #bradpitt #se7en #filmse7en #film #films #movie #movie #movies #cultfilms #filmfans #moviefans #empiremagazine #totalfilm #filmstudents
-REVIEW- #TheLegoBatmanMovie (2017) from #ChrisMcKay with #WillArnett #RosarioDawson #MichaelCera #ZachGalifianakis #RalphFiennes and #BillyDeeWilliams voices. I'm having superhero withdrawals, plus we were talking about this in college the other day and watching this fulfilled my every need. Created off the success of the original Lego Movie comes a Batman spin off that takes a change from what you'd normally see in a traditional Batman movie; this one is so colourful, bright and funny. The imagery, colours and lighting feel fresh out of a comic book page, even the edit of the film can convey this in such a unique way. I also love how it takes a stab at a lot pop culture (past and present) and contemporary films the mimic superhero style. The film's follows Batman after he takes in Robin but also carries on his fued with The Joker who wants to destroy Gotham City (so a familiar plot) and this is fuelled by Bat pushing Joker away and the film's strange tone of the Joker wanting all of Batmans undivided attention. I'm very sure this is the best DC movie that's been put out to audience in a decade, heck all of them should be Lego spin offs. Give me a Jonah Hill/Green Lantern movie anyday over another live action. Please Lego, Please DC. - - RATING: 8.5/10
-REVIEW- #TheBalladOfBusterScruggs (2018) directed by #JoelCoen and #EthanCoen with #TimBlakeNelson #JamesFranco #LiamNeeson #ZoeKazan #TyneDaly & #BrendanGleeson Let's start some Coen brothers movies, and we'll go backwards with their latest film that's recently been aquired and released by Netflix in an Anthology series that tells 6 short stories, all around 20 minutes long about a Western America in the early 1900s before industrialisation. Every short applies true western codes and is especially good for those who haven't really explored the genre a bit like myself because it isn't too objective or complicated. Instead these shorts can be watched one at a time or all at once like I am. But I'm not gonna talk about each individually because that would take too long. Of course they all range in brilliance but being Coen films you can expect a lot of positives here. Each one of these stories is written and acted very well from a wide range of upcoming and already established actors that all provide their own take. In terms of style all the film is shot creatively and beautifully, so much that the majority of shots are true artwork which is something a wasn't expecting plus (I've said this before) I love a good wide shot and so many brilliant ones are in this film, so a pleasant surprise in all. The humour here is witty, sharp and to the point in a manor where it doesn't force itself to be funny or even be too serious; again it's the right balance for a larger audience. This also work's well by building up tension in some parts and then having lighter moments alongside it. I'll add on that it's long, very long. I can become distracted and lose focus easily so when the less interesting stories appear on screen it was easy to turn away, it would've be great at some points to have a little spark to draw the audience back into the ever changing tale. - - RATING: 8/10
-REVIEW- #FantasticBeasts #TheCrimesOfGrindelwald (2018) directed by #DavidYates with #EddieRedmayne #JudeLaw #KatherineWaterston #DanFogler #ZoeKravitz #EzraMiller & #JohnnyDepp Fantastic Beasts and the crimes of grindelwhat the hell was going on? I'll admit here I am not familiar with the wizarding world which this film acts as a prequel too them. This time around we should've been learning more about Grindelwald, like what crimes he's committed and makes him the feared man that he is. Instead this is strayed a way from and to take its place Newt travels to Paris to confront Grindelwald. However alongside this are 4/5 other story arcs happening too which is incredibly hard to follow, it's messily thrown together by jumping in and out of locations and multiple arcs which are all somehow interconnected. This happened in such a bad way that on my way out and in the process of writing this I still have no clue what happened, it was absurdly dull to look at and listen too with bland dialogue and such a dark tone so we couldn't actually see what was going on, maybe to mask all negativity the film makers didn't want us to see. The only way I found myself kept interested in the film was by the hoard of questions raised along the narrative and you were only interested in finding out whist whatever was going on, you'd be looking for answer only to have more queries fill your blank mind thus making you even more senseless. I will praise the CG of the magical creatures, their presences flowed seamlessly that it left me just wanting more monsters, because I do have a soft spot for a good old monster movie.. Fantastic Beasts clearly wasn't this, the misleading title prepares audiences for a great letdown that will rely solely on die hard fans of Harry Potter money and that's the audience it wants. Not at all helped by any good performances or memorable characters made 3 boring hours and 2 hours travel I would never like to have again. - - RATING: 5/10
-REVIEW- #FishTank (2009) directed by #AndeaArnold with #KatieJarvis #KierstonWareing #RebeccaGriffiths & #MichaelFassbender Growing up's tough, especially when you're a 15 year old girl who is considered a bit of an outsider, doesn't have a dad to lean on, living in a rough area of Essex, your mum's boyfriend is Michael Fassbender and you're destined for a troubled role in EastEnders, Mias young life just isn't working out in her favour. Mia is portrayed brilliantly by Katie Jarvis in her only real big role and only film role, 7 years down the line she makes an appearance as a messed up single mother on the Drama series Eastenders. So yeah Jarvis's role carries the film massively, her breakthrough has weight and her performance is emotional throughout, all the small details from her are perfect and is brilliant direction from Arnold to get this out of her. The other brilliant performance comes from everyone's favourite Michael Fassbender, I feel after this film his roles in Hollywood films kicked off but there has been a steady decline of what he's been in recently. In Fish Tank he plays a man who is a bit of a knob simply, he gets with her mum and ends up in an oddly constructed relationship with the rest of the family, maybe getting a bit too close with Mia herself. I wasn't too happy with the beginning, the skakey camera just threw me off completely, but the bad start eventually worked it's way up to a creatively shot movie which is artsy and intense. At some points incredibly shocking too. - - RATING: 7.8/10
It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia - One of the greatest TV sitcoms ever made. It's currently on #Netflix and has 12 seasons on it. The 13th Season hasn't been released in the UK as of yet. I highly recommend this show, its crude, rude and hilariously funny 😂 - #moviewiseguy #mwg12 #itsalwayssunnyinphiladelphia #itsalwayssunny #dannydevito
The Standford Prison Experiment (2015), Dir. Kyle Patrick Alvarez - 6.5/10 🎬
A great second instalment to the ever expanding wizard world!!!! The Crimes Of Grindalewald is full of magic with a darker tone this time around than the previous film. This is of course achieved by more screen time for the amazing Johnny Depp as Grindlewald trying to seize control over the wizarding. This film answers some questions from the previous film and delves deeper into wizard culture around the world. The cast is brilliant and Jude Law is perfect as a young Dumbledore. Over all this more will not disappoint especially if your a Harry Potter/fantastic Beasts fan. #film #films #movie #movies #cinema #empiremagazine #totalfilm #entertainment #hollywood #harrypotter #fantasticbeasts #crimesofgrindelwald #davidyates #eddieredmayne #katherinewaterston #danfogler #johnnydepp #zoekravitz #callumturner #ezramiller #judelaw #alisonsudol #claudiakim
Oh, how the tables have turned... Having championed M. Night Shyamalan through a very disappointing time in his career, I find it very satisfying to see many film goers anticipating his latest feature. It's been too long since he had such momentum and hype behind him, so I dearly hope 2019's Glass delivers a fitting end to his unorthodox superhero trilogy. I remain hesitant, however, as Split wasn't my favourite of films, but should Glass come close to recapturing Unbreakable's rare magic, we'll be in for a treat. In the meantime, here are my Top 5 favourite Shyamalan films: 5. Split 4. The Village 3. Unbreakable 2. Signs 1. The Sixth Sense Thoughts? #MNightShyamalan #TotalFilm #TheSixthSense #Unbreakable #Signs #Glass #JamesMcAvoy #SamuelLJackson #BruceWillis #Shyamalan #Cinema
Today’s office reading. Catching up with news and reviews, as we’ve been so busy recently. #totalfilm #magazine #film #movie #news #review #subscription #article #reading #interceptstudios
-REVIEW- #ValhallaRising (2009) directed by #NicholasWindingRefn starring #MadsMikkelsen #GaryLewis #JamieSives and #EwanStewart Bleak, boring, stunning and slow make Valhalla  Rising such a complicated film to review and understand. We follow the story of a captured man named One-Eye who's made to fight, he's an unfamiliar man with a little amount of backstory to make us know him a bit more. His days are spent fighting other men, he's chained a post and has opponents thrown at him on the daily, then by night he is kept like an animal tired up in a wooden cage. Then repeat. The film moves at a very slow pace, I strongly felt we needed so much more, what I expected to see was a lot more war, brutality, and action based off the cover but instead there is the most minimal amount to keep you at least entertained and then even tries to scare you by sharply cutting to quick shot of red and a really loud and piercing sound. Then we can mention the shots, it's nothing unique or too creative, but as mentioned, they are stunning to look at and fills you with awe. So what would I think overall, it's another film which creates one of these strangely odd atmospheres and has a unique and stylistic feel which continues in Refns work I've seen so far but to contrast this it is incredibly dull and isn't at all interesting apart from the way it's captured. Again, it's going on the "I desperately need to rewatch these films" list for a viewing next year, someone remind me. - - RATING: 7/10
-REVIEW- #SlumdogMillionaire (2008) from #DannyBoyle starring #DevPatel #FriedaPinto #AnilKapoor #MiaDrakeInderbitzin and #IrrfanKhan A film I knew I'd seen before but only in fragments and not to the end, I mean I've seen the first half hour so many times?? but the rest of the film didn't make it's way into my head, plus I'm going through my stack of white blurays so it seemed about right to watch it now or again. Set to the backdrops of a Slum ridden Mumbai in the late 2000s, Slumdog Millionaire is about Jamal, a man who grew up without his parents and lived a life of small crime with his brother and then went on to work a call centre. Once 18, Jamal entered the Indian edition of the hit show (was) Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and went on to win.. Whilst it's described as the "Feel good film of the decade" I disagree and find it really stressful and tense to a point where it isn't fun anymore but it's sad, but it does have a beautiful and touching ending. The film balances 3 points of Jamals life seamlessly throughout the narrative, everything get tied together in such a brilliant way that you do not lose any understanding of what's going on or get lost in the plot, exceptional editing here. On Boyles part, the shots that have been created for the film don't really look like much done before, from colour and location they are  great, doubled by such strong performances from a wide variety of actors, child to adult. - - RATING: 8.5/10
Look at this piece of shit Photoshop, @TotalFilm should be ashamed #TotalFilm
Check out @joe.alwyn in @totalfilm magazine, talking about his film career determination to remain humble. Pick a copy today!
@totalfilm  divugou novas imagens de Vidro, destacando os protagonistas #totalfilm #vidro #fragmentado
So I’ve finally taken the leap into social media! And here’s a little treat for you all in the form of a sneak peak of the Batman v Superman cover shot from Total Film magazine, before the issue comes out on Friday. @batmanvsuperman #batmanvsuperman #totalfilm
Butaquero! butaquera! MIRA Total Film da a conocer nuevas imágenes de la película Glass. #Glass #TotalFilm #Pronto #Imágenes #Nuevas #SantaCruzDeLaSierra #Bolivia #NuevasImágenes #Scz #Secuela
Portada especial de la cinta de #Glass gracias a la revista #TotalFilm 😍😍😍
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