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Feature #TwoForJoy is released in #cinemas THIS Friday 28.09.2018 with #cinematography by #TimSidell & directed by #TomBeard | #SamanthaMorton #BilliePiper & #DanielMays feature in an “a thoughtful, powerful mediation on grief... superbly convincing performances” (#TotalFilm ) #EmiliaJones #BellaRamsey #BadgerSkelton ✌🏼 #Trailer PART 2... @bomteard @sidsidell @bscine #cinematographer #dop #feature #britishfilm #talent #WizzoTalent 🎬@billiepiper @emiliajonesy @bellaramsey
-REVIEW- #TheLostCityOfZ (2016) from #JamesGray starring #CharlieHunnam #RobertPattinson #SiennaMiller #TomHolland & #IanMcDiarmid Set in the early to mid 1900s this adventure film follows adventurer Percy Fawcett as he explores the Amazon rainforest and he's one of the first to do, going off a rumour he believes there is a city hidden beneath the jungle and he finds clues to it's whereabouts and proof that it exists, but back home in the UK everyone doubts him and is critical on his beliefs and findings. No one wants another wasted expedition, and with a family there too with young children he's drawn to stay home. The first world war is also brewing too where he's sent off to fight in. Now a film like this should've been interesting, but I just became immensely bored when watching it so much so I pretty much missed most of whatever went on. I found absolutely no connection with the characters and I was waiting for Tom Holland to show up right at the end, even the lead character played by Humman wasn't a good character, he did give a great performance and had a powerful presence on screen but I just didn't connect to him, I felt like I should of? I was hopeful after watching a trailer on another I watched the other month, it seemed promising and I picked up in CEX the other week at only £2 so it wasn't really a waste, I may give this film another watch in the future, maybe before Grays next film Ad Astra with Brad Pitt starring and we'll see how it is then.. - - RATING: 6/10
At the beginning of the year, I posted my top five most anticipated films of 2018, and with The Irishman being pushed to 2019, Damien Chazelle's Neil Armstrong biopic, rocketed to the top of my list. I'm a huge fan of his two efforts, so I'm hoping First Man keeps his winning run going alongside a vast array of exciting October releases: A Star Is Born Venom Mandy Bad Times at the El Royale Halloween Bohemian Rhapsody Hopefully I will have reviews of all of the above, plus Chazelle's latest. I just hope that knowing the outcome of First Man's pivotal set piece doesn't detract any tension or thrills from the overall film. That said, here's to what could become a memorable October. #TotalFilm #FirstMan #RyanGosling #ClaireFoy #JasonClarke #DamienChazelle #Cinema
#NEW | The movie “Slaughterhouse Rulez” is in the October issue of the magazine “Total Film”.
Onto the second one! Anyone up for a trip to Haddonfield Memorial? Yes this TV is standing on a pile of old Total Film magazines! #halloweenii #michaelmyers #1981 #haddonfield #hospital #drloomis #lauriestrode #jamieleecurtis #horror #theshape #thenighthecamehome #horrorfan #horrorgeek #totalfilm
A Warner Bros. e a revista TotalFilm divulgaram uma nova foto de 'Animais Fantásticos: Os Crimes de Grindelwald', que mostra Newt (Eddie Redmayne) ao lado do irmão Theseus (Callum Turner) @wbpictures . . #harrypotter #potterheads #fantasticbeasts #hogwarts #harrypotterbrasil #knightbus #hp #warner #totalfilm
-REVIEW- #JusticeLeague (2017) from mainly #ZackSnyder and stars #BenAffleck #GalGadot #JasonMomoa #RayFisher #EzraMiller #AmyAdams #JeremyIrons and #HenryCavill I'm not a massive fan of the recent spray of DC films, and I have watched them all (now) and Man of Steel, for me is the best and, sorry to say this Wonder Woman comes in at the worse; but this post is about Justice League which acts as DCs first feature film team up so the equivalent to Avengers Assemble or X-Men but with their own respected characters. So you can guarantee the story is somebody wanting to take over the world, unlike in Avengers it's Loki and it's brilliant but this follows a CG mess of a villain who wants to destroys every world he can just because he can and to find 3 special boxes which can turn our world into his own image of death and destruction. To defeat him, Bruce and Diana must form a team of 6, making 3 newcomers who need to be introduced and to strike a connection with us, well they do just about. Flash and Aquaman were the best in this film so I have hope for their solo films despite how low it may. Oh, superman comes back too. I enjoyed the first part the most, watching Bruce form his team and seeing each of our new characters in their own respected environments, once they all meet though it doesn't feel as epic as it should've been, even the first team up shot is bland. With other shots, Synder wants it to look good, it's well shot and the colours good, but the CG in most shots was appalling and in some cases the edits weren't good at all. I understand he had to leave the project late but you can see how rushed it was pulled together with little regard to what the original could've been, I now understand the appeal for a Snyder cut. It was underwhelming and it was expected, glad to find it on Now TV rather than slashing out on the blu ray, still undecided if December's Aquaman will be worth the venture to the cinema despite looking forward to Shazam... - - RATING: 6.5/10
the last mag in the shop. Honestly can’t wait for this film to come out!🎬🌑 #ryangosling #firstman #firstmanmagazine #totalfilm #firstmanonthemoon #space
-REVIEW- #Aftermath (2017) directed by #ElliottLester with #ArnoldSchwarzenegger #ScootMcNairy #MaggieGrace #JudahNelson #LarrySullivan & #MartinDonovan Based off true events, regarding a commercial aircraft collision, a hard working and loving father, Roman, finds out his family have all been killed with little explanation and he gets no apology. Roman goes on a mission to find who he thinks is the one man solely responsible. This is an event I am familiar with, through documentaries shown on National Geographic and through reading up a lot about but this was years ago but they had an impact on me, and I wanted to see how the feature film made up to the real events well it mostly stays true the original events, which is good to have but some parts seemed to be over dramatized for the purpose of cinema and shots made to look less real in some ways, the film manages to cut corners, We didn't see some large aspects I would've liked to be reminded of years on.  I also wanted to watch this just for Scoots performance, and he was in a major role here in this, playing an ATC on the night of the faithful event, this is also my favourite scene in the movie. We see Jake on his own at the top of the tower with 3 planes to look after but also with communication issues, seeing him balance all of this in a beautifully lit scene and a great performance, which he gives for this whole film and is easily the best part. Arnold I was expecting to be better, I feel his performance didn't capture the role well and could've been recasted maybe. Another minor issue I had was that it didn't build tension well enough for a drama like this, and because I knew how events were going to happen it felt like a waiting game just to end. Though it balances a whole lot of emotion and provides nice imagery, and a top performance but just needed a bit more gripping for my liking, but easily not as bad as everyone's made it out to be or that I've read. - - RATING: 6.9/10
It was a lie! It was a damn lie! #TheSagaIsComplete #StarWars #dvd #revengeofthesith #advertising #TotalFilm Issue 109 December 2005.
A revista Total Film (@totalfilm ) divulgou uma nova imagem de "Animais Fantásticos: Os Crimes de Grindelwald" mostrando Newt Scamander e seu irmão Teseu. Os dois parecem estar no lugar onde encontrarão Grindelwald para duelar. Outras três imagens do filme foram reveladas. ⬅️ ARRASTE PARA O LADO ⬅️ Em uma delas, vemos Teseu Scamander e Leta Lestrange andando pelos corredores de Hogwarts. Em outra, vemos Tina Goldstein e Newt Scamander entrando na Sala de Arquivo do Ministério da Magia da França. Por fim, temos uma arte conceitual do porão do apartamento de Newt, em Londres. Trata-se de uma extensão da mala do magizoologista, onde cada porta do lugar é um habitat e um ecossistema diferente. No chão, em destaque, vemos três Oraqui-Oralás. #Lembrol #AnimaisFantasticos #OsCrimesdeGrindelwald #AnimaisFantasticos2 #Grindelwald #NewtScamander #TinaGoldstein #TeseuScamander #LetaLestrange #Hogwarts #TotalFilm #AnimaisFantasticoseOndeHabitam
Here’s an exclusive look at Claire Foy as Lisbeth Salander in The Girl In The Spider’s Web from the new issue of Total Film, out now!
O filme #OPrimeiroHomem protagonizado pelo ator #RyanGosling é destaque na capa da nova edição da revista #TotalFilm ! . No elenco, além de Gosling, #ClaireFoy , Jason Clarke, Kyle Chandler, Patrick Fugit, Ciaran Hinds, Ethan Embry, Shea Whigham, Corey Stoll e Pablo Schreiber. . O filme chega em 11 de outubro nos cinemas pela @universalpicsbr. 😃👏 . #universalpicturesbrasil #FirstMan #universalpicsbr #firstmanmovie #filme #adorocinema #estreia #loucosporcinema #cinema #geekbrasil #geekbr #nerdBR #nerdBrasil #cinefilo #cinefilos #culturapop #loucosporfilmes #PrimeiroHomem #instafilmes #totalfilmmagazine #OPrimeiroHomemfilme #adorofilmes #bomdia #Bomdia @firstmanmovie
Here’s the exclusive subscribers’ cover for our #FirstMan issue, which is out now 🌓 👨‍🚀
A nova edição da revista #TotalFilm trouxe mais duas imagens de #HalloweenMovie 🎃🔪 Em uma delas temos @ginnygardner sendo atacada por Michael! 📷 Por @duhorror Dark Universe: Horror Database #ScreamBrasil #Scream2 #Scream3 #Scream4 #MichaelMyers #Slashermovies #VirginiaGardner
-REVIEW- #GreenRoom (2015) from #JeremySaulnier with #AntonYelchin #ImogenPoots #AliaShawkat #JoeCole #CallumTurner #MarkWebber & #PatrickStewart A young group of punk rockers become trapped in a live venue, far from safety following some violence that went down, they become targets from a gang of Skinheads with their boss/venue owner Patrick Stewart. After watching Blue Ruin last week I was very hopeful for Saulniers next feature, one I'd read a lot of good things about so it was time to give this one a watch, something I'm glad I did. Following a small band, we see them wanting to travel the country but have a limited budget and find themselves at a secluded hard rock venue where their music isn't received well from the regulars of the venue or those in charge either, forced into a room after causing some outrage the band are faced with a couple of issues and how to escape. Slowly, like a slasher, the good of the story are picked off. Shot, stabed, hit and attacked by dogs many of the people revive a brutal end which presents some harsh imagery that almost looks too real for a piece of film, it was so off putting and gruesome I'm glad some off this stuff was kept in the final edit, otherwise it would've been senseless. Those left face devastating injuries and have limited options to keep from getting worse, but seriously, duct tape? This film builds tension very well, you can look at the closing sequence and how good the shoot out is, had me glued to the screen, and it is extremely hooking from the quick start to finish, it builds on improved visuals which were great in Blue Ruin but here see see a lot more colours, it's beautifully unsettling to view all together. Unfortunately I didn't pick up on the films music, other than the live performances closer to the beginning, so there isn't much to comment on here. Overall this was a brilliant film to watch right off the bat, it was thrilling and had the right amount of pretty much everything needed, great acting, images and action and does everything the poster says. - - RATING: 9/10
Na próxima sequência de Animais Fantásticos: Os Crimes de Grindelwald, o universo de Harry Potter se estenderá ainda mais, introduzindo novos personagens e se aventurando em outros cantos do mundo. * __ Você pode dar uma nova olhada em Theseus - ao lado de Newt - nesta imagem exclusiva de Animais Fantásticos: Os Crimes de Grindelwald, imagem divulgada pela revista Total Film . Os irmãos estão a espreita em torno de um canto escuro, presumivelmente prontos para lançar alguma magia. * __ “Explorar o relacionamento com Newt foi emocionante para mim - alguém que é super bem-sucedido e generoso”, explica Turner. Embora nem ele nem Redmayne tenham realmente visitado Hogwarts para este filme, tiveram que encontrar uma nova maneira de satisfazer seus fãs internos. “Callum e eu não fomos convidados para Hogwarts”, ri Redmayne. "Então nós entramos escondidos e tiramos selfies ilegais." * __ Não vai ser tudo divertido como no filme anterior, esperamos que Animais Fantásticos 2 seja mais sombrio. “Dumbledore confia em pessoas que sempre fazem a escolha certa”, diz Jude Law sobre a encarnação mais jovem do conhecido mago. “Há uma parte dele também que acha que ele tem um monstro dentro dele. Newt é alguém que pode ter afeição por monstros. Esse é um tema que percorre todo o filme - pessoas enfrentando o monstro interno ”. * __ Animais Fantastico estreia em 15 de novembro nos cinemas do Brasil. Falta menos de dois meses marotos! 😱😍 __ #armadamanaus #manauscity #harrypottermanaus #potterhead #jkrowling #harrypotter #slytherin #ravenclaw #hufflepuff #gryffindor #hogwarts #always #wizardworld #wizard #bruxo #book #livros #newtscamander #manaus #amazonas #brasil #bookstagram #bookslove #nerd #geek #magicinprogress #theseusscamander #fantasticbeast #animaisfantasticos #totalfilm
#TotalFilm nos tra una nueva imagen de la película #AnimalesFantásticosLosCrímenesDeGrindelwald 😍🦄🐉🐾
The Scamander Brothers! A new photo of Eddie as Newt Scamander and Callum Turner as TheseusScamander in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, from Total Film! - #EddieRedmayne #CallumTurner #FantasticBeasts #NewtScamander #TheseusScamander #FantasticBeastsTheCrimesOfGrandelwald #TheCrimesOfGrandelwald #TotalFilm #Film #2018
Nova foto de Animais Fantásticos: Os Crimes de Grindewald, divulgada pela TotalFilm, que mostra os irmãos Scamander: Newt (Eddie Redmayne) e Theseus (Callum Turner). ✌🏻 O filme chega em 15 de novembro nos cinemas. 🎬🎞 #totalfilm #fantasticbeasts2 #animaisfantasticos2 #fantasticbeaststhecrimesofgrindelwald #animaisfantasticososcrimesdegrindelwald #magia #magic #eddieredmayne #newt #newtscamander #theseus #theseusscamander #callumturner #warner #warnerbros #warnermovies #movie #filme #cinema
The Scamander brothers join forces in this exclusive new Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald image, from the new issue of Total Film!
Exclusive look at @michaelbjordan in Creed II, from the new issue of Total Film magazine - out tomorrow!
-REVIEW- #HeavenKnowsWhat (2014) from #BennySafdie and #JoshSafdie starring #ArielleHolmes #CalebLandryJones #EléonoreHendricks & #BuddyDuress In the streets of New York, we follow a young woman who is a heroin addict, whilst dealing with her unstable relationship with her violent partner. Surprisingly, what I liked the most about this film was how it presented the city of  New York, it doesn't show the towering buildings, sunset lit cityscapes, iconic buildings or places but instead we are brought down to the streets of the city, where it honestly looks really unappealing to the eye. What's also a bit odd is this ties the film together, everything about it is really unappealing, it deals with the serious topic of hard drug use and how anyone can be involved, we don't see the cartels but we get the receivers of the drugs. In this case a bf/gf couple in a really bad relationship, even though they're not actually together, boyfriend Ilya pops up now n then just to cause trouble as the drunk hard rock guy he is. Harley (the girlfriend) does make a couple of friends that are also homeless and addicts but try their best to help out in some way or another. Dealing with a life of homelessness, Harley takes to petty crime but somehow manages to get enough money to move South to Florida with Ilya. Yeah, doesn't make all that much sense. I thoroughly enjoyed to watch this, I found the performances to be good, given that the lead actress wrote the book the film is based off, but I loved how all the negatives that the film had worked towards making the film good, from imagery to topics with an electrifying and deafening soundtrack just to add to the experience. - - RATING: 7.4/10
Some of films yet to be released this year that I’m really looking forward to seeing. Venom is looking to be a great film, Fantastic Beasts 2 is sure to be a major hit. I’m hoping Bumblebee will be a fresh spark to the dwindling franchise. Creed 2 should be a great follow up from its predecessor while Aquaman and Ralph breaks the internet will definitely be box office hits. CAN’T WAIT!!!! #film #films #movie #movies #cinema #empiremagazine #totalfilm #venommovie #fantasticbeaststhecrimesofgrindelwald #bumblebee #aquamanmovie #creed2 #ralphbreakstheinternet
New Issue 🆕️ Total Film - VENOM is enigmatic, charismatic, dangerous and scary. Edition: Sept 2018 come visit us @periplus_galaxy to get this magazine or contact our whatsapp. Be the first to read this magz 😉 #newissue #totalfilm #venom #marvel #importmagazine #majalahimpor #periplus #galaxymall #periplusgalaxymall #bookstore #bibliophile #bookstagram #tokobuku #tokobukuimpor #bukuimpor #surabaya
👆JUAL MAJALAH IMPORT👆 . .SOLD OUT 😊✔🙏 . .MARIECLAIRE US AGUSTUS 2018 .Rp 40.000 😊 .📞0813 2232 8598 WA👈 . #jualmajalahimport #majalahimport #majalahfilm #totalfilm #bandung #jakarta #bali #yogyakarta #surabaya #malang #solo #kalimantan #indonesia #oprahwinfrey #maxiM #popularmagazine #bazaarus #majalahjadul #vogueus #fashion #marrieclaire #halsey
-REVIEW- #TheTiger #AnOldHuntersTale (2015) with #ChoiMinSik #JeongManSik #KimSangHo #SeongYuBin & #RenOsugi 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and 5 Starts pretty much everywhere I've looked online, I thought I'd give this foreign feature a watch. The story is about a man living in Japanese occupied Korea, where he is tasked with hunting the last living tiger in his territory. The film follows a few different characters all with a shared goal of making their country tiger free, some are hired to hunt them down, some are Japanese military that also rule this part of Korea and a father/son pair who have grew up on top of a mountain close to the tigers den. For these people's shared goal, we go get flashbacks to see how they got this far, we go back to see the infamous one eyed tiger as a cub, why he/she is troubled and is aggressive towards people and it's strengthened bond with the older man we meet, Tiger manages to repay a favour you could say. The beginning of the film starts introducing us the characters, but this is done with some terrible humour which isn't laughably bad, but just bad; though this is reading subtitles so it's my own interpretation, but this could've been provided by better acting and showing more emotion (happy or sad) through facial movements and gestures. The other criticism I have is with what seems incomplete VFX on the tiger and wolf design, it's okay but could've been polished of a lot more, it didn't look smooth, this hair didn't move say and they just looked a bit too blocky.  However I've never sympathised for a giant tiger this much, we see such a struggle it has to live through harsh conditions, on its own and constantly being hunted down by armies of people, but it just can't seem to give up and puts up an astonishing fight throughout. Human characters weren't as strong or interesting I found, I only enjoyed the father and son relationship which was explored, but the father had a brilliant arc that ended perfectly but also unexpectedly. The tigers on screen presence was accompanied by some great looking shots, they gave out so much power and emotion which was a theme that ran throughout
Being a huge fan of the Predator franchise I was over the moon when the announced this film and it honestly did not disappoint one bit!!!! Shane Black has given us a fresh new instalment to the Predator universe and it was amazing from start to finish. Any Predator Fans our there do not miss this film. While I wasnt that taken by the new type of Predator in the film I did love the original one as well as seeing a Predators version of a hunting dog/companion, they were a cool inclusion. I hope Shane Black makes another because the ending just leaves you wanting more and there are still questions that need answers. But all in all The Predator is great with a stellar cast and I cannot wait to own this film. #movie #movies #films #film #cinema #empiremagazine #totalfilm #shaneblack #thepredator #predator #oliviamunn #boydholbrook #trevanterhodes #jacobtremblay #keeganmichaelkey #sterlingkbrown #thomasjane #alfieallen #augustoaguilera #jakebusey #yvonestrahovski
Repost @tomhardyvariations 😘😘😘😘😍😍😍👏👏👏👏😍😍 • • • Here's another thing that sets Venom apart from standard superhero fare: its cast. Alongside Hardy, the supporting cast is populated by a cool, offbeat, edgy array of actors that you wouldn't necessarily associate with the genre: Riz Ahmed, Michelle Williams, Jenny Slate, Woody Harrelson. "I mean, when you start your casting with Tom Hardy, it sets the bar as far as what kind of film you're trying to make," says director Ruben Fleischer, and Ahmed concurs. "I think Tom being at the heart of it was a big pull for everyone," says Ahmed. "I've known Tom for many years now. Our paths crossed early in our careers, about 10 years ago. We always kept in touch periodically. It was great to reconnect with him." . Quoted from #TotalFilm Sept 2018 issue @totalfilm #Venom lands in theaters on October 5 #tomhardy #eddiebrock #rizahmed #carltondrake #venommovie #WeAreVenom #marvel #symbiote . 📷 new still! credit: #SonyPictures @sonypictures
Here's another thing that sets Venom apart from standard superhero fare: its cast. Alongside Hardy, the supporting cast is populated by a cool, offbeat, edgy array of actors that you wouldn't necessarily associate with the genre: Riz Ahmed, Michelle Williams, Jenny Slate, Woody Harrelson. "I mean, when you start your casting with Tom Hardy, it sets the bar as far as what kind of film you're trying to make," says director Ruben Fleischer, and Ahmed concurs. "I think Tom being at the heart of it was a big pull for everyone," says Ahmed. "I've known Tom for many years now. Our paths crossed early in our careers, about 10 years ago. We always kept in touch periodically. It was great to reconnect with him." . Quoted from #TotalFilm Sept 2018 issue @totalfilm #Venom lands in theaters on October 5 #tomhardy #eddiebrock #rizahmed #carltondrake #venommovie #WeAreVenom #marvel #symbiote . 📷 new still! credit: #SonyPictures @sonypictures
-REVIEW- #BlueRuin (2013) from #JeremySaulnier with #MaconBlair #DevinRatray #KevinKolack and #AmyHargreaves Simply a revenge thriller, Saulniers first feature to gain recognition is about a mysterious man who lives on the beach, travelling around in his old car, who hears word about someone from his past which sends him back to his home town in an act of vengeance. Unlike a conventional film of this genre, the lead character, Dwight, isn't a strong battle torn man who looks threatening or aggressive towards everyone but instead he's more broken with a calmer personality due to how quiet he is and how laid back he lives his lonely and homeless life. Though why is he homeless? This leads to his motives to act on, after a nice police officer finds him he's given devastating news that the man who killed his parents has been granted release from jail. Dwight acts knowing he can't get anything back so goes to take from other people's lives to get a sense of equity and for him to gain closure. This takes him back to where he used to live, far away from his beachside life to a suburban America with families and diners. Following Dwight are a couple of men to make these few days hell basically, but he opens up to whoever he's got left, even with an old friend who teaches him to be the best version of himself and to finish off what he came back for. Tense and Emotional, Saulnier created something which probably flew underneath everyone's radar, also one that's easily underrated because of how it draws itself away from stereotypes of aggression, being over the top and dependent on CG but instead makes a great change with a good script scattered with some shots (mostly at the start) I found myself pausing the film just to look at and appreciate. - - RATING: 8.3/10
-REVIEW- #PunchDrunkLove (2002) from #PaulThomasAnderson starring #AdamSandler #EmilyWatson #PhillipSeymourHoffman and #LuisGuzmán As small business owner and a hopeless romantic, Sandler is Barry Egan who he has 7 sisters to put up with, though it isn't until he meets one of his many sisters co-workers, Lena (Watson) but his newfound love gets shattered by a man with violent tendencies. I'll admit this now, I threw this on out of a choice of many from the watch pile just to pass the time in the evening. Most of the time I wanna watch something fun, or something to feel or just to see a bit of dumb action and big CG action sequences which this film had none of. I'm not a fan of all these romancey films at all and this is just another one, so far 500 Days is the only one I've been able to bare and enjoy. I also had high expectations from PTA with this film and I'm going though his filmography randomly; reading a lot of good about each and every one of them. However I'm going to be that one person that didn't enjoy the film, but I am gonna mention the positives and what I found to be enjoyable. Firstly was the films music, I loved the really upbeat feel every track had to offer plus all would be nice to listen to on there own, again this film had decent shots that were composed well/pretty to look at, though also again it didn't make sense (at least it was short) and I quickly lost interest in any character on screen, nobody seemed loveable or you wanted to hate despite clear antagonists and protagonists. I'm still holding out hope for his other films because I know there's gotta be something great out there, so which one next? - - RATING: 6.6/10
-REVIEW- #Raw (2017) from #JuliaDucournau with #GaranceMarillier #EllaRumpf #RabahNaitOufella #LaurentLucas and #JoanaPreiss Simply a French coming of age drama, but with a twist. Raw, or otherwise titled Grave tells the story of a vegetarian student on her first few weeks at a school for vets, where she is made to eat meat for the first time ever. This is part of her induction to the school, something arranged by older pupils that like to be known as elders by the rookies. Reluctantly, Justine swallows a whole piece of raw meat in the form of a rabbit kidney I believe; from then on her entire personality makes a great change from a once innocent, quiet vegetarian girl to a raving but awkward and even cannibalistic teen. Itself the film is gruesome and is packed with blood, even too much in some cases, we see it poured all over people, in the form of wounds, in food, animals and severed limbs. Literally stuff out of a good old murderous horror movie, it's got similar connections to a horror in how the film is deeply unsettling to watch, or to me personally because of this horrendous amount of blood maybe, it also has very close shots that gives a very intimate feel which adds to this unnerving factor. From start to finish, Marillier gives a very good performances, she does a lot in the 90 or so minutes of run time and it's this performance that carries the weight, otherwise I wouldn't've carried on watching it or being more negative. What I love about world cinema (it isn't in English) is watching a film where you cannot understand the language and your viewing is based soley of performance, cinematography and music. Given it was subtitled, I didn't bother with reading them due to the picture. Raw is certainly a dark twist on a usually light coming of age tale, but it's executed brilliantly and bound to be unforgettable. - - RATING: 8/10
-REVIEW- #TheGuest (2014) from #AdamWingard and stars #DanStevens #MaikaMonroe #BrendanMeyer #SheilaKeely and #CandicePatton Stevens plays a former soldier who stays at a family home, and he claims to be a friend of the son of the family. He stays at this house, for the most part he's relaxed until there is some violence beginning to spark and his persona becomes more apparent, but is he what this family was looking for? Subsequently he was not, but the film however? Why have I never heard anything about it, it needs to be talked about a lot more, you all need to watch it. Right from the start I was hooked to the screen, by trippy and electrical music (something becoming used a lot more in film, which I'm liking) then from the moment David (Stevens) steps onto screen this makes it even more enticing than what I was looking for, he has such a presence in the film and carries something already looking good, he's easily the right choice. Especially when you look at the rest of the cast which you can see do bring it down, but only just. Monroe was an actress I was looking forward to seeing, but she didn't give as strong a performance as he did in other recent films like It Follows or even the recent Netflix film Tau. Everybody else was weak, and it's the only issue I have with the movie. More to the plot, David stays in the Peterson family home and bonds with the family, closest with the youngest son (Meyer) who gets bullied at school and his sister (Monroe) who works as a waitress-not really doing much. They begin to learn about eachother, teach things to one another but leaning more towards self defence and beating up the bad people in your life, then once this bit of violence stars we begin to get a more twisted story arc for our titular character, as he shortly goes on the run, with government officials chasing him down for the majority of the final act. Suspenseful and with an easily unforgettable performance from Dan leaves you wanting more after the What The Fuck ending, but more of what? More Dan Stevens, just to look at those eyes? More Wingard, I'm gonna be rewatching/reviewing his other films soon or just simply more thrills?
While I am a fan of the character, I’m not as excited for the Venom movie as much as I would want, partially I think because the trailers didn’t convince me. Though I am intrigued and I’ll definitely see it on opening weekend. Bad Times at the El Royale however looks really interesting and quite original and the subscriber cover @empiremagazine is a beauty. #bluray #bluraycollector #bluraycollection #film #filmphotography #filmbuff #filmmagazine #movie #nowreading #totalfilm #empire #cinephile #cinephilecommunity #thecomiccoalition #venom #marvel #sony #tomhardy #badtimesattheelroyale #chrishemsworth #jeffbridges #drewgoddard #rubenfleischer
what a time to be a superhero fan 🤓 #venom #totalfilm
Morning reading! 😍 I had a bunch of education reward vouchers to spend at WHS Smith that have been kicking around for a few years now and I have finally spent them 😁😂 Never knew a "bookazine" was actually a thing but this is pretty hefty and has some really good articles in it ^^ but at £9.99 it's not the cheapest in the world 😁 #horror #horrormovies #horrorgram #horrorlover #horrorgirl #horrortheultimatecelebration #magazine #whsmiths #totalfilm #supernatural #gore #filmstudent #dvdcollector #dvd #bluraycollector #bluray
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