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PART 13 – By the way, Merry Christmas everyone! YOUR POV “T – tom?” You asked, was it really him? His eyes were puffy and red, his shirt was stained, it was the same one he wore when he dropped you off here two weeks ago. “Y/n, are you okay? No, wait. You’re not. Y/n, I’m so sorry. I never should have left you. I was selfish and rude, and I would choose you over myself any day.” Tom said, you gaped at him, in shock. “Please come back with me.” Tom said, “Tom – I – I can’t go with you.” You told him, and Tom stepped back. “W – what?” “I can’t go with you Tom, your fans. I care about you more than you care about me and I can’t let ME ruin your career and the people you love a lot.” You said, Tom nodded but stepped closer. “All I want is another chance. To prove myself, I can’t live without you y/n, I’m a mess.” Tom mentioned, gesturing to his clothes. “Y/n – I – I like you.” Tom told you, and your heart sped up faster and faster. You had been wanting to hear that. Ever since you had stayed with Tom, ever since he saved your life. Finally, the opportunity. You stepped back and more into Jayden’s house. “I can’t risk your fans Tom, they need you. Whatever Jayden’s planning I’m sure it’s bad.” You said, just then Jayden’s car pulled up in the driveway. (CONTINUED IN COMMENTS) #tomholland #fanfiction #tomhollanfan #tomhollandfanfic @tomholland2013
Some rares for y’all The third one!!! He looks like he has orange hair!!! 😂😂😂 - - - - - - - (Plz give credit or tag us if you use these that would mean a lot! 😊) #tomholland #babytomholland #tomhollandmemes #hollander #tom #holland #tomhollanfan #tomholland #tomhollandrares #tomhollandfan #tomhollandspiderman @tomholland2013 @tomholland2013 @tomholland2013 @rareholland
Happy 100th Cap 🇺🇸 • ©️: @srsly.steverogers • -Kat
Villain, hero, Queen: Loki • -Kat
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Tom BTS of Spider-Man: homecoming. -Kat • CR-@tomshollander_spidey
I’m sorry but the dog is the best part of this photo 😂 Tom comes in at a close second. -Kat
Tony and Cap :,) -Kat
I suddenly love math😍 happs to this perfect man - - - - @tomholland2013 #tomholland #avengers #tomholland2013 #happybirthday #tomhollanfan #tomhollandbirthday
Goodbye to the beautiful 21 year old @tomholland2013 looking forward to another year with you in this world♥️♥️ - - - - #22 #tomholland #tomhollanfan #tomholland #tomholland2013 #tonystark #robertdowneyjr #avengers #avengersassemble #spiderman #peterparker #parkerpeter
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Tom is in Houston and I’m so happy that fans get to meet him!!!!! -Kat
What Thor was doing during the civil War -Kat
Accidentally opens front cam- oh wait, nothing’s an accident when you have a beautiful face like that. -Kat
We love a squad that’s on point -Kat
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I thought this post was real and I spit out my imaginary tea -Kat • Credit: @sidewalkmanips
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I forgot the question of the day yesterday oops 🙈 but I won't do the same mistake twice QOTD: sweet or savory foods? 🍦🍕 AOTD: I'm considered an horrible person for this (😂) but I actually mix them, for example I eat french fries with ice-cream . . . #tomholland2013 #questionoftheday #tomhollander #marvel #spidermanhomecoming #tomholland #tomhollandfanpage #tomhollandfand #tomhollanfan #followme #2017 #thomasstanleyholland #tomhollandspiderman #tomholland2016 #tomhollandspidey #quackson #hollandfamily