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part 2!💛 this is a bit long and it maybe boring because they’re in the hospital but i promise the next part will hopefully be more interesting. - - tags; #tomholland #tom #thomasstanleyholland #thomasholland #peterparker #peterbenjaminparker #peter #spiderman #london #tomimagine #tomhollandimagine #tomhollandstory
-part 18- So finally a new part! Next one prob coming the day after tomorrow. Hope you like this one! ---- #tomholland #tomholland2013 #tomhollandtextpost #textpost #quakson #spiderman #spidermanhomecoming #tomhollandedits #thomasstanleyholland #infinitywar #peterparker #tomhollandstory #marvel
part 1!💛 this is my first time writing a story so i’m sorry that it’s so short! - - tags; #tomholland #tom #thomasstanleyholland #thomasholland #peterparker #peterbenjaminparker #peter #spiderman #london #tomimagine #tomhollandimagine #tomhollandstory
Starting my first story! Here’s the introduction: ~ ~ Your name is (Y/N) Stark. Yes, you are the daughter of the genius billionaire: Tony Stark. You are homeschooled (you are too smart for school anyway) and kept away from the public for your “safety” which you think is crap since you can defend yourself. Your dad is very protective of you and has the Avengers watch over you when he isn’t around. You can relate better to the Avengers more than anyone else. Most of them all have some kind of powers or a special suit. You have water powers. You can control water with your mind. All of the Avengers are amazed by your powers and think that if you train hard enough, you could become one of them, but Tony, being protective of course, doesn’t agree. In this story you’ll go through the journey of meeting Peter Parker (aka Spider-Man) and getting closer to him. Maybe you’ll even become an Avenger by the end too!
Part 30! This story is coming to the end 👀 if you’re new, go read this story from part one! I larb all of you amazing people! 💘💘 #tomhollandstory #tomhollandfanfiction #tomhollandfamfic #tomholland #tomholland2013
Part 29! Sorry it is very short but part 30 is going to be out soon! If you’re new, read this Fan Fic From part one! I larb all of you amazing people! 💘💘 #tomhollandfanfic #tomholland #tomhollandfanfiction #tomhollandfanpage #tomhollandstory #tomholland2013
Part 10 is up!!! Ok... I’m not good at writing this stuff. But haha idk, hope you enjoyy 💙💙 #tomholland #tomhollandedits #tomholland2013 #tomhollandstory #tomhollandimagines #tomhollandimaginestories
That smile at the end tho 💙💙💙💙😍 @tomholland2013 #tomholland #tomhollandedits #tomhollandedit #holland #tomhollandstory
@tomholland2013 ‘s Instagram story today. Good luck with your A-Levels everyone! _____________________________ • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • #tomholland #tomhollandinstagram #tomhollandstory #peterparker #harrisonosterfieldedit #newtscamanderedit #tomhollandedits #infinitywar #tessa #quackson
Omg tom is so ACTIVE it's weird.... this was on his story😣🤧😢❤love you sm😎 #tomholland #tomhollandstory #peace#hawt #myboiz #thankyou @tomholland2013
-tom holland story part 4- -i came home and it's already 8pm- mia:WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? me: Mia just calm down i was in park and met some cool hot guy and we talked mia:hot?how much hot? me:omg mia im going to sleep i have fisrt day of work tommorow -i woke up,get ready and put some makeup- me:okay Julia u got this -i am now on set of some movie.gosh im feeling stupid.i don't know which movie and who actors are- jon(director of spiderman if u don't know):hey , you have to be Julia.nice to meet you im director of movie Jon Watts julia:nice to met u too.im little embarrassed because i don't know which is this movie jon:ohh..i think they forgot to tell you.it's ,,Spider man: Far from home" and you are stilyst for main actor me:omg spiderman really?is main actor Andrew Garfild jon:hahaha that's really funny.he is spiderman from 2012 and 2014 me:wait-t-t?there is new spiderman ?! i think i didn't even watched the marvel movies since 2015 i just forgot... jon:it's okay you are going to get it. -then Jon left.so i am now in room for hair and makeup and someone walks in.- me:he..-i just stopped when i saw Tom- tom why are u here? tom:omg Julia?why are you here?i don's say it's bad i am very happy but why? me:i am new stylist for actor who plays Peter Parker tom:it's nice to meet you im Peter Parker *he winked*..... -------- end of chapter 4.hope u like it ❤️ #tomholland #storyabouttomholland #tomhollandstory
Part 28! If you’re new, go read this from part one! I larb all of you amazing people! ♥️♥️ #tomhollandfanfic #tomhollandstory #tomhollandfantasy #tomhollandfanfiction #tomholland #tomholland2013 @tomholland2013
-tom holland story part 3- *okay Julia don't blush* me:haha thank you tom:what are you doing in this park? me:just walking , and why are u running ? tom:so many questions..haha im just kidding.i need to buy a food for my dog but store is going to close *he looks in his watch* IN 5 MINUTES me:omg im so sorry it's my fault , hey i can run fast we can go together i think this is my fault tom:no it's not your fault but let's run quick *we ran to the store and bought food for his dog* tom:thanks for coming with me me:yeah sure i don't have what to do else tom:let's go in park and sit and talk you seem really cool *we sat in park* tom:so u don't know who am I? me: should i know who u are? i just met you? tom:oh no no haha my mistake, so i can hear you are not from England you don't have accent me:yeah i just moved here because of the job , im from New York , Queens tom:Queens?(he smiled) awesome.what is your work and how old are u ? u look really young me: i am makeup and hair artist .yeah im young im 18 years old tom:im 22. me:you look like 16 tom:yeah everyone tells me that me:what's yours dog name? tom:tessa me:i really love that name tom:do you have any siblings? me:no i don't have you? tom:yeah 3 brothers me:wow.omg it's late my friend is going to be worried tom:it's okay just give me your number to catch in future * i giver him ny number* me:btw what's your full name? tom:Tom Holland but real Thomas Stanley Holland , yours? me:i love your name , mine is Julia Stone Roberts. *i am just walking alone to aparment and thinking...Tom Holland?i don't know why but i feel like i know that name.... ----------- end of part 3.hope u like it!❤️ #tomholland #spiderman #storiesabouttomholland #storytomholland #tomhollandstory
Part 26! If you’re new, read this Fan Fic From part one! I larb all of you amazing people 💘💘 #tomhollandfanfic #tomhollandfanfiction #tomhollandedit #tomholland #tomholland2013 #tomhollandstory
Tom holland story❤ Tuwaine as a Police officer in spidermanfarfromhome?? @tomholland2013 @tuwaine . . . . . #tomholland #spiderman #tuwainebarrett #tomholland2013 #hollanders #tomhollandstory
-part 16- okayy lol the edit on the first pic! This part only from y/n's pov, hope you like this one✌🏻 ---- #tomholland #tomholland2013 #tomhollandtextpost #textpost #quakson #spiderman #spidermanhomecoming #tomhollandedits #thomasstanleyholland #infinitywar #peterparker #tomhollandstory #marvel
-tom holland story part 2- i need to call Mia ( my best friend ) me:hey Mia you can't belive what just happend mia:omg Julia you saw aliens me:Mia this is serius mia:oh sorry , what happend? me:i got an email from ££££ firm! mia: WHAT me:yeah they offered me a job , can you belive it? mia:NO I CAN'T BELIVE WHAT JOB me:first calm down second i don't know they say its with an actor but i don't think is famous because they didn't say name and they say if i do good they can give me job with more actors and famous people mia:you need to accept the job me:yeah i really want to but its in London mia: L O N D O N ? me:yeah... mia: okay im buying tickets for London for us two! me:whatt? mia: what did you think ? that you are going alone! me:thank you , i am going to call them! -after 3 weeks in London apartman- me: i can't belive we are in London mia:im so tired let's go sleep me:sleep?we just arrived! i want to see city! mia: but you are going to work tommorow me:i don't care i am going to a park for a walk mia:see you later -day is very nice,im so happy because im here, i can't wait to start my carier here, i was deep in my mind.suddenly i hit someone and fell xxx:im so sorry me:it's okay -he gives me his strong arm to stand up me:thank you xxx:im so sorry again me:its really okay -he was beautiful,strong and really nice xxx:my name is Thomas but everyone calles me Tom whats yours me:Julia.My name is Julia tom:really pretty name for pretty girl........ --------- i hope you like part 2❤️ #spiderman #tomholland #tomhollandstory #story #julia #farfromhome #lovestory
Part 22💕 sorry it took so long to post💙 please give feedback on my story bc I want to know if it’s good or not💚 #tomholland #tom #tommy #tomhollandfanfiction #tomhollandfanfics #tomfanfiction #tomfanfics #tommyfanfiction #tommyfanfics #tomhollandstories #tomhollandstory #tomstories #tomstory #tommystories #tommystory
-tom holland story part 1- hey 👋🏻my name is Julia.im 19 years old.i finished school for proffesional hair and makeup stylist/artist.i love that work.i am living in New York , Queens (hihi).my dream is to work with famous people.i have my salon now in Queens and job is really really good but of course like everyone i want better.i am posting on my instagram videos of makeup and hair and for now i have 10k followers and im in shook. -i finished my work day and came home, made dinner and sit on my laptop to look in my emails.there was one email...that email changed everything- email: Dear Julia, we saw your amazing work on instagram and we think you deserve better job.You are very talented girl and we can see you have bright future.We have job for you.Hair and makeup styliest for one actor.If we like you , we can give you more actors and famous people.Job is in London.If you want call number +xxxxxxxxxx .Thank you for your time. ££££ Firm.Confirmed ---- i didn't belive what i saw.is this real?is this dream?did really famous firm just offered me a job? is this my dream job? ---------- end of part 1 , this is begining so its short chapter, i hope you liked❤️ #tomholland #storyabouttomholland #tomhollandstory #peterparker #story #dreamjob #spiderman
PT 4 You sat up on his lap and he couldn't stop kissing you. He pulled your shirt over your head so you just sat there in a bra but you blushed because you got a little nervous "Everything okay, darling? Should we stop?" You actually didn't want to stop or ruin the moment but suddenly this decision wasn't in your hands anymore. The door got slammed open by sydney and madison "Y/N?! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING? YOU CAN'T JUST SNEAK AWAY WITHOUT SAYING A THING!!! WE GOT SO WORRIED!!" syd screamed at me. completely overreacting. "Come on Sydney, you two haven't even noticed till now. Also you're overreacting so STOP. SCREAMING. AT. ME!" Tom was so confused "y/n, she didn't overreact. Something like a terrorist is around this area, we're risking.." sydney interrupted her "OUR ASSES!" "WHAT" Tom and i said in the same time "what do you mean, "terrorist"?" "Dont know. 1 or 2 guys with guns are shooting around and the police couldn't find them yet" "i need to go" tom said in a hurry "Tom you cant go outside what if they kill you!" You said. "No i have to. You won't understand but i'm pretty sure they're here because of me.." "that's nonsense Tom, stay here" Madison said "mads, you're the only one that knows. Keep them safe, i'll do it for me too. I don't want anyone to get hurt" Tom ran out of the house and while the girls didn't look you pulled your shirt over again. "What does he mean with 'you're the only one who knows', madison? Is he a dealer or what!?" Mads took her hands out of her face and you could tell she was sad "noo of course not. Google him. Tom Holland. I don't know anything more about him than this. Ugh fuck" sydney and i looked us in the eyes and we were too confused "okay" syd said and took her phone out. ----- "oh. my. god." She was shooked and let her phone fall just as her jaw. "WHY DIDNT YOU TELL US" "Tell us what sydney whats the matter?!" "Because i didn't think about it. Its just a normal thing for me.. i didn't want anyone to get under pressure hes still a human being" "YES BUT NO! YOU HAD TO" "SYDNEY WHAT IS THE FUCKING MATTER" you screamed. She came over  and threw her handy on the couch and you couldn't belive what you saw.. To Be Continued
Third post of first part😘
Second post of first part😘
First post of part one😘
My heart 😍💛 ———————————— • • • • [#tomholland #tomholland2013 #tomhollandfanpage #tomhollandfan #tomhollander #tomhollandstory ]
it’s currently 12am and i’m kinda tired rn but i can’t fall asleep🤷🏼‍♀️. I also have orientation so i have to be social in like 8 hours or smthing😕
Start of a new story! This is more the preface, but idrc. Hope you enjoy and keep your eye out for Part two. 👀 #tomholland #tomhollandstory #part1 #tomholland2013
i look like a frog when i accidentally open my front camera
trying something new 🤷🏼‍♀️
yesterday i was looking at tom holland’s musically and uhm they aren’t THAT bad? credit: @thehollandreacts
the accuracy isndksbd. credit: @blue.eyed.bucky
i love posts like these
Part 21💕 sorry I didn’t post yesterday💚 I hope this story is still good💙 PLEASE GO CHECK OUT MY MOST RECENT STORY💜 #tomholland #tom #tommy #tomhollandfanfiction #tomhollandfanfics #tomfanfiction #tomfanfics #tommyfanfiction #tommyfanfics #tomhollandstories #tomhollandstory #tomstories #tomstory #tommystories #tommystory
Ok so it is currently like 12 am and I just had this crazy idea for a story/imagine so if some of it doesn’t make sense plz don’t mind it haha. Hope u guys like this❤️ - - Hashtags #tomholland #tomholland2013 #tomhollandimagines #tomhollandimagine #tomhollandstory
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