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and just looked at him for a minute he looked over at you and you laughed “what?” He said laughing you looked away “so Tom?” He looked at you as fast as possible “y-yeah” you looked at him with a serious face and then a smile appeared on your face “so my eyes sparkle?” He blushed so much it was like his cheeks were bright pink he laughed and mumbled “Haz I’m gonna kill you” you giggled your hand got warm and you looked to see Tom grabbing it and squeezing his eyes waiting for you to pull away but you didn’t… you both were blushing super hard “uh y/n can I ask you something?” TOMS POV I really like y/n but it’s not like she likes me back “would you maybe want to go get dinner some time?” I closed my eyes really hard waiting for her to walk away I knew I shouldn’t have said that “like a date?” “Sure if you want it to be…” she changes everything about me and we just met NORMAL POV Toms adorable I can’t wait for our date time passed and you fell asleep on Toms shoulder the plane made a weird noise which made you jump and grab Toms hand he chuckled “s-sorry” you laughed while blushing you fell right back on his shoulder and gently closed your eyes but you weren’t asleep he went on his phone and texted Haz ⬆️⬆️⬆️(on post) you moved a bit but still pretended to be asleep you wrapped your arms around his arm Tom likes me you were so happy your heart exploded but were you ready for another relationship? Your last one left you heart broken PAST MEMORIES “Hey I’m home!” You screamed you went back to your room to see your boyfriend sitting on the edge of the bed kissing some girl “what is wrong with you!” You yelled as you stormed out “y/n wait!” He yelled chasing after you “y/n!” “What!” You stopped running it was useless he would just keep following you “what could you possibly say to make this better?” Your head started to hurt “it’s not what it looks like!” You were amazed how stupid he was and how stupid he thinks you are “oh really your not cheating on me with some girl!” “Ok fine it is what it looks like” he said you scoffed and walked past him into his room where the girl had been and you grabbed his clothes and all of his things and threw it out the window
Average andy 😂 He is the best lol
I can only focus on that jaw line 🔥 @tomholland2013 Follow @saltipost for more 🌹
RIP 🌹😂 @tomholland2013
1st: sorry for being away for so long 🙏 2nd: sorry for the bad quality😅 3rd: first I didn't really know how todo this one but I think we all can hear these pics, and him singing😂 Day 8 - Feel free to dm me if you want, I am open to any suggestions to improve this account and happy to make friends 😄 - @tomholland2013 #tomholland #tomhollandedits #tomhollandsinging #blackwhite #l4l #f4f #spidermanfarfromhome
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This is just too cute I can't handle it @tomholland2013
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I literally got tom ahhh C @sunsetholland
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[tom holland singing electricity💜] - - - qotd: favourite music artitst - - aotd: Oasis, Little Mix, Eminem and many more🖤 - - #tomholland #tomhollandsinging #ilovehim #tomhollandau @tomholland2013 @tomholland2013 @tomholland2013 #thomasstanleyholland
This is so true lol @tomholland2013
Yayayya I can't wait for the movie also how can he sound so bloody adorable this is amazing love you tom @tomholland2013 @willsmith @spiesindisguise
Yayayya I can't wait for the movie also how can he sound so bloody adorable this is amazing love you tom @tomholland2013 @willsmith @spiesindisguise
I love this lmao phew phew phew !
I swear Tom has a good singing voice Ik I’ve only heard him sing in the background in some videos but I have heard it enough to know that he is good ❤️ @tomholland2013 c: @ttomsholland #tomholland #cutetomholland #tomhollandsinging #spiderman #peterparker #spidermanffh #marvel #marvelcomics #marvelstudios #marveluniverse #comics #avengers
And Spoiler man is back 😂💗💗
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