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Part 20: The stinging hurt so much. It no longer felt like one needle was poking at my heart it felt like thousands of needles were sinking into it. The pain traveled though my body. I felt it travel to my veins and then my face but then it stopped It was silent for a while... nothing was happening but then I felt no more pain. I felt a big blast go through my bones and flesh. I saw everything that my eyes had caught. My eyes had opened, I was laying over a bed. Red,blue, and gold bright colors were glowing on me. I was so confused but then my eyes stopped glowing and when I lifted my body up my eyesight caught Peter's eyes he was glowing red and blue in every part of his body and I couldn't help but cry an entire river. I ran to him so fast and jumped on him and gave him the strongest,tightest hug and held his face in my hands and pressed my lips against his thousands of time and as he was crying and clinging on to my lips he whispered ,"Your alive" and then I said, "Peter Parker I need you to know I love you too!"he then said,"I need you to know I love you more" but then I said, "I WIN AND I WILL ALWAYS WIN" he then said, "shut up loser and kiss me" my lips connected Smoothly with his over and over again and nothing could stop us we were in love like no one had been before he said, "looks like I got snot on you this time" we both couldn't stop laughing and just kept kissing one another and then he said, "one more little thing" I said in a confused tone, "yess??" He smirked and said, "I'm spiderman" I just laughed and we kept devouring into each others lips and we were so happy and just in tears but in the end everything turned out okay We both knew everything would be fine.we were the best of friends who were madly in love ... (thee end💙) @tomholland2013 Tags: #tomholland #tomholland2013 #tomhollandfanfiction #tomhollandfanfic #tomhollandfanfics #tomhollandimagines #tomhollandimagine #peterparker #spiderman #peterparkerfanfics #peterparkerimagines #spidermanfanfics #spidermanimagines #spidermanfarfromhome #spidermanhomecoming #civilwar #infinitywar #futuredirector
Part 12 *FIRST DAY OF THE JOB* I wake up to my alarm set for 7:45. I get in the shower and dry my hair. I get dressed in a black pencil skirt, a flowy light blue shirt, and some white wedges. Then I twist my hair and use a clip to put it up. I look in the mirror. I look like a assistant. I do my makeup: concealer, mascara, eyeshadow, eyebrows, and pink lipstick. I pack my bag which consists of my computer, phone, note pad, and a makeup bag. I open the door. Tom is dressed in a plaid shirt and some nice pants. Luke has on jeans and a t shirt. I look over and see Emma come out of Toms room with a tight bun in and a ballet outfit. I hold in my laughs in as best as I can. “Is this too much?” I ask Tom. “No, wow you look great.” Tom says. “Thanks.” I blush. Emma comes over and wraps her arm around Toms shoulder and kisses him. I look away. Tom pulls back, “alright let’s go get some brunch.” He says. “I need to be there on time, so I have to take my own car. Bye Tommy I love you so so much.” Emma hangs on him. “Bye Emma.” Tom says and walks away. Emma looks flustered and hurries out the door. We all take Toms convertible. I sit in the back. We arrive at a nice French place. There are a lot of cameras today. I smile and walk in behind Tom. We eat, pay and head to the studio. I brace myself and we walk in. || this isn’t that interesting of a part but here ya go! 💕
Part 10!! This is really shitty cuz it’s late and I still have to edit for tomorrow ugghhh I also had like no idea I guess I kind of have one but ehhh😂 anyway let me know what you guys thinkkkkk!!!? 💕 @tomholland2013 —{ #tomhollandfans #tomhollandmeme #tomholland #tomhollandvideos #tomhollanders #tomhollandedits #tomhollandimagines #tomhollandedit #tomholland2013 #tomhollandvideos #tomhollandfanfiction #tomhollandfanfic }—
A few minutes later, I heard the door open. I ran out, and saw May holding a bunch of groceries. “Hey y/n, where’s Peter?” She asked. “He went to Ned’s to give him homework that we had in math. He left it at school,” I replied. Luckily, I was pretty good at lying. “Well, why don’t you stay for dinner dear?” She asked. “Um.. sure,” I said. I didn’t want to go out there by myself, because of the gunshots. Also, I wanted to wait until Peter came back cause I was worried about him. “May.. didn’t you hear anything loud? Like.. like fireworks few minutes ago?” I asked. I didn’t want to tell her gunshots so she doesn’t start worrying about Peter. “No, I did not, why?” She asked. “Nothing,” I replied. Peter didn’t come back even when dinner was ready. “What is taking him so long?” May said. “Maybe he’s hanging out a little with Ned,” I said. We decided to start eating first. When we finished eating dinner, and May stared to worry about Peter. And so did I. But it was getting late so I decided to pack up my stuff in his room and get ready to go. I was putting all of my stuff in my bag when I heard something click. Then I saw a shadow creeping over me. I looked up and saw a guy from the other day, in the red suit and mask. He was up on the ceiling, like a spider. “What the heck? What are you doing here?” I said. Then the guy jumped down from the ceiling. He shot a sticky thing at the door and closed it. I was scared now. “Who.. who are you?” I asked. Then he walked up to me and put his hand over my mouth. “Shh!” He hissed. “Let go,” I said, a bit scared. But he didn’t let go of me. —> swipe ——————————— #tomholland #spiderman #peterparker #tomhollandfans #tomhollandfanfic #tomhollandfanpage #nedleeds #zendaya #hollanders #jacobbatalon
I drop down into an alley and deactivate my suit. My hands begin to tremble even more and my mouth waters for the nicotine. I crave it, I need it. My legs carry me into the nearest convenience store as fast as they can and I approach the man at the counter. "I need cigarettes," I order. He seems to be around my age, presumably working at the store as a part-time job. He's caught off guard with my abruptness and doesn't move, drifting his eyes lower and lower from my face. Pervert. I hiss, "eyes up here pal! Get me cigarettes. Now!" He fumbles with the lock for the backroom and once he does get it, stumbles in. I bump my fist repeatedly on the countertop, trying to get some of the cravings out. Of course, it doesn't work. I'm still in shock. Peter and MJ are obviously a thing now, with both of their feelings out in the open and fucking Flash knows about my secret identity which just ruins everything. If I think my life is complicated enough, the world just keeps throwing more and more problems at me to the point where I'm literally waiting to breakdown. The guy returns with a box and I breathe a huge sigh of relief, reaching for my purse in my pocket. My fists clench when I realize they are empty. I smile forcefully at him, "so, pal. I forgot my purse back at my hotel. Can I give you an IOU or do you have anything else in mind?" His face explodes with happiness as his eyes instantly drift towards my boobs again. How desperate is he?! "Jesus," I scoff, "you want me to show you my tits?" He nods eagerly. "How many girls have you ever talked to?" I ask him, genuinely. He looks away from me and bites his lip. "Do you even speak?" I ask another sincere question. "Not to girls," he mutters. Why am I not surprised? Despite how desperate this kid is to see a pair of mounds, I am desperate for these cigarettes. I just need them, to take the edge off. I let out an exasperated sigh and reach for the zip on my jacket, "I can't believe I'm going to do this." He grins relentlessly and my jacket slips off on to the floor. I hesitate when taking the edge of my shirt between my fists. (cic)
YOUR POV: "... What? Repeat because I think I didn't hear right." "by requesting your reaction, you have heard well." "Can we go outside, I need fresh air," I said. "Of course". We left the court and I still didn't believe what I heard. Harrison seemed to be calm, but you could see fear in his eyes. I wanted to help him, I wanted him to know what i felt about him. This is the moment. "Harrison ..." "I love you" he interrupted me. When I look at you, I can't breathe. When you fall asleep, I want to be next to you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Every day, after a few hundred times, I want to tell you that I love you. When you are so close, I have to hold back. I want to kiss you so much. I want to finally know if your lips tastes strawberry or raspberry. I want you to be mine. But I know it's just my dreams. You like Tom". "Why do you think so?" i asked. "Because I see how you look at him. It is obvious". "It's not true". I replied. "Why"? "Because you don't see the most important one". "What..."? "The way I look at you. When you helped me choose a dress. When I saw you today. When you taught me how to dance. I hate Tom so much that he interrupted us. That would be the most wonderful moment in my life. And I think I love you too". I saw happiness in his eyes. He slowly began to close and his eyes were on my lips. He put one hand on my waist and the other on my cheek. I closed my eyes and waited for this moment. It was supposed to be my first kiss. Exactly. Was to be. "Oh, here you are, I was looking for you guys". It was Tom. Another wonderful moment was wasted.
The cover of Monsters Inside Me. Vote for font in my story. October 1st...
Finally I posted this part it’s been so long I am so sorry 😂😂❤️❤️❤️hope you guys enjoy!! Part 69 *real life POV,Tom POV* I woke up this morning feeling so excited since Pete said today is the day y/n would hopefully wake up, I had missed her so much and I am so happy to finally get to hold her in my arms again and give her sweet little kisses and warmth, I smiled at the thought of that so I decide to go downstairs and go to y/n sleeping on the hospital bed, I saw Pete already inside the room running some tests on her. Pete: oh hey tom! He said as he saw me walk in. Pete: so today is the big day! Y/n will 100% wake up today! Now I’m not sure what time she will wake up But all I know is that she will and she will be better then ever! He said with a wide grin on his face, I smiled back. Tom: thankyou so much pete, I miss her so much and I loved her so much I can’t imagine letting her go. Pete: me neither, she has always been there for me in my sad times, she is a great friend you can count on. He said happily while looking at y/n, we both looked at y/n for about a minute then Pete patted my back. Pete: well I guess I should be going, I have a new mission sadly but if anything happens call me quick ok? Tom: alright Pete thankyou Pete: anytime man. I hugged Pete and then he left, I sat on the chair next to y/n just waiting for her to wake up. - *in y/n’s dream y/n POV* I rushed inside the room and held Tom’s hand tight with tears falling from my eyes, I hugged him and cried into his chest. Y/n: I am so sorry it’s all my fault I-I didn’t meant to... Tom: hey y/n it’s ok the most thing that I am glad is to see you here. Y/n: but you don’t understand, I was a fool and I judged you and I didn’t listen to you when I should have. Tom kisses my forehead and strokes my head then I let go of him standing up straight holding his hand. Tom: ummm can you guys leave me and y/n for a moment of privacy please. Cleo and Harrison nod then they go outside, I look at them as they leave then I look back at tom. Tom: I need to send you a message, or maybe a clue or a warning. Y/n: w-what do you mean?... Tom: this isn’t real y/n... I stayed speechless and confused. Y/n: what?... (CIC)
Tom: come on darling let’s go inside Tom opened the door and you immediately saw the most gorgeous thing ever. The floor was covered in rose pedals and candles. Tom: do you like it Y/n: I love it Tom: go upstairs to the room You started to walk upstairs to where Tom told you to go. You opened the door and saw the room decorated with more rose petals and balloons. Y/n: why did you do this. We’re not even a thing Tom: I know that’s why I did this. Y/n: what? Tom: y/n y/l/n will you be my girlfriend? Y/n: of course You started to tear up a little and he gave you a passionate kiss on the lips. You were so happy. You wanted to be with him. You both put your stuff away since you’d be staying there for 2 days. Then Tom told you to get ready to go to the beach. You got up and started to get your swimsuit and put it on. You walked downstairs and saw Tom already ready. He looked at you stunned. You both walked out the door. You reached the beach and Tom went running to the water. It seemed pretty bold to you but Tom was in it at this point calling you in. You finally went up to put your feet in all of a sudden you couldn’t find Tom. You were freaking out until you felt two arms rap around your waist. He pulled you right into the water. You were so mad at Tom. It was freezing but now you were in it. You pushed Tom while you were both laughing Y/n: you freaked me out. I thought something happened to you Tom: that was the point. I was supposed to scare you You both were getting out of the water. You kissed Tom. You were so happy. You love him so much. It was going to be a fun weekend and you didn’t want to leave. . . . . Comment what you thought!! #tomholland #tomhollandfanfiction #tomhollandfanfic #tomhollandimagines
Part 5 I went to the bathroom, and Uff I just noticed something and I said to myself "Oh gosh not now,  I should keep in mind my day was near,  ugh periods,  I don't even have any pads or tampons" I have to go to Haz's room and ask him about pads or tampons. I hope he's not a kind of boy who freak out hearing period,  it really feels weird to me I m doctor and it's just a normal process. I stopped talking to myself and knocked at Haz's door,  he didn't answered but,  the door was unlocked so I myself went inside,  I saw him sleeping,  I didn't wanna wake him up but,  I had to,  so I started softly whispering "Hazzzz" and stated shaking his shoulder with my hand. He mummered "Okay so now I started dreaming about u y/n.*smiling like a stupid*" I said a little loud:"Whatt". He suddenly woke up and looked at me, "oh sorry I thought I was dreaming of y.." he stops before completing the sentence, he was kinda embarrassed I guess. He asked:"Hey,  u need anything,  any problem?" Y/n:"Umm. Yeah.. I just got ummm.. a period and don't have pads or tampons, so umm if u have any here?. " Haz rubbing his eyes:"Only I and Tom r living here,  and we r boys so.. Don't worry there's a 24 hour open store in the street,  I will bring it from there". He rushed out of the house and in 5 mins cane back to me and handed me a packet of pads, and said:"anything else dear *smiling*" Y/n:"Umm no,  thank u so much" Oh gosh he's really the nicest guy I have ever met in my life,  how can a girl not fell for him,  I should rather put on the pad and sleep trying to forgot my feelings, I have no idea if he even likes my type of girls. So I went sleeping. But all I could dream was of him. Haz's pov: Y/n's really a very sweet girl, she looks super cute in her glasses and I just saw her without glasses and she was now looking super pretty. I think it's kinda very early but, it's not mere attraction, I m really falling for her. I can't take off my eyes from her,  my mind is thinking about her all the time. Not about her looks although she's really naturally beautiful but because of her nice and generous self, I hope she likes the way I am. I slowly drifted to sleep. TBC..(COMMENT FOR MORE)
soo chapter 30 will go up on october 2nd, then there will be personal fanfics of 3 chapter (dm me if you want one too, til now there are only two people) and then my new fanfic will start😙😙
Tom filmed this get well message to 4 year old Isaac a 4 year old boy who fighting cancer he was on set “Spider-Man Far From Home “ in Hertfordshire UK in July❤️🆕 ♡ ♡ Donation in the link below www.justgiving.com/campaign/IssacHersi @brave_little_isaac 💕 ♡ Video Credit: @tomhollandig ♡ ♡ ♡ @tomholland2013 #tomholland #tomhollandfanfiction #tomhollandisbae #tomhollandfanpage #fanfiction #fanpage #like #comment #tomhollandedits #tomhollandisbae_13 #tomhollandishot #tomhollandfans #tomhollandposts #tomhollandfan #tomhollandfanfic #tomhollandvideos #tomhollandupdates #harrisonosterfield #harrisonosterfieldedit #spiderman #spidermanfarfromhome #marvel
Part 44 of “It All Started With A Note” please share! Comment down below if you like my imagine series so far! Uh huh a huh 🤪 • • • #tomholland #spidermanfarfromhome #spidermanhomecoming #tomimagines #tomfanfic #tomhollandimagines #tomhollandfanfic #tomhollandfanfiction #itallstartedwithanote #IASWAN
Best Friends?~ Part 3💞// what do you think of You and Tom’s relationship? Friend or more?😉// Comment what you think💞// #tomhollandtextimagines #tomholland #tomhollandimagines @tomholland2013 #tomhollandfanfic
Best Friends?~ Part 2😊// what do you think? Please comment and like!! 💞 #tomhollandtextimagines #tomholland #tomhollandimagines #tomhollandfanfic @tomholland2013
Part 7! I think the next part won’t be up until monday. I’m planning on writing a few more parts this weekend 💘 #tomholland #tomhollandimagines #tomhollandfanfiction #tomholland2013 #tomhollandfanfic #tomhollandfans #tomimagines #tomfanfic #spiderman
Part 4: ~ALISSA POV~ I was helping Haz with cooking and all of a sudden he threw some flour at me. A: “Hey!” I grabbed some flour and threw it at him H: “Oh your on” A: “Oh shit!” We both grabbed some flour and threw it at each other we were laughing a lot. I think I really like him. He then grabbed me making sure I couldn’t move at all. I attempted to grab some more flour but he spun me around. I was facing him. Our faces were like 2 inches away from mine. He leaned in but I couldn’t move, so many thoughts were going through my head. Then I felt his soft lips touch mine. I let him kiss me. I know it’s too early but I felt really comfortable around him. We had this connection while talking to him. He was so much fun. I felt like myself, finally. He pushed in more making the kiss more passionate. Then, I heard y/n Y: “Ummm guys?” We both pushed away. H: “Oh sorry Alissa I shouldn’t have done that.” A: “No it’s ok I enjoyed it.” I saw him blush. I felt my face getting hot. I was blushing too. Y: “Well I’m gonna go back.” ~YOUR POV~ I ran back into the living room with my jaw down. T: “You ok?” Y: “I’m fine, I just.. I saw... Umm” T: “Spit it out y/n!” Y: “I saw Haz and Alissa kissing and they were covered in flour!” I kinda shouted it out really fast. T: “Are you ok with that?” Y: “Of course, I’m happy for my best friend. It’s really rare for her to like someone. Looks like she found the one.” T: “What about you?” Y: “What about me?” T: “Do you have anyone special like a boyfriend?” Y: “I did but we broke up cause he cheated.” T: “Oh sorry about that I shouldn’t have asked” Y: “No it’s ok, I’m over him. He was a jerk anyways.” I saw Tom smiling Y: “Why are you smiling, there is serious shit going on right now!!” T: “I’m just happy because I have a chance.” Y: “Chance of what?” T: “To be with you” I felt my face getting hotter. I was definitely blushing. I didn’t want Tom to see me so I looked away. T: “I mean I can wait. But are you ready for a relationship?” Y: “I mean umm I... TBC ——— #tomhollandfanfic #tomhollandfanfiction #harrisonosterfieldfanfic #harrisonosterfieldfanfiction #tomholland #harrisonosterfield
swipe for PART 11 :) this part sucks lmao but thanks for being patient
Part 3: ~TOMS POV~ I woke up and Haz wasn’t on the other couch. I swear to god if he was with y/n I will be mad. I heard someone coming down the stairs and it was y/n. Y: “Oh good morning Tom. Where’s Haz?” T: “Good morning and I thought Haz was with you.” Y: “Nope, he wasn’t. Wait maybe he’s with Alissa” T: “Who’s that?” Y: My best friend. She's sometimes drunk after she comes back from the club so something might have happened.” Y/n ran up the stairs so I followed her into another room. We both looked inside and saw Haz and Alissa cuddling. Y: “Umm Haz? Alissa?!” A: “Hello?” She slowly opened her eyes adjusting into the light. The first thing she saw was Haz’s face. A: “AHH” She screamed as she pushed Haz off the bed. H: “Owww” A: “Oh my god im so sor-” Y/n’s friend just stared at Haz for the longest time with a surprised face. She then turned and looked at me. A: “Oh my god Harrison Osterfield and Tom Holland are in my bedroom! y/n why are they here?” Y: “Haz forgot to book a hotel so their staying here for the meantime.” A: “Oh my god I get to hangout with them!” Y: “Are you guys famous or something?” T: “Well…” A: “Y/n he’s Spider-Man” She points at me A: “and he’s Tom's best friend. And their both famous!” She points at Haz Y: “What come on guys you could have told me!” T: “Sorry we didn’t get to that part.” Y: “But I asked you! You know what nevermind. ~YOUR POV~ Why didn’t they tell me?! Y: “Why are you here with Alissa?” A: “Yeah why?” H: “You were drunk so I helped you and you wanted me to stay so... I did.” I saw Alissa blush a little. She might actually have a crush on him. H: “Do you guys want me to make breakfast?” A: “Yes please, I wanna try your pancakes! We have the ingredients for it.” H: “Nice!” He got up and went downstairs, Tom followed. A: “I call dibs on Haz. You can get Tom” Y: “Go for it!” I winked at her. She smiled so I smiled back. We were such close friends. Yes we got in a lot of fights but we always made up. We got downstairs and saw Haz looking for the ingredients. Y: “Go help him!” I whisper to Alissa. She walked over to him. A: “Let me help you.” I turned around and saw Tom staring at me. He blushed and looked away. CIC
Part 9!!! Yeet lemme know what you guys think!!!! Ok so there will be no edit tomorrow, i was busy with homework and shit from school and couldn’t edit today, I’m just also trying to improve my edits also anyway love y’all!!💜💜 @tomholland2013 —{ #tomhollandfans #tomhollandmeme #tomholland #tomhollandvideos #tomhollanders #tomhollandedits #tomhollandimagines #tomhollandedit #tomholland2013 #tomhollandfans #tomhollandmeme #tomhollandfanfiction #tomhollandfanfic }—
Part 20: The Coffee Shop Y/N POV *at the funeral tom and haz stepped out of the car. you just sat there, motionless, your eyes looked at nothing. “im not ready... im not ready.” became a little chant in your head. Haz opened the back door to grab flowers and a card. Tom opens your door and grabs your hand, “common darling. me and haz are here. we just need to pay our respects okay?” his voice was so reassuring, so you climbed out, without a word. your eyes wandered to the people walking in. you tried remembering who they were, but nothing came to mind. you felt terrible because you never had a life with your parents, you dad moved away for awhile then came back to visit mom, then he died. you walk into the door. a girl about my age runs up to Tom squealing. “YOUR TOM HOLLAND! CAN I HAVE AN AUTOGRAPH!” Tom looks confused and says, “im sorry but no, im here to pay my respects and i dont think its appropriate. maybe we’ll meet again?” she looked mad. “oh. i see. so your gonna date this HOE, huh, good thing her parents died, they’d be so ashamed of her. haha.” she laughed again and she spat at me.
Chapter 13 Tom begins to get back into the car, his manager is still busy trying to figure out who you are. Tom: You know we should really get going now. The engine starts up with a roar and the car speeds off, he stands there speechless. Y/N: Did I do a good Connor impression? Tom: amazing. The both of you can’t help but laugh at this victory. Us 1 – Manager 0. But you ought to be more careful getting caught with Tom. Y/N: Hey Tom, Tom: What? Y/N: We should fake break-up? The car stops again, how many times are we going to stop on this highway. He stares at you, confused and then he puts his hand on your forehead. Tom: Are you okay… fake breakup? Y/N: to tell the world we’re not together but then we secretly are! Get it? His confused face turns into a ohh I get it face and he smiles at you then gently ruffles your hair. Tom: You’re literally the smartest person I’ve ever met. You smile proudly at the plan you’ve created. How to do it can be thought about later. He holds your hand as he begins to drive again, its now 4 in the morning and this highway has been stopped on approximately twice. You stare at him while he drives as you snuggle up on the warm car seat simply watching him drive. It’s oddly satisfying. Tom: Like watching me drive? Mm-hmm, your eyelids begin to droop and your heart rate begins to slow. You feel his hand tucking you under his jacket before you fall asleep, it’s a warm place to be, in Tom’s car and also his heart. • Check out my fanfic writing competition!! • #tomholland #mcu #marvel #fanfic #tomhollandfanfic #cute #stories #romantic #cutestories #fanfiction #cutefanfiction #romanticfanfiction
Part 19 //: You stare in shock and then run out of the house. Your eyes were filled with tears. You hail a taxi and get into the car. You can see Tom run out of the house behind you. You didn’t want to go back to his apartment but you didn’t have anywhere else to go. The taxi driver drops you off. You hand him some cash and get out of the car. You stumble up the stairs and unlock Tom's apartment. You go inside and go into the bathroom. You slam the door and lock it. You throw off your dress and turn on the shower. You look in the mirror and your mascara is smeared everywhere. No wonder the taxi driver thought you were crazy. You get into the shower and just cry as the hot water hits your body. You wash your face under the shower and wipe all the makeup off. You turn off the shower and dry off. Then you put on your bathrobe. You hear the front door open. “Y/n!” You hear Tom say. You don’t say anything. “I know you’re in there.” He says and knocks on the door. “Leave me alone.” You say. “I don’t even know what’s wrong. What’s up?” He says. You open the door. “What’s up? Really? You were kissing another girl!” You yell. “I don’t get the problem! Its not like We’re not dating or anything!” Tom yells back. You stop yelling and stare at Tom. Your heart drops. You turn and walk to your room. You slam the door and lock it. You didn’t even feel like crying. You just layed on your bed thinking about how lonely you were and how much you missed home. Then you drifted off the sleep. :\\ since I haven't posted a part in a while I'll post another part soon💗♥️
We had decided to take them to the Meg. I thought my parents would like, since there huge fans of Jaws. "So did you like it?" I asked my mom, walking out of the cinema. "Yes. I really enjoyed it. Thankyou Tom and y/n." My mom had smiled at us. After walking out of the crowded mall, and a couple of fans stopping to get a picture with Tom, we finally made it to the car. I planned on telling them I was moving in with Tom now. "Mom, Dad, Tom and I have something to tell you." I stated. "What is it" My mom asked. "Well I got accepted to a college in London. So I'm moving in with Tom" I told them. It was silent for a moment. "Congratulations!" My mom exclaimed. "were going to miss you though" She siad, a little less excited. My dad stayed silent. "Dad?" I siad, asking for his opinion on it. "It- it's fine." He finally spoke up. He wasn't mad, but he wasn't his happiest. Wich I expected. "So I'm telling you this now, because we're leaving on Thursday." I told them. It's Tuesday now. "Wow. My baby is gonna be gone." My dad siad. "Dadd" I siad, embarrassed. Tom laughed. Time Jump. It is now Thursday. I had spent the last two days packing. It was 5:00 O clock. Too early. I walked out the door, luggage in hand, and threw it in the back of the car. I turned around to my parents. I'm gonna miss you so much." I siad to them, running into a hug. "Promise to visit." My mom told me. " I will. I promise." I reassured her. I have them one last hug and they drove us off to the airport. "You ready for this?" Tom asked as we walked into the airport, hand in hand. I sighed. "Ya i think I'm more than ready. Sure I'll miss my parents. But I'm going to a new college and I'll be with you. I'll miss Z alot. But change is good." I answered him. I leaned up and kissed his soft lips. I didn't care if people were staring. And we kept kissing. It was Him and I only. • • • • • • • Oof this is long. Tags: #tomholland #spiderman #spidermanhoco #spidermanfarfromhome #tomdaya #tomdayaedit #fanfic #tomhollandfanfic #fanfiction #marvel #mcu #meme #tommemes #tommeme #holland #tholland #thomasstanleyholland #hollander #zendaya #tomhollandedit #infinitywar #tomhollandfanpage #fanpage @tomhollad2013
//somebody pointed out to me that to be related to Wanda, Pietro would have to be the dad and I can’t get that out of my mind😂 let’s just pretend there’s a third triplet sksksk// Peter: what are the rumours Flash was taking about? **you look down, moving over to Peter’s bed and sitting down** Peter: hey, what’s wrong? **he sits down next to you, placing a hand on your back. You take a deep breath, about to release everything that’s caused you so much trouble for years** You: my ex boyfriend, the one who my mother absolutely hated, wasn’t a good guy at all. He was horrible to me, and he threatened me that if I broke up with him he’d hurt my family. It was the worst two years of my life, causing me to go through depression and have really bad anxiety attacks. I felt like nobody was there for me through this, I never really had any friends through school. When I finally did have the courage to break up with him, he told the whole school that I was only in it for the sex, making everyone think I was a slut. And I guess somebody from our school heard it and passed it around again. The funny thing is we never even HAD sex **by now you were in tears, trying to wipe them away so Peter wouldn’t see** Peter: oh baby come here **he pulls you into a hug as you lean into his touch, sniffling into his shirt** Peter: **whispers** I’m so sorry Ruby **he kisses the top of your head as he strokes your hair** You: I’m sorry for overreacting Peter: you’re not overreacting, the guy was an asshole. You didn’t deserve this **he wipes away your tears and pulls you closer to him** Ella: hey are you guys okay- **she sees you crying as you wipe away your tears and sit up** Ella: oh Ruby, it’ll be okay **she sits down next to you hugs you** You: I’m sorry Ella: it’s okay **she lets go of you and smiles** Ella: come on, why don’t we go watch a movie? Lighten up the mood a bit? I know you want to **you and Peter laugh** You: of course **you get up and take Peter’s hand as Ella leads you to the couch** You: I’ll make popcorn Ella: no, I’LL make popcorn. You two sit continued in comments!
Part 11 I finish putting all my stuff away. I open my door and walk down the hall. I knock three times on Luke’s door. “Come in.” He says. I open the door. “Hey, cool room.” I say. “Yeah.” Luke is seated on the bed playing guitar. “New song?” “Maybe, I cant seem to get the words right though.” Luke says. “Oh, well I bet it will turn out great.” “Thanks.” “No problem also I just wanted to let you know that dinner will be ready in about 15. Tom and I are making it.” “Ok thanks.” Luke smiles. I smile back and shut the door. I head back to the kitchen. Emma is at the table on her computer. I look in her direction, she is staring at me but looks away when she sees my eyes. Tom is over the stove cooking chicken. “Need any help?” I ask. “Yes please.” Tom laughs. He shows me what to do and I help him season the chicken and add the coconut shreds to the chicken. Tom hands me the knife. My hand grabs his. I look up at him, he is also looking at me. “Uhum.” Emma clears her throat very very loudly. I take the knife and Tom turns back to the stove. I chop the carrots and look at Tom. He turns around and I quickly look away, blushing. We set the table and honestly don’t talk much. Emma talks about her job, a ballet teacher. I gaze at Tom as Emma rambles on and on about her ballet classes. Living with Tom has made my feelings grow even stronger… || hey guys I had some questions on my dm and no the part picture thingy has nothing to do with how the story turns out 💕🤗 Tags: #marvel #marveledits #spiderman #tomholland #tomhollandfanfic #fanfic #spidermanhomecoming #peterparker #edits #avengers peterparkerfanfic #heros #marvelstudios #peterparkeredits
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