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Chapter 11 Tom: let’s do something fun Y/N: what? He smiles sneakily and grabs your hand. He stands up and pulls you up. Tom: somewhere You smile at him and let him lead you to his car. The sound of camera shuttles can be heard in the near distance. It’s a sound to get used to. You get into the car and he gets into the drivers seat. Thank god for privacy windows. Tom starts the car and it speeds off angrily. Y/N: are you kidnaping me? Tom: yeah, let’s just say that. We gotta hurry I wanna get there before the sun rises. The car speeds down the highways, down the lanes. It’s refreshing, to see the streets of London at night, the lights of the city shine brightly from each window like stars in the night. Tom puts his hand around yours and squeezes it tight. Tom: I really, really like you y/n... You smile and you nod at him. Y/N: I really like you too You can see the spread of his smile from the side of his face. His jawline is sharp but you can see the dark eye wrinkles below his tired eyes. Y/N: why do you look so tired? Tom: I haven’t been sleeping well the past few nights. You know, just with everything going on. Oh. You didn’t know that. You sit uneasily in the car. Is he unable to sleep because of you? Is that why? I mean people have been going off since this relationship started. You start to wonder, are you good enough for him? Y/N: Tom? Tom: yeah Y/N: am I... a distraction? Tom: what? He pulls over at the side of the road and other cars angrily honk at him. Tom: a distraction? What’s that meant to be? Y/N: I don’t know, am I the reason you can’t sleep? Tom: yes. Oh. Tom: you run circles around in my mind and when I close my eyes all I see are your beautiful eyes. You comfort me in the nights where I feel the most anxious, y/n, you were never a distraction. You smile and he kisses your foreheads • #tomholland #tomholland2013 #mcu #marvel #fanfic #tomhollandfanfic #hollanders
omg omg omg...I'm freaking out. Can't breath. Scenes from spiderman far from home finally. And can we just state the fact that he looks so hot in the Nasa shirt😍😘 • • • • • • Tags: #tomholland #spiderman #spidermanhoco #spidermanfarfromhome #tomdaya #tomdayaedit #fanfic #tomhollandfanfic #fanfiction #marvel #mcu #meme #tommemes #tommeme #holland #tholland #thomasstanleyholland #hollander #zendaya #tomhollandedit #infinitywar #tomhollandfanpage #fanpage @tomholland2013 @zendaya
Hi, I just wanted to stay I’m going through a lot right now and I’m sorry I’m so slow on posting, hang on loves! I’ll get there I promise! @tomholland2013
Here’s the new story😉 (Short story) Part 1: ~YOUR POV~ It was 2 am and it was raining hard. I was downstairs watching Netflix and eating popcorn. Alissa wasn’t home yet, she was probably out at the club again. I looked to my right and saw that the window curtain was open. Outside was my front porch but I didn’t really care because nobody will look through the window. I was getting to the really good part of the movie where all the tea☕️ was spilled and then I heard the doorbell ring. I didn’t know who it was. It couldn’t have been Alissa because she would’ve called me or just opened the door with her key so I ignored it. It started to ring more and more so I got annoyed and decided to open it. I opened the door furiously. Y: “What’s your problem!” I saw two guys soaking wet but I couldn’t really see their faces because the light was really dim. ??: “Hey we don’t have a place to stay so do you mind us staying here for awhile.” Y: “Umm sure come in.” They both walked in and I examined them. One guy had brown curls and the other had really beautiful eyes. ??: “I’m Tom by the way and this is my best friend Harrison.” H: “You can call me Haz” Y: “Well my names y/n and why do you need a place to stay.” T: “Because Haz here forgot to book a hotel” H: “Jeez I’m sorry.” I smile and Tom and Haz look at me. They didn’t look away nor talked. I broke the silence. Y: “The bathrooms over there if you need it.” I pointed at the bathroom. H: “I’ll go first.” Haz grabbed his luggage and got some clothes. Tom did the same. They both changed and sat down on the couch. Y: “So what do you guys do?” H: “Were both actors” Y: “Oooh are you guys in any movies or tv shows?” T: “Umm actually… what about you what do you do?” Y: “Well i'm actually interested in dancing and singing. I'm in a broadway.” H: “Which one?” Y: “Wicked. But i only play a small role.” H: “Thats cool. I'm bored we should do something.” Y: “Same!” T: “y/n what movie is this?” He pointed at the tv. Y: “Get Smart.” H: “Ooh I love this movie let’s watch it!” Y: “I’m already near the end.” H: “Can you rewind it please?” He looked at me with puppy eyes. He looked so cute so I couldn’t say no. Y: “Fine’’ CIC
Part 7!! Sorry this sucked had like no inspiration for this part, it will start to get more interesting next part..maybe 😂 anyway let me know what you guys think!!!? Love you💕 @tomholland2013 —{ #tomhollandfans #tomhollandmeme #tomholland #tomhollandfanpage #tomholland2013 #tomhollandedits #tomhollandimagines #tomholland2013 #tomhollandfans #tomhollandfanpage #tomhollanders #tomhollandspiderman #tomhollandfanfiction #tomhollandfanfic }—
👾So here’s a pic of this dude that danced... \(^o^)/
So i had a good day, i think i did all the homework soo its been just like every other day (ó㉨ò) 👾can someone dm me something fun??
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“Oh um no not really just spoke a few times before”Steve tried to save himself but it was just making you more curious l.”Okay”you said dragging it out.”Where’s Mr.Stark?”you asked looking around.”Well him and Pepper went out for a date or something and called me into watch you”he shrugged.”I don’t need a babysitter”you laughed.”But you want one especially if it’s me”Steve said smiling.”Okay true”you agreed and looked back at Peter still standing there not speaking.”Is it okay if Peter stays here?”you turned back asking Steve.”Is he like your boyfriend or something?”A voice asked walking up the hallway.You saw Bucky then the corner and your mouth dropped.Bucky was like your older brother but not too much because you also thought he was really hot but whatever.”Omg!”You squealed and ran up to him practically knocking him down which was shard to do by the way.”I missed you y/n”he hugged you brushing your hair.So to recap Bucky had been gone for like a few years on some top secret mission and he couldn’t keep in contact with you in order to “keep you safe” so yea.”Ok so is he your boyfriend or no”Steve asked butting in and pouting to Peter.”What! No”you laughed.Peter just stood there with bright red cheeks.”Mhm”Steve said nodding and observing Peter.”So catch me up on what I’ve missed”Bucky said saving you from the awkwardness.”Thank you”you mouthed to him smally and he gave a nod and a smile saying your welcome.
Chapter 1• -present day- He grabbed me by the hand and pulled me into his office. P: “Why are you trying to seduce me?” Y: “I’m not, I’m just very distracting.” I smirked He leaned in and... N(narrator): “Woah woah woah! Let’s go back to the beginning. When I met Mr. Parker..” -beginning of story- I quickly got up and practically ran out of my high school after the ending day bell. I ran to my car and drove home. Once I got home I plopped on my bed. I reached for my phone then my mom bursted in. M: “Tonight we will go to Washington D.C. for our meeting, you must come since you’re officially 16.” I rolled my eyes Y: “Okay, okay” M: “I mean it Natalie!” Y: “I said okay.” I pushed her out and sighed. -Later- I got up to look in my closet for a dress. Gotcha! I looked at my white dress. (swipe for choices). I got dressed and put on my matching heels and some diamond earrings. I let my hair out of its braid. It looked perfectly curled. Good enough. I scurried down stairs and saw a man, tall, at least for me his, handsome with gorgeous wavy hair, chocolate eyes I could get lost in all day, and a jawline that could- not even ganna imagine what that can do.. I waved. He smirked. D: “Natalie, this is Peter Parker, owner of Parker Industries.” Y: “alright, hello Mr. Parker.” He kind of bit my lip. Focusing will be hard tonight..
The football game came to a close and Midtown won probably thanks to your amazing herring haha jk.But Anyways as you were leaving the game and all the people were flowing out of the stands you saw Peter coming down the stairs.You gave a small wave indicating for him to come over.As Peter was walking over you felt someone grab your wrist.”What the”You hit them in the stomach and you turned to see Flash crouching down in pain.”Jesus y/n do you take karate lessons”he said wincing through the pain.”Oops sorry”you tried not to laugh.You turned back to Peter.”Mr.Stark asked if I could bring you home”Peter said shrugging.”Alright that’s fine”you said and turned waving goodbye to every one.The walk to the car was quiet but not awkward just a comforting silence.He opened a car door for you and gestured for you to get in “Thanks”you smiled and hopped in.He got in on the drivers side and sighed.”What’s the matter?”You furrowed your brows.”It’s just I um don’t know how to drive-I’ve been meaning to but-and May”you cute off Peters rambling.”Gosh Peter it’s fine”you laughed and switched spots with him.”You can drive?”he asked in shock.”Eh not legally but I have before”you shrugged and took off onto the open road.”It’s so peaceful isn’t it”you broke the silence.”Yea”he smiled and looked back out the window.Finally you arrived to the compound “Well here’s my stop”you said getting out.”Wait a minute if I drove the car here how are you going to get back”you asked.”I could make do”He said trying to open the drivers door.”Nope”you grabbed his wrist and pulled him away.”I can’t have one of my three friends dying on me”you said laughing.”But-“Peter started but you stopped him.”Dont worry we have extra rooms and Mr.Stark will call your aunt”you said and began to walk inside.As you opened the door you felt at home.Weird to say about a place that is literally like a hospital so cold and heartless but it was horn to you.You saw Steve (Captain America) sitting on the couch like before.”Steve!”you screamed running up to hug him.”Hey y/n”he hugged you back.Peter kind of lingered behind.”Oh hey kid”Steve said to Peter.”You two know each other?”you questioned.
it was 5:20 so you decided to curl your hair, reapply your makeup, and iron your dress (even though you might not need it). peter showed up at 6:00 exactly and Noah answered the door. you heard muffled voices from outside and waited on your bed. “he’s dressed pretty casual” Noah exclaimed as he opened the door. you nodded as he left the room. you put on your casual outfit and walked out of your room. peter looked starstruck. “oh hey peter. let’s have a little chat” your dad said as he walked in the room. he motioned for peter to follow him and they walked into his office. you rolled your eyes to Noah and Harrison walked out. “oh hey. why are you so dressed up?” Harrison asked as he looked you up and down. “first of all, i’m not dressed up. second of all, i’m going out with peter.” you exclaimed. “wow you already have a date and you haven’t even been here for 24 hours. my little sister’s already playing people” he said as he nudged Noah. they both laughed as you sat there, rolled your eyes and crossed your arms. “it’s not a date, we’re just hanging out.” “oh yeah right you’re hanging out. y/n i know you. you’ve never only hung out with a guy before” Harrison said as he snickered with Noah. “whatever” you said as you walked back into your room. you heard the boys laughing in the living area. you laid on your bed and prayed that your dad wasn’t scaring peter. you knew that he was though. you rolled your eyes and rolled around on the bed thinking about what to do. after about 5 minutes, you heard a knock at the door. “come in” you hollered as the door opened. peter walked in and closed the door behind him. “what did he say?” you asked as peter stood by the door. “nothing it’s no big deal”peter said as he played with his hands. you knew that your dad scared him bad. you’d yell at him later. “why don’t we head out?” you said as you stood up. peter nodded and opened the door. ||| the juicy parts coming 😏 #peterparker #mcu #fanfiction #fanfic #peterparkerfanfiction #peterparkerfanfic #spiderman #ironman #imagine #read #story #spidermanfanfic #spidermanfanfic #tomhollandfanfic #peterparkerimagine #tomholland
"Can I not have a nickname for you?", You asked, "I mean you are kind of my friend" "Kind of?", He asked raising an eyebrow. "Oh snap", you said, "That came out wrong" "No it's fine", he smiled faintly. You didn't know what was wrong between you two. Maybe he was hurting even worse than you but isn't showing it. "So um", Harry started, "How's your father Y/n?" "He's great. Still running Stark Industries since I quit", you said slurping on your drink. "Do you have a job?", Harry asked. You continued to slurp on your drink. "Y/n?", Peter asked. "Well today's supposed to be my first day", you said licking your lips from the drink. "Where at?", Harry asked. "Um", you stopped and looked at Peter, "The Daily Bugle" You looked across the room behind him and there was a car flying towards the store. "Everybody get out of the way!", You screamed. Peter turned around and saw you run towards everyone to help them out of the way. As soon as everyone was out of the way you turned around and saw the car come super close and you were pulled out of the way by Peter. You all help everyone out. "Is everyone okay?", You asked. "Are you okay?", Peter asked putting his hand on your cheek. "I'm okay", you said, "Perfectly normal" You looked at him in the eyes. "Can we talk privately?", You asked. "Um yeah", he said, "We can go to my place" "Peter!", A voice yelled, "Are you okay?" It was Gwen. "Perfect timing", you said. "What?", She asked. "Perfect timing! I've got to go to my job!", You said, "Catch you later sillies!" You turned around and saw Harry smirking at you. You started walking off and he followed. "Catch you later sillies?", He asked giggling. (End of Part 18)
"Harry", you giggled, "It's in the past. Wasn't the first time I've been impaled" "You'd think you would hate me but-", he stopped. "Friends have their falling outs all the time", you said, "Pshh. If anything I've wanted to beat up Peter multiple times and also myself" "You've got too much dark humor packed inside a tiny body like yours", he grinned. "Tiny?", You gasped, "Why I've never been more insulted in my life!" "Now you sound like Peter", he laughed. You smiled. "He looks happy with her doesn't he?", You asked. "I could kill her", he said. "Harry!", You shouted. "You're not the only one with dark humor!", He said smiling. "I've got competition now huh?", You asked. "Oh absolutely", he replied grinning. Peter walked up to you two. "Hey guys", he said, "Mind if I sit here?" "No I don't mind", Harry said, "Y/n?" "Nope I don't mind", you answered. Peter pulled up a seat and scooted it to the table. "Where'd Gwen go?", Harry asked. "Work", he said. "Who would've thought the adult life would be crazy?", You asked giggling. "Everyone", Peter replied. "Well there you go", you said rolling your eyes. "What?", He asked. "Being a party pooper", you said slurping on your drink. "Well I'm sorry that I take life seriously", he said. "You always have", you replied, "Ever since the day I met you" "That's so not true!", He said raising his voice. "Guys!", Harry shouted, "Shut up already. Do you even hear yourselves?" "He's right Parker", you said. "What?", He said looking at you. "What?", You asked confused. "You called me Parker. It's been months since you've called me that", he said. (End of Part 17)
*Two weeks later* You healed up quicker than anyone else ever would've because of your powers. You haven't talk to Peter since that night or even Harry. You were walking down the street until you saw Peter and Gwen at a coffee shop. You stopped and looked closely and then someone bumped into you. "Hey- watch it!", They yelled. "Hey buddy you bumped into me", you said. "Y/n?", They asked. "Oh my god", you said, "Flash! Hey!" You hugged him. "Holy crap. It's been a while", he said, "How is everyone? Mj? Ned? Peter?" "Mj and Ned are together. Me and Peter aren't", you replied. "So you're free?", He asked. "I guess you could say that", you said and looked at Peter and Gwen. Flash looked over too and saw what you were looking at. "Well hey forget about him", he said. "Yeah", you said, "I guess you're right. So where are you working at?" "Oscorp", he spoke. "So is miss goody two shoes over there", you pointed at Gwen. "Really?", He scoffed, "Never noticed her" "Flash you notice all the girls. Always have", you giggled. "Yeah well she isn't my cup of tea", he said. "Right", you smiled. "Well I've got to go. Busy day! Catch you later?", He asked. "Oh absolutely!", You said happily. He smiled and walked off. You continued walking down the street and decided to walk into the coffee shop because you saw Harry. "This seat taken bud?", You asked. He looked up at you and shook his head and kept staring at you. "What is there something in my teeth?", You asked showing your teeth. "No", he giggled, "I can't look at you the same since well-" (End of Part 16)
*Two months later* "Harry! No!", You screamed as he threw Gwen off a building. "This! This is what happens when you and Peter betray me!", He screamed. "Harry I didn't kill your father and he tried to kill Peter!", You screamed, "Don't be like your father!" Peter saved Gwen. Harry looked at you, "Don't be like my father?" "Harry look at me", you said pulling off his mask, "This isn't you" He grabbed your waist and flew you high in the air. He stripped your web-shooters off of your wrist and pushed you off. He turned upside down and pushed you faster down. Then he saw a pointy building and pushed you into that and it impaled you. Blood came out of your mouth. You tried to fight back the pain and instead it just got worse by the second. He lifted you off of the building to where it came out of your stomach and threw you down. He finally realized what he did to you and he was in shock. "No!", He screamed. He flew down and scooped you up and safely put you on the ground in an alley. Peter came running over. "Peter I'm so- sorry", he murmured. "No. No. No!", Peter screamed, "Y/n? Come on stay with me" Nobody was around because it was in an alley and so he took off his mask. "Call 911!", Peter screamed to Gwen, "Hey you look at me! Focus on me. Focus on me" You looked into Peter's watery eyes and saw tears streaming down his face. You lifted your hand and put it against his cheek. "It's okay Peter", you softly said, "If I die, it won't matter. You're happy with Gwen. You'll be okay" "Don't leave me", he said rocking you back and forth, "I want you! I want you! I need you!" (End of Part 15)
YOUR POV I got up the next morning and got ready for school. Then Benny and I got out of the house and headed to school. On my way there, I spotted Peter walking to school too. “Hey Peter!” I shouted. He turned around, saw me, and smiled. “Hey,” I said. “How are you?” I asked. “I’m good, what about you?” He asked. “I’m feeling great today,” I said. “It’s good to hear that,” Peter said, smiling. The three of us walked together to school and we planned to keep walking together everyday. I said bye to Benny and Peter and I walked to class. First period went by pretty quickly since we just took a test and did anything we wanted to do for the rest of the period. I just chatted with Peter and Ned. Next, Peter and I went to Spanish. “You guys will have a project due in 3 weeks. I am giving you plenty of time to do this because it should look professional. You have the option to do a video, PowerPoint, and any other creative ways to meet all the requirements. You may pick your own partner. No more than 3 in a group,” Mr. Z said. As soon as he said we can pick our own partner, Peter turned around and looked at me. I nodded, knowing he wanted to be partners with me. We brainstormed some things we could do for the project, and decided on a video. After Spanish, the day went by super slow. I just couldn’t wait for lunch, so I could see Peter again. And Ned. And MJ. But mostly Peter. I don’t know why. It was finally lunch, and I found Peter and MJ already at our table. —> swipe ——————————— I really wanted to get the “main part” of the story plot out today, but it was wayyyyyy too long. So it will be out in the next part. #tomholland #spiderman #peterparker #tomhollandfans #tomhollandfanfic #tomhollandfanpage #nedleeds #jacobbatalon #zendaya #hollanders
Hey guys I might not post a part today so here's this 😂🤷‍♀️💗💕
Seeing new content set of far from home and Tom plus Zendaya it’s melting my heart tbh seeing new content I don’t want to see any of them cause I don’t want any spillers but I can’t it’s everywhere! Lol💗 ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ @tomholland2013 #tomholland #tomhollandfanfiction #tomhollandisbae #tomhollandfanpage #fanfiction #fanpage #like #comment #tomhollandedits #tomhollandisbae_13 #tomhollandishot #tomhollandfans #tomhollandposts #tomhollandfan #tomhollandfanfic #tomhollandvideos #tomhollandupdates #harrisonosterfield #harrisonosterfieldedit #spiderman #spidermanfarfromhome #marvel
What are we? ❤️ Chapter 20 ❤️ - - TOM X Y/N PARTS ARE COMING YALL! READY? - - - - - #tomhollandimagines #tomhollandfanfic #tom #tomholland #tomhollandedits #tomdaya #zendaya #harrisonozerfield #thomasstanleyholland #tomhollandrp @tomholland2013
Part 10 “There is nothing going on with me and Olivia! Will you stop with that already?!” I hear Toms voice say. I duck behind the car. I peer around and see Tom and Emma standing there holding grocery bags. “The way you look at her makes me so angry and I can tell she likes you!” “I don’t have feelings for her!” Tom yells and gets in the car. Emma reluctantly gets in and shuts the door. They pull out, once I’m certain they are gone, I get in my car and pull out. I arrive at the penthouse and park. I walk in and see Tom and Emma in mid argue again. “Sorry.” I say. “Where were you?” Emma asks defensively. “At the mall getting some clothes for the job and the cast party Friday night.” I say. Tom and Emma look at each other probably hoping that I didn’t see or hear anything, which I did. “Well I’m gonna go put this stuff away.” I say. They nod. I get to my room and sprawl out on the bed. || omg thanks for all the follows 😌💗 Tags: #marvel #marveledits #spiderman #tomholland #tomhollandfanfic #fanfic #spidermanhomecoming #peterparker #edits #avengers peterparkerfanfic #heros #marvelstudios #peterparkeredits #fff #marvelspiderman #ilovetomhollandsomuch
Hey guys. I’m so confused on what theme to do so I’m just going to rotate also adding in a new idea I have which I hope you all like. You guys are amazing and I hope u know that I am so happy with how my account is growing and how I get to show my love more widely with so many others who love the same thing #spiderman #spidermanhomecoming #spidermanfarfromhome #spiderman2 #spiderman3 #spidermanmemes #spidermanfans #spidermanedits #spidermanart #spidermanmovie #tomholland #tomhollandedits #tomholland2013 #tomhollandspiderman #tomhollandfanpage #tomhollandfans #tomhollander #tomhollandfan #tomhollandimagines #tomhollandedit #tomhollandfanfic #tomhollandmeme #tomhollandfans #tomhollanders #tomhollandspidey #tomhollandposts #tomhollandisbae @marvel @harryholland64 @zendaya @lifeisaloha @hazosterfield @tomholland2013
Hey guys. I’m so confused on what theme to do so I’m just going to rotate also adding in a new idea I have which I hope you all like. You guys are amazing and I hope u know that I am so happy with how my account is growing and how I get to show my love more widely with so many others who love the same thing #spiderman #spidermanhomecoming #spidermanfarfromhome #spiderman2 #spiderman3 #spidermanmemes #spidermanfans #spidermanedits #spidermanart #spidermanmovie #tomholland #tomhollandedits #tomholland2013 #tomhollandspiderman #tomhollandfanpage #tomhollandfans #tomhollander #tomhollandfan #tomhollandimagines #tomhollandedit #tomhollandfanfic #tomhollandmeme #tomhollandfans #tomhollanders #tomhollandspidey #tomhollandposts #tomhollandisbae @marvel @harryholland64 @zendaya @lifeisaloha @hazosterfield @tomholland2013
Hey guys. I’m so confused on what theme to do so I’m just going to rotate also adding in a new idea I have which I hope you all like. You guys are amazing and I hope u know that I am so happy with how my account is growing and how I get to show my love more widely with so many others who love the same thing #spiderman #spidermanhomecoming #spidermanfarfromhome #spiderman2 #spiderman3 #spidermanmemes #spidermanfans #spidermanedits #spidermanart #spidermanmovie #tomholland #tomhollandedits #tomholland2013 #tomhollandspiderman #tomhollandfanpage #tomhollandfans #tomhollander #tomhollandfan #tomhollandimagines #tomhollandedit #tomhollandfanfic #tomhollandmeme #tomhollandfans #tomhollanders #tomhollandspidey #tomhollandposts #tomhollandisbae @marvel @harryholland64 @zendaya @lifeisaloha @hazosterfield @tomholland2013
Hey guys. I’m so confused on what theme to do so I’m just going to rotate also adding in a new idea I have which I hope you all like. You guys are amazing and I hope u know that I am so happy with how my account is growing and how I get to show my love more widely with so many others who love the same thing #spiderman #spidermanhomecoming #spidermanfarfromhome #spiderman2 #spiderman3 #spidermanmemes #spidermanfans #spidermanedits #spidermanart #spidermanmovie #tomholland #tomhollandedits #tomholland2013 #tomhollandspiderman #tomhollandfanpage #tomhollandfans #tomhollander #tomhollandfan #tomhollandimagines #tomhollandedit #tomhollandfanfic #tomhollandmeme #tomhollandfans #tomhollanders #tomhollandspidey #tomhollandposts #tomhollandisbae @marvel @harryholland64 @zendaya @lifeisaloha @hazosterfield @tomholland2013
I posted I know I’m so amazing (I’ve done nothing but write for 2 hours and it’s already 5 and I have homework and I’m screwed) ⚠️Warning⚠️ This part has some gun violence and stuff. I wasn’t sure if everyone would be ok with reading it. I just was making sure and felt like I should say something just in case. If you’re not ok with reading it please dm me and I can just explain what happens in this part. 🕸Part 44🕸 Then I felt the sharp in my stomach as I let out a blood curdling scream. Pain shot through my entire body. I fell to my knees looking my now bloody hospital dress. My hands clasped my stomach as I looked behind me. A bloody and bruised Aidan staggered towards me. He raised the gun again, pointed at me. I tried to stand back up to fight him but the slightest movement made me feel like I was going to pass out from the pain. I felt my own blood pooling around me, soaking my back. Black spots clouded my vision, I was going to pass out soon. “That’s what you get when you mess around with me Y/n” Aidan told me. The smirk he had on his face would haunt me forever. Even though my body was ached with pain I felt every part of me go numb as he moved the gun away from me and pointed it at Peter. “P-please please d-dont” I pleaded. A couple tears fell down my cheeks knowing it was probably the end. I was in bad shape and I was loosing blood fast and Peter was barely alive . But I had a plan... not a great one but... Peter would be safe. I grabbed onto one of the legs of Peter’s bed. I winced at the pain from even just moving my hand. Aidan staggered closer and closer so he couldn’t miss. So he would have the perfect shot to kill Peter Parker. I could barely see but I could tell Aidan was about to shoot. I had to put my plan into action. I hoped I wouldn’t have to but I had to keep Peter alive even if it meant... well you know. Aidan moved his finger over the trigger. I pulled myself up as fast as I possibly could, using up the last bit of energy I had left. My hand shot out in front of me as another loud *BANG* sounded. A scream escaped my lips as I fell to the floor. #tomholland #myhusband #fanfic #fanfiction #tomhollandfanfic that didn’t end well oh no
Chapter 4 Y/N POV I woke up, on the couch. Why was I on the couch? I look across the room, rubbing my groggy eyes. Peter was sleeping on another couch, and then last night came flooding back to me. We must have fell asleep talking, oh God I hope I didn’t snore. Why was I being so self-conscious? I quietly slipped away to my room, without waking up Peter. I showered, changed into a cute outfit I have had for ages but never worn. (swipe) I may barely leave the tower, that doesn’t mean I’m a classic maniac that only wears hospital gowns. I brush my now damp hair and head downstairs to the kitchen. The only ones down there were Steve and Peter, I’m guessing everyone else is recovering from Tony’s game, but Steve can’t physically get drunk. Before they can see me, I slip back behind the wall, I notice they are having what seems to be a private conversation, and I don’t want to make it awkward and intrude, but I decide to listen in because I am nosy. “I’m just so awkward around her” Peter exclaimed “kid, in my day- “Cap started “no offence, but its 2018” Peter said, sounding deflated “Look kid, being nice and a gentleman will never get old, ill catch you later” he says while taking a bite of his toast and starting to walk towards where you where hidden. You panic, and turn invisible. Steve walks straight past you with no suspicion. When he turns the next corner, you become visible again. You peep your head around the corner and see Peter sat at the breakfast table with his head in his hands. He looks up when you begin to walk towards him. “G-Good m-morning Y/N” Peter stammers “Hey Peter” I reply, I wonder who he was talking about earlier, I decided not to ask now, I didn’t want to embarrass him. “so, do you wanna go get coffee?” “yes of course” he replies, with that smile. * Sorry it’s a short chapter,but the next one is exciting! Thanks for all the support ❤️ #spidermanhomecoming #tomhollandfanfic #peterparkerfanfic #tomhollandtextimagines #tomholland #zendaya #rdj #avengersfanfic #marvelfanfic #tomhollandfanfiction #marvel #avengers #spidermanfanfic #ironman #captainamerica
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FINAL PART Part 33😊😊 I watch netflix while waiting for my Tommy and it's getting so boring, this outfit is uncomfortable as hell, so I decide to put on something cozy. And that means my favourite hoddie from Tom and black leggings. I look at my phone every 3 seconds. It's already after 10 PM. I am starving, I want my bigMac. Than I hear the door opening. I look at it, expecting, and my love is entering with my meal and a big ass smile. "Hi baby.", I smile while lying on the bed. "Hei love.", he looks at me, softly, he seems tired. "Come here.", I tell him and open my arms. He crawls into the bed, resting his head on my chest. I massage his head and back. He breaths steadily. "I love you.", he whispers. "I love you more.", I reply. I grab my food, eating as quite as possible, I really don't want to wake him up, he was on set for about 12 hours today... I wake up because of the sunshine in my face, I look down and Tom is in the same position as yesterday. I go through his hair. "Good morning love.", his voice is sleepy and deep. "Morning.", I whisper. He sits up and I feel cold, immediately. "I am sorry for yesterday.", he says, looking deep into my eyes. "It's ok. I am sorry for niot telling you what happened with kieth. We talked and it's getting better. I decided spontaneously to do that.", I tell him and he nods. "I love you and nothing will change that.", he giggles and puts his hand on my cheek. I close my eyes, feeling the touch of his skin on mine is still amazing. It will always be. "How was seightseeing?", he asks, taking off his clothes. I watch him doing that, forgetting about the question. "I take a shower.", he walks into the bathroom and I can't not get after him. I think i never took of my clothes that fast... I blow dry my hair, getting clothed and jumping on the bed again. "Love?", Tom looks at me with the puppy eyes.⬇⬇ • • #tomhollandimagines #tomhollandfanfic #tomholland #tomholland2013 #tomhollandposts #tommyholland #tomhollander #hollander #harrisonosterfield #avengers #spiderman #tomhollandimagines #imagines #imagine
Part 3! I was going to post this part yesterday but I forgot... Sorry for that, hope you still like it ❤❤ • • • • @tomholland2013 #tomholland #tomhollandedit #tomhollandedits #tomhollandfanfiction #tomhollandfanfic #marvel
Hey guuys please send requests for mini fanfics (concept same as @mr.t.holland has, so big credits to her, check the page out!) I will put them after this fanfic so I have time to write my new one, which will probably be sci-fi so go send me dm's please!!
Part 2.... U look at him,  he had blue eyes. Y/n:"OMG so,  u were the one I bumped,  oh I m really sorry" He:"I am only gonna forgive you if u give me the honour to take u for a coffee or tea? *he laughed*" Y/n:"Hehe, Okay,  I m just coming in 10 mins to u after I change these operating clothes." He:"Yeah,  I will wait" U changed ur clothes and now u wore a simple but cute blue flower dress.  U came out of the washroom and saw him waiting at the reception for u. Y/n:"We shall now" The rain had stopped, he took u to the nearby cafe. U sat in the corner seats,  u both ordered a hot tea. He:"It's pretty cold. BTW, can I know ur good name? " Y/n:"Oh yeah,  I m Dr. Y/n  Y/l/n and u? " He:"Dr. Y/n, I m Harrison. Harrison Osterfield " Y/n:"*U laugh and say*  u don't need to call me Dr. *laughs* u r not my patient" Haz:"Maybe I am *He's trying to flirt*" Y/n:"IDk what that means,  but,  wait u r Harrison osterfield OMG,  I was right I saw u somewhere, I followed u on instagram,  u r friends with my favourite actor Tom Holland, OMG..I really m a big fan of u" Haz:"*he laughs* I didn't knew u knew me,  basically people only know Tom,  glad to meet u " The tea comes,  and u both drank it and start to leave. While u were walking outside: Haz:"Hey,  where do u live? If u want I could drop u" Y/n:"Hmm. actually I don't live here,  my hotel is about 50 kms from here,  and my car is broken,  so I m thinking of booking room in another nearby hotel to spend the night." Haz:"Oh god,  that sucks... U work for charity, and are in a problem,  if u don't mind u could stay in my house till ur car repairs,  it's near from here" Y/n:"I don't wanna disturb u" Haz:"It's totally fine, I live alone in my flat,  u won't disturb me, and maybe I can make u meet Tom too tomorrow *he raises his eyebrows*" You:"Hehe,  it's not about Tom,  u r also very interesting, Okay I will" He smiles and u both sit in his car and he starts driving. (TBC)
When Ariana Grande is going to help with the story line...
Part 3! Kind of boring, but there will be drama later on 😏Give a like if you enjoy this story so far and leave a comment ! 💗 #tomholland #tomhollandimagines #tomhollandfanfiction #tomholland2013 #tomhollandfanfic #tomhollandfans #tomimagines #tomfanfic #spiderman
Part 41 of “It All Started With A Note” please share! Comment down below if you like my imagine series so far! It All Started With a Note! 🤪 • • • #tomholland #spidermanfarfromhome #spidermanhomecoming #tomimagines #tomfanfic #tomhollandimagines #tomhollandfanfic #tomhollandfanfiction #itallstartedwithanote #IASWAN
Chapter 10 Your social media is simply filled with hate comments. Just scrolling through your DM’s make you feel nauseous. You’re sitting on the park bench as you tried to get some sleep but couldn’t. The night sky is sprinkled with beautiful stars as you stare into them trying to forget some of the things that happened in the past few days. Suddenly, your phone rings. It’s Tom, what’s he doing calling at 3 in the morning? Y/N: hello? Tom: why are you at the park at 3 in the morning? What? How does he know you’re here? Y/N: how do you...? My phone won’t stop buzzing and people keep sending me photos of you in the park. Stay right there I’m coming over right now. Y/N: oh...ok He hangs up and you throw your phone down on the bench and you close your eyes trying to think of the times when you could sing on stage and no one would even give a... Now sitting on a park bench is a big news. You hear a car drive up, it’s Tom’s blue Porsche. He’s got a spare sweater in his hand as he comes up to you and wraps you in it. You smile gratefully. Y/N: thank you. Tom: what are you doing out here? Y/N: I needed to think Tom: about what? Y/N: when you hold my hands, do you also want to hold my heart? Do you wanna know me? Or is it just for fun? There’s just so many questions... He places his warm hands onto your chin and tilts your head towards his and kisses you. Tom: what do you think? Y/N: I’ll take that risk. Thank you. Tom: for what? Y/N: being you. He puts his arm around your shoulder and the both of you stare up into the sky. It’s a clear night, like your mind, it’s clear. • My life sucks so bad right now I really just need a big hug 😭 • #tomholland #tomholland2013 #mcu #fanfiction #fanfic #tomhollandfanfic #hollanders #stories #cute #romantic
51 Y/N POV “no, you know what? He’s just a child who can’t handle the smallest little problem so he just gives up! If that’s who he really is, then I want nothing to do with him! I quit!” I went into my room and slammed the door. I faced timed my friend. I explained what happened, “y/n you don’t need him! If he’s the much of an idiot then just let him go! I told you from the start-“ “You know what, I think I’m just gonna get some sleep. I hung up and fell back on my bed. I could hear Harry and Haz talking outside my door but I wasn’t in the mood to talk so I turned off the light and went to sleep. “Hey, y/n?” Tom walked in. “What do you want Tom?” “I just wanted to apologize, I realize now that I over reacted. Can you forgive me?” “Of course Tommy,” He kissed me and lifted me off the ground. I opened me eyes and say Nate. “Nate? What-“ “Don’t worry, I know you like me,” “I-“ Tom showed up next to me. T: “Y/n! What’s he doing here? Tell him you chose me!” N: “Yeah y/n, tell him.” Y: “I-“ N: “That’s right you can’t, because you like me,” I heard someone faintly knocking of my door. It got louder and louder until I woke up. “What? What?” Haz opened the door. “I dunno, you stared screaming,” “Oh! I-uh..I had a bad dream I guess,” “It’s like five o’clock how are you asleep?” “It’s been a rough day Haz,” He sat next to me on my bed. “I’m sorry y/n. I know this isn’t what you wanted.You just wanted to be with Tom and instead to got a lot of drama with Tom,” Haz understood. He’s been there from since I first started liking Tom. “Haz?” I said lying my head on his lap. “Yeah?” “Do you think he’ll ever love me again?” “Y/n, if you think Tom isn’t crazy about you right now then you really don’t know him. He just asked me the same thing about you,” “Really? He still loves me?” “Are you kidding me? He’s in my room right now on the bed looking at photos of you,” “Aww that’s kinda weird-but cute! But still a bit strange,” Me and haz kept talking about our funny memories together. By the end of the night I had laughed so hard I almost threw up and I was no longer sad about Tom.
Part 23! Hope you guys like it! It’s been quite some time since I’ve been posting, but you know how it is. ❤️❤️ • • • • • • • • • • • #hollanders #spidermanfanart #tomhollandfanfiction #peterparkerfanfic #peterparkeredit #peterparker #peter #parker #tomholland #tom #holland #spiderman #spidermanhomecoming #spidermanfarfromhome #fanfic #tomhollandfanfic #peterparkerfanfiction
I woke up the next morning still on the couch. Tom still had his arms around me but he was asleep. I decided I wanted to get up and make him some breakfast. I tried getting up without Tom waking up. Once I did I got ready to make pancakes. While I was mixing the batter I felt arms rap around my waist. Tom: good morning, darling Y/n: morning sleepy head Tom: what are you fixing? Y/n: just some pancakes Tom: yumm You giggled a little and finished making the pancakes. When you were done you sat them on the table and you and Tom started eating. Tom: are you free today Y/n: yes...? Tom: ok, well I’m gonna take you somewhere. Make sure you pack your bags for a weekend Y/n: where are you taking me? Tom: it’s a surprise, love When you were done leaving Tom took you to your house. He told you that he would pick you up at 3:00. Your mom and sister weren’t home at all so you had sometime to relax and get yourself ready. You packed up and once you were finished Tom would be there in about and hour so you decided to sit and watch Riverdale. An hour later you heard a know at your door. You grabbed your bag and Tom put it in the car. While you got in the car you decided to text your mom saying that you left the house for the weekend since if you told her the real story she’d ask where you were going and you didn’t know. You hopped Tom want kidnapping you. You got in the the car then Tom started driving off. Y/n: can you now tell me where we are going? Tom: nope •3 hours later• You started pulling up to a home. You were on the coast. You could see the water from there. Once Tom parked you both got out of the car. You asked Tom again where you were. This time he said that you were at his vacation home on the beach. You were so excited to spend this time with Tom but you wondered why he brought you I mean you aren’t even dating. Toms POV I’m so nervous. What if she doesn’t like it I will be so heartbroken I don’t know what I’ll do with myself if this goes wrong. . . . . Comment what you think so far!! #tomhollandfanfic #tomholland #tomhollandfanfiction #tomhollandimagine
“Ready to go Tom?” “Uhh yeah just a second! I can’t choose what coat to wear!” He says from upstairs in our room. “Just choose one it doesn’t matter!” “Yes it does!” “He won’t care!” “Yes he will I can promise you that!” I run up the stairs in my high heels to find Tom standing by the bed with three different coats on the bed. They’re all gray just in different shades. “Uh just pick one that matches your pants” “But none of them match perfectly” “You’ll be sitting at a table what your pants look like won’t matter okay? You can literally wear those hello kitty pants” I say and point towards the open closet door revealing a pair of pink pants with hello kitties on them. “I still think it’s kind of funny that they gave me that after the scenes we shot with them” “Tom we’re going to be late just pick one” Feeling very stressed Tom picks the one in the middle. We both basically run out of the building and get into Toms Audi. We drive off to the restaurant. Tom turns on the radio and one of his favorite songs comes on. He starts dancing and singing which I found really funny. I giggled a little bit and pulled out my phone to snap a video of his performance. He notices and gives off a small scream as he reaches for my phone and grabs it out of my hand. He turns off the recording. He doesn’t delete the video though. He just puts my phone in his pocket and keeps driving. We eventually arrive at the restaurant and I get ready to get out of the car so I undo the belt but i get distracted by Tom rushing out and running over to my side of the car. He then opens the door and offers me his hand. I grab it and pull myself out of the car. “Who are you and what have you done to my boyfriend?” I say and giggle. He chuckles and his cheeks turn red for a quick second. We walk into the restaurant and we get greeted by a well dressed man. “Hello and welcome!” He says enthusiastically. You know that enthusiasm he is paid to have. “What is your name?” “I believe that we are booked as Holland” Tom says and smiles. “Oh happy day! Please follow me mr and mrs Holland!” We follow the guy and I look over at Tom who’s looking at me. (cic)
Part 2! Please let me know what you think and if you want me to continue this story 💖 #tomholland #tomhollandimagines #tomhollandfanfiction #tomholland2013 #tomhollandfanfic #tomhollandfans
We arrive and I'm rooming with MJ. She hasn't said a word to me yet. The room we share is small and dimly lit. A faded floral wallpaper covers the wall behind the two double beds in the room separated by a oak wood bedside table that looks like it's about to crumble and break into pieces. The beds are covered by a plain white doona and white pillows. Mr Harrington really did just look for the cheapest place. The only thing that doesn't make it look cheap is the pool that our room overlooks. "You guys can't go in the pool!" he ordered us once we got off of the bus. But in all honesty, no one really listens to him and I can guarantee that we will end up going in the pool one of these days for sure. I throw my bags in the corner of the room and mark the bed that's further away from the door. My entire body falls onto the bed and even if the motel is cheap, the mattresses are very comfortable. Note to self: inquire about the brand of mattress. "Comfy?" MJ asks, sitting down on the bed next to me. I look at her, not bothering to disguise the apparent shock on my face. "Yeah, very..." my voice trails off. She shoves her shoes off and crosses her legs on her bed, "I'm um... I'm sorry for my harsh attitude towards you on the bus. It's nothing personal, it's just something that's been on my mind a lot recently. Nothing to really be hung up on, you--" "--MJ. I know," I interrupt and speak slowly, so as to not alarm her. But it doesn't work. Her stunning brown eyes practically double in size and she maintains a stare, "what do you know?" My hand finds itself entangling through my hair as the sudden urge to fiddle with something, anything, comes across me. "About how you... Peter... you and Peter... you know... um..." I mutter, hoping she doesn't hear. But she does. "How do you know?!" she snaps, clearly panicked. "I didn't tell you because I thought that maybe you want to keep it quiet, but that night at the party? When you were drunk? You said you... were in love with Peter. I'm sorry," every word that comes out of my mouth makes me feel heavier and heavier for some reason. She doesn't respond and instead topples backwards, dying of laughter. (cic)
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