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Good morning now go back to the blogs where you came from !!! I cus I ain’t got shit for you nothing ass hating ass bitches don’t come on my page unless your donating or a supporter !! #fame #blacchynamom #getalife #explorepage #tokyotoni #badguychunli #chunli #explore #tokyotoni #blacchynamom #badguychunli #nickiminaj #chunli #explore #explorepage #viral #celebrity #fame #famous #views
Gotta give credit where credit is due and my girl #cardib worked her ass off to be where she is today no thanks to “paying djs to ply her record” boy 👋🏽Talent and hard work made her successful @iamcardib 💯 #kimkardashian
#Kimkardashian enjoying her time in the 305 with #northwest taking us back to old #kanyewest 🙌🏽
👀📸 Anybody Who was invited to the White House while trump been in office has declined, As you can see he got his good Ol boys to pull up. BUT that’s not it, Swipe 👉🏾👉🏾👉🏾 And Check Out The patches On One Of The Guys vest 😳🤦🏾‍♂️ #hiphopistheculture #thewhitehouse #donaldtrump #teyanataylor #playboy #donaldglover #rihanna #nipseyhussle #yg #jayz #nickiminaj #queen #safaree #chrisbrown #theshaderoom #balleralert #quavo #6ix9ine #meekmill #lebronjames #tokyotoni #bet #drake #50cent #kevingates #cardib #nickiminaj #blacchyna #youngthug
Damn I look young I look about 25 years old this shit is crazy LOL but anyway Tonight is the night as I promised. My page is going down for one week I will bring it back up in one week. Right now I want to have fun show off talk shit into me. I would have only one page for right now. @tokyotoni2020 I’m going to go there and show them that I shut the page down and then I’m going to remove everybody from that page they did not help do shit but sit and watch me no haters or blogs will be on that page I promise. I’m ready to turn up have a good time to do it be me 15,000 people for work doing nothing but looking at me I don’t think so. Go get encouraged by your fucking mother I’m not a bitch have a great day ash app $mstokyotoni $25 or more !! Tell me you’re watching me for work what are you a fan of me spending my money doing all of this shit that I have to do in my life is still look out for people. Oh yeah by the way my phone number is gone too so you won’t be bringing that motherfucker you have a nice day #tokyotoni
What’s going on with her teeth lately. Whats that spinach in there?... #tokyotoni
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OMG STOP the cuteness is beyond me! #babytrue is looking more like daddy #tristanthompson 😍 @khloekardashian
#kimkardashian and #northwest enjoying some sun in #miami . . . KIM and NORTHIE take MIA ☺️
Give me to tell me people are actually starting to record me and put it on the haters pages. So what if you see me somewhere who gives you the right to take your phone out and record me and send it to a blog page. First of all you’re never going to see anything out of place. It’s OK I’m about to shut down everybody and make you wonder exactly what I’m doing. I’m not gonna let my left hand over my right hand is doing from this point on. This is really obsessive#tokyotoni WOW
Caption this 👆😁 #tokyotoni #blacchynamom #jaydensmith
I have met all of these celebrities and many more trust me. Only 2 Celebrities have ever help with the food drive although I have asked every last one. It’s funny how they like to call me mom I wish the fuck they called me mom again I will curse their asses out. For one thing they are deathly afraid of my daughter for some reason or it might be the code the illuminati coach who the fuck knows and who the fuck cares. It’s mighty funny how celebrities really are the most miserable people in the world. Of course they get all the money get to go on trips but they have to stay secluded and can’t walk in the 7-Eleven by themselves or take a walk down the street like I can! Only two celebrities have ever help with the food drive that was Shanice and Robert Kardashian ! I guess the rest of them think that they are like that and can nothing happened to them but they failed to realize they ugly ass could be an accident and get their face fucked up a limb taking off or somebody stabbed him in the throat and lose their voice box because of the life that they live. These people are very sad and miserable to say the least and that’s for real. I’m not speaking about the people that are in this picture particularly but celebrities in general. These people get fucked at night by demon spirits called Incubus and succubus. They are all too paranoid to say the least. They do drugs and alcohol to cope with the pain and what they’ve done with their souls. It’s not a secret how the celebrities are Baphomet worshipers! They all do this 666 on pretending as if it’s rock ‘n’ roll but yet you never heard them listen to one day of rock ‘n’ roll OK. Their job is to deceive the public and they doing a good job. For example Beyoncé she said give me your energy and all the lights went out in the stadium for minutes! Every rapper put the word remain in their song do you know who Ramen really is it’s a entity that helps them create music. You’re just not paying attention and literally you don’t care. You’re actually idolizing these bitches they bleed and then have herpes and everything else! They stick to themselves because they’re all in the same thing. They fuck each other man etc #tokyotoni
I have extremely too many people on my page just sitting and looking. I don’t give a fuck who you are you’re all my haters page and you know exactly where you are that’s how precious you are however you are about to be blocked if your page is private have a great day #tokyotoni We are not on social media for the same reasons. You’re on my page just to be one nosy bitch because she was never here before guess what you still not here
#NickiMinaj cries as fans thanked her for helping them with their college tuitions 😢💙💜💚❤💛 💰 🙏 . . Please Follow my page for more videos 🎥 🎥 🙏 . . . #6ix9ine #likeforlike #LilPump #drake #follow4follow #instafollow #tagsforlikes #trippieredd #tekashi69 #like4like #travisscott #tokyotoni #safaree #NBAYoungBoy #cardib #nickiminaj #tagsforlikes #insta #instagram #followback #follow #followme #instadaily #instapic #fitness #gym #workout #Lebronjames
#cassanova ain’t going down for a crime he didn’t commit . . . #niyarucker accused the rapper of assaulting her at a diner after allegedly snatching her phone and deleting a live story she posted on her IG account...it seems like she was trying to set him up after being caught on tape stating that he never touched her 👀 The truth will always come out and it will always set you FREE 🙏🏽 #cloutchasers
Thursday #motivation !🤣😅🤗 #Repost @jstlbby ・・・ *LOOK, What’s yours will ALWAYS be yours don’t doubt yourself because yu made a mistakes dnt think your any less deserving of the good tht the Lord has for yu we all make mistakes we are HUMAN!!!! #KeepPUSHINtowardsYOURGOALS ! If yu weren’t meant to possess it he would’ve NEVER even put it on your mind... THINK ABOUT THAT! #Inspiration ☝ . . #blacchyna #tokyotoni #boosie #alexissky #masikakalysha #zellswag #fettywaps #fettywap #robkardashian #souljaboy #alexissky #sololucci #lezhaezeona #fabolous #michaelblackson # #kattwilliams #juelzsantana #safaree #kardashians #floydmayweather #flytattedsky #cardib #conormcgregor #teatenders #fabolous #future #worldstar #balleralert
You cannot come on my page without having a receipt from Cash app. If you need to obtain a receipt here is the Cash app $mstokyotoni! You people are coming from the blocks and I don’t fuck with you because I don’t know you and I don’t want to know you. I only want to know good people I only want to teach and talk to good people. If you’re broke then you need to stay on this page a saffron they’re sending a $25 or more donation so that you can get into my real life. This should I put on these pages are bullshit I don’t count for nothing. However I am real honest and truthful and if you can’t deal with that I suggest you stay on this page is well. The blogs find me very intriguing because I am I’m very interesting and entertaining to say the least. I have a company called OMG entertainment this is what we do!! I am all around girl with beauty body booty and brains!! I love the people within the society that we live in. I love giving back to the community as well as homelessness. I have appeared on mini mini mini TV shows as well as talk show on radio show speaking about homelessness. I have my own brand but I’ll brand and blend that later. I’m right now out here for those who cannot be out here for themselves. I love the public I love people and this is just how it is. So if you write re-post one of my food drives as well as sending a receipt of $25 or more to that DM and I will let you in with no problem. After Friday I will not do live anywhere but on my personal page!! They have enough videos of me to last a lifetime. I have over 300,000 haters if you count all my hate pages in their followers. If you don’t have haters you’re not popping #tokyotoni #libragang
If your page is private you will not come onto my page so do not friend me trust me you will be blocked I don’t give a fuck about you at all. When you come on the page you will be labeled as a hater so I suggest anybody that’s good not to come to my live just wait until the coast is clear have a great day#tokyotoni #libragang
This is my haters page however I understand that it is good people on this page. Don’t worry about the bullshit when I’m talking about these motherfuckers. Pay attention to that price keep your eyes on the prize. I will probably start live on this page after I delete people with malicious behavior. I will be live on his page on Saturday so that my haters can capture all of the glory of the Lord. I’m going to do a bomb ass food drive this weekend. Let’s hope you were involved by donating to the drive cash app $mstokyotoni #tokyotoni #libragang This is nothing but genuine love that I have been giving now for nine years. People come on my page think of that they know me they don’t know me. They such a blockhead this is what they go back not understanding that the blogs do this to make money by getting clicks that putting my name in there caption. I give them this opportunity because I am open with the public unlike any other celebrity that you know!! I engage with my followers and these hating ass fans. A fan is a short word for fanatic and yes I have a lot of fanatics and obsessed motherfuckers on this page #tokyotoni #libragang #tokyocityfooddrive #tokyocityfooddrive #nickiminaj #tokyocityfooddrive #
You cannot buy genuine love I don’t give a fuck who you are or what you’re talking about. You can buy These rappers these video girls etc. etc. you can buy a car a ring a house but you cannot buy love. With someone genuinely loves you you better receive that shit as it is and feel blessed by it because today the society we live in it’s nothing but fake love. Be aware don’t say I didn’t tell your motherfucking ass#tokyotoni #libragang I am a Libra and we are the most realist people breathing on earth that’s a fact. I’m not going to sugarcoat nothing and I have the biggest sweetest heart but if you fuck me over you get it royally right back 1000 times harder and I don’t give a fuck. So don’t ever play with my love because you play with yourself believe that shit that’s on everything. Have a great day and if nobody tell you I love your motherfucking monkey ass bitch Tokyo Toni lives ya 😘😘😘😘 “ ☝🏾🤡too If you need me you can call me I promise you you could never called another celebrity a day in your life. You made me a celebrity yes indeed do you know what the fucking word means. The word celebrity means a household name a popular person in the picture around the corner the sales pussy on your block is a celebrity although local. Get your life together stop hating on people do something with yourself do it today start with you
I had an absolutely beautiful mother. Me and my daughter look like my mother. We both get it from my mother she had a beautiful shape beautiful face beautiful personality and she had me therefore I have my daughter what a beautiful legacy my mom has left behind. There’s nothing like having a mother that loves you and cares for you and would do anything in the world for you to win survive and be a good person. There’s nothing like a mother it’s simple as that nothing else further to say it’s nothing like having a good mother.I sure do miss my mother. But I am the mother now I’m the queen because my queen is now deceased. You are not a queen into your mother is dead you are still a princess your children are princesses and kings please believe this to be fact. If you need me you can text me don’t call me without a fucking check to my Cash app slim. 301-630-8664 and have a very very blessed day #tokyotoni #libragang #tokyocityfooddrive #My mother was an Aries
This is nothing but the truth. Oh by the way this video is five years old don’t even try it I’ve been divorced now for two years I haven’t had one drop of dick I’ll be glad when I get me some. LOL no Knigge is good enough for me breathing right now#libragang #tokyotoni
I was so mad to see that dirt on my got damn heels!! 😂😂😂💯☝🏾The little size 6 will fuck you up. A beat those little feet to the concrete ! A grind like a motherfucker If you need advice you could text me do not call me without a fucking check immediately I’m going to block your ass. 301-678-8664 have a great day and if you don’t bitch I’ll fucking willing to get better and if you don’t fucking still have a great day #tokyotoni
Tokyo always been lit. I don’t know you and you don’t know me and neither one of us give a fuck you man hating ass bitches. If you’re on this page or you’re not a hater I suggest you go to another page of mine if you feel offended. Then again if you feel offended bitch I’m talking to you too have a great day anyway go #tokyotoni #libragang
Tokyo that’s who who the fuck you thought it was #tokyotoni #libragang
This picture has got to be at least eight years old #tokyotoni
Lol 😂 you have a little Tokyo in you!!! I love real shit text me if you need me 301-678664 have a great day#tokyocityfooddrive #libragang #tokyotoni
I was invited back in the day to a show and it was the bomb. Damn I used to be so fly I’ll get back there but on a different level. Every day my thinking is changing and I want you to stay along the ride to see what happens next. I will be coming out with a book sale right now I can’t because of financial difficulties in putting it out. Yes I can self publish but that’s not what I want to do I want to go the better route the easier route the efficient route without the hassle with the headache of dealing with this book. I am working on my second book and boy oh boy the two together is going to be awesome. Nothing beats the first book that’s a promise#libragang #tokyotoni #propane
Keep in mind this is my haters page I don’t get involved with nobody on this page. I do not check no DM so I don’t give a fuck what you talking about. It’s so many fake people days, way I simply don’t trust not one of you bitches. However, there is somebody on this page that has good intentions not everybody on this page has bad intentions. Just know where the fuck you are and don’t get offended by my wording just know where the fuck you are#tokyotoni #tokyocityfooddrive #libragang you cannot come to my new page if you did not post one of my food drives and donated at least $10 goddamn you see what the fuck I do stop playing with yourself LOL you people are crazy but I love you 😘
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