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Spider-Man 2 (2004): Sam Raimi returns to direct the second instalment in the original Spider-Man trilogy where Peter Parker, played again by Tobey Maguire, tries to find a balance between life as Peter and the webslinger until a mad scientist threatens New York. Spider-Man 2 is easily the best of the trilogy, and may even be one of the best superhero movies of all time - the script perfectly captures Parker trying to find his purpose and the internal conflicts of being a superhero, making him a really likeable, sympathetic character for the audience. While Maguire may not be the best actor in the world, his performance works well for his character. Alfred Molina as Dr. Octavius is brilliant as a likeable scientist turned evil after he has everything taken from him, he really is a compelling villain even if his motivation is somewhat forced. The fight sequences between these two characters are some of the most exciting in any film of the genre including an exhilarating train sequence that proves that, given the resources, Sam Raimi can direct almost anything. These fights are helped by the vastly improved special effects that won the film its only Academy Award however Danny Elfman can feel aggrieved that his rousing score was not nominated as it creates a grand atmosphere while also capturing the smaller emotional core of the script. Despite how solid the script is, there are a few hiccups, the biggest being the conflict between Parker and Mary Jane Watson, reprised by Kirsten Dunst, which in itself is good but the underdevelopment of MJ’s love interest really doesn’t make for the satisfying impact at the end of the film. Her character is also once again used as a plot device. James Franco’s Harry Osbourne is a much more compelling character and his arc is well set up for the third film. Spider-Man 2 is as a good as a Spider-Man movie comes; it has great characters, exciting action, and Raimi’s classic sense of humour (complete with Bruce Campbell) to deliver everything that’s great about the characters and the world they live in. One of the greatest superhero films of all time but definitely the best Spider-Man movie. Rating: 8.3.
“With great power comes great responsibility...remember that Pete...remember that..” - Uncle Ben 🧓🏻🕷👊🏻 #motivationalquotes #moral #lesson #uncleben #auntmay #peterparker #spiderman #2002 #sony #fandom #marvel #cosplay #costume #spidermanps4 #comiccon #comics #superhero #tobeymaguire #samraimi #cliffrobertson #rip
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Drop a good Netflix series in the comments (I need something to watch) || #andrewgarfield #underthesilverlake
Can we get a RIP in the chat
“the sun will shine on us again,”
There was also a blueprint for a battle helmet. I’ll post about it later today - Source: Marvel’s Spider-Man
I will never not enjoy #TheHolyTrinity Spider-Man memes. #spiderman #spidermanmemes #raimimemes #samraimi
That's the right answer 😉 Which Spidey movie is your favourite besides hoco? I'll post a scene from that movie next🤘
Well, this Monday just got a little brighter ⚡️ #Electro #PS4Share #PSBlog . . . . Follow @webslingernyc
I think Vulture is a really underrated villain, I liked the fact that they used him in Homecoming. Which character you want me to do this way?
this is beautiful #spidermantrilogy #tobeymaguire
The Great Gatsby (2013) 🌼 - #qotd Favourite subject in school? #aotd I'm at uni now, but my favourites at school were history and maths because they were the only two I was good at!
I hope Spidey's Future Foundation costume will be added to Spider-man PS4
. #pawnsacrifice #完全なるチェックメイト . 初のチェス映画⚔️ アメリカ人の挑戦者、ボビー・フィッシャーが ソ連の世界チャンピオン、ボリス・スパスキーに挑む。 そのため、この試合は東西冷戦における 代理戦争とみなされた、という実話🇺🇸🇷🇺 最初はボビーに共感しながら観れたけど、 次第に考えがわからなくなって、最終的には置いてけぼりのような感じさえした。 トビーの演技がすごい本物😧 精神を追い詰められた先の勝利に、喜びはあったのかな。 . 天才と狂気。 . #tobeymaguire #lievschreiber #bobbyfisher #movie #cinema #instamovies #like4like #likes #映画 #洋画 #映画鑑賞
Am I not supposed to have what I want? What I need?
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