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We had the longest selfie stick for one of the best views in Hong Kong. #thepongalongs #hongkongalong #awaywepongalong #victoriapeak
THE RADIO VAGABOND PODCAST #093 : Join me visiting Washington D.C. and talk to a local tour guide that is giving me a tour of The National Mall.  Subscribe to "The Radio Vagabond" in Apple Podcast or in your podcast app.
The red ivy is here 🍁 love this this time of the year #redivy #autumn
Yaz aylarının sonunda yeraltı su seviyesinin azalmasıyla birlikte Galeriç Langozu sonbaharda yosunsu bir bitki örtüsüyle kaplanır. Bu görüntü kışa doğru yağışlarla birlikte yüzen bir orman görünümüne bürünecektir... . . . #fodorsonthego #TLPics #nakedplanet #earthfocus #WiLiveToExplore #TheGlobeWanderer #discoverglobe #travelling #traveller #travel #trip #tripadvisor #sonyalphatr #worldcaptures #igers #igworld #trip #tripadvisor #outdoor #nature #naturelovers #saricerceve #landscape #langoz #galeriç
Saturday was a perfect day to visit Amsterdam 🍂☀️ How was your weekend?
Being a tourist in my own city, do you reconize this church? • 🤓 #church #home
Always good to back in the true north, strong and free 🇨🇦
As much as I want to give you recommendations and tips about Tbilisi, I can’t, as two days were not enough to fully explore this beautiful city! The one thing I can say for sure is that you have to watch out the cars as the drivers here have a secret mission to hit you 🤷🏻‍♀️ . Tbilisi is different, you HAVE to visit ❤️ . . . . . . . . . #teamkaptainkenny #mytravelstories #adventureseeker #traveloften #wanderluster #exploretheworld #girlswhoexplore #adventurer #traveladdiction #sheisnotlost #exploretheunknown #collectmoments #discoverearth #getlost #mytravels #thediscoverer #keepexploring #globetrottergirl #tlpics #travelandlife #igshotz #followmefaraway #nakedplanet #letsgoeverywhere #lessismoreoutdoors #adventureculture #tbilisi #georgia
Möwen Montag #seagullmonday
I might be feeling a bit under the weather but I’m ready for you Monday. 👊🏻🤧 📸: @danielchristopherphoto
(Part 3) Sometimes we get fixated on an idea, on a plan, on a certain life event we expected to take place - and we become so beholden to them because of all the expectations we set. Then, when suddenly life gets in the way, when it tears apart the things you thought were preparing you for your next step, when it rains clouds of chaos on the only thing you’ve been working towards it can be paralyzing. For us it was, it was three days and nights of sitting in a hotel room doing nothing. It was being unable to decide what’s next because we hadn’t been given ample time to make a backup plan. . . The question wasn’t just what are we going to do next, it was, how do we overcome this? When the thoughts got to be too heavy we decided to just leave. To get out of the small walls we had confined ourselves to and to look for something to lift us up. It worked. Our first night out felt like letting all of our burdens go with the wind, it felt like letting up on ourselves. Instead of figuring things out, we decided to go with the flow. Just stay. Just be there. Just see what happens. This is how we fell in love with London. . . . . . . . . . . . . #londonist #wearetravelgirls #globelletravels #citizenfemme #girlaroundtheworld #travelgirlsgo #2018travelbossbabes #womenwhotravel #womensupportwomen #europetravel #liveyourbestlife #citybestpics #instalondon #londonlove #mylondon #londonview #prettylittlelondon #girlsjustwanttotravel #doyoutravel #tlpics #dailypics #lensculturestreets #scenicview #travelgirls #arabswhotravel #browngirlswhoblog #browngirlswhotravel #latinabloggers #inspirationalwords #youcandoanything
“She loved her new vocabulary of simply loving something more than she loved her love for that thing, and the vulnerability that went along with living in the primary world.” ➖ I see now that most of my favorite books were of the Holocaust - The Diary of a Young Girl, Between Shades of Gray, The Book Thief, and The Nightingale. Was it the inhuman scale of the atrocities of that event in human history? Was it the unjust persecution at the time? Or was it the oblivion most of us have towards it? Whatever it is, my recent read, Everything Is Illuminated, got to me without being the stereotypical Holocaust fiction book. ➖ The gore and inhumanity of the Holocaust was still there, but what took ceter stage was the idea that these people who were persecuted were just like us upon a second glance. They also lived by their myths and superstitions. They gossiped and faced their fears. Had cravings and nightmares, got annoyed and amused. They also chronicled their dreams; tried to love and failed. Had illicit affairs, were taken over by the same carnal desires. They were grateful and make mistakes, abandoned and cared for each other, lived and died. ➖ But the most resounding message from the book to me was that it might not show, but the people whose lives were not touched by violence during that time are still, in a way, scarred. We in present day might try to forget, but the ripples of that terrifying past still shake us up today. There is no moving on unless we confront the past.
Autumn 🍂 along the Riva Ears are now fully recovered after our first proper Dalmatian wedding...a load more noisier than a Croatian New Zealand wedding...think dad has worn out the horn on the rental car and we are possibly waiting for the bill from the priest for the smoke bomb damage to his church...yip only in Croatia!
No bones about it, it's Monday ☠
Llegamos en el mejor momento para ver los coloridos cruces peatonales que son parte del "Cairns Tropical Pride" 🏳️‍🌈👬👭👫 // On time to see the colorful crosswalks of the "Cairns Tropical Pride" . . . . #TravelTheWorld #ViajerosMexicanos #Australia #Cairns #seeaustralia #gayaustralia #wearetravelgays #gaytravelers #gaytravel #Cairnstropicalpride #lovewins #loveislove #fnq #fnqmagazine #🏳️‍🌈 #pride #gaypride #rainbowcrossing #travelshots #borntotravel #travelislife #travelstagram #tlpics #travelcommunity #travelphotograpy #instatraveler #traveling #wanderer
🌿Jungle massive @krysha_restaurant
Time with my sister went by wayyyy too fast 😢 At least we got to explore more of my beautiful Spain, including Valencia (I know, it’s the closest beach to Madrid yet I’d been everywhere but there) In other news, I have my DSLR back, I’m working on a HUGE step in my career, and… Andy and I leave in 1 WEEK for Myanmar! gahhhh so many changes! Any suggestions for Myanmar??🇲🇲
Three skylights and two walls of windows flood the Master Bedroom with light by day and stars by night. 📸: @stephenkentjohnson
• This is a traditional Onsen. And it’s snowing here -do you want to get in? • 🌨🧘🏼‍♀ . . 👉🏻follow us @lostaroundofficial ❣join the family using #lostaround in your travel pics 📸 . . #japan #ig_japan #nyutoonsen #worldtrip #lifeisgood #ontheroad #lostaround #tripwithus #roadtrip #instajapan #discover #instatravel #people #travelgram #traveling #vsco #snapseed #wanderlust #tlpics #insidetravel #exploremore #traveldeeper #travelmore #awesomeplace #trip #lifewelltravelled #neverstopexploring
Traditional Anatolian wedding is the speciality dish of @babylonia_restaurant_ made with chicken, with spring onion, mushroom, tomato and garlic over a fire and served with rice. #thrillingturkey
Orange picking outside the beautiful villas and suites of @elysiumhotel but next time I’ll try finding a ripe one 😂 • wearing @majorelle_collection via @revolve
Perfect spot for a romantic picnic 🥂 ⠀ Багет – не только символ Франции, но и, пожалуй, самый известный хлеб в мире. ⠀ Для местных жителей - это такая же национальная философия, как вино или сыр. Без этой знаменитой хрустящей палки не проходит ни один день настоящего франсе. ⠀ Между прочим, багет, каким мы его знаем по праву считается гордостью французов не столько в кулинарном смысле, сколько в символическом. ⠀ Французский багет - это символ свободы, равенства и братства. Одна из причин и плод Великой французской революции в борьбе за классовое деление общества. ⠀ Во времена, когда белый хлеб был сугубо достоянием господ, в выпечку для крестьян, часто добавляли то, чего там совсем не должно быть, например, опилки, сено и даже грязь. Такие лепешки составляли основу их рациона, но даже их себе мог позволить не каждый. Постоянно растущие цены были регулярно причинами народных востаний, которые при совпадении с политическим климатом и увенчались Взятием Бастилии. ⠀ Сегодня белую булку нужно выпекать исключительно на месте, не добавляя в тесто никаких примесей или замороженных ингредиентов. Его удлиненная форма способствует быстрому приготовлению, так чтоб успеть обеспечить хрустящим завтраком французское семейство. ⠀ «Декрет о хлебе» на государственном уровне фиксирует четкие стандарты приготовления, его длину, ширину, вес и даже количество соли, а цена за палку не должна превышать одного евро. ⠀ Вот так;) Хорошей недели, друзья!
Страсбург 🍂🍁 - самый сказочный городок. Просто советую побывать там хоть раз! Находится во Франции, не далеко от немецкой границы и Баден-Бадена) — Strasbourg - one of my favorite little cities:) Very beautiful, like a fairytale! 🍂🍁🍂
Yeni yazı var 🎉 Dev gibi bir Zanzibar’da Gezilecek Yerler ve Yapılacak Aktiviteler listesi hazırladım. Detayları merak edenler için yazı linki profilimde! Kaydetmek isteyenler içinse kısa özet: . ✰ 1. GÜN: Unesco Dünya Mirası listesindeki başkent Stone Town. . ✰ 2. GÜN: Dev kaplumbağaların adası Prison Island ziyareti + yanındaki resifte şnorkel + baharat bahçesi turu. . ✰ 3. GÜN: Sadece Zanzibar’da görülen Red Colobus maymunlarının bulunduğu Jozani Forest - Butterfly Center - Muungoni Köyü ziyareti - Mangrove ormanında kano. . ✰ 4. GÜN: Doya doya denize girmek için Kendwa-Nungwi ve gün batımında sunset cruise. . ✰ 5. GÜN: Mnemba Adası’nda şnorkel - Jambiani ve Paje’de bembeyaz kumsalın tadını çıkarma - Çok istiyorsanız denizin içindeki meşhur The Rock Restaurant. . ✰ 6. GÜN: Okyanusun ortasındaki sand bank’i göreceğiniz Blue Safari. . ✰ Bonus 7. GÜN: Tüplü dalış ___________________________________________ #kurumsalturistzanzibar #zanzibar #dametraveler #darlingescapes #sheisnotlost #girlsmeetglobe #iamtb #sunday #kamp #doğa #letsgoeverywhere #tlpics #cokgezenlerkulubu #hurriyetseyahat #turkishfollowers #seyahat #gezgin #yolacikyolacik #wearetravelgirls #travelislife #travelbook #beautifulmatters
🍂🍁🍂  📍 Erzsébet Square, Budapest Hungary  Throwback travel photography from October,2017. Fall leaves × ferris wheel🎡🍂🍂  秋の写真が溜まっていたので… 去年の今頃は母娘で紅葉の時期のヨーロッパ旅へ。  写真は #グーラッシュスープ の虜になった ブダペストのエリザベス公園🇭🇺🤤 (グーラッシュスープはマーケットで クリームと本場のパプリカパウダーを購入して、 自宅でも何度か作ったほど好き❤️)  初めて行く4ヶ国(ハンガリー、チェコ、スロヴァキア、オーストリア)の中でも、ハンガリーとオーストリアは特に印象深かった✨  夏、秋、冬のヨーロッパは経験したので いつか春のヨーロッパ旅に行ってみたいなぁ。    #MichelleWorldTravel  #MichelleTravelDiary_Budapest
I feel like I just woke up from a long dream. It’s so strange coming back to London’s gloomy weather and early Christmas atmosphere even after the short few days of travel. 🙈 I’m planning a few posts about travelling in Switzerland and I was wondering whether you’d be interested to know more about it? I was pleasantly surprised that this country or at least places we went to are not as widely Instagrammed as many other destinations, and it was actually slightly more difficult to plan the trip because of that (as I mentioned before, I do look for travel info on Instagram quite often). Soo anything you would like to know at all? 💁🏻‍♀️
Striking 7ft sculpture made out of bicycle gears on the grounds of @hotel_caesar_augustus #thereisarteverywhere
Nat Geo belgeseli: Doğal ortamlarında Burcu, Pino ve Simsim insanları. 🙈😂🤣 #tbs #bestfriendsforever #sistersister #tlpics #lol #bestfriend #bestmonents #nofilterneed
This is at the water front of Zazen Boutique resort and spa. We had a beautiful lunch, cocktails and spa here while in Koh Samui 🍸💏🍽 . Zazen resort sits right on the water with only 26 rooms and award winning restaurant and spa 💏💕 . Check it out next time you are in Koh Samui 🍸🏖 . See our latest blog and video link of our time at @zazensamui in our bio @cgkjourneys
Краб. Рак. Кран. Брат. Нет, это не бессмысленный набор слов. Это вариант игры испорченный телефон, где исходным словом является моя фамилия Крат😄 . В детстве, когда ходила в поликлинику и брала талончик в регистратуре, всегда предвкушала узнать кем же меня нарекут сегодня. Там я была и Ольгой Мат и Ольгой Кат и Ольгой Скат. Иногда приходилось быть Ольгой Карат - эта вариация мне, кстати, по душе. Красиво звучит - Карат😄 Но были варианты куда более креативные: однажды меня записали как Ольга Крах и Ольга Ад🤯 По сей день я пытаюсь произносить свою фамилию по буквам, но всё тлен. . Если честно, то я не люблю когда называют полным именем Ольга. Но и нежнятину по типу Олюся тоже не люблю. Зато я обожаю свою фамилию. Столько рифм и четверостиший было сложено в мою честь, что и не вспомнишь😂 Если б я шла в политику, то штабу даже не пришлось бы напрягаться: Ольга Крат - ваш кандидат🍾 Ваш депутат - це Ольга Крат! Хотя... может у вас есть вариант получше?😁 Точно должны быть! . Обожаю когда друзья зовут Крателла😂 Очень часто они добавляють Володимирівна и это всегда поднимает мне настроение, потому что я Андреевна🤣 . ⁉️А у тебя какая фамилия? Норм или тоже «кладезь для приколів»?😂 . Location📍 Mezhyhiria Residence, Kiev region, Ukraine🇺🇦 #фотодля_ді
I saw the crescent 🌙✨
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