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I want all of Ariana’s new hoodies !! I love the pink one that says,”f*king grateful” so cute ! 💗@arianagrande #loveariana #arianalove #tlic #sweetener #ari #arianagrande
that’s my baby..♡
I need her hug..♡
This is one of the most relatable things like wth 😂
the guy who was only into blondes drives me insane. blonde or not, how could you not love her like tf is wrong with you
she’s still the same ariana grande-butera 🥰🥰🥰😌
i love ariana’s dimples so much 😋 it’s such a great thing to see anyone smile ! especially when you love them and all you want them to be is happy 🥰
Shes cute af holy i love Ari so much🖤 cant wait to get the European Tour dates😍
what a bad bitch 💜 omg I’m still so proud of her
3 cuties 💜 sorry I’ve been so inactive
Gotta keep the theme going. Comment if you want me to give up this whole theme thing lol. Its like rlly inconvenient 😂
so i’m picking it up 🌈
i wanna be in like all the time ☁️
right now i’m in a state of mind 🖤✨
hi i’m gonna get sappy here for a second. it’s starting to be the end of the year & i just wanna say that i love y’all from the bottom of my heart. this year has really been the hardest of my whole 18 years of life but wow u guys have helped me through it. ur kind words & advice have meant to much to me. u babes truly make the hardest days of my life some of the best. thank u for making this a special place to get away everyday. i don’t know how to repay u all for everything. just pls know that i am here for each & every single one of u beautiful souls. i’m so incredible thankful & i hope u all are happy forever. u deserve it. i love u. ♡
comment if u want some ari games 😂
i just keep on imagining that those extensions must be giving her a head ache 😂
needy ☁️🖤
hmu with the whole fff and sfs thing 😂🖤
fun fact: ari is also hella flexible. there’s nothing she can’t do tbh 💫
comment if u want some ari games 🌙
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