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I really put myself out there today trying with my crush and I don’t think it worked and I’m really sad :(
One of the comments on this post said this was gross and all I can think is how?? Shes so beautiful. - - #skinny #thinspo #thin #aesthetictumblr #ribspo #legspo
Ummm my friends have been joking about eating disorders today ( it’s about Megan trainer and how she ‘tried anorexia’) but like still wasn’t kinda idk just ya
I’m going on holiday next year to Portugal with my sister! I’m really excited cause I won’t have to eat a lot and there’d be no chance of me binging and I’d be swimming a lot so hopefully by then I’ll be skinny and be skinny even more after I’m really excited I’ve never been on holiday
I ask my parents one simply fucking to thing. Take me to the gym. I take care of my mother and little brother all fucking day. I went out with them even tho I had homework to do. All I want to do when I came home was go to the gym. I’m pissed
A body like this pls. - - #skinny #thinspo #thin #aesthetictumblr #ribspo
Might post some of my collarbone pictures on my story. - - #skinny #thinspo #thin #aesthetictumblr #ribspo
I ate, I feel like shit and I want to scream. I’d appreciate it if someone sent me some meanspo. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ #girl #girls #thin #slim #skinny #slimgirl #thingirl #skinnygirl #perfect #body #perfecrbody #thinspo #meanspo #bodygoals #aesthetic #aesthetics #aestheticgirl #beautifulaesthetic #beautiful #beautifulgirl #beauty #love #lovely #art #goal #goals #ed #eatingdisorder
all i ate for lunch was some grapes and water, hopefully i don’t need to eat anymore today :(
I’ve lost 1 kg since Monday
Goodnight 💛💛
I have woodwork rn but my teachers telling an accident story (I faint) so I'm taking a walk. - - #skinny #thinspo #thin #aesthetictumblr #ribspo
someone hacked me for any reason I don’t even know.. anyway, I found all the pics on the archived section. He/she stopped following everyone so now I need to find accounts to follow back :(
I’m losing weight but it’s so slow.
im gonna make it a good day today #skinnygirls #thinspo #thin #skinny
Will you end my pain? Will you take my life? Will you bleed me out? Will you hang me out to dry? Will you take my soul in the midnight rain? While I'm falling apart While I'm going Broken-Lund #goals #thinny #thin #thinnygirl #thinspiraton #skinnygirl #skinny #legspo #ripspo #weight #weightloss #fat #depressed #ana #anathinspo #thinspo #cute #beutiful #perfectbody #perfect #wish #love
Lost a couple lbs last night ☺️ x #skinnygirls #skinny #thin #thinspo
so um ya getting better is not on my radar i’m literally a piece of shit human who deserves nothing good in this world and i don’t blame my bitch ass friends for leaving me and hating me. i can’t even look at myself in the fucking mirror because i’m so fucking disgusting. also i loooove when people text first and then i text back and they leave me on fucking read like what the fuck don’t initiate a fucking conversation and then not continue it. FUCK everything is so FUCKING ANNOYING AND EVERYONE HATES ME. life is going terrible.
830 calories in total today. Today was a pretty good day. Btw, sorry if my last post doesn't make any sense 😂❤️
🌸Not Me 🌸 Hopefully I will be able to have a lovely day with my boyfriend today before he goes on holiday 😊 I have been doing a lot more work during school times so I don't actually have a lot of work to do, it's just I have to persuade my parents aha 😊 I hope you all have an amazing day! ❤️
sooooooooooo i barely ate anything today and i’m feeling pretty darn good. this week has been the shortest week ever idk what’s going on but today went by so fast. i just want tomorrow to be over. also life update things aren’t as bad and i’m becoming more bold and standing up for myself. but at the same time this bold shit is getting me in petty stupid ass drama and honestly they can suck my left nut if they wanna start some shit again.
Antibiotics did me wrong. I was so nauseous that I had to go home from my first official day of internship
Today is such a messy day
i’m starting a new diet/challenge thing next week. i’m super excited. i’ve also been getting bad headaches and whenever i stand up my visions turns dark. kind of weird. anyways have a good day lovelies
I a m a m e s s
Trying to make my own whole wheat bread 🍞 who needs the gym when you can knead your own bread for 20 minutes 😂 seriously though that was hard
Feeling better 😃 gonna workout tonight
Rise and shine ☀️ I started very early this morning and I’m feeling excited and energized today ⚡️