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This is honestly my favorite outfit of Goku.
(Oc) 🤔
I’m definitely getting this, I’ve been eager to play Mario Maker but now I can once this is release, it even looks better than the first one.
Look at this precious boy, just look at him!
Choose your fighter.
Either Xbox is teasing us or just simply sharing their response, tbh with you, Steve would be a great character for Smash, that’s just my opinion.
Sometimes I wish I have a Kirby.
The only battle royale game I can fully respect.
People always talk about Gogeta this and Vegito that, but we all know who’s the OG fusion character 😎
Crash Bandicoot is my favorite character in Animal Crossing
At this point I can’t get excited over a Nintendo direct anymore cuz y’all are always throwing a tantrum whenever we get one.
Besides Pikachu, he’s my favorite :)
Oh my lord, this looks so freaking good! I’m definitely keeping in eye on this game, it’s called Astral Chain
Nintendo don’t tease us like that!!
It’s time bois.
Today is the day folks.
Go ahead and repost this I don’t really care :)
It’s the frog’s birthday oof.
Palutena be like
Okay, now it’s official! We can all relax now.
I don’t know if I should play Jump Force or not.
“I wish for Fortnite as my first wish Blue Smith”
So, I played the demo for Devil May Cry 5 and I must say this game looks super promising, if the demo was anything like the game comes out then this will be a perfect love letter for us fans.
Why does this fits so perfectly?
Good night.
I’m not even an Animal Crossing fan and I love Isabelle, is that weird?
The Flintstones
She looked super cute in that uniform!
Y’all are hurting me with these fanarts of Videl!
He looks amazing yess!
Having a character from Dragon Quest appear in Smash would be so amazing but that the same time we’re gonna have to hear this community start whining cuz “aNotHeR SWoRd FiGhTeR 😩”
Stephen didn’t deserve this. And neither should we
Same energy.
So, this is a thing....
Fandom: “Ochako needs more development she’s boring” Ochako: *gets development* Fandom: “ugh to much heroic stuff, she’s still boring.” Seriously!! None of you don’t know how character development works.
HeS sO hApPy mY HeArt Oww.
She’s adorable in both hairstyles 😭 (Credit: Bocodamondo on Twitter)
Please be successful and make lots of money so we can get more Nintendo movies
Welp, my day is officially been ruined.
Oh lawd he comin’
Y-E-S. (Edit: Its mha manga, my apologies if you didn’t know what manga it is)
Haha yes!
Did I mention that I love Pikachu?
My boy is in yes!!
The first smash game I’ve played.
Here’s pigtail Videl to bless your timeline.
Best victory pose of all time!
LoOk aT hIm oOoF!!
Okay, that’s adorable!
He has arrived!
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