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It’s past my bedtime 😴 Too many projects all going on at the same time, but so enjoying myself with all these fun adventures. Unwinding now with an epsom salt foot rub. Recipe is from the Nourishing Mom workshop. Coming soon to you anywhere in the world. Stay tuned 😊 good night everyone. Sweet dreams.
Not entirely sure if #nationalpastaday is a real thing but I AM sure that I am going to eat an oversized plate of pappardelle noodles tonight. Recipe for creamy lemon pappardelle with greens and breadcrumbs is on my site - head to WhatAnniesEating.com and save the recipe! It's perfect for a cozy night. I think tonight calls some browned butter drizzles to top this dish off, what do you think? • • • • • #whatannieseating #eeeeeats #feedfeed #cooking #food #instafood #homemade #pasta #imsomartha #beautifulcuisines #theeverygirlcooks #thechalkboardeats #thatsdarling #buzzfeast #lcdotcomloves #foodtographyschool #foodie #farmersmarket #huffposttaste #britstagram #california #cheflife #nomnom   #dinner
Apple Chutney Bruschetta – Toasted bread topped with goat cheese and sweet and sour apple chutney make this appetizer the perfect fall nibble.  It is quick, easy and full of flavor.  A great bite for any gathering, even date night at home! . #devourpower #pookspantry #storyofmytable #sotasty #droolclub #foodblogeats #foodinspo #infoodwetrust #recipeshare #southernliving #foodwinewomen #mycommontable #inmykitchen #myopenkitchen #chefmode #tastespotting #foodaffair #buzzfeedtasty #bestfoodworld #thechalkboardeats #beautifulfood #makeitdelicious #hautecuisines #saveurmag #southerncharm #tastemade #tablesituation #onthetableprojest #styleonmytable #gatheringslikethese
Its officially soup weather in Utah and this Stew is a favorite in my house, plus it's so simple to make! . . Easiest Instantt Pot Stew! I saved a step by step in my highlights. Check it out and let me know what you think.
We're making @seedandmill ’s recipe for Tahini dark chocolate marshmallow balls as soon as humanly possible.  You should too! 😍 Recipe details are below: To make the tahini coating, warm 1/2 cup of @seedandmill tahini, 1-2 tbs of @justdatesyrup and 4 tbs of coconut oil, and mix. In a ball mold, or any small mold, fill up half mold with tahini mixture place in freezer for 10 minutes. Remove, add coated dark chocolate marshmallow to the mold, and cover with the rest of the tahini mixture. Freeze, sprinkle with pink Himalayan salt, and enjoy! Recipe + photo by: @seedandmill #justdatesyrup #chooseabettersugar #tahini #datesyrup #medjooldates   #chocolate #thatsdarling #letscookvegan #refinedsugarfree #sugarfree #nosugar #veganfoodshare #vegansofig  #lafoodie #dates #sanfranciscoeats #sfguide #glutenfreefood #glutenfreeliving #glutenfreelife #vegandessert #mydomaineeats #thechalkboardeats #thenewhealthy #bareaders #eeeeeats #healthyish #dessert #vegan #glutenfree
I have experienced loss. Loss in the sense that I felt like my body had failed me. A disease diagnosis at any age is never easy to hear. It hits you like a ton of bricks and you just question, why?✨ ... What did I do? Where did I go wrong? How could I have prevented it? How can I get rid of it? How can my body heal?✨ ... The internal dialogue continues to no end.✨ ... Today, as an ambassador for @knixwear , I am holding space in support of their #facesoffertility campaign on pregnancy and infant loss. While I have never been pregnant, I know I want to some day. The things we sometimes over look and take for granted, such as our health and our bodies, is something I learned at an early age, never to do. Our bodies don’t fail us, but we at times wonder why they have done something that can be so painful.✨ ... While I can never begin to imagine the loss of an unborn child, the difficulty of getting pregnant and the emotional turmoil that comes along with this process, I stand with all of you. Now. Today. And always, to raise awareness and to raise the conversation in higher vibration. So that when we speak of pregnancy and infant loss, we can feel supported, and not alone.✨ ... ... @knixwear is donating $1 for everyone who uses the #facesoffertility hashtag to support FertilityMatters.ca sharing your fertility story. LET’S HELP KNIX THE STIGMA! 💗
I caught myself glancing back at the reflection in the window as I passed by. Getting a quick peek of my outward appearance and not to just make sure my shirt wasn’t tucked into the back of my jeans. . I was peaking to compare myself, measure myself and make judgments about myself. It seems so vain but it's a very real reality as we stare at the image coming back to us . But what makes it so confusing is that the image coming back is often a screwed version of reality. What we’ve done is taken reality and twisted and mangled it so much in our minds through stark comments, hurtful words, judgment thoughts that we no longer can see reality. . We say things and let thoughts run wild in our minds that we would never say to anyone else. Thoughts the come to suffocate, overwhelm and hold hostage the person that brings life to this world. For what? What do those thoughts do other than wrecking us to the core of who we are? . There is no purpose in negative self-talk, it’s a learned behavior and one we have to unlearn. So your challenge this week is to hold your thoughts captive. Sure allow yourself to feel them, but then question them, every. single. one. and hold it against reality. How do those thoughts stand next to truth? . Let go of the ones that have no purpose other than to throw you off track and pick up with the life-giving truths. Stand there. . While you’re here, you’re going to want to check episode #114 of Simple Roots Radio as we dig into negative self talk, healing emotions and how to change your mindset. It’s SO good! . Link in profile.
SWEET POTATO CHICKEN RANCH SALAD • This salad combination I made for dinner was so good that I want to jot down what it consists of so I’ll know how to recreate it again. (And I used to hate sweet potatoes!!) 1. Green leaf lettuce 2. Oven roasted sweet potatoes (four cups, peeled, cubed, with 1/4 cup olive oil, 4 cloves pressed garlic, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon cinnamon, 1 teaspoon dried rosemary and 1/2 teaspoon pepper baked at 425 for 25 minutes). 3. Chicken breast (season skinless, boneless chicken with Tony Chachere’s Cajun seasoning, cook on medium high heat in skillet with a splash of olive oil, cut into small cubes when done after meat rests). 4. Spicy peanuts 5. Cheddar cheese 6. Homemade ranch salad dressing ————— #kellyskitchencreation #foodie #sweetpotatochickenranchsalad #roastedsweetpotatoes #atxfoodbloggers #foodiegram #foodgawker #getinmybelly #instayum #foodpicoftheday #heresmyfood #foodofinstagram #foodiesofinstagram #huffposttaste #thekitchn #buzzfeast #foodblogs #thechalkboardeats #food52 #thefeedfeed #beautifulcuisines #todayfood #eattheworld #foodietribe #tastemade #austin360cooks
Follow @foodloversshop We interrupt your mindless scrolling for an important announcement: made this stupid good pasta al limone on our Instagram Story for Test Kitchen Tuesday. And you should watch it. Then make it. Head to the link in our profile for the recipe. 📷: #bastaff @foodloversshop
Warming up with a salted caramel elixir from @orchardstlove // I love these elixirs as you can add their superpower adaptogen blends to them! This one has goji, açaí, camu camu, silica, nettle, horsetail, noni, and rosehip✨all ingredients to help you light up your beauty from within!
Any hummus lovers out there? I've given hummus a Southern spin in this black eyed pea hummus seasoned with crispy bacon and cumin. Perfect for dipping pita, chips, or vegetables⠀ --⠀ Click @cookingbride for the recipe link in my profile for Bacon and Black Eyed Pea Hummus⠀ --⠀ https://cookingbride.com/appetizers/bacon-and-black-eyed-pea-hummus/
AUTUMNAL SOUP + SALAD 🍂 meal prep over the weekend included roasting some delectable kabocha squash, and making this addictive cauliflower soup. paired them together for dinner last night and even though it was 74 degrees outside, i was a happy camper 🤓 although i make smoothies multiple times a week, i forget the beauty of a really good soup. seriously, i could eat this one chilled and it would still be fab! keep an eye out for the recipe for both of these this weekend. hope everyone has a lovely evening! i’m headed dins with bae & the movies 🚀
whipped up some pad thai that’s whole 30 approved! 🙏🏼i used zucchini noodles and sautéed them in avocado oil and coconut aminos, cooked the shrimp in avocado oil, lemon juice, chili powder, garlic, salt, and pepper. threw that in a bowl and added raw carrot ribbons, sliced red pepper, chopped cashews, green onion, lime, and sesame seeds. so damn easy and so damn good y’all! happy wednesday! #andapinchoflove
✨After experiencing what I can only imagine as the beginning stages of hyperthermia this morning from being very underdressed during a sunrise photoshoot in close to freezing temperatures, I’ve finally decided it is time to embrace fall in New England 🍁. ✨ . ✨What better way to kick off the season then with these Mini Pumpkin Pie Treats. Recipe on the blog under “sweets.”✨ . ✨ Boston friends- @starinfinitefood and I are teaming up for an event at the @bpmkitchen on Oct.28. I’ll give a brief talk on the health and nutritional benefits of seasonal eating and Caitlin will be doing a cooking demo. Link to grab your ticket is in my bio. See you on the 28th.!✨ #HellotoHealth #KAWellness
A different take on Waffle Wednesday! Here’s my smoothie bowl topped with waffles along with fruit, almond butter, bee pollen and yogurt. Yes, I said yogurt! It’s been SO nice to have my appetite back, so I’ve been doing a little experimenting with high quality dairy to see how I do with it. . I don’t have an IgE allergy to dairy, but I do get breakouts after eating it and even some eczema in the past that I feel may have been related. So...It’s still something I need to keep and eye on. Have you ever done an elimination with foods you suspect bother you? . . . #wafflewednesday #symplynourished #wafflelover #smoothiebowls #smoothiebowl #waffletime #breakfastbowl #granolabowl #eatpretty #theextrataste #inmykitchen #ifoodit #thechalkboardeats #yycfoodie #tastespotting #feastagram #nutritiousfood #thenewhealthy #eatbetternotless #eatingwelleats #foodblogfeed #nutbutter #beepollen #foodtrials #calgaryeats #smoothiebowlrecipe #myopenkitchen #mycommontable #tastemade #kitchenbowl
⚡️This Slow-Cooker Indian Butter Chicken seems to be the most popular recipe from Feeding a Family and I don’t blame you (easy peasy and delicious). Feeding a Family has been redesigned and is now available in paperback! I’m pretty psyched about this and love how it looks and feels in person. Preorder a copy of your own (or for a friend) via the link in my profile ☝🏼The paperback edition officially comes out on Nov. 13th ✌🏼♥️🍽 photo @elizabeth.cecil
i had a BOLD idea this fine wednesday to do a GIVEAWAY for you guys ⭐️ i love snacking on @eatnuttzo bold bitez 😁 they’re delicious (think nut butter in bar form) and packed with protein! so, i have teamed up with @eatnuttzo to give THREE lucky winners an assorted box of ALL bold bitez flavors!! YES PLEASE to enter: 1. like this photo 2. follow @eatnuttzo and @sweatysweetpotafo 3. tag 2 friends in separate comments (multiple entries allowed) 4. tell me your current favorite FALL recipe! mine is @dani_nemeh pumpkin pie balls - i make them weekly but would love some other ideas!! . giveaway is in no way affiliated with instagram. US only. giveaway closes monday 10/22 and winners will be announced on stories. . bowl deets: roasted japanese sweet potato, blackberries, pomegranate, cream cheese, & peanut pro bold bite chunks
Love the mental image this quote conjures. We recently heard @cleowade read some of her poetry and speak (swoon). One thing she mentioned is that she differentiates self care from self maintenance. There are some things she does because they are good for her and she wants to feel good, but for her, self care is purely diving into what feels good in the moment. She likes Chinese takeout on the couch with @netflix 🙌 Sometimes you just need to take off your life and rest. 💗 #quote #selflove
Chorizo Black Bean Egg Bites in case you need some breakfast inspo for tomorrow! Aka I’ve only now had a chance to post 😬 .. Crisp baked tortillas filled with egg, cheese, chorizo and black beans that are super simple to make first thing and enjoy for the week. A little sliced avocado, a little pico de gallo on the side and you’ve got yourself a party! .. Recipe OTB this evening! .. Thanks to everyone who sent me lovely birthday messages yesterday! Slowly getting back to them but this girl sure feels special ♥️ . . . . #eggs #breakfast #breakfastideas #easyrecipes #eggcups
Plant Crudités. // homemade macadamia nut cheese | roasted red pepper hummus | parsley & za’atar hummus | golden beets | endives | snap peas | carrots | dehydrated apple flax crackers | Concord grapes | figs | apple | edible flowers | radish sprouts.
Christmas Salad - Contains all the colors of Christmas! This fresh, bright salad is made with broccoli, cauliflower, red onion and cherry tomatoes mixed with a creamy dressing. Get the recipe here: https://www.simplystacie.net/2018/10/christmas-salad/ #cherrytomatoes #f52gram #bhgfood #foods4thought #marthafood #cookit #epicurious #inmykitchen #foodwinewomen #kitchenbowl #gatheringslikethese #food4thought #makeitdelicious #hautecuisines #cookmagazine #thatauthenticfeeling #bon_app #beautifulfood #myopenkitchen #allwhatsbeautiful #storyofmytable #foodaddiction #thechalkboardeats #cuisine_captures #top_food_of_instagram #todayfood #foodaffair #insta_foodandplaces #thekitchen #eeeeats
When spaghetti night and national pasta day collide, you better believe we celebrate!
Can I just say, I Love this time of year! #pumpkins pumpkins pumpkins 🎃 What are some of your favorite pumpkin treats?
No filter nobu dream date. #thechalkboardeats #nobu
One of my favorite things about Sunday is preparing my bone broth. It takes 15 hours to cook, but my total time-spent investment is about 30 minutes. It fills the house with all the incredible smells, and it stocks me up for a week of nourishing broth and tons of slow-cooker protein. • I finally have this recipe up on the blog! For all of my clients and friends who have been asking… I finally got around to it. Just click the link in my bio, and then select “recipes.” It will be at the top! Let me know if you make it! I can’t wait to hear how it tastes and how good your house smells 😍🤤 #bonebroth #naturalhealth #nourishingcompounds #coldseason #collagen
Cashew crusted chicken tenders, my newest obsession! To be honest, I never really got to enjoy chicken tenders when I was younger because I knew they weren’t healthy and I just didn’t think it was worth it. It’s such a great thing nowadays that pretty much any dish can be transformed into something that’s not only healthy but also really delicious. These chicken tenders from the @whole30 Fast And Easy cookbook are the perfect texture and have tons of flavor. This is already my third time making them and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon🤤 I paired them with roasted broccolini, red potatoes with garlic ghee, radish, avocado and arugula. Cashew Crusted Chicken Tenders Ingredients 1 egg 1 tbsp avocado oil 1/2 cup almond flour 1/3 cup cashews finely chopped 6 boneless, skinless chicken breast tenderloins Instructions Preheat oven to 425 In a shallow bowl whisk together the egg and the avocado oil. In another bowl combine the flour, cashews, salt and pepper. Dip each tenderloin into the egg mixture and then the flour mixture, coating entirely. Place onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and bake for about 25 minutes, flipping half way through.
Jacks over here eating chick-fil-a and I’m over here like 🤦🏻‍♀️ but not everything can be perfect and sometimes life is just to busy to care about anything more than just getting thru the day
What is Kitchari? Kitchari is here to help you grow spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Kitchari has been consumed for thousands of years in India. It's fed to babies, seniors, the sickly; and eaten by those who have no appetite, have returned from a long trip or are simply on a budget. • Kitchari is also used as a cleansing method where you actually get to EAT. Now that's my kinda cleanse. To do this cleanse you eat kitchari for each meal, 3 or 4 times a day, until you are full. Remember, full doesn't mean stuffed. Full means 1/3 food, 1/3 water and 1/3 space. Yes, veggies partially count as water. No deprivation, no starvation, just pure grounded goodness. If you can't stomach kitchari in the morning feel free to eat a simple bowl of oatmeal (with no toppings!) instead and resume eating kitchari for your other meals. I'll do a kitchari cleanse mono-diet a couple times a year; spring and fall or whenever I feel like I need a reset which most of the time means after the holidays, too! I promise if you do this cleanse you will feel grounded, balanced and deeply nourished. • Read more and get the recipe on the blog! (Link in profile) www.natashawellness.com/recipe/2017/5/3/natashas-simple-kitchari-recipe
something about fall just puts me in the baking mood! i’ve had donuts on my mind & i’m thinking about recreating my vegan pumpkin donuts! 🍩 ya can’t go wrong with a good ol’ pumpkin spice donut - or pumpkin spice anything 🎃 what’s your favorite fall flavor combo?? i need some more flavor inspo! ✨
Are you missing high quality spreadable cheese after going dairy-free?⠀ ⠀ Give our delicious cheeses a try, like this Scallion variety on a baguette.⠀ ⠀ Treeline - "the plant-based dairy"⠀ www.treelinecheese.com/where-to-buy⠀ ⠀ #treatyourself #iamwellandgood #foodiechats #thrivemags #healthjourney #foodforfuel #foodislove #notadiet #plantpowered #mindfuleating #mindfulliving #holisticliving #inspirehealth #thechalkboardeats #eatwellbewell #thenewhealthy #fuelyourbodyright #healthierchoices #foodmakesmehappy #lovetoeat #thefeedfeedvegan #nutritiousanddelicious #wholefoodsmarket #foodmatters #veganfoodspot #treelinecheese #cashewcheese #plantbaseddairy
I’ve never been a fan of labels. Writing my bio on this app with only 150 characters and choosing my “business” category has been a challenge. I’m a chef, stylist, surfer and mom, yes... But we all are so much more than 150 characters. At heart though, I’m really just a creative that loves holistic living and sharing that with others because I know what a few small shifts in lifestyle can do for someone’s overall well-being. It’s something I’ve experienced myself and I want to pass on the things I’ve learned ( and continue to learn ) that can hopefully be helpful and inspiring to others in some way. . . My mother gave me a beautiful glass diffuser with a couple essential oils for Christmas a few years ago. One was lavender and one was peppermint. It didn’t take me long to realize that when I diffused the oils, my moods almost instantly shifted. I started with the basics - using peppermint in the mornings to help wake me up and lavender in the evenings to help me sleep. I’ve been using my lavender a lot for the past few years. It’s helped me soothe my sometimes anxious nerves and has been so helpful with some challenging sleep issues I’ve been working on this last year. I love that nature’s power with plants extends well beyond the kitchen... plants can play important role in everyday holistic living . . I love surprising friends with surcees (“just because” gifts ) and this afternoon I made a couple of different blends for different moods to give to some friends over the next few days. One is calming energy with lavender + clary sage (which I love) and the other is a soothing uplifting blend with lavender + lemon. I used fractionated coconut oil and a drop of each oil with 4oz of oil. I used cooking twine and made little handwritten tags for each bottle and finished them with springs of dried lavender. Creative packaging makes even the smallest gifts more special. 🌿✨
Upper right is new experimental 🐓 dish I made the other day - weirdly hate making chicken 🤷🏼‍♀️ but this was so easy and surprisingly good so need to share! Took 2 lbs of chicken thighs and cut them each into large chunks (2-3 pieces each) - put them in large baking dish with olive oil, sliced shallots, parsley, seasoning and a container of @raoshomemade roasted peppers & mushrooms (rough chopped) - baked it at 400 degrees until done ✅ Top with a sprinkling of arugula to serve 💫 #livbylex
One of the reasons I only got 10 cakes done in my #30cakesin30days was the sheer fact that having so much cake in the house didn’t end well for my 🍑. I mean I’m not one for passing up a piece of cake so I had to stop and reevaluate my strategy. I.e Not end up like a 🏠. That being said I want to keep going at some point because at the end of this I want to put together a allergy friendly cookbook on cakes!! So you instead of 30 days it might be 30 weeks but I’m determined to get it done! 😝 . . . . #foodphotographer #foodstylist #goldcoastfoodphotgrapher #brisbanefoodphotographer #feedfeed #foodflutter #thechalkboardeats #eattheworld #lifeandthyme #ofsimplethings #momentsofmine #mywhiteco #beautifulcuisines #betterhomesandgarden #sundaystylelove #taste #tastingtable #gatheredstyle #bloglovingfood #tastespotting #buzzfeast #morningslikethese #realsimple #veganeats #chocolate #feedfeed #allergyfriendly #dairyfree #glutenfree #buzzfeedfood
New favourite breakfast situation on the Tuscan coast. #excellencevillas #italianvillas #cabanamood
This week we felt like being healthy 💪 and meal prepped salad 🥗 for lunch. . I made the @ohsheglows Crowd-Pleasing Vegan Caesar Salad dressing and topped it off with Cajun seasoned chicken breast 🍗 and homemade bacon bits 🥓 If you’re familiar with Oh She Glows, you know she creates plant-based recipes 🌱📑 but I didn’t feel like fully committing to vegan lunches this week so I added some meat to this salad 😃 . I’ve made the original Oh She Glows vegan Caesar salad with chickpea croutons in the past and its super yummy 👍 If you’re thinking of trying it out, I highly recommend it! The recipe is available on OhSheGlows.com so go check it out! . In addition to the meat, I added my own flare of sesame seeds and a sprinkling of nutritional yeast for the fake parmesan effect. It was my first time using lacinato kale so I approached cautiously. To my surprise, it doesn’t taste half bad and it adds a nice crunch to the salad. . Lacinato kale aka Dino Kale is super high in Vitamin A & C which helps support our immune system, prevent iron deficiency, preserve your eyesight, support bone health and so much more! . If you have a good healthy Caesar salad recipe, I’d love to try it out too! . Happy eating! . 🥗 🥗 🥗 🥗 🥗 🥗 . #healthyfood #nutrition #feedfeed #f52grams #kitchn #bbg #mindbodygram #beautifulcuisines #instafood #kale #thenewhealthy #eeeeeats #huffposttaste #iamwellandgood #thechalkboardeats #makesmewhole #caesarsalad #healthyfoodshare #foodblogger #teamself #realfood #mydomaineeats #tastingtable #cleaneating #salad #thefeedfeed #lunch #photooftheday #dairyfree #ohsheglows @ohsheglows
Easy Vegan Pineapple Fried Rice ~ bursting with mouth-watering flavor! 🍍😋🍚So much healthier than takeout too! 💚 I updated one of the most popular recipes on my site (photos too). C'mon over to Vegan Huggs and check it out. You won't regret it! Direct link is in my profile. Have a great day/evening, friends! 🌟🌼🌈☀️ . . . . . . #pineapplefriedrice #friedrice #veganhuggs #glutenfree #thaiinspired #veganthai #thaifood #betterthantakeout #healthytakeout #homemadetakeout #peacebeginsonyourplate #whatveganseat #veganfoodshare #bestofvegan #plantstrong #gloobyfood #foodporn #glutenfree #veganfoodspot #feedfeed #foodsforthought #thechalkboardeats #foodphotography #foodforfoodies #nourish #eeeeeats #yuminthetumREPOST #spicyvegan #easymeal #30minutemeal . https://veganhuggs.com/pineapple-fried-rice-vegan-gf/
Feeling so much love for autumn salads this week (and pretty much always).🌿💛🤗 For this version, I roasted a tray of delicata squash, red onion and chickpeas until golden, then mixed in some watercress, toasted sesame seeds, and my favourite creamy apple cider dressing. Have you tried delicata squash? It's so tasty, and has thin, edible skin, which makes it incredibly easy to prepare.👌
New on the blog! These Paleo Chicken Thyme Doughnuts are loaded with protein, great fats, and fiber. Super fast and easy to make, they’re sure to be a hit for the holidays. Head to the blog to make your own. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
NEW: apple cider butter cake w/ butterscotch drizzle! 🍎 🍎 sweet, buttery and fluffy with the robust taste of apple cider, this delightful cake is made in ONE BOWL with just a few minutes of prep! easily my new favorite cake for fall Xo . . . . . . . http://www.wrytoasteats.com/apple-cider-butter-cake-w-butterscotch-drizzle/ #mywilliamssonoma #bhgfood #todayfood #myopenkitchen #thechalkboardeats #gatheringslikethese #stilllifephotography #rslove #buzzfeedtasty #kitchenbowl #inmykitchen #imsomartha #sweetmagazine #foods4thought #makeitdelicious #droolclub #yuminthetumrepost #tastemade #thekitchn #littlebitsof_life #foodblogfeed #foodstylist #instafeast
Happy Wednesday friends! I’m feeling so under the weather today 🤧🤧+ all I’m craving is this comforting homemade miso soup! I stopped by an Asian market yesterday to get ingredients to make another one today, but haven’t had the energy yet. So sharing this one I made last year for now 😌// In my bowl: miso soup (boiling water + miso paste) with soba noodles, zoodles, edamame, mushrooms, broccoli, a soft boiled egg, microgreens, toasted sesame oil, sriracha + garlic powder 🍜. You can cook everything in one large pot (minus the eggs), adjusting the seasonings as you wish. Swapping tofu for the egg would also taste amazing if you prefer a plant-based protein 💚
Have you ever wondered where the much instagrammed avocado toast really came from???? 🥑💚 . TBH in my eyes, it will always something my grandmother invented. whenever I would sleepover as a kid she would always make me smashed avocado on crusty toast with a hit of lemon, salt + pepper. 😋 . but if we're talking actual history, you're probably thinking it was created in Southern California or Australia, but REALLY (per an article i read last night on @taste ) it originated in MEXICO! 🇲🇽 And it actually was an avocado tortilla instead of toast. 😆 Which also sounds equally delicious. #sunnysidegreens . . . . . . . . #feedfeed #feedfeedglutenfree #paleorecipe #foodinspo #eatrealfood #mindbodygram #nourishyourbody #paleofood #healthyfats #eatmoreplants #missnewfoodie #healthyish #iamwellandgood #glutenfree #healthyeats #thechalkboardeats #glutenfreeeats #glutenfreefood #realfood #cleaneats #avocadotoast #avocado #paleo
It’s #nationalpastaday 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 and this is absolutely delicious 😋 #local #wildcaught lobster tossed with sautéed garlic, fresh thyme 🌿, #seasonal veggies and #glutenfree spaghetti ✨✨✨ #cheftips 👩🏻‍🍳👩🏻‍🍳👩🏻‍🍳 for easy pastas like this always start by adding 2 tbs of olive oil or I like 1 tbs olive oil, 1 tbs cultured butter and then add the “aromatics” ... what are those?! Lol 😂 they are the beautiful fresh herbs and minced garlic that when released in the oil create aroma, rich flavor and depth to your dishes 🙌🏻🙌🏻. They will infuse the oil beautifully 💕💕💕. Simply place your sauté pan to medium and sauté the garlic and fresh herbs for a few minutes then build from there by adding whatever veggies, protein you love and continue to sauté another 8 minutes bringing all the flavors together, then toss through your cooked pasta and serve 💕🙌🏻. It will make your dishes so flavorful 😌 Enjoy @chef_emery 👩🏻‍🍳👩🏻‍🍳👩🏻‍🍳oxox
It's like a bowl of fettuccine alfredo met a bowl of stir fry- with way more nutrients and way less empty calories than a bowl of pasta could offer. "Fettuccini Alfredo" made with sweet potato fettuccini ribbons, creamy cashew sauce instead of cheese and nutritionally dense ingredients like shiitakes and powerhouse bokchoy- which I am dubbing as the new kale. #Kinneylane #worldpastaday
Nothing says autumn quite like a harvest salad! 🍂 Abundant in seasonal ingredients, this salad is a fantastic balance between sweet and salty. 🥗✨ Tap the #linkinbio to get the full recipe on our blog. ⠀ Recipe and photo by @taliachai.
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