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There were so many bright and motivated minds today at @outspiresummit. I hope you learned a lot from the speakers and networking. #outspiresummit #sbcreative #revolution #stephaniebradshaw #canon5dmarkiii #photography #thebmorecreatives #confetti #event #branding #marketing #portrait #sequin #beauty #style
the best part about this mural is that it is painted on a driving school 🚘 how do you feel about change? #thebmorecreatives #ourendlessadventure #ihearthighlandtown
The prettiest blooms today via @crimsoncloverfloral at @outspiresummit. 💕🌸🌿🦋✨
Beginning to feel ready for fall. Can't wait for this to come in. #casuallytailored
"At the count of three I want everybody in the place to be To make some noise if ya down with me One, two, three..." Every year I have to see if they still perpetually play DJ Kool at the amusement rides and every year I confirm that yes, they still perpetually play DJ Kool at the amusement rides. (But I kinda like it that way 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣) #hitmewiththehornstony #letmeclearmythroat
Thanks to @jessicaemarx , who didn't think I was completely nuts when I said I wanted to style 'sea urchins or other slimy, pretty things' 😆, I got to translate a deeply personal family memory into a photoshoot. . Growing up, I traveled to Sicily fairly often over the summer because a huge portion of my family still lives there (my dad was born in Sicily and my mom is a 1st generation American from Sicilian parents). When we visited my dad's hometown, Marsala, it was tradition to rent a boat and ride out to Favignana, a small island off the western coast; solely for the purpose of swimming in the bluest water you can imagine, plucking sea urchins off the ocean floor, and eating them out of the sea with a squeeze of fresh Sicilian lemon and a loaf of crusty semolina bread. . While I personally don't like the taste of raw sea urchin (I think it tastes like 💄! 🤷🏻‍♀️), I love the tradition so much that I go ahead and taste it every time, in the spirit of adventure and just in case my tastebuds decide to change. . On the mainland, after a long day of swimming and exploring, we often congregated back at a cousin's home, around a table with family, sipping Italian bitters and playing 'Piatto' with a Sicilian deck of cards - which are so beautiful in their own right. . While the only urchins I could find in NYC are much larger than the ones in Sicily, which I dare say are more spiny and sinister looking, I'd be lying if this photo doesn't take me to back to those clear skies and saffire blue waters; snorkeling, eating things so fresh it all tastes like a dream, drinking, laughing and playing with some of the most loving people I know on this planet. . Thank you Jessica from the bottom of my heart for letting me try to depict this. You captured that Sicilian sunlight so perfectly, that it gives me all the nostalgic feels. . - 📸 by the one who also digs slimy things @jessicaemarx - Styling by a girl with a complicated Italian name @limonatacreative - Memories from a trip to Sicily with my family circa 2007 doing what we do
Love me some high contrast black and white. Not shown here is the crazy amount of humidity and 95 degree heat at 9:30 am.
Oh hey Baltimore!
Collaging: yet another forever favorite way of brainstorming and putting ideas into visual form. What are some of your favorite ways to visualize all that’s in your head? . Also, I’ve been collecting tattoo inspiration for years … we will see what becomes of this little tear drop. Happy Wednesday loves!
| #Portfolio : Event | “The Fake Show” • Artwork Present by @west_orange | Location: @annexthecopycat • Baltimore, MD • Year: 2018 | Camera: Olympus Film Camera / Film: @ilfordphoto HP5 • Developed : @fullcirclefineart |______________________________________________________ #blackandwhite #bts #blackandwhitephotography #photoshoot #portrait #portraitphotography #filmisnotdead #artshow #candid #MyBmore #artgallery #ilfordphoto #fineart #ilfordhp5 #photojournalism #art #artist #painting #painter #poland #party #culture #polish #event #thebmorecreatives #abstract #baltimore #dmv #behindthescenes
I like to think that Mal is laughing with joy as she was twirling in this photo, but she may have just been laughing at me and/or laughing because of dizziness. What’s your vote? Also, the joy that Joey and Mallory radiated was so infectious!#joeyandmal #katherineelizabethphoto . . . . Assistant: @rose_calt (who was precariously crouched behind Mal in this photo!) Venue: Overhills Mansion Florist: @violet_florals Hair/makeup: @silverimmersion Gown: @bhldn DJ: @stevemoodysweddingdjs
It might not be the weekend yet, but #winewednesday is still a valid excuse for a glass, right? Because I’m getting a little stressed out and too lazy to go workout 🤷🏼‍♀️
Aster. Grown by @tierrablooms . Modeled by @ericarenee____
One reason I absolutely LOVE @sharp.dressedman is witnessing how our volunteers help clients feel good about putting on a suit. Getting dressed up can suck sometimes BUT putting on clothes and feeling confident that you look good doing something out of your box is a great thing to watch guys realize. 🗣 Please vote w/ link in my bio to help us win $25k so we can continue giving confidence to those trying to better their lives! 💖 #SFNeighborhoodAssist
That view from the neighbors’ roof deck! #baltimore #charmcity #visitbaltimore #thebmorecreatives #butchershill
@stenstroms_official FW '18 is arriving.
New project released! 🎬 Had the pleasure of being the Production Designer for Just Another Day, an active shooter PSA by @towsonemf. Full video in the bio. Viewer discretion advised. dir: @kraemertown dp: @kyledeitz gaffer: @jenarichardson mua: @jennrudelartistry
So, I was scrolling through some old pics and found this oldie but GOODIE, if I do say so myself. 💁🏽‍♀️ 2 things came to mind... One, I need to twirl in this dress before the Summer ends & Two, posing with my arm up is a thing for me and that’s okay. Lolol. Don’t believe me?! Look at my feed. 🤷🏽‍♀️ | #andinsommary | . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #stylebloggers #dmvblogger #dmvinfluencer #youbelongnow #blavity #thebmorecreatives #21ninety #styleinfluencers #blackgirlswhoblog #BGKI #essencestyle #blmgirls #southernblogger #streetstyles #fashionbombshelloftheday #blackcreatives #blackswhoblog #personalstyleblogger #protectivestyle #dcblogger #dmvfashion #dmvstyle #blackgirlmagic #aboutalook #dcitystyle #dcisfashion #aCreativeDC #styledshoot #thedcbloggers
What a perfect way to spend this amazing woman’s birthday! Happy Birthday mom we love you so much. Wouldn’t want to be anywhere else on this special day! ❤️
These amazing prints by local artist 📸 @splitbrainart can be found at @sucasafurniture , local supporting local 🙏 | Share Your Work: #thebmorecreatives
Make sure you vote today with the link in our bio!!! “Sharp Dressed Man was so amazing everyone were so professional from beginning to end. Photos, barber, tailor and especially @loli_just42day. ” ❤️ #SFNeighborhoodAssist
We've made it halfway through the week which calls for a refreshing cocktail 🥃I even got in a morning run in today so I can truly relax tonight (which is a win with my new schedule) 🙌 -- Find the recipe for this Dockside Mule on my blog (link in bio for latest post) made with Dockside Sunrise @gundalowjuice that's perfect for summer in my beautiful nickel-plated copper mug from @moscowmuled 🧡 #moscowmuled #cocktailhour #fuelingambition #coppermugs #cocktailgram
Finally got to check out David’s at @livecasinohotel. We started with the fried mozzarella stack and it is such a treat. Swipe right to see all the cheeeeeeeeese #baltimore #OFGapproved
Rocket's red glare and so forth.
After we spend 8 hours at work, essentially keeping someone else’s dream alive, how many hours do we invest in our own dreams?
John, Paul, George & Ringo... #Legends #TheBeatles #Vintage #ClassicRock
Today at @outspiresummit was a complete entrepreneurial immersion of information! I had the best time and I want to thank again @reveventpro for my ticket. @bbjlinen and @crimsoncloverfloral did an amazing job with the decor and @rougecatering was delicious as usual. Thank you to all of the speakers for your invaluable info- I can’t wait to put so many things into motion now with my company @thebohomarketingco . Thank you to @sbcreative_ for being the sweetest host, it was awesome meeting you and getting to know you more! See you next time ✨🎉🥂 And now I’m going to enjoy this kickass party with my friends! 📸: @shae_li . . . . . . #mybmore #outspiresummit #outspire18 #thebmorecreatives #entrepreneur #entrepreneursummit #bemore #bmoreboss #bmorebossbabes #charmcity #baltimore #baltimorecity #redhairdontcare #redhair #baltimoreblogger #baltimoresmallbusiness #wednesday #afterparty #wednesdaymood #wednesdayvibes
I don't understand how a heart is a spade, But somehow the vital connection is made 🖤 . . . It took me 8 tries over the last month to get the right sunset for this shot. You can have the best camera in the world but it isn’t worth a dime without the right light. 🌅 . .
Day 3 of living alone: I'm finding myself talking to my dog A LOT. He doesn't have much to say in response.
Expand your horizons with a visit to the @baltimoremuseumofindustry. #mybmore 📷: @jodyyyh
Thanks to @cloverpookie for sharing her sketches of @teammarylandallstars ! #Repost @cloverpookie with @get_repost ・・・ Sketched some Maryland roller derby models tonight @drsketchysbaltimore @charmcityrollergirls
⛓ You don’t have to like me. I like me.
#GRSteakBmore is on a mission to transform happy hour into social hour! Order up 2-for-1 cocktails and other amazing bar bites every weekday between 4:30-7pm. . . . . . #charmcity #visitbaltimore #mdinfocus #visitmaryland #thebmorecreatives #igbaltimore #baltimorephotographer #mybmore #horseshoebmore #baltimorefood #dmveats #baltimorefoodie #baltimoreeats #dcfoodporn #gordonramsay
🍂 Autumn creeping into my bones but first we have to get through Retrograde 💀. What’s saving me , besides copious amounts of tequila & ginger beer, is grounding practices : 🌎Place your hands into soil to feel rooted. 🌊Wade in water to feel emotionally healed. ☁️Fill your lungs with fresh air to feel mentally clear. ☀️Raise your face to the heat of the sun and connect with that fire to fulfill your own immense power. 🔮 #partyonwayne
I wanted to give up on this floral garland after the first one but I eventually figured out a quicker process! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Step 1: Buy fake flowers and fishing line (I already had wire cutters and a hot glue gun at home) Step 2: drink coffee Step 3: use dresser knobs to create a loophole and use it to measure each string Step 4: cut flowers off stems, divide up flowers then lay them out in the order you want Step 5: tie flowers to first string Step 6: give up Step 7: Taco Bell Step 8: after tying all flowers to the strings, secure them with hot glue gun Step 9: wine Step 10: secure loophole with hot glue gun and hang to dry • • • • #aliciawileyphotography #marylandphotographer #baltimorephotographer #portraitphotography #familyportraitphotographer #thebmorecreatives #lookslikefilm #photobugcommunity #aliciawileyportraits #familyportraitideas #dcpresets #portraitcollective #chasinglight #baltimoremarylandphotographer #vibrantfunbold #naturalphotography #portraitinspiration #bohovibes
. . This is a photo from the 4500 block of Woodlea Ave, the location where Brian McKemy was killed. He is homicide # 166 in Baltimore in 2018. This is the 6th homicide in the Frankford neighborhood this year. See post # 2 # 28 # 56 # 145 and # 161 to learn more about the people and places impacted by the previous homicides here . About the Block: This block is part of a residential area in northeast Baltimore. This particular block features single family detached houses with modest sized yards and appears suburban. This is my 6th visit to this far flung area of the city. Frankford is one of the few neighborhoods on the edge of the city that have experienced rampant gun violence this year. Much of the violence is concentrated within a 3 mile radius of downtown. Doing this project often brings more questions than answers. Why so much killing in this neighborhood while most other neighborhoods on the city’s edge are peaceful? I’m legitimately curious. If you have ideas, feel free to comment . About the Victim: On August 7th at 1:15pm, Brian was found on this block suffering with gunshot wounds and pronounced dead at the scene. He was 27 years old. Rest easy Brian 🙏🏽 . Tired of hearing about violence in Baltimore? Check out post # 120 for ways you can help. @mayorpugh50 @larryhogan and @benjealous when are you going to make this problem your first priority and what is your plan to solve it?
SIGN UP NOW! For our very first Intro to Wood Turning class! It's happening next Sunday, August 26th, and you can sign up through the link in our profile! Our visiting instructor, @pateworks , is coming down from Brooklyn to teach this class and a shavehorse class. That's Pate in the second video, and one of their students is turning in the first vid. 💫💫💫 #woodworking #womeninwoodworking #womyninwoodworking #turning #lathe #furniture #making #thebmorecreatives #baltimore
This morning I showed her a shirt that I bought for myself, and she looked at it, paused,and asked “Um, do you like it?” And then went on to tell me that she did not like it. 😂💛 Hereee we gooo!!! #5goingon15 • • • • • #bodenbyme
ummm @golfwang hire me ???? a photo from my shoot with @alt.masc a while ago this summer 🌈✨
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