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Lumos: Do you ever feel guilty after being cranky? I was so cranky after I had my snip snip, I was growling and being a cranky pants. I even got locked in the bathroom and I attacked the bath mat and tore it to pieces! Then the next day, I felt guilty that I decided I better purr and look totally innocent. I'm sure I melted everyone's hearts. 🔊 For my purrs #cuddlebearlumos #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
Lumos: Do you like to think that you're classy? I definitely do! So much so that I like drinking tea for cats. It has catnip, lemon grass and basil. I'm so classy that I like drinking it out of tea cups. It also has to be poured from a tea pot! But it has to be cold tea because I'm a classy kitty that way. All that was missing was my bow tie! @teaforcats #cuddlebearlumos #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
Noxie: Why oh why, do humans have baths in the bathtub?? I've come to realise that Mummy is ok in the bathtub. But Daddy had a bath yesterday and I freaked out! I thought he needed rescuing! Then I spent the whole time staring at him to make sure he was safe! He said I was a little creepy though 😹 #cheekygymnastnoxie #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
Lumos: Do you sometimes think that you got away with something only to realise that you really didn't? Yesterday I let go of some 💨 and it was silent. I was so relieved because everyone was near me and they didn't hear! But then... Our air filter went into overdrive! And revealed that I had 💨 because I was the only one next to the air filter. It revealed everything! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I also finally managed to do a #meerkatmondayforboss for our dear friend @boss_the_bengal. We miss you little guy ♥️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #cuddlebearlumos #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
Lumos: How incredible is this portrait by the talented @penandpaperartistic ? Mummy and Daddy were so blown away when they saw it! Swipe ➡️ to see it. . We were so excited when we won a portrait from @kate_and_caesar giveaway! . And then Mummy realised that she wanted the portrait to capture our markings and our personalities and she didn't have a photo that did all that. @penandpaperartistic was so nice and captured it all for us from several photos. Thank you so much ♥️ . The 2 portraits are going to have a special place in both the @catexplorer.community office and at Daddy's work. . Thank you so much @penandpaperartistic and @kate_and_caesar ♥️ #cuddlebearlumos #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
Noxie: What is your favourite place to hide in? I love hiding in the bushes if a lot of people pass me while we're on a walk. But I was shocked that Daddy found me to take this video! #cheekygymnastnoxie #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
Lumos: How do you say goodnight to your humans? Every night before she goes to bed, Mummy gives Noxie and I a cuddle and says good night, sleep tight, love you and tells us to look after each other. We don't like that she's going to disappear for a few hours so we run away from her cuddles. Then... Just as she falls asleep... I run upstairs meowing my head off so that I can say good night. Most nights she comes out of the bedroom, gives me a cuddle and tucks me into bed. #cuddlebearlumos #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
Noxie: What has been the longest time you've been away from someone you love? On this day, Lumos has his first messy explosion in the litter box and Mummy had to separate us and give him a mini bath. I was so worried about him, I was meowing at the door, checking if he was ok. Then when he finally got out I gave him a huge cuddle and groom to show him how much I love him. And then he groomed me! He never does that!! #throwback #cheekygymnastnoxie #cuddlebearlumos #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
Lumos: What are your thoughts on rain? I normally don't like it, but if it is raining while we're exploring, I don't mind it! I just do a fluff and shake it off and keep going. There are too many things to see! Noxie hates it though. She jumps in her bag and curls up to avoid getting her fur wet. But at home, she loves playing in the water that comes out of the tap! #cuddlebearlumos #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
Noxie: Do you like to see if you can fit into the teeni tiniest of places? I do! Especially when we go to new places! I like to think that I am helping to clean those hard to reach spots. And when I'm done, I show Mummy & Daddy how dusty I am. It really shows on my fur. I had so much exploring our Air BnB in Bowral this weekend. Mummy and Daddy were there for a wedding and Lumos and I spent most of our time in the Air BnB. It was fun smelling all the new smells and watching the birdies out the window! Our Air BnB was so much bigger than our apartment, had hardwood floors (so fun for sliding!) and had an amazing garden that we loved exploring with Mummy and Daddy. Special thank you to @holidayrentalspecialists for letting us stay. We'd also like to say thank you to @janekscafe and @the_press_shop for having us for brunch. We're hoping the weather is a bit cooler next time we're in Bowral so we can hit the hiking trails with Mummy and Daddy. It was too hot on Friday and Saturday that we started panting a lot and needed to cool down. Oh and maybe next time we can stop by @artemiswines , @centennialvineyards & @bendooleyestate , because they're all pet friendly! ♥️ #cheekygymnastnoxie #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
Lumos: Don't humans look at the oddest things? Noxie: yeah! I just wanted to check out the goats in the neighbouring paddock but Daddy was looking at some cows. The goats were way more interesting! 😹 #cheekygymnastnoxie #cuddlebearlumos #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
Lumos: Aren't wand toys just fabulous?! Today I'm sharing my special 6 steps to wake up your humans in the middle of the night, you know at 1am when you just want to remind them you love them. All you need is a wand toy! 1. Use your paw to open the toy draw. 2. Pick a wand toy that is next to toys that make noise when they move. 3. Pull out the wand toy with your mouth. Make sure you make as much noise as possible. Extra points if you get all the toys tangled. 4. Use your mouth to drag the wand toy and its attached tangle to your humans room. Make sure the wand hits all the walls, furniture and skirting boards all the way. This will wake your humans. 5. When you get close to your humans room, meow with the toy in your mouth. This will make them get out of bed and come give you a cuddle. 6. Stand proudly and show off your handiwork. That's it, a way to wake up your humans and to be proud! #lumosisapaininthebuttattentionseeker #cuddlebearlumos #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
Lumos: Don't you think our humans eat in front of us to torture us?! Noxie: pffft I don't care! That birdy looks much tastier than pancakes! #cheekygymnastnoxie #cuddlebearlumos #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
Noxie: Do you love elastics? I've only learnt about them recently. Particularly elastics on Mummy's clothes. I sit on her shoulders then use my mouth or paw and pull them away from her and then let go. The sound they make when they bounce back on Mummy is so much fun and I love watching it again and again. So I keep pulling the elastic and letting them snap back! Sometimes Mummy swears when I play this game so I try harder! #cheekygymnastnoxie #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
Noxie: Do you like redecorating your home? I do! Especially if I don't like the smell on something! This throw was Mummy's old cat, Tabby's, favourite place to sleep. So I told Mummy to move it away and now we have a new throw on the sofa! #throwback #cheekygymnastnoxie #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
Lumos: Do you understand the bath tub? Mummy was having a bath last night. To be honest, it doesn't bother me much when she does that. Noxie freaks out and has to keep checking on Mummy. What confuses me is where the water goes afterwards and the sound it makes as the water disappears. Afterwards, I spent a long time sitting in the bath, staring at the drain. I was so confused and curious 😹 #cuddlebearlumos #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
Noxie: Do you love hair ties? I do! Particularly those plastic springy ones! This morning, I was sitting on Mummy's shoulders and realised she had one of those hair ties on her braid. She had her braid over her shoulder. I leaned over, pushed my face against her face and purred really loudly to make it seem like I was just showing her how much I love her. Then, when she wasn't expecting I grabbed her braid and pulled the hair tie off! I jumped off her shoulders with the hair tie and ran off to hide it from her. She still has no idea where I hid it! 😹 #cheekygymnastnoxie #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
Lumos: What has been your favourite memory of 2018? I have so many that I can't count them! Maybe travelling to Orange and staying on a farm... Or going to the Blue Mountains and meeting a horsey... Or going to the @greenlionroar.... Or going to the @sydneyveganmarket.... Or all the weekend trips! I don't know! We would also like to take a moment to remember the dear friends we have lost this year, including dear @boss_the_bengal. ♥️ We haven't mastered the kitty meerkat pose but we will keep trying so that we can keep the #meerkatmondayforboss tradition going. We're sending so much love to Boss' family. ♥️♥️♥️ . Lumos and Noxie's Mummy: I'm so proud of how far Lumos and Noxie have come this year. At the beginning of 2018 they had only worn their harnesses at home and we were struggling with clicker training. What a change 12 months have made! We'd like to say thank you to all of you for following our antics this year and we're so grateful for all of you. Here's to 2019 being full of friendship, fun, love and happiness ♥️♥️♥️ #cuddlebearlumos #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
Noxie: Do you ever try to cover up the silly things you do? Yesterday I was in our pouch at the top of our cat tree. I moved around to get more comfortable, lost my balance and fell, but managed to hold onto the pouch with one paw. For a while I was swinging hanging there with one paw, looking silly! But then I realised that I looked like I was doing a slam dunk, so I pretended that was what I was doing. But after a while, I needed Daddy to come and help me get down because I was stuck! 😹😹 #cheekygymnastnoxie #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
Lumos: Do your humans tell you that you're about to do something and then they do something completely different? That happened on this day. Mummy said that we were going out for a quick brunch, then to the park. But... We went out to brunch, that took a while because I wanted to explore. Then we went to a park which was fun. But the park had a beach! We're not used to waves yet. Then we went to a picnic with friends and we met a doggy! I thought it was going to be a quick trip so I didn't even groom my face properly! I wasn't prepared for so much attention and to see people. I told Mummy that it was like she went out to get the mail in her pjs and then bumped into heaps of people she knows! I'm so embarrassed! #cuddlebearlumos #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
Lumos: Do you love chasing flies? The other day, I was running around chasing a fly. I was jumping everywhere, climbing furniture and running. I was super focused on the fly. And then... Before I knew it, I fell off the kitchen counter. The counter just ended where I needed it to be so I could get the fly! 😹 #cuddlebearlumos #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
Noxie: What are your thoughts on waves? We went exploring at Cabarita Park and it was so fun to walk in the shade and under the trees. But then... We went to the beachy area. I jumped in my backpack and got Mummy to carry me. Lumos was walking on some rocks so she was taking some photos. Then a wave came up behind Mummy and me and hit us! 🙀 I jumped out and ran up to Lumos! That wave was super cheeky! I don't think I like waves any more! #cheekygymnastnoxie #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
Lumos & Noxie: Merry Christmas to all our lovely friends!🎄🎅🎁☃️ It's such a magical time! ♥️ We hope that you are all getting and giving lots of lovely toys, treats and cuddles. We're so very grateful for each of you! We celebrated our family Christmas yesterday and got all our presents! And Mummy & Daddy made us a carnival themed box castle! Swipe ➡️ to see it. It has a floor that has all these balls to play with and the top floor has our own Christmas tree. Then on the side there is a granny flat with a bubble wrap floor and a chimney for Santa. Lumos: How could we forget the catnip box! Noxie: Or the box with tissue paper! We spent all of yesterday playing in our box castle and with all our toys, it was so very fun! For a tour of our box castle and to see our toys, check out our IGTV. ♥️ #merryschristmas #cuddlebearlumos #cheekygymnastnoxie #theadventuresoflumosandnox
Lumos: Have you ever achieved anything that was a total fluke? I did last night! I really wanted to get into. Mummy and Daddy's bedroom but the door was closed. But I somehow got in! I was so excited! At first, I snuck around sniffing everything, shaking with excitement because I can never get in the bedroom. But then I got so excited and happy that I decided to tell Mummy and Daddy. I purred and drooled all over them and they said "Lumos! How did you get in here???" and then... They put me back outside the bedroom! #imstillonthenicelist ! #cuddlebearlumos #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer 📸 @furrymunchkinsphotography
Lumos: Do you get distracted and forget where you are going? Yesterday, I though we weren't going outside so I sat on the kitchen bench. Then Mummy said "outside, outside, outside time!" I got so excited I started running without looking where I was going and.... I fell in the sink! And, everyone saw me fall! 😹😹😹 #cuddlebearlumos #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
Noxie: Do you like to race your humans? Every night I race Mummy when she is going to bed. She throws a toy away from the bedroom and then I try and catch the toy and then race her into the bedroom because I'm not allowed in there and I'm cheeky! Last night Mummy didn't have a glasses on and was running so fast that she ran into the door frame! 😹😹😹 I laughed so much! That's what she gets for not letting me into the bedroom! And a bump on her forehead! 😹😹😹 #cheekygymnastnoxie #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
Noxie: Do you spy on everyone while being in incognito mode? I love it! That's why I love my backpack, I can curl up in it and then spy on everyone through the windows. Lumos: I may be an attention seeker, but I love doing that too! And if there is a smell we like, or something we want to see, we stand up and poke our heads out or lean on Mummy and Daddy's shoulders. Lumos & Noxie's Mummy: We often get asked how we walk through crowds with Lumos & Noxie, so thought we would share this video from our visit to the @sydneyveganmarket. When we are in crowds, we always only go to a crowded space (like in this video) for a couple of minutes and then take breaks in quieter places. We also do our best to stay away from music and loud sounds as we imagine Lumos and Noxie don't enjoy it and Noxie really hates guitar music too. At these markets, we walked around and then went to a quiet spot to let the kitties jump out and stretch their legs. We also used this as a chance for them to eat and drink. #cheekygymnastnoxie #cuddlebearlumos #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
Noxie: Do you sometimes get so sleepy that you can't keep your head up? That used to always happen to me! I'm a little better with it now ♥️ #throwback #cheekygymnastnoxie #theadventuresoflumosandnox
Lumos: Do you sometimes get nightmares when you sleep? I had one last night 🙀 I got so scared and woke up. I couldn't find Noxie for a cuddle, so I ran upstairs and did my scared meow till Mummy and Daddy ran out of the bedroom. They gave me a lovely cuddle and tucked me into my bed. It was so nice. ♥️ Lumos and Noxie's Mummy: This happens to Lumos every few weeks. Does this happen to any other kitties? My heart catches in my throat everytime I hear that meow. 🙀♥️ #cuddlebearlumos #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
Lumos: What are you asking Santa Paws to bring you? Noxie: I would like some toy mouseys! And a few boxes would be nice too! Lumos: I want more wand toys! They would be so fun! Noxie: But what I really want?! To go exploring on a farm again. Lumos: Yes and to a pub too! Where I can go say hi to all the toddlers again. #christmas #cuddlebearlumos #cheekygymnastnoxie #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer 📸 @furrymunchkinsphotography
Noxie: What do you have in common with your humans? On this day, we mainly stayed in the shade but we walked in the sun. So Mummy and I both got sun burnt! Lumos and Noxie's Mummy: Noxie and Lumos sometimes hate us putting their sunscreen on them, so we're struggling a little. On this day, we thought we wouldn't be in the sun a lot, but turns out we were wrong and we were underprepared for the sun. Lesson learnt - slip slop slap before venturing outdoors, especially during this time of the year. #cheekygymnastnoxie #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
Noxie: Do you ever do something that annoys your humans but makes you happy? Yesterday I was acting as Mummy's kitty assistant. I was purring so much. I kept headbutting her. Then I was so happy I had to headbutt her keyboard, then her computer. I got so overwhelmed with happiness, I headbutted her cup of coffee. Then it tipped... And coffee went everywhere! All over the table, the books, the computer monitor.... But I was still so happy so I kept purring and headbutting everything! 😹 #cheekygymnastnoxie #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
Lumos: I have a super important question! What Hogwarts house are you in? I like to think I'm in Gryffindor, where dwell the brave at heart. I'm courageous and determined, especially when it comes to food. Mummy is in Hufflepuff, because she's loyal and occasionally patient. But she wants to be in Ravenclaw where wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure. She's slowly accepting her Hufflepuffianism though. Daddy and Noxie are in Ravenclaw together because they're so smart and clever. I have no idea why Mummy is wearing a Gryffindor dress, maybe it's because I can't wear one? #cuddlebearlumos #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer 📸 @furrymunchkinsphotography
Lumos: Are you graceful? I'm not at all! The trick is to pretend that nothing happened and all is good. 😹 #cuddlebearlumos #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
Noxie: Where is your favourite place to sit on your humans? I love sitting on their shoulders and back. It was purrfect when I was little, I could just snuggle right in and give them a good groom! Now, sometimes it's a bit harder to get comfortable, but I still love it! I purr so hard! #throwback #cheekygymnastnoxie #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
Lumos: Have you done your Christmas shopping yet? When we met Santa, we told him how we asked Mummy to add some extra food and toys into our shopping cart for kitties in need. We're going to donate them via @giveadogabonekeepkittyhappy Christmas appeal. The toys and food will bring some Christmas cheer to kitties who are in rescues or shelters. If you're not in Sydney, you can get involved in #operationsantapaws and donate some toys and food to your local rescue or shelter. It's a nice thing to know that we can bring some extra cheer to these kitties and doggies holiday season. 🎄🎅🎁☃️ #cuddlebearlumos #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer 📸 @furrymunchkinsphotography
In love with this beautiful drawing of @theadventuresoflumosandnox ♥️😻 🎨 @penandpaperartistic . . . #cuddlebearlumos #cheekygymnastnoxie #theadventuresoflumosandnox Thank you @kate_and_caesar for making our day ♥️
Lumos: Do your humans take hours to wake up and feed you? Today I'm sharing the next lesson in #lumosisapaininthebuttattentionseeker program. 10 fail safe ways to wake your humans up if they sleep with the door closed. 1. Wake up 1 hour before they do. Do a little bit of meowga. 2. Walk up to their door. Meow quietly. Do this for 10 minutes. 3. Meow louder. Start scratching at their door. Do this for 10 minutes. 4. Take a break for 5 minutes. Your vocal chords will need a break and you need to lull your humans into a false sense of relief to fall back asleep. 5. Start purring loudly and meow super loud for 10 minutes. 6. Start scratching the door again. Take a break from the meowing. 7. If you have siblings, bring them in now. Ask your sibling to try and reach under the door. Make sure both of you are meowing now. 8. Keep meowing, reaching under the door, and scratching the door till your human wakes up. 9. Once you hear movement in the room make sure you meow even louder and pitifully. 10. Once your human comes out of the room, purr loudly, rub yourself all over their legs so they trip (this will wake them up properly) and climb on their shoulders and head so that they hurry up and give you food! #cuddlebearlumos #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
Noxie: Have you told Santa what you want for Christmas this year? In all honesty, I was a little scared to meet Santa at first. But then I realised that he was really nice so I got super comfortable and didn't really want to leave his lap! I told him that I was doing my best to be nice and asked him what else I could do to make sure I'm on the nice list. He suggested that I try a little harder with my @cat.school work. So I've been trying really hard! I can sit on command now! Hopefully this means I'll get some more yummy creamy treats and the toy mouseys I love so much! 📸 @furrymunchkinsphotography #cheekygymnastnoxie #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
Lumos: Do your humans ignore you for hours while looking at their phone? Here is the next lesson in my #lumosisapaininthebuttattentionseeker program - 6 fail-safe steps to get your humans attention while they're on their phone. 1. Sit next to them. Meow pitifully. Start purring. 2. Make your way to their lap. Extra points if you can swish your tail in their face. 3. Head butt the phone. Keep purring. 4. Use your head and paws to get them to pat you. 5. They may still be distracted. Walk all over them. Keep purring. Swish your tail all over them. Show them your butt. 6. This is that moment, the one you have been working hard for. Bite the phone. Extra points if you can hit a button. That's it my friends. Easy as that! Note: You might need some practice biting the phone, so do this while it is lying about. Use your paw to try and turn it on. Try to find the best points to bite to hit a button. Special points if you can crack the screen! #lumosisapaininthebuttattentionseeker #cuddlebearlumos #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
Noxie: Aren't human ponytails the worst? Mummy's old ponytail was the worst! It totally would get in the way when I was trying to sit on her shoulders and look around while we were exploring. I'm so glad she's cut it now! #cheekygymnastnoxie #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
Lumos: Fellow Kitties, I'm talking to you! Do you feel like your humans never pay enough attention to you? I'm formulating a special program to help you get their attention! I'm calling it the "Lumos is a Pain in the Butt Attention Seeker". Today I'm sharing my steps to get your humans attention when they are on the computer. 1. Sit on the floor beside them. Look up to them with puss in boots eyes. Meow pitifully. 2. Purr loudly. Jump on the table and walk in between your human and the computer. This works better if they can't reach the keyboard. Appreciate the distracted pats. 3. Move to the side so they can reach the keyboard. Swish your tail so that it keeps hitting them in the face. This is a good opportunity to sniff the stuff that humans seem to have on the table. 4. Sit on something your human needs like their notebook. Watch them angrily. Make sure you're still purring. 5. This is the desperate moment. Keep purring and looking at them angrily. Swish your tail slightly, in a dignified manner. Then reach out and hit your human with your paw. Special points if you can bite them! That's it my friends! My fail-safe way to get our humans attention while they're on the computer. Let me know if you give it a go or have another method! 😻 #lumosisapaininthebuttattentionseeker #cuddlebearlumos #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
Noxie: Aren't freshly washed clothes the best thing to play in?! I have always loved playing in Daddy and Mummy's freshly washed clothes! It's the best way to put my scent on them and to accessorise them with my fur. #throwback #cheekygymnastnoxie #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
Lumos: Oh My Goodness!! Did you know that Daddy filmed the first time I climbed a tree? I've been rewatching this video to learn from it. I think next time I need to ask Daddy to let go of the leash so I can jump properly! And when I'm up in a tree, I'll definitely give that proud look again! And I'll refuse to jump down again (swipe ➡️ to see me refuse). #cuddlebearlumos #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
Lumos: Don't you think I'm too cute to be be mad at? I hope so! Yesterday I was in the courtyard with Mummy and she was having lunch and a fly landed on her leg. I did my butt wiggle and jumped at the fly, but in the process I left some pretty deep scratches on Mummy's leg. I'm lucky she loves me! #cuddlebearlumos #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
Lumos: Do you sometimes get scared in your favourite places? I love being in our courtyard. It's one of my favourite places, particularly because of the weed mat! I normally meow and meow to ask to go out there. Yesterday I did that and Mummy relented. We went out and I was so excited. But then, I noticed a movement over our fence. I sat and stared at it for ages and then I got so scared that I ran to the door and asked Mummy to go inside. Lumos and Noxie's Mummy: The neighbour's tree has grown slightly and now we can see it over the fence. Lumos is still terrified of it. 😹 #cuddlebearlumos #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
Noxie: Do you like surprising your humans? Yesterday, Daddy was home alone with us and he was busy at home. Lately when Daddy has been home alone with us, he is usually in a flurry of activity, busy cleaning or something. But yesterday, he was quiet, reading on his computer so I thought it was a great opportunity to show him how much I love him. I got my favourite toy from downstairs, and took it to him, meowing happily the whole way. It's the first time I've done this for him, while he is a awake, in a while. Daddy got scared because he heard my meow and thought I or Lumos was hurt. I told him that my meow was only funny because I had my favourite mousey in my mouth and I was bringing it to him as a present. Isn't he silly? #cheekygymnastnoxie #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
Noxie: What is your favourite animal to stare at? I love staring at birdies, but I only like them when there are just a handful in one spot. All the animals at the pet store really overwhelmed me! They're also so loud! A little like Lumos when he wants cuddles! #cheekygymnastnoxie #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
What it looks like when I tell Lumos that we're at a picnic and not going for a walk. . #crankypants #cuddlebearlumos #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorerpicnic #catexplorer . 📸 @furrymunchkinsphotography
#Repost @theadventuresoflumosandnox with @get_repost ・・・ Noxie: Come on Lumos! Let's see what's behind the kitty litter! 😹 Lumos & Noxie's Mummy: A while ago we asked for some help about kitty litter. Thank you to everyone who helped us and we wanted to share our experience with you. We were using crystal cat litter with a litter liner bag. We found that we were going through a ridiculous amount of litter and little Lumos would tear the bags to shreds everytime he used them (he's a tad special). 😹 🐈 We have now transitioned to the @rufusandcoco @weekittycatlitter. I like that it is corn litter, environmentally friendly, clumps well, is easy to clean and we're using a lot less compared to the crystals. I'm also loving that for the first time ever Lumos is covering his business!😺 We have also stopped using litter liners. 🐈 We did the maths and realised that we used to spend 8.5 times the amount of money on cat litter in a month, so this is saving us a huge amount of money! We used to go through 48kg of crystal litter a month and now we only use 9kg of corn litter. Clearly we were doing something wrong!! 🙀 🙀 🙀 🙀 We were excited to find out that @weekittycatlitter is also sold in the US and Canada. It's not just for Aussie kitties. 🐈 We also often get asked what we do for the kitties litter while we're out and about. This Tupperware container is Lumos and Noxie's portable litter tray. We keep it in the car and open it up once we get back to the car and also take doggy bags with us just in case. 🐈 #notanad #cuddlebearlumos #cheekygymnastnoxie #theadventuresoflumosandnox
Noxie: Come on Lumos! Let's see what's behind the kitty litter! 😹 Lumos & Noxie's Mummy: A while ago we asked for some help about kitty litter. Thank you to everyone who helped us and we wanted to share our experience with you. We were using crystal cat litter with a litter liner bag. We found that we were going through a ridiculous amount of litter and little Lumos would tear the bags to shreds everytime he used them (he's a tad special). 😹 🐈 We have now transitioned to the @rufusandcoco @weekittycatlitter. I like that it is corn litter, environmentally friendly, clumps well, is easy to clean and we're using a lot less compared to the crystals. I'm also loving that for the first time ever Lumos is covering his business!😺 We have also stopped using litter liners. 🐈 We did the maths and realised that we used to spend 8.5 times the amount of money on cat litter in a month, so this is saving us a huge amount of money! We used to go through 48kg of crystal litter a month and now we only use 9kg of corn litter. Clearly we were doing something wrong!! 🙀 🙀 🙀 🙀 We were excited to find out that @weekittycatlitter is also sold in the US and Canada. It's not just for Aussie kitties. 🐈 We also often get asked what we do for the kitties litter while we're out and about. This Tupperware container is Lumos and Noxie's portable litter tray. We keep it in the car and open it up once we get back to the car and also take doggy bags with us just in case. 🐈 #notanad #cuddlebearlumos #cheekygymnastnoxie #theadventuresoflumosandnox
Noxie: Are you really shy or outgoing? I'm super shy, while Lumos is so outgoing (it's annoying sometimes!). As a kitten, it took me a long time to show Mummy and Daddy how much I love them and to cuddle to them. On this day, Daddy was feeling super sick. So even though I was super shy I decided I would try and kiss him and make him feel better. Now that I'm older, I kiss Daddy all the time.♥️😻 Lumos & Noxie's Mummy: Fun fact, he was feeling sick because we didn't realise he was allergic to cats yet! 😹 #throwback #cheekygymnastnoxie #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
Lumos: I have a confession to make, I feel a bit shy and embarrassed! On the weekend I met some lovely kitties and I was a tad mean! @hellopistachio & @munchkin.on.a.mission were so friendly that they came and cuddled next to my backpack, even though I refused to come out of it. @tomonhajime and I have the same backpack so we're backpack buddies! We started the afternoon with a lovely picnic in the park. Mummy was telling everyone how silly I was so I decided it was a time for a walk, jumped out of my backpack, went exploring and was antisocial. Then I dragged Daddy on a walk too 😹 I learnt all about Pistachio, Benatar, Eubie & Evan and all about their exploring and siblings and all their training. It was so cool to hear about other Catexplorers! It got a little hot so we went to @publichousepetersham to get out of the sun. Did you know they have a resident kitty called Gizmo? Mummy went up to say Hi to him. Noxie and I spent most of the day in our backpacks being a little cranky, but after everyone left, we decided to explore the pub. In the past we would have been even crankier so we think we're slowly getting better at being around kitties. Maybe one day we'll be friends ♥️ #catexplorerpicnic #cuddlebearlumos #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
Noxie: Sheep are interesting creatures aren't they? These are my friends Hoodinie and Magnolia. They like to eat Mummy's skirt and my backpack! I'm not sure what I think of them yet! 😹 #toungeouttuesday #cheekygymnastnoxie #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
Lumos: Did you know that just because you don't reach a goal the first time around, it doesn't mean you won't manage it eventually? I'm very clumsy and sometimes I struggle with climbing. When we went to the park I decided I wanted to climb this tree. I tried once and got to the trunk but then fell. Then the second time, then the third. Then on the forth go, I got up! It was the best tree ever - the first tree I've ever climbed.♥️🌲 Lumos and Noxie's Mummy: It's no secret, Lumos isn't the smartest cookie. But he has so much perseverance. He couldn't climb on top of the fridge, so he kept trying till he could. He couldn't do a spin with his clicker training, so he tried ever day till he got it and now it's super easy for him. And then, he couldn't climb this tree, so he tried hard, again and again and he did it! I'm so proud of him and he inspires me to keep trying even if it doesn't work out the first, second, third, fourth or how many times I fall.😻 #inspiring #cuddlebearlumos #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
The face Noxie makes when she sees a dog 😹 #catexplorerpicnic #cheekygymnastnoxie #theadventuresoflumosandnox
Lumos: Wow! Yesterday we went to the #catexplorerpicnic and met some amazing kitties - Eubie from @tomonhajime , Pistachio from @hellopistachio and Benatar from @munchkin.on.a.mission and we also met @furrymunchkinsphotography. ♥️ Everyone was so friendly, Eubie looks like she is from a painting, Pistachio is so very friendly (Daddy calls him the chilliest cat he has ever met) and Benatar has such an adorable cuddly personality. Meanwhile Noxie and I can be a bit cranky. Maybe one day we'll get better with being around other kitties. We've come a long way since our kitty days though, we used to growl a lot more! ♥️ We'll share more photos and stories over the next few days. Thank you to everyone for being so lovely to us despite our crankiness 😻 #cuddlebearlumos #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
Noxie: Eeeeekkkkk I'm so very excited! In just a few hours we will get to meet a few of you at the @catexplorer.community picnic!! I'll try and be on my best behaviour but I can't promise anything..... Especially when it comes to Lumos! #catexplorerpicnic #cheekygymnastnoxie #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
Noxie: Do you protect your humans? Now that it's heating up, there are always mosquitoes around. Mummy always gets attacked by them, so I always try to attack the mosquitoes so they don't get her! Also, happy Thanksgiving to our American furrriends! ♥️♥️ #guardcat #cheekygymnastnoxie #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
Noxie: As you have grown, what has been the most exciting thing you've learnt? I used to think my harness was a toy. But now I know it means that I can go exploring! #cheekygymnastnoxie #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer #throwbackthursday
Noxie: Don't you just love the smell of cooking? I was sleeping yesterday and suddenly my dream was all about beef roasts. My mouth started watering and I woke up to an amazing smell. I was half asleep and I started meowing because I just wanted to eat it! Mummy was making a beef roast, it smelt so delicious. The hard bit? She was slow cooking it so I had to smell it for 5 hours! And then... I didn't even get any! #cheekygymnastnoxie #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
Lumos: OMG! I had so much fun at @sydneyveganmarket ! Mummy dragged us there so she could try yummy food like this Mac & Cheese from @southernsoulsydney. But oh my! I got so much attention! Thank you to all the lovely people who came up to us and said hello and gave me a pat. It was so nice to meet so many kind people who were willing to learn about how we explore. But most of all I loved the pats and attention! Perhaps between Noxie, @adventurecat_felix , and me there needs to be a Cats of SVM account as well as @dogsofsvm ! 😹 #cuddlebearlumos #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
Lumos: Don't you just love holidays? I love holidays when we go away! When we went to Canberra, Noxie and I got the zoomsies in the middle of the night and ran around everywhere! We used Daddy as a launching pad for our jumps. Then I got really excited and happy to be able to cuddle him so I purred and drooled all over him. He sneezed a lot the next day because he is allergic to my saliva, but he still loves me 😻 #cuddlebearlumos #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catexplorer
Noxie: Don't you just love surprising people? On this day, we visited @thegrifterbrewingco and @viconthepark and then on the way to the car I was having so much fun poking my head out of my backpack and riding on Mummy's shoulders. The best bit was when we walked past a restaurant with outdoor seating and floor to ceiling windows. I rode proudly on Mummy's shoulders. A hush fell over the cafe as everyone turned around and stared at me! I felt like a movie star. 😹 Lumos and Noxie's Mummy: I didn't know whether to feel shy, amused or proud of Noxie. Probably all those feelings at once 😹 #cheekygymnastnoxie #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catxplorer
Noxie: I'm working hard as a proof reader. #cheekygymnastnoxie #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catxplorer
Lumos: Yo! Who drank half my beer?! #cuddlebearlumos #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catxplorer
Noxie: Any ideas on how to get that coffee closer to me? I stayed up all night with the zoomsies. I even managed to use Daddy as a launching pad a few time! Now I need a pick me up. #cheekygymnastnoxie #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catxplorer
Lumos: That moment when you get excited that the waiter is bringing out your yummy food, then realise it's for the next table! We had fun at @greenlionroar , though next time Lumos would probably prefer that we get a table away from the kitchen as his little nose was in overdrive due to all the yummy smells! For humans we recommend trying the Eggplant Parmigiana and the Aussie Burger! The desserts look amazing too, so we'll have to try them next time. #cuddlebearlumos #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catxplorer
Lumos: Don't you just love being welcome at places? We had brunch at @paperboyconcord and they didn't even bat an eyelid at Noxie and I! I even jumped out of my backpack and took Mummy exploring while she was trying to order her Granola! 😹 #rude For other kitties, they have an awesome garden wall to walk on and their window sills are fun to walk on. We even surprised some of their other customers who were watching us from the window (swipe ➡️ to see) 😹 Mummy said her Granola and Bounty Shake were amazing and Daddy loved his baked eggs and mocha. The best bit? They're super close to heaps of parks so we can have brunch and go to parks too! 😻 #cuddlebearlumos #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catxplorer #notanad
Lumos: What do you mean Daddy? There aren't any tuna treats at @treat.dreams ? What about me? #cuddlebearlumos #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catxplorer
Noxie: Do you ever get the super zoomsies? I got them last night! I was running around everywhere, and making so much noise. I even jumped over Daddy's head to the fridge. And then, I slammed into Mummy's tea and it went flying... Everywhere. And then, I kept zoomsing because I'm a cat and I don't have to clean up anything 😹 #cheekygymnastnoxie #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catxplorer
Lumos: Who is your best buddy? Mine is my Daddy! #cuddlebearlumos #theadventuresoflumosandnox #catxplorer
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