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Lovely outtake w/ Aleyna 🌾
As a female poc from a third world country, Namjoons speech really touched my heart in the most beautiful way possible. I already had a lot of love and respect for Namjoon but after hearing his speech my love and respect for that man has heightened to the point that it’s indescribable. Not only did he give the most heartfelt speech, he was immensely well spoken and spoke with such fluidity that it didn’t feel like he was giving a speech. I felt like he was directly talking to me. I was in tears when he spoke because he set up such a real image of himself. A real image which highlights his mistakes and his flaws. And I love the fact that he said the person he was yesterday was still apart of who he was and that he learned from his mistakes which is why he’s wiser today. As someone who’s been through a lot of shit in their lives and has hated herself for the longest time, because of BTS I’m actually on a road leading towards self improvement and self love. I never speak about such personal things but when Namjoon said ‘speak yourself’ I really felt that. He conveyed his emotions to us through his heartfelt and beautiful lyrics and those same lyrics became my safe haven and helped me immensely. Namjoon isn’t just the leader of a boy band. He’s an inspiration I look up to because he created this life for himself through his years of hard work. He literally went from a nobody who was criticized by numerous people to being someone who is respected by millions of young people. So yes. As Namjoon said, I urge all of you to speak yourself and love yourself. I wouldn’t be this positive if it wasn’t for him. So thank you Kim Namjoon for helping me take up on this journey of self love. I love you and respect you immensely and I hope you’re happy.
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i can’t relate because i have no social life but mood 😂♡
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Slep tyme
Yo have a nice #bivisibility day y’all
Mm no oranges on this page only 🍋
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she needs to release a studio version because this is actually my fave unreleased song !!! the song is called ‘she got her own’ and you can find edited versions of it on youtube i think 😌♡
good morning my psych lecturer is off today
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I am so incredibly proud of BTS. I've uploaded the speech on my IGTV. Idc if you love them, hate them, don't care or anything, go listen to it. Because the speech is amazing. • • • #1800textposts #tumblr #tumblrposts #tumblrtextpost #textpost #textposts #funny #lol #idontknowwhatiamdoing • Follow @1.800.text.posts for more such posts
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i don't believe that your first love is the first person you love
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Te obsesionas con ser feliz, y claro, ninguna obsesión es buena. Buscas construir una torre de naipes y cuando quieres culminarla, ocurre lo de siempre, que se desploma. Puedes echar la culpa a un doblez, a la inclinación de la base o a la poca distancia entre ellas. Pero sabes perfectamente que fue el suspiro de la última carta. El que llega para decirte que no encajas en lo que quieres forzar, en lo que te obligas a ser. No importa si ahora no puedes levantar un edificio entero. Puedes quedarte en un segundo piso. O en el cuarto de los contadores. Da igual. Lo importante es que lo dejes a tu gusto. Que cuando vuelvas den ganas de quedarse. Y así con todo. Es como cuando te haces cuarenta y tres fotos de la misma postura y pasas a la fase del descarte. Hasta que te quedas con dos. Y esas dos las pasas a tus amigas para que decidan el juicio final. Te quedas con lo mejor y deshechas lo inservible para dejar hueco, memoria o vida, a lo próximo que venga. Y si te aburres de lo que tienes, sopla la torre de naipes. Pero fuerte. Que si cae es que necesita ser levantada de nuevo. Texto: Laura Onatre 🧡 #love #textpost #textposts #followforfollowback #goodmorning #lifequotes
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