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If we’re quiet today it’s cause we’re drowning in delicious cupcakes preparing to make your Valentine’s Day extra sweet! #tessasvalentine
We are going to need a lot of coffee to get through this week’s Valentine’s Day orders but we are excited to start #spreadingthelove #tessasvalentine
Moist and decadent chocolate cupcake with a peanut butter buttercream frosting topped with a dark chocolate ganache drizzle, a Peanut Butter Cup and Jolly Jammer Cookie. Individually packaged with a cute Valentine’s Day tag. #tessasvalentine #wegotogetherlike #wegotogetherlikepbandj #wegotogetherlikepeanutbutterandjelly
🥜❤️ Young, dumb and broke this student twosome live off frozen dinners and PB & J and although they might not have much to give one another there is plenty of love going around. They love spending their time with friends on the party strip, drowning their nights in cheap drinks and laughter. They will be exchanging DIY Valentine’s Day gifts – she is making him of a book of coupons and he is making her a mixed tape. On the day of love, they will be celebrating with a homemade indoor picnic, chocolate covered strawberries and bottle of sparkling wine. #tessasvalentine #wegotogetherlike #wegotogetherlikepbandj #wegotogetherlikepeanutbutterandjelly
All the feels ❤️ for our ☕️🍩 cake! #tessasvalentine
Red velvet and Vanilla marbled cupcake with buttercream rosette design icing, pink and white Unicorn horn and rainbow sprinkles. Individually packaged with a cute Valentine’s Day tag. #tessasvalentine #wegotogetherlike #wegotogetherlikeunicornsandrainbows
🦄🌈 This mystical match enjoy meditation and yoga dates, connecting with nature at outdoor festivals and reiki couple therapy. The pair knew the moment they met that their souls were destined for each other. On Valentine’s Day, they will be sending e-cards with original poetry, cooking an organic vegan dinner and planting a tree which will grow and bloom together with their love for one another. #tessasvalentine #wegotogetherlike #wegotogetherlikeunicornsandrainbows
My 💗 belongs to ... {tag your person} #tessasvalentine
Our famous red velvet cupcake topped with a strawberry Swiss meringue icing, hand moulded chocolate heart and mini meringue individually packaged with a cute Valentine’s Day tag. #tessasvalentine #wegotogetherlike #wegotogetherlikestrawberriesandcream
🍓❤️🍓 Strawberries and Cream! 🍓❤️🍓 #tessasvalentine #wegotogetherlikestrawberriesandcream #wegotogetherlike
🍓❤️ This Classy Couple enjoy high teas at the Mount Nelson, Polo at Val de Vie, and leisurely sunset walks on the promenade. On Valentine’s Day, they will be watching the sun set with a bottle of the finest French bubbly and strawberries on Clifton beach followed by fine dining at one of Cape Town’s top 5* restaurants. #tessasvalentine #wegotogetherlikestrawberriesandcream #wegotogetherlike
Pink 💓 Velvet 😍 #tessasvalentine
Moist and decadent chocolate cupcake with an Origin coffee cream centre, an espresso buttercream frosting topped with a chocolate ganache drizzle and baked donut. Individually packaged with a cute Valentine’s Day tag. #tessasvalentine #wegotogetherlike #wegotogetherlikecoffeeanddonuts
Another one of our adorable biscuit boxes ☕️❤️🍩 #tessasvalentine #wegotogetherlike #wegotogetherlikecoffeeanddonuts
☕️❤️🍩 This hip urban duo enjoy hikes up Lions Head, First Thursdays, meeting up for coffee dates on Bree Street, weekend food markets and Sunday picnics and concerts in De Waal Park. On Valentine’s Day, they will be watching the sun set from Signal Hill and then head on out to Long Street for tapas at their favorite vibey restaurant. #tessasvalentine #wegotogetherlike #wegotogetherlikecoffeeanddonuts
So much 💓 for our Strawberries and Cream Valentine’s Day cake. Comment with a 💓 if you love this cake too! #tessasvalentine #valentinesdaycake
🥞 ❤️ Moist vanilla cupcake with a maple and cinnamon buttercream frosting, topped with a maple syrup drip and mini pancake stack. 🥞❤️ Individually packaged with a cute Valentine’s Day tag. #tessasvalentine #wegotogetherlike #wegotogetherlikepancakesandsyrup
Our biscuit boxes are adorable and the perfect gift for all those you love. We go together like 🥞! #tessasvalentine #wegotogetherlike #wegotogetherlikepancakesandsyrup
Pancakes and Syrup 🥞 This cozy couple have weathered the storms of love and enjoy nothing more than just chilling at home with the family, binging on Netflix, Sunday morning fry ups with pancakes and syrup, ordering in Pizza and late-night Ice Cream snacks. On Valentine’s Day, they won’t see the sun set as they will be cozying up on the couch watching rom coms on Netflix while eating their Chinese Takeaways. #tessasvalentine #wegotogetherlike #wegotogetherlikepancakesandsyrup
Moist and decadent chocolate cupcake with a milky Swiss meringue filling, Oreo Swiss Meringue frosting topped with a white milk chocolate ganache drizzle and two chocolate dipped chocolate chip cookies. Individually packaged with a cute tag. #tessasvalentine #wegotogetherlike #wegotogetherlikemilkandcookies
How adorable is our Milk 🥛 and 🍪 Cookies Biscuit Pair? Comes beautifully packaged with a cute tag for your Valentine! #tessasvalentine #wegotogetherlike #wegotogetherlikemilkandcookies
We go together like 🥛 & 🍪! This young and innocent pair have just discovered love and are smitten. They spend their days WhatsApp-ing each other when they should be studying counting down the minutes until they see each other again. They enjoy mall dates and meeting up for milkshakes and arcade games. On Valentine’s Day, they will be sharing a pizza and watching a movie at the mall and sneak an innocent kiss before their parents pick them up. #tessasvalentine #wegotogetherlike #wegotogetherlikemilkandcookies
Coffee and Donuts for breakfast? #tessasvalentine #coffeeanddonutcake #coffeeanddonuts
Meet our 6 loved up couples! Want to know who they are and how they are going to be spending their Valentine’s Day? Keep an eye on our social media and you might just find one you can relate to! #tessasvalentine #wegotogetherlike #cookiesandmilk #pancakesandsyrup #coffeeanddonuts #strawberriesandcream #unicornsandrainbows #peanutbutterandjelly
Thank you for the tremendous support today. We appreciate it so much. We were rushed off our feet but it was all worth it to add some sweetness to your Valentine's Day! We hope you have an amazing love filled day 💕#tessasvalentine
One for each love bird, our double cupcake box has both a Strawberry and Milk Chocolate Lindt Cupcake, because love was meant to be shared. #tessasbakery #valentinesday #lindtcupcake #tessasvalentine
{WIN} Because love is meant to be shared, our Love Box is filled to the brim with treats to share ~ Lindt cupcakes, 💗 heart shaped chocolate bars, buttery sugar cookies, rice crispy treats and macarons. To win tag the person you would share this box with and you could be having a very Sweet Valentine's Day indeed. {Winner will be announced on Friday} #sharethelove #tessasbakery #valentinesday #tessasvalentine
Top view of our #rosegold #valentinesday cake available to order online. #xoxo #tessasvalentine
The rose gold trend has carried into 2017 and inspired our Valentine's Day cake. Our Pink Velvet cake is covered in marshmallowy Swiss meringue, airbrushed in a rose gold hue and lovingly adorned with pink treats. It's screams love in all the right ways. Follow the link in our bio to our Valentine's Collection to order your sweetheart one today. #tessasbakery #rosegoldcake #swissmeringuecake #pinkvelvetcake #valentinedaysgift #tessasvalentine
Love doesn't get sweeter than this 💕 #tessasvalentine
Say it with love with our customizable conversation heart cupcakes this Valentine's Day 😍 #conversationheartcupcake #tessasbakery #loveisintheair #tessasvalentine
We had fun photographing some Valentine's Day creations yesterday and can't wait to share these with you. As soon as they are in our online store we will let you know so watch this space! #loveisintheair #tessasbakery #themonthoflove #pinkandrosegold #valentinesday #tessasvalentine