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Another day, another shake. 🍫 🍓 I brought my blender to work so I could make an afternoon treat; today I made a chocolate and mixed berry shake. Taste buds are in heaven 😍 Happy FriYAY! #teamstrongandsteady #teamriseandshine #strongwomen #proteinpancakes #chocolate
I took this morning to slow down and practice yoga. It is vital that we take the time to let our bodies stretch, breathe and just be. • We ask so much of our bodies every day. We need to provide them with care and return the love. • I am grounded and I am in control. Namaste 🙏🏼 #yoga #teamstrongandsteady #teamriseandshine #strongwomen #earlyriser #selflove
PD.... what is it? Personal Development! • I spend at least 30 minutes a day reading PD and bettering myself. My most current book, Mastering Your Meal Girl, discusses silencing your doubtful thoughts and reaching your maximum potential. • These books are amazing & inspire me to grow every day! • Even with a job, an internship, night classes, a wedding to plan, and everything in between-I still find time to read my PD and make myself a priority. #teamstrongandsteady #teamriseandshine #teamhappyhealthyhumble #beachbodycoach #strongwomen #personaldevelopment
Enjoying a vanilla berry superfoods shake this morning. These shakes are packed with nutrients and have full servings of fruit & veggies. • Usually I’m a chocolate gal, but sometimes a vanilla shake packed with strawberries, blueberries and blackberries sounds delish 🤤 and tastes like a blueberry muffin. • Do you drink shakes? #teamstrongandsteady #teamriseandshine #teamhappyhealthyhumble #beachbodycoach #superfoodsmoothie #shakeology
Coffee & comfy sweaters are my jam. These fall vibes got me feeling some type of way 🍂 have a wonderful Friday! #teamstrongandsteady #teamriseandshine #teamhappyhealthyhumble #strongwomen #beachbodycoach #fallvibes
Today marks another busy year of work, a part time internship + night classes. • Meal prep saves me during the week days. I have my snacks, lunches and dinners prepped so I can eat on the go! My nutrition stays on track and I save money by avoiding the drive thrus. Happy tummy, happy wallet! • Finishing my prepped chicken wraps in the car and then headed to classes later. Enjoy this beautiful Thursday! #teamstrongandsteady #teamriseandshine #teamhappyhealthyhumble #mealprep #beachbodycoach
“From what you choose to put in your mouth, to how you move your body, to the people you sound yourself with-it all comes down to a choice... your choice” -Melissa Ambrosini ~ Mastering Your Mean Girl • I made a choice two years ago to make a change. To change how I ate, how I spent my time and how I viewed myself. I am strong, I am healthy, & I am confident. I learned how to fuel my body, not my emotions. To move my body properly instead of punishing it for eating a treat meal. I found accountability with other women on the same journey as me. • BeachBody and coaching has brought me only amazing opportunities and we are just beginning. I will be forever grateful for my team and these programs. • Ready to join us? Our next boot camp starts in 3 weeks. Click the link in my bio for more information about joining! #teamstrongandsteady #teamriseandshine #teamhappyhealthyhumble #beachbodycoach #strongwomen
To say I’m feeling blessed is an understatement. • Today I spent the day with my coach who got me started on my health & fitness journey over a year ago. • Today we celebrated her baby girl who will be making her debut this winter! 💝 I am inspired daily by her fit pregnancy and am grateful for her support on my own journey. • Coaching isn’t just about health & exercise, it’s about a community of people who come together & support each other in all aspects. #teamstrongandsteady #teamriseandshine #teamhappyhealthyhumble #beachbodycoach
I have always had a sweet tooth and struggled to find balance when it came to treats. • I used to reach for a chocolate bar or ice cream when I had those late night cravings, but have found healthier and more sustaining options. • These apple nachos are a perfect treat that doesn’t leave me feeling guilty 🍎👌🏽 #teamstrongandsteady #teamriseandshine #teamhappyhealthyhumble #healthyeatinghabits #healthyeatingideas
Plan approved chicken enchiladas 🔥 • Low carb wheat tortillas were used in place instead of white tortillas. They were filled with chicken, sautéed onion, peppers & dairy free cheese. The sauce used was lower in sodium and sugar free. A little cilantro to top and viola! My taste buds are in heaven 😍 • #teamstrongandsteady #teamriseandshine #teamhappyhealthyhumble #healthyeating #beachbodycoach #fitgirls
Just a Mama trying to stay sane... • Are you a runner? Trying to be? Here are a few things I remind myself about whenever I run: • 1. STAY IN YOUR BODY- I know all you want to do is get away from yourself in this horrible moment, but don’t! That leads to bad body positioning which leads to a bad run which eventually leads to injury. Stay present. FEEL that body. RUN that body. • 2. BREATH- Your lungs might feel they’ll collapse, but you’re not helping yourself if you don’t SLOW YOUR BREATH DOWN. I started with slowing my exhales, which helped oxygenate my blood- keeping me from getting dizzy and dropping. Don’t allow your breath to fill or empty on the SAME foot every time. Try exhale on the right and exhale on the left the next time. Lung expansion helps so much with cardio! 3. GET TALL- next time you run try to catch a look at your shadow. Are you hunched over like you’re at your computer? Spine in a C? Tucking your butt? Get tall. Get long. Head to sky. Streamlined. Don’t collapse your diaphragm making it HARDER to breath. • 4. DON’T JUMP UPWARDS- you’re waisting energy, slowing you down and making you think you’re a bad runner. USE YOUR FEET- are you hitting your heels? Try hitting right behind the balls of your feet and go through your WHOLE foot. Push off your toes. Propel yourself FORWARDS. • 5. NO STRONG FINISH?- feel like you’re dying and don’t have it In your to get to the end with a little extra oomph? Try BOUNDING - bend your knees a little REALLY roll through your whole foot getting a little more momentum and switching up the muscles you’ve exhausted! • Happy Running! Now get out there- #momsontherun #girlsontherun #moveyourbody #teamstrongandsteady #feetwork #loveyourbody #loveyoursoul #staysane #sweatonceaday #firelife #firewife #momofgirls #eyelashessweating #augustishottest #getouthere #runthatbody #yougitthis #bound #rollthrough #floridagirl #swamp
I am not a fan of anything in the morning aside from coffee and some prayers. But one of my girls needed some inspiration to get back. So we committed a minimum of 10 minutes to each other in the morning. Yoga, 1-mile run, or 10-minute trainer were all fine options for today. She took a mile, I did 10-minute trainer because my girls are asleep inside and I don’t want to worry about them while running. Most important? We both “got miserable” and started our day taking care of our mental stress and detoxing. • #letsgetmiserable #earlymorningworkouts #10minutes #sweatonceaday #pressplay #countdownstarted #notsobad #wheresmycoffee #sweatbeforesunrise #kidssleeping #loveyourbody #loveyoursoul #teamstrongandsteady
You are not meant to live in a tight body. • You are not meant to wake in pain and discomfort. • You’re not meant to be hurting by the end of the day. • But you have to be willing to do something about it. • Restore your body, your alignment, increase strength and stretch because you need it. • Everyone needs to feel comfortable in their body. To learn the minor ways it isn’t balanced and work toward balancing it. • Being a part of #theinspirationcrew is a no lose situation! • I can help others reach their goals and I’m accountable to work on myself. #teamstrongandsteady #letsgethealthy #letsgetbendy #yogafordays #lowerbody #floridalife 🌴 #momofgirls #2monthspostpartum #letsflow #crescentlunge
Vivs and i already did our chores: unload dishes, cleaning glass, starting laundry... now it’s time for Babywearing & smoothies until nap time Yoga begins. • Oh. And the baby slept in her bassinet the whole night! • #hallelujahmonday #thankyoujesus #ringsling #smoothietime #sweetsummertime #momofgirls #outlanders #firefamily #firewife #getitdone #naptimeyoga #yogalife #letsgetbendy #teamstrongandsteady
Trying to get on their level, engage with them constantly, raise strong smart Godly independent Girls, having fun with them, being on their team, making sure they feel loved and cared about all the time while everyone tells me, “Take it all in! Don’t miss a beat! You’ll miss this so much! You’ll wish you could go back! Don’t blink! It goes so fast!” And it’s all STRESSING ME OUT. • Mamas- you feel me? Love your kids well and let the rest go. We can’t do it all.💗#dontquityourdaydream #notreadytowearabikini #sweetsummertime #mamas #momofgirls #dontblink #loveyourtribe #teamstrongandsteady #beachlife
Waking up with my new mug thinking about the best parts of yesterday- • Ready to get outside to do a quick workout and feel good today. • I wanted so badly to do 80 day Obsession. With a baby who loves to be held I have to stick to 10 minute- 25 minute workouts! Luckily for me i have the option of shorter Yoga clips, T25 & liift4 (a 4-day hiit program with 3 days off) and can pick and choose from my library for the one that works for me! • No stressing about sitters, time to and from classes or start times. I’m on baby time (and she knows it).. 🤣 • Nothing makes me lose my patience quickly like not doing anything for myself. That’s why I love workouts. I feel an endorphin rush. I get in something for myself and I can still be there for my babies. • As a mom could I want anything more? #endorphinrush #keepthebloodflowing #flowtogether #bepresent #lifeatthebeach #beachplease #holidayweek #4ofjuly #lovethathat #hiit #findyourtribe #momofgirls #motherofdragons #outlander #wearetheoutsiders #letmelive #teamstrongandsteady #joinmycrew #liveoutloud #sarasota #beaches #lidokey #suntideresort
What makes you lose time? What do you do that makes you feel most connected? Where do you feel most alive? What brings you the most joy? When do you quit “wanting”? There. You’ve found what sets your soul on fire. 🔥 Acknowledge that. Move toward that. Get better at it. Go do it. No fear, just move. 🤸🏼‍♀️ My soul is set on fire helping people get active, live well, live healthy and feel like their thriving in life not just getting through it. Feel bogged down? Let’s talk. Already doing this and want to bring it to others? Let’s do it. 👯‍♀️ #livefree #letsmove #yoga #pregnancyyoga #holdthatpose #teamstrongandsteady #crow #dontquityourdaydream #youcan #keepmoving #firewife #firefighterwife #yogaoutdoors #naturewalk #thatlightthough #prefnancyfit #keepyourdreamalive #soulonfire #losetime #momofgirls
After 3 weeks of sickness and being stuck inside our own home we are finally out enjoying the world! ☀️ We went out to the beach and stayed at the pool where viv learned to swim and Cal got her first quick dip. 💦 This is the life for me! #familytime #outonthewatwr #poolswims #floridasummer #lidobeach #firstswim #teamstrongandsteady #notreadytowearabikini
Know what I HATE doing? 😠 CORE 🤽🏻‍♀️ Like, I hate it the way some people hate running. I hate it the way some people hate cilantro. I hate the way some people hate mornings. I’ll skip that EVERY time if I make up my own workout. 🙅🏽‍♀️ And since the only place I can get in some sweat equity/functional movement is at home- I’m liable to just give it up. ✌🏼 But these programs don’t let me because it’s built in and I’m so grateful because I WANT a core! I want a core so I can handstand, so I can hold my babies comfortably, and so I can stay out of physical therapy in the future. 🙏 I love this stuff. It keeps me accountable and keeps me focused. I have no excuse not to get it done and it’s readily available whenever I am. 💪🏽 Could’ve called it a day after my 2 iced coffee and bag of puffs, but I didn’t. That’s some serious transformation if you know what I mean. 💗 #gogetit #whatdoyouwant #teamstrongandsteady #nevergiveup #bagofpuffs #ihatecore #icedcoffee #bingingonnetflix #outlander #coreyoga #yogaathome #rolloutyourmat #thirstythursday #babiessleeping #wheremyworktakesme #wheremyworkoutbuddiesat #areyouin #sweatonceaday #rockyourjourney
“Necessity is the mother of invention.” 👏 Whaaatttt. That quote is amazing. Today I took my girls to the beach because I needed some wide open space to breath. ☀️ I told myself, today I have to do an inversion because I knew my body needed it. So after my flow, in my room, next to my (finally) sleeping baby I flowed and took what I needed. 💪🏽 I know what it feels like to WANT to make that class, that gym hour, that flow and not be able to get out long enough to take it. 🤱🏼 That’s why being involved with this community and doing my work in my room, outside my room, whenever I can works for me! Don’t let yourself down. Find what works for you and do it. 💗 #inversion #2monthspostpartum #letsgetflexy #letsgetstrong #jumpbackin #nevergiveup #dowork #nofear #findhealing #wholeandstrong #teamstrongandsteady #necessityisthemotherofinvention #gettowork #yoga #outlander #pink #dontwastetoday
Sweaty hair don’t care☀️ 💁🏼‍♀️ “Either you believe you are incapable of what you want or you believe you are unworthy.” These are thoughts that limit our belief in ourselves at the very core. Whether you say you can’t because of time, energy, motivation, organization it’s really something deeper. • I’m thinking hard about this for myself! Organization is a mega issue for me! But! I’m going to start finding ways to invite more organization into my life! • If I fail? I’ll learn and try again. No problems with that! • #letsgetorganized #noworries #limitingbelief #goformore #sweatyselfie #liveyourbestlife #sweatonceaday #teamstrongandsteady
I talk to God a lot these days. It goes a little like, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And help me. Help me. Help me. It’s good, these talks and I’m drawing pretty close. • Motherhood is self-sacrificing and it never ends, I’m discovering because I called my Mom over to stay the night for the second time. • Vivs on her second round/still fighting hand foot & mouth (fun!). So workouts are pretty much non-existent currently. • We have gotten some advice to stay clear of dairy & wheat for her, so we are committing to a dairy free lifestyle again (like in all forms. Not just milk/cheese/ice cream). • Thank you #whole30 for preparing me for the #dairyfree life. • Last night was whole chicken roasted with mushrooms, carrot, onion & celery. • #letseat #wheremyworkoutbuddyat #schedulechange #cutebabyalert #sweetbabygirl #hfam #teamstrongandsteady
These days I have maaaybe solid 5 minutes after rocking baby to sleep to do SOMETHING. • I have been missing movement so bad and in the mornings my feet actually hurt when I step out of bed because they’re so tight! 😳 • My goal of getting in a workout is for me! I love feeling: Alive* Awake* Blood flowing* Energy* Detoxed* And like I’m doing something for ME* Even if it is only 5 minutes! I don’t care. I already feel better today. What will you do to take care of self & your health today!? #takecareofyourself #selfcare #functionalmovement #physicaltherapy #yoga #letsmove #postpartumjourney #infantrylife #holdme #onlysleepsonmom #momofgirls #detox #sweatonceaday #eatwell #thrive #teamstrongandsteady #yogaathome #yogaflow #10minuteflow
Full hands. Full heart. • How am I supposed to get things done this way? 😂💗#momstrong #teamstrongandsteady #aworkinprogress #faithnotperfection #getthingsdone #lifeisgoodtoday
Life is a series of building up and breaking down. • Build up and break down. I’ve built up my body to be a home to a human, and now it’s getting broken back down to just be home to me. • I think it’s too easy to look and say, “I’m back here again.” Or, “ how will I get back to where I was.” Or other thoughts, but the reality is every time we start anew we get the opportunity to rebuild differently. • Usually, I rebuild through eating clean and working out as I feel. This time, I’m prepping myself to get ready to commit to 80 days of exercise and TIMED nutrition!! I’m beyond excited to see what type of results I’ll get this time around! I’ve never ever known how to time my nutrition or what to eat and I’m so excited this program has it all broken down and prepared for me!! • If it’s time for you to rebuild, Id jump on board ASAP! Times nutrition + functional exercises are guaranteed to show you something within yourself you never knew you had!! Including the best part- the feeling of saying, “I did it!!” • July start date! I’ll shoot you info if you’re in. • #changeisgood #thisisit #liveyourlife #yogawarrior #rebuild #breakdownbarriers #inbeautyandchaos #floridagirl #yoga #wildlife #inthewoods #cultivatewhatmatters #cultivatehealth #teamstrongandsteady #reachhigher #julystart #postpartumbody #postpartum #36weekspregnant #36weeks
Eating habits left you feeling upside down and on the wrong side of health? • Super excited to dig back in to my online coaching soon! Been missing checking in with my girls and learning more about health/nutrition/workout programs! • We have a new nutrition program coming out focusing on mindset when it comes to fostering healthy eating, meal planning, grocery shopping, eating out, etc. it’s super exciting to watch women who have felt stuck begin to move forward in their goals again! This program isn’t just a diet- it’s about consistency and long term change. Here’s the kicker for the “I want to feel good again but not workout”- you don’t have to! • Want more details? • #arealchange #mindset #lisaclarkphotographyinc #allabouthealth #letslivethislife #werunthisbody #nutrition #healthyeating #lifestylechange #life #yoga #35weekspregnant #upsidedown #yogamom #yogaeveryday #outdoorlife #sarasota #getoutside #cultivatewhatmatters #cultivatechange #teamstrongandsteady
A couple things I’ve been thinking about and working on lately: • The meditation of my heart💗 when things are quiet where does my mind go? To the negative? To doubt, insecurity, fear, worry? End of pregnancy can bring forth a lot of these. I’ve had to dive deep into my thoughts and realign them with Truth- God’s portion for my life is not harm, but good. Think on things that are favorable, loving, peaceable. Receive love. • When I feel inadequate or like I’m not doing enough I recognize: I don’t have to be enough. God works through me. It’s not in my (Aubrey’s) power it’s in God’s hands. I can hand my day over and ask what His plan is for others and follow. • When I’m feeling lack of peace about not doing moving my body the way I’m asking others to move theirs- I recognize the promptings and seasons our body needs. Some for rest. Some for movement. And some for function. I hold space for right here and right now and allow myself to be peace before it is time to move again. • Hope you’re intentions and meditations and prayers are leading you to places of truth and strength and growth. • #lisaclarkphotographyinc @lisaclarkphotography #wildinthewoods #yoga #yogaeveryday #holdpeace #meditation #thinkontruth #teamstrongandsteady #fitpregnancy #yogapregnancy #bellybump #pregnancythoughts
When I first found out I was pregnant. • When I started my coaching journey and got serious about a healthy pregnancy. • Easter Sunday. • My #transformationTuesday working for my little Bebe. This pregnancy has been such a beautiful one. With Viv, I asked Steve to keep from talking to me about having another kid for a year. • That’s how “un-easy” my pregnancy was- nothing bad happened. It just wasn’t something I was ready to repeat any time soon. • We might not have anymore children, but I can definitely say this time around pregnancy was redeemed! • I think working out releases so many endorphins and got me feeling so good throughout the pregnancy that I didn’t mind it. • Not to mention, I didn’t experience a lot of the pains and weaknesses that develop with pregnancy. My body stayed strong and very capable. • Working toward health makes me realize how GOOD feeling HEALTHY can feel. If you haven’t felt that in a while, then let’s get you started. I promise it’s worth it! • #fitpregnancy #fitpregnancyjourney #momofgirls #livealittle #teamstrongandsteady #letshustle #dontbeafraid #loveyourbody #mentalhealth
Two years ago when I had Vivies. • Vivies and I today. • I’ve been asking myself what does health and wellness look like to me? • It looks like movement, first. My response at times is to be still, be slow, be sluggish. • Not in the good “restful” way. • In the lazy way. • Second, the more I feed my soul and nourish my spirit the more I feel connected, grounded, loved. • And the more I have been learning about food, the more into it I get. • It truly is medicine and changes the overall wellness of how we feel. • What’s something you’re working on today? Movement, soul work or nourishment? • #heresmyheart #letsmovetogether #neverstopmoving #neverstophealing #neverstopgrowing #teamstrongandsteady #momandbabyyoga #crescentpose #yoga #35weekspregnant #postpartumbody #postpartumjourney #loveyourbody
Chose a Yin Yoga tonight. • Some days you’ll have news outside of your control. • Control the things you can. • Your body. Your soul. Your spirit. Your food. Your health. • #sciaticarelief #sciatica #sciaticnerve #control #breathdeeply #teamstrongandsteady #chillout #yoga #yinyoga #ondemand #tuesdaytransformations #transformationtuesday
Crazy respect for this girl getting through day 55 out of 80 of 80 Day Obsession!! She’s pretty much gone all-in and crushed every single workout that has come her way! • Not only that, but I am so motivated to do this program in the future! • Of notice as well is the girls (3 of them) who are pounds and inches down from when they started T25. • Even more to note- how they all feel!! Motivated, inspired, energetic and surprised in what they’ve been able to do. • Those words are magnetic. Let me help you pick out a program to get started on to keep your attitude and mindset in check & your body moving. And then, let’s talk nutrition to get your health in the right direction! • If you haven’t heard it tonight, I love you. Stay encouraged. You are amazing. • #transformationtuesday #pressplayandrenew #teamstrongandsteady #nutrition #motivateme #lovemygirls #selflove
“Results don’t come by rest. They come by work.” Love that line #shaunT dropped mid workout today! • Listen, I modify like crazy and there’s not a single bit of me that feels bad about that. • If you’re in a season where you have to modify your workout, then modify! There’s no shame, disappointment or problem with that! • It’s not an excuse, either! • Go press play is all I had to tell myself today, and I did. And I feel a million times better. No one watching ☝🏼that video would say, “she didn’t really do a workout” or “she didn’t work that hard.” • Why do that to yourself? Modify with the focus of BEING INTENTIONAL AND DELIBERATE IN EVERY MOVE. As you go through modified moves make them as targeted and well-aligned as you can! Then, when it’s time to go all out your body will ALREADY know what to do because of muscle memory! • It’s so worth it. • • • • #fearless #32weekspregnant #32weeks #modify #teamstrongandsteady #evenwhileimpregnant #fitpregnancy #fitmom #thirdtrimester #floridalife #garageworkout
My journey into coaching was tough for me to commit to. . My struggles were: what if I annoy people? What if people misunderstand my message? What if people think I’m just trying to make money off of them? What if people feel judged instead of inspired? . This last point was a big one for me. Judged instead of inspired, encouraged, believed in. . Women go through enough, really. We have expectations upon expectations of what we “should” be or what we “need” to be to feel valued, loved, enough. We often sit in our minds about this and stew and find our biggest faults and focus on them. . My baby is in my lap because my stretchies aren’t that fun to show off in a bathing suit. But, at the end of the day, I’d rather be out in the sun and LET GO of the things that make me feel insecure. . For one, I’ve worked as hard as I can at being healthy, happy, and well taken care of. And two, in 10 years I PROMISE I will look back on this body and most likely WISH I had appreciated it. Whether I look better or worse, I’ll be thinking back and wishing I hadn’t wasted time focusing on the wrong thing. . Let’s take it easy on the judgement. Let’s work as hard as we can, as long as we can, and do as well as we can to cultivate health in ALL areas of our life! In nutrition, working out, mindfulness, God-life, gratitude, and appreciation for this tiny person on my lap. . Life is good, and people will take what they think about me whether I share or not. So sharing my coaching journey just feels right for me! What are you afraid to share? . #healthlife #bodypositive #thatwaterthough #beautifuldays #siestakey #boatlife #stayhealthy #focuscultivatewhatmatters #findyourtribe #lovehard #girlmom #31weekspregnant #myviviegirl #teamstrongandsteady
Today in 2011, my time hop popped up that I wrote, “mornings. Always never good. Always. Never.” . I can honestly say that perspective has changed for me. . Know why? It’s because I have created new habits that wrap around my morning. . When we create habits we know that our mind has to work very hard to consciously choose and focus on the task. It’s a time we have to spend consistently CHOOSING the habit we want to create/break. We work to switch gears and we work to start new ones. . But then our minds do this amazing thing that they have been wanting to do since we STARTED the habit. They integrate it! . Our habits become a part of our subconscious thought. We just get up and do them. . Now, I get up with a thankful prayer, read my devotions, drink my glass of water, gently move my body to wake it up, and search for coffee. I always open my blinds curious about what the day looks like, and am interested to see each new day arriving. . What a beautiful morning to keep choosing the habits that you want in your life! . Join me and my girls this March to create new healthy habits! . Want new meal plan ideas? Healthy recipes? Inspired workouts? Women to connect with? Someone to check-in with? Let’s do it! . #soulsisters #yogaforlowbackpain #yogatime #morningmotivation #morningyoga #movementculture #pta #physicaltherapyassistant #teamstrongandsteady #habits #habitsintegrated #cultivatewhatmatters
God has given you a SPIRIT to move forward. . I know health is a scary land to travel for some people! Some people feel defeated without even starting. . For some people, health is scary because it's somewhere they have experienced failure. . No one is looking for perfection because it doesn't exist! . Working toward goals are encouraging and getting back up and creating fight will be rewarding. Don't ever doubt that spirit that resides within! You can win this if you don't stay down. . Keep getting back up. Create that self-discipline. . Overcome. . #overcome #progressnotperfection #perfectlyimperfect #bibleverses #keepingfaith #healthapriority #teamstrongandsteady #yogaforlowbackpain #cultivatewhatmatters #foodfreedom
It would have been an easy night to call my workout off. . A long day of work leaves me pretty drained. I get home with full focus on giving Viv my QT until bedtime. I ate dinner and then an ice cream because 30 weeks. . I started thinking about encouraging other people and how it’s really easy to find reason “why not”. I’m tired. I’m pregnant. I worked all day. I ate. It’s a wash because I had ice cream. I’ve been really consistent so I can take a break, etc. these were all the reasons I “could’ve” used to talk myself out of tonight’s work out. . But showing up is more about mental process than physical. It’s about proving to yourself that even on days when it doesn’t feel fun it’s still worth it. Melissa Hartwig (founder of Whole30 and all-around boss) calls it “choosing your hard”. You can choose to live in pain, discomfort, weakness as your hard. Or you can choose working out, exercise, nutrition with guidelines as your hard. . Tonight, clearly I have chosen my hard. . I can and I will.
I have two brothers who were known for athletics and skills in sports. . And then there’s me. My brother Jared (featured) played for ND and we had the most awesome time going to his games. . Seeing Notre Dame campus is still one of the coolest memories for me. . I was always motivated by my brothers and the whole football atmosphere. A team sport where they can rally around each other and pump each other up and push each other to do better. . I just wasn’t very good with pressure. So I cheered. And that was fun for me because I didn’t have anyone laser focused on me. . Today, I still desire that same atmosphere. I still want people to rally. I still want people to push to get better. I still want to empower others to get after it. . That’s what I love about being a coach. I’m pouring all of these things I love and I’m getting poured into at the same time by my coaches and other girls who are doing the same thing! . I love it! If you’re someone who loves that kind of community, talk to me!! I’d love to share my experience. . #teamsports #notredame #nd #weareND #rally #cometogether #findyourpassion #liveoutloud #liveitwell #useyourvoice #coachlife #empoweringothers #teamstrongandsteady #consistencyandeffort
Friday feels: consistency and effort. . It’s that simple. It’s not hard. . Every day you put in consistency and effort is another day you’re going to crush your goals. . Don’t make excuses this Friday. Make time. . I want you to be a part of our spring group! Let’s get you committed and working toward feeling good! . #fridayfeels #getitin #consistencyandeffort #teamstrongandsteady #armday #letsbalance #firewife #hesonadouble #momofgirls #motherofdragons #raisingwarriors #outdoorslife #outdoorworkouts #itsgorg #bringonthebeach #letsdothissummer #summerbod #purple 💜 #29weekspregnant #29weeks #fitmom #pregnancyworkout #eatwell #lovejesus
The other day I crushed “A Little Obsessed” leg or booty day and thought, NBD. This is the precursor to the 80 Day Obsession group going on right now. My hamstrings. Still. Hurt. In honor of the fact that I can’t stop thinking about them because they’re so sore I am offering a $10 back for anyone who buys a challenge pack (which includes BOTH programs + multiple others, bands, shakes, and a supplement line). Want to get serious about that beachbody? DM me asap and let’s do it. Seriously, results from 2 weeks are already rolling in and they are awesome. #80do #alittleobsessed #hamstringcurls #hamstringsonfire #bootyday #fitmom #girlmom #legs #beachbabes #beachbum #sandandsea #letsgo #givingback #stillsore #arnicagel #detoxbath #epsomsalt #bands #booty #momofgirls #fitpregnancy #26weekspregnant #teamstrongandsteady
It’s such a pretty afternoon raining and I’m so thankful I have BOD to keep me engaged for a full 30 minute flow. I just struggle sometimes to make myself do it. For me, Steve’s at the station and I’m with Vivs. A yoga class isn’t possible but that’s ok because here I am doing my home practice. And it’s beautiful and engaging and I feel so much better now. I keep telling myself lately that I’ll do my workouts while V naps. And I find myself napping while she naps, too. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Hello, almost 3rd trimester. 🤰🏼 One of my last calls to join my February group. Very excited to make progress with my crew. #movementtherapy #fitmama #fitpregnancy #girlmom #girlboss #doingmythang #yoga #homepractice #pregnancyyoga #fityoga #secondtrimester #februarylove #teamstrongandsteady #joinme
Everyone needs a little support. There were like 3 Girls standing just outside of the frame during this shoot to make sure I was safe!! Gotta love people who are looking after you. Getting ready to set up my February Self-Love challenge group!! Working on some Self-Love challenges. Super excited to continue this journey into my 7th month of pregnancy. I think I was about that far along with my Vivies (baby #1 ) in this photo! Can’t wait to do a reshoot with baby #2 ! Send me a message if you’re ready for accountability, coaching, support, meals, self-love challenges and workouts 💪🏽 #thirdtrimesterhereicome #yoga #fitpregnancy #support #igetbywithhelp #needmytribe #letseatclean #mealplanning #workoutcrew #fitmom #pregnancyshoot #pregnancybelly #pregnancyyoga #forearmstand #february #februaryselflove #teamstrongandsteady #fierce #pureemotionsphotography #yogashoot #selflove #balance
Everyone’s out sick at work!! I’m so thankful that I’m feeling good. Rest well, lovelies. Put in some work today to sweat out those toxins You thinking about joining February’s challenge group?? I want to add some people ready to add a little tone and slim a little. Time to commit and knock it out. With a community behind you, what can you not achieve? #februarygrind #yogalove #firewife #teamstrongandsteady #sweatoutthetoxins #strongandbendy #wholehealthcrew #whateverittakes #jesus #longhairdontcare #bunlife #fitmom #pregnantbelly #fitpregnancy #roundtwo #girlmom
“There are more people broken and needing help than there are healing and serving.” I heard this quote during a podcast of Bob Heilig yesterday and it really struck me. How many people have you looked at today and truly seen them? Have you been kind today? Are there more opportunities for you to help and serve? What a beautiful reminder of what we are here to do. #serve #healtheworld #meetneeds #teamstrongandsteady #aforeverhealth #lifewellmade #love #beauty #yoga #keywest #throwbackthursday #tbt #boatyoga #dancerpose
For a while now I have shared my journey of health and kept myself accountable by sharing workouts online. I felt that if one person could find inspiration then it would have been worth it to put myself out there! I didn’t realize the number of people that would contact me privately looking for a little more direction. And when I didn’t have somewhere to point them, exactly, or a way to get them set up with eating well or workouts that fit their schedule I felt a little empty. When I said YES to coaching, I said YES to pointing people in a direction and giving resources and community. It is super fulfilling to me to have that answer for others! It inspires and uplifts me to see people start a journey they’ve been putting off or afraid to begin. If you have NO idea what coaching is, but would love to hear about what it is, then drop me a DM. We have a group talking about coaching this THURSDAY. It’s a sneak peak from some of the awesome people I get to work with daily. It’s videos that you can watch on your own time! So no need to worry about committing or interacting. It’s more of a opportunity to hear about it more in depth. I’d love for you to say YES to something that you’re passionate about as well! 🙌🏽🔥💪🏽💗 #allofit #fitcrew #inspirationcrew #letsdothis #sayyes #firewife #teamstrongandsteady #pushforwhatyouwant #moveforward #loveothers
I’ve tried to create habits in my life I want Viv and my future girl to follow in. A prayer life, reading the word, faith in action, healthy lifestyle and food choices, and getting active every day to honor my body. I want her to see me work hard in what I do and have a great passion and drive to see it succeed. Can you feel me, Momma’s? We have so much hope for our little ones. I hope you are surrounded by people who love you and can support you in the hopes you have for them 💗 #community #faithinaction #sweateveryday #slowandsteady #teamstrongandsteady #wholehealth #mindbodyspirit
Just got off of work and enjoying some cool weather outside while my girl makes sandcastles. “No more knee pain and I’m not taking Aleve anymore.” “I’ve stopped using Tums because my acid reflux is gone.” “My clothes fit better.” “The workouts are getting easier.” Checking in on my #januaryyogachallenge Group. These were just SOME of their NSVs (non-scale victories). Every time I question whether this is a good fit for me to work with Beachbody I remember that it’s helping my loved ones and friends that makes my heart sing. Want to get in on February’s challenge group? I’m hoping to get 5 more to join! Meal plans, accountability and working toward big goals. Start wherever you are today. You in? #firewife #nsv #nopainmeds #lifetogether #letsdothis #movementtherapy #pta #coldweatherremedy #february #loveyourself #move #teamstrongandsteady
Cheers to a job well done🥂💪 #teamstrongandsteady
Afternoon pop up = no cooking = pizza for the win! #mylularoelife #teamstrongandsteady #popupboutique #pizza #lularoe
Y'all know what I did today?! I paid our earnest/good faith deposit on our future home. And guess what? That money came from LuLaRoe! Hard work and determination pays off! One step closer to our dream! #becauseoflularoe #mylularoelife #buyingahouse #imaretailtherapist #teamstrongandsteady #sohappy
This or That? This Madison can be so fun and summery with the yellow classic t and sneakers, or dressed up with a black classic and black booties! #versatile #lularoe #thisorthat #lularoemadison #lularoeclassictee #lularoeforthewin #lularoekaylaandtaryn #teamstrongandsteady #imaretailtherapist
Somebody wanted to help me load my inventory online for a sale tonight. Either that or she was trying to very subtlety tell me get out of her chair. 😝 Silly kitty. 😻#LuLaRoe #imaretailtherapist #lularoeleggings #lularoeirma #teamstrongandsteady
Homemade potato salad. Something you might not know about this lularoe gal:: I enjoy cooking! (On my time and menu of course). Making this dish reminds me of being a little girl and helping my mom in the kitchen. I was her 'taste tester' 😊 #lularoeconsultant #teamstrongandsteady #potatosalad #getinmybelly
Early release day for my kiddos at school today, so it's going to be a busy day! But it's full of great stuff! Customers stopping by to shop, a lunch/play date on the park with friends, baking treats, and the hardware store later tonight. Busy days are fine when they're full of fun! Enjoy your day friends! 💜🌤 #lularoe #lularoepatrick #imaretailtherapist #teamstrongandsteady #blessedmama
Bright sunny day! Rocking my new @backwardsbunnydesigns sticker (that I took forever to put on) some #lipsense , and heading out to deliver some #lularoe packages! Have a wonderful day! #wahm #hustlehard #teamstrongandsteady #imaretailtherapist #dontbelievemejustwatch
What a fun exhausting morning! Pop up at forever sun salon was awesome! Many great guests and lots of goodies found a new home today! Now to unload my ol' explorer and off to ice cream and slushes with the kids!
Sometimes life is hard. Difficult. Tough to manage. Full of uncertainties. It doesn't make it easier knowing this stuff, it just allows you to tell yourself it will all work out exactly how it's supposed to. Today is a stressful day here, dealing with kids and their tantrums. So I'm taking a moment away to just breathe. Just remember to breathe friends. #lularoecarly #teamstrongandsteady #imaretailtherapist #blessedmama #itsoktonotalwaysbeok
Julia and I don't always get along, but I'm loving her with the inside scrunched to create a ruched look! #lularoe #lularoejulia #lularoeleggings #lularoesarah #mombun #whatchawearingwednesday #comfortable #clothes #imaretailtherapist #teamstrongandsteady
LuLaLiving it up tonight with my sister in law! Hanging out at the Grand Rapids Downtown Market for a local LuLaRoe training event. Ready to get my knowledge on! 😝 #imaretailtherapist #lularoeirma #lularoeleggings #lularoecassie #lularoejoy #teamstrongandsteady
Somebody thinks this is an acceptable spot to lay when I'm trying to work. Every.single.time. 🙄😂🙀 Silly kitty. #lularoe #lularoenicole #imaretailtherapist #teamstrongandsteady
Mailing out some goodies today! I know excited I get when I know there LuLaRoe coming in the mail, so I love being on the other end of that excitement too! #lularoe #imaretailtherapist #teamstrongandsteady
What my day consists of. No fun. 😷🤧 So thankfully I'm in my comfy LuLaRoe leggings, and working on booking some pop up's. Sometimes we have to be forced to take a break. #lularoeleggings #imaretailtherapist #teamstrongandsteady #nosickdaysformoms
Happy Friday! Rocking my #lularoeleggings , #lularoesarah , and #lularoeclassict today! Plus my sassy wrap headband from @thesassyolive ! #imaretailtherapist #teamstrongandsteady
Working on outfits today! Which too would you pick? 1 or2? #lularoe #outfits #imaretailtherapist #teamstrongandsteady #leggings
It's been a long day, a 3hr multi-consultant sale, then lots of play time with the kiddos, then watching my oldest perform at her last color guard competition, followed by ice cream. Because, why not? 😝🍦 I am one tired mama. But it's been a great day! Stayed comfy in my leggings and Carly all day. ❤️💜#lularoecarly #lularoeleggings #imaretailtherapist #teamstrongandsteady #blessedmama
Heading to Flint to watch my baby girl perform in her second to last color guard show as a high school student. I'll try not to get choked up. No promises though. So for a 2+ hour car ride I threw on the comfiest thing I own; my leggings and Carly dress. #lularoeleggings #lularoecarly #blessedmama #lularoe #teamstrongandsteady #imaretailtherapist
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