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Seriosuly miss competing and prepping, not sure when the next time will be when I step on stage but I'll be dammed if I dont again. #teamantabolic
When you try to take your own advice 😐🤷🏼‍♀️.. sometimes you just need to realize that you’re life isn’t over because of one thing, that life will keep on moving with or without you, so why not make life amazing by moving forward. #motivationalquotes #fitness #keepgoing #neverquit #teamantabolic #gonnaworkhard #buildingtime #slowly #betterbodies #fitfam #working #ihatebeingsick #cardio #offseason #npc #figure
Really proud of my progress thus far and it takes a lot for me to say that. Happy no matter the result in 3 weeks. #teamantabolic
Stellar prejudging performance by both long-time client @_cmbe in her NPC Figure (Masters 40+ & 50+) debut and Rich Gosselin in our first show together. Rich competed in 35+, 40+, 50+, & Open Heavyweight Men’s Bodybuilding, as well as made his classic physique debut in the Masters class there. Carmen is a lifetime natural (no PEDs or cosmetic surgery whatsoever, not even an herbal diuretic or OTC fat burner was used) 62-year-old mother of 5/grandmother. Rich is 55 years young. I took 6 lbs off Carmen this week solely with water manipulation (and that doesn’t mean cutting it ;)). This goes to show age is just a number and there never should be a “protocol”. Today was just a warm-up show for both, who also will be doing the New England Championships in 3 weeks. Thank you both for being absolutely amazing and creating the most stress-free client show day I have ever had in 10 years. #Antabolic #TeamAntabolic
Plant-based client Ali is absolutely crushing it! We have already added substantial lean tissue through entirely natural means on a Vegan diet in just a short amount of time. It has been great watching her composition change over the past month and a half and we are just getting started! Thank you for being so through and such a pleasure to work with. #Repost @muhammadaliiii ・・・ Yesterday mornings fasted cardio. Lol when you have a moment about all the personal things and craziness going on in your life good and bad, mostly good things during cardio 🙄and start crying through it. 😂 I truly believe it was just a giant release of so many things I tend to hold on to over time. It felt good to sweat, and cry. Pushing everyday to be better than the day before 😊🙏🧘‍♀️ #YeaImCrazy #LoveYourself #TeamAntabolic #GettingBalanced ✌️
#throwbackthursday to the night of my first show when I ate myself into a food coma and felt sick for a week. Thank you to my friends who kept encouraging me to “brag just one more plate” 🤣. • • #teamantabolic • • #npc #bodybuilding #nutrition #classicphysique #gainz #food #foodporn #icecream #chinesefood #prep #tan #sushi #steak #friends #springfield #offseason #powerlifting
Best I’ve ever felt (and looked IMO) for 6 weeks post-show and being in full cruise/detox mode. I will be getting a DEXA scan today to confirm this, however I feel as if I am as lean/if not leaner than day of show. Obviously I did lose some of the supra-physiological fullness/hardness that comes with super supplementation but that is to be expected and will come right back. Cardio has been a little bit less than prep (20-30 min 5x a week) but I have left calories very low (2.8k - 3.2k/day on average) given my metabolic demand at a very active, lean 225-226 lbs this morning. I literally have some bikini clients eating more than this but it’s what has spared me the extra “freedom” of having went on vacation in addition to 1-2 off-plan MEALS (not DAYS) a week with family/friends. High-carb refeed days have also been utilized as/when needed. Full labwork was drawn yesterday and if all is well I’ll be starting my reverse/offseason within the next week or so. As always, I hope to educate that this is a LIFESTYLE, not just 8-, 12-, 16-weeks, etc. or a yo-yo cycle of “blow up/cut down”. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in 13 years of involvement with this industry, 10 professionally, it’s to keep things tight in your improvement seasons and you’ll guaranteed not only achieve more, quality muscle gain but hold onto it much easier in prep as well. We all love to eat, however the food isn’t going anywhere. I promise. #TeamAntabolic #Antabolic #LeadByExample #PracticeWhatIPreach
I think shoulder day is one of my faves. Pump on😁💪🏼 #teamantabolic #showprep #npcbikini #sorrynotsorry #workoutwednesday #gym #fitness #fitspo #chickswholift #24daysout
“It’s going to be okay.” . “You’re so strong.” . “You’ll overcome this.” . “It’s okay to cry.” . “I love you.” . These are some of the many phrases my friends have said to me over the past 3 or 4 months as I battled with post show binging, “reverse dieting”, depression, and the obvious weight gain. . I struggled with my body image more than I wanted to admit and I stepped away from my coach which ended up being a huge mistake for myself. I felt like I was a whale and I was embarrassed and uncomfortable to even leave my house. . I felt like I would be judged for gaining weight post show. I felt like everyone was staring at me where ever I went. I felt like people would look at me as weak and not a real competitor because I didn’t reverse the way I should have. . Gaining weight is hard enough mentally, and watching the scale go up and up and up is scary. But what was worse was when that number really started to reflect in my clothes. I couldn’t wear half of the clothes that I had loved or fit in. I had no choice but to buy a larger pair of leggings just to be comfortable, and the day I tried them on.... one size larger in the dressing room... and they felt tight... and I cried. I’ll never forget that day because reality hit that I really lost control of myself. . I was fearful more than anything to talk about my story, and I was embarrassed to say I just competed. But this is the truth and this is so so raw. . I’ve been through a lot more than this in my life and this weight gain, these curves, this thickness will not define me, nor will It define me as a competitor. A number whether that be the scale or a jean size won’t matter. I’m so so much more than that. . This is my story & I’m thankful for so many girls who have reached out and shared me theirs. I find that if i can’t embrace and be strong for myself, then what business do I have when trying to preach and motivate others on their fitness journey? This is not a step back but a step forward. . 40lbs above stage weight and gallons of tears later I’m stronger & I’m moving on & continuing my journey.
Always on the go? There’s never an excuse to not have a non-perishable, lean protein source on hand with these @officialsyntrax Nectar Grab N’ Go packets. Each contains one full scoop of Nectar, delivering 23g of high-quality dairy-, fat-, gluten-, and sugar-free whey protein isolate. These are available on si03.com and clients/fans/followers save 40% with discount code SyntraxAnthony. I don’t to hear you “missed a meal” again! #SyntraxAnthony #TeamSyntrax #SyntraxElite #Antabolic #TeamAntabolic
Back in the game .. coming in stronger #teamantabolic @antabolic
#transformationtuesday To ALL those who workout in any form of fitness know that time and dedication is just a small piece of the puzzle in transforming! I am currently 37years old. I have been working out since I was in my mid teens. However, the first ten to fifteen years going through motions of various sorts probably not knowing any of what combos were needed in order to actually be successful!! A big part being your diet. There was clear evidence that I was always athletic and in shape. Everyone guessed I worked out but at the same time not in a manner where it led me too far with compliments because I was still just a 5foot tall 140-150lb guy who under my clothes, you couldn’t tell much! It has truly taken years and years of trial and error. Years of educating oneself within the sport. I got on board with coaches. This was a def turning point. However, gains were evident but... my physical feeling of bloating and that all mighty double edge sword of simply being fat or having put on size (not good size) was apparent. When I found my most recent coach @antabolic , this was the first time a coach actually dove into medical history, sleep issues, work situations and hours, every aspect of knowing how long I work out, the kind of workouts I do, etc... and thus you see the transformations I have made!!! We have experimented with different programs and it has been an awesome ride watching transformations of various sorts happen. . . At the end of the day, not only is your discipline and drive important, your years in, your diet and supplemental support a part of it, your continued education and learning yourself, but having a coach who actually knows what the f#k they are doing are all key factors. . This isn’t an overnight sport! It’s not a sport for excuses. You are as successful as you choose in this game. Choice is how far you’re willing to push. #teamantabolic #prosupps #syntrax #condemnedlabz #npc #body #strong #tattoos #beautiful #healthy #gym #smile #igfit #trainer #firm #fat #fashion #skinny #minigini #workout #love #weight #tan #fitfluential #fitspo #happy #bodybuilding
When we competed last, judges’ feedback was to try the figure division so this weekend we are doing exactly that. Lifetime drug-free/natural and 62-years-old, @_cmbe , dialing things in for Saturday. This will be our 4th show together and I really have Carmen’s body down by now. Just one benefit of a long-term client/coach relationship. Thank you for always trusting the process, it makes these final days especially smooth and stress free. #Repost @_cmbe ・・・ Tank/No Tank just a little flexing and feeling great full that I can do this. Once I stopped comparing myself to others and just started embracing and appreciating what my body can do has made a huge difference for me. Every prep is different, this one has been my favorite so far! Having a great Coach who’s been there on a daily tweaking things for me to make sure I look my best for Saturday makes it so much easier. Seeing all the hard work he pours into this sport is my drive to push myself to make sure I can show what his guidance has done for me. Thank you @antabolic for all you do, I am so proud to be on your team! ❤️#teamantabolic #4daysout #npc #ageisjustanumber #fit #fitover50 #fitover60 #🇵🇷 #latina #mylife #myway #mycoachisthebest #hardworkpaysoffs
Tank/No Tank just a little flexing and feeling great full that I can do this. Once I stopped comparing myself to others and just started embracing and appreciating what my body can do has made a huge difference for me. Every prep is different, this one has been my favorite so far! Having a great Coach who’s been there on a daily tweaking things for me to make sure I look my best for Saturday makes it so much easier. Seeing all the hard work he pours into this sport is my drive to push myself to make sure I can show what his guidance has done for me. Thank you @antabolic for all you do, I am so proud to be on your team! ❤️#teamantabolic #4daysout #npc #ageisjustanumber #fit #fitover50 #fitover60 #🇵🇷 #latina #mylife #myway #mycoachisthebest #hardworkpaysoffs
3 weeks and change out.. tired but have to keep grinding. #teamantabolic
Self-accountability. 5.5 weeks post-show and enjoying my detox/maintenance phase before stepping on the gas again soon. Food is still low (partly for digestion and health/partly to help offset my casino/brunch buffet & all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant addiction 🤤). I normally would carb-load/refeed today (without a cheat meal) being weight is at “stage” still, I’m flat, & pumps/strength were suffering yesterday (even after a large pizza Sunday night). Instead I’m going to push the cardio and diet hard for the next few days. I know I’m still retaining subcutaneous fluids from Sunday so (mainly out of curiosity) I want to see where I’m truly at before changing anything/re-feeding/having another cheat. Plus Friday is fight night with @bellatormma at @mohegansun , home to some of my favorite restaurants. #LeadByExample #PostShow #Antabolic #TeamAntabolic
Haven’t been to the gym since last Monday! 😱 Decided I needed to get here tonight, braces and all, and murdered my legs🙈 Was very upset and down for a while but now I’ve changed my mindset about my situation. Now everything trying to stop me is motivation for me to do better 💪🏼 #watchmycomeback #teamantabolic
May not be growing #pumpkindelts this season but I'm eating plenty of pumpkin oats to make up for it! But on the bright side, @antabolic will actually HAVE to have me train shoulders once I'm all healed up 😂😈💪 #throwback #bodybuilding #teamantabolic #wpd #womensphysique #npc #athlete #competitor #takemeback #flagnorfail #workhustlekill #shreddybetty #prepmode #postshowpump #illbeback #fitness #fitfam #flex #chickswholift
Remember when life makes you take one step back, you jump two steps forward... decided that my health was more important than stepping on stage this year, I’m taking a early off-season/ reversing until next season. This was a rough one, after the 4 years of competing in at least one show a year, this year I am not. Yah know, life happens and @antabolic and I believe that health comes first before stage. So here’s to getting better and building an entire new physique that I know I am capable of! Let’s get it. #winning #notgivingup #healthfirstfitness #teamantabolic #npc #npcfigure #figuregirl #fitness #fitfam #working #muscles #aesthetic #leanbean #build #offseason
@vinny_m_diesel 6 weeks out from NPC Nationals. I will be flying into Miami that Thursday, giving us an advantage we’ve yet to have in past preps being I will be there real time in the final 24 hours before prejudging and all the way through finals (it’s a two-day show for those who are unfamiliar). On a scale of slow cooker to double deep-fried, he’s at an oven-bake currently. Vinny’s oblique shots get nutty and goal is his crispiest, driest yet this season. After going on two years together, I have his body down what I would say to be extremely well by now and am confident in the lightweight specimen I envision him becoming. #Antabolic #TeamAntabolic #ThePeeledPeople #ExtraCrispy
Appreciation post: TO ALL who are on the team, #teamantabolic many can agree I’m sure... coach @antabolic is not just a coach but a friend. He’s someone who I’ve now worked with with for more than 2years. Others 5, 10, 1 year or maybe since inception. But for me, there’s not a time when I still can’t just text him and say what’s up. I get an answer back. No matter the question, maybe the frustrations of a diet issue or workout program, he is there! Also having had coaches prior, I truly trust in this man more than any I have worked with. The knowledge, the depth and attention to detail, the priority we become, the strides in the last couple years we have watched him grow as well, it’s amazing! Truly a coach, a friend, and a man who created a team that everyone should be on and/or follow! He IS the mad scientist. He IS ANTABOLIC👍🏼 . . Also a huge thanks to ALL of those on the team. Never have I made so many friends, men and women from all over, until being a part of this whole experience. I continue to change, learn, improve, and be a better person all around because of all of this, and all of you 👍🏼👍🏼🙏🏼👏🏼 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #bangenergydrink #bodybuilding #wine #npc #athlete #motivationalquotes #motivation #diet #exercise #macro #macros #ifbb #npcnationals #classicphysique #gym #barbell #isymfs #whateverittakes #5percenters #5percentnutrition #condemnedlabz #condemnedlabs
In The Lifting Department, The Last Few Weeks Been Fun. Was Rear-Ended By A Car With Some Minor Whiplash Effects. Strained My Left Trap During Banded Incline Presses So Bad, I Thought I Broke My Collarbone In My Sleep. Now I Come Back From Dallas With A Head Cold. Went To The Gym To Hopefully Sweat It Out, But I Think I Made It Worst. Drank 2 Gallons & Loaded With Ester C, But NyQuil Will Have To Do. These 14 Hr Days Don’t Help Much, But The Grind Continues. Anyway, These Two Workouts: - 8 Sets x 3 Reps @ 75% 1RM - 275lb The Set You See Is My 9th, To See How Much I Had Left In Me. This Was My 2nd Leg Workout. - 4 Sets x 8 Reps - Bands 15-35 Tension Plus Plates. Slow & Steady Reps - @antabolic Prescription @officialbigdaddykane Theme - #bodybuilding #squats #legpress #noexcuses #fuckpain #training #offseason #cantstopwontstop #breathe #workout #fitfam #40andfit #glutes #chicagobulls #blacktoe1s #realcollector #jordanhead #teamantabolic #teamnatural #strong #letsgo #lightweightbaby #squad #teamhardware #fitnessmotivation #bebetter
Getting my pump on feels so good! Shoulder, tricep day complete! 30 days out! #showprep #teamantabolic #npcbikini #gym #fitness #leanmuscle #gains #chickswholift #fitspo
#FitOver50 instagram-less Rich Gosselin preparing for battle at @thesupergym CT Grand Prix, our first show together and warmup for either @bevsgym New England’s and/or Eastern USAs. This is him flat, immediately upon waking yesterday morning at 1.5 & 5.5 weeks out. Not bad for an “old guy”? #TeamAntabolic #Antabolic #ThePeeledPeople
To say @jason_lagrange13 improved light years from his past showings to this one is an understatement. He joined @teamantabolic the day after placing dead last in 2017 to narrowly missing the Top 5 (he got 6th) in a stacked class this past Saturday. Regardless of placing, we came in dry, full, and lean and even this great pic doesn’t do his condition day of show justice. We know what we need to work on and will be back even better when the time is right, after the necessary improvements have been made. I truly appreciate your kind words. Fun fact: @jason_lagrange13 had actually remembered me from over 10 years ago when we trained together at what was formerly Gold’s Gym Bristol. Even then, at a soft 165 lbs, I had an “I’m not here to talk” shirt on so from Day 1 Jason knew I meant business. I’m looking forward to what the future brings and continuing to watch you progress! #TeamAntabolic
Whenever people claim losing muscle in a contest prep is inevitable I chuckle. Feed your clients and watch what happens ... Vin is one of my long-time 🤖’s. After a class win and 2nd place finish last season, we are taking this lightweight talent down to Miami this November. Expect a skinless Vinny Maugeri in 6.5 weeks! #Repost @vinny_m_diesel ・・・ 10/3__9/5__8/24 #teamantabolic @teamantabolic @antabolic Growing into the show! Get a coach who knows what they're doing and be a client who does what they're told. Trust the process!
DISCLOSURE: THIS IS A SELF-EXPERIMENT/theorizing and not recommendation or to even be taken as dietary advice of any sorts - 2200 calories and 19g fat a day for someone my size is by NO means healthy and an extreme of which I fully understand the consequences as well as how to correct them should they arise. Ergogenic aids, mainly those of use in glucose disposal/utilization, appetite suppression, and metabolic rate increase ARE being utilized. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Just trying to be like @ifbblong lol jk. As I mentioned I’m currently running a moderate-high carb/moderate-high protein/(very) low fat experiment this week. Calories are very low but carbs high in comparison. Today is a rest day aside from DOUBLE cardio (my busiest work day) so that being said, both calories and carbohydrates are slightly lower (2200 / 240g but with only 19g total fat for the day including incidentals as a 230+ lb and TRUE 6% bodyfat bodybuilder). However, my carb intake today is still high enough to produce a great deal of hunger (carbs can make you hungry through multiple means). This is especially true without the presence of dietary fat. When you eat carbs, the liver is actually the first place to store glycogen versus muscle cells. Being I want to deplete down a bit this week (especially today being a rest day), I want the majority of my carbs going to liver glycogen and fructose is known to be the best route of action there. This will not only help to control appetite but ensure I have adequate energy for “life function” (as I said today is INSANE with client work) even if I am attempting to deplete my muscle glycogen and further the caloric deficit I am in. Instead of 1.25 cups (7.0 oz.) of jasmine rice which is what I would normally have at this meal, I was able to have over double that in weight of berries, further “filling me up”. Once again, this is just a self-experiment based on just as much (if not more) theory as it is science. As always I take extensive notes during these trials as to how I felt - energy, mood, mental clarity, etc. #HumanPerformanceTheorist #Antabolic #TeamAntabolic #ContestPrep #Offseason #ReverseDieting #Nutritionist
It isn’t all sushi and Five Guys ☹️. Cycling my cals and especially fats a bit lower this week. Carbs have been moderate to high in relation but as I said, overall calories are (very) low for my activity level and amount of muscle mass (more muscle = greater metabolic demand whereas fat does not require any/nearly as much energy so to speak). There’s not a strong need for glucose before bed under many circumstances, especially since I’m not training tomorrow. Therefore it’s protein and fiber only tonight. If I wake up during the night to pee, I’ll have some EAAs with added glutamine since these egg whites are a rather quickly-digested protein source and won’t really help much in sustaining a positive nitrogen balance over the 8-9 hours I’ll be “fasting”. #Antabolic #TeamAntabolic #Nutrition #ContestPrep #Offseason #ReverseDieting #nutritionist
The past few days I went from having a sweet tooth back to craving fruits, so here’s today’s @officialsyntrax post-workout combo. I mixed 1.25 scoops (35g dry weight) Roadside Lemonade Nectar with 1 scoop (28g dry weight) Twisted Cherry Nectar in 16 oz. of cold water. You can use less if you’d like/your meal plan states otherwise, this is just to satisfy my personal protein requirements and desired consistency. I do however recommend keeping the lemonade amount slightly higher than the cherry at a 1.25:1 ratio. Don’t limit yourself to just one great flavor when you can get creative and satisfy cravings, recreate your favorite drinks, and more all by utilizing Syntrax’s impressive 24 flavor options available for Nectar alone (not counting their other protein products). As always, practicing what I preach and actually using what I recommend to clients and in the same manner. Like my clients know and regularly take advantage of, discount code SyntraxAnthony is good for 40% off your entire order on si03.com. That doesn’t just include Nectar so grab the other Syntrax essentials while you’re on the site and save. #Antabolic #TeamAntabolic #SyntraxAnthony #SyntraxElite
I rarely take pictures of my “cheat” meals, however when I opened the bag and peeled back the aluminum foil covering this Bacon Triple Cheeseburger rendition of a Picasso or Van Gogh, it was then I knew that it would be sinful for these thousands of calories to go down undocumented. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Pro Tip: Go to Five Guys <10 minutes before close and have cool hand/finger tattoos by @gregmerola at @lostartgallerytattoo. Conversation starts with ink, ends with “Well since we close in a few minutes, exactly how much “extra bacon” did you want? Otherwise this *lifts up handful of perfectly cooked, extra-crispy bacon 🥓🤤* gets thrown out in a couple of minutes.” Not all heroes wear capes. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Now back to riding the “not prepping for a show but I’m addicted to being lean” struggle bus all week. I’ve been showing you guys these fun cheats and refeeds but fact is 95% or more of my meals right now are very low calorie as I’m off super supplements and just kind of detoxing/enjoying staying as close to contest shape as I can “natural”. I haven’t begun a reverse diet or offseason and my food most days is actually LESS than I was prepping on. This isn’t because I’m not hungry, I am, just I know when to push the food and when to pull back and now is time to pull back a bit. I am however having fun doing little week-long experiments with my body just to further experience and knowledge. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ My offseason burger CHEAT (NOT a refeed) of choice: -Bacon Cheeseburger with an extra patty for 3 patties total -Extra bacon -Extra cheese -Light lettuce -Light tomato -Extra, Extra, Extra grilled mushrooms -Extra pickles -Fresh jalapeños -BBQ sauce on the side (for dipping fries in) -Cajun fries ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ There’s also a grilled cheese variation which maybe I will get and show you next time. Until then get back to eating your clean meals!
NPC Men’s Physique client @jason_lagrange13 a couple hours out from our first show together, the @brooklyn_grand_prix. I took over Jason as a client the day following his last show in October 2017, reverse dieted him, did a full offseason together, and now prepped for today. As of right now he’s 6 lbs of stage weight heavier and twice as conditioned - bigger, drier, and leaner. This is what a full year of “no days off” can do. We never looked at offseason as an opportunity to let off, solely improve. Phenomenal job thus far now get up there and shine. #TeamAntabolic #Antabolic #DadBod
I love seeing clients motivating one another, working out together, and steady grinding to achieve their goals! No magic tricks, secrets, or shortcuts ... just proven experience and science-backed techniques in combination with CONSISTENT maximal effort! Thank you @_lindsayjo_ for referring @kellyr_919 to me. She’s made great strides thus far and in 5 weeks we get to showcase all of that hard work! #Repost @kellyr_919 ・・・ Working out with Lindsay 😁 such a beast 💪🏼 always pushing me to level up. Thank you! 5 weeks out feeling good. #teamantabolic #gym #fitness #chickswholift #npcbikini #showprep
My good friend reminded me last night of how far I’ve come in the last few months. I’m proud of myself for all of my accomplishments and what’s to come. I started training for my first NPC Bikini show 11 weeks ago and I have 5 weeks to go! I have learned that I am stronger than I realize and by that I don’t just mean physically but mentally too. The dedication it takes to endure prep is hugely dependent on your mindset. I work to be my best self every day. Thank you to all my friends and family who are by my side. My coach is the mastermind behind it all and has provided me with the tools and keeps me in line. Feeling grateful. #showprep #fitspo #teamantabolic #gym #fitness #flexfriday #npcbikini #shredded
As many of my clients know, I’ve always been an advocate of including red meat and/or other fattier animal proteins in the last meal before bed when I can. Don’t believe into the slow (aka NO) digesting casein bullshit the supplement industry sells you. Here’s what’s been my own personal last meal before bed lately. I find that ground game meats are very easily digested for me (@cementfactory and I used them almost exclusively in loading during my last prep) so I went with grass-fed ground bison, topped with cage-free, omega 3 whole eggs (which have a better fat profile than regular eggs due to the hens being fed flaxseed-rich diets. It’s because of this that a substantial amount of DHA and ALA are transferred into the yolks. For a fibrous veggie, mushrooms, which have been one of my personal favorites since I was a baby 👶🏽😋. As a low-moderate fat guy (10-15% max of my daily intake) this is currently my only meal that has added fat and even that relatively small amount is naturally-occurring animal fat. Not saying that’s what’s best for everyone as it certainly isn’t, but it is what works for me. I’m also not big on adding anything to my food but tonight got fancy with some Cajun herbs, pink Himalayan sea salt, and splash of hot sauce. Also being I am “detoxing” currently, my protein portions are all as low as 5.5 oz. (pictured here), which is about half of my normal protein intake.
#tbt to the days of rice cakes and competing 😂 📸: @nikkiriss_ #teamantabolic #npcbikini
Working out with Lindsay 😁 such a beast 💪🏼 always pushing me to level up. Thank you! 5 weeks out feeling good. #teamantabolic #gym #fitness #chickswholift #npcbikini #showprep
Side and back check... almost two and a half weeks out ...getting nervous 🤞🤞🤞#favoritepose #selfietime #fit #fitlife #livingmybestlife #teamantabolic #ageisjustanumber #mylife #myway #alwaysstrong
Follow up today went well. Doc said I have no restriction and I need start be more active so I went hard today.. 1st time doing deadlifts after surgery .. after 6 weeks of not I can still deadlift 135lbs and I weight in at 111lbs... I COMING FOR YOU GAINS! 1st check in back is Thursday can’t wait @antabolic #teamantabolic #girlsthatlift #girlswithtattoo #nofucksgiven
“Why let your fury lay deep inside you, sullenly boiling your blood into silent steam and griding your bones to dust? I it not better to thrust it out with great velocity from every pore, with your every action? Let your actions speak your legend. The physical is the manifestation of the spirit. Let your spirit be teeming with fury. Let your strength be unusual and controlled. The average is the borderline that keeps mere men in their place. Those who step over the line are heroes by the very act. Go.” -Henry Rollins
Success trains. Failure complains. 🙌🏼 Shoulder/tri day✅ #showprep #npcbikini #6weeksout #gym #fitness #shredded #leanmuscle #fitspo #teamantabolic
Since I showed y’all earlier what I do pre/intra-workout, here’s my post-workout as well. Typically I go for the fruit flavored Nectars but ever since Vegas my sweet tooth has been a thorn in my side (there may have been one buffet trip in particular when I ate about 2 dozen scoops of gelato and sorbet 😳). Rather than cheat on my diet I’ve been using the chocolate truffle flavor and it definitely does the trick at taking care of my cravings. Personally I use 2.25 scoops at the moment and that ensures I am getting just over 50g of a rapidly-absorbed, ultra-clean protein source to aid in the recovery process. Nectar is the ONLY whey protein isolate I use with clients and have used it personally since being introduced to it by a friend my sophomore year of college (2008). As I stated in my previous post, discount code SyntraxAnthony works on the manufacturer’s website, si03.com, for FORTY percent off. #Antabolic #TeamAntabolic #TeamSyntrax #SyntraxElite
Gearing up to get a quick lift in before heading back to work. About 30 minutes pre-workout I do 1 scoop of each @officialsyntrax SuperGLU ultra pure glutamine and Matrix BCAA amino blend. I combine this with creatine monohydrate, EAAs, a non-stim pump product, and 2 scoops of my own pre-workout that I personally formulated and have manufactured in small batches here in the USA (you don’t see me advertise it, but it has been available for years and on sale now over at ant-abolic.com). I then have additional SuperGLU, Matrix, EAAs, & creatine intra-workout as well. I’m not a “product pusher” but as my clients know this stuff actually works. Discount code SyntraxAnthony on si03.com saves you 40% off your entire order of SuperGLU, Matrix, Nectar, & more! #SyntraxAnthony #SyntraxElite #TeamSyntrax #Antabolic #TeamAntabolic
1000g carbs in so far in 5 meals and still flat as a 🥞. This is interesting 😳. Last meal will be cheat meal of fair food, I’ll gauge carb intake by how I feel. Right now my muscle still feels very spongy so I know the tank is far from full. Most likely will do anywhere from 250g-500g more and reassess in the morning with pics and weight for my own record. Based on how flat and watery I was this morning I should wake up drier and harder (weight may even be down again knowing my body). My clients who I have had to heavy carb load and/or refeed can relate to these type of extremes lol (@derekhoeckh in particular) #TeamAntabolic #Antabolic
Practicing what I preach - 3 weeks post-show. First workout after taking a bit to let whatever this mystery tear is (note the dark bruising/pooled old blood in my bicep and delt) heal up some. Putting back 1000-1500g carbs today depending how I look as the day progresses to try and fill back out/dry up some. Still flat here and as a trained eye can see there’s a very evident “film” of subcutaneous fluids, but by mid-week I’ll be back to life. Super supps are cut in anticipation of full detox then offseason has some big surprises in store. This isn’t about a single day and then giving yourself a cookie, it’s a fucking lifestyle. #Antabolic #TeamAntabolic
One of my most impressive offseason transformations of 2018 and we still have a few months left before January. @mattfearn_physique keeping things in check before we back off a bit. He competed over 3 months ago and if I said right now “let’s do nationals” we would be able to have him at his most conditioned ever in 2 months time. Great adherence and work Matt! These are my clients who motivate me even more to practice what I preach. #TeamAntabolic #Antabolic
#tbt to 20 weeks ago, or 5mos ago, after having just started with #teamantabolic and my coach @antabolic for 2 weeks. All things considered, the picture on the left isn't bad, and I almost included my actual starting point last year to see how far I have come prior to signing on with Ant, but this shoutout is specifically for the work he and I have achieved in 22 weeks time. It has been one heck of journey I have not come close to half or quarter assing. _ Currently, I'm in a growth phase after doing body recomp for quite some time, and head to toe has improved drastically. However, my arms have always been a weak place for me. Sleeves during the summer because I hated how my arms looked. After my PICC line was taken out of my bicep for blood treatments, I hated them worse and my scar caused dimpling which looked like worse cellulite. I had put in so much work on my own, especially in my arms, that I became content with them prior to meeting Ant. Needless to say, I love them now! I'm very proud of myself and how far I have come and we're no where near finished! _ Gains tank & snapback: @ironpunisherapparelco Training programmer: @mountaindog1 _ #ironpunisherathlete #fitnessapparel #fitstagram #fitspo #fit #fitchick #tattooed #gym #ootd #prep #offseason #gains #npc #ifbb #figure #physique #delts #arms #fitmom #bodybuildingmotivation #bodybuilding #weightloss #transformation #fitfam #momswholift #momswithtattoos #girlswithtattoos #girlswholift
When Your Pre-Workout Meal Includes Pancakes, How Could You Not Be Excited?! 😜#pancakes #life #wednesdaywisdom #offseason #happy #training #smilebitch #humpday #fitness #squad #teamantabolic
How do you radiate your energy?✨💛 . I love how everyone expresses themselves through different avenues and passions. I’ve learned that I express myself through not only what I love to do and how I verbalize my opinions and thoughts to others but my body language. I’ve always been gifted in a sense that I’ve never needed to speak in order to be heard. . It’s been both a positive and a negative characteristic that I hold. My expressions, emotions, feelings, joy, heartbreak, sadness, and disgust is always written all over my face. . I’ve had to take some serious practice to control this super power of mine. It’s not always a gift when you can’t help but express your emotions in an instant. Try crying in a crowd, or laughing in a business meeting because of a joke. It’s not easy to have your emotions written all over your face. . But I’d rather have my personality than anything else. My smile has always been my favorite thing about myself. In fact it’s my absolute favorite compliment to receive. It’s how I radiate my energy. . How do you radiate? ✨ . . . . . . . . #bodybuilding #movitation #abs #fitnessmotivation #gains #training #straightjacket #fitness #fitfam #grind #gymmotivation #msjaclyn #instafit #bodybuildingmotivation #teamantabolic #gymaddict #booty #gains #instafollow #foodporn #girlswholift #prep #bikini #NPCbikinicompetitor #NPC #aesthetics #ifbb #postshow
“I had to persevere because this was my life. This championship, this was the stuff I dreamt of all my life, and I wasn’t gonna be denied.” -Iron Mike Tyson
G I J A Y ✨ You ever see an action figure in real life? 😁🏋🏾‍♀️ Amazing body painting and edit by the talented @heloz_creative_arts 🎨
I knew her before she was crowned Ms. Physique Olympia! Kidding, but how cool is it that @therealfitnessbeauty was the one to present me with my WPD win at my first show?! #bodybuilding #wpd #npc #olympia2018 #teamantabolic #throwback #winning #womensphysique #athlete #competitor #flex #pose #flagnorfail #workhustlekill #biggerandbetter #thefuture #npcgardenstates #lifestyle #prep #shreds
“I want you to back yourself into a corner. Give yourself no choice but to succeed. Let the consequences of failure become so dire and so unthinkable that you’ll have no choice but to do whatever it takes to succeed.” -Jordan Belfort
Working on getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. Now let’s keep growing 😈💪🏼🎃 #teamantabolic
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