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I will never forget this moment in the back of a 1948 Chevy. Nor will I ever forget this Storybook Nantucket wedding with @kristylm16 ❤️. Makeup 💄:#tammyphammakeup using using @lamer @armanibeauty @ctilburymakeup Hair ⚔️: @stylesbyjulian Video Credit 😇: @shetalia Photographer: @nathancoe
💁🏻‍♀️What’s a bride without her 🧚🏻‍♀️BRIDESMAIDS🧚🏻‍♀️??? Makeup 💄:#tammyphammakeup using using @lamer @armanibeauty @ctilburymakeup @makeupforeverofficial BM glam:@veronicavargas.hmu Hair ⚔️: @hairwith_amanda Wedding Planner: @purelavishevents @purelavish_gia @purelavish_lauren Florals: @bottlesandblooms 📸: @chardphoto Videographer: @jesworkman @lunabayfilms
💁🏻‍♀️Let me tell you...anytime the weather is ABOVE 107 degrees in SoCal all you can do is HOPE and PRAY🙏🏻that when you leave, the bride’s makeup lasts all night—through SWEAT AND TEARS. Months prior- I looked at the DATA, made EDUCATED decisions based on her skin type, and I customized my kit to BULLET-PROOF my bride. Finally, when she expresses her happiness, I do a nerdy 🤓 dance (trip a little bit) and dance again💃🙃🕺🏿!!! Swipe right for some happy moments 💕. Makeup 💄:#tammyphammakeup using using @lamer @armanibeauty @ctilburymakeup @makeupforeverofficial Bride: @kaylaraereid Assisted By 😇: @veronicavargas.hmu Hair ⚔️: @hairwith_amanda Wedding Planner: @purelavishevents @purelavish_gia @purelavish_lauren Florals: @bottlesandblooms 📸: @chardphoto Videographer: @jesworkman @lunabayfilms
💕Natural, golden, glowy. Swipe right for some of my favorite moments from this wedding 💕. Bride’s Makeup 💄:#tammyphammakeup using using @lamer @armanibeauty @ctilburymakeup Bride: @sydneykthompson_ Hair ⚔️: @rickyfraserhair Wedding Planner: @internationaleventco 📸: @curtisdahl
💕🤭➡️ Such a TIMELESS beauty at her wedding rehearsal @sydneykthompson_ 💕. Makeup 💄:#tammyphammakeup using @lamer @armanibeauty @ctilburymakeup Hair ⚔️: @rickyfraserhair 3rd photo cred: @_jesskaplan
Soft golden-glam 🧡💛💗w/ @morganstewart for @tlabymorganstewart Makeup 💄:#tammyphammakeup using @armanibeauty @maccosmetics @beccacosmetics Photographer 📸: @larsen_sotelo Hair ⚔️: @jesushair
Happy Birthday Week 🎂🎉 to the one who uses up all of my individual lashes😭🤓!@morganstewart Makeup 💄:#tammyphammakeup using @armanibeauty @makeupforeverofficial @urbandecaycosmetics Photographer 📸: @brendanforbes Hair ⚔️: @jesushair
🤗🐰Mein strahlender Hase!!!🐰😊 @sarina_nowak Makeup 💄:#tammyphammakeup •Skin Prep: @armanibeauty prima glow-on balm+ @tatcha camellia beauty oil• Brows: @anastasiabeverlyhills brow wiz (taupe) •Foundation: @armanibeauty LSF 7.0, 6.5+ @ctilburymakeup flawless filter (light) •Blush @armanibeauty lip magnet 504 •Lips:@aquaphorus •Highlight: @amrezy +@beccacosmetics opal •Concealer: @armanibeauty master corrector 2 +@maccosmetics prolongwear •Eyes: @inglot_cosmetics liner +@armanibeauty eyes to kill mascara
#BTS @scarlettleithold x @sablyn__ Makeup 💄:#tammyphammakeup •Skin Prep: @lamer original moisturizing cream @makeupforeverofficial hydrating primer• Brows: @anastasiabeverlyhills taupe •Foundation: @armanibeauty LSF 6.5, 8.0 @lamer soft fluid in honey to contour •Blush/Lips: @armanibeauty lip magnet 504 •Highlight: @amrezy +@beccacosmetics opal •Concealer: @armanibeauty high precision #2 @urbandecaycosmetics light neutral •Eyes: @nudestix terra @maccosmetics melba @armanibeauty eyes to kill mascara •Setting Spray: @tatcha dewy skin mist Hair ⚔️: @in.living.color_
💁🏻‍♀️I present to you SABLE- aka the bride with the most enviable bare back I’ve ever seen (a veritable poster child for 💪Turbo Pilates), and the bride with the cutest “hehe” I’ve ever heard 🤣. Below the surface, she’s a warm soul through and through💕❤️💕. Always an honor to be a part of such a special day 🙏🏻! Makeup 💄:#tammyphammakeup using @armanibeauty @tomford @beccacosmetics Hair ⚔️Slayer: @the_brownsisters_mb Photo Cred: @morganstewart + @zahra_rawjee
Happy Anniversary week to this beauty @camiwould 💞🎉!!! Makeup:#tammyphammakeup 📸: @mksadlerwed Hair ⚒: @jasminsmaneattraction
It’s impossible to forget the tears and the smiles of this bride. Happy Anniversary week @mraetendencies 💕. Bride’s Makeup:#tammyphammakeup 📸: @janawilliamsphotos_ Hair ⚒: @bpalestino Planner: @detailsalicia Video: @hoo_films
Look 2: Light springy splashes of green, pink, and ochre w/@thasupremecourt ❤️. Makeup 💄:#tammyphammakeup using @lamer @armanibeauty @maccosmetics @anastasiabeverlyhills @tatcha Hair ⚔️: @hairbytoniaday
Look 1: Buttery Skin+Cheekbones for Centuries w/ @thasupremecourt 🙆🏻‍♀️😭. Makeup 💄:#tammyphammakeup using @lamer @armanibeauty @maccosmetics @anastasiabeverlyhills @tatcha Hair ⚔️: @hairbytoniaday
🏆 Oscars’18 Glam with @morganstewart for @eentertainment -swipe right for key makeup players. Makeup 💄:#tammyphammakeup using @armanibeauty @tomford @cledepeaubeautyus @urbandecaycosmetics @givenchybeauty @beccacosmetics @ardell_lashes individuals @anastasiabeverlyhills Hair ⚔️: @jucieg Style👗: @styledbyjennyr
🔥Throwback and stripped down w/@maevdw for @adaptation.official 🔥. Makeup🎨:#tammyphammakeup using @lamer @armanibeauty Photo📸: @shkylar Styling: @marpeidro Hair⚔️: @theshawness @hoodrichmitch
Thank goodness for those LIGHT+GRACEFUL powder brush TAPS😁🙏🏻🖤@morganstewart @instylemagazine 🖤. Makeup 💄:#tammyphammakeup using @armanibeauty @maccosmetics @beccacosmetics @ardellbeauty individuals Hair ⚔️: @jucieg
🖤Golden Globes w/ @morganstewart 🖤 Makeup 💄:#tammyphammakeup using @armanibeauty @maccosmetics @beccacosmetics @ardellbeauty individuals Hair Slayer⚔️: @jucieg
🔥BRONZY GLAM WITH @lateciat 🔥 Makeup 💄:#tammyphammakeup using @armanibeauty @maccosmetics @beccacosmetics @ardellbeauty individuals x demi wispies Hair ⚔️: @syl_via
SUPER natural glam with one of the most serene 🧘🏼‍♀️brides I’ve ever met @alexandra_allen ❤️💋😘. I especially love when the glow delicately pops from underneath her veil 😊 in pic 5. Bridal Makeup 💄:#tammyphammakeup using @armanibeauty @hourglasscosmetics @beccacosmetics 📸: @heatherkincaidphoto Wedding Planner: @roandcoevents Hair ⚔️: @christinaghair
100 degree weather and an impromptu indoor wedding, no problem right @lauren_ayyyy 😭?!!Happy 2 months gorgeous!!! ❤️😘💋💋 Makeup 💄:#tammyphammakeup 📸: @linandjirsa Lighting: @thelightersidela Wedding Planner: @hovik Hair ⚔️: @syl_via Florals: @butterflyfloral
💙@parishilton 💙 Hair Slayed⚔️ By: @princeangelll Makeup 💄:#tammyphammakeup
❤️Skin focus and natural beat with the sweetest @farrahbritt ❤️! Makeup 💄:#tammyphammakeup using @armanibeauty @maccosmetics @urbandecaycosmetics
❤️Love when the look comes together. I make a habit to step further from my clients to envision their look from afar. I squint a little too. Wonder if any other makeup artists do the same🤓🤷🏻‍♀️??? Makeup 💄:#tammyphammakeup using @armanibeauty @maccosmetics
A lil' #tb BIRTHDAY 🔥GLAM on @juliarusss Thanks for the glam intro @mosyurati 😘 Makeup 💄 #tammyphammakeup using @armanibeauty @maccosmetics
🌤Literally we wake up and makeup...Then I breathe a sigh of relief knowing that 8hrs later, my client's makeup is still in tact...and she's ready to make funnies. 😘🎉@morganstewart •Source🎥: @enews #repost •Makeup 💄: #tammyphammakeup •Key products: @armanibeauty @maccosmetics @makeupforeverus @ardell_lashes individuals •Hair ⚔️: @jucieg
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY @hayleymurthy @deemurthy 🕺🏻💃🕺🏻💃! The other videos make me cry but this-THIS I can handle. Continued happiness 🤘🏼🙏🏻😘! 🙌🏽🎥Videography by the talented: @shan_hoofilms of @hoo_films Makeup 💄:#tammyphammakeup Wedding Planners💍: @detailsjeannie @detailssarah Hair Slayage: @jasminsmaneattraction @laurlombardo
💕👰🏼Congratulations again to this glowing bride @karaengemann ⭐️Pleasure getting you and @kaypmoore104 ready🤘🏼😘. Photo 📸: @amyandstuart 💍Wedding planner: @detailsjeannie Hair :@rcorey21 Makeup💄:#tammyphammakeup using @armanibeauty +@beccacosmetics +@maccosmetics
MALIBU BRIDE 🌊💕💍👰🏼@smosy 💍Wedding planner: @encore_eventdesign Hair ⚔️:@jucieg Makeup💄:#tammyphammakeup using @armanibeauty +@lamer to prep+@maccosmetics
Mothers are the salt of the earth 🌏. I'm in awe of how @kaylaraereid handles Caiden with such peace, grace, and zen 🙏🏻. Hats 🎩-off to all my mothers and mothers-to-be out there❤️😘. Makeup 💄: #tammyphammakeup Hair ⭐️: @rickyfraserhair
SUMMER VIBES 🍉AND SPORTS BRA GLAM 🤗w/@boobsandloubs 🙌🏽❤️🤘🏼! Skin: @armanibeauty Body glow: @tomford Lashes: @ardell_lashes individuals Makeup:#tammyphammakeup Hair 🤺Slayage: @jucieg 📸:@lexiemontoya Apparel: @touche_la #touchelaxmorganstewart
🙌🏽SHEEN SUPREME🙌🏽 w/@boobsandloubs. For this look, my goal was to create clean skin, soft smokey eyes w/an up-close punch 👊🏼 of shimmer. For more open 👀eyes, I carefully layered individual lashes and defined her lower lashline. 🎉HBD Morgan🎉! •Makeup 💄: #tammyphammakeup •Key products: Skin: @armanibeauty Eyes: @maccosmetics @urbandecaycosmetics @ardell_lashes individuals •Hair ⚔️: @jenloura 📸: @bymichaeljulius
Fun fact: I'm ambidextrous 👐🏽🤓💥. Loving this throwback to one of the kindest-faced brides I've gotten to know--smiling 24/7. Bride: @dorismsabar 📸:@dmitry_shumanev Makeup💄: #tammyphammakeup
Baby flashback w/@allison.mas 😃😘! LOVE her freckles👍🏼and SKIN! For the GLOW I used @lamer perfecting treatment and @armanibeauty --6.5LS+9.0LS contouring w/maestro 11.5. Highlight is @yslbeauty --touche eclat 4.5 ❤. Hair ⚔️:@jasminsmaneattraction Makeup 💄: #tammyphammakeup
Flashback to this gorgeous❤day! Congratulations again @camiwould ! Who says you can't do an effortless smokey eye on your wedding 😅😂🤓???!!! Bride: @camiwould 📸:@mksadlerwed Hair ⚔️:@jasminsmaneattraction Makeup 💄: #tammyphammakeup
Love it when the glow POPS through @kaylaraereid ❤💕!!! •Makeup 💄: #tammyphammakeup •Key products: @lamer perfecting treatment @armanibeauty designer lift foundation+ @kevynaucoin etherealist @maccosmetics colour @ardell_lashes individuals •Hair ⚔️: @rickyfraserhair
She makes me laugh 😂⭐! Baby Shower glam with @kaylaraereid ❤💕. •Makeup 💄: #tammyphammakeup •Key products: @lamer perfecting treatment @armanibeauty designer lift foundation+ @kevynaucoin etherealist @maccosmetics colour @ardell_lashes individuals •Hair ⚔️: @rickyfraserhair •📸:@davidcoephoto
The 🐱 CAT'S MEOW gets me EVERY TIME 😂@boobsandloubs 😂! Makeup used: @lamer to prep #armanibeauty foundation @maccosmetics colour @beccacosmetics for hilighting. Natural glam 💄: #tammyphammakeup Source: @stylecollective Necklace authority: @boobsandloubs Fine Jewelry: @rubystella
The moment of peace+tranquility before every family member makes a 🐝 bee-line for your face---determined to take off your contour via cheek kisses 😗. Don't get me started on the chronic face grabbers 🤦🏻‍♀️🙅🏻🤦🏻‍♀️😂. Makeup💄:#tammyphammakeup 📸: @janawilliamsphotos_ Hair ⚔️: @bpalestino Planner: @detailsalicia
You know those people who shake their shoulders when they 😂 laugh? That's Emilie (the one with the perfectly up-combed brows). Who comes up with the jokes that make her laugh? Most likely Sam (the fashionable guy on the left). If you ever meet them, you'd probably wonder why you can't control your shoulders 😂😆! Happy almost anniversary @emilieplouchart @samplouchart 🍷🥂🍷🥂🍷🥂! 📸: @gregoryross Natural glam💄 :#tammyphammakeup Wedding Planner: @twofoldla
I guess you can say I've never considered myself a "wedding" or "celebrity" or "fashion" or any other label associated with makeup artistry. Nor would I flaunt my accolades--I'm painfully too shy. I just consider myself someone who can paint and is committed to the craft...most importantly without LIMITS🚀. I appreciate flashback moments like these-where if you just close your eyes you can hear the tulle 🌬SWOOSHING, the high heels 👠CLACKING and the calming wave of slightly-buzzed-but-not-quite-there LAUGHTER 😂. To be invited to be part of a bride's special day is an HONOR. Thank you to all my past brides and bride to be's : 💍LET'S GO 2017/2018! Makeup💄: #tammyphammakeup 📸: @iralippkestudios Bride: @hayleymurthy Wedding Planner: @detailsjeannie Hair⚔️:@jasminsmaneattraction
I always ask my brides 3 things: 1️⃣Who is your photographer? 2️⃣What's their shooting style? 3️⃣Babe, did you eat? 😂😇Jk. Every photographer has a unique approach to lighting/exposure and the makeup can easily get washed out. To avoid this, I like to be familiar with a photographer's aesthetic. Visualizing the end result is a part of a makeup artist's job and a beautiful picture is a premeditated collaboration 🤘🏼💄💥😇. Statuesque 👰🏼Bride: @mraetendencies Elegantly captured 📸by:@janawilliamsphotos_ Amazing 💍wedding planner: @detailsalicia Hair ⚔️:@bpalestino Dress:@bertabridal Makeup💄:#tammyphammakeup using @armanibeauty +@lamer to prep+@maccosmetics
If I did this, I would slide right off the mailbox 📬😂😎. CLEAN GLAM on @boobsandloubs Makeup💄: #tammyphammakeup Photo 📸:@lexiemontoya Apparel💎: @touche_la + @grlfrnd_denim
Just a friendly reminder to get it RIGHT...get it TIGHT💪🤓🙏🏻. @boobsandloubs Makeup 💄:#tammyphammakeup 📸: @lexiemontoya Apparel: @touche_la
MODERN➕CLASSICAL= EN POINTE 🖤@sienalasker wearing 💓@sienajewelry Makeup 💄:#tammyphammakeup 📸: @balletzaida
ETHEREAL ✨💞 💁🏻@sienalasker wearing 💓@sienajewelry Makeup 💄:#tammyphammakeup 📸: @balletzaida
I'm pretty sure 🤔she does...pilates. And hydrates 💕😂🤘🏼💪🏼. Makeup 💄:#tammyphammakeup Fit bride to-be: @mraetendencies Hair ⚔️: @bpalestino 📸: @jackie_paper8
In daylight, she 🙌🏽stuns. Can't wait to glam you on your big day 💋💍👰🏼@mraetendencies Makeup 💄: #tammyphammakeup using @armanibeauty @maccosmetics @ctilburymakeup Hair ⚔️in process by: @bpalestino
When I was in 🎨 art school, my teacher would yell, "The hallmark of a GREAT artist is knowing when to stop...TAMMY STOPPPP!!!" Haha, I'd shrink in fear thinking she had a clear shot at my neck and knock me right off my stool 😲. Throughout the years I've come to understand it takes courage to step back and demonstrate artistic RESTRAINT. For me, every rhythmic brush stroke should be intentional and loaded with thought. My burden has always been to capture my subject's essence and to vibrate on the same 〰wavelength. When you look into her eyes, do you see HER? @alexandramarissa Makeup 💄: #tammyphammakeup Hair ⚔️by: @chrisbragghair
GLAM time with @ashleybader 😘! Love a smudgy smokey eye, soft skin and nude 👄 lips! Makeup 💄: #tammyphammakeup
#TBT Natural strobe-ish glam on one of my faves @hayleymurthy Love her 😘!!! Makeup💄 : #tammyphammakeup Hair: @jasminsmaneattraction
She wears her glam on her SLEEVE 😊💄❤. Always a pleasure getting @boobsandloubs 🙌🏽ready. Hair by: @jenloura Makeup 💄 #tammyphammakeup using @armanibeauty +@katvondbeauty +@lamer
GLAM in PROCESS for the always laughing 😂@shannon_decker_ 💕🤗💁🏻Love a good disco 💿📀themed party! Hair slayed ⚔️by: @claytonhawkins Makeup 💄 #tammyphammakeup using @armanibeauty +@katvondbeauty
Natural glam on ⭐️ @kcsukamto Makeup 💄 #tammyphammakeup using @armanibeauty
Buttery soft skin and warm golds ☀️on sweet Caroline. 💕❤️️😊🎉 Makeup 💄 #tammyphammakeup
Clean glam on ❤️@kenycohen. The challenge was not to use 🙅🏻black liner and emphasize her lashes by layering individuals mid-eye ⭐️💕! Makeup 💄: #tammyphammakeup
Daytime ❤️glam for @boobsandloubs Makeup 💄: #tammyphammakeup
Peachy glam 🍑for @mraetendencies ❤️️❤️️❤️️! Makeup 💄: #tammyphammakeup
Sooo enchanting 😊💕*sigh*. What a vision @mraetendencies is in white. 💕 Makeup:#tammyphammakeup 📸: @janawilliamsphotos_
Natural glam for Marci's anniversary ❤️👋🏼🙌🏽😱👊🏼💪🏼🤗! Makeup:#tammyphammakeup Hair Color: @riawnacapri @nikkilee901
RAWWWWWWRRRRRR 🐯🐯🐯 LOVE ❤️ A SLEEK 💦WET 'DO AND SIDE CAPTURE!!! Makeup: #tammyphammakeup Photo📸: @j_davs Hair: @claytonhawkins
CAN WE PAUSE FOR A MINUTE AND GET 🎯HYPNOTIZED 🎯IN HER PIERCING BLUE 💙💙EYES??!!! Happy Birthday 🎊💖🎂🎈 @natalie. Makeup💋: #tammyphammakeup
DAY ❤️GLAM on the DIVINE 💕😎 @boobsandloubs Makeup:#tammyphammakeup Hair: @jenloura
Remember when 💥#popartmakeup 🍭was all the RAGE for 😈Halloween??? #FBF Makeup🎨: #tammyphammakeup Using @maccosmetics acrylics and @dermablend setting powder. What does this mean 💁🏼??? If @averyofficial dived in a 💦pool, the makeup would not budge 💪🏼😂💪🏼.
Happy Friday EVERYONE 🤗!!! Please take me back to my best friend's wedding!!! Bridesmaid glam💗 #fbf Hair color: @veronicavargas.hmu Makeup:#tammyphammakeup
PART 2: 😉UP CLOSE 🔎AND PERSONAL #nofilter , no edits necessary Makeup:#tammyphammakeup
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