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Do you like a narrow crotch? @superbottoms sent me the Super Plus Uno which boosts a 5” crotch and compares to the @grovia AIO and the @smartbottoms Dream Diaper 🥰 All three of these diapers are organic cotton and owned by moms employing moms 💥 #clothdiapers #momownedbusiness #clothdiapering #clothdiaperreviews #superbottoms #grovia #smartbottoms
Did you know that almost 2.5 billion coffee cups are used and thrown away each year in the UK but less than 5% actually ended up being recycled? Despite the shocking figure, I’m increasingly happy to see initiatives in order to change this! Most coffee shops and recycling depots aren't recognising this or making changes to tackle the problem. Frugal Cups are the solution as they are made from recycled paperboard with no waterproofing chemicals and their food-grade liner separates easily in the standard recycling process. In fact, you can soak the cup in water and the paper can easily be separated from the liner. Why is recycling so important to you? How can your followers do their bit? Sign the petition (follow the link in my bio) and ask your local coffee shops to start stocking Frugal Cup, as simple as that 🙌🏻💡 #getFrugal with @frugalpac #ad #RecycleCup
9/10 kids agree: #VintageOshKosh is where it's at 🌈⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #storiedgoods#ministylekids#lovedclotheslast#vintagekidsclothes#ethicalkidsfashion#kidsvintage#vintagebaby#sustainablefamily#storiedchild
Wir sind dann mal draußen. Denn wir müssen unsere neuen Mitbewohner füttern 😁 Denn es handelt sich um zwei... Das verrate ich morgen! 😉 Irgendwelche Vorschläge? Jedenfalls unterstützen uns die beiden definitiv auf unserem Weg zu #ZeroWaste 😂 So - und nun ab raus bei diesem traumhaften Wetter!!! ☀️🌷😃 Wir graben jetzt im Garten die #frühlingsgefühle2019 aus 😉 #momof3 #momlife #gemüse #obst #baby2018 #lebenmitkindern #lifewithkids #haustier #pets #nachhaltigleben #nachhaltigesfamilienleben #sustainability #sustainablefamily #goingzerowaste #zerowastehome #zerowasteliving #zerowastelifestyle #zerowastefamily #frühling
People often tell me that it is hard to shop package free for a whole family. I agree that you need some preparation and organization in advance. We go to the package free store every two weeks where we buy cereals, pasta, rice, chocolate and snacks like dried fruits and nuts. 🥜🌰 Dat ass mir ze "ëmständlech" kréie mir oft als Kommentar, wann ech erklären wéi mir eis Verpackungen heiheem reduzéiren. Mir ginn all zwou Wochen op Arel an den #épicesettout fir Pasta, gedrëschent Friichten, Räis, Chocolat, Nëss, Müsli etc. an zekafen🌰🥜Ët verlangt e bëssen Organisatioun, mee tëschent deenen zwou Wochen musse mir just eist Uebst a Geméis frësch akafe goen an heiansdo dann och Fleesch 🥦🥒 mir maachen dat elo zenter bal engem Joer an ët klappt ganz gutt a mir léieren ëmmer ërem dobäi. #leraningbydoing #nachhaltigkeitimalltag #sustainablefamily #sustainablelifestyle #zerowasteluxemburg #luxemburg #lovetheplanet
Feeding small children can be super wasteful. Especially if we’re not conscious of the waste we’re creating. But thankfully, there are lots of easy ways to reduce food waste. . 🍃 Start with a small portion (a size you think they’ll happily eat) and then give them more if they’re still hungry. While doing BLW with my 6 month old I often feed him from my plate, and whatever he doesn’t eat gets added back to my plate, for me to eat. . 🍃 If you’re preparing a big batch of something (eg. steamed apples) put them at the front of your fridge where you’ll see them. If you make too much to eat in a few days, you can freeze the rest in small batches or use it to make something else - muffins are great for sweeter foods, and frittatas are good for savoury leftover foods. . 🍃Buy the big tubs of yoghurt, not the single serve ones. Again, if you’ve got too much yoghurt after 4-5 days, make muffins - which can also be frozen. . 🍃 If you’re cutting crust off toast you can freeze it to make bread crumbs or eat it yourself if you’re feeling hungry. . 🍃Avoid buying the single use squeezy pouches as much as you can. If you like the pouches but not the waste, you can buy reusable ones. . 🍃Have a home compost. If you can’t reuse food, you often can compost it. . 🍃 Freeze half eaten bananas and use them for smoothies. . 🍃 Use a wash cloth for clean up, rather than wipes. Wash clothes are also much more effective at cleaning up messy faces and can easily be thrown in the wash. What are some ways you like to reduce the waste you create when feeding your little ones?
Sometimes when I travel I bring cloth diapers and hand wash them like last year when I went for a tour around the Peace 🧼 🧺But sometimes, I just need to tap out and enjoy the simplicity of disposables like this week. 🙈 Gentle Reminder that there’s no one right way to do anything, and trust yourself and your amazing knowhow. #clothdiapers #handwashclothdiapers
📚 This is one of our favourite books. It was mine(Lindsay's) as a child! Reading environmentally based books is an awesome way to teach our kids about taking care of the planet. 🌎 • "The Berenstain Bears Don't Pollute Anymore" tells the story of Brother and Sister Bear, who are researching endangered species for a school project. They take a ride with Professor Actual Factual to see the environmental issues taking place in Bear Country - and learn why bears {humans} are the endangered species Brother should write his report about. 🐻 • Do you read environmentally themed books? Share some with us👇🏽 • #berenstainbears #climatechange #dontpollute #environmentalbooks #environmentalbooksforkids #sustainablefamily #sustainability #savetheearth #savetheplanet
Not all fitted diapers are created equal. What are your favourite features in a fitted diaper? #clothdiaperbasics #allaboutclothdiapers #clothdiaper101 #fittedclothdiaper
🇩🇰 Affaldssortering! I det gamle hus havde vi et bryggers, hvor jeg brugte vasketøjskurve til at sortere vores forskellige affald. Men i det nye hus er der ikke plads, men jeg har i stedet sat disse to spande i køkkenet, én til metal/plastik og eyn til papir/karton, og så går vi lidt oftere ud til den store skraldespand 💚 . 🇺🇸 Recycling buckets for plastic/alu and paper 💚
About to bust out the needle and thread on some tiny overalls thanks to @encouragevintage. Look at these perfectly embroidered blooms on some good ol’ found baby blues. 💙 ⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ ⁣ #lovedclotheslast#vintagekidsclothes#ethicalkidsfashion#kidsvintage#vintagekids#sustainablefamily#vintagedenim #embroideredjeans #denimlovers #floralembroidery
Slow Sundays are a thing around here. We take our time, move at our own pace, and try not to let the stresses of the week to come infiltrate our day. It is so important to take a day of rest. Your body needs it, but not only that, your mind absolutely needs it. Every day we spend our lives pouring out to other things or people. We need to take the time to rest, and be refilled ourselves. It is absolutely vital to recharge and enjoy your life. Time resting isn’t time wasted. We’re spending our day of rest outdoors enjoying the sunshine. How do you spend your day of rest?
I just don’t have the mental imagination for a St Patrick’s Day Flat Lay 🙈 I admire all of you creative creators who do 💚 This is a @snapezcloth diaper - They specialize in extended sizes into adulthood! And this particular diaper is bigger than any OS in my stash. 🎙Learn more on Show 12. #clothdiaperpodcast #clothdiapers #greenforstpattys
Heute waren wir auf der Suche nach Fröschen und Wildkräutern. 🌿 Jetzt geht es wieder ab in den Keller, weiter ausmisten und Chaos beseitigen. Auf der Minimalismus Liste nun der letzte und wohl mühsamste Raum. 🙃 Bei @stadt.land.grafik stelle ich übrigens alles ein was wir nun aussortieren, also schaut gerne vorbei. • #nachhaltigkeit #familie #slowfamily #ecofamily #sustainablefamily #family #motherhood #waldkinder #slowliving #langsamerleben #sustainability #thereisnoplanetb #naturelover #familytime #wildkräuter #minimalismus
If you have a healthy appetite and love sustainable products, @coconutbowls is where it’s at! 🥥 They have sustainable, ethical made coconut bowls. We use them from breakfast to supper. My kiddos think they’re so cool and love eating out of them! Do you eat flax seed? I didn’t know until recently you had to eat it ground up to reap the benefits! This is our overnight soaked steel cut oats with fresh fruit and ground flax seed. 😋
The new grey colourway hit Australia this month in bowls and divided plates, with straw cups in the full colour range being adored by Aussies across the nation 👌🏻♻️🇦🇺 Hope you are loving yours! #replayrecycled
We often get overwhelmed with the decisions around detergents. 😳🙈The rules made by cloth diaper brands and cloth diaper groups seem to be in constant conflict. There’s pressure to only use things that have high success and shun the others. So, if you’ve been thinking about trying something off the beaten track, I really like Cristina’s thoughts from show 26 🎙 on the matter. 💦🏆 Switching detergents will require you to think on your feet and experiment, but you know your amazing and capable of figuring things out 💕
For the piccolo lovers... our 4oz Mac Cups. Perfect for macchiatos and the little ones #sustainablefamily ☕️🌏
Sometimes there’s stuff we sort of secretly hope doesn’t sell, 🙊 so we can hoard it for our own kiddos. But you know what? You seem to like what we like. And that makes us happy too. Floral blouse SOLD, shortalls still in the shop!⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #storiedgoods#lovedclotheslast#vintagekidsclothes#ethicalkidsfashion#kidsvintage#sustainablefamily
Keuzes.... bij alles denken we goed na over wat de beste en meest duurzame optie is. Zo hebben we alle informatie: maat, materiaal en was instructies geprint in de nek. ♡ Dit in plaats van een geweven label dat gebruikelijk is. Dit scheelt een vervelend kriebelend label, want ook als je die eruit knipt blijft er vaak zo'n klein randje over. Hoezo kleine persoonlijke frustratie 😅 En voor de used collectie is het fijn dat alle info er wel gewoon in staat en niet eruit geknipt is. Mooie oplossing dus wat ons betreft 😉 #rabbithole #boxpakje #newborn #duurzaam 🍃 #kraamcadeau 💚 #babykleding #babykleertjes #babyonlineshop #babystore #babyjumpsuit #babyclothes #ethicalfashion #fairfashion #slowfashion #ecobaby #organiccotton #dutchdesign #madeinportugal#esthermeijerfotografie #organicbaby #momtobe2019 #babyonesie #flatlaybaby #mommyinspo #biobaby #babykleertjes #greenchoices #sustainablebabyclothes #sustainablefamily #babyotd
Over a million children participated in yesterday's #schoolstrike4climate . Headed by 16 year old @gretathunberg , it's incredibly inspiring that so many kids are standing up and speaking out about their future. They shouldn't have to - but here we are. 🌎 Here's praying that politicians will listen to their children. If there is any hope at all for humans, massive change needs to happen NOW. 🌎 See more photos of the strike in our stories! So incredible! • Art by @marcmartinillo 💛 #schoolstrike #extinctionrebellion #globalwarming #schoolstrikeforclimate
Left over bread magic —— This is just moments before all this becomes yummy sourdough granola. —— After clearing my freezer to get more organize with my meal prep I found a half of loaf of sourdough. I decided to turn into some breakfast yumness. Tear the bread into smaller pieces and add whatever you like in your granola..in this case cashews, macadamias and sunflower seeds. I tossed it with some coconut oil and baked and golden. I blended it all and added some shredded coconut.
What are your top recycled products? I bought this purse 7 years ago on a market in Cambodia, it’s handmade from recycled rice packaging and I love it! It’s my holiday purse and travels everywhere with us. Share your fave recycled products in the comments 💚 #ankorrecycled #cambodia #ankorwot #recycled #upcycledproducts #specialtreasures #holiday #sustainabletravel #sustainablefamily #familylife #familyontour #naturekids #srilanka #unawatuna #hilltophotel #travelblogger
Planting lots of herbs and greens, and marigolds, for Megan's young family. Zoodoo compost and sheep pellets, watered in with AQUATICUS booster! Marigold to keep the slugs at bay 🐛🐌🐌🐌🌱🌱 #organicvegetables #toxinfree #organicfood #sustainablefamily #potplanting #marigolds
Want to take the Express Train to Zero Waste City? That’s awesome, but maybe you should stop at Less Waste Station along the way. For a few quick and easy wins to get started with less waste, check out our latest blog post (link in bio)! . . . . . . . . #sustainablefamilyhome #lesswaste #zerowaste #reduceplastic #reduceplasticwaste #reducesingleuseplastic #sustainableliving #sustainablefamily #sustainablefamilyliving #sustainable #startwithlesswaste #ecofriendly #reducewaste #ecofriendlyliving #ecofriendlyhome
I know there’s a lot of opinions around @rockingreensoap —- BUT, has anyone used it for Handwashing? I really don’t like using strong commercial detergents for handwashing, and thinking about the 2019 Flats & Handwashing Challenge. Maybe this or some other “cloth safe” detergent? #flatsandhandwashingchallenge #flatschallenge #rockingreen #lagoonbaby #clothdiapers #choosecloth #makeclothmainstream #clothdiapering #crunchymom #naturalparenting #sustainablefamily #momsofig #laundryfordays
Just added! ☀️ Sweet florals, rescued overalls, and more pre-loved children's essentials now in the Playground Collection. ⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #storiedgoods#lovedclotheslast#vintagekidsclothes#ethicalkidsfashion#kidsvintage#sustainablefamily
Great bathroom idea by @okofamilien 🛀👍🚽 ⁣ .⁣ Inspired? We'd love to see yours!⁣ .⁣ The guest towel is part of our organic cotton wellness collection in natural white and anthracite. String bags are available in many different colours, with short or long handles.⁣ .⁣ More info >> see link in bio 😉⁣ ⁣.⁣ .⁣ #weloveorganic #organiccotton #gotscertified #bathroom #bathroomstorage #storage #storagesolutions #grannybag #netbags #stringbags #towels #guesttowels #terry #sustainable #organictowels #organicwellness #ecowellness #ecoconscious #reuse #sustainableliving #sustainablefamily #consciousliving #consciousconsumer #buythechange #gogreen #greenplanet #sustainablelifestyle #biokatoen #duurzaamleven #duurzaamtextiel
Today people will be striking for the future in 2052 places in 123 countries! You can still join as well (eg Brussels, 13:30, North Station). We're so sad we can't be there, since I've got an important training today. At least I made sure Arthur wore his activist sweater today 😉. Who's going today? . . #strikeforfuture #strikeforfuturebelgium #riseforclimate #youthforclimate #climatemarch #claimtheclimate #belgiumactnow #climatechange #sustainablefamily #sustainability #schoolstrike4climate #capturestreets #climatejustice #klimaatmars #belgiumactnow @mini_rodini
Great colours for mixing and matching. These bodysuits and trousers to match are on our site from 6 months to 2 years and are made of a bamboo/cotton mix. They are lovely and light and great for layering up or down. Use code LAUNCH10 for 10% discount on your order #sustainablefamily #minimalistfamily #parentsolutions #mumssupportingmums #bambooclothing #capsulewardrobe #familycapsulewardrobe #parentingmadeeasier #seekandhideshop
Do you use wool? 🐑 #woolalwaysloveyou For some reason, wool fell out of favour here. Maybe my moderate-light wetting opinionated 2 year year old had something to do with it. 🤷‍♀️😒 Favourite woolies? long or short wool? Wool for all the things? Or sometimes? #wooldiapercover #sloomb #woollove #clothdiapering #clothdiapers
💎My lovely prima Tinte from @locolo_shop ; Natural and organic garments for kids👌🏼💙 We’ve had a great time brainstorming and working together this week!😘 **This kimono is made from a beautiful Silk/Hemp crincle. All Lan Kimonos are hand dyed in the mountains of Vietnam using traditional Hmong techniques** #unique #indigodye #sustainablefamily
Slow fashion..shop local —— I don’t shop anymore. At least not as much as I used to. Actually I stopped going to the shops and deleted my shopping apps. If I need something I try to buy second hand first (plus going through the racks in Vinnies gives me a real kick🐎). —— But once a while I do it! I dare to buy something..for myself. I met Eva Cassis during Life in style trade show few years back. This kind, gorgeous and very talented lady always stayed in my mind. She hand makes high quality cloth from her studio in Sydney. I ordered one of her dresses and it arrived today..in the elegant compostable packaging! Sorry I will take a picture of the dress tomorrow as it’s too dark now.☺️ @evacassis
“It is our collective and individual responsibility to preserve and tend to the environment in which we all live.” || dalai lama . The earth is something we all share. We all need to do our part to take care of it. Our lives absolutely depend on it.
Yesterday’s post wasn’t intended to scare or cause panic. 😓 Whether you use cotton, bamboo, hemp or microfibre there is an environmental footprint. We often get caught up in the conversation of landfills but forget about the conversation of textile production. If you’re just getting started, manufacturing can be an important consideration. There are options that are more impactful and ones that are less across all the textiles. 🌎🌏 This conversation is awkward, and messy, and riddled with guilt. But I want to have it because the idea that cloth diapering is this perfect green answer a little bit misconstrued. ➡️ I still think cloth is the way of the future because the manufacturing and use of disposables is just not sustainable but if cloth is going to be the future we also need to be sustainable about it ✌️🧺
Save the date! ✔️We're bringing our pre-loved children's essentials to the upcoming @modernartisanmarketplace , March 30-31, at @platform_la in #culvercity ⭐️🌈🌼⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #MAMcommunity#ShoptheMAM#storiedgoods#lovedclotheslast#vintagekidsclothes#ethicalkidsfashion#kidsvintage#sustainablefamily
2 Layer Bamboo Inserts 🥰 Bamboo, I love you so much but your steeped in Carbon Disulphide so the raw bamboo can become a rayon/viscose for textiles. CS2 is a chemical that if improperly managed can make workers go crazy, cut their lifespan in half, reduce fertility, damage eye sight and even more unknowns. That’s a few of the reasons we don’t manufacture rayon in USA anymore and primarily overseas. There are ways to do it better, but the bamboo textile industry is Asia is not talked about. Search out bamboo manufactured in close looped systems. ➡️ I love cloth diapering, but I know we can do better for the Earth and that being an informed consumer is power 🌏 #clothdiapers #bambootextiles #bamboodiapers #makeclothmainstream
Today is National Staplers Day! It's a day that actually happens twice a year around Daylight Savings time and was created by the Dull Men's Club in 2010 to help avoid the hassle of running out of staples when you need it most. The only reason I am drawing attention to this odd holiday is because it seems like a good way to open the conversation about alternatives to staples and to encourage offices to give "Stapleless Staplers" a try...even if it would mean making this holiday obsolete. Happy Stapling!
Nothing like a cute, $2 thrifted basket and fresh flowers from your own backyard to make a rainy and gloomy day a little bit brighter. (I’m 99.9% sure that these are weeds but they look flowery to me so I’ll take it.)
Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA lately. Our little family has been battling some tough times. My hubby’s father has been fighting bowel cancer for years now but it has reached a point where nothing more can be done and things have to run its course. It’s been a terribly hard time for us all and obviously social media is my last priority during this time while my husbands and kids really need me to be there for them. I’m hoping to be back posting regularly again soon. Thanks for understanding legends. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #sustainable #sustainability #sustainablefamily #ecofamily #fresh #ecolife #thesustainablemumlife #sustainablemumma #aussiemum #ecomum #ecofriendly #familylife #healthylife #nowaste #wasteconscious #nowastefamily #saynotoplastics #saynotosingleuseplastic #recycle #reduce #reuse #reducereuserecylce #selfsufficient #environmentallyfriendly #environmentallyfriendlyfamily #fruitandveg #fuckcancer #cancer #bowelcancer #family
Avocado-lotion for children with only 5 ingredients! This lotion is for very sensitive skin and for me the only solution for my son who has neuroderatitis. Since other lotions all contain too many different ingredients it leads to more irritation of the skin than desensitization. There for I want to share with you my 15 minute recipe so your babies have a soothing moisturizer and a healthy skin. But also to share with you a plastic-free alternative. You are not only what you eat, but also what you put on your skin. 1. Fill 60 ml. Aloe Vera Water in a smaller glas 2. Fill 25 ml. Avocado oil and 5 ml. Almond oil into a bigger glas. 3. Add 7 gramm of Emulsan into the Glas with oil. 4. Put both glases into a water bath. When the emulsan is melted, add the Shea Butter and stir until melted. 5. Mix the Aloe Vera Water into the oil an stir in a cold water bath until the lotion hardens. #cosmetics #homemadecosmetics #naturkosmetik #ecofriendlyliving #neurodermitis #neurodermitisbaby #scincare #homemadescincare #organicskincare #organiccosmetics #organiccosmetic #hautpflege #avocado #avocadopower #beautysecret #babypflege #wastefreeliving #wastefree #plastikfrei #verpackungsfrei #plasticfreecosmetics #yayearth #diycosmetics #diykosmetik #sustainable #sustainablefamily #unverpackt #gowastefree #sustainableliving #diy
I normally use Elimination Communication or cloth diapers.. but there are times here and there were I want a disposable. I finally found a brand I’m excited about. Just got them in the mail today! Bamboo diapers! Silky smooth, no pictures on the outside... I like things simple and natural... no cartoons or extra unneeded ink etc. This box should last us months! Might have to even give the last of them away because they will be too small lol Disposable diapers are the main thing taking up landfills... it’s scary how many diapers westerns use. The majority of mothers on the planet have no access to disposables or any form of diapers.. could you imagine if they did!? The whole earth would be covered in heaps of diapers. Boy babies can pee every 15-20 min a day. Think of how many diapers that is!? Times the amount of babies on the planet. Let’s do better! Biodegradable Sustainable choices for the planet, for the future, for our children. Aho! - Alexa Elokin #rawvegankidsofig #sustainableliving #sustainablefamily #ecomom #greenfamily #eliminationcommunication #infantpottytraining #firstworldproblems #ecosolutions #momof5 #wholefoodsplantbased #compassionateliving #peacefulparenting #consciousparenting
Palm oil has become one of the most widely used vegetable oils in the world. You can find it in almost anything, but the demand for palm oil comes at a high price. The production of palm oil is responsible for horrible human rights violations (eg. removing rural/indigenous communities from their homes in order to expand plantations) and deforestation in Indonesia and Malaysia. Plantation expansion destroys some of the world’s most biologically diverse ecosystems, driving many wildlife species to the brink of extinction. There are approx. 120,000 orangutans left - they are critically endangered. Not only this, but the clearing of rainforests and the burning/draining of carbon-rich peatlands contributes to a significant amount of carbon pollution. Sadly, organic palm oil doesn’t appear to be much better as the organic certification only means that the production is free of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, but says nothing about rainforest management or human rights violations. Look, i love Nutella as much as the next person, but the moral price is too high to justify the consumption. There are so many palm oil free alternatives now too, you just have to look. What’s your take on palm oil in our products? • • • Sources: @greenpeace @greenpeace.de , Cell Biology Journal Study
Do you fluff between washes? For the longest time I didn’t and everything was just fine. But then we had a little hiccup and it was that one little tweak that helped make everything better. 🧼 if it works for you and your family, then it’s all good. Don’t stress about the rules. Seek out the assistance of your cloth diaper brand or retailer if washing diapers is overwhelming 🧺 #clothdiaperlaundry #washingdiapers #zerowasteliving #zerowastebaby #clothdiapering #reusablemenstrualpads
So, did we all survive that spring forward?! 🌼 Well, just in case you’re still mourning that hour of lost sleep, here’s some cute little vintage ditzy florals that should surely give you something to look forward to. Coming to the shop soon! . . . . #storiedgoods #lovedclotheslast #vintagekidsclothes #ethicalkidsfashion #kidsvintage #sustainablefamily
💡 Curious about green energy and how you can make a difference? . ♻️ With this Green Energy Resource Pack you'll learn all about alternative energies that can help protect the planet. . What's included? An eBook and 4 articles: . 🔹 Going Green Energy eBook (36 pages) 🔹 5 Ways Your Home is Losing Energy, and What to Do About it 🔹 Green Energy in the Average Family 🔹 Green Energy Tips 🔹 Saving Money on Your Energy Bill . Plus, you can get it for 50% off TODAY ONLY! Just use coupon code GERP50 at checkout 💰 Get the Green Energy Resource Pack here: https://www.eastcoastecosolutions.com/product-page/green-energy-resource-pack
For us, it was cloth diapers. We had just had our first, Amelia, and we had copious amounts of disposable diapers (that I had, of course, registered for 🤦🏻‍♀️) my husband was on board with cloth but I had never really heard of them or even thought to use them. . After researching more, my mind was blown! Did you know that disposable diapers are the THIRD most common item in landfills?! One baby will produce over one TON in disposable diaper waste in its first year! (Typical potty training age these days is usually between 2-3, so that’s 2-3 years of additional diaper waste!) . If that statistic didn’t terrify me enough, how about the fact that these diapers that were used for a matter of hours, will outlive your children, their children, and probably a few more generations after that?! Needless to say, cloth diapers arrived shortly after that and our journey to zero waste had begun. . We all have that moment when we decided it was time to change and make a difference. What was the defining moment/thing when you knew you wanted to reduce your waste?
Outsiders will think we are weird, but sometimes cloth diapering becomes a bit of a love affair and relationship. It’s challenging but rewarding. 🧷 🎙 Show 26 with Cristina @ecogirlmama is up. We talk about her natural living journey about about detergents. This is a food for thought episode. The beginning of many more shows and research and thought leaders as we identify the importance of talking about the truly yucky stuff of cloth diapering 🦠🧪🧺 #clothdiaperpodcast #clothdiapers #choosecloth
*This post isn’t what you would expect it to be* I took this photo a couple of weeks ago hoping to write about how buying organic fruit can be affordable. Because I’ve surrounded myself with a wonderful sustainable community and am constantly looking to others who are further along their zero waste journey than I am, a few changes have happened here in our house in the past two weeks. We no longer will be buying berries out of season! 😯 That’s right. We have a short berry season here in Carleton County, and it’s a long ways off yet. However, I realized that the bulk of our recycling is these thin plastic clam shells that berries come packaged in (and some of our garbage is the non-recyclable plastic bags frozen berries come in) ♻️ Many of us don’t realize that despite our recycling efforts, MUCH of our recycling ends up in the trash; it either is contaminated from not being washed out properly, gets mixed in with other recycling that is contaminated, or gets ruined when one of the sorting machines at the recycling plant gets jammed up by a non-recyclable item (like non-recyclable soft plastic: grocery bags, packaging from parcels, etc.) This is a real problem and the only true solution is NOT to recycle more but to consume less. We’ve decided that we just don’t need berries out of season. The only way our ancestors would have had berries out of season would have been canned (for jams or pie fillings), dehydrated, or frozen (by themselves at home) Soooo... until local berries come in season again we will enjoy apples, pears, melons, kiwi, bananas, oranges, and any other fruit we can purchase loose/without packaging. 🍎🍐🍊🍉🍌🍑🥝🍏🍍🍈🥭 ....But you can bet when those fresh, local berries come out we will be hard at work dehydrating and freezing for next winter/spring ☺️ 🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓 #knowbetterdobetter #smallchangebigimpact #sustainableliving #lowwasteliving #journeytozerowaste #sustainablefamily #sahm #reduce #homesteading #canning #freezing #dehydrating #buylocal #maritimemama #carletoncounty #newbrunswick #maritimes #canada
Tudo o que um sonho precisa para ser realizando é alguém que acredite nele neh @gustavozylbersztajn ❤️ #AirStreamLiving #OnTheRoad #Minimalism #ZeroWaste #SustainableFamily #TravelFamily
DIY tea blends 〰️ I recently got into making my own tea blends to avoid all the waste that goes with buying boxes of individually packaged tea bags, and it’s been so deliciously fun. Our local package-free stores sell all the ingredients I needed, but if you don’t have access to one, you can often find loose tea in bulk and any extra spices you need from Asian supermarkets which also sell many ingredients in bulk. For this chai blend I used a mix of Darjeeling/rooibos tea, fresh cloves, cardamom pods, cinnamon sticks, black peppercorns and candied ginger. You can drink this as is, but I prefer to have it with a bit of oatmilk and a dash of agave syrup.
Homemade coconut milk is my favourite plant based milk - both for coffee and just in general. It's delicious, creamy, AND ridiculously easy to make. • I documented the process(swipe left) for you to see, but very basically, just place 1 cup of shredded coconut in blender and add 3 cups of water. Blend, strain and serve! SO EASY RIGHT?! 👍🏽 • You could squeeze the pulp through a nut milk bag or tea towel to make sure you don't waste any. I normally just put it through a strainer and press it down with a spoon. I save the leftover pulp to use in pancakes, cookies, and cakes. • Eating plant based foods is one of the best things you can do for the planet. 🌎 I used to be a HUGE lover of (cow) milk and never thought I could give it up. • But after making different plant based milks(I've tried cashew, peanut, almond, pecan, oat, coconut, and combinations of the above) I've given up cow milk for good. It's amazing how your taste buds change and start to prefer other things.🌷 • Have you tried making your own plant based milks? Which is your fav?
Happy Saturday Night 🎉 What are you up to? I’m going to try to tuck myself into bed early because #daylightsavings BUT probably won’t work because damn it’s been a hot 24 hours of kids touching me constantly #clothdiapermom #momlife #saturdaynightlive #saturdaynightasamom
Die Abende hier sind wirklich magisch. Wir genießen es sehr und ich bin total fasziniert von der Luft, dem Licht (ich meine DAS LICHT !!!) und der Stimmung hier. Den Kids gefällt es sehr und obwohl es nur drei Nächte sind, dürfte es auch nicht länger sein. Kennt ihr das? Es gibt diese Urlaubsorte, da möchte man länger bleiben. Und irgendwie ist da was in der Luft. Wir sind nie im gleichen Hotel (und manchmal auch Ort) - ausser hier in Bansin. Hier kam mein Papa schon als Kind hin - jedoch im Sommer. Nun war ich bereits letztes Jahr mit meiner Mama und den Kids hier. Im Januar und dieses Jahr also im März. Ich glaube, länger hier könnte langweilig werden...aber genau wegen der würzigen Kürze ist es so schön. Happy Sonnabend 🌅 #nachhaltigreisen 📸 @sylwia_born4travel . . . . . #nachhaltigkeit #sustainable #mamablogger #nachhaltig #loveyourplanetlikeyourkids #lebenmitkindern #greenliving #greenfamily #sustainablefamily #saturdaynight #familyfirst #thereisnoplanetb #family #travelblog #reisemama #umweltschutz #traveltuesday #travelwithkids #regional #reisenmitkindern #travelfamily #greentravel
There's a lot going on in this March edition of my newsletter: . 🔹 FREE RESOURCES 🔹 MEMBER RESOURCES 🔹 SPECIAL OFFERS 🔹 CELEBRATION DAYS 🔹NEW BLOG POSTS . Check out this link for all the goodies :) https://mailchi.mp/328df1e9dad2/march-newsletter
There's a lot going on in this March edition of my newsletter: . 🔹 FREE RESOURCES 🔹 MEMBER RESOURCES 🔹 SPECIAL OFFERS 🔹 CELEBRATION DAYS 🔹NEW BLOG POSTS . Check out this link for all the goodies :) https://mailchi.mp/328df1e9dad2/march-newsletter
Why do you cloth diaper? ⤵️ @mama.stook finally got herself on YouTube and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I might not be the greatest at remembering to watch videos or follow up on blogs but I love seeing others create, share and talk about cloth diapering. It normalizes it and reminds the world cloth diapering is diverse set of experiences 🙌 Tag me, email me, message me your stories, content and more. I don’t mind being hastled to watch something or read something. 😘🥰 #clothdiapering #clothdiapermom #momsofyoutube #motherhoodstories #realmomlife
Finally got started on our spring flower seedlings for all our bee 🐝 friends! Even though nectar is scarce with poppies, they are full of plenty of pollen for them. So excited to have some fresh flowers in the spring! #savethebees
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