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Chasing the Sunday scaries by seeing some art and some views 🎨
I told him not to steal my hoodie. - - Any one else love Halloween as much as I do? I usually throw together a few costumes. Any ideas for me? What are you guys going to be? - - - #sundayscaries #waititsmonday #whereami #ladyboss #fitfam #saltisthecure #saltyaf #halloween
Last night took a L(ot of shots) #SundayScaries #MondayScaries
Leave it to me to find the most dramatic subway station in Manhattan
Ripken Champs!⚾️🥇#sundayscaries
We don't know much in this world but we know that when you need an engagement ring, you go to Jared. Period. #sundayscaries
If only I could take as much acid
Fuzzy blanket. Fuzzy sweater. Charged up MacBook. Can’t lose. Squeezing in a little power pocket of work before class tonight. These “work” chunks bring me joy! Want a side job or want to build a full time business that you CAN’T WAIT to work? Our team is doing a behind the scenes look tomorrow. Send me a message and I’ll add you!
In honor of seeing venom, took his face for a whirl 😝🎃
Our smiles are a fake representation of how scared we really were throughout the entire experience 🧟‍♂️😭 #SundayScaries
“said i’m your dawg, ears perk up at the sun and your name.”
Hard to have #SundayScaries when listening to music is your job... Continuing my music education with the Coleman sisters one event at a time!! 💃🏻 #SecretProjectFestival cc: @pataging
. Happy Monday Beauties💕. I hope today you remember you're worthy of L̲o̲v̲e̲, worthy of R̲e̲p̲e̲c̲t̲, worthy of achieving A̲n̲y̲t̲h̲i̲n̲g̲ you set your mind to💕. --- 𝓘 𝓒𝓐𝓝 𝓒𝓞𝓟𝓔. --- Anxiety use to have a hold on me, I liked to think I had it under control but having to leave somewhere because I got anxious or being afraid to leave my house thinking something might happen wasn't dealing with it. It was letting it win. My anxiety definitely got worse after having Lucas, not sure if it was just one of those after pregnancy effects or with age it's getting worse. Either way I knew I had to do something. I try to avoid taking medications especially long term so I gave @sundayscariescbd a try and honestly I'm so glad I did!! They are with me if I'm out, at work and at home. Anytime I feel anxious I just take one and within 15 min I feel fine. It's changed the way I view going out, and has really helped me feel like I have a grasp on my anxiety. --- To overcome your anxiety give @sundayscariescbd a try I've been taking them for over 4 months now and they are life changing🙌🏼. Use my code "FITWITHBRIT" and S̲a̲v̲e̲!! 🌸NOW OFFERING VEGAN CBDs. --- #anxiety #stress #CBD #forsundayscaries
Happy Monday, y’all! So have you heard of the #sundayscaries ? It’s pretty much a feeling you get Sunday because the weekend is over and you have to go back to real life... errr I mean work Monday morning? And then you spend the day trying to remember where exactly your weekend went and how tf is it already Sunday night and you have to be up in less than 12 hours?!?! That stuff is real, y’all! . I don’t know about you all, but my weekend was a blur! My husband runs a non-for-profit and Saturday night was their annual fu Frazier event. I spent the better part of Friday (took a half day from work) to prep almost 60 pounds of pulled pork and getting some social media in for the organization. Saturday was run, run, run all day cleaning the youth center and getting everything ready for the fundraiser. Then partying at the fundraiser until the wee hours (for me - idk about you but going to bed at 1 AM is not the norm and I was plenty tired). Sunday, my hubby took me and the kid to a movie. When we weren’t at the movie, we were taking a very much earned and we’ll-needed REST! . 7 PM rolls around and I still have a sink full of dirty dishes, the floors that I steam cleaned Saturday are filthy because it’s been raining, and we have no clean towels in the house. 😂 THAT right there is when the Sunday scaries hir, friends! 😜 I know I did a lot but the house was a disaster so it kind of felt like I did nothing for my family! Where did the time go?! I had to take stock of all of the amazing things I did to over the weekend.... the lives that have been and will be impacted positively by my husband and his organization. And all of the smiles and donations received Saturday night. Suddenly my house didn’t seem too dirty and I knew the dishes would get done and the carpet would be cleaned.... eventually. 😊 The point? Don’t let those Sunday scaries get you. They’re never as bad as you may think they are 🖤 . . MAKEUP DEETS: I went for minimal today. Just hiding the tired eyes 😂 Concealer: @amazingcosmetics Mascara: @lorealmakeup lash paradise in black Eyes: @tartecosmetics flirt palette Brows: @lorealmakeup brow defined in brunette and @elfcosmetics clear brow gel 🖤
M O O D 😴 #sleepydood
Happy Monday!!! 🙌🏼💪🏼Conquer this week and COMPLETELY IGNORE the fact that it snowed this weekend😫 . . 📸 @laurenkubat
Sunday Funday ♥️ vs. Sunday Scaries 😱
Nine times out of ten, our hearts just get dissolved. Well, I want a better place ... or just a better way to fall. @modestmouse
#solittleandcute #🐶 😄 #Repost @french_bulldogs with @get_repost ・・・ Cuteness overload to help your Sunday Scaries! Tag someone who needs this. Follow me @yogawithkaterina_ . Tag your pics with #french_bulldogs to be featured. #sunday #sundayscaries
M O N D A Y S 📸 PC: @larissagarbade
Battle your monday blues with something as simple as our Grilled Octopus🐙
The scariest set of pumpkins I’ve ever seen..... ———————— Follow @sundayscariesweekly for more Scary Content and Movie Reviews!
Yesterday I caught up w my best friend at Drunch! If you go I highly recommended the Fried Chicken and Waffles. The Avo Eggs Bennie was okay.. the hollandaise was broken and the avocados were brown under the eggs 😐 Natalie had the fried chicken and the breading was so delicious! The name of the restaurant is cute and the brunch cocktail list has fun choices. This was def not my favorite brunch place in Columbus.. 6/10. Good Service, long wait times for food!
Our Senior food is carefully crafted without cereals for dogs that enjoy a grain free recipes, along with reduced calories for less active older dogs. Enhanced vitamin E helps support the older immune system, whilst cranberry extract supports urinary health. All round, a great food to keep your dog happy and healthy, no matter their age! . . . #JamesWellbeloved #JWBPets #SundayScaries #Petstagram #DogLover #HappyDog #LifeWithDogs #ItsADogsWorld #Pawesome #Pawrent #PetSquad #WellbelovedFamily #WeAreWellbeloved #WalkWithUs #WatchThemGrow
Check out the first song off Sunday Scaries where we release a new song every Sunday in October. The tracks called "NO Limit" link in bio #sundayfunday #sundayscaries #WALLA #mazza #philadelphia #garageband #abelton #october #soundwave #trusttheprocess #sixersnation #gritty
Hiding from Monday like 👆🏻 • • • • ✨DISCOUNT CODES✨ CASCO ———— 50% off your first @barkbox delivery CASCO10 ——— 10% off @vectordesignsco CASCO10 ——— 10% off @my_pupper CASCO10 ——— 10% off @sleepycottonco CASCO15 ——— 15% off @pawprint.patterns
need more days off with this guy (insert-hug)
On Sunday’s we wash the sins away. . . . #sundayscaries #baptism #heatstroke #poolside
It's that simple. . • If you're happy where you are in your career, that's wonderful! . • If you're not, today I'd encourage you to take the time to do some self-reflection. . • What is it that you're lacking? . • We want you to love Mondays, not dread them.
When one door shuts, another door opens and we hope 👏🏻 and pray it’s this one. Bra-to-the-vo, @blossomsatbiltmorepark.
Had breakfast at a gay bar and went to the Vikings game. #sundayscaries
Perfect end to a perfect weekend 🌝❤️ #sunrise #weddingweekend #sundayscaries
Monday can be a real witch 👻. Yes the weekends are the best but Monday’s don’t have to be scary! Over the years I have tried to come up with ways to shake those Sunday scaries so that Monday’s are just another day (and even a productive one)! 1. Take Sunday off! Take time for you! Don’t save everything for Sunday night because it will rev up the anxiety for the week. Instead, spend time with family, meal prep, clean your house, exercise! Do what makes you happy! 2. Meal prep. Nothing makes your week easier if you meal prep. Now, I’m not saying cool every single meal for the entire week but know when you’re going to cook, make your breakfasts in advance, go to the store. I limit my grocery trips to once a week! 3. Clean your space. Nothing feels better to me then coming home from work each night to a clean space. If you start the week organized, you’re more likely to be able to keep up! 4. And lastly, go to bed! Nothing is more important than starting the day rested. I lay out all my clothes, gym bag, and food for the next day to make my mornings smoother. Now, that might seem overwhelming but set a goal for yourself to start doing one of these things and hopefully your Monday will start to be a little less scary! . . . #teachersofinstagram #teacher #teach #teaching #teacherstyle #teacherlife #teachersfollowteachers #teachjoy #teachhappy #organization #iteachtoo #iteachthird #sundayscaries
Kind of a hassle getting into the stadium yesterday. It’s all fun and games till the tear gas comes out. #getupitsgameday #sundayscaries
Where my hungry girls at?! . No but really - that’s how I’ve gone through A LOT of my life. I was hangry before hangry was a thing. Who’s with me?! 🙋🏽‍♀️ . By age 14 I was a major calorie counter. I had a gym membership and busted my butt there every night like there was no tomorrow. . By age 20 I was experimenting with all of the fads. Slimfast. Atkins (which was pretty much today’s Keto). South Beach Diet. Weight Watchers (which was effective but lead to a cycle of point hoarding and binge eating). Each time so hopeful....😔 . By 28 I’d done Jenny Craig, several rounds of Master Cleanse (where you live off of lemonade and cayenne pepper for 10+ days), B12 injections, hunger reducing pills, and a plethora of other get skinny quick methods. . At my thinnest stage of life I was addicted to spin class and lean cuisines. Eating maybe 800 calories a day. And LIVING off of coffee by day, and a social scene filled with boozy nights. . I’ve TRIED dieting. I’m OVER dieting. It may work for some, but none of these methods were sustainable for me. ALL of these methods made me unhappy and feeling shackled to my desperation to be slim. . What IS working for me is eating a well balanced diet, not cutting food groups (because for me deprivation leads to an eventual binge fest...), and exercising regularly for at least 25 minutes a day.....seriously. It’s that easy. It’s so simple it SOUNDS like a gimmick....but it’s really just doing the things physicians have been telling us to do for DECADES. 🤷🏽‍♀️ . I wonder what life would have looked like if my 14, 20, or 28 year old self knew it was all this simple? . I’m working with a group of fellow HUNGRY GIRLS on getting in gear before the New Year, so we can STOP dieting and START LIVING! . Here’s the deal. 25 minutes a day of exercise whenever and wherever it works best for you + a flexible meal plan (because pumpkin spice and e’rythang nice!) + friends + my support + results (so you can have your fall treats and eat them too). . You can totally sit with us. Just send me a message with your email address and your goals, and we’ll make moves together! 👯‍♀️
Monday’s are meant to be COMFY! Have you tried loungewear from #HelloMello yet? (Pro tip: wear the cowl neck to work for a super quick cozy transition when you get home) 😜 • • • • • #worktoleisure #athleisure #comfyclothes #fall #fallfashion #idontlikemondays #mondays #sundayscaries #cozy #pjs #pajamaset #dm #heartofstone #sandwichma #capecod #capestyle #capecodfashion #leisurewear #pjsinpublic #comfyoutfit #cozyliving
Like father, like son. #sundayscaries
Beesting / White Guy + mushrooms: the perfect pair 😍 xoxo #spicygrizz
I thought I’d bring some humor to this Monday morning...reminding myself of the good ol’ days 😂 ...But seriously, you got this, we got this. 🙌🏻 If you woke up a little stressed like me, breathe, give yourself a break, and grab Monday by the horns! 👊🏻 artwork courtesy of - @britandco #mondaymotivation
Sharing bust through blocks meditation yesterday with #theblissparty ✨ ✨ This meditation is fab for cultivating creativity, shifting the energy around you, shaking off brain fog and a mega energy boost. ✨ ✨ Thanks for a fun Sunday @kammeditation ❤️ ✨ ✨ #meditation #chicago #mindfulnesschi #mindfulchicago #mindfulness #pumpkinpatch #erinrdoppelt #meditationevent #sundayscaries
Running into a new week is easy when you've got an amazing team like this behind you! . . . . . . . . . . #israel #idf #israeldefenseforces #fidf #friendsoftheidf #israelidefenseforces #army #military #givati #support #teamwork #mondaymotivation #sundayscaries
The #sundayscaries don’t happen when you’re busy with a #sundayfunday . Long Sunday walks help beat the #mondayblues too. Ready for the week!
Number two, HOW DARE YOU. Tag a friend who’s having a case of the #mondays
had a fewwww too many apples from our trip so made apple spice pancakes topped with sautéed cinnamon apples 🍎💯for brunch yesterday! You may have seen on my stories last night that I’m trying out my fave local smoothie bars juice cleanse. Im not doing it for weight loss or any “quick fix”. I’m doing it for my own experience and to really get a chance to understand what they do and how they make you feel. I have lots of people ask me if I recommend them but honestly don’t know until i try! 💁🏼‍♀️
Monday hitting me like
This is the goodboi that T-poses when you get knocked . . #fortnite #ninja #drake #juju #sundayscaries #doggo #meme #funny #monday
Hiding from the week like...😒
Time to say 👋🏼 again because I hit 1K followers, and I’d like to turn them into friends! Here are a few facts about me—share a related fact about you in the comments! ⬇️⁣ ⁣ 1️⃣ My name is Lauren, and I’m in my 7th year teaching at a small-town high school in southern NJ.⁣ ⁣ 2️⃣ I lose my voice every Friday night while coaching a varsity cheerleading team. I try to gain it back every Saturday by taking lots of naps.⁣ ⁣ 3️⃣ I’m about 30 days behind on grading, but I continually try not to let it stress me out. My mission this year was to #stopteacherguilt and avoid the #sundayscaries .⁣ ⁣ 4️⃣ I listen to NYTimes’ “The Daily” every morning while getting ready.⁣ ⁣ 5️⃣ I’ve “stress-lost” 8 pounds since August. I’m now trying to lose some more the healthy way. I would like to be able to workout consistently for the first time in my life.⁣ ⁣ 6️⃣ Confession: I prefer Gingerbread season to Pumpkin Spice. I’m my own kind of basic.⁣ ⁣ And that’s all I have for you folks because I don’t know what else you’d like to know! Welcome, and I hope my posts help you fill up your cup! 💙⁣ ⁣ #teachersfollowteachers #teachersofinstagram #instateacher #teachersofig #teachersofinsta #weareteachers #iteachtoo #iteachhighschool #iteachhighschoolenglish #englishteacherloop #secondaryela #2ndaryela #njteacher #njteachers #njteachertribe
Our recipe for fending off the Sunday scaries: wine ➕ face mask ➕ entertaining reads. We’re sipping Chardonnay. What about you?
Sunday Scaries 👻 feat. the #armpillow
It’s officially MOVE-IN week & my best friend gets married week! With everything going on, I kept this week real SIMPLE 🍐🥗🍫. . . I will only be “home” for 5 more sleeps before celebrating a wedding & 6 more sleeps before I get my own bed again😍😳
No Sunday Scaries here at Downtown Crossing 🍷 📸 @_yunz_ #regram #bostonchopsdowntown
When you lie awake in bed thinking about all the squirrels that got away 🤯🐿🏃🏼‍♂️ #iwillcatchyou #someday #sundayscaries
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