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Benim yakışıklı amcamı gören herkesi kendine hayran bırakıyor kızlar ne kadar karizmatik diye baka kalıyor Eeee kimin amcası olacak o kadar😄😉@suleymanezmi25.12
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"In the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take." #YachtLife #MondayMotivation
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Deha bittikten sonra Şampiyon'a, sonra da Kalpsiz'e tekrar başlamayı düşünüyorum! 182. sayfada yarım bırakmıştım. Aslında güzel ilerliyordu ama bir türlü okuyasım gelmemişti.⛈♡ siz ne okuyorsunuuz?🌒
Childhood is made up of sticky, popsicle-dripping, tangled hair, riding bikes on the grass in your Easter dress kind of messes. And even though these may not be color-coordinated photo op canvas-print-to-hang-on-your-wall type photos, there's a certain beauty in capturing the innocence and free-spirited nature of childhood. #abeautifulmess (Also, these photos are like a month old because I've been really lazy about getting them off my 📷, so it's a #muchmuchlatergram )
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I hate inconsistency in people, relationships and things. Like, talking about people in past this night and suddenly becoming one of them in next 2 days! Also 2k fam❤ #photooftheday #photography #loveforblack #holidays #summerfun #staypositive #smile #white #loveforwhite #food #foodie #foodlover #foodmakesmehappy #secretcrush #secretcrushthings #crush #summer #summervibes #poolside #pool #yellow #shinebright #bloggers #blogging
honestly, growing up in a society in which failure is so frowned upon is so shitty. i mean it’s obvious that people are put under more stress and feel a lot of shame when they do fail/think they’re going to fail. but even further i think it affects us even greater in the things we care about the most, that we have a sense of pride in and tend to define ourselves w. it’s like, we preach to our kids that it’s okay to fail but when it comes to things like tests or credit cards or anything that could be considered important, we’re scolded for it. then we scold ourselves instead of looking at where we went wrong w optimism to then adjust and move on. if failure is such an important part of the learning process then why are we getting held up on every mistake and ingraining into the younger generations that they’re meant to be perfect?
athena naberrié !! 🍂🕷🔏🎞🌿 [ spam 6x for a tbh and possibly a dm! ] — 1996, 🦁, psychology major at seattleu!, diagnosed with major depression, gad and bpd. attachment and trust issues. has amazing taste in music. adores her friends! 💬 obsessed with pop punk bands especially turnover and movements. reads too many books about mental health. 📖 hayden christensen is god, loves batman more than herself. single & possibly looking, still thinking about it. 🍒 star wars, bates motel, gotham, the office ! hmu for friendship! #openrp #newopenrp #swrp #starwarsrp
Yine bir en sevdiğim videolardan ♥️🌸 #ilaydaildir & @ilaydaildir
Next up in Nassau Bahamas we getting ready for this event. @enigmabah NAKED Pt 2. More foam, friends, drinks, good vibes...MORE FUN!!! Tickets can be collected at Mario's Bowling Palace and Airbrush Junkies, Mall at Marathon. #enigmabah #enation #naked #poolparty #goodbyesummer #bikinis #summerfun #Bahamascarnival #daPARTYband @airbrushjunkies
Next up in Nassau Bahamas we getting ready for this event. @enigmabah NAKED Pt 2. More foam, friends, drinks, good vibes...MORE FUN!!! Tickets can be collected at Mario's Bowling Palace and Airbrush Junkies, Mall at Marathon. #enigmabah #enation #naked #poolparty #goodbyesummer #bikinis #summerfun #Bahamascarnival #daPARTYband #entertainment #instalike #love #caribbean @airbrushjunkies
; yanaklarını mıncırasım geliyo çok fena Kural!😻@ahmtkural #ahmetkural #kardeşpayı ?;Kardeş Payının en sevdiğiniz bölümü hangisidir?
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She is so PERFECT. 💛 @nickiminaj #nickiminaj
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Okay, so maybe Darius Rucker wasn't my last concert for the summer. When someone says "hey, want to Cody Jinks" you find a way to get there. 🎶🎶🎶 @codyjinks . . . #columbiamissouri #summerfest #summernights #summerfun #summer #friday #fridayfun #weekendvibes #weekend #countrymusic #countrynights #countryconcert #codyjinks #beautifulweather #concert #funtimes #fun #dohappy #music #ilovemusic #ilovecountrymusic #outlawcountry #cowboysandhippies
Allahiiiimmmm bu ne güzellik 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍@ilaydaildir @thevurdem & #ilaydaildir #iıfc
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👉Und schon ist der Sommer auch schon wieder vorbei... . Wobei er dieses Jahr besonders lang und heiß war, deswegen kann ich mich nicht darüber beklagen. 🌞 Es war ein echt geiler langer Sommer dieses Jahr, mit viel Freizeit und geilen Erlebnissen!😎 Ich konnte einige schöne Bilder machen📸 und vorallem schöne Erfahrungen sammeln, die mir hoffentlich noch lange in Erinnerung bleiben! Schaut euch einfach die Bilder an! 😊 . Manche beklagen sich schon wieder darüber, dass der Sommer zu heiß war🌡️und jammern jetzt wieder, dass es wieder kalt wird.❄️🙄 Aber egal wie viel man jammert, das Wetter macht doch sowieso was es will! Warum also unnötig Gedanken machen? 🤔 Du kannst es sowieso nicht ändern! Das einzige was du machen kannst, ist deine Einstellung zum Wetter zu ändern! Mach immer das Beste draus und sei lieber dankbar dafür. 🙏 Das Leben wäre ja langweilig, wenn die ganze Zeit nur Sommer wäre! Die ständige Abwechslung macht es erst richtig aufregend! . Ich persönlich bevorzuge den Sommer, aber der Sommer ist nur deshalb so schön, weil es auch die anderen Jahreszeiten gibt! Denk immer daran, wenn es mal wieder kalt und regnerisch ist: Auch das geht vorbei! Nichts bleibt für immer, alles verändert sich ständig... 🔄 Also genieße dein Leben, sei dankbar und mache immer das Beste draus! 😊🙏 . Wie war dein Sommer denn so? Und welche Jahreszeit magst du am meisten? 👇 . Schreib mir gerne 😉
Where we come from the buildings have wings... ... ... Photo Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin ... ... We have some much needed time at home for the next few weeks. We are super excited to share some of our hometown with you and show you how cool Milwaukee, Wisconsin really is. This building here has become one of the iconic buildings in the Milwaukee Skyline. It was designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava and animated (the wings go up and down) by engineers from the school where Adam studied. ... ... #gettingstamped #Milwaukee #visitmilwaukee
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Döcldlcşdşc (Keşfetten gelenler söylesin beğenip bol bol yorum yapın lütfen) #blackpink #blackpinkturkey TAKİP FOLLOW: @blackpinkturkeys ♦İZİNSİZ ALMAYIN♦
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ჩემო ბლის ფერიიააავ🍒გილოცაააავ დაბადების დღეს🍒ყველაფერს საუკეთესოს გისურვებ🍒სულ ჯამრთელი,ბედნიერი ყოფილიყავი შენს ოჯახთან და და ჩემთან ერთად🍒აი უბრალოდ წარმოუდგენლად მიყვარხააარ და ძალიან გააფასებ🍒ძალიან კარგია რომ არსებობ🍒შენთან ერთად ყველაფერი მხიარულია🍒ვგიჟდები შენ სიცილზე და ყველაფერზე რაც შენ გიკავშირდება🍒უბრალოდ შენზე ლაპარაკი,რომ დავიწყო აი ძალიან დიდი დრო დამსჭირდება,ყველაფერი შენთვითონაც იცი🍒ჩემო სიყვარულოოო🍒ზოგჯერ ისე მაბრაზებ ხოლმე🍒ცეკვა რომ არა ჩვენ ერთმანეთს ვერ გავიცნობდით,და ძალიან ვამაყობ იმით რომ ცეკვაზე ესეთი ადამიანი გავიცანი უკვე 9 წელია რაც შენთან ერთად ვატარებ დროის ამ მონაკვეთს🍒ჩვენი დაქალობა უსასრულობამდე იარსებებს❣️🍒კიდეეეეეევ ერთხელ გილოცააავ ჩემო დიდო გოგოვვვვ🍒უძალიანეესააააად მიყვარხარრრ🍒 #Sweet14
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