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“Why can’t marvel just let them be happy?” That sentence could be said about any marvel characters and still make sense • • • • • • • #marvel #marvelmemes #marvelmeme #marvelfunny #marvelcomics #memes #meme #funny #comics #lol #haha #ha #steverogers #buckybarnes #stucky #captainamerica #wintersoldier #sad #happy #letthembehappy #❤️ #😂 #😭
Ok then. That’s fine 😢❤️- Stevie
. {𝘀𝘁𝗼𝗻𝘆 𝗲𝗱𝗶𝘁} haha i hate myself so much,, someone pls kill me 🥵 (also, have a nice day/night 💫) »»—— ♡ ——«« q: favorite color?
I just started watching brooklyn 99 so I thought this fitted perfectly -->credits to owners . . #venom #eddiebrook #venommovie #steverogers #captainamerica #buckybarnes #stucky #thewintersoldier #captainamericathewintersoldier #marvel #marvelmovies #memes #marvelmemes #mcu
omg is this what sebastian got @shailenewoodley “sebastian says hello”
love love love 💕
day 145: c'est la vie "la vie"
(swipe to see) i love my bestest fanboy so so much, i swear this type of tweets makes me so happy, he’s such a genuine person who deserves endless amounts of love, appreciation and respect. i love him so much💘 #qotd favourite disney princess? #aotd rapunzel [#steverogers #chrisevans #marvel #mcu #marvelcomics #thefirstavenger #thewintersoldier #civilwar #infinitywar #ageofultron #stucky #stony #romanogers #stanlee ]
the brightest colors (pt. 8/?) 🌈 _______ Summary: Yinsen and Tony have finally finished the suit. The last part of the puzzle: breaking out. With guards coming towards their cell, the two scientists have to think fast and escape. Yinsen gets hurt in the process. _______ heyyy so there are like 3 more parts of Iron Man and then AVENGERS YAAASSS Check out the link in my bio for my mermaid fic 🧜‍♂️🤪
Stucky art i made #stucky
|parallels| mind the glitches please ac: @fun.aep {#buckygrp #xgiftedgrp #captainmarvelgrp #manwithoutfeargrp }
beautiful 💖
[AU✨] Remake cause I’m lazy.
Seb is so cute aw adorable man
Steve Rogers X Bucky Barnes Drawing #marvelcats #marvel #steverogers #buckybarnes #stucky
– Thank you so much for 9700 followers! I’m really proud of this edit, and I hope you all like it! I’ve been so inspired to edit romanogers during this theme. 💕 – Dt: @romanogersotp , @romanogrs , @first_lady_romanogers , @careforseb , @myunicornnina , @mqrvelstuff , @stevenrcgrs. 💗
that smile💜 📸: 15th November 2018, Sebastian with @gublergram and @drakedoremus on set of their new movie! Credit to @drakedoremus !
THIS IS THE GREATEST THING EVER 📸: 15th November 2018, Sebastian on set for his new movie directed by @drakedoremus ! Credit to @drakedoremus !
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Chris + Dodger = perfect relationship -Elle ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Clutching the flyer in your hand, you approached the dog residing under the tree. It was dirty- but seemingly friendly- laying under the cool shade. It didn’t growl when you got closer; instead, it’s tail wagged subtly. You looked at the flyer. Missing dog. Dodger. Reward when found. Call *number* if spotted. A picture was also in the bottom of it. You looked from the dog to picture. Yep. Definitely him. “Dodger?” You said softly. The dog titled his head at you, not getting up. You stuck out a friendly hand, getting closer and closer. You eventually sat next to him, being able to give him a pat on the top of his head. Patting the dog absentmindedly, you called the number. It rang twice before it was answered. “Hello Chris speaking.” It was a man’s voice. Just from those three words you could tell that he was tried... probably asleep if it wasn’t 2 in the afternoon. “Hi Chris; Y/N L/N here. Did you put up flyers about a missing dog? Dodger his name?” There was a pause on the end of the line, “Yes?” “Well I’ve found him.” Another pause, “where are you- I’m coming right now.” You reeled off the address, hanging up to continue patting Dodger. He was really friendly, and not to mention adorable. He did smell though, making your hand dirty as you touched him. “Good boy.” You whispered to him, grinning as he wagged his tail at you happily. If he didn’t belong to this Chris person, you would have totally stolen him for yourself. It didn’t take long before a car pulled up before you. A man practically threw himself out of the car, running towards Dodger. Dodger recognised him instantly. He got up, shaking from the force his tail was wagging. He ran towards the man, jumping up at him when they met in the middle. You couldn’t help but grin widely at the moment before you. It was adorable. The man, Chris, clicked the leash onto the dog, walking closer to you. He had tears in his eyes as he smiled. “Thank you SO much, Y/N. Dodger means so much to me, I’ve really missed him.” He said, bringing you in for a hug. You hugged him back tightly, rubbing a hand up his back. •MORE IN COMMENTS•
Working on a drawing of Steve Rogers and bucky Barnes but cats #marvel #marvelcats #steverogers #buckybarnes #stucky
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