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I hope you are as inspired as I am by Nick's journey. • “Day + 555. A footnote to a my recent post on my “boring” recovery. Physical activity has been a vital ingredient to my recovery. My medical team cite an undeniable correlation between exercise and a deep response to treatment for cancer patients. Along the way, I worked with Amy Jordan, Pilates visionary. She designed a program to use in the hospital during my bone marrow transplant and then worked with me individually as I was getting back on my feet. Amy and her team at WundaBar Pilates helped me with therapeutic routines, coaxing my body to find that deep recovery. We focus on movements that initiated blood flow, organ compression & release, and oxygen flow. This morning we ran into each and shared a laugh as we talked about the year and a half journey. Please, stay active; stay healthy.” -@NicholasKoutouras . . . #reformertower #pilatesfitness #amopilates #pilatesloverst #fitmomstruggles #pilatesbodyworks #fitmamaallday #strongmomsofig #pilatesinstructorintraining #healthymominprogress #strongmomclub #reformertraining #reformerbursa #fitmommylifestyle #fitmomstyle #fitmommytobe #momswholiftandrun #pilatesgirlslift #reformers #pilatestudiobytheriver #classicalpilatesmerida #pilatesgirls #pilatesteachers #reformerfordancers #pilatesreformerstudio #pilatesinstructorgoldcoast #fitmommylife #pilatesgirlmotivation #wundabarpilates
Turns out a year-old gingerbread house kit is hard to decorate with (forgot about it last year!) so ours turned into a snow-capped house 😆but the girls had fun putting the candy on 🍬🎄 . #thefernandez5christmas
Note to self..... I do not want a career as a plumber. Next is to put new guts in my boys bathroom toilet. 💪🏻 #strongmomsofig #strongmom #work #whoneedsaman
Here's some #mondaymotivation for you, WundaFam! We hope you are as inspired as we are by Nick's journey. “Day + 555. A footnote to a my recent post on my “boring” recovery. Physical activity has been a vital ingredient to my recovery. My medical team cite an undeniable correlation between exercise and a deep response to treatment for cancer patients. Along the way, I worked with Amy Jordan, Pilates visionary. She designed a program to use in the hospital during my bone marrow transplant and then worked with me individually as I was getting back on my feet. Amy and her team at WundaBar Pilates helped me with therapeutic routines, coaxing my body to find that deep recovery. We focus on movements that initiated blood flow, organ compression & release, and oxygen flow. This morning we ran into each and shared a laugh as we talked about the year and a half journey. Please, stay active; stay healthy.” -@NicholasKoutouras . . . #reformertower #pilatesfitness #amopilates #pilatesloverst #fitmomstruggles #pilatesbodyworks #fitmamaallday #strongmomsofig #pilatesinstructorintraining #healthymominprogress #strongmomclub #reformertraining #reformerbursa #fitmommylifestyle #fitmomstyle #fitmommytobe #momswholiftandrun #pilatesgirlslift #reformers #pilatestudiobytheriver #classicalpilatesmerida #pilatesgirls #pilatesteachers #reformerfordancers #pilatesreformerstudio #pilatesinstructorgoldcoast #fitmommylife #pilatesgirlmotivation #wundabarpilates
✨Seeing success in action invigorates all of us and then reduces our belief that the ability to accomplishing something is impossible. ~Hal Elron ✨ . It's Sunday night. Most of us are getting ready to head into another work week. Our feeling for our job probably ranges somewhere between "Can't bear to think of it any sooner than I have to" and "Can't wait to get there, I've been looking forward to this since Friday". Where do you fall? 🤔 . This amazing lady allowed herself to dream that she could build a life that would allow her to jump off that hamster wheel, choose an opportunity that would give her that "Can't wait to get there" feeling, let her stay on permanent maternity leave with her sweet baby, all while sharing this with others wanting to make a change. And I can't thank her enough for dreaming big and showing us it's possible. 😘😘😘 . #lifebydesign #makeachangetoday
🌟OMG... these ladies got some amazing results!!! ⭐And best part they did it by taking just 20 minutes out of their day for 6 weeks 🌟 . ⏱You have 20 minutes to devote to yourself in the new year, RIGHT?!?! . I'm looking for 25 ladies who say...." YES!!!🙌 I'm going to make myself a priority and get some amazing results too!" 👏 We are going to TRANSFORM our bodies along with our minds. By creating habits of health and fitness that are sustainable in 2019! . So if ready to go all in with me for 20 minutes a day, for 6 weeks minutes a day. With 36 workouts that will sculpt our booties, chisel our abs, tone our upper bodies, and burn fat. Not to mention take ud to another level mentally! 👊 . Only equipment need is a Step and your commitment! You'll also get 1yr access to our entire online gym, customizable & simple meal plans, me as your coach from now until infinity, support for other women who have similar goals, plus guaranteed results or you'll get a refund! . If you're ready to commit to a healthier you in the new year,.. Drop me your favorite emoji in the comments! So I know to lock in your spot! . . 🔶Let's getting CLIMBING! 🏃🔶 . . . . . . #yougotthis #getyoursweaton #yourtheonlythingholdingyouback #stopwaiting #fitmom #startdoing #thereisnoperfecttime #yourworthit #yourhealthisyourwealth #mindset #strongisthenewskinny #goforit #preparetotransformyourself #bepreparedforsucess #mommyofone #whatsyourwhy #fitmomgoals #fitmomarock #goallin #strongmomsofig #conquer #climb #dontwaitforthenewyear #hesonlylittleforsolong
9 days until Christmas. Guess I might as well start shopping 🤣 . Are you all done or way behind like me?! . I feel like we really don't need any more things, but if you have any gift ideas for my 5 and 3 year old girls or my 1 year old boy, I would love the help!! . Thanks!! 🙏🎄❤️ . #christmas2018 #thefernandez5christmas #procrastination #christmasgiftideas
Here’s a fun lifting video of me hitting 145# in this complex at @girlsgonerx in Warrensburg, MO!
Live in the moment and feel the music!
This sweet boy had his 12 month check up this week (he's already 13 months ☺️ #3rdchildproblems ) . His height percentile was up to 22%, and his weight percentile was down to 92%. Yes. You read that right 😆 . Oh and his cuteness is still off the chart 😍💙 #elliotjames #12monthcheckup #cutebaby
This picture is pure magic✨to me. It gives me all the feels🥰 . . It makes me reflect on why I’ve chosen the unconventional path of becoming an entrepreneur. . . ✖️I always want to be present for these special moments with Connor + future children. ✖️I never want to tell Connor + our future children we can’t have a Christmas🎄this time of the year is so special, yet I know it can be hard. ✖️I want to stop feeling like I’m in a place of struggle + worry about 💸 ALL. THE. TIME.😣 ✖️I have a vision so bright for my family + I want to see that vision come to fruition. . . I know the work is hard. I know I won’t always feel like doing it. But will it be worth it in the long run, ABSOLUTELY! . . #momswithpassions #motherhooddreams #fitmomboss #mamabearmoment #motherhoodmoment #motherhoodunplugged #toddlermomlife #tistheseason #holidayhustle #motherhustler #intentionalliving #imperfectlybalanced #strongmomsofig #fitmomogig
And some days I choose pizza 🍕 and Every. Single. Bite. Was delicious!! 😋 . The girls and Daniel love it too! We don't get it too often, but when we do, it's usually from @costco 😊🍕❤️
Money isn’t everything, but I’m not gonna lie and pretend it doesn’t matter. I logged into my bank account today and realized I received my third highest paycheck to date as a coach. They just keep growing. They just keep coming. It’s not a bad gig to love what you do so much that you’d do it even if unpaid. But it’s even better to get paid for doing something you love. I was chatting with a coach today who said “I can't get over myself, to push past the doubt that goes through my head. What will people say? How do you get past all this and go for it?” My advice? Lead with your heart ❤️ and do it SCARED! I’ll never be ashamed of offering someone hope and health. And a better future. Thank you Lord for the purpose. And thank you for the blessings! I shared with my team that I have a burden, a vision for 2019 that God is gonna allow me to help 5 women on my team earn an income that brings them home to their families. Could it be you? You’ll never know if you don’t leap! Scared and all! Come find out for yourself! Click the link in my bio to learn more! https://m.facebook.com/groups/1855285417838626
Made it!!! It’s a little bit colder here than in Texas... ❄️⛄️ But, we came prepared💪🏻 This Texas girl love a little snow! Is it snowing where you are? Hope y’all are staying warm.
⬅️2009 Triathlon finisher 🏊‍♀️🚴‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️. . ➡️ 2018 Mom of 3. 6 months postpartum after my third c-section, while still exclusively breastfeeding 🤰👧🏻👧🏻👶🏻 . And I'm spending less time exercising each week. If you had told me after that triathlon that I would be in better shape after 3 kids, pretty sure I would have thought you were crazy 😜 I never imagined that I could get better results at home. And also shows how important nutrition is! . I love that this program is doable and sustainable - even with a family. And I keep going because of the amazing support I have - the support net that catches me when I fall and springs me back on track when I need it. 🚂 . Have you started an exercise program 💪 or even just tried to eat better 🥗 and then a few days or weeks later, you went back to your old ways and undid all the progress you had made? Change is hard and having the support from others working towards the same goals makes all the difference. 👊🤷‍♀️💪🤗🙌 . #findyourtribe #backontrack #tbt #postpartum #csection #triathlon #momofthree #toddlermom #athomeworkout #breastfeedingmama
Never have I been so grateful for a job that allows me to be flexible!!! Here’s to all the sisters building a business at home, or part time or around your littles!!!! Maybe you’re doing ALL those things!!! ⠀ ⠀ I always envisioned the “traditional” 9-5 office job and corporate board meeting rooms with travel and matching suits as being a “successful” business woman!!! ⠀ ⠀ But here I am in my topknot, Jesus & WiFi sweatshirt and taking a nap in the middle of the day and still earning MORE Han I have at any traditional job!!! ⠀ ⠀ God is too cool for allowing me this freedom!!! I’m tired, and feel like poo, but my business is still growing and i didn’t have to ask a single soul for a sick day!!! ⠀ ⠀ Thank you, thank you Lord!!!! ⠀ ⠀ Don’t get me wrong! I’ve worked HARD to get here!!! And today, as I timidly shared in my coaching sneak peek group about how much my income has grown, I am in AWE of what God has done with my tiny feeble “yes” I uttered 4 years ago to this job. ⠀ ⠀ I’m NEVER gonna stop shouting His blessing from the rooftop or stop inviting other women to do what I do as a coach! ⠀ ⠀ If you’re curious about my gig, what I do, how I earn and how I retired from full time teaching while serving others in health and fitness, come ON!!!! ⠀ ⠀ Just click the link in my profile to join my private group and ask any questions you have sister! Don’t ignore that tug on your heart! ⠀ ⠀ https://m.facebook.com/groups/1855285417838626
Motherhood is stinkin’ HARD. You would think that working with children nearly my entire life, I’d had things locked down... . . WRONG!😣 it’s the toughest job ever. . . It tests every inch of patience, especially when your toddler’s new thing is whining, “MAMAA MAMMAA”...ALL. THE. TIME. 😬 [ps. when he’s not whining it, it’s the cutest thing ever🥰] . . Over the last few weeks, I have been so incredibly tired😴yet I still manage to play, sing, prepare meals for my family...AND get myself up early enough to make my health a priority. Plus it’s the only time I have to myself. . . But amidst all the chaos + tiredness, motherhood exceeds any amount of love❤️ I could have ever imagined. . . #motherhoodmoment #realtalkmotherhood #tiredasamother #mamabearmoment #motherhoodunplugged #hotmessexpressmom #fitmomsofig #fitmomboss #motherhustler #strongmomsofig #mswarrior #msstrong #msfighter #invisibledisease #chronicillnesswarrior
24 Months, 730 Days, 520 Workouts 30 pounds and 1 massive mindset shift are the differences between me on the left and right! And I'm looking forward to another year with big numbers! . . How about you? Do you have some numbers you'd like to reach? If so.. I'm looking for 25 ladies who want to TRANSFORM not just their body but their mind and spirit. By creating habits of health and fitness that are sustainable in 2019! . So if ready to go all in with me for 20 minutes a day, 6 days a week for 6 weeks minutes a day. With 36 workouts that will sculpt your booty, chisel your abs, tone your upper body, and burn fat. Not to mention take you to another level mentally! . . Only equipment need is a Step and your commitment! You'll also get 1yr access to our entire online gym, customizable & simple meal plans, me as your coach from now until infinity, support for other women who have similar goals, plus guaranteed results or you'll get a refund! . If this sounds like you,.. Drop me "I'm interested" in the comments! So I know to lock in your spot! . . 🔶Let's getting CLIMBING! 🏃🔶 . . . . . . #yougotthis #getyoursweaton #yourtheonlythingholdingyouback #stopwaiting #fitmom #startdoing #thereisnoperfecttime #yourworthit #yourhealthisyourwealth #mindset #strongisthenewskinny #goforit #preparetotransformyourself #bepreparedforsucess #mommyofone #whatsyourwhy #fitmomgoals #fitmomarock #goallin #strongmomsofig #conquer #climb #dontwaitforthenewyear #hesonlylittleforsolong
Last leg day of LIIFT4 has me like 🍑🔥☠️. . Not pictured is Mase, who was NOT a fan. 😑🙄 Super fussy babe up for grabs today. Playing that fun game where I’m trying to decide if it’s something in the new protein I’m taking or just that damn leap four. 😭
3 favorites ✨😘
People ask me all the time how I do it. How I coached and taught full time the first 4 years Of my business all while being a wife and mom!⠀ ⠀ And I gotta tell ya! It wasn’t easy! ⠀ ⠀ For about the first YEAR of my coaching business, this is the look I walked around with on my face! 🤪 I shared with one of my new coaches just today that I felt like I was DROWNING in information that first year! ⠀ ⠀ 👉🏻You remember when you first started your job and you had to learn EVERYTHING from how to start the computer to where the copier was???? ⠀ ⠀ Yeah, starting this home based business was no different! I almost QUIT once a month! But it was NEVER because the training and support wasn’t there. ⠀ ⠀ Usually it was because doubt would creep in, and just going back to my “Norm” was always an option. ⠀ ⠀ But something clicked. I knew I didn’t want ✖️overweight, ✖️deep in debt, and ✖️lacking confidence in a calling to be MY norm!⠀ ⠀ So every time doubt crept in, instead of quitting, I got to WORK! ⠀ Doing the very basics that make this business work!⠀ 🖤 Sharing my story of HOPE & HARD WORK on social media (guys, the world ALWAYS needs more hope! ✝️)⠀ 🖤 Inviting other women to use the same systems of home workouts and simple nutrition plans that worked for me.💕⠀ 🖤 Coaching them and encouraging them daily with Gods Word and accountability⠀ 🖤 And mentoring a team of women to do the same!👯‍♀️⠀ ⠀ My best advice if you’re starting a new endeavor and finding it to be more difficult than you anticipated....⠀ ⠀ ➖ EMBRACE IT! It’s supposed to be hard, otherwise it wouldn’t be so gosh-darn rewarding! ⠀ ➖EXPECT God to reveal some super beautiful truths about who He is and what He can do in your life when you walk in faith!⠀ ➖ DOCUMENT it all! Cause some day, if you stick with it, you’ll have a team of women who feel the same and you’ll get to use your struggles to point them to SUCCESS as well!⠀ ⠀ I’m on the lookout for my next 5 women I get to mentor! If I didn’t scare you away and you’re still reading this and thinking, “If she can do it then so can I!”⠀ You’re. My. Gal! 💕 continues in comments!
🗣Huuggeee shoutout to my clients that are getting ready to kick off our #T20 program! Spots are going fast! So proud of them for deciding to make the commitment to transform to the best version of themselves in 2019 and make it their best year ever! The results and transformations from my test group have blown my mind! Can’t wait to do it again and bring others along with me🙌🏻 For 6 weeks, my exclusive launch group will be testing out this program for the first time since the program released to the public! 20 minutes a day/6 days a week y’all!🙌🏻 couldn’t be easier! If you want to see what it’s all about, drop me a ❤️ or pm me and I’ll reach out! Have you gotten on the list for the FREE t20 workout? I have one! I can send you this week to try out! Let me know and I’ll send it to you!!
✨Don’t sweat the small stuff✨ Life is hard sometimes whether your a parent, spouse, working a job you don’t love, or even being in school to be your best- life gets hard... and we have to find the silver lining because if we continue to sweat the small stuff it will take away from the big picture of WHY we are doing what we do! ✅ It’s Monday and I challenge YOU to look at the positive in everything you do today and compliment someone you admire but but heads with ❤️ If you accept the challenge- let me know 🙌🏼
Coaching is kind of like parenting. When you're a little kid, you think your parents have it all figured out and you grow up and have kids of your own and you realize that they were just trying to figure it out as they went. 🙃🤷‍♀️ . Before I became a coach, I could barely stay on track myself, so how would I be able to help anyone else? What I pictured as being a successful coach (organized house, disciplined time management, always following the meal plan and doing the workouts), I was struggling with all around. . But someone had noticed the changes in me and was ready to jump in, so it just worked out for me to start coaching. And I've continued to be a hot mess ever since 🤣 But it has certainly helped me stay accountable (just like when your kids are watching you). And I'm continuing to learn how to use my time efficiently in order to help others which is sooo rewarding when I see them experience a positive impact from this program just like I have had ❤️ . It's kind of like becoming a real parent. 💫You don't have to know much at all when you start. 💫You'll learn from your mistakes as you go. 💫The important attribute is the desire to make a positive difference in someone's life. 💫And with coaching you'll have this amazing group of women next to you, growing and learning and striving to help people! . If you want to hear more about what really goes on as a coach, you can jump into our Coach Sneak Peek group and hear a few of us share our perspective! #onfireempire #youcansitwithus
Last Friday I shut down work and headed to lunch up at the big girls school. ❤️Its such a blessing being their momma and watching them grow up ...WAY TOO FAST😥!! As I left, it reminded me so much how about how fast time goes and how lucky I am to be able to have these moments with them! Before becoming a mom, I dreamed of being able to do things like this with my. I always planned to stay home, but when that time came, I found myself completely stressed out all the time because of our finances. Heck, motherhood is hard work! #amIright ?🤪 😔I felt stuck in between wanting to help our family out financially so we didn't have to say ‘NO’ to everything AND not wanting to give up TIME with my kids to go to work. I would find myself saying "It is what it is🤷🏻‍♀️"....but then I started to shift my thinking to..."WHAT IF...." 👩🏼‍💻What if there was a way I could do both...work WITH my kids around me AND earn a side income so I didn't HAVE to return to full time teaching. That question of ‘WHAT IF’ changed my life! I dove in and started working my business in my mom-cracks, working all the way to a multi 6-figure business within 4 years🙌🏻. This was definitely not what my original vision was...heck, I was grateful when I was making $500💸a month...but overtime my belief in what I was doing grew and so did my vision. I can't imagine what my life would be like if I hadn't taken that leap of faith and had the courage to say 'YES' to coaching. It's helped me loose my baby weight🤰🏼3 times, given us financial freedom, allowed us to purchase our dream home 🏠AND settle back down in our home state of Texas. I get to CHOOSE how my day looks, I have something that fuels me and gives me sense of purpose and I'm teaching my girls the value in hard work💪🏻and chasing your dreams. I work hard, and show up every day no matter what. But THEY are 100% worth it and I never want to have to tell them ‘NO’ we can't do something because we don't have the means to do it, I only want to have to tell them ‘NO’ because it's my choice to😉 If you can see yourself in my story at all, I get you!! I was there- and if I can YOU CAN! Ready to stop watching and join me? Let’s chat!
It was cool, but calm, today and we had a lovely time enjoying the fresh air and puddles this morning! ☀️💦
When I started 2 years ago, I was just looking to lose a few pounds and feel better in my skin. Besides losing weight, my coach had posted about being happier, less anxious, and having more energy to play with her kids. If I could get that too, that would be icing on the cake. 🎂 . I was signing up for a 3 week program. 3 weeks of working out for 30 minutes and planning everything I ate. I was excited, but it sounded overwhelming. 🙀🤦‍♀️3 weeks sounded like such a long time. And how was I going to fit a 30 minute workout into my life DAILY? I had a 3 year old and a 1 year old and always felt like I was in catch-up mode. But I was desperate to make a change. For my own sake and for my family's. . That first program I wasn't perfect (still am not), and I even went on a work trip in the middle of it, but I learned as I went, and kept going. ⚙️ . Little did I know that I really could get all of those things that my coach had talked about -- weight loss, less anxiety, more energy and most importantly, be happier!! -- and that I would fall so in love with the program itself, the support from the others in our group, and what I was learning about how to improve my mind that I couldn't resist the urge to start sharing the experience with others. . And the next program I'm committing to is too good not to share, so I'm welcoming 💥20 women💥 to jump in with me, even though it might sound a little scary and exciting, and let's take on 2019 together! . * VIP early access to 20 minute workouts for 6 weeks. * Access to 40+ other programs (over 700 workouts) for a whole year. * 36 unique workouts (no repeats!) * Nutrition guide, Wall calendar/tracker, 6 week transformation tracker. * Superfoods daily shake. . If you want to be part of the women I do this brand new program with in January, drop a 🙋 below or fill out my interest form (link in bio) and let's do this!!
Can we just be real for a second? PLEASE don’t get caught up on another person’s social media highlight reel. I've had a few new mama friends recently tell me that for X, Y or Z reason, their stomachs will never be back to pre-baby. And let’s be honest - our bodies do ALL SORTS of changing with pregnancy and postpartum. But you know what? That's okay. I almost didn't share this because no, I don't have a six pack. You can barely see baby abs there waaaaanting to make an appearance, so I didn't think it was a "good enough" example of what I wanted to get across. My stomach has always been my trouble spot, even before kids. But now, after carrying three babies, I have some flabby and loose skin left there. You can literally pinch it! And regardless of the fact that I lost 60 pounds after Noah was born, gained 25ish with another pregnancy and then lost another 30 - that still makes me self-conscious. But we have to remember not to compare our reality to someone else's. The picture on the left was me standing up straight, then two seconds later on the right, bending over a bit. The stretch marks and loose skin are so much more obvious, right? I won't sit here and try to tell you that there haven't been days where I've felt discouraged or defeated, that I've never thought about giving up. I've played the dangerous comparison game and picked myself apart in the mirror. Just because I'm a health and fitness coach doesn't mean I'm not human. But I think the most important lesson I've learned on this journey is to LOVE MYSELF. To not compare my journey to someone else's. To not feed my insecurities and that vicious cycle. To be PROUD of the fact that I've lost those 90 pounds and they're never coming back. So STOP. Stop telling yourself you can never do this or never do that. Don't let your insecurities win, don't let your excuses defeat you before you even try. Mamas, be PROUD of what your body has done. This loose skin has grown three little boys and while I'm still going to work each and every day to hit those goals I've set for myself - I'm also going to love this body. I'm blessed with my health and with the ability to exercise. So no more comparing.
More snow ❄️ and some comfort food. 🥘 I basically used the taco soup recipe from our free crockpot group and added some #Fritos 😋 on top along with our standard cheese and Greek yogurt. It's like a mix between tacos and chili - two of our favorite foods! It was perfect in this cold weather - a family favorite! . What's your favorite cold weather comfort food?
HEY GIRL. 👏🏻 It’s December. December 6th! And you still haven’t committed to all of those changes you said you were going to make in 2018. And I’m totally not here to judge you - because girlfriend, I’ve been there too. Year after year. I’d set these big goals for the New Year, then all of a sudden - whoops, it’s December again. 🤷🏼‍♀️😂 . So, stop with that. There’s nothing that makes today any LESS of a starting point than that January 1st you keep waiting on. ✌🏻♥️
Check out that snowfall!?! The girls were so excited to see this across the street this morning! ❄️☃️#winterstorm #firstsnowfall2018
Shaun T, he’s my guy. ♥️🙌🏻 21 Day Fix was my very first program three years ago, but Shaun T - he made THE difference for me. Insanity Max 30 was a program that terrified me, but I finally braved while B was deployed. It made me want to puke, made me cry, made me want to give up. But it also empowered me, leaned me out like crazy and became such an OUTLET for me. So, this new Transform:20 program coming out - it lights a fire. I’m SO excited. I just got to sample it for the first time and I’M GEEKING OUT OVER HERE. 🔥🔥🔥 Plus... twenty minutes a day. Mama’s got that ish. 🙌🏻
TODAY IS THE DAY!!!! Shaun T’s newest program launches and I could not be more excited!! If you haven’t seen my stories..... you missed it.. my VIP group is enrolling now!!!! You don’t want to miss the most amazing program to launch ever!!! Comment below to save your spot or DM me!!!
Christmas time is here! 🎄😍❤️ This season, I’m more grateful for the people in my life than ever. Every moment with them is unbelievably precious — and even more precious as each year turns. 🎄 We show love and acceptance to our friends and family, yet are withholding of love to ourselves. This is the season I will, for the first time in my life, choose not to constantly judge myself or feel guilty for my many shortcomings. ❤️ The interesting result is that as we learn to be kind to ourselves, we become more accepting and loving toward others. 🌵 What’s is an area you’d like to be more accepting of yourself as you are right now? Without changing anything, without setting a goal to “be better” or to “improve”? 🎄 Is it difficult to accept yourself? If so, why?
Ok friends, quick question for you -- if you knew that you COULDN’T FAIL, how would you want to change your health and fitness during the next 3 months? Drop the color(s) that best describes you below: ❤️ Lose 20+ pounds 💛 Lose 10-15 pounds and tone up 💚 Lose 0-5 pounds and build lean muscle + lift my booty 💙 Change my eating habits to benefit my health 💜 Work on my mental health & happiness 💗 Stop the yo-yo diet and find a sustainable lifestyle
I'm looking for 25 ladies who want to make this a December to remember! Why wait to January when we can start Transforming your Mind, Body & Spirit NOW! . If this sounds like you & you're ready to go all in and CONQUER our newest program in 20 minutes a day, 6 days a week for 6 weeks minutes a day. These 36 workouts will sculpt your glutes, chisel your abs, tone your upper body, and burn fat. Only equipment need is a Step. Don't worry this program is nothing like old-school step aerobics! . So what do you get when you sign up???You'll get 1 year membership to our virtual gym with access to all our workouts including this new release. Simple and customizable meal plans along with daily superfood shakes & nutritional supplements. Plus exclusive VIP trainer access and support as a member of our private test groups. Oh and did I mention guaranteed results or you'll get a refund! . Ready? The action begins in 2.5 Days! So drop your favorite emoji to save your spot and I'll get the details out to you ASAP! 🔶🔸🏃Let's getting CLIMBING! 🏃🔸🔶 . . . . . #decemberisthenewjanuary #wantmetosaveyourspot #makethechangeyouneed #yourtheonlythingholdingyouback #yourhealthisyourwealth #givethegiftoffit #decembertoremember #workonyourself #strongmomsofig #fitmomsrock
Why do yoga when all three kids are AWAKE? Because some days you just feel like getting it over with so that you can spend nap time doing something else. 🤷‍♀️ #justbeinghonest But I'm committed to sticking with this lifestyle because of ALL the positive benefits it's had on my life and my family. . Commit. Then it's easier to stay on track. If you're always on the fence, and telling yourself that maybe you'll workout today, only if there's time, or only if you feel like it, then you'll be revisiting whether or not you're going to throughout the day. . If you have committed to working out, then there's no decision to be made. You make time for it. And you push play. No thinking. No debating with yourself on whether you have time or is it a good idea or what should I be doing instead of working out? Shoot, you'll probably spend 20 minutes throughout the day deciding if you have time and that's all you're going to need to actually get your workout done! 😆 . The next program that I'm committing to is: ⚡️20 minutes a day ⚡️6 days a week ⚡️6 weeks . Do you want to commit with me? I can use all the accountability partners I can get!! 🤗 . For more info - all the details - on this new program (no commitment...yet 😆), drop a 🙋below or message me! . And no, Allison, you can can't have marshmallows right before lunch 😄🍬
#siponthis #notjustaproteinshake . 🔑Key ingredient🔑 . Bilberry benefits: - Eye health - Reduce inflammation - Help protect against cardiovascular disease, diabetes, gingivitis age-related cognitive decline . Shake recipe: vegan chocolate, banana, frozen spinach, ice, milk, water 🍫🍌🌱🥛
#Postpartum with ⬅️ Baby #2 and ➡️ Baby #3 It works, if you work. And you work if you have a group of wonderful women 💗 supporting you and cheering you on, and getting you back on track and celebrating your wins. If you need a tribe, we're here with open arms! 🤗 . #findyourtribelovethemhard #facetofacefriday #youcansitwithus
We show them love We show them kindness⁣ We show them right from what is wrong. ⁣ ⁣ But momma’s let’s not forget to show them compassion ⁣ to ourselves...⁣🌸 ⁣ How many times have they heard you pick yourself apart? ⁣ ⁣ How many times have they seen you avoiding the photograph because you don’t “look good”? ⁣ ⁣ How much longer are you going to wait to take care of you too? ⁣ To teach them that YOU matter too? ⁣ To SHOW them that by loving yourself, you are in turn giving them MORE. ⁣ ⁣ stop making excuses. ⁣ START showing up for yourself. ⁣ ⁣ Because you matter. ⁣ And they will thank you. ⁣ ⁣ If you’re ready to make this the year things change, to feel strong and healthy and HAPPY this holiday season, join me and my little #girlgang as we kickoff our next virtual fit club this Monday. Drop a 💕 for details.
July 2017.... the day I met the most amazing super trainer on the planet. I had no idea if he would ever release another program but every program he has done are my favorites🙌🏻 He is so motivating I actually fell in love with working out at home. ⏭ Fast forward a year and a half later and we are just days away from the launch of his BIGGEST PROGRAM YET!!!! 👑 I’m taking names for my VIP GROUP right now so comment below if you want all the details 😘
We loved having a quick visit from Grandma and Grandpa this week because it was the inspiration we needed to get our tree up. We always intended to get it up early, but I think this is the first year we've gotten it up in November! 🎄#tistheseasontobejolly #christmas2018 #thefernandez5 #thefernandez5christmas
Some days I'm lucky to get any time at all without little ones running around playing or "helping" me with my workouts (where did Elliot run off to? 🤷‍♀️). So you can understand why I'm super excited that pretty soon I'm going to have access to a workout program that's only 20 minutes a day, 6 days a week. Hey that's even shorter than an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!! 🙌 Now, you're speaking my language! . MY coach got to be in the first private test group so if you want some info (all the details!) on this program, just let me know. No obligation, just get info on the results, pricing, and how motivating the trainer is! I seriously can't wait!! 💃
⬆️ I have a mission to show all the other moms out there like me that you can do scary things. I have been letting myself get in my own way lately. I am slacking on my personal development and I am losing myself the last couple weeks. I am not your typical pageant girl (or lady in my case) but I took on the challenge of the ultimate “stepping out of your comfort zone” this year to hopefully inspire others to do the same whether it’s with their life or with their career or with something as big as competing in a pageant. I will continue to share my journey through social so hold tight because I’m BACK.... and I have a job to do!! 19 weeks til I hit the stage and I need to BRING IT💗🙌🏻
Wednesday’s are for cardio, so a little Shaun T this morning with a side of taking my babes on a walk in the finally not FREEZING sunshine we have today. YES YES YES. 🙌🏻☀️♥️
It's not about perfect. It's about effort. And when you bring the effort every single day. That's where the transformation happens. That's how change occurs.
Happy Taco Tuesday friends! What are you having for dinner tonight?
First, they tell you you’re beautiful no matter what. (SO TRUE. 👏🏻) Then they ask why. Then they watch. And watch, and watch. Then they ask HOW. . Why? Because I was tired of being unhealthy. I was tired of being tired. I was tired of being uncomfortable in my own skin. I was tired of trying things that didn’t work. . How? Right here. In my living room. My garage. Hell, when Noah was little I’d sometimes even work out in my bedroom in the dark right next to the bed so I could calm him when he fussed. Thirty minutes a day. And guess what? They WORK. (But news flash - only if YOU do. 🙌🏻) . So when I hear someone say “I want results but I don’t have time.” You DO, I promise. But you have to MAKE the time. Make the time to make you a priority. Let’s get you some results, mmk girl? 💁🏼‍♀️
“I can’t do push-ups.” - I told myself that for years. - Turns out I was WRONG. - Interesting what happens when you change the way you speak to yourself, start trying all of those things you didn’t think were possible, and keep going no matter what🙌🏻
It's beginning to look a lot like...a GREAT DEAL!! Black Friday weekend is coming to you in style!! We are hosting a FLASH sale on on all of our most popular products this Saturday, November 24th @ 8:30am PST!! You seriously won't want to miss out on this! . We are also going to be holding some extra giveaways throughout the time of the event! All you have to do is add yourself! Just click on the link in my bio or send me a DM and you'll be IN! . Can't wait to see you there! . . . #whodoesntloveadeal #joininthesavings #checkoutthedeals #blackfridayweekend #flashsale #giveaways #givethegiftoffitness
Happy Thanksgiving, friends!! What are you thankful for today? 🎄❤️
A couple of weeks ago I was challenged to choose 5 things I loved about me - both physical traits and personal qualities - and read them aloud every hour for a day. It was a pretty good day! And somehow I never deleted one of those reminders. So every day at noon my phone buzzes and up pops “I love my strong muscles.” And every time I smile😊 Because right now - as a 42 year old mom of 5 - I am stronger than I have ever been. As someone who is NOT a natural athlete and who spent years being self conscious about her body, it’s been super empowering to build strength. I like being strong! And along with that physical strength I’ve been intentional about building my inner strength & confidence too. And I have to say - that combination is powerful!! - Ready to build some strong muscles with me? Next virtual bootcamp starts Monday Nov 26!!
Holiday hair🙌🏻🙌🏻 Always gorgeous @danielle_gropp !!
You can be whoever you want to be. But make sure it makes you happy and sets a good example for your family!
💪 Go BIGGER to get BETTER 💪 So that's exactly what I did... Increased my weights by 5lbs all around for today's workout. I'm thinking going to feel it later!!! . . . . . . . yougotthis #getyoursweaton #yourtheonlythingholdingyouback #happyfriday #stopwaiting #fitmom #startdoing #thereisnoperfecttime #yourworthit #yourhealthisyourwealth #mindset #strongisthenewskinny #goforit #maketheshift #bepreparedforsucess #getlean #whatsyourwhy #fitmomgoals #fitmomarock #takesthreeweeks #goallin #strongmomsofig
I wasn’t there 20 years ago when you became an instructor but over the last 20 years you have inspired so many people with your amazing energy, positive vibe and kick a$$ classes. You have always been the one to keep me motivated on days when I never felt like I was good enough, like I didn’t belong or that I should quit teaching. And when I did quit, you encouraged me to come back. You are the most positive person on and off that stage. You were the first person to always tell me it was ok to take an hour a day for myself to workout and it would make me a better mom when Londyn was little and I NEVER forgot that. You push through and show up on days the rest of us would make excuses and it shows and I admire that so much. You are simply amazing and are a true example of what fitness is! Thank you for being my person on and off the stage for the last 16 years!! Happy 20 year #jazzercise instructing anniversary Jackie!! I don’t even know how it’s possible since we are only 25😂🧐💗
Day 1/10 Strong Core Challenge I am participating in a 10 day 10 minutes a day ab workout challenge. Today was day one and Owen of course woke up so I included him :) Having a strong core Improves Balance Helps With Back Pain Improves Posture Protects Your Inner Organs. After having Liam nearly five years ago I have had constant lower back pain. I am not sure if it’s because I choose to use and epidural, from carrying him while pregnant or from carrying him after birth. Since starting a regular exercise routine this year including all different types of exercise has strengthened my core. My back is rarely sore anymore. I believe it has to do with stregthing my core. :) So happy to have people who Challenge me and hold me accountable so that I can keep feeling strong even when I want to sit on the couch and watch my shows ;) #betterbabesABPARTY
Start LIVING your life to the fullest and Stop your LIMITING beliefs from running your life. . It's better to look back and say " I can't believe I did that." Then look back and say "I wish I did that." . I'm not going to tell you it's going to be easy. I'm going to tell you it's worth it. . So stop making excuses and start doing. Life is passing you by. The choices you make today matter! . If you're ready to go for it and make that change! But could use a little bit of direction on where to start. Would love to have the additional support and motivation from others ladies who share similar journeys 👏... I'd love 💗to share details about how to add those missing pieces into yours. So drop me your favorite emoji 🏖 and let's to chat! Because you're worth it! . . . . . . . . #yougotthis #getyoursweaton #yourtheonlythingholdingyouback #stopwaiting #fitmom #startdoing #choosenow #thereisnoperfecttime #yourworthit #momboss #yourhealthisyourwealth #mindset #strongisthenewskinny #goforit #bepreparedforsucess #whatsyourwhy #fitmomgoals #fitmomarock #goallin #strongmomsofig #mommyofone #liveyourbestlife #makingmemories #strongerthanexcuses #choosetgehard #findyourbalance #bestrongerthanyourexcuses #toddlerliferocks #hesonlylittleonce #familyadventures
🌤💛☕ Happy Sunday ☕💛⛅
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