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love me a good bicycle snap 🚲
40° 6′ 0.96″ N, 123° 47′ 37.89″ "This is Major Tom to Ground Control I'm stepping through the door And I'm floating in a most peculiar way And the stars look very different today" _________________________________________ . . . #SPiCollective #life_is_street @life_is_street_community #myfeatureshoot #streetclassics #lightbox #streets_storytelling #thestreetphotographyhub #capturestreets #lensculturestreets #yourshotphotographer #lensculture #streetphotography #streetphotographer #nowherediary #streets_storytelling
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Photo taken in Palawan, PH. Have a lovely day guys.
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"Parisian Stars" • The Eiffel Tower is so incredible. The Eiffel is a landmark that everyone around the world knows about but only the people who've been there can truly understand. Before going to France, I knew I wanted to go to this tower. It is a main attraction of the city after all. It wasn't until I stood at the base of the Eiffel that I truly understood its beauty. Just being underneath and looking up gives you chills. Its presence is so enveloping. It's architecture is so beautiful. I don't drop my jaw for many man made structures but I did just that upon going underneath. The Eiffel is one of those structures that I think a camera can't give justice to. I never thought I would say that for the tower. • Commentary: I loved how the tree on the left and the trees on the right open up for the tower. It creates a beautiful frame in frame shot. The ramp in the picture is a nice leading line up to the subject. I love how the lamps look like stars.
Straight out of an anime backdrops
Photo by @guiirossi of @jacquelinesato in São Paulo, Brazil 🇧🇷 | Share your portraits with the hood #portraithood .
去年、東京の初雪。今ちょうど一年経った。一緒に日本語を勉強していた香港の友達と、代々木公園の雪を見に行った。 日本語学校の友達は今何をしてるんかなあ?きっと各自の未来のために頑張っているかなあ! ❄️ ❄️ ❄️ #photography #japan #Tokyo #yoyogipark #snow #2018 #portrait #snapshot #winterphotography #代々木公園 #雪 #ポートレート #スナップ写真 #東京カメラ部 #streetclassics #spicollective #explorejapan
I love it when a busy place like have it’s own “me time”. #shotoniphone #mobilephotography inspired by @danielhedquistphoto
They actually have a nice chicken dish here . . . For an Instagram crop 👉🏼 swipe . . . @sonyalpha a7rii ISO 100 F/4.5 1/200sec 35mm @zeisscameralenses 16-35mm @adobecreativecloud @lightroom
Pitt Street
LOVEHAIR?formen 今日もバッチリ23時まで営業しております!✂︎
Laborie, Fisherman Village in Saint-Lucia • January 2019 — Check out the full story > Link in bio
Can I just be rich and famous already
What brand most represents you ?
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