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#Abstrakguy_moviereview CRAZY RICH ASIANS (2018) . . . Heard a lot of positive things about this film all round and it is certainly nice to see diversity in films, especially as leads. The film is supposedly the first all Asian Hollywood film since 1993. After watching the film, I'll say that while the story is familiar and not so innovative, the glory and wonder of the visuals costumes and actors really push the film and make it enjoyable. . The film is about a woman named Rachel who travels with her boyfriend to Singapore for his relative's wedding. As soon as she arrives she realizes that her boyfriend and his family is actually very rich. Rachel struggles with acceptance and jealousy from her boyfriends family. She soon must think about if her relationship means enough to her to carry it on despite being at odds with the mother of her boyfriend. The all Asian cast includes Constance Wu, Michelle Yeoh, and a supporting cast that includes Ken Jeong and Awkwafina. . I won't comment on the controversy of misrepresentation of Chinese Americans or any of the other cultural issues at hand. I will say that I enjoyed taking a look at Asian and Singaporean culture. The food, costumes, ceremonies and such are simply beautiful. The film is vibrant and grand and very well acted. Michelle Yeoh is the standout in this but all the characters do well. . While its well acted, not all supporting characters are fleshed out. The plot is very familiar and has been seen before. There is imbalance in the plot because of its scattered focus switching between the two leads and the other members of the boyfriend's family. There are moment's where I feel jokes are forced and don't come off smoothly. Still, its nice to see recognition and praise for a film that is speaking up about representation and showing appreciation and giving a glimpse into a culture many people may not know about. A sequel is in the works and might do just as well. . . i'll give it #Crazyrichasians 7/10 🌟🌟🌟 #Moviereview
Finn🖤💓💘💘💛💞💜🖤💘💚💘💕💛💝💟🧡❤️💚💞💕❣️🧡💘💝💚💞 #finnwolfhard #richie #finn #mike #strangertgings #strangerthingscast #IT #itcast {cr: @lydiawhxeler }
Já não está na hora de #strangerthings3 ? #strangertgings #mundoinvertido
Okay so I know that this is s**tty but I really don’t care, Hate if wanted but (please don’t!) - - - So this was my very first edit! - - Em💕💫 #milliebobbybrown #mileven #firstedit #strangertgings
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST BOY IN THE WORLD I love u a lot u mean so much to me hope u have a wonderful day!! U always make my day so happy and it means a lot :’) If u see this (probably not :’( ) I love u so so so much!!!! With all my heart!!! Srry Im bad at paragraphs btw 💖💓💖💝💚💛💚❤️💙💜❤️💝💛💚💙💜☮️💛☮️💙💜TAG HIM??💛❤️💚💗💗💖❤️💛💙💚💚💖💙💓💗💝💛💛💚💚💖💙💗💙💛❤️ Ac: @noahaudios_old Cc:me Dt: @_grazer @ilugrazer @fack_lovers @fackisreal @fackisreddit @avocada.edits @jackdgrazer #jackdylangrazer jack #jackbirthday #ilovejackgrazer #happybirthday #millie #finn #noah #milliebobbybrown #finnwolfhard #noahschnapp #joah #looklustful #lookstrngermike #lookfxltw #sadie #strangertgings #it #itchapter2 #love #will #mileven #fack #mike
Even though youre tired of problems in your life and those hurtful thoughts in your head caused by people, you gotta face all of those bad things to get a better life . Never think you're useless , you are born for a reason , and whatever youre going through will be solved , i promise . Just believe in god and thank him for those little tiny things you have! Youre amazing, even though you make mistakes , you gotta learn from them cuz literally everyone makes mistakes , everyone has fears , everyone has problems , everyone has nightmares , everyone gets bullied , literally everyone . You cant admit it! You are stronger than you think you are . You can do it , god believes in you! We all believe in you , just be confident and go for it! #strangertgings #finnwolfhard #milliebobbybrown #motivation
#AbstrakGuy_MovieReview SUMMER OF 84 (2018) . . The first two act of this film are pretty straight forward and standard. 4 young and immature boys suspect their neighbor of being a serial killer. They break into his house, dig up his garden, ect. in order to find proof of his horrifying acts. But nothing really comes of it, at least nothing concrete. The movie is funny, suspenseful and entertaining. . Then, in the final act, the film suddenly makes an 180 and it becomes a serious film with real horror, real stakes and real consequences. Just like real life, the story doesn't end just because you hope it does. Good people are often the victims of their good intentions, and this movie proves it. . While the first half of the movie is just an enjoyable coming of age film, the second half is what really sets this movie apart. It's endings like these that make a movie really shine, and separates the audience that always wants a happy ending versus the ones that want a better, more realistic one. . Stop judging this movie based on a trailer. It's wrong and idiotic. A movie should be judged on its entire running time, and this movie deserves nothing but the highest praise. Everyone involved should be proud of their work. Amazing. . . i'll give it #Summerof84 9/10 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 #Moviereview
#AbstrakGuy_MovieReview 1.CATCH ME IF YOU CAN (2002) . . While watching 'Catch Me If You Can' I had so much fun I smiled constantly. Well, that smile was interrupted by laughs. The movie tells the story of Frank W. Abignale, Jr. who is just a kid as he pretends to be a schoolteacher. After his father and mother get a divorce he runs away and starts pretending to be a co-pilot, a doctor, a lawyer. The way he does this is funny and brilliant. . I am not a big fan of Leonardo DiCaprio who plays Frank but in this movie he is perfect. He gives a very fine performance. Tom Hanks is the FBI-agent Carl who is after him, and as always Hanks is good. The story is inspired by a real story. I don't know in how many ways it is true but watching this guy all I wanted to see was him pulling more of his nice little tricks. The scene where he pretends to be a schoolteacher is just great. If you want a nice funny movie, not too heavy, this one will definitely please you. . . i'll give it #Catchmeifyoucan 8/10 🌟🌟🌟🌟 . . 2.THE TERMINAL (2004) . . Hanks role as Viktor here is humble, modest, warmhearted, honest Viktor with nowhere to go, being trapped at the JFK Airport, whose country is in war. Character of Viktor is what makes this movie "Great Emotional Comedy", personality which could be seen rare nowadays, or could not at all. Personality with heart of a child, positively influencing people around him, personality which we all were once, but we changed with a time and maturity, personality whose honest and warmness should be a role model to all of us, especially to youth. . That is the main reason why I liked and enjoyed watching this movie, Viktor Navorski woke up that child with a big heart in me. Entertaining story, characters, definitely worth watching. Viktor taught us that patience is a virtue. . . i'll give it #TheTerminal 9/10 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 . . #moviereview #leonardodicaprio #tomhanks #stevenspielberg
#abstrakguy_moviereview SEARCHING (2018) . . . I am not feeling sleepy at all watching this movie. The story was well build from the beginning. New way to tell story thru computer/gadget screen, really innovative. The director can build our feeling to attach to the movie, feel happiness, sadness, all of that. Genius work i think! . . This is a thriller which can certainly be accurately described as original. It takes a fairly typical suspense story about a recently widowed father whose daughter vanishes one night and presents it in a most unique way. The whole film plays out on the computer screen via programs such as Facetime, iMessage, Gmail, Tumblr, Facebook, etc. In this way, it reflects the reality that so many people now live, given that so many nowadays are literally never off their devices. In this way, the film is completely relevant and taps into a scenario most will be able to clearly identify with. . The conceit is also terrific in that it accentuates the mystery element of the story, where we stumble upon clues via the various social media platforms. The very limitations of the set-up ultimately amplify the material and take it to another level. I found it to be one of the most original, gripping and compelling thrillers I have seen in quite a while. Lead actor John Cho must be credited too with giving a strong central performance as the grieving father, with some good additional work from Debra Messing as the detective assigned to the case. All-in-all, a fantastic bit of work. . . i'll give it #SEARCHING 8.5 / 10 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 #MovieReview #movie #movies #film #films #cinema #review #reviews #moviereview #moviereviews #cinephile #instamovie #instamovies #entertainment #news #moviebuff #searching #johncoo #drama #thriller #internet #millenials #cybersecurity #dataprivacy
// TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME // 🔥🔥 Yasss 😭😭 jarang-jarang bng @trumanblack kyk gini 😂😂 . . . #TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME #the1975
I'm starting to get really excited about Fan Expo so I thought I would do some shoots to honour upcoming guests #funko #funkopop #toystagram #strangertgings #steve #joekeery #fanexpocanada #fxc2018 @officialfxc
#AbstrakGuy_MovieReview TO ALL THE BOYS I'VE LOVED BEFORE (2018) . . . Lara Jean Song Covey adalah seorang gadis pemalu. Dia terobsesi dengan novel romance dan telah menulis lima surat cinta kepada cowok yang ia taksir selama bertahun-tahun.Dia merahasiakannya di kotak ibunya.Ini menjadi rahasia sampai adik perempuannya Kitty mengirim surat tersebut ke masing" cowok yang Lara taksir.Tiga dari surat itu ditujukan kepada teman sekelas Lara, Peter Kavinsky, Josh Sanderson, dan Lucas James.Lucas gay. tetangganya Lara, Josh, sudah berpacaran dengan kakak perempuannya, Margot, sampai Margot putus dengannya sebelum berangkat kuliah di Skotlandia. Peter adalah pacar nya Gen, mantan sahabat Lara. Gen masih menyimpan dendam pada Lara karena berciuman dengan Peter ketika mereka masih sangat muda. Setelah Gen membuang Peter, Peter punya ide untuk memiliki hubungan palsu dengan Lara Jean. . Ini super duper unik. yang saya yakin film remaja rom-com ini memang dutujukan lebih ke arah penonton perempuan. walaupun, ada hal-hal kecil yang mengejutkan saya dari film ini. film tentang surat" cinta yang dicuri bukanlah hal baru tetapi film ini menyampaikan dengan sangat tulus dan manis sehingga terasa segar. Saya memberikan nilai penuh untuk akting Lana Condor. Selain tidak boring, Lana memiliki kelucuan yang dibutuhkan serta sifat pemalu cocok dengan peran ini. Dia terlihat seperti remaja asli dan bisa bertransformasi seiring dengan filmnya. Peter adalah kejutan besar dari film ini. Saya mengharapkan cinta segitiga dengan cara yang berbeda sehingga karakter Peter dapat diuji, namun saya terkejut benar-benar menyukai karakter ini. Jika ada kekurangan, itu hanya hal kecil dan dapat dimengerti. Ada batasan untuk setiap aspek, Misalnya, siswa melakukan perjalanan ski tetapi tidak ada adegan ski. Film yang lebih besar akan memiliki bagian fisik yang lucu tentang kegagalan si cewek dalam bermain ski. Juga adu mulut dengan dialog yg alot dan terlihat kurang matang. Ini semua adalah kelemahan yang bisa dimengerti. Pada intinya, ini film yg manis, cocok untuk selera remaja. . . . i'll give it #toalltheboysivelovedbefore 8/10 🌟🌟🌟🌟 #moviereview #netflix
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