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Found out how to render footage I edited in #kdenlive much faster using a script generated by it, then editing that script to enable 'ultrafast' mode (it's set to 'faster' by default) and enabling both cores (it only has one thread enabled by default). This is good considering my laptop i use as my #dailydriver , running @elementary_os #Juno5 (built upon #UbuntuLinux ), and that's social media and messaging, media production and word processing/image manipulation, music and video playback, plus #retrogaming with #Retropie X86 and #steamforlinux . Mind you, this is an 8 year old laptop - @lenovo G585, dual core E1-1500 APU (basically a 1.5ghz dual core with a Radeon 6430), 4gb of ram and a 500gb hard drive. It s literally a bigger version of a netbook but it works for me. Im only doing 720p vids, and sometimes only 480p so it's nothing too heavy. Plus it works good with my old #wacom tablet and it has an SD Card slot and two USB 3.0 sockets besides one USB 2.0 socket and a DVDRW. I even replaced the worn-out lead on my Sony headphones with a lead with an in-line mic and play/pause/call button from an old set of Nokia earbuds, so the headphone/microphone jack works well with it. This laptop was a gift from my good friend Bud (sent it to me with the screen not working knowing I could fix it, and told me to keep it). I tried Windows 10 on it a while back but it ran horribly, even when I had optomized settings and disabled some services, but it's expected on hardware that's essentially a cellphone in capability. But it runs great for me now, and is the perfect little #Linux machine for me, as ive used it for over a decade.
New year, new #distro Currently copying my Home Folder to an external drive, and then gonna install @elementary_os Juno on my older lowspec @lenovo laptop, the G585. Bodhi was decent but it wasn't handling data transfer the best, as my laptop uses UEFI whereas Bohdi prefers Legacy hardware, so speeds went downhill. I'm curious about if I can use this as a Steamlink by installing #steamforlinux on it.
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