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Our group strength members are reaping the rewards of the last 6 weeks of training. Bring on testing week already! 💪🏼😎 #pbsallround #hammerathletic
The @henchltd “lean gains” stack has arrived! I’ll be ready to start using this stuff in 5 weeks... #fitness #fitfam #supplements #protein #exercise #healthy #lean #gainz #bodybuilding #sportsscience
GPS Rugby 1st XV Premiers . . Couldn’t be prouder of these lads! Overcame injury woes in the lead up to last weeks game, playing in the middle of HSC trials and found an extra gear for the final game against the champs for 5 years on the trot, Scots College. Shared GPS 1st XV Premiership with St Jospeh’s @kev_okane_strength 💪🏻 . . Well deserved 🙌 #kings #rugbyunion #winner #premiership
Whether your goal is to lose body fat, build muscle or become stronger or faster your focus should always be on one thing: improving your overall athletic performance. Athletes train in the weight room and on the field to enhance their talent and skill. Being the best lifter doesn’t necessarily make them a gold medalist, however, it increases their athletic potential which enhances skill acquisition. And while maintaining a certain aesthetic look isn’t an athletes top priority, it’s often a nice by-product of training with a purpose. 💥 As we enter the 6th year of our coveted Athlete Development Program, we’ve arrived at a whole new ball game. We’ve upped the ante with programming, new testing protocols and competitiveness. As the name suggests: ‘Athletic Development Program’ is exactly that; you participate in a program based on what athletes perform ‘in-season.’ Ultimately, you will work on getting faster, more powerful, leaner and more importantly, maintaining strength, through a combination of field-based training and individual training events. 💥 While the ADP is catered to supplement and improve our performance over the year to date, it is developed with competitiveness in mind in order to provide a kick in the pants post our winter hibernation. Like any of our specific programs, there will be a break-up at the end of the program and in-line with our local business focus, the lunch after the final challenge will be held at an establishment that sells copious amounts of alcohol. 💥 It’s time for the bluff and bluster to be tested and with the coaches having a vested interest, never have the competitive fires been stoked so vigorously. 💥 LINK IN BIO
Thankyou to everyone at @westperthfc for an amazing year. Not the result we wanted finishing in August but non the less what a year. ➖ Jumping straight into the deep end being in charge of my first team with day 1 having 80+ athletes. What a challenge it was. 🔹Thankyou to West Perth and @strength_coach_corey for the opportunity. 🔹Thankyou to all the boys for trusting me with their bodies and their preperation. 🔹Thankyou to the coaches for allowing me to come in and implement some new things. 🔹Thankyou again to @strength_coach_corey for mentoring me throughout the year and answering all the little questions I had and always giving me the advice I needed. ➖ From the coach I was at day 1 over 10 months ago to the coach I am today is a massive change. I cannot wait for the challenge next year with a new group of colts coming up, and continuing the work with the second year players. ➖ Look out next year @waflofficial we are coming 🔵🔴.
เร็วขึ้นไปเรื่อยๆนะสองจิ๋ว...✌ (จากวันแรกน้องเคลื่อนที่ไม่ค่อยได้ วันนี้น้องทำได้)🏃‍♂️ #AthSciTeam #SportsPerformanceCoach #Tennis12yearsold #strengthandconditioning #sportsscience
Aquele final de semana falando sobre periodização e controle de cargas de treinamento! Valeu! 💪💥👏 ... #Repost from @professormoisesgermano with @regram.app ... ➡️Turma SENSACIONAL!😍 ➡️Pós Estácio São José dos Campos!🚀 Musculação e Condicionamento Físico🏋🏻‍♂️ ✅Aula sobre Periodização Linear e Ondulatória👨🏻‍🏫📚📊 🔬🤓📚👨🏻‍🏫🏋🏻‍♂️✅🙏🏻 #fisiologiadoexercicio #personaltrainer #sportsscience #science #strengthtraining #resitancetraining
Just a quick sample of what the paid content will look like. I'll be using my canon DSLR to film the real deal for that extra crisp video quality. Here's how I'm thinking to go about it..... Since this is my trial run and I will be testing the product to see if it sells.... I'll be using YouTube premium subscription or unlisted video setting to keep my shit hidden. Once I receive payment via PayPal or Zelle you will receive link to the content and my direct email for 24/7 support. Once the content proves to sell I will convert over to #clickfunnels for a cleaner, more professional and automated process. Share this with your ankle sprain prone amigos as this is free content that will be deleted along with all my previous ankle bulletproofing posts once the #FrogManual is up and running. What do you guys think? Please leave your honest opinion in the comments section so that I may design a better program for you. #getitwhileitlasts #freecontent #informational #prehab #strengthtraining #strengthandconditioning #injuryprevention #trialrun #calisthenics #shaolinstyle #bodyhardening #athletics #gymnastics #sportsscience #specialstrengthtraining #goprophotography #videooftheday #sundayfunday #tutorial #voiceover #parkour #freerunning #trackandfield #sprinting #jumping #strongereveryday #bulletproofing #explore
Reminder PIT Ks Fall Bridge session starts tomorrow at 415pm. Never tried and want to see what it's all about? Come by and demo it. What are your off season goals? Time to set them and get to work!! 🚨🚨ALSO-WINTER ARM CARE Registration will open Wednesday at 7am. Repeat players check your email tonight! VIP registration period will run until Wed at 7AM🚨🚨 #safeproveneffective #whatcanKsdo4you #trainsmart #baseballtraining #pitchingscience #baseball #velo #sportsscience #sportsperformance #injuryprevention #biomechanics #MCstrong #P4XIII
Walking windups from this week. My arm action is starting to feel more loose and easy, and the hip/shoulder separation is getting better. I like this drill for moving with rhythm and athleticism into my delivery and I think as the intensity starts to increase the pattern will improve even more. I know big numbers are coming soon! #journeytotheshow #huntfor98 #baseball #pitching #training #sportsperformance #sportsscience #velo #baseballlife #baseballlove #95mph #100mph #rotation #power #mobility #athlete #sports #baltimore
The benefits gained when using combat fitness principles are endless! Martial arts movements deliver strength, power, agility , balance , flexibility and endurance. Meet Kara , she sustained a meniscus tear/surgery approximately 8 months ago. Her number one goal of getting fit and toning was shattered after sustaining injury . This injury set her back from training, but more importantly affected her quality of life. After months of strengthening (propriception work ) kara is now able to get back to living a normal life and smashing out an intense cardio session on the pads . You are an inspiring team mate @gaspo6 . You always take time out to assist and encourage others too. Keep up the good job !!! #combat fitness #exercise physiology #sportsscience #rehabfitness
When people get back to resistance training after taking time off, they feel the need to go extra hard to make up for lost time. While this may make intuitive sense, there’s a list of reasons, both scientific and practical, why you should take it easy at first. . UPDATE: As some of you may know, the MadeGains YouTube channel was hacked into and deleted last week. Instead of waiting for YouTube to get back to me, I’ve decided to start a new one. It would mean A LOT to me if you could click the link in the bio @madegains , like, comment and subscribe. Thank you! . Excess soreness has a negative impact on muscle growth and performance. [1, 2] Exercise scientists and coaches use something called “familiarization” or “introductory” phases [3] to allow a lifter prepare for an upcoming training block, that has a higher level training volume or intensity than they are used to. . When coming back after time off, start light, only do 1-2 sets per exercises, and stop well short of failure. Controlling your efforts to do what is more effective in the longer term actually takes more disciple, than going all out and causing more damage than necessary in the short term. . . . References: 1. Clarkson PM, Nosaka K, Braun B. Muscle function after exercise-induced muscle damage and rapid adaptation. Medicine and science in sports and exercise. 1992 May;24(5):512-20. . 2. Moran-Navarro R., et al., Time course of recovery following resistance training leading or not to failure. Eur J Appl Physiol, 2017. Epub ahead of print . 3. Practical Applications of Muscle Physiology 101 Introductory Microcycles and the Repeated Bout Effect - Michael C. Zourdos, Ph.D., CSCS
Can viagra increase muscle growth and delay fatigue?* . *via increased cGMP/Nitric Oxide (NO) ... #Repost @jorntrommelen ... Here’s MY take (@nsimpsonfit ) . [I’d say it’s probably NOt a good idea] . 1. NO does increase cell proliferation - and you might see this represented as an increase in muscle protein synthesis (MPS) . 2. NO does likely reduce fatigue when elevated in physiological amounts, but would likely increase fatigue in supraphysiological amounts . 3. NO will reduce force output acutely, and force/tension is likely more important to hypertrophy (⬆️muscle size) & strength than metabolic stress (an extra rep or two) . 4. NO will reduce speed/power ability long term, by causing a shift to slower muscle fibre types . 5. NO when elevated chronically may lead to fibrosis . MECHANISMS ⬇️ . NO increases proliferation: . ↪️By inhibiting myostatin (acting as a histone deacetylase inhibitor) . ↪️By impairing energy metabolism (inhibiting cytochrome c oxidase in mitochondria) . ↪️By increasing fat oxidation and decreasing carbon dioxide (CO2) production - causing a relative tissue hypoxia and activating hypoxic pathways . NO delaying fatigue and reducing force output: . ↪️Likely impairs the rate of energy production, but impairs the rate of energy consumption even more . ↪️NO nitrosylates the ryanodine receptor (RyR1), reducing the calcium (Ca2+) release needed for muscle contraction* . ↪️*supraphysiological NO levels can hypernitrosylate the channels, cause Ca2+ leak, and increase fatigue & cramping . ↪️NO also causes nitrosative and oxidative medications to ion channels that have high rates of energy (ATP) use . ↪️Along these lines, a study with nitrates (which also boost NO) found they reduced whole body oxygen consumption (metabolism) during exercise . Increasing proliferation, impairing energy metabolism, & reducing differentiation will reduce the amount of ATP-expensive specialized structures (like SERCAs) - and increase the ‘cheap’ ones such as collagen (this is FIBROSIS) . Along those lines, a study of chronic viagra use [🐀] found that it caused fibrotic changes in the PENIS 🍌 . Have fun guys
This teaser gives a preview of the presentation by @ccouppe about the latest updates in tendinopathy treatments. Watch the full-length video via https://youtu.be/6F61JpDBZJ4 Christian is a senior researcher at Musculoskeletal #Rehabilitation #Research Unit & #IOC Sports Medicine Copenhagen, Bispebjerg and Frederiksberg Hospital The talk was given at the Sports Science & Fitness Congress 2017 in Cologne, Germany. More about Christian and the event: http://www.ssf-congress.de/speaker/Christian-Coupp%C3%A9 #sportsscience #fitness #sportmedicine #prevention #physicaltherapy #personaltraining #staystrong #healthyliving #performance #running #tendinopathy #staystrong #evidencebased
Falls are a common cause of fractures for people with osteoporosis. Exercise not only strengths your bones, but also increases muscle strength and improves balance which can help reduce the risk of falls 💪🏼 #healthyboneactionweek #exerciseright
➡️Turma SENSACIONAL!😍 ➡️Pós Estácio São José dos Campos!🚀 Musculação e Condicionamento Físico🏋🏻‍♂️ ✅Aula sobre Periodização Linear e Ondulatória👨🏻‍🏫📚📊 🔬🤓📚👨🏻‍🏫🏋🏻‍♂️✅🙏🏻 #fisiologiadoexercicio #personaltrainer #sportsscience #science #strengthtraining #resitancetraining
You only get one chance to be great during your youth. Spend your time wisely because you only get 24 hours in a day. #6ampractice
🔸The training-injury prevention paradox: should athletes be training smarter and harder?🔸 🔹This article does a good job breaking down and providing insight on training, acute:chronic workload and injury prevention/reduction. 🔹To facilitate optimal injury reduction and performance the article discusses “the sweet spot” of the acute:chronic workload ratio. This sweet spot allows practitioners to minimize the risk of injury but continue to improve performance. 🔹The line I think that sums up this article the best was “Excessive and rapid increases in training loads are likely responsible for a large proportion of non-contact, soft-tissue injuries. However, physically hard (and appropriate) training develops physical qualities, which in turn protect against injuries”. 🔹In short, excessively high training loads or excessive increases in training loads can lead to increased risk of injury, but it is still necessary to train hard and appropriately to adequately prepare for performance in the specific sport and to reduce the risk of injury.
[HOW COMMON ARE RUNNING INJURIES?] _ 👉🏻 The incidence of running related injuries varies from between 19 and 93%🎽😒 _ ⚠️ Another way of stating the frequency of running injuries is to express the injury incidence rate as a number relative to 1,000 hours of running. It has been reported that when expressed this way running injuries occur between 2.5 and 12.1 injuries per 1,000hrs of running _ 📎More recently @latrobe Running Symposium I heard Rich Willy describe the frequency of running injuries this way🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️ _ 📌TAKE HOME: unfortunately running injuries will tend to always be part of any runner’s life. We are always seeking to get better, faster, and despite our best attempts to enjoy injury-free running (even having read ‘You CAN Run Pain Free!’ injuries can & will still occur 👟) _ 📌The good news is that with some wise approaches to your running (such as trading load monitoring, avoiding sudden increases in training loads, consistent running focussed strength & conditioning exercise) you may be able to reduce the likelihood of developing a running related injury & enjoy less time out due to injury 👍🏻 _ ‼️If you know a runner this can help please tag them in ✋🏻 _ ❓Q’s are welcome . . . #physio #physicaltherapy #run #running #runner #rehabilitation #run #runner #running #sportsscience #marathon #marathontraining
There is no alternative path to greatness. Those who do more, get more. #6ampractice
Bulgarian Split squats 🏋🏻‍♂️ A great way to target the quadriceps without loading your spine. It also helps to stretch your hip flexor (which is tight in most people, from sitting down a lot of the day) and can increase your grip strength 💪🏼 — Coaching points: - keep your front knee level or behind your toe. - Keep your chest up, to help maintain an upright position. - Don’t fully lock out the knee at the top of the lunge. - Keep your eyes looking forward. - Maintain a neutral spine.
Our Zock is made from durable, flexible material... and is machine washable! . . Zock can be thrown in the washing machine after use! Ensuring you always have a clean and hygienic foot protector. . Protect your feet today with our Zock, available to purchase now! Can be used for all impact sports! . #footprotector #fuzball #follow4follow #followforfollow #sportsscience #rugby #rehab #rugbygirls #rugby7 #premierleague #physio #physiotherapist #championsleague #worldcup #worldcup2018 #sportswear #soccer #sportsphysio #sportscience #sportsrehab #sportsrehabilitation #likeforlikes #likes #likeforfollow #football #sports #nhs
"Some will hate just cause they see what they think they deserve from the work they haven't even done" THE REMINDER® /Part 1/ #instavideo LINK TO FULL #video in Bio ▶▶▶ @zeinaassafk VISIT/ LIKE/ FOLLOW/ SHARE 💎 #Choreographer #artist #dance #prodancer #lovely #instagood #fitnessmodel #fitnessmotivation #education #worldofdance #dancechallenge #structured #fit #oneshot #onspot #dancefloor #sportsscience #sportlife #likeforlikes #bodygoals #quotestagram #instaquote
Athletes: especially dancers, jumpers and sprinters—train your Tibialis to improve ankle plantaflexion , protect your knees, and prevent shin splints. The ankle joint is designed for mobility, predisposing it to two potential issues: A LACK of mobility resulting in injury to the ankle and or forcing compensatory patterns that can lead to hyper mobilization (and injury) of joints such as the knee; OR too much mobility without enough strength through range. The KB inverse calve raise is a great exercise to train STRENGTH THROUGH RANGE ⬇️ in addition, by training ALL the muscles surrounding the knee, force can be absorb and distributed across more surface area, thereby sparing the knees. - - I’ve used many variations of the inverse calve raise, but I think this one may be my favorite. To do this, set up on a decline to acquire a better peak contraction. Using a KB (as apposed to a dumbbell) forces both the knee and ankle to work in tandem to prevent deviation as there’s actually quite a bit of instability present here. Point the toes at the bottom to acquire more ROM, and improve tissue resiliency in end range.
. There’s only two bars where I like to hang out. This one - every damn day. And @theredlion_414 - every once in a while. . I recently heard that @eleikosport are not only famous for their extremely handsome male models but also for making quality lifting equipment. . There’s not many ways you can make squats even more fun - but using a barbell like this is sure one of them. ____________________________________________________________ #muaythai #boxing #martialarts #kampsport #fitness #bodybuilding #running #powerlifting #power #lifting #squats #deadlift #benchpress #weightlifting #snatch #cleanandjerk #strength #power #sportsscience #strengthcoach #runningcoach #boxingcoach #gbgmuaythai #squat #squatting #legday #barbell #pullup #chinup #bodyweight
Can we improve tendon healing with thiamin? [vitamin B1] . Recent study found inhibiting the synthesis of lactate improved in vivo tendon healing (in mice) . “results indicate that tendons acutely change glucose metabolism with an increase in glycolysis and lactate synthesis in response to injury. We also demonstrated that treatment with an inhibitor of lactate synthesis stimulated recovery of biomechanical properties in injured tendons, improved collagen fibre alignment, and inhibited mucoid accumulation and ectopic calcification” . They used a drug called dichloroacetate (DCA) that is not likely a good option for people . One other way to shift glucose/pyruvate away from lactate might be to make sure you have sufficient B1/Thiamin intake . In “NORMAL” metabolism with enough OXYGEN (O2) present, with have a-lactic glycolysis (🚫LACTATE) . ➡️[glucose > pyruvate > oxidative metabolism in mitochondria, involving an enzyme “PDH”] . In HYPOXIA (low O2), we have more lactic glycolysis (⬆️LACTATE) . ➡️[glucose > pyruvate > fermentative metabolism in cytosol] . Sometimes we can have PSEUDOHYPOXIA, with enough O2 present, but pyruvate still getting shifted towards fermentation (⬆️LACTATE) . One potential cause of pseudohypoxia is a B1/Thiamin deficiency, which is a cofactor for the enzyme PDH . When we have an injury, some factors seem to shift metabolism towards lactic glycolysis which helps generate more stem cells (cell proliferation) that could be useful for immediate tissue repair . Sometimes those processes seem to get stuck on longer than ideal, can lead to more tissue destruction, and we’re left with less functional (less differentiated/specialized) tissue . Seems like you could help optimize these processes with optimal nutrition 🍎
How can someone understand the psychology of a boxer fighter 30years old and older,when all the fighters stop fighting before the age of 26-27? #psychology #facts #boxer #fighter #fighting #sportsscience #fightscience #respect #respectallfighters
Did you know, one of the most common injuries in #rugby is the #metatarsal fracture! . Did you know, that Zock was tested by the University of Central Lancashire and was proven to reduce the impact to the metatarsal, thus protecting it from debilitating injury? . Check it out: zock.org.uk . #sportsscience #sportsphysio #soccer #rugby #rugby7 #rugbygirls #sportswear #sportsphysio #sportscience #sportsrehabilitation #rehab #footprotector #like4like #likes4likes #likesforlikes #likeforfollow #fuzball #metatarsal #sportphysio #metatarsalfracture #physiotherapist #physio #rugby 🏉 #rugby7 #followers #follow4followback
Understanding the body and the restrictions
One thing that separates my training style from the rest is using yoga and all it's crazy benefits as the catalyst for evolution and growth within the athlete. I know too many athletes that can't touch their toes. Can't do the splits. But it's this very stuff that is limiting their evolution. I knew from the beginning that yoga was "next level" stretching and that not only would I receive incredible benefits but knew that this was NECESSARY to keep my body young and flexible, agile, supple and to HEAL as I aged. Think about this 2-tiered squat exercise. So I'm fatiguing my muscluar system. The central nervous system and mind-body-breath control plays a huge part in the next level of athletic performance. In between sets. After constriction and pulsation of my muscles. I stretch using yoga pose "pigeon" at differ angles and variations. This stretches out the glute, hamstring, lower back. Which all get tight from the weight and pressure of the squat exercise. You can see my body pulsing. Breathing in yoga calms down my central nervous system. it allows me to restore atp energy flow and enchancement more smoothly and easily. Which is key to performance. I'm jumping higher. Running faster. Gaining strength. And not only am I "not losing" my flexibility but I'm gaining more. My clients have all seen tremendous enchancement to their bodies and lives! Contact me to see what we can do to enhance yours! #optimumsportsperformance #tutorial #workshop #yoga #squat #squats #exercise #athlete #stretch #stretching #glutes #booty #hamstrings #legs #back #lowerback #science #sportsscience #support #intention #cells #video #gym #indianapolis
Triggerpoint release 📸 @hefitness_ 📍London
Most people quit when they are closest to their dream. They hit an obstacle, it's tough, they feel like they failed. Realize it's a lesson to learn from and it prepares you for greater obstacles. Prepares you for greatness. Never give up, never quit, don't die on the fuckin mountain. Get hard. You are the MOUNTAIN! IRON WILLED! YOU CAN HACK IT! #exercise2live #ironwill #gethard
#asiangames2018 :- 🇮🇳 India wins its first gold medal 🥇 of Asian Games 2018 as #bajrangpunia defeats Japanese 🇯🇵 grappler 10-8 in the #finals of #65kg Wrestling 🤼‍♂️. We are so proud of his achievement. 📸 image courtesy:- Indian Express #usm #ullanaatsports #asiangames2018 #wrestling #wrestle #wrestlinglife #gold #first #india #kheloindia #comeon #comeonindia #chakdeindia #🇮🇳#🤼‍♂️ #sports #winner #sportsnutrition #nutrition #sportsscience #videoanalysis #strengthtraining #strengthandconditioning #bajrang #punia
There is no guess work with any of our CCA athletes. New recruit @sira_ba_ made the trip from MTL to get her baseline testing done to figure out where the deficits are in her strength and movement. Ish and his @cpathleticperformance team of physiotherapists will insure Sira’s program gives her a proper base to strengthen any week spots before any loading with free weights is ever introduced. Parading kids to the weight room on day 1 to perform a one-size fits all workout program is just 🥜. The science is black and white... Continuous loading prior to a full personalized assessment is antiquated and always dangerous. In this day of instant gratification and Instagram excitement, kids don’t want to do the boring stuff, they want to flex 💪 on their friends. Well if the boring stuff keeps you safe, CCA will do boring all day. If the kids do their “boring” workouts at home the odds of injury and games missed are drastically reduced. The more dynamic workouts only happen when our athletes show progress... Thank you Ish for putting the health of our kids over the pressure to conform. #Kinesiology #InjuryPrevention #Recovery #GoBoringOrGoHome #ResultsMatter #SportsScience #BigMusclesForWhat ? #ChangingTheCulture
FLASHBACK 2012 🏊‍♂️🚴‍♂️🏃‍♂️ Spark røv, alle jer der løber Ironman i Kbh i dag 💪I er for vilde 😎 Der var engang, hvor jeg var et lille nips på 99 kg, som var igang med de sidste 100 m af en af de længste, men også sejeste dage i mit liv, da jeg selv gennemførte en søndag aften ved 20 tiden. #goodluck #kickass #ananasiegenjuice #trætmedtrætpå #ironman #triathlon #ironmancph #coachjohn #sundhed #livsstil #power #strength #training #sports #fitness #sportsscience #styrketræning #motivation #performance #fitfamdk #sportstræning #tacticalathlete
Ropeskipping 🎥 ➡️ Optimal als WARM UP & mehr * Das Seilspringen kennt jeder, allerdings ist es selten oder auch gar nicht ein Bestandteil des alltäglichen Trainings 🤔 Das wir uns vor jedem Training/Wettkampf aufwärmen 🔥 sollten, um unseren Körper auf "Betriebstemperatur" zu bringen bzw. die Durchblutung in unserer Muskulatur zu erhöhen, ist bekannt. Der Vorteil beim Seilspringen liegt darin, dass der gesamte Körper in den Bewegungsablauf integriert wird und es dadurch zur Ganzkörpererwärmung kommt. * Neben dem ist das Ropeskipping (Seilspringen!) sehr gut geeignet zur Verbesserung der (Kraft-) Ausdauer, Reaktivkraft und Koordination 💡, welche sehr wichtige Kenngrößen in jeder Sportart darstellen ⚽🏀🏐🏈🎾. * Warum also bei der nächsten Trainingseinheit "das Seil" mal nicht ausprobieren❓ * #ropeskipping #seilspringen #warmup #functionaltraining #training #fitness #fitnessmotivation #effective #athletik #strength #fitnesscoach #sportsscience #sportsscientist
No guesswork. Testing with @imogenweekender down at the High Performance Lab at Salford Uni #picoftheday 📷 #sportsscience #testing #mapps #strengthandconditioning #performance #salforduni
ALL-IRELAND HURLING FINAL DAY ⚾️🏆 Check out our recent series on the ‘Athletic Profile of an Elite Level Hurling Player’ 📊🏋🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️ We reveal the physical abilities that are required to reach the elite level of Hurling. Swipe across to see what the elite level standards are for each of these abilities. These are the standards shown by hurlers playing at the elite level of the game⏩ Developing high standards in most, if not all of these abilities is what these hurlers require to perform at the elite level in the search for the Liam McCarthy 🏆 #LearnEnhanceAchieve
[THE POWER OF BELIEF & INSIDE @nike Breaking2 PROJECT] 👟⚡️ _ 📎In 2014 Alex Hutchinson (bestselling Author of ENDURE 📘) wrote a 10page report for Runners World on what it would take to run a 2hr marathon _
Alex concluded that it was possible and that it would occur at around 2075🤔🕥 _
2years later Alex took a call from @nike asking him to cover Breaking2 as a reporter, their ambitious plan to break the 2hr marathon mark in 2017🤓 _ Alex responded’ one of us will look really really stupid-hopefully it is not going to be me’🤭 _ So when Olympic marathon champion 🏆🏃‍♂️@eliudkipchoge ran 2:00:25 Alex was forced to swallow his pride, but was comforted by the rare and as he describes ‘moving’ opportunity to report on Breaking2 and to witness Kipchoge almost doing what he had predicted wouldn’t occur until 2075! 🕰 _ ▶️ In Episode 124 of @physicalperformanceshow Alex Hutchinson gives us an insight into the behind the scenes of Breaking2 and outlines why ‘science cannot teach @eliudkipchoge anything about running’ 🔬🏃‍♂️ _ 📎Alex shares what Kipchoge taught him about BELIEF and a Kipchoge’s fascinating reply to Alex’s question of how he planned to run two consecutive sub 1hr half marathons 😱 _ ▶️ To download the full episode jump over to @itunes @spotify @soundcloud @stitcherpodcasts or wherever you get your podcasts -enjoy! 🎙 _ . . . #run #runner #running #runnersofinstagram #physio #physicaltherapy #runstrong #training #trailrunning #marathon #marathontraining #sportsscience #halfmarathontraining #triathlontraining #strengthsunday #podcast #performance #breaking2 #nike #record
Just doing the ironing.... 💖💪🏽 #hustle #bodybuilding #lift #ironmaiden
Good luck to Pyramid athlete @davidjdew today as he continues his journey towards professional triathlon - racing the @ironmantri 70.3 in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland 🏊🏽‍♂️🚴🏽‍♂️🏃🏾‍♂️🇬🇧
For all those non-league players aching this morning try some of these basic recovery protocols. These implemented after each game will hopefully improve your recovery rate and performance. #nonleaguefootball #recovery #footballrecovery #basicprinciples #sportsscience #football #footballfitness
READY TO RUMBLE. ✊✊ @bocknroll90 startet heute auf der Mizteldistanz beim Allgäu Triathlon. Wir halten dem sympathischen Athleten feste die Daumen, der vor wenigen Wochen zur Diagnostik und Ernährungsoptimierung bei @iqathletik.de war. . . . #iQathletik #train47 #sportsscience #erfolgreichessen #pushinglimits #triathlon #triathlontraining #ironman #swimbikerun #swim #biking #running #cycling #trilife #endurance #marathon #run #training #fitnessmotivation #triathlontraining #leistungsdiagnostik #ironman #tritraining #runhappy #training #fitness #fitlife #nutrition #tritraining #workout
Diet starts soon!⠀ Um die eigene Sommerfigur zu erreichen, gibt es viele verschiedene Diätformen.⠀ Ich bin allerdings kein Freund von low oder no carb Diäten und werde meine Diät bald wie gewohnt ganz klassisch starten.⠀ Kleine Zusammenfassung:⠀ Um eine Gewichtsabnahme von ca. 0,5kg pro Woche zu erreichen benötigt es ein Kaloriendefizit von 500 kcal.⠀ Die Makros hierfür ergeben sich wie folgt:⠀ Eiweiß zwischen 2 - 2,5g/kg Körpergewicht⠀ Fett 0,7 x Körpergewicht⠀ und der Rest wird mit Kohlenhydraten aufgefüllt.⠀ ⠀ Keep it simple!⠀😜 .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #optimumnutrition #truestrength #fitfamgermany #fitfamde#sportsscience #performancetraining #hypertrophy #sportsperformance #leangains #leanbulk #abgerechnetwirdamstrand #muskelaufbau #derwilleindir #machdichwahr
Stop looking at the refs after a bad call or a call isn’t made. They aren’t going to change their mind and you’re just getting on their bad side. #6ampractice
Make sure everything you do magnifies what a great athlete is. Disciplined, dedicated, teamwork, and excellence in everything. #6ampractice
As predicted #KsAthlete James Norwood getting in the action tonight and getting the W vs Brock Stewart's OKC Dodgers. Rubber match tomo. #safeproveneffective #whatcanKsdo4you #trainsmart #baseballtraining #pitchingscience #baseball #velo #sportsscience #sportsperformance #injuryprevention #biomechanics #MCstrong #P4XIII
Loved taking @gordonwomenscricket through some cricket specific strength and conditioning this morning #sydperformance
Had a second test with #Caffeine this morning. More than 2 weeks after last test.. I took this time was to try if the intake is able to make me feel better after a wk of resistance training when my muscles are aching and my legs are aching. 1) the Mental feel is still good from the first time I took. Clarity of mind and perhaps I also felt some of my muscle soreness from back, biceps and quads somehow muted. Is this the work of caffeine on the CNS or the rush of elevated oxygenated blood to various muscles during exercise? 2) heart rate elevated to 170+, my theoretical max heart rate when my pace was slow. This elevated HR lasted for about 1 hour plus after consumption. Abit of palpitation, I do feel my heart abit racy but I was kinda surprised when I look into my #suunto HRM and boy that was fast. I try to slow down to keep my heart from overworking. Morale of story? It may happen to anyone but when it does maybe try to keep your effort align with HR. You maybe feeling OK but your heart maybe feel the strain so listen to your heart. Perhaps if you are in my case, maybe take the caffeine one hour or more in advance and monitor with a HRM. 3) after one hour plus into the exercise, my HR somemore plummeted to slightly below to my normal exercise range. About 10 to 20 bpm less than usual but feel was OK. This is almost the same experience from my last experiment. 4) due to my injuries from biomechanic issues.. Too much external legs rotation, I found landing on my 3rd and 4th metatarsals help to correct abit more so that I have lesser hip related injuries. I have also done a far bit of strengthening the Adductor longus muscles as well RPE, previous DOMS, intake precautions before exercise as well as biomechanics are what I learnt from this session. My journey for 4years of fitness is far from over and I always believe learning and exploring from trial and error, on a calculated, informed basis. #SportsScience #ExerciseScience #FitFam #Physiology #Nutrition #Fitness #Supplements #transformation #motivation #HealthAndFitness #Sport #HealthAndWellness #Train #TrainSmart #Exercise #Motivation #Inspiration #Health #Life #Strength #Fit #Workout #HappyWeekend
Can we use cell biology & bioenergetics to predict whether your MUSCLES to develop more SLOW- or FAST-twitch properties? . Muscle (and any cell) development happens on a continuum from basic proliferating stem cells to highly specialized differentiated cells . “Differentiating” (building organized structure) is a highly energy intensive process . When we sustain an injury the loss of oxygen and energy to that area causes of shift of cells to a more proliferative state . Those basic proliferating cells can multiply easily, help fill in the gaps, and can later become the more specialized tissues that area requires . SERCAs are ion channels that help regulate how fast a muscle can contract and relax - critical for your sprint and power abilities . SERCAs require a lot of energy (ATP) to operate though, so having too many may not be ideal for endurance . SERCA development also seems to happen at the very far end (late stage) of muscle cell differentiation . What does that mean? . 1. Might imply any factors that bias your cells towards proliferation (left side of the image) have the potential to make you more SLOW twitch . 2. Might imply any factors that bias your cells towards differentiation (right side of image) have the potential to make you more FAST twitch . What promotes proliferation? . Hypoxia, pseudohypoxia, chronic stimulation, relative energy deficiency, fat oxidation, endotoxin/lipopolysaccharides, inflammation, estrogen, serotonin, nitric oxide, pituitary hormones, stress hormones (adrenaline, noradrenaline, glucagon, growth hormone, cortisol, PTH, aldosterone), polyunsaturated fats, reverse T3, insulin resistance . What promotes differentiation? . Thyroid (T3), carbon dioxide, glucose oxidation, glycogen, ATP (intracellular), progesterone, dihydrotestosterone (DHT), dopamine, GABA, B vitamins, vitamins (A, D, E, K), electrolytes (sodium, magnesium, potassium, and calcium)
MOVEMENT IS MEDICINE... and we don't make that claim lightly. Science agrees. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Exercise not only helps to improve your mental and physical well-being, but reduces the number of deaths caused by coronary heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. #exerciseismedicine #hearthealthy #exerciseright
Killer WOD prepared by coach March para guilt free ang lamon this holiday season.hahaha! 😂 [Squat with miniband 10x3/ Miniband walks lateral 10x3][Modified L Sit on KB 5secs x5 reps x 2sets / Band Anti rotation 0-9 x 2 sets] [Flat chest press 10x3/ plyo push up 6x3] [supine row 6x3 / goblet squat 6x3] [ acceleration drill: ball drops 5catches x 2 sets]-> training para masalo ang mga pa-fall.loljk × 1/8 slomo setting para makuha ang action.hahaha! 🏃💪👊😊 . . #360PRO #PerformanceRedefined #get360fit #crosstraining #plyometrics #fitspo #fitfam #fitness #WOD #workout #gym #gymlife #functionalfitness #pinoyfitness #pinoyfitfam #physics #explosiveness #crosstrain #sports #sportsscience #strong #strongnotskinny
Another killer WOD prepared by coach March [Squat to chest pass 8x3] [KB split squat 8x3 / Longsitting 1kb shoulder press 8x3] [Walking lunges turf area 2 sets] [Chin ups 6x3 / Abwheel rollouts 10x3] -> death of me 😅 [Finisher : battleropes alternate slams with laterals 12secs work 24secs rest] . . . #get360fit #GearUpForLife #PerformanceRedefined #WOD #crosstraining #battleropes #circuit #functionalfitness #fuctionalbatak #fitspirationfriday #Pinoyfitfam #fitness #fitfam #fitspo #ResponsiblePogi #fitfam #NothingBeatsGatorade #crossfit #crossfitter #workout #sports #sportsscience #gains #goals #shredded #ripped #instafit #science
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