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Peter Parker Fanfic Part 24 Read other parts first ⬇️ #hollandsunshinefanfic 💛 ....................... You woke up Saturday morning in your bed someone knocked on the door. "Come in" you said. The door opened revealing Peter with a tray of food and a glass of water. Y/n: Awwe, for me? Peter: Yeah *chuckles* He comes to your bed and sets the tray down on your lap. Y/n: Thanks Peter! Peter: No problem. Y/n: *you start to eat your food* Did you eat already? Peter: Yeah, I woke up earlier and ate. Y/n: What time is it? Peter: Like 12. Y/n: Pm!? Peter: Yeah... Y/n: Omg, I never sleep that long Peter: You were pretty dead last night, once you laid in bed you pretty much fell asleep you. Y/n: Yeah. Wait, what happened? Peter: We went to Ned's Halloween party, you drank a bit to much I guess, got drunk. I called your mom to pick us up. I laid you in bed and you asked me to stay so I stayed, I slept on the matress. *pointing to the matress* Y/n: Oh. That sounds like fun. Haha. Peter didn't say anything, you kept eating your food. Peter: Do you have work tonight? Y/n: No, I do on Sunday though, which is tmr. Peter: Oh ok. Y/n: Why? Peter: I was thinking we could actually go to the restaurant this time, third times the charm? Y/n: Ok, I'd like that. *smiling* There's silence as you eat the rest of your food. Then you break the silence. Y/n: Thanks Peter. Peter: For what? Y/n: for being here. For helping me last night, for staying. Peter: It's not that big of a deal. Y/n: It's sweet. *looking at him smiling* Peter: *smiles* so..what did you want to do? Y/n: Hmm, we could go to the movie theatre or go shopping? Peter: How about both? Y/n: Sounds good to me. You get changed, tell your mom and leave with Peter, you walk to the bus stop. While you're waiting you look up at him. Peter: What? *chuckles* Y/n: Nothing, I just, Idk. *giggles* Peter: Y/n..I need to.. He gets caught off by the bus arriving and stopping in front of you two, you get on and sit together. You get a call from Abby and you pick up. Y/n: Hey Abby, what's up? Abby: Hey Y/n, did you want to hangout today? ... ⬇️MORE IN THE COMMENTS⬇️
[ @s.pideyparker ] there were way more pictures and a few videos that are on my story, but tom and zendaya (peter and mj) on set in prague!! so cute!! <33 [ these are just a few pictures there were much more! you can also look on my tomdaya highlight for tomdaya updates and pictures :) ]
The more I work on this, the more I'm loving it. I definitely have to paint more video game characters in the future. Also, after seeing gameplay of Spider-Man PS4 on YouTube I wish I had a PS4. The reviews for this game are insane, and make me want to play this game more and more. #spidermanps4 #spiderman #spidermanpeterparker #peterparker
Peter Parker Fanfic Part 23 Don't miss the other parts➡️#hollandsunshinefanfic 💛 ................. After your first two classes it was lunch, you walked to the library where everyone was sitting by the table, Michelle at the head of the table. You sat down. Michelle: Hey guys, so the academic decathalon is coming up kind of soon. We should start working harder. Instead of just having a meeting every Tuesday at lunch we'll have it Tuesday, Thursday and Friday! Flash raises his hand. Michelle: Yes Flash? Flash: This Friday is Halloween. Michelle: I realize, we'll start the new schedule next week, so in November. Y/n: Ok. Flash: Sounds good. Teacher whispers: You're doing great Michelle. Michelle: Thanks. Peter: When's the decathalon this year? Michelle: November 24th. Ned: Woah, that's soon. Peter: Ok. Michelle: Yeah, I know it's coming up pretty fast, but we're pretty much ready and with the extra meetings and practices in the gym we'll be fine. The bell rings and everyone gets to class. You walk with Michelle until you get to your class. After school Peter catches you before you go on the bus. Y/n: Oh, hey Peter. Peter: Hey Y/n, I know I asked you this morning but are you sure your not mad at me? Y/n: You mean about you not showing up last night? Peter: Ye-yeah *disappointed tone* about that.. Y/n: It's okay, like I said I'm not mad Peter. You were busy I understand! Peter smiles Peter: So.. Y/n: so..? Peter: Want to do it tonight instead? Y/n: sure! Same restaurant? Peter: Yeah. Y/n: Ok! Sounds good. Peter: Ok I'll pick you up at 5:30. Y/n: K. Bye Peter. Peter: See you later, love you. Y/n: Love you too. You get on the bus. Ned: Hey, what were you guys talking about? Y/n: Peter and I are going to that new fancy restaurant tonight. Ned: ahh, nice! You two will have such a good time! Save me some leftovers. Y/n: Haha. I will! You were dressed and waited until 5:30 expecting him to be at your doorstep. But he didn't show, again. You were disappointed because you were hoping he'd actually show up this time. It was 6:15 so you texted him... ... ⬇️MORE IN THE COMMENTS⬇️
Just thought I'd post more on my first attempt to paint video game characters, it's looking pretty good so far. I will say there is a lot of detail in them, but I'm sure the result will make me want to do this again. #spidermanps4 #spidermanfans #spidermanpeterparker #marvelcomics #marvelsspidermanps4 #marvelsspiderman2018
I thought I'd try my hand at painting video game characters, and why not start with the most anticipated game of 2018. #spidermanps4 #spiderman #peterparker #spidermanpeterparker
Peter Parker fanfic part 22 Read➡️#hollandsunshinefanfic 💛 ............... After the day was over you took a shower and did your nightly routine. You watched Netflix until you fell asleep. The next day.. (Monday morning at school) After chemistry class you saw Abby in the hallways. Y/n: Hey Abby! Abby: Hey y/n, how was the trip to Paris? Y/n: Amazing, I had so so much fun! Abby: That's great you should've taken me. Haha Y/n: I'm sorry. What class do you have next? Abby: Psychology Y/n: Oh, cool! Abby: you? Y/n: English. Abby: Nice, have fun with that! Y/n: Thanks, you too! See ya! Abby: Ttyl. *smiles and walks to her locker* You walk to your locker and see Peter waiting by it. Peter: Hey Y/n! Y/n: Hey Peter! Ready for to hand in the English story? Peter: No, are you kidding me. Michelle: hey guys. I'm so excited to hand in my English! Hbu? You laugh. Y/n: I am! Idk about Peter tho. Peter looks at you then at Michelle with an unsure face. Michelle: I bet you your story is fine. Peter: Do you want to read it? Michelle: Sure! Peter hands Michelle his laptop with the story document open, you go by Michelle and read it quickly. Michelle chuckles, you nudge her. Y/n: It's cute Peter! Peter: Michelle laughed! Michelle: No, no I didn't. *trying not to laugh again* Peter sighs. Y/n: Peter it's not that bad, trust me! Peter: Ok, well at least I hope it's a good enough story to at least get decent grade. Michelle: Idk about that... Peter: Ugh *grabs the laptop, kisses you on the cheek and leaves* see you two in class. Y/n: That wasn't that nice *making a face to Michelle* Michelle: I know, I didn't mean to be rude I'm just an honest person. Y/n: I know. Michelle: So how is your relationship? You're putting things in your locker and taking out your laptop for English. Y/n: Good. Michelle: Oh, ok. That's great. Y/n: Michelle. You sure your ok with us dating? You look at her with a serious concerned face. Michelle: yeah, are you kidding me, you two are So cute together! Y/n: *faint smile* ok. The bell rings and you both get to class. ... ⬇️MORE IN THE COMMENTS⬇️
Finally today Spider-man game is released and here is my final version of Spidey (advanced suit). My special edition is on its way, but because I’m going to travel this weekend, I will play it on Sunday. Who is already playing, enjoy it! 🎮🕸😊 🔥▶Full size (PC): https://www.deviantart.com/machyavelli/art/Spider-Man-PS4-762894906 #spidermanps4 #spiderman #spidermaninsomniac #spidermangame #spidermangameps4 #spidermanfanart #spidermanadvancedsuit #spidermanpeterparker #spidey #amazingspiderman #spiderman_amazingg #marvelfanart #marvel #sonyplaystation4 #sonygames #comics #videogames #PS4 #marvelcomics #marvelstudios #avengersspiderman
A Tom Holland poster I made for @lucy_turner206 that I forgot to post. Sorry about that @lucy_turner206 , I thought I posted it but I guess I forgot. #tomholland #spiderman #spidermantomholland #spidermanhomecoming #tomhollandpeterparker #spidermanpeterparker
A Tom Holland poster I made for @lucy_turner206 that I forgot to post. Sorry about that @lucy_turner206 , I thought I posted it but I guess I forgot. #tomholland #spiderman #spidermantomholland #spidermanhomecoming #tomhollandpeterparker #spidermanpeterparker
Peter parker fanfic part 21 Read first➡️#hollandsunshinefanfic 💛 ................. Skipping some time *1 1/2 months later, end of October, Saturday night* You text Peter and he responds with "I'd love to do that! See ya there. 😊" you text back with okay. You put on a casual yet still stylish outfit, your mom drives you and drops you off you say bye and love you. You walk into the place and see Peter. You run up and give him a big hug. Y/n: I missed you. Peter: I missed you to Y/n. He gives you a kiss on the cheek. Peter: How was your week in Paris? Y/n: It was AMAZING! My mom and I had so much fun, I wish you could of came with us though. Peter: That's great, yeah but it's more quality time with your mom. Y/n: True. *smiling* So you ready to get beat? Peter: Your going down! You both get your shoes, put them on and get to your lane. You pick up the bowling ball that looks the best and strike a poise before rolling it on the floor getting a strike on your first try! Peter: Omg, really? Y/n: I told you, you're going down Parker! Peter: Hm, watch this... He walks up picks up a bowling ball and shoots it, knocking down 4 pins. Peter: I never said I was a professional bowler. Whoops? *looking at you shrugging then smiles* Y/n: Haha. You continue to play and talk as you do there was music playing with a dj. You started dancing to one of the pop songs and Peter just stares at you in awe. Y/n: Peter come dance with me! There's another couple two lanes to your left, a family and two groups of friends on the other side of you guys judging you. Peter: I think all these people are staring haha. Y/n: I don't care, come on! Peter: I-I don't dance! Y/n: What about Flashs party in September? Peter: Hm. You grab his hands and move them around he starts chuckling and smiling. He spins you around and starts to get into it. After the songs over you do your last bowls. Peter won. Peter: Did you let me win? Y/n: No. Peter: Y/n, really? Haha Y/n: I actually didn't tho, look at your scores, you made a great comeback! Peter: Lol. So what did you want to do? Y/n: Are you hungry? Peter: Sure..are you? ... ⬇️MORE IN THE COMMENTS⬇️
Peter Parker Fanfic Part 20 Other parts ➡️#hollandsunshinefanfic 💛 .................. Spider-Man: your, your Y/n's dad! Fred: Huh? You know me. How do you know my daughter!? Spider-Man: I, uh. I don't, you look like someone else's dad I know. Fred: The hell is this. *looking at his body webbed up* Spider-Man: I have these web shooter thingies that shoot out webs, look, isn't it- Fred: I don't care! Get me out of this stuff. Spider-Man: What are you even doing stealing? Fred: None of your business. Spider-Man: It's more of my business than you think *mumbles* Fred: Huh? Spider-Man: Nothing *coughing than trying to do a deep voice* You shouldn't be stealing. Fred: Who are you the stealing police? Spider-Man: That's a pretty bad joke. (What should I do, he's Y/n's dad) Fred: so are you going to send me to jail or something? Spider-Man: Um, I- Fred: Well? Spider-Man: I'm going to let you go. Fred: what. Really? Spider-Man: Just don't do it again. Stay safe. You should talk to your daughter. He helps him get out of the webbing and Fred walks away with the bag. Spider-Man: Hold up. What's in the bag? Fred: You'll never know. *disappears* Spider-Man: Ugh whatever. Crap, the time. He swings from building to building trying to get back to the apartment, he goes in his room. Crawling on the sealing trying to be stealthy, quickly changed and then when May went to the bathroom walks out of the apartment and knocks on the door. Aunt may: What the hell Peter! It's 12:45 am! Peter: I know, I'm sorry. I lost track of time, I came back as quickly as possible. Aunt May: You had me worried, plus it's a school night! You're grounded for a week. I'm done waiting for you so late at night worrying if something happened to you. Peter: I'm sorry May. I didn't want to make you upset. May: For the rest of this week you will not be going anywhere other than school. Peter: O-okay. Aunt may pulls Peter into a big hug. Aunt May: you know I care about you, just *looks at Peter* Go to bed okay. Peter: Yeah. Aunt May: Goodnight, I love you. Peter: I love you too. ... ⬇️MORE IN THE COMMENTS⬇️
— ​​Sᴘɪᴅᴇʀ﹣𝗠𝗶𝗻𝗲 (Mᴀɴ) ɪs ʜᴇʀᴇ✧ - ac: drizzyaudios + [edited by me] cc: ytb & mine dt: Alexandra, Jasmin, Lara, Grace Marie, Emily, Rose & @voidscalxa ⭐️ - [#omgpage #omgedit ] #filmora #Hizzukgrp #queuegrp #stxlesgrp #thebraingrp
Peter parker fanfic part 19 Read the other parts ➡️#hollandsunshinefanfic 💛 ......................... You and Peter walk to the nearest restaurant which happens to be chinese and order your food. You wait and sit in the seats near the front. Peter: Hey, you okay? Y/n: ye-yeah. I'm just, I hope everything gets solved. Peter: Hey, it will, don't worry. They'll put both of those guys in jail. You won't have to worry about any of them again. Y/n: I know. Thanks Peter. I'm also thinking about Fred. I mean what if he has something to do with these guys, these "bad men" *worried tone* Peter: I doubt it Y/n, even if he was connected, I'd make sure he never gets close to you again. It was sweet you thought, Peters concerns with your safety and all. You just hoped that Fred wasn't involved, especially for your mother's sake. *ding* Peter: That must be our food. *smiling at you* You walk over to the cash register and pay for your food. You get out of the restaurant and see Flash in his car stopped at the traffic lights. Flash sees you two. Flash: Hey guys! Y/n: Hey Flash, nice car. Flash: Thanks, they have the best Chinese food there!...See you guys at school. He drives passed. You and Peter continued to walk to the police station, you continued talking. Peter: So uh, other than all this how have you been liking living in Queens? Y/n: I like it! I mean I didn't really know what to expect. But, It's not to bad. I mean I made friends that I love,.. I met someone. Peter: Met someone!? Who? A guy? You laugh softly y/n: Peter. Peter: What, this is new news to me. Y/n: It's you, you're the special someone. Peter: Oh. *scratches his head awkwardly* You reached the police station and saw your mom talking to a female officer. Your mom sees you two, finishes talking and walks over. Mom: What did you guys get? Y/n: Chinese. *lifting up the boxes smiling* Mom: Sounds good. Ready to go? You and Peter nod. You get in the car your mom asks Peter to go in the front she's driving and you're in the back, in the middle seat. Your mom starts driving. Mom: so you two dating yet? Y/n: Mom. Peter: Uh, *looks at you* kinda, yea.. ... ⬇️MORE IN THE COMMENTS⬇️
Back to school shopping is the best part of going back to school tbh
Peter Parker fanfic part 18 Make sure to read the other parts first! ➡️#hollandsunshinefanfic 💛 ......................... You call Fred immediately. It brings a couple times until someone picks up. Y/n: Hello...Fred? Where did you go, I need you back here. We need to talk. Uknown person: Hello. Y/n: Fred? Uknown person: Fred's not here rn. Y/n: What where is he? Who are you? Unknown person: My names Phil. Y/n: Okay, Phil. Just tell him I called I guess. I'm going to call him back later, bye I guess. Unknown Person: Bye, Y/n. Y/n: You know my name *beeping noises* hello? Hello!? You hung up. What the heck, you didn't know who that was and what was going on. You texted Michelle telling her that this weird man named Phil picked up Fred's phone. "That's weird she texted. Who even is he?" "Idk, I have no idea. Fred wasn't there when I got home so I tried to call him but then.." you said. "Strange, what are you going to do?" "Call the police I guess, about the man that's been creeping on me I mean, I don't want to wait until it gets worse, you know?" "I totally agree." "Ttyl Michelle" "Ttyl". Before calling the police you call Peter since he might have been eager to know what happened. Once you call him he picks up pretty much right away. Peter: Y/n? How are you, how did it go? Y/n: Uh, didn't go as planned.. He cuts you off. Peter: What happened!? Y/n: Peter in fine, chill. When I got home he wasn't there, my mom told me that he left a couple hours before I got there. So I came in my room, but once I called him this guy named Phil picked up. Peter: What, some guy named Phil? *sounding anxious* Y/n: Yea.. what? Peter: Huh? Y/n: You seem nervous, do you know him. Peter: Well there's this criminal named Phil Swift that used to sell illegal weapons. Y/n: Really? Then why did he pick up my dads, ex dads phone. Do you think he's in danger? Peter: Who, Fred? Y/n: Yeah! Peter: Idk, maybe... You hung up the phone thinking Peter was trying to see if you were still in the line you run down the stairs and see your mom cooking. You pick up the home phone and walk up to her. Dialling 911. ... ⬇️MORE IN THE COMMENTS⬇️
Peter Parker Fanfic Part 17 Other parts ➡️ #hollandsunshinefanfic 💛 ................ Once you got to school you saw Michelle and talked to her a bit. You told her you had to chat with her after class. After class was over you two went in the bathroom when no one was there. You basically dragged her in. Michelle: Y/n, what's wrong? And why are we having a conversation like this in the bathroom? *laughs* Y/n: Michelle, that guy. You know that dangerous man. The one that got out of prison, he texted me before and last night he called me. Michelle: Omg. Are you serious? Y/n: Yeah, but the weird thing is is that I asked him what he wanted from me and he said to talk, to talk to Fred and tell him that he called like wtf does Fred have to do with any of this? Michelle: Idk, that's weird. Talk to the police. Y/n, you have to now. I mean this guy is on the loose, he's calling you, he's dangerous. Y/n: I know, I will, I promise I will I just, maybe If I talk to Fred about it, like the guy said this will all be over. Michelle: hmm, I doubt he'll leave you alone but I guess its worth a shot. Y/n: I texted Fred once I was on the bus so I'll get to the bottom of this wack once school is done. Michelle: Ok. If he knows something let me know. Y/n: Ill text you after we talk. The bell rings and you both go to English class. Ned showed up once the class started. He smiled at you and waved, you waved back. You saw him move behind you sitting beside Peter and talking to him immediately. The teacher shushes him before Ned kept talking to him. Class was pretty interactive, the teacher asked deep questions about life and love which made you think a lot, about Peter too of course. Once class was finished you talked to Peter a little. Y/n: Peter I have to tell you something... He cuts you off Peter: Are you free tonight? Sorry is that too soon? I just had so much fun last night. Y/n: Aw, Peter so did I. I'd love- wait, I can't tonight. Peter: Oh, you're busy, I understand. Y/n: I need to do something tonight. But I wanted to talk to you. Remember that phone call I got, you know after we um kissed.. well that guy called me again last night. ... ⬇️MORE IN THE COMMENTS⬇️
Okay but i got this ad on twitter and I’m not sure if I should be happy or cry? -Jay • • • • #spidermanpeterparker #spiderman #spidermanfarfromhome #tom #avengers #avengersinfinitywar #avengers #wakandaforever #idontwannago #mrstarkidontfeelsogood
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Peter Parker fanfic part 16 Other parts ➡️#hollandsunshinefanfic 💛 ..................... Y/n: Oh, hey Michelle Michelle: Hi Y/n. I wanted to apologize... why is your shirt all wet? Y/n: some guy siting behind my seat spilt water on me.. Michelle: Oh, cool. Anyways. You both walk into the bathroom where you start drying yourself with paper towels and Michelle continues to talk. Michelle: Listen Y/n, I'm sorry for being such a bitch I didn't mean to get so jealous and upset. Its stupid of me to have ignored you.. You cut her off. And hug her. She hugs back. Y/n: Its okay Michelle, you weren't being a bitch, I was, I did tell you how I felt but I didn't soon enough and it was wrong of me to say yes to this date without consulting you first. I knew how you felt about Peter and I didn't listen. You're my best friend and I hated you not talking to me.. friends again? Michelle: Yea, friends again. Get back in there. Y/n: What? Michelle: I heard your voicemail, go back inside and watch the movie with Peter. Y/n: Are you sure? I can just tell him that.. Michelle: I'm not mad. Y/n: ok, love you. Ill call you later tonight! Michelle: Ok, see ya! Y/n: Bye Michelle. You walk back into the theatre with a smile on your face. Peter: Why are you smiling? Y/n: Oh, uh, nothing I'm just happy. Peter: Mhm. You continued watching the movie until it was over and you both got out of the movie theatre. You went to a small restaurant to eat dinner. You ordered the food and brought it to a table and you guys sat down. Peter: How did you like the movie? Y/n: It was good! Suprisingly really funny. Peter: yeah, glad you liked it! *smiles* You both started eating... Y/n: The only part I didn't like when there was an interruption, on our special moment. *looking down then looking up at Peter* His cheeks turn a light red. Peter: haha, yea-h You kept eating and talking about different things, you really liked him, he's so sweet, he also has such interesting stories. Whenever he would stare into your eyes you couldn't help but smile. His eyes were a deep brown you could get lost in them. ... ⬇️MORE IN THE COMMENTS⬇️
Peter Parker fanfic part 15 Make sure that you read the other parts first! ➡️ #hollandsunshinefanfic 💛 ............. *Wednesday* You texted Michelle in the morning before school but there was no response, you sighed. Today was your date with Peter which you were regretting, you and him were planning in going after school. For the past couple days Michelle ignored you, she didn't text you, when you would call she would decline and in the hallways she would pretend like you weren't there. This morning the text you sent her was "I'm sorry Michelle, today is the day but just wanted to let you know that I can always cancel, I love you, you're my best friend and I miss you." You finished getting ready and went out the door. Once you were walking you ran into your dad who was walking back to your house. Y/n: Woah, sorry Fred. Didn't mean to bump into you. Fred: Oh, morning Y/n, its fine. *smiles* Have a good day at school! He walks away. You noticed he was acting a bit strange, also he was carrying a shady black bag with him. You continued walking to the bus stop and saw Ned. You talked until the bus pulled up at the school. Ned walks with you to the door. Ned: So, Michelle hasn't talked to you yet? Y/n: Nope, she's still ignoring me, she's so upset. I told her I would cancel but... Ned: Y/n don't, even if she's your friend and she wants you too, don't, if she really is your friend she'll get over it, eventually. Y/n: Exaclty, eventually, how long will that be? Awhile. *sigh* You both seperate, you see no sight of Michelle. You put your belongings inside your locker. Flash comes up to talk to you. Y/n: Uh, hey Flash, how are you? Flash: Not bad, how are you doing? Y/n: Not to good tbh. Flash: How come? Y/n: Michelle is mad at me, she hasn't talked to me since Sunday. Flash: Really? What happened, uh I mean if you want to tell me. Y/n: Well she's upset at me, which I would be too, I'm going on a date with Peter tonight. Flash: Oh, really? Penis Parker. Y/n: Uh, sure. Flash: why him and not me? You stop doing things and look at him. Y/n: I'm sorry Flash, but I only see you as a friend. I like Peter more than that, I'm sorry. ... ⬇️MORE IN THE COMMENTS⬇️
Peter Parker Fan fiction part 14 Don't miss the other parts ➡️#hollandsunshinefanfic 💛 ......... The voicemail was Fred "your dad" saying how he's going to visit again. After texting Michelle you went to sleep. The next morning you hear a knock on your door, you open it seeing Fred. Fred: Hey Y/n. Y/n: Hey, mom's out getting groceries. Fred: Oh, okay. We can hangout then. Y/n: Uh, sure. Movie? Fred: Ok. You sit down on the couch and watch a funny movie, you eat some buttery microwaved popcorn. After the movie your mom came home. Mom: Hey Y/n, I'm back, I got your favourite cereal! Y/n: Thanks mom! Fred: Hey Susan. Mom: Oh, hi Fred, your here early. Fred: Yeah, sorry I didn't call before I left. Mom: Its fine.. So, how are you? Fred: Not bad, wanted to stop by and visit my two favourite girls. Y/n: Really? Mom: Y/n.. How long are you planning on staying? Fred: I don't know, a week or two. Y/n: What? A week or two!? Fred: Yeah. Is that okay? Mom: It's fine Fred, it's just such a suprise visit. You ate some breakfast together and then you went to your room and your phone started ringing, it was Peter. Y/n: Hey Peter! Peter: Hey Y/n, how are you doing? Y/n: Not bad, well my dad is stopping by, for a "little" visit. Peter: Oh, how come? Y/n: I don't really know, its odd how he wants to suddenly be apart of our lives.. anyways, how are you Peter? Peter: Good, listen y/n. I wanted to ask you something, well the other night I didn't get a chance. Listen, I really um, I-I like you, a lot. *you keep listening not really saying anything* I don't know how you feel about me, but I, um. Y/n: I like you Peter. Peter: You, you do? Y/n: Haha, yeah. Peter: Oh, well um, I was wondering if you wanted to go on, a d-date or something? Like the movies maybe... Y/n: Sure, that sounds perfect. Peter: Okay! *excited* Ill text you. Y/n: okay, sounds good. Bye. Peter: bye. You lay in your bed thinking about what just happened. You're going on a date with Peter Parker. Shit, what are you doing. Your best friend told you not too. Maybe you could talk to her about it, just like your mom said. ... ⬇️MORE IN THE COMMENTS⬇️
Peter Parker Fanfic Part 13 Other parts ➡️ #hollandsunshinefanfic 💛 .......... After you came back from the job interview you looked down at your phone expecting a text back from the unknown number, which you assumed was the man a bunch of questions but still no response. You were scared as you kept seeing the text "I'm coming for you" each time your mom would say something it made you jump mom. After a shower and doing some homework you said goodnight to your mom and fell asleep. .... *Saturday afternoon* You were watching tv when your mom interrupted. Mom: Hey sweetie! Excited for the party tonight? Y/n: Huh, yeah, kind of. *you were distracted by the tv* Your mom turned it off. Y/n: Hey Mom: sorry, I just want to talk to you. Y/n: I know, sorry. What were you saying? Oh, about the party, yeah I'm pretty excited. Mom: Is Michelle going? Y/n: Yeah, one of the reasons why I'm going. Mom: Yeah, how about that boy, um Peter? Y/n: Peter? Yeah, he's going. She looks at you and you feel your cheeks start to reden. Your mom gives you a look. Y/n: Stopp. Mom: Do you like him? Y/n: Yeah I really like him...it's jjust Michelle likes him too, or I think she does anyways. Mom: Oh, well have you talked to her about it? Y/n: Yeah but she won't admit her feelings. Haha Mom: Aww, well before you make any moves you should have a chat with her about it. Y/n: Actually, we did sorta talk about it, she told me not to date him and. Ugh. Nvm nothing will happen between us. Mom: Y/n, just talk to her I'm sure she'll understand and appreciate you telling her. Y/n: Ok, thanks Mom. Later on you start getting ready and then face time Michelle. Y/n: Hey girl! Does this look okay? Michelle: looks good! What do you think? *showing you what she's wearing* Y/n: you look stunning I can't believe you're wearing a dress. Trying to impress anyone? Michelle: No, of course not. You finish talking and then head downstairs and your mom drives you. Once you pull up the house is huge, there's a good amount of people there and you see Michelle pull up you say goodbye to your mom and run up and hug Michelle this time she somewhat hugs you. ... ⬇️MORE IN THE COMMENTS ⬇️
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