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This anatomy layered puzzle can help satisfy a child’s natural curiosity and desire to know more about the incredible inner workings of the human body. Layer after layer, children will unveil the human body parts as they learn about muscle facts, the nervous system skeleton, and bones! Also great to build a wealth vocabulary about the human body structure. #learningthroughplay #humanbody #handsonlearning
Thursday 9.20 I testified at the Committee on Mental Health disabilities and Addiction meeting where shelter services in NYC available for people with disabilities (pwd)was discussed. I spoke on the importance of coordination with voluntary agencies(VA) that house and oversee the care of thousands of pwd in the city, educating service providers on what to do should a client need department of homeless services(DHS) assistance or the availability of DHSs services should VA need to access shelter especially as hurricane season is here. Great conversation in the room overall and heartening to hear from so many self advocates as well. #specialneeds #family #advocacy #autism #newyork #nyc #disability #awareness
An awesome launch to the 2018-19 Summer season for the Albatross nippers this morning at Tallebudgera. Thank you so much to some amazing volunteers that made this happen. @connor_peabody @bodeschulz @kobe_schulz @daniel.homer @saltyglowphotography @tallesurfsportsacademy @talle_two_strokes @tallebudgera_surf_club @samfrostyy #specialneeds #surflifesaving #surlifesavingaustralia #surflifesavingaustralia #nippers #albatrossnippers
Smiling for us this Sunday is the beautiful Yusuphu. #sundaysmiles #sundayfunday #lovethisboy #interimcare #orphan #specialneeds #sen #love #smiles #partytime 🎉
Having a go on the Laughing Clowns in the Sideshow Alley. #specialneeds #specialneedsfamily #specialneedskids #perthroyalshow2018
After raising more than $2.5 million towards autism research, the Eagles Autism Challenge is returning for a second year! The day long fundraiser with cycle rides and a 5K run/walk is put on by the Philadelphia Eagles. Their goal is to raise money for autism awareness, programs and research. The funds raised from it go towards Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Drexel University & Thomas Jefferson University and the 2019 event is also taking in applications from other Philadelphia institutions looking to fund their autism research! . . . #parcfl #autism #autismproud #autismmom #specialneeds #developmentaldisabilities #flyeaglesfly #philadelphiaeagles #eagles #philly #awareness #austistic #austisticpride
بحضور عدد من أولياء أمور الطلبة عقد الاجتماع الأول لمناقشة الخطط والبرامج التي ستنفذ مع الطلاب للعام الدراسي 2018/2019 ؛ ويأتي هذا الإجتماع ضمن سلسلة اجتماعات دورية بهدف تعزيز التواصل مع أولياء الامور . In the presence of student's parents we held the first meeting to discuss the plans and programs to be implemented with students for the academic year 2018/2019; such meeting comes in a series of periodic meetings in order to strengthen communication with parent and the development of the kid's plan. #مركز_تنمية_القدرات #ذوي_الاحتياجات_الخاصة #معا ً_نحقق_الهدف #ابوظبي #توحد #اعاقة_عقلية #متلازمة_الداون #في_ابوظبي #دولة_الإمارات_العربية_المتحدة #أصحاب_الهمم #حرف #معرض #أشغال_يديوية #دمج #حملة_التوعية_بالتوحد #معا_من_أجلهم #ADC #SpecialNeeds #AbilitiesDevelopmentCenter #TogetherWeSucceed #Autism #Mentalhandicap #AbuDhabi #UAE #crafts #handmade #exhibition #integration #awarness_day_of_autism
Oh my heart! This kid... he has what matters... the biggest heart and so much love for his Iylah #foreverprotector #cousins #specialneeds #specialhearts #warriorkids #autism #cerebralpalsy #family
Our Perpetual Calendars are back in stock!!!! These gorgeous items are perfect for introducing months of the year as well as helping little ones track the date. Each of these sets includes 12 rainbow Nins. Get in quick as these stunning calendars are hard to keep in stock. 📸. @where_learning_meets_play #grapat #perpetualcalendar #woodentoys #playbasedlearningforallabilities #openendedplay
Who needs friends? Well, for years I thought Aiden did. He always struggled to make friends, let alone keep them, he was never invited to a birthday party or a play date and as for sleepovers, well he’s 18 and we’re still waiting! The only kids he ever socialised with were my friends kids - because they had no choice, and over the years they grew to accept him! You certainly find out who your real friends are when you have a child with additional needs! Anyway, after years of desperately trying to get him some friends, and feeling really sad for him, it turns out he’s actually, genuinely not bothered. Aidens’ concept of friends is very different to ours, therefore, that need for friends, as we know them, is just not there. This was incredibly hard for me to understand especially when I, desperately need my friends and the busyness of people around me. Just to be clear, I know this is not the case for all children on the spectrum and many become truly distraught with their struggles over friendships. I see it all the time at the school where I work, and for that reason, I now completely accept that this aspect, for Aiden, and those like him, is a positive one! All those years of worry, when I should have been celebrating! Let me give you an example of Aidens’ idea of friends from just this week. We went to the cinema as a family along with another family (family friends). I tell the kids to choose their seats. Aiden chose a seat on the end of an row, away from everyone else and placed his popcorn on the seat next to him. ‘Aiden’, I say, ‘your friend, Abby, would like to sit next to you?’ To which he replies ‘I’m sorry, my friend ‘Popcorn’ is already sitting there and I like popcorn more than I like Abby!’ Now you can see why we’ve lost so many friends over the years! The only person that matters to Aiden, is Aiden! He can’t put himself in someone else’s shoes, to understand how they might feel and therefore holds no guilt - what a lovely place that must be! Aiden is happy with who he is! He never questions it, so why should I? When we try to make kids conform, we have to be mindful about who we’re doing it for, is it for their benefit or ours
Isn’t he adorable? The ears totally slay, I know. We always wonder how he survived on the streets before we met him. Did he have a home? I cry when I think about it. And I cry too thinking about all those still on the street that need help. Anyway, Jack is such a soft hearted, sweet dog. Im missing my animals, can you tell?😊 #furbabies #missingmykids #treats #toys #reacuedog #streetdog #specialneeds #deafdog #spoiled #mykids #dingdong #foxisjealous #pretoria #southafrica #guateng #internationalpup
Meet Georgia! I had the privilege yesterday of meeting this gorgeous little lady and her beautiful family. And can I tell you, Miss Georgia has Zeta absolutely smitten! . . This gorgeous family of five are the first recipients of my Paying it Forward initiative... Every couple of months, I will offer a free photoshoot package to a special needs family. . Photos are often not the priority for families of special needs children and given the costs of therapies, it’s often not affordable either. So in the name of giving back, I will be offering an opportunity once every couple months. . . So if you, or someone you know, Brisbane, Gold Coast or Ipswich based, would like to be considered for this opportunity, please do not hesitate to tag, or make contact. . . . #photography #photographer #givingback #payitforward #payingitforward #goldcoast #brisbane #goldcoastphotographer #brisbanephotographer #scenicrim #ipswichphotographer #familyphotographer #familyphotography #happy #beautiful #specialneeds #abilitynotdisability #downsyndrome #babyphotography #motherhood #childhood #magicofchildhood #smiles #smiley #love #sisters #sisterhood #family #families
Although it’s a just-for-fun kind of a picture, we have to keep in mind that every child has a timeline of their own. Each of us take our own sweet time to reach greatness 😊 #EdClude #SpecialChildren #SpecialNeeds #Education #dohaqatar
💛 L I G H T 💛 ⠀⠀ A few years ago, my friend @mamaloveyogalondon had just qualified to be a yoga teacher including teaching yoga to children with special needs. She used to come and practice with M every week and she loved it - she still likes to impress us with a downward dog every now and then! . At the end of every session, Sara used to say this little saying to her, and I loved it so much I got it made into a picture to put on M’s wall. And I did the same for her daughter who has Williams Syndrome. . Because I really do think all our children with special needs are born with a beautiful light in their hearts. And I want the world to see and understand that. That is why @zebedee_management are playing such an important part in raising awareness around children with disabilities and promoting inclusion. . Happy Sunday all. . . . . . #happysunday #beautifullight #specialneedschildren #specialneedschildrenrock #inclusion #disabilityawareness #disabilityrights #teamzebedee #zebedeemanagement #zebedeemodel #rarechromo #rarechromosomedisorder #changingthefaceofbeauty #inclusionmatters #marigoldmaisie #mosaicism #geneticdisorder #trisomy3q11mosaicism #raresyndrome #morealikethandifferent #learningdisability #globaldevelopmentdelay #specialneeds #invisibledisability #uniquecharity #teamzebedeemanagement #wouldntchangeathing #ipreview @preview.app
سارعوا بالتسجيل قبل 10 أكتوبر لتتمتعوا بالرسوم المخفضة! . للتسجيل يرجى زيارة موقعنا الإلكتروني : www.RunKuwait.org . Hurry up and register before Oct 10th to enjoy the early bird registration fee! . For registration please visit our website : www.RunKuwait.org . #kuwait #runkuwait #support #specialneeds #kuwaitevents #csr #charity #charityevent #كويت #الكويت
First outing to a market - though we have been to Bunnings - plenty of interest and many pats. #maxspawsforchamps #specialdogsforspecialpeople #relaxedobedience #dnatested #INDYmascotpup #specialneeds #bordercollies
Superhero Sunday - The one and only @georgenicholson15 with Richard getting ready to take on minus 2 degrees ❄️ #snowbilitystudentsrock
A powerful thought worth keeping in mind during good and bad times!! Give my website a visit! Link in bio! #specialneeds #parenting #autism #coaching ##behaviour #support #challengingbehaviour #education #help #school #university #adhd #asd #college #solutions #send
KIDS ART. CREATING HOPE. Together we put so much heart and effort into our brand as well as being full time mums and part time working our other jobs. Our passion towards raising money for our belief runs through our mind 24/7. . Its about the interaction with kids, the freedom and innocent creative minds of the youngsters. They experience so much enjoyment when they’re drawing, not just for us, at kinder, childcare and at school. They are so proud of their work and creativity and we are too. Thats why we as parents display them on the fridge. . Jacana Kids is a brand to embrace children and their minds. To encourage the artist in them. You find these days its all about tablets, smartphones, smartwatches and gaming consoles etc. Kids are unconsciously being restricted in the freedom of their minds, by playing these electronic devices. Back when we were growing up these things didn’t exist. We had to create our own play environment. Create our own stories, create our own memories and express ourselves through our art and drawings. Research shows that children can communicate through their drawings. Not always being able to speak and/or use the right words. You can gain insight into their feelings and emotions. Its also as simple as developing hand eye coordination and strengthening their fine motor skills. Believe it or not, drawing enhances a child’s problem solving skills, which to use next pen or pencil? what colour to use? where to draw? etc. This then leads on to prepare them for school. . Don’t get me wrong, electronic devices are a definite part of our kids future, but we want to encourage to go back to the basics at an earlier age. Thats why our workshops are all about drawing, they're about setting their minds free, they are learning, developing, communicating, problem solving, imagining and strengthening their little minds to prepare them for the huge world out there, and in doing so, they are also helping kids with disabilities and special needs to do the same. KIDS ART. CREATING HOPE
Another great day. Love my community and showing people a good time. Sharing water time is always great but especially for a good cause. Mahalos for everyone involved today. Such a great thing to be a part of #onelove #bigisland #kona #hawaii #specialneeds #surf #canoe #paddleboard #alohasaturday #surfforspecialneeds #keiki 🤙🏽😎🙌🏽🏝🏄🏽‍♂️🌊🏄🏼‍♀️🤩
A little thought for the day which I think will be on behalf of SEN needs parents everywhere; . If you meet someone who has a child with a disability, genetic condition or additional needs, please don’t ask the question “What’s wrong with her/him?” . I can guarantee you that the answer will always be “nothing” . Whilst I understand that it may be out of curiosity, care or interest about someone and whenever I have been asked this question it has come from a good place, but the word ‘wrong’ would imply there is something bad about our child and I can assure you that is never the case. If you look at the definition of the word wrong you can see how it can be quite offensive to a parent, especially if they may be struggling with the added pressures and demands that come with being a SEN parent. . By all means ask questions, be interested, be intrigued just please don’t say “what is wrong with them?” Because there will never be anything ‘wrong with them’ . Sorry for the rant... @frankiesaysrelaxaboutt21 Says I should ‘blog’ more 😂 . . . . #specialneeds #praderwillisyndrome #factoftheday #thoughtoftheday #blog #senparent
#familytravel #mauritius #autismtravel #wheelchairfriendly Envisage your perfect holiday destination and you will find Mauritius. With so much breathtaking beauty and lush landscape to discover, you’ll have the family holiday of a lifetime on this tropical island paradise. Nestled in beautifully landscaped tropical gardens and close to the sleepy village of Belle Mare, the modern LUX* Belle Mare is the perfect place for a luxurious family beach escape. Younger guests are going to be in their element at ‘Play’, the resort’s fun and exciting kids’ club for guests aged three to eleven. Open until 10pm, it’s jam-packed with features to keep your little ones entertained, with a splash pool, an outdoor culinary school, an interactive buffet station and much more besides. With the kids free to play and make new friends, you can indulge in a relaxing session at the spa. You’ll also find a huge array of land and water sports to enjoy, whether it be a laidback game of golf on one of the three world-class courses, horse riding on the beach or snorkelling with the marine life in the house lagoon. . شاركنا رأيك فيما يخص الوجهات المختارة ، و نرحب ب أي اقتراحات ل وجهات اخرى. .العرض ل وقت محدود جداً.
Easy like a Sunday morning..... Harper has definitely taught me to slow down and enjoy the little moments, there is no race in life so what’s the rush ? It’s so easy to compare our children to one another and think ours is developing better than yours because, they can sit up, they can walk or even talk maybe... but we need to stop this invisible competition as let’s face it what does it achieve apart from negativity?? yes celebrate your child’s milestones as they only happen once in their tiny lifetime, but don’t stress if they’re not there yet, don’t put that un-necessary pressure upon yourself, as you have them to look forward to and in the meantime enjoy the little moments in between, parenting is not about being perfect but instead to show your child how to love, care and be happy in life #wouldntchangeathing
Another happy TubieeGo dude! You can check out our adapted bags for tube feeding on our website (link in bio). . . . . . #tubefeeding #tubie #tubielife #tubiekid #tubiebaby #enteralnutrition #gtube #ngtube #meettheSENparent #specialneeds #specialneedsparenting #adaptivefashion #abilitynotdisability #dysphagia
#алешинмаксим_интересное Друзья! Продолжаем тему патрефлексов. Сегодня рассмотрим второй тонический рефлекс - СШТР. Центры симметричного шейного тонического рефлекса (СШТР) находятся на уровне шейных отделов спинного и нижних отделах продолговатого мозга. Нервы, выходящие из этих отделов, иннервируют мускулатуру шеи, и именно поэтому пусковыми механизмами рефлекса является растяжение или сжатие этих мышц при наклоне, разгибании, повороте головы ребёнка. Всё дело в собственных или проприоцептивных рецепторах, которые находятся внутри волокон мышцы и улавливают изменение её тонуса. Эти рецепторы передают сигналы в кору больших полушарий. У детей с ДЦП пути передачи и обработки этих сигналов повреждены, поэтому они распознаются неправильно и запускается механизм патологического рефлекса. СШТР - симметричный шейный тонический рефлекс, который проявляется в изменении тонуса мышц конечностей в зависимости от положения головы. При сгибании головы – рефлекторно сгибаются руки и разгибаются ноги. При разгибании головы – разгибаются руки и сгибаются ноги. Действие СШТР сохраняется при любом положении тела – стоя, сидя, лежа на боку, спине, животе. Для ребенка до 8 месяцев это врожденная рефлекторная реакция, у детей с ДЦП эта реакция сохраняется и после 8 месяцев. Слабо выраженный симметричный шейный тонический рефлекс, в возрасте старше 8 месяцев, не приводит к серьезным патологиям. Сильная выраженность приведет к формированию контрактур в конечностях. Кроме того, не угасший СШТР препятствует синхронизации дыхания, произвольному открыванию рта, движениям языка, что влечет за собой нарушения речи. Следует помнить, что при сильно выраженном ЛТР, шейные тонические рефлексы заметны слабо. При уменьшении выраженности лабиринтного тонического рефлекса (ЛТР) шейные тонические рефлексы становятся заметнее. Всем деткам здоровья!❤
So #Proud of @jacquie.mciver for #MakingVisionsReality ! She brought in her 50th #Birthday with the #OfficialLaunch of her nonprofit organization @jeremiahsvoice which helps families of children with #SpecialNeeds . She even awarded one deserving family with an #AllExpensesPaid trip to @waltdisneyworld ! I’m so honored to have served on her event consulting team. #JeremiahsVoice #Jacquies50th #IMessenger #TexasMetroNews #GarlandJournal
Happy to be back at her favourite place playing in the sand & water 🌞🌴
🌺”Our new foster sister made it all the way from Hawaii and @rainbow.friends.sanctuary 🌺Mom loves her already!♥️ 🌺She has a lot wrong with her legs because she has #swimmerssyndrome so her recovery could be a very long road🙁Therapy started today!🙏🏽 🌺We may name her “Little Lumahai”🌊☀️🌴Mom said that’s her favorite beach on Kauai🌴Then we could call her “Luma” for short🌺What do you guys think?🌺Her name right now is BabyCakes which is pretty dang cute so we can call her that, too😍We are very grateful to Lauren, momma to @pearl.the.poi.puppy for bringing this miracle puppy to us @luvabledogrescue 🌺 #differentlyabled #specialneeds
Did you know that drumming is symbolic non-verbal communication and it helps to teach how to listen, repeat, reflect and express?. And not to say how it can enhance motor coordination! Music therapists can play an integral part in helping children with special needs by using music to improve effective communication. #musictherapy #rhythm #bahrain #specialneeds #rehabilitation #therapy
Bbq chips make him feel like a cowboy he told me 🤣🤣🤣 #countessdragulaart #sidsmiles #pringlesbbq #pringles #autism #autismawareness #specialneeds
My other UTI cleared up with my last round of antibiotics, but now I have a Methicillin-resistant Staphlococcus Psuedintermedius infection and am on different antibiotics. 😫 #ahomefordali #handicappedpets #petswithdisabilities #specialneeds #specialneedsisabreed #paralyzedpit #paralyzeddog #dogsofinstagram #dogstagram #pitsofinstagram #pitbullsofinstagram #pibblesofinstagram #pitbull #adoptdontshop #foreverhome #dontbullymybreed
Another year... the big nine! #dapper #downsyndrome #autism #kidsofig #specialneeds
Repost from @sharifayateem : Mothers of a child with special abilities have a very special place in my heart ! My goal in my workshops not only to disseminate ABA in my mother language but also to empower the mothers! #momsofinstagram #positivethoughts #empoweringwomen #specialneeds #people_of_determination #specialabilities من اهم اهدافي في ورشي لنشر علم تحليل السلوك التطبيقي ، هو دعم الامهات الابطال و تمكينهم في التعامل و التقبل و فهم طفلهم من ذوي التعليم الخاص . شكراً لكل أم التي شاركتني في الورشه- أبتسامتج تسوى الدنيا - #انتي_لستي_وحيده @edsa_ad
The kids came to visit us today. They haven’t seen Oaklynn in a week and they’ve missed her. Oaklynn also hasn’t been out of her room in a week so she enjoyed getting out. We played a game, decorated Oaklynn’s room with pictures, played with toys, ate ice cream and then said goodbye. The kids are struggling with me being away and not having their normal routine. It breaks my heart to see them struggle with all this. Grateful for moments when we can still spend time together despite what we’re going through. #specialneeds #specialneedssiblings #hospital #games #familytime #rettsyndrome #itsacandle #ayellowcandle #ledgerdrewit 😂
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