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I’m not a big fan of buffets but this rich Lebanese Night buffet every Wednesday at @mediarotana definitely changed my mind! —————————————————————————— Everything I tried tasted authentically Lebanese & homemade especially the cold mezze; yet my favorite station remains the Kaak station! 📌 1st time I try Halawet Al Shmaise & I think I’m addicted!
Ending the Beirut trip on a super sweet note that is literally from another planet! —————————————————————————— A gorgeous display & an array of 7 delicious flavors; and guess what? The blue planet rotates too!! @steakbarsushi
Thought of the day: Why do crunches when you can have crunchy rolls? 🤔 —————————————————————————— Have you tried @qatchlb ? Lots of fresh seafood & everything related to it! Love the branding & marbled ocean colors here!
Heard mixed reviews about @eggslutlebanon but was excited to try it out myself! —————————————————————————— The Fairfax was okay, but the Gaucho was very disappointing - chewy & gamey. To top it off, the service was bad too! The sandwiches looked real pretty though 😞
Coffee doesn’t ask silly questions. Coffee understands; especially on Mondays. —————————————————————————— Enjoyed a Coffee Bar experience @bn_coffeebar with an Ethiopian origin Kalita followed by this lovely Latte! 📌 Be prepared to bump into coffee crazed friends 😂
It’s funny how easy it is for habits to become rituals! —————————————————————————— A 3-day trip to Beirut and a 1st pit stop at @swissbutter - always a great meal!
In love with this beef tenderloin salad with a truffle vinaigrette! Oh and I love the presentation too 🥑 —————————————————————————— @warehousedxb
I personally think everyday should be International Coffee Day - I enjoy approximately 1,000 cups of coffee a year - what about you? —————————————————————————— @culinaryboutique one of my favorite places in Dubai serves these gorgeous coffees 💜
Always look at the PINK side of life, or in my case, at this Pink Karak Milk Cake & the Iced Pink Latte @thelivingroom.ae —————————————————————————— Loved everything about this cute Pink Cafe inspired by the traditional UAE majlis - the branding & products are everything!!
This is the first time I go to @logma and skip the Famous Fries & try these new salads! —————————————————————————— Very similar in ingredients, both the Halloumi Salad & the Mozzarella Salad make excellent starters! 📌 Keep space for the best @sukkaruae milk cakes!
This is for all our fans of the Stellar cellar Thanks for helping us be the best we possibly can; hopefully we make you feel the same way. We are always spinning something new. Stop by and listen to what makes our hearts beat. Cheers to a beautiful day and many more to come! #soulselections #bestpouron64 #tuneslibationsandmore
Medium well Salmon, Chia seed, Sesame seed, Sour Sumac Dressing & Lamb Lettuce - have you tried this combination before? —————————————————————————— I tried this Chia & Sesame Crusted Salmon @bigchefsdubai and I love it!! Such a perfect combination!
Summer is officially over and Autumn starts today; one of the things I’ll miss the most about summer is watermelons! 🍉🍉 —————————————————————————— Bidding summer a farewell with this gorgeous refreshing watermelon softie @findsalt
It’s finally the weekend in Dubai and Friday breakfasts always turn into brunches! —————————————————————————— How about a unique Jordanian breakfast at @azkadenyauae ?
Today I am thankful for tea and the joy and mindfulness it brings me. I haven’t felt a draw towards coffee. This experience has taught me to listen to myself a little closer and today I felt a draw towards coffee. Cheers to all you souls out there! #otistredding #stax #soulselections #cigarettesandcoffeecameontheradio
A wise person once said: “Becoming a vegetarian is a huge missed steak”. Don’t you agree? —————————————————————————— A juicy New York Strip with a generous side of Heirloom Tomato Salad at @butchadubai is all I need today! 📌 Don’t miss the Turkish Tea!!
Wherever I am, Lebanese cuisine always wins my heart; especially when it’s done right! —————————————————————————— Enjoyed a Lebanese style mixed grill at @nuraicafe among other Lebanese appetizers. 📌 If you’re a fan of card games & shisha, this place is for you!
Back in Dubai and back to my favorite @rajuomlet ; this time to the new super convenient Business Bay branch! —————————————————————————— Ordered my usual Masala Cheese Omelette with a Masala Chai - can it get any better?
Swipe left and tell me which is your favorite steak @steakbarsushi —————————————————————————— The Juicy Wagyu Japanese, the Pure Angus Beef or the Giant Red 1.3kg Tomahawk? 📌 Their homemade Pink Salt & Shiitake Sauce are a must try!
Is it just me or does coffee taste better on a Friday morning? —————————————————————————— It’s finally the weekend and coffee on the @siplebanon porch is the best place to be!
Have you tried Othmaliyi Shrimp Sushi before? Okay never mind, how about Octopus Pineapple or Spicy Mango? —————————————————————————— I tried these @steakbarsushi and fell in love with the Othmaliyi Shrimp! Super fresh, original and delicious. You don’t believe me? Try for yourself! 📌 wait till you see the main course!!!
If someone breaks your heart, just punch them in the face. Seriously, punch them in the face and go get some ice cream. 🍦 —————————————————————————— Managed to get a picture of the softie @blisshouse.co after punching Monday in the face 🤛
Whether it’s summer or winter, there is something about the coziness @jalsetalerzal that I love! —————————————————————————— Enjoyed traditional Lebanese breakfast and some warm cups of tea in the breezy weather of Lebanon. 📌 There was more food, but the hand model was too hungry to wait for pictures!
This côte de bœuf @couqley is for two persons; but sharing it is a huge mistake! —————————————————————————— I like my steak Medium Rare and I’m very picky about it!! How do you like yours?
The only bouquet I’d ever want to receive is a bouquet of shawarma!! It smells way better than flowers anyway!! —————————————————————————— Very impressed by the variety and quality of food @spicedandsliced - the Sujok Frenchie won my heart ♥️
To my folks in Brooklyn, go and support the incredibly talented homie SassyBlack Cat who is playing tonight @cmoneverybodybk #Repost @sassyblackcat (@get_repost ) ・・・ 32 IS: FINE, FLY, FRESH & FREEE! Celebrate w/ me TONIGHT BK! I know you're hyped for AFROPUNK but let's get FUNKAY a day in adv at @cmoneverybodybk. The FUNKTION starts at 8pm for #SoulSelections w/ @joyellenicole & @whoisskitzo ! Followed be #VIBESONVIBES at 11pm in collaboration w/ the ILL @vibesafterdark ft @billzegypt @iamrimarkable & @ayescold hosted by Queen @zunyda & Queen Sassy (me!). Come thru. GET FREE! Photo by @kingtexas #SassyBlack #SweetVibes #VibesAfterDark #OnTheMoonArts #TomTomMagazine
32 IS: FINE, FLY, FRESH & FREEE! Celebrate w/ me TONIGHT BK! I know you're hyped for AFROPUNK but let's get FUNKAY a day in adv at @cmoneverybodybk. The FUNKTION starts at 8pm for #SoulSelections w/ @joyellenicole & @whoisskitzo ! Followed be #VIBESONVIBES at 11pm in collaboration w/ the ILL @vibesafterdark ft @billzegypt @iamrimarkable & @ayescold hosted by Queen @zunyda & Queen Sassy (me!). Come thru. GET FREE! Photo by @kingtexas #SassyBlack #SweetVibes #VibesAfterDark #OnTheMoonArts #TomTomMagazine
Happy birthday to two of my favorite almost Virgos @aparnapkin & @sassyblackcat ...come check me, Sassy & @whoisskitzo this Friday for #soulselections @cmoneverybodybk and check me and Aparna anywhere there’s vegan food options & @aamerrahman new show #canikickit #coloredballoons #wakandaforever #ladypartsjustice #afropunk
My favorite things about the Eid holiday are the family gatherings and lots of homemade food! —————————————————————————— How are you guys spending your Eid vacation? Tag me with your Eid food pics 📷
Friday (8/24): @sassyblackcat returns to C’mon with #SoulSelections featuring special guests @whoisskitzo & @joyellenicole ✨8pm✨
#Repost @sassyblackcat ・・・ BROOKLYN! I'm making my way to you to celebrate 32 years of PURE SASS on 8.24 (bday on 8.22). Won't you join me? Kicks off at 8pm w/ #SoulSelections w/ @joyellenicole @whoisskitzo & myself. Followed by the ILL party collab #VIBESONVIBES at 11pm w/ @vibesafterdark ft @billzegypt @ayescold & @iamrimarkable. Both functions will be at @cmoneverybodybk. Tickets available NOW! Link in @sassyblackcat bio I'll be debuting a new song as well. Come celebrate with me! Video by @okayplayer Song: Sassy from #WakandaFunkLounge #SassyBlack #Vocalist #Producer #Brooklyn #SummerBaby #LeoSeason #Cusp
BROOKLYN! I'm making my way to you to celebrate 32 years of PURE SASS on 8.24 (bday on 8.22). Won't you join me? Kicks off at 8pm w/ #SoulSelections w/ @joyellenicole @whoisskitzo & myself. Followed by the ILL party collab #VIBESONVIBES at 11pm w/ @vibesafterdark ft @billzegypt @ayescold & @iamrimarkable. Both functions will be at @cmoneverybodybk. Tickets available NOW! Link in bio I'll be debuting a new song as well. Come celebrate with me! Video by @okayplayer Song: Sassy from #WakandaFunkLounge #SassyBlack #Vocalist #Producer #Brooklyn #SummerBaby #LeoSeason #Cusp
Kicking off this week with an extra mix of fresh juices, purees and syrups from @cafehamra —————————————————————————— This Exotic Smash Cooler is refreshing, sweet and obviously very photogenic!!
Bonjour healthies! What’s for breakfast today? —————————————————————————— I’m enjoying a toastie of one of my favorite combinations: Goat Cheese with figs, strawberries & honey @breakfastbarn 🍓 📌 Don’t panic, everything’s organic!
C’mon everybody c’mon to #SoulSelections with @sassyblackcat @whoisskitzo @joyellenicole @cmoneverybodybk on Friday Aug 24! @tomtommag
NEXT SHOW August 24th! 🔥Pull Up ! with @sassyblackcat & @joyellenicole 😻😻 Tickets on sale now. Link in my bio 🔥 Flyer by @feministfatal #SassyBlack #SoulSelections #OnTheMoonArts #TomTomMagazine #whoisskitzo
Purple is my color, of that I am certain. But I’m not sure when my love affair with Lavender began. —————————————————————————— Loved this creamy Burrata with Lavender infused olive oil; a unique combination from the lavender garden of @letelegraphedebellevue 💜 #check8149
“Build a rocket ship and leave the earth”. Or actually, eat Ice Rocket and enjoy the moment! 🚀 —————————————————————————— Visited @icerocket.cool in the new branch @zero4leb and tried this fresh Lemon Sorbet. Loved the branding too!! 📌 The activated charcoal ice cream is a must try!
The best way to beat the summer heat with @cortinalebanon especially with my favorite Vanilla Cornet!🍦 —————————————————————————— Thank you @cortinalebanon for adding sweetness to Beirut’s summer days! 📌 P.S.: I am not sharing🍦
anyone can give, any one of these 3 things. 👏🏼
The best thing about Iced Coffee is that it never gets cold! —————————————————————————— Finally made it to the Verdun branch of @bartartine and had this refreshing beauty! #hazelnuticedcoffee
I’m a big fan of briskets & pulled beef and I was thrilled to try these off the menu at @brisketsfrenchdip —————————————————————————— Had a hearty Brisket Sandwich filled with the juiciest slow cooked Brisket Meat & the Beef French Dip Sandwich with the famous 72-hour dip on the side! 📌 A must try if you’re in for juicy messy sandwiches!!
Well this Poke Bowl @nicaffe doesn’t only look impressive but it tastes so too! —————————————————————————— Served on crushed ice, this build your own Poke Bowl has the freshest ingredients and is super fulfilling!! 📌 The Truffle Pizza with Camembert Cheese is a must try too!
. Problem: 20 minutes before the movie starts at @abclebanon and you’re starving. Solution: @divvyrestaurant —————————————————————————— The staff here managed to take an order & serve the food in less than 10 minutes and guess what? This Truffle Linguine was to die for!!
My favorite item at @felukabeirut is usually the fried eggplant. They come in perfect rectangles and this satisfies my OCD so much!! —————————————————————————— A new addition to their menu is this Feluka Eggplant which is stuffed with Lebanese Labne - a successful twist indeed!
When my closest friends trust me with a “light” dinner, this is what happens: 19 sandwiches of different fillings to satisfy 4 hungry members! —————————————————————————— @cheeseandolivesfakhani has a variety of over 30 sandwich options and the 19 we tried were all very yummy in general - yet the exceptional service at this place is what keeps me coming back for more! 📌 Almost all types of bread available 🥖
The event of the summer ft @SASSYBLACKCAT , @ONTHEMOONARTS , @JOYELLENICOLE , and @WHOISSKITZO is in less than a month. Get yr tickets now. #onthemoonarts #soulselections
Came across this hidden gem in the narrow alleys of Beirut and will be very happy to give you directions if you want them! —————————————————————————— Known for their traditional Foul breakfast, Al Sharif also have an excellent meat plate with almonds and spices - pretty sure it’s the best on this table!
Watermelon is my favorite fruit and obviously watermelon juice is my favorite juice 🍉 —————————————————————————— Enjoyed a very fresh watermelon juice @al_falamanki and a refreshing minted lemonade as well! 📌 I love the view from the new Raouche branch!
UMMI meaning Mom in Arabic is what @ummi_beirut promises - Authentic Lebanese Food just like mom’s! —————————————————————————— The Ummi Tabbouli & Kafta Fatté are to die for but the dessert exceeded expectations! Halawet el Jebn is a must have! Will be back again for sure!
Organic food has become a social & a cultural health trend these days, but the fast world of last minute food prep is also taking over! —————————————————————————— @alwadialakhdar has the solution for you: Frozen Organic Products for a healthy meal every day! Loving these!! 💚💚 📌 @alwadialakhdar Organic range is now available in most Lebanese supermarkets!
Have you tried the crepes @mathieucrepes ? They have Savory & Sweet crepes with lots of options. This is my second time & I really like this place!! —————————————————————————— Having tried a few off the menu, I advise you of trying the Chèvre with dried figs as savory, the Dolce Banana & the Chocolat Blanc et Fraise as sweet! The s’mores is a nice idea, but I personally didn’t like it. 📌 If you’re a fan of dark chocolate, their Noir Orange is super dark & good!
Morning Coffee or Afternoon Frappe? Either way, you’re getting a fresh piece of Patchi Chocolate. —————————————————————————— Patchi Cafe, @patchichocolate the new meeting point in Beirut is now open @abc.verdun with a menu full of tempting drinks & desserts!
Eggplant Fatte or فتة باذنجان is one of my favorite Lebanese appetizers and is on top of my list in any Lebanese restaurant. It’s basically made of fried eggplant, flavored yogurt, and crispy bread. —————————————————————————— This version of Eggplant Fatte at @lizabeirut has a slight twist to it which is the extra touch of Basil and I love it! One of the best Eggplant Fattes in a while! 📌 Don’t miss dessert @lizabeirut !!
Missions of the day: - Take a picture of the ice cream before it melts! Accomplished ✅ - Eat the ice cream before it melts! Accomplished ✅ - Don’t stain your white shirt! Not Accomplished ❎ —————————————————————————— Loved the freshness and authentic flavors of the ice cream @makari_sweets - I had the Lebanese blackberry flavor with fresh berry pieces in it, and the Lemon flavor with a dash of orange blossom! 📌 The pistachio flavor is a must try too!
#Repost @sassyblackcat ・・・ JUST ANNOUNCED! I'm coming back to BK August 24th! This time with @whoisskitzo & @joyellenicole 😻😻 Tickets on sale now. Link in @sassyblackcat bio bb 😻💁🏾 Flyer by @feministfatal #SassyBlack #SoulSelections #OnTheMoonArts #TomTomMagazine
JUST ANNOUNCED! I'm coming back to BK August 24th! This time with @whoisskitzo & @joyellenicole 😻😻 Tickets on sale now. Link in my bio bb 😻💁🏾 Flyer by @feministfatal #SassyBlack #SoulSelections #OnTheMoonArts #TomTomMagazine
Today is a multiple cups of coffee kind of day and I’m starting it with the most decent cup of coffee in Beirut at @thebackburner —————————————————————————— Strong fresh coffee, almond milk, latte art, sunshine and beautiful tiles - works for me!! 📌 If you’re a fan of Matcha, check out their Matcha Latte!
It’s been a marvelous birthday week with lots of cake, calories, singing and love! This picture is not one of the best but definitely the most candid! —————————————————————————— This pearl themed cake by @chocolatinebyranaarayssi is one of my favorite looking cakes this week except that I wished it tasted only half as good as it looked! Who’s celebrating their birthday in July too?
It’s been a week of celebrations for my birthday and I am so blessed to have spent it with the people I love the most. —————————————————————————— One of the best cakes I’ve had this week is this Pavé Cake from @gustav_is Made from pure dark chocolate, this cake is one of the rare yummy gluten-free & sugar free cakes in Beirut! 📌 These trick relighting candles just made my evening!
Beirut is always a good idea and so is @meatthefish - especially when it is as sunny as today! —————————————————————————— On Tuesday’s menu, you can enjoy this fresh Market Salad. I paired mine with a portion of Salmon Sashimi and I loved it! 📌 Beef Carnitas Tacos are my favorite thing on the menu!
Ending my Kraków vacation with a local breakfast under the rainy weather at @charlotte_bistro —————————————————————————— The homemade marmalade and chocolates are extremely good; I even bought a jar of white chocolate spread to keep me company in Dubai. 📌 Their Lavender Honey is a must try!
Apples, grapes, mandarins, bananas, pears, strawberries, kiwis, marshmallows and even chilis dipped in chocolate? That’s what you will find at @owocewczekoladzie —————————————————————————— I really wanted to try the chocolate dipped chilies but being warned that they’re super spicy, I settled for the strawberries, and guess what? I am glad I did! 🍓
You probably know of my love for Lavender infused food & drinks by now; and this Lavender Latte @bighatofcoffee is my latest addition to the Lavender list of love! 💜 —————————————————————————— A very small coffee shop, a welcoming barista, cute gadgets, and excellent coffee - what’s more to ask for? 📌 If you’re a fan of Black Coffee, you will definitely like it here!
Kraków is famous for its street food and what is better than the Food Market in Kleparz for an authentic experience? —————————————————————————— The smell brought me here to @bythewaykrakow and it was the best thing I’ve done today! A very generous portion of freshly made Seafood Spaghetti; and a taste that is just wonderful!! 📌 Swipe 👈🏻 for the making of!
Known as the oldest pastry in Hungary, the Chimney Cake is very popular in all Eastern Europe especially here in Poland. —————————————————————————— Chimney Cakes are made of a yeast dough rolled around a spiral pin then baked till golden. @chimneycakebakery has the most original flavors such as this Tiramisu Chimney Cone. Filled with mascarpone and ice cream, this dessert is not to be missed!
Enjoyed 500ml of an excellent Honey-Nut latte with the best view of Krakow’s Old Market at @cafe_szal_sukiennice —————————————————————————— With a hidden entrance from the museum and a secret stairway above the Medieval Underground Stalls, this cafe offers the full view of the Old Market. 📌 DM me for details on getting there!
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