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❓Why a bar without alcohol❓. . 🌎Think about it, you can drink alcohol practically anywhere. . . 🤔People don’t go to bars just to drink alcohol, and what people are actually paying for won’t ever show up on the tab at the end of the night. . . 🥳The product bars sell to the customer is the atmosphere- the energy, the music, the opportunity for connection. . . . 💥We believe that Sans Bar can provide the bar experience without the booze. . . . -Chris Marshall, Founder of Sans Bar ⚡️ . . . #sansbar #sansbarstl #wildnotwasted #shakennotslurred #letsgetblissed #sober #sobercurious #teetotaler #mindfuldrinking #sobersometimes #zeroproof #mocktails #mocktails 🍹 #drinks #soberglow #sobernotboring @sans_bar
Life is what you make of it, attitude is everything, so keep smiling...Happy Sober Saturday peeps 😘😘😘
Still here, Saturday night and sober as f*ck 🤸🏼‍♀️ Today has been challenging. The more sober days I put together, the more I realise I’m turning into a total introvert. Or maybe I always was one, and the alcohol just fooled me into thinking I was an extrovert. This seems to be quite a common phenomenon when people get sober. My husband is still away so my friend came over to keep me company. She means well, but I found her caring questions and comments that I seemed ‘tense’ really hard to deal with. It was exhausting. 🤯😵 I tried to be completely honest though. I even had my first ‘surely you don’t need to give up alcohol completely’ comment. She had no idea that I had a problem. When I was honest about how bad it had been, she was very shocked. However, she became more understanding and soon realised that I was on the right path. Being told that someone is proud of me gave me the warm fuzzies ☺️ My husband told me he was proud of me today too, when we spoke on the phone. I’m learning that being around people whilst sober can be exhausting and bewildering. I need that time to myself afterwards to recharge. Oh and I chose the tiger because my friend and I went to the zoo today, which was a lot of fun 💕 I rubbed a goat’s nose, saw some baboons mating (not recommended) and the lion roared at me - which gave me goosebumps and brought tears to my eyes! Until my friend whispered ‘SIMBA’ in my ear in a Mufasa voice. Oh the joys of being sober 😂🦁🐅🐐 #fuckthezero #soberisbeautiful #soberglow #sober #soberlife #soberliving #day6 #soberforthehealthofit #soberrevolution #ibrokeupwithalcohol #youboozeyoulose #sobersaturday #zootrip #recovery #alcohol #addiction #introvert #introvertproblems #baboons #myeyesarebleeding
Guess what? We do recover from shame. I’m living proof. If you are carrying shame, I would like you to take a moment and close your eyes. Think about what you are ashamed of. Lean into it and allow yourself to feel it. Take deep breaths. Do you think that holding onto shame is affecting your body? Your health? Your energy? Your clarity? Where in your body do you feel it? Does it even belong to you - or has it been passed down to you? What is one thing you can do today to begin your recovery from shame? My shame kept me sick, small and stuck. Recognizing it and feeling it - rather than numbing and pretending it wasn’t there - was the only way through for me. Patience, time and vulnerability are important, too. Reach out to your people. And if you feel like you don’t have people you can reach out to about this - find those people. They are out there. I’m here. I love you. PS - hat inspo via @guidedbybiet and @mikiagrawal . . . #sherecovers #recovery #shame #vulnerability #sobriety #addictionrecovery #intergenerationaltrauma #healing #raiseyourvibration #weareallrecoveringfromsomething #soberglow #recoverycoach #sherecoversyoga #yogaforrecovery
Many thanks again to @marleyxavier @noemiehair @joshwoodcolour for making my hair look amazing! 🥰
"Sobriety is not an anchor, it's a pair of wings." . . 5 months ago, simple tasks such as getting up on a Saturday morning and going for a walk would have been torture. I most likely would have been nursing a banging hangover, feeling exhausted and moody. I found very little joy in the simple things, if they didn't involve some sort of mild altering substance that allowed me to feel "happy." . . There is a shift that happens within once you allow your mind and body some time to adjust to sobriety. It didn't happen over night for me, it's taken time. But I'm feeling different finally, beyond hangover free or anxiety ridden. I enjoy waking up early. I love going on walks with our daughter and dogs. I look forward to cuddling up with a good book or having a quiet night in. . . Sobriety in the beginning looked dreadful, boring and most of all scary. But with anything, it was the fear of the unknown. The living life without the crutch of alcohol, and all the what ifs that came with it. Any major shift or change in life is scary and takes time to become the new norm. But this by far, has been the most worth it in my life. . . ✳️I'd love to hear some of the things you now enjoy and love doing that you used to dread before sobriety?✳️
Amazing how a workout can blow out the cobwebs and make you feel un-fucking-stoppable. I tried a new class at my gym this morning- I met a lovely woman who was doing the class too and I feel epic for it. I am totally set up for the day now! Now to make waffles!!
Not a post about booze but might bring a smile to your dial this morning....🤣. Yeah, when its half way through the second act and you go to the disabled toilet in plenty of time before going on stage as Prince Ludwig in Blackadder with a lot of lines and scenes and the theatre manager for some unknown reason decides to lock it without checking someone is inside but it never occurs to you and you think the lock is broken and you start banging loudly and shouting for help for 5 minutes as you need to be on stage and then eventually off stage cast hear and start struggling to open the door and the sweats and the panic are rising but at the same time resigned to the fact that you're in there till the fire brigade arrive so knock the night on the head. But someone figures out that its actually locked and not broken and they dash to get a key and open the door and you rush out with no idea where you are and make your scene with probably 5 seconds to spare holding a frankfurter. It was like James Bond diffusing a ticking bomb with moments to spare. Well that was me last night. 00🔫😅🎭
. My Friday night - #plantbased and #sober oh how times have changed 🤪 Always a student, learning how to cook a 3 course #vegan meal with Chef Heinz Egli of Zuppa F&B Concepts @in_a_.gadda_da_vida . . 💚 Eat The Rainbow 🌈 . 🥣 Two bell-pepper soup with chestnuts 🍴Spaghetti with beetroot pasta and avocado purée 🍫Chocolate avocado banana mousse with chilli olive oil (no 📷 ate it too fast!) . . Who wants me to cook for them ??? 👩🏽‍🍳 Chef Egli, will be offering these classes over the next weeks. Do something different for your Friday night meal or date? Book @orangetree.hk directly at +852 9133 1110 🇭🇰 . . . #thevibetribe #raiseyourvibe #holisticwellnesscoach #healthiswealth #plantbaseddiet #foodisthymedicine #vegetarian #vegan #gogreen #chef #chefsofhk #foodie #selfie #soberglow Date night @circularwellness 💗
Up at 6am this morning to get ready for setting up my @tropicskincare at @thepilatesroomstudio today! 💚After a Tropics party last night too! I am loving it - all my hardwork and worry of changing my job was worth it-next step my @bodypumpofficial course in March 🏋🏼‍♀️👍🏻💪🏼🤩 . There is no better feeling than things coming together and even though I didn’t realise it then, this whole process started 27 months ago when I decided to put down my glass of wine and start living my life and creating a life I love- and most importantly loving myself enough to make that change! . It’s all work in progress - constant work in progress- and to people starting out on your #soberjourney believe me it’s the start of something amazing! #donotgiveup 💪 . . #workingonanewme #sobermummy #hangoverfreeweekend #doajobyoulove #loveyoursoberlife #lovingmylife #soberliving #soberskincaregoddess #soberglow #mysoberjourney #liftingweightsnotwine
When everyone tells you how skinny you look all week and you wearing the same ish u always wear. I'm dont weigh less. I'm just carrying it differently. 💜 thanks for noticing. 💜 #thisismybeforepic #before #weightlossjourney #soberglow #soberaf #soberglow #soberissexy #manifestingmagic #manifestation #everydayisagift
Madame President of the I forgot my headphones club tonight. 🙋🏻‍♀️ . . . #tiucheckin #tiuteam #tiuloveyourbody #tiusober #soberglow #soberaf
Today is my 1000th day of continuous sobriety. It is a gift that makes every single facet of my life shine with a brilliant intensity. Pain is sharp but, passes quickly. Truth hurts but, I’m able to absorb it. My joy, however, is euphoric, pure and real. So, while my original plan for day 1000 was to be sipping guava juice by the pool at the Fairmont Kea Lani... I’m able to see the gifts of Matt’s epic hospital stay: A sleepover with @4beefs that was just like college, she brought love and gifts from ALL my sweet Kappa sisters far and wide. After I dropped her at the airport, I had lunch with my sweet @angewg in from Reno and then back to my love @mlofrano for a joy filled recap of ALL his continued amazing visitors. @steven_tyler_francis is keeping my children moving and off screens as much as possible. Sierra Oaks School and neighbors have kept us fed and looked after. We are able to receive the gifts of kindness and help because I know I would do the same for every single family giving of themselves. What a gift!! Thank you for helping me get here. You know who you are. I’m forever grateful and I feel blessed beyond measure. #soberlife #soberglow #1000days #feelinggoodinthehood #mynameismona #kappakappagamma #sobermom #soberartist
Keep your focus on being the best version of you. Stronger, healthier, happier. I'm coming for you!
Whether you’re not drinking for the night, month, or life, we’ve got your back, Curious fam! We’re big fans of doing what ya want and what feels good to you. If you’re newly sober and headed out tonight, try making a soft cocktail to bring (we have tons of recipes on our blog) or check to see if a nearby bar has alcohol free options. We know when you just stop drinking, it can feel like everyone is questioning you, but the people that matter will have your back no matter what. 🤗 (📷: @travellingthroughtheworld ) . . . #shakennotslurred #soberlife #sobriety #soberglow #soberaf #alcoholfree #boozefree
Who’s going to give you the authority to feel that what you notice is important? It will have to be you. — Several Short Sentences About Writing . . . . #assinchair #wordsonpages #writingcommunity #writerscommunity #write #writing #read #reading #tiusober #tiuloveyourbody #tiuteam #soberglow #soberliving #sobriety #soberaf #happy #healthy #positive #mybestlife #wellbeing #wellness #wellnessblogger #soberblog #soberlife
Preach 🙌 #Recovery is all about the journey 👣 focus on progress, not perfection 💕 #progressnotperfection #lifelessons
I feel f*cking serene 🕊 I don’t know if it’s fluffy pink clouds or what, but I just feel so calm and content and happy 🌞 My husband has gone away with his friends for the weekend, and normally I would be riddled with anxiety and turn to the bottle to help me through. I wasn’t even doing it consciously - my reasoning would be ‘Harry’s out, I deserve a treat too’, or ‘it’s a Friday night so everyone else is drinking’. . No, they aren’t. Especially not at home, alone. I have finally realised my behaviour wasn’t normal at all. . Anyway, today has been great ☺️ Hubby and I went for a coffee in the morning, and we saw so many beautiful crocuses in the park under the trees 🌳 He took a polaroid of me standing amongst the flowers 💕 After lunch he went off on his little holiday, and my grandparents came over for a cup of tea and a chat in the afternoon 👴🏻👵🏻 Aren’t grandparents just awesome? I can’t wait to get old. . Later, a walk to the supermarket with my baby turned into a nice walk down to my rather urban stretch of river (to keep him asleep!). I love it down there though, and I took some moody photos 😂☁️ #soberglow #soberrevolution #alcohol #addiction #recovery #day5 #happyday #sleepybaby #ibrokeupwithalcohol #nomorealcohol #byebyebooze #nowineimfine #soberisbeautiful #youboozeyoulose #fuckthezero #sobermum
Came across this little number which I think I’m going to frame! I’ve travelled many places and lived in Brazil from the age of 5 to 14 resulting in a passion for culture, food, travel, people etc (including trying Caipirinhas, Chopp beer very young...hmmm the taste was set young 🤣). However, one of my most favourite countries ever was Japan! The culture is just fascinating. I could go on forever but suffice to say their traditions and philosophies have always struck a cord with me let alone fashion, food, Kabuki theatre, local beer and Sake! Anyway, I’ve digressed as usual, but a couple of weeks ago I felt someone gave up on me. I took it on the chin but every so often feelings of sadness and frustration come out to say hello to me. I think I have had delayed feelings due to quite a stoic upbringing with feelings further suppressed by years of booze. Though most people who know me say I’m well balanced and expressive and open but I guess there’s also a lot of other stuff bubbling away underneath that is slowly rising to the surface now that they can breathe without drowning in alcohol. Also, I have tried to attain perfection, again due to family and peer pressure, but it’s recently I’ve been letting go of that (trying to). I know I am flawed and it’s ok to be flawed so long as it comes from a positive place with your best intentions. I’m not a psychologist and perhaps someone could articulate better but for me I try to do my best as how I’d like done to me flaws, warts and all. And that’s why so love this little saying (I also love the colour scheme 🤣) 🙏🧡
This. This is something that continues to reveal itself to me. As a self diagnosed seeker, I will admit to you that I’ve been someone who’s searched for external sources of things that only I can ever really provide myself with. Reassurance, confidence, worth, groundedness, etc., etc. All the things that have ever felt like they were missing, and all the things that are yet to feel like they’ll be missing, I can only resolve by turning inwards for the finding part. Journaling really helps me with that. It helps me look at the thought tornado and helps me to guide myself to my deeper knowings beneath the limiting thoughts. Also though, I’ve found this to translate to addressing situations we wish would just change themselves into what we want them to be. I interpret that to mean: give the thing you want. Reach out and give away what you want to receive. Off to spend my morning getting some other writing out. Till later, sending love! 💓✨ . . . . #writerscommunity #writingcommunity #write #writing #read #reading #tiusober #tiusouthflorida #tiuteam #tiuloveyourbody #mariannewilliamson #soberglow #soberliving #sobriety #soberaf #happy #healthy #positive #mybestlife #beinspired #wellbeing #wellness #soberlife #alcoholfree
I will be so glad to see the back of this week. It's a new day, full of new opportunities to live a happy and full life.
Friday feeling. Roll on Spring. Roll on love. Roll on inner peace 🙏 😊🧡. Thank you all IG followers and all of you I am following. Such inspirational stories and individuals on here 😇
Emetophobia is a fear of vomiting. I’ve had it since a child 🧒 still go into full panic when someone even mentions feeling sick! Gary had me in major anxiety mode earlier! 🤢
🎉Celebrating my favorite milestone- 3 years without alcohol! 🎉 In the past year I’ve been so heartened to see more Mocktail sections on menus around the world, the popularization of #sobercurious , and a shift in the frequency of alcohol as the main activity at professional events! I’m especially grateful for the conversations shared with friends, colleagues, and strangers about envisioning a new normal where abstaining from alcohol is not a punishment for problem drinkers, but can be as socially accepted as those who abstain from meat or peanuts for preference or allergy. It’s amazing to the shifts in just one year! And finally, because it’s now my field of work and I care deeply about it, I will say that my inner world is a completely different landscape than it was 3 years ago. Somehow, in intensely emotional moments of all kinds, if I don’t reach for something outside myself to augment, alleviate, or numb, these small moments coalesce and alchemize into a new way of being. Feeling at ease in the world is not something I can easily capture and post, so here’s your cliché reminder that what we see on our feeds is not always the full story. So if anyone wants to have mocktails or talk alcohol-free living, pls hmu!! #sober #sobercurios #alcoholfree #soberglow
I recently had a conversation with someone regarding my sobriety. I mentioned how many days it has been since my last drink. Their response? Something along the lines of "You're never truly deep into sobriety until you no longer keep track of how many days it's been since your last drink." . . UM what!? Who the hell decided that ridiculous rule? At this point I suppose I shouldn't be as shocked as I am to hear some of the insane things people have said to me about my sobriety, but sometimes it still gets me. People's opinions, judgements, or questions of "why the heck would you want to quit drinking?" . . Here's the thing. I would never ever, tell someone in recovery (whether it be from alcohol, drug, food, relationship addiction etc) how they need to approach or continue their path, nor would I ever correct them. Everyone's journeys is their own. Not mine, not yours, and there are no rule books. How I recover may be completely different than the next person, and that is ok. . . I've read it so many times, but it always rings true. Don't ever compare you're journey to someone else's. Whatever path you need to take, how ever many tools you create to help keep you on your path like counting days and feeling proud of them, do it. Sometimes you have to be your biggest fan, you're loudest supporter, and you're own most understanding friend. There are no rules, and I support each and every one of you that are killing it in your sobriety ✊
the face you make when the cool girl in the locker room totally catches you getting this pic and reacts so lightheartedly about it. 💀😂 . . . #tiuteam #tiucheckin #tiuloveyourbody #soberglow #soberliving #sobriety #soberaf #happy #healthy #positive #mybestlife #beinspired #wellbeing #wellness
Contribution > criticism 🙌 (📷: @mindbodygreen )⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #shakennotslurred #soberlife #sobriety #soberglow #soberaf #alcoholfree #boozefree
✨We are a growing group of people who recognize that life can be fun without alcohol. . . ✨We believe that real connection happens when people are sober. . . ✨We want to create a space that is free of alcohol and welcoming to all. . . ✨We believe that the best version of anyone’s life includes healthy socialization, helping others, and taking care of both mind and body. . . ⚡️Sans Bar was founded by Chris Marshall from Austin, TX, the live music capital of the world. . . ⚡️His mission is to create a safe and inviting atmosphere for people who want to have a good time without alcohol. . . ⚡️Sans Bar offers live music, a vibrant, upscale environment, and alcohol-free drinks that you won’t find anywhere else. . . - Chris Marshall, Founder of @sans_bar
‘Run, Forest! Run!’ On the upside I did get a PB! 😂😂😂
“I’m ready.” . These two words are something I’m working with, a new mantra for the part of me that has always chanted “Not yet! Not yet! Not yet!” . It’s in all of us, this tension and duet. What have you been saying “Not yet” to? Might you have been saying it for a little too long? Could it be that you actually be ready? . Things that have been holding out in the “not yet” category for me that I’m now gently but steadily moving into the “I’m ready” category: . ✔️Writing The Sophia Method, a book that sums up my teachings on Feminine Wholeness and offers a resource of practices that help a woman embody her own feminine wisdom. 📖 . ✔️Sober Curious Lifestyle, seeing what it’s like NOT to drink for awhile (so far four weeks in, I’m feeling pretty high-vibe amazing! Kombucha cheers 🥂) . ✔️ Creating a course on the how-tos and healing power of the Sexy Selfie. (Something I’ve literally been crafting in my mind for a decade—since my days as a boudoir photographer!)😍 . ✔️ Running a half marathon (kept up with my training schedule the whole time I was traveling and it felt so good!) 🏃‍♀️. . ✔️ Early seeds of a Feminine Wholeness Coaching Certification program so more woman in the wellness world can help their current or future clients deeply heal the intersection between of sexuality and spirituality and become fully alive. 🙌🏻 . ✔️Leading business-oriented retreats to teach other women how to create, organize, market and lead their own luxury retreats so women with the skills and desire to help others can get out there and travel the world to experience its beauty and delight in building their own retreat brand and experiences. ✈️. . ✔️ Officially launching the hypnotherapy side of my services! “Infinite wholeness and transformation through the portal of deep rest.” 🦋 . I’m sharing this with you all to make this move into the “I’m ready” even MORE real. Hold me accountable! And now it’s your turn... . What is calling YOU? Even though it’s scary...What are you willing to say “I’m ready” to? Big dreams, little whispers, please share yours below...
Sad & difficult things will always happen in life. I am choosing not to be a slave to how I feel any more. Not be run by my thoughts and feelings. This too shall pass. Onwards - there is better out there for me yet.
Today has been a GOOD DAY 🙏🏻🌞 I listened to some sober podcasts, went for a run by the river, made some soup for lunch and cleaned up my house 🏃🏻‍♀️👌🏻 The sun is shining, and my husband is on his way home with our baby boy 👶🏼 I think those fluffy pink clouds are finally back - and I welcome them 🙏🏻💕☁️ #day4 #sobriety #soberrevolution #soberlife #soberaf #soberliving #addiction #alcohol #recovery #sobermum #nowineimfine #runner #glowing #soberglow #youboozeyoulose
👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻 ⠀⠀⠀ PSA: not everyone is going to acknowledge your success. THAT IS OKAY! In fact, some people will dislike you. AND THAT IS OKAY, TOO! It’s not their job to like you. ⠀⠀⠀ That’s YOUR job. Your job is to like the totality of your thoughts, choices, actions, energy💫, behaviors, etc. ⠀⠀⠀ Toughen up, buttercup. Don’t get offended when people don’t like you. (Do YOU like everyone? Probably not.) ⠀⠀⠀ Bless & release, gf. It’s all gon’ be okay.✌🏻
This is one of my happy places. When I was young my grandparents lived nearby and my grandfather used to take me for walks up here. The view is of Didcot power station from Wittenham Clumps. Now that I have moved back near this part of the world I often pop over there. I always enjoy taking photos and these views are some of my favourites. They install nostalgia and calmness. I visit when I am sad and also when I am happy or if I just want time to reflect. Also some photos on here is from another hill that I can see the Clumps from. I've always found being on hills at dusk enormously inspiring and calming. Do enjoy and scroll 👉 for the rest of the pics. 😊🧡🙏
#repost @hippie_heretic loads of lols 😂 😂😂
If I’ve learned anything from sharing my story of sobriety publicly 🗣 it is that 1. vulnerability is extremely valued to those who are struggling and 2. community & connection are CORE components of success in sobriety! So, with that in mind, I’m pleased to bring you this week’s Boozeless Babe @b_c_meier. 💕💟 ••••• “My name is Brandi, I am an alcoholic. ⠀⠀⠀ I always knew, early on even...my drinking was different. I sort of thought that was cool, made me unique. Drinking stolen Scotch in my basement room & painting my art homework. Throughout high school, the people I hung out with, all drank. I moved out of the house at 17, basically couched surfed for years. I never thought the lifestyle I had was that so offbeat, I had lived with some people who were using meth, when they were high I’d try to stay elsewhere but my drinking really spiked in order to be around them. ⠀⠀⠀ After a few years I moved back in with my mom, was working at a bar making good money & drank what I thought was casually, which was every night. Throughout my early twenties I partied, was in volatile & very abusive relationships but only thought to cut back on my drinking mostly per request a boyfriend. I quit drinking for 7 months, I bartended, learned to make all my drinks without tasting them because somehow I knew I couldn’t even have a drop (looking back, what an “aha moment!”) I was still taking Percocet & smoking weed. I started drinking again. ⠀⠀⠀ That cycle just continued until my late twenties where things really escalated. I’d been through a terrible heartbreak, fired from a job for drinking but I had a roof of my head & could always find a way to continue my lifestyle. Now, I was drinking, doing coke, Molly, smoking weed, taking any pills available. I made at least one trip to the hospital a week, because my body was shutting down. I’d go in for an IV because I was so dehydrated, sometimes stay for a few days if my hallucinations had been bad, but as soon as they’d release me I was back to the liquor store. (cont.)
HEY SOBER FRIENDS! Go give @sober_doodles a follow for some visually pleasing motivation and humor. Good shit. 💙🌀
This kinda hits hard... I lost SO MUCH because of alcohol. Friends have literally drank themselves to DEATH or died while drunk. I've lost relationships with friends and partners, jobs, memories, and money... it's never been beneficial to my life! The only positive thing I can say about it was all the fun times. But the fun times were being outweighed by the bad... the hangovers and malnutrition and memory loss... I have to relearn how to do everything all over again, sober. I'm relearning everything! I didnt even know if I was capable of being intimate with someone without the use of alcohol to grease the wheels a little. I've never been committed to sobriety before because in some way I believed I was getting something out of drinking... now that I dont see it serving my life, its outs out of it! I dont wanna be malissa. She would haunt me in the afterlife for walking in her footsteps when she told me we were too much alike and she warned me against being like her. That's how I knew she really loved me... and I dedicate my sobriety to her and to my family for always supporting me no matter what and always loving me even when I am an emotional mess (because that's who I am, let's face it) ... and to me! Because i want to experience so much more than this small world I created for myself in my habits of convincing myself I'm confined to this house, town, world. It's time for me to explore new things! And see the world in a new way. :) #sobergoggles #sober #soberglow #sograteful #soberliving #soberlife #changeisbeautiful #worthit #worth #ichoosetoday #everydayisagift #mybestlife #glowup #growup #mocktails #dontdrinkthekoolaid #nevergoingback #growth #growthmindset #growing
Our “get shit done” lewk 💁 (📷: @princesscheeto )⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #shakennotslurred #soberlife #sobriety #soberglow #soberaf #alcoholfree #boozefree
✨ G I V E A W A Y ✨ We’re going to give ONE lucky winner a choice of a #sobermomtribe tank or tee. . . To enter all you have to do is: 1) Like this post 2) Follow: @sobermomtribe @sobermomtribemeetups @alys_wickedsober 3) Tag 2 friends! . . Good luck!! Giveaway will end Thursday February 21 at 9 pm EST! . . #sobermomtribe 🐘 #sobermom #sober #sobriety #soberlife #soberaf #sobernation #soberissexy #wickedsober #addiction #alcoholism #endthestigma #breakthestigma #sobermovement #soberevolution #soberfam #soberwomen #recoveroutloud #odaat #journey #teamsober #soberglow #inspiration #teetotaler #strength #courage #recovery #smt
Yup 😊. And have a whale of a time whilst smiling 🐳😁 Thank you @theinspirationalmentor for this 🙏🧡
Feeling my new glasses! Thanks @specsavers for such a quick turnaround! I love them!!
Unexpectedly with these two plebs today after my daughter faked being ill. I'm not complaining! I've been feeling really upset and a day at home, all together is exactly what we need. ❤
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Don’t you wish they taught this in middle school? 🌸🌻New blog post up about what alcohol REALLY does to our skin and looks. *looks for raisin emoji* 🤔😬Full abstinence may not be for everybody, but knowledge is power, baby! Get your glow on.💫 Link in bio (click the right RecovHer side of the link) or just go to GirltoMom.com 💛🦋💕✨✨✨ http://girltomom.com/recovher/how-alcohol-affects-your-looks ✨💫🦋 #recovery #recoveryjourney #sobriety #sober #alcoholfree #freedomfromalcohol #healthandbeauty #beautyoverbooze #addictionrecovery #sherecovers #wedorecover #recovher #soberblog #alcoholism #soberblogger #recoveryrocks #recoveryblog #recoveryblogger #recoverywriter #womaninrecovery #soberjourney #soberglow #healthyskintips #hangoverfreeclub #glowup #glowingskin #odaat #lovetheskinyourein #thiswildandpreciouslife 🦋💛🦋💛✨✨💫
Want to feel like a bad bitch? Throw some weight around & get those endorphins going. Thank you @cameronlodgetr for another fun Olympic Weightlifting class!
Y12SR meets this week! We meet twice a month, the first and third Wednesday. @sunnyyogakitchen has so graciously been hosting us since we began— this is our 6th month! We meet from 6pm-7:15pm. . If you have ever been effected by addiction, yours or someone else’s, we welcome you! Regardless of the substance or behavior, all are welcome. . We have a 12 Step style discussion meeting and then a yoga practice. We’d love to have you join us! . Donation based class. DM me with any questions! . Wednesday February 20, 6pm-7:15pm at Sunny Yoga Kitchen in NWX. 🖤
THIS⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #shakennotslurred #soberlife #sobriety #soberglow #soberaf #alcoholfree #boozefree #qotd #quoteoftheday #bettedavis #bettedavisquote
Hi all! The next handful of posts are going to be on some important benefits of SOBRIETY! ⠀⠀ A majority of you already know about these but it can be a helpful reminder and encourager to keep up the great work! Your mind, body, and spirit thank you! 🙌✨😊 ⠀⠀ So first up today — ⠀⠀ Sobriety supports BRAIN-TISSUE growth! ⠀⠀ Without alcohol you allow…. ⠀⠀ >> Thiamine or Vitamin B1 to flourish in your system (alcohol depletes it). ⠀⠀ >>Vitamin B1 supports the growth of brain tissue and new brain cells! ⠀⠀ >> More brain tissue and brain cells = better memory, coordination, thinking, and perception. ⠀⠀ >> Natural dopamine (the “feel-good hormone” associated with feelings of euphoria, bliss, motivation, and concentration) also begins to build back up in the brain ⠀⠀ Sobriety = REAL brain power! 🧠 Keep that brain strong! 😁💪 🧠 . . #soberissexy #sobriety #wellness #sobertribe #sobersisters #alcoholfree #soberlife #livingsober #soberinstyle #dry #women #mentalhealth #sobernotboring #soberglow #soberfriend #community #soberchallenge #thehappynow #tellbetterstories #womensupportingwomen #findyourcommunity #drytribe #sherecovers #thesoberlife #hangoverfree #sobriety #mentalhealth #thesoberlife #recovery
This picture was taken in my friends dorm room in boarding school. Which was the place that my drinking gradually started to get out of control. I have always been very competitive, and in school - the person who could drink the most was the coolest. It’s hard to think back to the age of 16 and think that these were the roots of the long term problem that I would develop; but for many years after - outdrinking everyone would always be my aim. Even though it was no longer a requirement for coolness. I found this picture the other day and it made me feel a bit sad to see it. But it also made me realise that I’ve made the changes that were necessary and I am grateful for how far I’ve come from the girl in this picture ❤️ Stay strong warriors even the smallest changes you are making are worth it 😘
Freaking loving having my #coffee at home. Normally I leave and walk the dogs to get out of the boys way, it get chaotic in the morning. Ahhhhh #staycation perk #stressfreemorning #nohangover #soberandhappy #sober #soberaf #soberlooksgoodonme #soberglow #sobermovement #soberme #soberissexy #goodmorning #soberisbetter #soberlife
Public speaking when sober vs public speaking when hungover? No contest! Just got some stills through from a video. I was asked to read a couple of Pam Ayres poems on Saturday for the local WI who organised a Valentine’s Friendship Lunch inspired by their campaign, Alleviating Loneliness. Would I have done this during my days of drinking? Of course and I would have enjoyed it BUT I also know how incredibly nervous I would have felt because chances are I would have been out the night before and would be suffering with the shakes or worried I would spew halfway through 🤮! Its a vicious circle. Nerves amplifies the shakes and detox shakes amplifies the nerves. So all in all yes I would have got through it but not been near as relaxed or confident enough to ab lib and enjoy a bit of banter with the audience. 'Got through it' being the operative expression. Also, I would have been sweating like mad as thats what the DTs did to me resulting in self consciousness and therefore further shakes. Though I probably wouldn't have had a drink to steady my nerves as soon as I finished I would definitely have had a glass of wine or beer waiting for me. 'A drink to steady ones nerves' - interesting saying as for me now in hindsight I think it did the opposite unless I had a lot a lot such as doing outlandish things...😉. But in a situation like this it numbed them but only at surface level meaning nerves were bumbling away underneath which I could feel and became worried that I might get found out. Now I feel the nerves but just ride them and accept them and I'm fine. HOWEVER, I start a play tonight which is my first main one since quitting with 3 roles in it so it will be interesting to see how I fare with that but that will be a different post. Anyway, the poems went down a treat and it was so lovely having my daughter there standing nearby watching. I'm hoping that she'll clock that people can get up on stage or speak to a number of people without linking alcohol to steadying ones nerves. Also what about that other phrase 'He/she has got a lot of bottle'. Hmmm thoughts anyone? (I’ve run out of space so will finish little extra few lines below in comments 👇)
Embrace every glorious moment of it! 🥰🥰🥰
He said, she did Tell me lies, tell me fibs They saw, they wore That jacket is an eyesore She's tall, cut her down Cut her down to the ground She glows but she knows That's not allowed this side of town --(excerpt from my poem "I've got my own race to run" © All Faux the Rabbits 2019) #memade #handmade #simplicitypatterns simplicity 1421 jacket
“You need to create a life that is more exciting than the stimulation of alcohol. The only way to do that is to take time to first figure out what that looks like.”⠀ (SOBERALLEY.COM🌸)⠀ ▽⠀⠀ As we near the end of another Monday, I just wanted to say that I am proud of you. If you made it another day, keep it up! 👏🏻 If you are sober curious or on the fence about changing your ways/habits, just know that you are not alone & are welcome to DM me at any time. 💞⠀ ▽⠀⠀ Did you have a good day? Did anything extraordinary happen to you today? ⠀ Please share! ⠀ ▽⠀⠀ I had work today (even though most people had off for #PresidentsDay ). 🇺🇸 ⠀ ▽⠀⠀ Oh, and did I tell you that I am on a hunt for the BEST non-alcoholic beverages!? If you have any recommendations PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know! I can’t wait to share my favorites with you soon.🥤🍹⠀ ▽⠀⠀ ▽⠀⠀ ▽⠀⠀ #soberglow #mocktails #soberista #sobermagic #sobersisters #sobersister #blessup #sobersisterhood #sobernotboring #sobergirlsrule #inspiringwomen #sobrietyrules #soberfam #sobertogether #sobernation #soberlifestyle #radicalselflove #love #selflove #alcoholicsanonymous #zeroproof #truerecovery #mocktail #nonalcoholic #sober #sobriety #soberaf #recover #motivationmonday
Today was fun AF 😉 making zero-proof drinks with @kimhudsontv & @ncada_stl . . 👀 : 🔗 in bio! . . 🥂We made ‘Fresh 75’ using @belvoirusa elderflower cordial, lemon juice, simple syrup, and @perrierusa . . 🍹We made our “Kombucha Crush” using our favorite @komblu citrus kombucha, orange juice, lime juice, ginger beer, assorted citrus, salt, sugar, and chili powder. . . 💯The best part? NO HANGOVER! . . #sansbarstl #shakennotslurred #zerproof #zeroproofpop #afbeverage #abarwithoutbooze #abarwithnobooze #mocktail #mocktails #noalcoholchallenge #sobernotboring #sober #sobercurious #sobersometimes #sobernotboring #dry #mindfuldrinking #soberglow #soberaf #sobriety #soberlife #drylife #shakennotslurred #alcoholfreecocktail #boozefreecocktail #fox2now #fox2morning
ALL progress takes place outside the comfort zone - Michael John Bobak. 🙏
Don't let the day get you down. Don't ruin what you are achieving by focusing on the negative. Keeping this on repeat tonight!
Today I realised that the Dionysus is the Greek mythological god of wine - intoxication and drunkenness. Useless fact of the day for you 🤓🤓🤓 #facts #researchnerd
Do I have to call myself an alcoholic? Am I sober curious? Am I in recovery? 🤷🏼‍♀️ ▽ While I certainly understand that I have a problematic relationship with alcohol, I do sometimes struggle with labels. 💬 ▽ How do you feel about being called an alcoholic? What terms do you use to self-identify? ▽ ▽ ▽ #soberglow #mocktails #soberista #sobermagic #sobersisters #sobersister #blessup #sobersisterhood #sobernotboring #sobergirlsrule #inspiringwomen #sobrietyrules #soberfam #sobertogether #sobernation #soberlifestyle #radicalselflove #love #selflove #alcoholicsanonymous #zeroproof #truerecovery #sobercurious #selfidentify #indentity
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