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My first journey out with the camera in 2019; which is sad because it's already nearly the end of January 😩😓🙄 Just a quick trip over to New Polzeath to see some fairly big waves! Here's a two second long exposure. 🙂
Phone cameras are pretty good these days. Not as good as normal cameras but pretty good nonetheless. #bedford #weir #slowshutter
• Bitterly cold and dreary today
Scientists have two jobs: figuring out how the world works, and figuring out how to explain it to morons.
Even though it was freezing cold outside, this picture was taken without a single shiver, sounds like succes to me.
A long exposure shot of one of Melbourne's trams passing Melbourne Town Hall. Trams are a major form of transport in Melbourne. As of May 2017 the Melbourne tramway network consists of 250km of double track, 493 trams, 24 routes and 1,763 tram stops. (Wikipedia)
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FIRST POST IN 2019 🎉🎉 also obligatory moon pic. Will have proper equipment next time #totallunareclipse2021
Summer days 🏝️🌞
One foot in front of the other! #mondays #safaritrue 🐘🤪
- Milestone - ...Thank you all for 1,000 followers 🙏🏼 I appreciate you very much for coming along on this journey with me 🌅
Stanislaus River at Board’s Crossing, Stanislaus National Forest #stanislausnationalforest #stanislausriver #slowshutter #winterriver
* Tower Bridge is one of many bridges that link London together where the River Thames runs through it. Built between 1886 and 1894, it is very close to the Tower of London and has become an iconic London landmark. It is often confused with London Bridge due to the fact that it’s architecture is much more recognisable to tourists than London Bridge! * The same fate frequently befalls Elizabeth Tower which is often referred to as Big Ben when the in fact Big Ben is the name given to the bell inside the tower! * This is another attempt by me to master nighttime photography and I must admit that I’m quite pleased with the results! . . . . . . . #londonlandmarks #iconiclondon #londonicon #towerbridge #towerbridgelondon #londonphotography #visitlondon #visitlondonofficial #londontourist #nighttimephotography #slowshutter #slowshutterspeed #nightphotography #riverthames #riverthameslondon #thisislondon #prettycitylondon #londontown #londoncity #ig_london #igerslondon #londonview #london_masters #londonisopen #london_only #lovelondon #timeoutlondon #ig_brilliant #toplondonphoto #toplongexposure
Running with wolves and howling at the moon 🌚
La Tierra entre la Luna y el Sol. ☀️🌍🌑 Hoy, a eso de las 6 de la mañana y con un frío helador (que se me congelaban las manos al hacer las fotos). ¡Pero al final todo un espectáculo visual que ha valido la pena el madrugón! #mooneclipse #eclipse #nightshooters
This morning's total Lunar eclipse, just before totality. A very special moment for me, as despite all my years of astronomy, it is the first Lunar eclipse I have witnessed first hand. Truly unforgettable.
Podría mirarte todos los días, todas las horas.
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