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HIDDEN HISTORY The Three Hierarchs The Three Hierarchs, Basil The Great (center) Archbishop Of Caesarea in Cappadocia, Gregory The Theologian (left) Archbishop of Constantinople and John Chrysostom also Archbishop Of Constantinople (right) were highly influential bishops of the early church who played pivotal roles in shaping Christian theology. Bishop Gregory is widely considered the most accomplished rhetorical stylist of the patristic age, Bishop Basil who opposed the heresies of the early Christian church, fighting against the followers of Apollinaris of Laodicea was an influential theologian, and Bishop John is known for his preaching, public speaking, and denunciation of abuse of authority. In Eastern Christianity they are also known as the Three Great Hierarchs and Ecumenical Teachers, while in Roman Catholicism the three are honored as Doctors of the Church. The three are venerated as saints in Eastern Orthodoxy, Catholicism, Anglicanism and other Christian churches. Source: Ural Federal University 16th Century Yekaterinburg, Russia #israelunitedinchrist #IUIC #israelites #jews #israel #darkages #blackhistory #moors #middleages #christanity #blacklivesmatter #germany #italy #france #europe #trukey #Africa #greece #slavery #england #hiddenhistory #medievaltimes #Russia #iuicrussia #spain #egypt #iuiclondon #moscow #christains #trueimage
Fifty-two percent of human trafficking recruiters are men, 42% are women, and 6% are both men and women. • • • • #humantrafficking #trafficking #childtrafficking #sextrafficking #modernslavery #sexslavery #slavery #beyondhumantrafficking #humantraffickingawareness
He was the favored son, born from the wife that his father loved. His brothers hated him and he had no idea, how deep their hatred ran. This naive purehearted soul did not know how treacherous human beings could be. His brothers plotted to kill him, but ended up selling him into slavery. This tragic event in his life, placed Joseph on his path to purpose. Be careful who you share your dreams with as you step into your purpose. Listen to God alone for direction. When God raises you up to be a deliverer, He must deliver you first. You don't just get up from a cozy life and be sent forth by God to deliver His people. You must go through the wilderness training of God to handle the great purpose that He created you for. Joseph went through a lot in order to be used by God. A child of great purpose went unquestionably into the life that God had purposed for him. Be inspired in this 8 part series by one of the greatest men in The Bible as we look at the life of Joseph: A Purpose Driven Man. Text: Genesis 37 and Genesis 39 Listen, learn and apply. God bless you. Click on my YouTube Channel link in the @pastorbella Bio SUBSCRIBE in order not to miss any teaching.
𓆣 Mathematical Precision 𓆣
Mathematical 𓉑 Precision
This human vending machine highlights the reality of modern slavery https://wef.ch/2BgfVmi  #slavery #production
France is making very progressive legislation to eliminate waste in the #fashion industry. France has passed similar legislation regarding food waste, another move that was first of its kind. Creating more efficient disposal methods for fashion is a potential outcome for the French, who will now be looking to innovate, as improper disposal consequences are set to rise
Geoengineering refers to a set of emerging technologies that could manipulate the environment and partially offset some of the impacts of climate change. Solar geoengineering in particular could not be a replacement for reducing emissions (mitigation) or coping with a changing climate (adaptation); yet, it could supplement these efforts. GEOENGINEERING IS CONVENTIONALLY SPLIT INTO TWO BROAD CATEGORIES: THE FIRST IS CARBON GEOENGINEERING, OFTEN ALSO CALLED CARBON DIOXIDE REMOVAL (CDR). THE OTHER IS SOLAR GEOENGINEERING, OFTEN ALSO CALLED SOLAR RADIATION MANAGEMENT (SRM) OR ALBEDO MODIFICATION. THERE ARE LARGE DIFFERENCES. Carbon geoengineering seeks to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, which would address the root cause of climate change — the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. In the chain from emissions to concentrations to temperatures to impacts, it breaks the link from emissions to concentrations. Solar geoengineering seeks to reflect a small fraction of sunlight back into space or increase the amount of solar radiation that escapes back into space to cool the planet. In contrast to carbon geoengineering, solar geoengineering does not address the root cause of climate change. It instead aims to break the link from concentrations to temperatures, thereby reducing some climate damages. There are several proposed solar geoengineering technologies. These include marine cloud brightening, cirrus cloud thinning, space-based techniques, and stratospheric aerosol scattering, amongst others. Marine cloud brightening would attempt to brighten marine clouds to reflect more sunlight back into space. Cirrus cloud thinning would attempt to reduce the thin, high-altitude cirrus clouds to emit more long-wave radiation from the earth to space. Space-based technologies would attempt to reflect a small fraction of sunlight away from the earth by positioning sun shields in space. Lastly, stratospheric aerosol scattering would introduce tiny reflective particles, such as sulfate aerosols or perhaps calcium carbonate, into the upper atmosphere, where they could scatter a small fraction of sunlight back into space. Climate models have consistently
Production itself is not the only driver of pollution. The waste stemming from overproduction or flawed production is detrimental to the environment as well. Excess CO2 is one of the biggest problems we face today, and if we can restrict a source of that CO2, the benefits will greatly exceed the efforts
Solar radiation management (SRM) projects are a type of climate engineering which seek to reflect sunlight and thus reduce global warming. Proposed methods include increasing the planetary albedo, for example using stratospheric sulfate aerosols. Restorative methods have been proposed regarding the protection of natural heat reflectors like sea ice, snow and glaciers with engineering projects. Their principal advantages as an approach to climate engineering is the speed with which they can be deployed and become fully active, their potential low financial cost, and the reversibility of their direct climatic effects. Solar radiation management projects could serve as a temporary response while levels of greenhouse gases can be brought under control by mitigation and greenhouse gas removal techniques. They would not reduce greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere, and thus do not address problems such as ocean acidification caused by excess carbon dioxide (CO2). Climate engineering projects have been proposed in order to reduce global warming. As early as 1974, Russian expert Mikhail Budyko suggested that if global warming became a problem, we could cool down the planet by burning sulfur in the stratosphere, which would create a haze. The annual cost of delivering a sufficient amount of sulfur to counteract expected greenhouse warming is estimated at 2 to 8 billion USD. A preliminary study by Edward Teller and others in 1997 presented the pros and cons of various relatively "low-tech" proposals to mitigate global warming through scattering/reflecting sunlight away from the Earth via insertion of various materials in the upper stratosphere, low earth orbit, and locations. By modifying the albedo of the Earth's surface, or by preventing sunlight reaching the Earth by using a solar shade, the sun's warming effect can be cancelled out—although the cancellation is imperfect, with regional discrepancies remaining. SRM or albedo modification, is considered to be a potential option for addressing climate change. As the National Academy of Sciencesstates in its 2015 report: "The two main options for responding to the risks of
ABOLITIONIST: William Wilberforce (1759-1833) grew up comfortably wealthy in England. He is not the person most would expect to have gone up against the slave trade, but he did. A few years into his political career, he introduced 12 resolutions to parliament, and all 12 were shot down on technicalities. No one wanted him or those like him to succeed, because slavery was so deeply rooted into the economy. He was a Christian and his faith deeply influenced his beliefs. He continued fighting for abolition until he passed. Slavery was finally abolished in the British Empire in 1807; he received word on his deathbed that the emancipation bill was in its final stage. - @letsgetpolitica1 . . . . #williamwilberforce #britishparliment #endit #endhumantrafficking #historicalfigures #wilberforce #1807 #humanrights #christianmen #humanrightsactivist #christianhistory #stopslavery
Would that be fun to you? Ever think of it that way? Who are we to imprison some of the greatest minds on earth for our own entertainment?⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ Stop funding the demand, stop paying for #slavery .⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ If you haven't yet sign PETITION in my bio (info is in my previous posts).⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ Caption @croatiansparrow
You truly are not a man that has to bully a woman. You are a little girl... @nikita_mazepin a Formula 2 driver his daddy is a billionaire and fought his way on the race team. Is keeping the woman of my dreams. My best friend, soulmate, and true love @angelica_anderson__ a Slave. He is paying the people that actually keep her slave to be his sex toy and rape her over and over again He used to really love to show me that he was with her. But now he realizes he's showing the world he is with her doesn't do it anymore but he keeps her as a slave I pray everyday Jesus will give me a miracle and someone would stop to six Psychopaths Nikita @uralchem_ @official_msu @halopolymer @forceindiaf1 @artgp_official @forceindiaf1 @gp3_official @skysportsf1 @interpol_hq #jesuscalling #jesuschrist #god #jesus #godisgood #miracle #prayers #good #love #me #tbt #followme #photooftheday #beautiful #cute #like4likes #girl #bae #family #slavery #faithfulness #instagood #fashion #trafficking #formula1 #teamNM
Thank you Andy for your huge heart and voice of reason. ♥️ 🐶 🐱 🐭 🐰 #Repost @andylallyracing with @get_repost ・・・ There will be a time in your life that you will look back on what you contribute to animal cruelty the way you look back on the above atrocities. Don’t turn a blind eye. Be on the good side of a time where you, your kids and grandkids will look back on these days with either shame or pride depending on how you acted as a human being in the face of doing what is right versus following the masses. Be kind. It’s easy!! . . . . . #BeKind #Slavery #Segregation #Holocaust #Racism #Speciesism #GoVeg #crueltyfree #plantbased #endpuppymills #leapingbunny
⚠WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES⚠ #Repost @toorganic with @get_repost ・・・ With roughly over a thousand Rhinos being killed each year and only 5,000 black rhinos left they are now critically endangered and based on statistics can go extinct within the next 5 years if we don't act now. This is the real world and the graphic images in this video are as real as it gets. Ive personally been heavily impacted by this issue this year and believe that this is something the world NEEDS to see. Fortunately we still have the opportunity to reverse what we've done and restore the population of these beautiful creatures back to normal but we need everyones help! Organizations like @vetpaw and the other ones listed on www.thewaragainstpoaching.com can use as much financial support as possible to operate and expand their operations at this time. Start by sharing this video and if you want to be a part of saving these incredible creatures choose an organization on our site or any credible charity that is working with rhino conservation and donate! These people are devoting their lives to helping these animals and NEED as much help as they can get at this time! . . Tag a friend 👇🏽 📽: @samkolder . . #Animalabuse #animalabuse #animalabuser #animalabusers #animalabuseawareness #animalabuseisbad #animalabuseiswrong #animalabuseneedstoend #blackrhino #help #protect #africa #tarzan #rhino #nature #naturelovers #sad #abuse #justiceformickey #Repost #animals #think #speciesism #slavery #slaves #factoryfarming #cognitivedissonance #humanrights #animalrights #society
Easily one of the best books I've read this year and much easier to read than Small Island, another worthy read. Probably going to review this one. Loved it (lots of post-it noted pages too). Greatness #thelongsong #slavery #historicalfiction #literature #AndreaLevy #amreading
During the making👌🏽 #slavery #art #canvas #notfinished #acrylic
#fortheloveofthenation Imagine that the largest slave #rebellion in U.S. #history  had gone unrecognized for more than a century and a half, even by the country's leading scholars. Imagine further that the rebellion was not some obscure event in a rural backwater, but a series of mass escapes that took place in conjunction with the largest Indian war in U.S. history and that resulted in a massive, well-documented destruction of personal property. How could scholars forget such an event? And what would such an oversight say about the country? A country that had robbed #generations of the story of its most successful black freedom fighters. A country that had taught its children a lie, that over the first American century, only white men fought for freedom and won. The omission fits a general pattern in #American history. In a trend dating back to the country's earliest national histories, scholars have tended to downplay all incidence of slave resistance. Contemporary scholars may believe that they have overcome this legacy, and yet their failure to identify the country's largest slave revolt speaks to the contrary. Why did America forget this rebellion? The Black Seminole slave rebellion was not only the largest in U.S. history, it was also the only one that was even partially successful. During the Second Seminole War the U.S. Army could never conclusively defeat the black rebels in Florida. After three years of fighting, the army chose to grant freedom to the holdouts in exchange for surrender -- the only emancipation of rebellious African Americans prior to the U.S. Civil War. It might not matter much that the country forgot a slave rebellion, but why the largest? And why the only one that was partially successful? Certainly in the 1800s, it was never in the political interests of the white South to admit defeat at the hands of black rebels. But how did the censorship of the nineteenth-century become the amnesia of the twentieth? It remains something of a mystery how the country's largest slave rebellion has remained unrecognized for so many years even by #africanamericans #seminoles #slavery #canada #uk #australia #5eyes #kodakblack @kodakblack #2a
@nikita_mazepin a Formula 2 driver his daddy is a billionaire and fought his way on the race team. Is keeping the woman of my dreams. My best friend, soulmate, and true love @angelica_anderson__ a Slave. He is paying the people that actually keep her slave to be his sex toy and rape her over and over again He used to really love to show me that he was with her. But now he realizes he's showing the world he is with her doesn't do it anymore but he keeps her as a slave.All these girls in this video are escort girls that he paid to be there. I pray everyday Jesus will give me a miracle and someone would stop to six Psychopaths Nikita @uralchem_ @official_msu @halopolymer @forceindiaf1 @artgp_official @forceindiaf1 @gp3_official @skysportsf1 @interpol_hq #jesuscalling #jesuschrist #god #jesus #godisgood #miracle #prayers #good #love #me #tbt #followme #photooftheday #beautiful #cute #like4likes #girl #bae #family #slavery #faithfulness #instagood #fashion #trafficking #formula1 #teamNM
Free 2 day shipping on orders over $40 sitewide now thru Xmas!! In this illusional, simultaneous game we call reality, we must liberate ourselves from the controllers and co-create a game of our own... Now Available @ www.Reprezentclothing.com #thoushallnotconform #monopoly #liberation #thesystem #corruption #brainwash #awaken #evolve #time #illusion #control #slavery #elite #art #love #life #reprezent #rprznt #jimmyhits
Our #ZeraHouse team is attending the West Virginia Human Trafficking Task Force meeting today! We’ve been given the opportunity to address the task force, tell them more about what we are doing, and hopefully build up a great support system from others involved in the fight 🙌🏼
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