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snoozetown 😴😴
august this year! 🌴
august this year! 🌴
august this year! 🌴
july 2016 🌻
sometime early 2016 i think!!
december 2015 😪
profile picture 👀 december 2015
🐛🐛 wormy wix!! circa march 2015
it's so cold today!!!
she go screeeeee! circa march 2015.
february 2015 💞
november 2014.
circa october 2014 🌿
a little intro even tho the bio already has it mostly covered! six is a thirteen year old gray tabby (i think!) she's from a shelter, so i'm not entirely sure on her breed to be honest!! she is a polydactyl cat, and she has six digits on each of her front paws! she's very sweet and cuddly, and is very picky about where she takes her naps! she's such a quirky and loveable big floof! 😺
the biggest gal in town.
hi! i love my cat a lot so i made a fan account for her. please enjoy!!