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Woohoo! I’m loving my new PayPal here device! Bring on the book sales. “Single Mom...Slaying It!”. For my friends far away, no despair. You can still purchase my book online at Amazon and Smashwords. http://bit.ly/slayingit https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/914670.
Bam! 💥 Ten years cleaning, that’s why it takes me 2 hours to clean an entire home. It’s been years, hours, so many long days. Shoulder pain, carpel tunnel, four dyson vacuums, a 3 year old Subaru with 135,000 k on it. Work. Struggling, cancellations! The fucking cancellations! All on rent day? No problem! The hours I put into scheduling all of my new parents, shift working nurses and physically and mentally ill clients. The shoulder to cry on, the dead car in the driveway with a crying kid who doesn’t want to go to school. Those 2 hours that I passionately clean a home, with all that energy. It’s MY art, from mostly pain. Such beautiful pain. Thank you Diane ❤️ #yearsexperience #boss #bossbabe #singlemomma #cannamoms #cannamom #ocd #autismmomma #work #art #barrie #local #supportlocal #localbusiness #workingmoms #career #driven #motivation #smallbusiness
Happy Monday!!! . . This week’s Monday Motivation is @mylifedotcom . This amazing momma & wife is program manager by day and the owner/photographer of @rotcelisrosephotography where she is a mastermind at capturing life’s most precious moments. She is such an amazing person and truly a creative! Make sure you check her out!!! . . . #lessonsinparenting #lessonsinpatience #coparentingdoneright #singlemomma #singleparentlife #raisinglaila #mondaymotivation #supportsmallbusinessesrdu #rduphotographer #durhamphotographers
Clear you're mind. Work your body. Be free. #shaunfirmation
Week 6/6. I have 6 more days to go. That's crazy! But ya know what? I love starting a program and seeing it all the way through because I get to prove to myself with each completed program that no matter what... that I can keep a promise to myself, that I can do hard things, and that I am capable of accomplishing my goals. . . 'You guys I've said it before- sustainable weight-loss is a lifestyle, it's not a short-term goal. There will be times where the number on the scale might not move and that doesn't mean that it's not working. It doesn't mean that you're not working. It doesn't mean you have to switch nutrition plans.  It just means your body is doing what it's supposed to do. . . Some days it's going to be weight loss! . Some days it's going to be inches lost! . Some days it's going to be muscle gain! . Some days you're going to be tired and maybe you're not going to work as hard, you're still going to get it done though! Its all just part of the process.  If you can just embrace that process and just know there are ups and downs, good days and bad days, weight loss days and non weight loss days.. and keep going and know that no matter what- everytime you push play, every time you finish your workout, you're doing something that's good for your body! At the end of the day, that's the most important thing! . Your strengthening your heart. Your strengthening your lungs. Your fueling your body to get through life and these workouts, and to do it in a healthy happy way!  Focus on that. . Just be patient with it and know that you're doing good things for your body'!!! ~Autumn Calabrese
Kyle and I were talking about goals last night and he made a comment about how there are only 21 weeks to summer! ☀️ 🏖 👙He went on to say that if we lost 1 pound a day, that would be 21 lbs., 2 a week 👉🏻42 lbs.!!! 😳🔥 I can’t stop thinking about that... 1 pound a week, I could do that!! 🙌🏻👍🏻 Especially now that I have to the right supplements to help me get there! ☕️ 💊👌🏻😊 ☀️Are you 🏖 bod ready? 👙 I want to feel comfortable in my own skin and I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to get after it!! 💪🏻☀️ If you need a little nudge, like I do, let me hook you up with a lil’ 40% off coupon! I gotchu boo! 😘😘 #summerready ☀️ #beachbodychallenge #ilovesummer
It’s just that simple. Nothing beats a trial but a failure. Go ahead give it a shot. You may very well be surprised 😲😲😲😲
Iv been a little absent with posting this last week. It’s been one rough week for us. Little man is sick for the first time along with teething. We have had lots of baby vomit. Coughing. Booger’s. Crying. From both of us. Missing work. Getting sick at work. Lots of emotions going on lately as well. But I have been trying to stay positive through it all. Hopefully this sickness will pass and we will both feel better soon. Being a single mom isn’t a perfect picture. Lots of ups and downs but we get by. #singleparenting #singleparent #singleparents #singleparentlife #singleparenthood #singlemom #singlemomma #singlemommy #singlemother #singlemoms #singlemommas #singlemommies #singlemomlife #singlemomproblems #singlemomstatus #williston #willistonnorthdakota #northdakota #alaskagirl #alaskagirls #alaskagirlskickass #alaskagirlsrock #singlemomlife #boymom #boymomlife #sickchild #sickbaby
"Believe you can and you’re halfway there." -- Theodore Roosevelt. Presidents' have spoke many words of inspiration and courage when we as a country needed it. And now we can reflect back and continue to use those wise words.⁣ .⁣ What is your favorite quote from a President?⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ ⁣ #TheEliteSuite #elitepodsister #singlemomlife #boymom #workingmom #busymom #booklady #readingmomma #pawsitivemomma #singlemom #singlemother #singleparent #momlife #mommylife #singlemomma #momonamission #strongsinglemom #independentwoman #singlemomsrock #empoweringsinglemoms #singlemomandproud #proudsinglemom #UBAM #usbornebooksandmore #usbornebooks #childrensbooks #raisingareader #booksofinstagram
Friends-"Kamille you should write a blog" Me-" I like this idea." Doing something I have no clue how to do while there are 3 kids in the house is a challenge that I cant quite figure out lol. My ability to focus has decreased proportionately to each child waking up. Small Miss -"Mom feed the chickens, but wait they dont like tomatoes. "#newblogger #nofocus #kids #spongebob #3kids #singlemomma #rescueme #notenoughcoffee #goodthingilovethem #crazy #lowproductivity
Happy Presidents Day!!! . 8oz water, frozen strawberries and blueberries, kale, handful of almonds and half scoop Vanilla Thrive Lifestyle Shake mix . #NATURALenergy #nutrition #singlemomma #singleparent #energylife #anxietycrusher #NinjaPRO #chronicpainsufferer #getup #soeasy #3steps #sogood
Website photos - in action! Simply Soulful Boutique #minimalism #entrepreneur #ladyboss #boutique #singlemomma
Website photos - in action! Simply Soulful Boutique #minimalism #entrepreneur #ladyboss #boutique #singlemomma
Okay ..so, having one of those moments...my kids just got home from visiting "Dad" where they swear everything is rainbows & sunshine & money falls from trees. I have no family near me. A few close friends, but no one who is always available. It is just me w/ my kids. So when they come home, upset & take everything out on me...it is so hard. Right now, I'm doing my thing. Hiding in my car. It is my safe place. This moment will pass. The tears will stop. I just look forward to the days where the part of "twice the hugs" comes true. . #singlemommalife #singlemomma #singleparent #roughday #mommytears #thistooshallpass
Emma and momma. #singlemomma
These three strives me to be the best mom I can be for them!! Without them I wouldn’t know what I would do. They constantly keep me on my toes. Especially my baby boy!! #singlemomma
Do you ever go through⁣ moments thinking to yourself: WTF did I get myself into? I have a lot lately.⁣ when I come home from work, Aubrey is so fussy, I can't help but think she⁣ would rather have her aunt around. Or I think she would rather be with her dad,⁣ because she doesn't fuss with her dad either. (So he says.) I want everything⁣ to be as smooth because we have about 2 hours together before she gets ready⁣ for bed. On Friday, when went to a really busy restaurant. She usually does⁣ really well in public, but she was not having it on Friday. It was just too⁣ much for her. I'm trying to get her to calm down, and I couldn't help but⁣ think: I just want to go home. I wasn't enjoying myself at all. I knew that my frustration was only making things worse. She finally fell asleep but then woke up as soon as we got into the car. When we were driving home together (i wasn't driving) she just watched me the whole way home, holding my hand. I knew right then and there, on the days that I think this is impossible and being a single mom fucking sucks sometimes, she does things like that, I would never want to share in those bonding connected moments. No one else gets to have those but us. It makes it all worth it. Have you had moments like these?⁣ ⁣ ⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ ⁣ #asfreeasyousee #singlemom#singleparent #singlemother #singlemomlife #singlemomsrock #singlemomproblems #singlemomsrule #singlemomma #singlemommy #singlemompower
Typically on nights I work I dont exercise. Mostly because I try to get in as much sleep as possible. Today Hayden and I worked on some stretches and just goofing off she snapped a pic and I seen this and was kinda impressed with my flexibility. I'm no small girl and a lot of people think big girls cant do things. Lots of stretching and yoga is paying off. I may not being loosing weight as fast as I want but my flexibility is improving a lot! Don't be afraid to be you. You can do anything anyone else can! . . . . #flexibility #yoga #stretching #mommydaughter #weightlossjourney #healthylifestyle #byebyeweightyouwillnotbemissed #igotthis #singlemomma #girlmom #homeschoolmom #momlife #leadbyexample #rolemodel #happy #loveyourself #bestrong #takecareofyourbody #yougotthis #keepgoing #youcandoanything #stayfocused
Can’t believe my son is 14 years old already!! Me sacas el tapón because you’re so much like me!! You have your mothers temper and mouth lol but you also have a beautiful kind heart like your momma !! ❤️ #mylittleman #almost15 #mommastemper #mommasheartandsoul #hegetitfromthemomma #chacarron #gia #iraisedhim #singlemomma
Pick your number!! How much do you need a month?? Let’s make it happen! 💰👑💕
🖤 seriously loving life lately! I love everything I've been working towards, surrounded by people that love and support me😌🙏🖤 I could not be more blessed. #happiestiveeverbeen ❤️ #lovinglife #feelinmyself #leavethepastinthepast #onlyupfromhere #workingonme #betteringmyself #lovingbeingsingle #singlelife #freedom #loveyourself #selfloveissoimportant ✨✨ #shoutouttomyfellowsinglemothers #singlemomma #killinit #feelingbeautiful
This solid wood antique desk with matching chair is now available for purchase. It has five deep drawers and brand new hardware. It has been hand painted in Bluestone House crushed sage chalk paint, slightly distressed and sealed with clear wax for durability. Measures 45”x18”x30”. Swipe to see the pattern on the newly upholstered chair. Message me for details if interested. #chalkycreationsbyelena #sagegreen #bluestonehousechalkpaint #antiquedesks #lovethatchair #hamilton #hamiltonsmallbusiness #supportsmallbusiness #singlemomma #chalkpainter #furniturepainter #adoredandrestored #revivedandrefinished #zibraweeklypick
My name is Kristina Johnson and this is my 2-year Thrive Experience. In 2016 a friend reached out to me about this Thrive stuff. I was a newly single mom and throwing another thing into my routine was just not an option. We had just moved, my son was starting school for the first time and I was facing a rough divorce. I dodged her for a few months until she did a drawing for a free month of Thrive, and I won. Well, I couldn't doge her anymore. I remember getting my 3 steps in the mail and I couldn't wait to jump right in the next morning. I remember it like it was just yesterday. I took my capsules and started getting ready for my day. I drank my Lifestyle Mix and applied my DFT to my skin. I was out of the door EARLY, I got to work EARLY and got so much accomplished that day! Even my co-workers were asking me, "What's up with you?" I only wish I would have trusted her sooner! I never realized that 3 simple steps would be such a game changer. Since I began thriving I have been able to take my life back! I am no longer parenting from the couch. In fact, I am able to get out of the house on the weekends and spend time with my son. We spend EXTRA hours practicing on the soccer field, house work is NO problem and I have the energy to keep up with and even outlast my 10 year old! If someone is sharing the Thrive Experience with you, listen. You have nothing to lose but EVERYTHING to gain! #singlemomstrong #singlemomprobs #singlemomhustle #singlemomsrock #singlemomswag #singlemompower #singlemomproblems #singlemomsrule #singlemomstatus #wrkingsinglemom #singlemommy #singlemomsclub #singlemomma #singlemommylife #singlemomsguidetolife #singlemomslife #singlemomgoals #singlemomdiaries #singlemomof3 #singlemother #singlemomrocks #singlemomchronicles #singlemomstruggles #singlemommies #singlemomshit #singlemomof2
I want #singlemomma
It won’t always be easy. It will take time. It will require dedication. There will be temptations. You may even slip up. But I’m here to not let you GIVE UP! - When you see incredible results through sustainable methods, not crash dieting. I promise you - you reach your goal and when you finally feel GOOD in your skin (and your clothes!) its all worth it. 🙌🏼 - That drastic stuff doesn’t work! 🙅🏻‍♀️ Or at least not long term. But with a simple plan (something you can actually follow) & with a little accountability along the way, you can make it happen. - That’s exactly what I did and I can actually sustain it! So if you have big goals for 2019 for your health or fitness - you can still do this! - I’m looking for 10 motivated women to join me + rock their goals together. You’ll have the plan you need + support to not give up on yourself. You may be TOTALLY ready to jump in or you may be like me and have a thousand questions first. So don’t worry, I GOT YOU! - We have little info session on Thursday on FB to break it all down for you! It will cover: - ▪️what the bootcamp entails ▪️what workouts are like ▪️how you’ll access them ▪️what the meal plan includes ▪️how you’ll stay motivated & ▪️answer all of your questions - Totally no obligation to join at the end, just come hang out for the day & check out some videos! Sound good?? - Comment below with your fav emoji or send me a message to get in the info group! ✌🏻 Lets rock 2019 together!
It’s Sunday ✨ I’ve eaten like shit all week, it’s showing on my body and I wanna nap 💤 BUT I did my grocery shopping, meal plan and chugging my momma crack and busting out 2️⃣ workouts today so I can sweat muh shit out ✌🏻
Do you know who I am?#singlemomma
Still single? That’s ok let the guys and gals know. Link in bio🤪
Mask up my pain, hold back my tears I'm goin' insane, nobody knows All by myself, let the rain hit me I'm goin' insane, nobody knows #fitmom #trustnon #demonsrunfree #tryandstaypositive #momselfie #momlife #singlemomma #cantchangepeople #staypositive #grumpy #bitcheslie #darkdays
Or 3 or 4 lol #singlemomma
The problem #singlemomma
Sunday is one of my favorite days. Extra snuggles with my munchkin, church and family time ❤ . 8oz water, frozen strawberries, blueberries, baby carrots, kale, handful of almonds and half scoop Vanilla Thrive Lifestyle Shake mix . . #NATURALenergy #nutrition #Thriving #energylife #anxietycrusher #NinjaPRO #chronicpainsufferer #healthyliving #soeasy #3simplesteps #kale #boymom #busywoman #singlemomma #singleparent
Sunday morning. . . A time for reflection. Consideration. Prayer. Hope. Connection. . . It’s been a weekend.... of stress, frustration, anxiety, strength, calming, sadness and fear, followed by prayer and releasing of all expectations. . . Time and time again I remind myself, deep faith eliminates fear. Deep faith allows release and trust. And I trust. There is a plan. It will all work out however it’s supposed to. And surely it will be okay. Even if it doesn’t feel like it. . . . . . . . #faithful #commit #prayer #release #dailyverse #biblestudy #itwillbeokay #eventually #liftitup #Sunday #Jesusandcoffee #mindful #Godisgood #church #singlemomma #holdingonbyathread #simplechaoticlife
Supppppper throw back.! I’m dying to do a fit couples shoot. Or a “fit and tatted” shoot! But I wanna be on my A game and I want a strong bond. One that I can have faith in. I miss modeling and doing Photoshoots. 💕 they do inspire my fitness. Makes me want to be better! 💪🏼💕🌹 #fitness #fitcouples #single #singlemomma #fitmom #model ? #maybe #oneday #throwback #oldschool #2015 #inked #inkedgirl #fitandinked
Today I am cheerleader for MYSELF. I am shouting out ME. Why? Because this time two years ago I was experiencing my first day as a solo mum of these two pictured cheeky, gorgeous and energetic human beings This journey I like to call BRUTIFUL - it’s beautiful but also brutal The #innergrowth and #awareness , the #endurance to keep going and the constant drive to be the best mother I can for my kids and the best human I can for myself. This is beautiful The emotional and physical exhaustion of being just one caring for two, the financial strain and drain and the no time to myself while being the #loneliness I have ever been. This is brutal The last two years have been my proudest years though, my deepest learnings and richest experiences. I have developed a resilience I never knew I had, a trust in my abilities and a confidence I’d long forgotten I am pulled by my dreams and grounded by my kids What’s one of your greatest moments? #mumaversary #grounded #dreamdriven
Let someone #singlemomma
Omg his little voice and his excitement over his letters🥰 I teach my son to be kind, to read, to spell, to do math and he’s only 4yrs old. We don’t play video games, I don’t allow toys that are guns or anything violent in my home. I’m never ashamed to say I’m from Chicago and I was raised in Logan Square however my kids will never and I mean never endure or be brought up the way I was PERIOD! #Knowledgeispower #bekind #respecteachother #stoptheviolence #educateourkids #spreadlovenothate #singlemomma #singleparent #raisingaman #bymyself
Sweetest of dreams, friends ✨. . . . Equal parts 💧💧💧. 💙Breathe - the oil of openness, may assist the body to breathe deeply, trust 🧡Citrus Bliss - calming and connection; my littles gravitate towards citruses for rest 💜Cedarwood - all. things. calm. #enoughsaid . . . Trio made easy by putting a 15ml bottle of each into a 2oz glass dropper bottle {props to @amazon for always having all’s the things}. . . **friendly diffuser tip; one drop of essential oil per hour the diffuser runs, so adjust accordingly 😴 . . . . . What’s your favvvvorite late night diffuser blend for sweet shut eye? . . . . . . . . . . . . #sweetdreams #outlikealight #easy #bedtimeroutine #dropper #nighttime #relax #sleep #soundsleep #breatheasy #sleepeasy #sweetbabes #oilsforthewin #oilsfortherest #notalwayseasy #butitissimple #singlemomma #momofthree #simplechaoticlife
Hello my beautiful sweets. It’s been a while, I know. 2019 has been so eventful; happy to report that I’ve checked off a few things on my “to do goals” list which is exciting. I am still however struggling emotionally with some 2018 baggage. My plan is to push pass the pain because I know there is success, happiness and a peace of mind waiting for me on the other side. So if you find yourself in a similar situation, I would like to encourage you to do the same.😘
Growth- A long process but one that is truly worth it.
Really working hard at learning to eat more healthy foods and having no carbs for dinner. My dad made some cabbage rolls and then cooked up the extra cabbage. I added some meatballs and this was delicious! . . . #weightlossjourney #healthyeating #healthylifestyle #goals #weightloss #loveyourself #takecareofyourbody #selflove #keepyourheadup #keepfaith #believer #singlemomma #girlmom #homeschoolmom #feelgood #rolemodel #leadbyexample #greens #igotthis #trynewfoods #veggiesmost
I take pride in everything that I do. I strive with everything that's given to me. My accomplishments are nothing shy of hard work and dedication to what is most important in my life. Proportion that goes out to the people who say that I can't possibly do whatever it is that I'm doing with or without them. Whoever you are live without limits become Limitless....
May not be the best looking person but I have a big heart n lots of love to give to someone who wouldn’t break it. It’s time for me to MOVE ON!!! You know u should watch who you talk to Bc it will get to the person u don’t wanna know it fucker!! #singleMomma
Saturday mornings always start with gym time. . . How do you kick off your weekend shenanigans? . . Kids actually had a scheduled day off school yesterday, so I def needed the sweat/destress sess. . . . Enjoy the sun ya’ll! Love when it shows it’s face on these cold days! . . . . . . #gymtime #training #bodycombat #suckitup #doitanyway #hustle #grit #muscles #getit #idontsweatisparkle #jk #idosweat #singlemomma #simplechaoticlife
That is so true. I'm the only one that grow up #singlemomma
Let’s talk real for just a minute. I am not a fan of ☕️🤷🏼‍♀️. I’ve tried to be a lover, but just don’t like the taste without adding all the stupid, fattening ingredients to it. So, I turned to my trusted Monster energy drinks. Well, we all know how super bad those are for your body 😆. I desperately needed an alternative. 👉🏻👉🏻Enter #ketocoffee ! I bought my first bag over the summer and was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it! It’s a smooth, creamy flavor, that I could handle! I went through the bag and then went back to my energy drinks. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Now, I’m drinking it everyday and have noticed some #wickedsweet advantages! 👉🏻I feel so much better when I wake up!! 👉🏻I have energy throughout the day! 👉🏻No bloating... like hardly ever! 👉🏻I’m not as hungry in the mornings! 👉🏻I’ve shed a couple pounds! For real, this stuff is the 🐝 knees, the 🐱 meow... 👉🏻You can get it for 40% off!! #wakeupandcoffee #saturdayvibes #caffeinegivesmelife
I knew I was ready to level up in my business when I got the chance to hang out at Selena Soo’s Mastermind Retreat in Las Vegas last week. The women I was with were making 6,multiple 6 and 7 figures and some ONLY working 3 days a week ! This works with your relationships too! What kind of men have you been with ? Is it time to level up and be with guys that treat you right? Have funds to take you out? Emotionally available and cute too? Yes.. it’s time. Life is too short for crappy relationships! Meet me in my FB group Link in bio for a workshop on Monday eve so you can finally find your guy online Chica! Xoxo
The hardest part of coming to terms with my divorce in the beginning was this crushing feeling that I wasted so much time. I used to spend so much time praying, talking to friends, and in therapy, trying to fix it. Now, I no longer regret the years that I invested because at the time, it was meaningful to me and I know that gave my personal best to make it work. #selfforgiveness 💛 A piece from book #2 .
Saturday fun-day!! 👧🏽👦🏽👦🏽🌞
Story of my life lol #singlemomma
I hate when that happens lol #singlemomma
LoL Omgeeee stage 5 Clingers are not for me this gal needs her space!!!! Dating in 2019 is CRAZY! But hey one day after the RIGHT date I might just get my LAST 1st kiss by someone!!! Lots of toads out there ladies be careful 🤔😉 #singleaf #singlemomma #singlebuthappy #singlelady #bossbabe #igotthis #datenights #loveyourself
There is nothing in nature that blooms all year long, so don't expect yourself to do so either. WOW! That hit me in the gut! Who is trying to do all of it for everyone but yourself? I don't take care of myself as much as I should which results in burn out that looks like this! Take time to care for yourself because you can't pour from an empty cup.⁣ .⁣ What will you do for yourself today?⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ ⁣ #TheEliteSuite #elitepodsister #singlemomlife #boymom #workingmom #busymom #booklady #readingmomma #pawsitivemomma #singlemom #singlemother #singleparent #momlife #mommylife #singlemomma #momonamission #strongsinglemom #independentwoman #singlemomsrock #empoweringsinglemoms #singlemomandproud #proudsinglemom #tiredmomma #tiredasamother #mommaneedscoffee #coffeemom #morecoffee
Very few of you know my whole story, especially why I LOVE coaching working moms. . So truth bomb: I was a bad mom. Like resented my kids, overwhelmed by daily life as a mom, didn’t enjoy sitting down and playing with them. . I wasn’t even excited for bedtime guys, I was dreading waking up. The feeling in my stomach when they woke up from naps earlier than I wanted was awful, like “ok I have to shut myself off and be mom again now”. . And the worst part was I thought this was normal. I thought to myself I’m just struggling a little bit, it will get better as they get older and easier to handle, when the girls are more independent I’ll get to be me again. I’ll get to take time for myself and go out and do yoga or just walk around the library for hours ALONE again. . I have always, always loved babies and wanted to have kids. But it didn’t turn out to be the dream life I thought. Of course I knew about sleepless nights and dirty diapers and tantrums but that stuff is easy. We know how to do that instinctively for the most part. . What I didn’t understand, couldn’t understand was the overwhelm. The feeling of drowning EVEN THOUGH everything looked fine from the outside. I was running a fairly successful business from home, we just bought the big house, the girls’ dad was working steady and making great money... . I honestly believed that the only way to get out of this corporate ladder version of family life, going after the next thing, the next kid, the next vacation (even though we never did take a real vacation) was to make a HUGE change. To leave it all behind. And I did. . I separated from the girls’ dad, left with my tiny car and $5,000 working part-time as a Starbucks barista. . There’s so much that I could tell you in this space (if IG had longer posts!), but here’s what I know. . I know exactly how hard being a working mom is. And honestly, if momming feels like work even though you’re not getting paid - you’re a working mom. . I also know how EASY it can be when you start appreciating your kids and their *excruciatingly slow development* process. . And I know that a huge change like a separation is actually the hard way out! ... ...to be continued
If you want to change your life, stop going through the motions every day, in a life you don’t love. Find time in your day, be it the beginning, middle, or end to work on yourself. Use that time to determine what your goals are and how you are going to reach them. You are responsible for you. Take time to change yourself. Create a clear laser focus and your outer reality will change. If you want help in how to achiever this, I am happy to help guide you toward the resources that will change your wold. Send me a PM. ❤️
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