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@slytyedye wearing some of my work from the sutured distilled collection 😝 @munichjewelleryweek
Go back, take by the hand the kid in you that you'd left behind, hold on tight and listen intently.... Or... get a real job have no time for this BS. __________________________________________ Who am I kidding, there will always be space for this bs :) __________________________________________
don’t forget.roots reflect
12/2018 Santa Rosa California
Talkin' to myself because I am my own consultant
Banda Aceh, Indonesia.
* the invisibility that queer folk, especially queer women, have to face is beyond belief. there is so much moral distance we need to cover as a society to give the queer community the space they deserve. ——————————————————————————— photographing real queer couples this Valentine’s Day for @fastrackworld to allow for inclusivity ❤️✨ Models: @karshninair and @_yxsra_ Styling: @bambrawrrpt2 spread the word, queer pride every day 🌈
the marshland
Berlin, 2019.
@juhiinthekitchen in her garden.
Let it have you completely. Let yourself be consumed. Let yourself sink all the way to the bottom. Let yourself run out of air. Let yourself feel all the pangs. Stay there. Don't flee. Wait for it to do its course. Shoot up like fucking rocket. Look at the world from up high. Very high. The world became a miserable dot. Not much you can do. Take your seat there in the middle and do your life thing quietly. 🖤 _______________________________________ Between Blackhorse Rd , British Library and Rupert St originated a peculiar turn of events that are slowly unfolding their beauty. Let's call this one "People of the Victoria line" AKA "Interview with the World". Stay tuned. ___________________________________________
~ touch the silence ~ .. . Model: @lorellerouge ❤️
Berlin, 2019
« untitled iii » - - - - [ 20190214 ] - - - - Copyrighted material © Leilani Suguitan All rights reserved. - - - - - - - @leicaakademieusa - workshop @depaolapictures - instructor @sage_backstrom - producer @queenelizaspliff - model @nudenora - model
Tree-hugger ♡▪By @ellemenntal 1 or 2 ? Which one? 😋
kita tdk memiliki banyak waktu utk melakukan semua dalam hidup, tp kita bisa mendpatkan ilmu dr pengalaman orang lain, pengetahuan orang lain dan membaca terima kasih UPRAM Member @Geojabodetabek #upram155 #geojabodetabek #GEO041601105 #geonusantara
Собираю кирпичики Мешаю цемент Посмакую на паузе пока Этот тихий момент #чувакэторэпчик
02/2019 École de Condé JPO en approche !
Curveball. Berlin, 2018.
Backlight at the National Museum.
~ disconnection/reconnection ~ . . From yesterday’s fun shoot with the talented @sylphsia ....stay tuned for more adventures! Available to view on my website ☝️Go on, you know you want to 😊
Пройден первый опыт дальнобойщика) Спина отваливалась, но глаза не нарадовались. Ландшафты постоянно менялись: просторы полей перетекали в холмы и горы. Об одном жалею, что сама не могла все это снимать :)
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