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Coco is almost 5 months old and is getting along great with her sisters❀️❀️❀️ #coco #siamesecat #siamesekittens #siamesecatsofinstagram #adoptdontshop #spayneuter #catsofinstagram #ilovecats #bagheerabellanoche #sisters #siamesenation
7 1/2 week old baby Wiley ❀️ The sweetest thing there ever was. #throwbackthursday
Check out the bandwidth on my whiskers! One of the coolest features on a cat, am I right?! #whiskerwednesday
Apparently Vapor is addicted to makeup too...
I find so many things to be lip smacking good- chicken, sardines, and whipped cream to name a few! What are some of your favorite meals or indulgences? πŸ—πŸ₯©πŸ£πŸ€πŸ¦ #toungeouttuesday
I did my best to hide away from the rainy weather today 🌧 I had a great time walking the aisles @petco and then spent the afternoon snuggling on the couch 😽❀️
The cat equivalent of a husky sled dog 🌡🌡🌡 𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇 I’m 10 months old today, wow how the time has flown! . @thebeachycat WILEY30
I hate when i get caught stalking my hooman 😼 #lifewithblue 😸 #crazykitty #thebeachycat
What do you guys think about my coat? I got a @basepaws kit for Christmas so soon I’ll be learning more about me. But, a while ago we learned that if I were to be classified as any type of color point, I would be a tortie point. It happens when a cat with a solid color point is crossed with a cat that carries the orange or β€˜O’ gene. Most notably producing colors of red, apricot, and cream. Paw pads will also have a mix of colors. The gene is sex-linked only occurring on the X chromosome. A female cat inheriting the gene on both chromosomes would have all red points and if the orange gene is inherited on one X, they have tortoiseshell points. Also, this explains why tortie point cats are virtually always female! A male tortie point cat would be a genetic anomaly with its chromosomes being XXY. 𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇 I show off apricot and cream mostly. With apricot in my blaze, under my left nostril, on top of my head, within patches on my coat, and then a lot in my tail! And then cream colors throughout my coat!
About to drop 2019’s hottest mixtape 🀘🏼 𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇 Wiley was a rockstar on yesterday’s hike. We went to a trail we hadn’t been to since June and she walked very well. After, we stopped at a kombucha taproom that we’ve been meaning to try and everyone there loved her πŸ’• #hike1
Running out for an adventure before mom has to come back and finish up making my batch of raw food to last me the next 2 months πŸ₯© There will be some nice inside looks at the process once she’s done! Happy Thursday!
When you and your bff both see the same bird to chase 🐦 @onecentween
I don’t always stop for a treat mid-walk, but when I do, I make sure I get every last bit πŸ˜‹ #tongueouttuesday
Mom said my dinner is going to be late every Monday because of her classes! I can’t believe it! She still hasn’t figured out that I’m more important than everything else in her life! πŸ™€ #grizzykitty #grizzy #kitty #siamese #siamesecat #siamesekitten #siamesemix #siameselove #siamese_love_ #siamesecatsofinstagram #siamesecats_instagram #cat #kitten #catoftheday #catsofinstagram #siamesenation #siameselovers #siamesecatclub #bestmeowdels #siamesecatsonline #cat_features #dinner #late #schedule #gradschool #gradlife
When you’re adamant about sleeping in until noon, but then you hear someone say β€œbreakfast” 🍳πŸ₯“πŸ₯ž
2 fab 4 u πŸ’πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸŽ€
. Makin' my way downtown Walkin' fast, faces pass And I'm homebound 🎢
Mom gets wary around the cacti because I rarely seem to blink and doesn’t want my eyes to get poked. But, I don’t know why she is when she’s the one who’s stepped on a cactus and I haven’t 😹🌡 𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇 Use code WILEY30 @thebeachycat
Vapor has the life....
My first time ever being outside and wearing a harness! Last spring I took to walking on a lead fairly quickly. Like I did, I recommend you starting out at a park or place with less urban noises and distractions! #throwbackthursday
I did it! Outside on the second day of the new year. A little tough because we had a lot of commitments today, but with our plan made ahead of time, it happened! 𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇 This was my first time out and about in my bandana from the @thebeachycat 🌼 I love it! The design is comfortable around the neck and it is the perfect length for a small kitty like me! Use code WILEY30 to save on one of your own 🌸
I’d share my 2019 New Year resolutions, but I’m already purrfect, so I decided not to make any 😽β™₯️
Ring in the New Year with a new toy! 😬
Looking forward into the year and thinking about some places I want to explore before winter is over (winter is among the best time to explore the desert) 🌡 𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇𐃇 Bow tie by @thebeachycat use WILEY30 to save!
2019 holds so much for my family. Graduations, new careers, creative pursuits, and thrilling adventures are ahead. Intentions for the year include thriving through all of that! There are so many things that I and my pawrents hope to cultivate in our daily lives over the next year- some really profound life plans. . The one goal that I would like to share with you, that is in many ways the key to all other goals is this: Get Outside Every Day. To me and my humans, nature is grounding. It facilitates fitness and a disciplined mind. It eases stress and allows room for creativity. It is something that everyone needs, no matter who you are. It’s easy to skip over the little things like taking a 30 minute walk, when really that time can help you in a multitude of ways. Consistency pays unimaginable dividends. So, I hope that you and your families join me in dedicating time to yourselves so that you can be the best that you can be. #getoutsideeveryday
Happy New Year’s Eve from us to you! πŸŽ‰ 2019 is going to be a big, fantastic year! We can’t wait to see it through with all of you! . πŸ“Έ: @alexxskylark
Staring down the new year! 🎊
Holiday themed physical therapy with Wiley. Pre-Christmas we wrapped gifts during the evening and then took a break to train. The cardboard tubes made perfect hurdles. For those of you that don’t know, Wiley fractured her rear right tibia at the growth plate 5 months ago and is still recovering! Her right leg is still about 25-30% smaller than her left. Exercises that isolate leg movement help in rebuilding!
That face you make when someone tickles your neck 🀣
Playing in the window and wondering what I might do today for the last Sunday in 2018. If you could do anything today, what would you do?
Check out my cool new avocado toy from my auntie! πŸ₯‘ Mom says I’m spoiled, but I’m just living the life I deserve 😺 #grizzykitty #grizzy #kitty #christmas #present #gift #loved #spoiled #auntie #toy #siamese #siamesecat #siamesekitten #cat #kitten #siamese_love_ #siamesecatsofinstagram #siamesecats_instagram #siameselove #siamesenation #catsofinstagram #catoftheday
I got to experience the joy of a backyard while traveling to family this holiday season. You may not think it makes a big difference for a cat, but it definitely is nice! I look forward to when I have one of my own. The weather was cool and cloudy the whole time really showing off my eyes. What is one of your unique features?
Me at 6am annoyed that the humans are β€œsleeping in” on a Saturday πŸ™„
He has had enough too. In my blanket, once again...
I had such a great first Christmas! Thank you to my family for welcoming me into their homes and for all the love! I hope all my furiends had the most wonderful day ❀️
My family got me a Christmas present and I found it hidden in Mom’s suitcase! I love it! What did you guys get for Christmas? #grizzykitty #grizzy #kitty #christmas #christmaspresent #present #gift #opening #newtoy #happycat #siamese #siamesecat #siamesekitten #cat #kitten #siamesecatsofinstagram #siamesecats_instagram #siameselove #siamesenation
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